The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'alenlecl Actress Follows Olher Viennese Stars lo Hollywood EDITOR'S NOTK: This j.s [l.c (hlrd uf several stories in (he Mollywooil iniportullon of for,-l B n |)ajnur. BY I'ADI, UAIiniSON Sfrvii-K Stan" <:orr«-spi,i.,l VOOD, Fell. 21.—There's talent famine on (he .stages and n. tlie movie studios of Vienna, h. maybe tfiey've got » lew prom-' Jng little ingenues, and .some HB'-" and buxum leading ladie.s. Bui y can't have many stars.; re all in Hollywood. ., Movie producers themselves ere unable to tell you why they havt i ruthlessly raided the showslioiis little Austria's capital. Some ol .em pay tribute to thai city's ne dramatic traditions and facili- le.s for training which may r<;sull i Hie development of "o large umber of players. Some say .that Viennese actress's just naturally seem to be en- owed with glamor and emotional fire—the "umph" that attracMs )0b.s at theater box ofllces. Tlie most prominent Viennese actresses now in Hollywood are Rose Stradner, Lulse Rainer. Tilli-> *.srt>, Delia Lind. Lull Deste ami edy Kelsler (the strip-teaser ol Scstasy" who's now known as ledy LaMoir). re All Gone Now Stradner, who is the most limiyhtful and articulate of recent foreign importations, gives no piir- is.ilar credit to her home town for s contributions to the movies. She doe/art believe tier country- omen are remarkably beautiful, ther, or that she herself is an .Islanding beauty. tThere could ie a lot of argument about Ihe tier.) "American girls seem to be all xirn beautiful," she said. "I stand md look: amavted at the lovely girls iere, In the small parts and among ie extras. "But no, they are not all good ictresses. I think that Americans are handicapped by happiness, "hey have everything; they are ght-hearted. Of course I know merlcans have troubles, but (bey re individual troubles, in Europe n actress all her-life has seen >ass ^nliapplnes.^ great poverty, id sintering .and *fenr. -^••' ''Npfc*«jn<tfi.i.v< e have h 'capacity'* 'emotional ^'expression! Every^y has. That also is why Eiiroj')- ^n players have a tendency to fer-act. An American will say ol trouble, "Oh, lake it easy. What f it?," But- a European will be ishting against it. It is natural or us I o scream and shout be- ause. we'have become emotionally ver-developKi. Americans call us *mperatinental." Top Star in Kurope Miss Stradner made her movie ebut In the feminine lead of "Tiie ast Gangster." Tlie role had nougd drama lo attract wide crit- '-' approval, and the studio lias •e important parts in mind for Br. Siie lias two advantages over II tlic other recent glamor importations-a distinguished tack- roimd in the theater, and a bel- er command of English. As a girl, being educated in a onvenl in Vienna, she was as- gnrd an English roommate.' Miss ^rndner learned to speak the ."wage rather fluently before she B™d read even the simplest words n it. Later she kept in practice y seeing American movies Acting always was her ambition I 19, instead of beginning at the lottom, she went directly to Max Relnhardt, asked for an audition i« got a contract. Within |jvo ears .she became one of the top ars of the European stage. Luise Rainer and Miss Stradner ere contemporaries in Vienna, nd for years worked in the same ompany, dividing most, of the iii- enue roles. Miss Hainer came to merlca and 'Miss Stradner reamed to star with Ihe Joscfslndt rheater. There she appeared in more than I dramas — Shakespeare, Ibsen' Mo Mere and moderns _ Dreiser' Neill and such. Her favorite was Prauleln Else." and that gloomy bcnnltzler s lory is a fair sample of >.« actress' dramatic, taste. w highest hope for her Holly- ry~Skin Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes from'Constipation' "~na Schlepp: "since using "ie pimples are gone. My J . r . a washes BOTH bowels, and relieves constipation that so often nggravato.s a b«l complexion. ." NOTICE TO MY FRIENDS I am working at Parker's Barber Shop in the Glencoe Hotel. Come to see me where yon can gel (lie best barber [Work. Everything new and clean. Your friend and barber R. F,. "BOB" CROCKKK "Rose of Vienna" of Americans. At Metro she fllntls tlmt everything In her contrnci Is ndhercd to as n matter of course; but more limn tlmt, executives r.rc considerate nnd hc-lpliil fby>yoh°d I heir olillijnttons. "You would not understand, why we Europeans ufq so lor out iioati'iK'ul here," slic said, ''Hill you would II you knew the llienler abroad. "There, n inulingni' «•)» promise everything. Oh, lie will make the most mi'iwngarilA promises. 'And then, Ihe 'mlnnti- a conlriict Is signed, lie- will S |t down and'sny, 'Now, let me- ^ee— how am I no'-' ing to get. out of this?" -.' .'i !,\ ! Miss stradner's hnsbnnfl, \ Kn^'l Ileinl/, Mnrtln, 11 director "who ranks close under Relniiardl, Is coming lo Hollywood, soon. If her' career noes well, Miss Strftdrier will tojiio mi Amci-ifan cltla-n. Slie pe.s a will work oiu Hint way. 01' A'K.VT: «aal. Rose Stradner us a Viennese importation wilh blue eyes that blaze and then smile, hurt vvliosc "umph" ( s perfectly apparent from above picture. wcud career is thai slie may do "1'iaiileiii Else" for the screen. 'iiy Anything a tremendous Inlensll' " ntout her," oiul her mobility tliat miiToi-> has ever> SENTRY /COAL/ WASHED AXOLIZE try our NEW SENTRY COAL this tint* It's prepared in America's Most -_ ^ ' Modern Preparation Plant We S7.00 fan Guarantee Every Ton. GAY &• BILLINGS PHONE 70 BEST BARGAINS IN LOW PRICED CARS LATE 1934 FORD V-8 TUDOR "A Satisfaction Guaranteed Car" Reconditioned—Attractive Appearance Former Price $225 NOW ONLY $179.00 SI'S Down,' $12 nor Month — ALSO- 1!>35 Chevrolet Coach ?269.«0 !!)36 Ford V-8 Coupe $294,00 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Roy Calvin, Used Car Mgr. iilh & Walnut , Phone 81 n (nil ing Victim Undergoes Delickte Operation Today Alton "junior" I'resnell, 17-year- i>)d vltilin of ft knits dttnck In the west, end a week ago by another youth, ...idcrwent an operation for removal of a blood clot on the brain at the Blythevllle hospital Ihis morning and attendants said his condition remains serious. Pres- lell was Injured when his head struck a rock as he fell after he WHS allegedly stubbed by J. D. Alley, 18, in an altercation. Presnell was given emergency catmcnt at the hospital for knife wounds about the neck nnd hands ihortly after the attack and was removed to his home. Since then ills condition lias not Improved um; lie hns been suffering from a partial paralysis as result of the blood clot, which physicians decided to remove. This afternoon, several hours after the operation lie had regained Young Alley, who fled alter Ihe iltfircntlou, lias not yet been apprehended. Pal Patterson, 21, und L. A. Montague, 30, who were also victims of severe knife cuttings last week, are both much improved toilay Montague, who was critically t n i lured nine nights ago, will probably be leave the Blythevllle hospital soon. He was given a blood transfusion several days ago. Patterson is stilt In a serious condition but is better than lie has been since he was badly cut Wednesday night. A f.trl Seoul council was nrunn- (Md iindor (he suix-rvlsiou of Miss liny MiMiel], dln-fior nf .tlio i)lxle I cglon of ih,. olri sooiit'ommlwi- .on, at a meeting Friday nkjn In lie Chamber-of Commerce' room i;t , the City Hull. The purpose <)[ such 'anif f m'', dl ' S '" SCCl "' (> l(> " tl(!Vsl »l> available | 0 ( |ie upproxliiinlrlv'isfl .Spoilt ii»-inl) ( .|. s ,)f K I( > elly. • ' •Miss- /\]|.,. r(! KV! :; ,, U wns ,.|ooti>'l commission,., ,,f (lie coum-ll, nml MVs. W. <;. J|l;;,i,,Min. ,u.| )llty ,,„,„. s"m'''a"' M ',''' ! : K " K ' I) - 1 "" ll ' l ' s wl " Till! m-xi iiii-elln., of u, 0 fwm ,.j| will >'"• March ^ ui which dim- Ihe fflllo\nn x || V( . standing commlliiM-i wll -be appointed: Pmninic] U m>- imlnlnn, prngiam. public rMalluns ennip, und munirn. Al the samii time, tin- comlllutlon will bi> pre- .senle<l i,y llic constlliitlon com- jnlftee compciscd of Mrs Harry W Halncs, Mrs. MOVUHII. an;] Max )j^ Retd, und appllcallon for charter will be National Headquarters. Mrs. .loss Horner k tin- troap leaders' ri'pre.scnlntlve lo (lie council which Is made up of |ho following'. Mlts Nelson. Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. \, ii. Moore, Mrs. iialnes, Mrs. K. is. wooclson, Mrs. Hnrvcy Morris. M vs . lloss Stevens. Mrs. O. J. Rodgcrs, Mrs. J. A. Cliapln, Mrs. S. H. Salmon. Mrs. Hughes. Mrs. Fm-nsworlh Black, Mrs. C. n. Babcock. Mrs. J. w. shousc, Mrs. Htgghvson, Mrs. A. O, Hudson, Mrs. IJoyil v. Wise. Mrs. James Hill, Mrs. William fjiwshe, Miss Mal-- garet Shaver, Mr. Reid. il. p. pad- dison, Jack Applcbaum, Russell Phillips. Music Machine Stolen From Warehouse Here 'IVfl bmularlc.s wen- reported to pollco the weekend. O. M. Murgim (llsrovi'ra) ijuiicliiy (1ml his wnrclioiise.Min Soi.U. first sliwt had been ciHcred some time since K >iiluf mill nn miloiimtlc music machine, valued at. $1100, stolen. Th,. Uovnl I'IK stiind, lU'ross troni tlio nrmory un aim)] second sliwt, was l)WEl!iriM«<l lust night of tobacco i. in «rtrerU-s iimountmg to about $10, I'ollre Chief (•;, rt. liloe finld lodny. ' Wliuever sloli' Mni'tiinr.s innelilne' 'iM'd n key to enler llic butldlnx. lii> luJil police, as lie found I he W|iiv(ii)iiM' cipi'ili'd ycsli'iilny, ()H|- PAGE THREE '« tlecs ' MO Vienna Grows Tense As Disorders Spread Today VIENNA. Feb. 21 (UP) — Mints nntl anli-N[Uis clnslicd In tlic streets of Vlcn.m today, spreadlns; |Jnnlc among Jews. Additional disorders were feared: ns nil polUlcal elcmcnls, Including Communists nnd Socialist, callwl their adherents to demonstrations tonight. THIS EOOX EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A new edition of mi IJIn.sli'ii.i'd book has just been published !>y the Thornton A Minor Clinic—the '.vmlil's oldest Insllliillou K\ieultt\lx- niK In the of piles and oilier rectal ullllcllims. "This book i xplulus w)iy .'(.-cliil disorders* fre- (liii'iiily cimsc- .such common nll- mnils us headticlu's, nervousness.' stoimich nnil liver IroiiVlra. It points out the danger uf' nc:u>(;i-1 inn even a minor case of pllea . ..' shore how mnllgimnl mid. fiicnm-' bin conillllons may result, ,'l'he, mild I treatiiiMil at Thornton Ac Minor Clinic, by wfilch more Ihnn 48.001) men und women have biM'n ru- lleved iinrlnii Iho pitsl 00 yeais, anil which requires no lios|iltall- Hitlon or Ihe use of radical uiir(i- ery, Is fully explained, if you M c ulflicled. .send for 11 copy of tills frank and Infonn.Ulve bonk which will l)i> sent you In plain wrapper absolutely free. Address Tlioniton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1510, 026 McClce St.. Kansas City, Missouri. l.cisnl notice t>! amount of revenue needed for school year 1038-30, lliul|;c>( I'stliinilr General Control s 4,10fl rnslructlon lil.500 Oiici'iitlon , ijjoo Maintenance 1^590 Fixed Charees ijsj) Gnpllnl Oullny '755 Debt Service 17300 »l $82,001) Ulythevllle Spcclnl Befool District No. 5. 21-2S-7 HELD OVER BY POPULAR DEMAND FREE COOKING DEMONSTRATION CONDUCT/')!) HY •' - i • • Miss Eula Johnson till (his wi't'k I'IKCKS OK AIAJRSTIC \VATKm.KSS ALUMINUM COOKWAHK TO IW SOU) THIS 'WKKK AT HALFPRICE CONTEST WINNERS JMI PIOXB MltS. .1. I), HAMMOCK 2nd I'HI/H WHS. (J. «. CAlinil.l, ' KROGER STROE "ARE CAMELS REALLY DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CIGARETTES?" .. a question of interest to every smoker "I've ntyet beta yery fussy about cigarettes myself Do you think that Camels a_re really as different as some people say, Bill?" "You bet they ore different, John] A fellow in any work a» hard as selling hat co figure a lot of angles do his smoking, such as how it agrccj wilh him. And ju« notice' how many silcsmeosmokc Camels. I changed to Camels—smoked'em steadily—and Ifoundadisiinctdif- fcrcnce in (he wayl enjoyed a?I-chy smoking. Camels aim with mcl" ... When H. W. DALY, 34, rayon sales, man, says "Yes, Camels are really, different," millions of other smokers stand ready to back him up. And that explains why Camels are preferred by the ! largest body of smokers ever known. A FRIEND DROPS IN to see how Bill is coming with his model racing sloop. Daly passes the Camels and •nswers a na.ural question abouc smoking. "That all- A KISS FROM MARITA (Mr* Daly) and Bill is off to catch the 7:55 on which he commutes to his job in the city. The Dalys agree ahout most things. Among them, Camels. Mrs. Daly smoked ilicm first, soon noticed a difference. "Now we lind that Camels agree belter with boih of us," she says. cigarettcs-arc-alike ulk doesn't square with my n peri- cnce. Believe me, steady smoking is the lest that shows Camels in a class by themselves." A matchless blend of finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS- Turkish and Domestic .:.. .•;; ;",-• v v TOBACCOS ''' ''''"' '"'' ' ' " MARITA'S PUNNING a grand feeJ."Wc enjoy entertaining," Mariu says. "1 like co have plenty of Camels at the table. Camels certainly help to cheer up one's digestion." •pH.WEOC.ENOS. Bill goes in for photography. Week days he "pounds the streets." "1 get plenty tircrf," he says, "but when energy foj] s 1 get a quick 'lift' with a Caniel." .CAMELS THEY ARE THE LARCEST-SILLING CIGARETTE -IN AMERICA T. fl iMtw.St)**. N. 0. ONE SMOKER TELLS ANOTHER NEW DOUBLE-FEATURE CAMEL CARAVAN Two gr«t shows -"Jack Oakie College" snd Benay ' Goodirun's "Swing Schoo|"-in one fast, fun-filled hour. Evccy Tuesday at 9:30 pm E.S.T., 8:30 pm C.S.T., 7:30 pm M.S.T., 6:30 pm P.S.T., over \VAIIC-CBS. "Camels agree with me"

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