The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 1934 ___%YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Net Resull Has Been Good Despite Shortcomings and Evasions. Tlik I- the iTsl of 11 articles on "America L'ndrr the «" uf *«|*' a srrirs written exelus»vel» for the Courifr News an* » lnCT N " St '~ vice n t »spap«s after a SOW-mi e journey of survey to the nations prim-ipal tenters of population, it- K, IK months' operation of Ihe iM-orery program.^ BY WILLIS THORNTON XFA Service Staff Correspondent ' WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 13.— j s the NRA a success? ' That Is the eager question everybody asks you when you return nun a SOCO-nille swing around me country, trying lo karn .something of the recovery program—tile most complicated, most far-reaching experiment of American history. To answer so fearful a question in one word, yes or no. Is the height of imprudence. Cut. that is tlic way every questioner wants U answered. So, balancing ihe good with t.-.c bad as 1 have seen them, I would hazard an answer — 0>e answer given In the last paragraph of this story. Millions Set to Thinking And this is the way I would review in my mind the things I have PAGE THSfiE no*'! players who nppcnr In the vWiier Dvos. tmunmoih spcclncle, "l-'c'iilluhl Pnrndp. 1 which comes lo ihe nil/ Thi'aliv on Tuesday 'Hi O.T. Simplifying the Puzzle of Uncle Sam's Budgets tin two principles nre Jnines and Joan niundcll. '•"•n there is Hint wholesome s - n "ii'.n. dancing team of Ruby K"-l. :• .HHI nick I'owvll who have IN.,.y Hi,-,.,, distinctive hits In nin- sii.,: *|>ootaclo.s with "Wnd filrfi'l." "I" M nit!tii<rs of 19.«" nnd the ''"'••i:i |)iuili:cllon. , ^"••h limed comedians ns rrnnk M' lt'.:-!h. Guy Klbbee. liulh VJnn- '" ! lv nnd Hugh llrrucrt supply I'liini'dv I" (he hilariously fnn- ••iisiailoiis In "Foos'.ljhl Par- f'lalrc Ooild ns the vninp. •''••n We.t-loo'.t nnd Arthur Ilnhl 'i:' 1 '.wo vitlluiYS with Philip '•:^h:iin ccmprLse another qimr- "I I'-rounlyert players. 1; -"'r lingnrinm roles .ire en"I by Dcnrc- Whitney. linrbnra '••••-. Jullei Ware. 1'iHil Porcabl. -.ii'.i:i Hir.B, Clmi-y.s Wilson nnd "i:im Granw. In addition lo iiiipiuhii; nisi there nre two nl anil filly of Hollywood's b'Mtiiifnl and tnlentecl .sins; In- :u:d cliiiielnt; flrls In the mnin- nu::li t' nnd surprise ensein- rTHKSE taUe* do not in ' vell'n e»lr» budget' re- ' uues4s_of $1.166,000,000 lor Ihe lUral'ycir ending June .'10, 1934, and $2,000,000,000 for Ihe fiscal yeartmlinu June 30, 1935. . • ((rcot ilrop in the fslimales for 1935 as- comr^irwl wilh those for Ifflll It (In? largely lo Ihe KF-'C ileni. Moif than three billions is allotted , tliere is a credit item for nre or $480,430,000, re prrsf nling loan pay- wicnts conlcmpbled fur next year. sion. When The Blue Eagle soars over the nation Across the a.CCO miles covered in t!ie survey firm which conclusions are drawn in this story, his 'vlnjs beat a tliillen»e...nnd now life comes and lagp'.r.? f.iiih rc\lycs. lieve that compliance tinder the;mand a quick and uncompromis- ; ties have more lime to plan wor- pennar.ent codes will be far strict- j ing return to the o!d goicl stand- i ;ny projects. The cltansd and rc- er than under the blanket code. It ard. I believe the majority of ] rovalcd school b'i'lilhigs. the Ften, before nrriving at a conclu- the NRA was launched last June, it got off In a cloud of. ballyhoo. I believe thai during led thus far. and it mould gel belter | signed to a "!->'lii Oiri.s on a liont" slurring 1 i-Miihy Wilson und Douglas "::i •"lui-iy. will bn .shown nt the IV •ni'.n-Mlay nnd Friday. This Si'.-A which deals with a young (.:iian who lovrd Intensely nnd iiv.:-!'V. IMS ;i ihrinc which stirs .'iMMihctir espouses. Tlic .story s Vndi'd in mi exclusive Swiss h:- -ilirxil which mnkes a love- y H-'.tiiii!. Tlie picture hns a pet - ciwl n:r.iuv, iiillinnle yet not too has been so under the codes adopt- j bankers and business men nre re- 1 larged and improved those first two hectic months of blanket cede thousands signed, borne on the wave of enthusiasm' who hadn't the fsintesl idea what il was all about. I Nevertheless, literally millions v.ere put to work and many a skimpy, starvation wage was raised to decency. And test of all, tens of millions of Americans were set lo thinking. They were made to re- allzr that their business, their job, dcp'"ds on thi welfare of all. You hoar t:is Discussed wherever men gather—the smoking-car story i.tftaily has been replaced by the economic forum. And when you get millions ot American brains concentrated on finding a solution to cur common problems instead of on the stock market and the farmer's daughter, you've done something. The Chiseling Begins But when [the first fine frenzy died, the chiseling:, began. I believe chiseling has been much more widespread loan optimistic compliance board reports indicate But this is a guess, for no one knows and no one ever will know- how much chiseling there has been under the blanket code. I have been able to find aa evidence nf a single firm actually forced out of business by increased costs under any code. Many employers protested that they could not pay such vages and continue business. Though I inquired in every town I visited, I could not find one who actually gave up. The Dun and Bradstrect fif- nres for JS33 on business failures seem to bear this out—they run for 1333 about half of those in I9S-2. Neither r.ave I been able to fiiKl nny evidence that refusing to cooperate in the Blue Eagle drive lee to the "economic death" threatened by General Johnson. Tr.e public, in my opinion, largely refused lo back up the Eagle i tr:is meant spending a few cents more in patronizing an Eagle establishment. Ford, the outstand !ii- ictel ajnii:!:! Ihe Blue Eigle sold more cars in December thai for years. The Codes I believe thousands will seize thi end cf tUeir presidential agreemen 'Dec. 31 last) as a chance to duck out of trcir responsibilities undc: the blanket cede. No one can di anything about thot. It is thci right. But even Ihls won't matter much For tr.e permanent codes arc being adopted so fast that by tte tim. compliance under the blnnkcl cod' dwindles to almost nothing, as i will, industries will be so complete ly covered by permanent cede- that there will be no letdown, an the gap will be bridged without murmur. The permanent codes arc horse of another color, f bclicv that here the benefits arc so grea and so unquestionable that nian of them will remain after the in Its present form is forgotten, fo these codes have changed tlie en tire face of American business. The evidence here seems bcyon question. jy\\ and lumber conser vatkxi, dreams of three decade became realities overnight by agree msnls among producers to sto wasting natural resources and cea: profitless, throat-cutting compel Hon. Steel nnd textiles like the codes, and a stability of cmploj ment never known before now wen in those industries. Rackets Hard Kit Rackets were struck a tellin bl?« in tre coding of dry cleat In?: tlie vestigial remains of child labor In the textile mills was stamped out overnight. A thousand vicious trade practices are being proscribed tud either stamped out or placed In such bad odcr ttiat they will die , devaluation as great ! widened and cieared roadways nnd r 'Tomorrow nl Seven." n:i:::ci l>ir. uivs t!iilllln» nmnlcr niyin-y. lines up n brilliant tnl- entrtl fas', lo cnncl the Ralph SjKnrt 1 • comedy-drama for the igs. the en- Hi;/ Theatre patrons Snlurdny. virporLs, the Ch.-sivr Morris nnd Viviennc Os- s the cede u:.".onties perfect or-j as 50 per cent if some degree of the improved parks that are com- ani73t:on. ' : stabilization could be had with it.'ins out of this nre a'sodnl gain. There will be continual shifting and changing in Ihe details of these codes, but the general principle is sel up and established, and business men agree almost unanimously that the principle is here to stay, even beyond the present NRA act. And they seem reconciled to the fact. HOH Labor Is Affected The Building Question . | Despite the general feeling I ! among business men that great! '. huilding and expansion projects I The average person, i shrugs and says, "Well only a I believe.!*"", it's better dole.' More thoughtful people are ask- trc-a-stiry bOMi' 1 lu-ad the cnst, which In- cliKl's >:uc-li character [Reformers and c<)iiH'di:;iis DS Henry Btephen- Aiifi! Jenkins. Frank Mci. Grant Mllchcll. Chnrles M:dt!!eion awl Cornelius Keefe. ' Undoubtedly there are i nobody knows how many. 1 think : longer aril these 4,000,00ft have lo I some: i be lurncl ] loose?" ! .._. . " The NIRA set organized labor injthet, in general, business is get- ,„,,„>...,,„,„ »,-„ ,m a ferment. In general, member- ting used to monetary uncertainly ""• " vin« code wi»es he c >iip in American Federation unions 1 as the «")- r-Pr,»in,v »„„ „«,- tues najm, coc-e wa n e.s. these as double! in six months. But the ! eeedin< the only certainty, and pro- on that basis. amous section ^ of the Recovery) In every city you visit, you find c't is the center of controversy. ; an overbuilt downtown section It contains sseds that -well may • with empty offices and lofts There hange the whole future of labor \ is one construction Job going on i this country. In general, sec- i in almost every city— the new .on 7A provides to al! employes I Federal Building, reedcm to join or not to join an" I could find little evidence of hid of oranni/auon or union j wailing support of ilie president, hey choose, without prejudice toi°ne business man in Detroit told heir jobs. ; me "he could not be re-elecled to- There is not the slightest quc--'. morrow." That stood out unique ; icn thai both capital and 3abor " ' ' e abused this soction. There j I was impressed by the trust in Franklin D. Roosevelt that is details that out. The fact remains ttial li.OOO.- 000 people now arc on tlie federal payroll, nnr in evi'rv 20 in the TJnilrd Slates. Will) Hie staggering number of city, county, and stale employes, it TC n heavy burden for old Jiitin Taxpayer. Conclusion The answer? There is one nn- f.vcr in the lighted eyes nnd ea?er hands of 4.000,000 men and women MARY'S 1/1T/^1 mK'l r\ I ( I ! N xpenitures (LMiiruled) Total-$9,891,178,467 n llontrvrU's is .strik* n for Ilir UlCSO (ln:il i vein' nl Jnlv 1, ira. in iniii.' :«), lieu. illllllslillVill'S lnu-s I'm' llu- Ilsr:il ^ lnnc:iU, l!i: Emergency— IC,:i:.7,l8C,700 -v slmv itial I'm- UlHJ \\ of ally n'diiml i e al:iliij{lili-vi'l. Civil Works.. l!ank insiiiaiico 1M,000,000 Coiiserv.ilion 341,705,000 TVA.... 1!),000,000 Public Works loans 20X17-1,000 .1933 Kxjxiiiditurcs (Arhial) :| Total—$5.142,953.625 ~;«. 1935 Expenditures (KUimaled) Total—$4.486.562500 Vclerans—$191,040,000 Veterans-M88.928.000- I nd. »flla-s—|23,50'.V2liO egislative—tl7,7l8.f)QO Ind. QfTi legislative— »18.73<J jai.J7737a nilmcnlat— Departmental— $J.OOO,, r .24,007 Departmental— $3.240253,600 Including:.,' .,: Cabin*! • . . agencies National, defense Public debt interest. Public debt reliremcnl 525,763,800 Rivers, . . liarboi-s. 40.479,100. AAA. . . 700,714,000 J289,804;100 , , . r ilO.Gfil,*0 ' 824.W9.000 N'ntionnl defense. Public delil inlerrst. Public itebl iclircmcnl -IGl.fMUOO Rivers. Itarlrcrs.. 118.3ni.23C defense 510.12<),800 Public (Mil interest . 742,000,000 Public uVLl rclircmcnt .|88,17I,riOO AAA. . . 514,800,000 Ilivcrs, liarbor*. 92,319.300 r.:i'.I.Il!).3«2 fiS!).:!fi-i.lOj Cheese Souffle lo Make and Bake in Hour nre unquestioned cases in which j lltl<1 *>' a " k' nas » r people. his;ri ' ib- ani! loK - Deinccralic and Re.iub- Iiran Opposition? Of course. But 1 Union organizers have also abus- i bcllcve thcre LC; Icss rlght now mployers have influenced, by hreats or otherwise, t'-eir cmo'oy- • ' 11V SISTKR MARV . Vegetables are mor,; essential in! ja wtl! balanced diet and white most i honiemaker.s TKH! It possible to serve | | three or four vegetables that ar? | phasing to trc entire family, many. varieties seldom make their appearance nt the table a second time because only one or two members i , *:f tr.e hoiirchohl will eal them. j who know once again the joy of | The Ingenuity of the caok. to-] money in hand for work perform-: ^her wif.i her "sal?~ ability" di- et '' ! rcctly control the miestion of j Tn answer nnaliy and deiinite- j whether hsr family eat tlie proper j ly the question of success of Ihe i amount, nnd varitv of vegetables equally bitter complainls of employers that the government had' i banded over their businesses, lock, stock, and barrel, fo labor. The Farmers Tne agricultural act benefits !m« '. pleased farmers almost in -'xact | -roporticn to the amount of inon- j received. Tn the south, where • !"L cotton money was distributed iberally nnd promptly, they were crazy about il. As yon move north, where the '.rnvy was not quite so thick and was served later, it was less pop- ilar. The agricultural problem runs straight, on a problem just like' = 'Which came lirst. the hen or the much of the "work" done has been any good? Does it offer any hope!of the innumerable variations pas- j sheer lost motion, especially in communities which were ill-prepared for the sudden call. It's getting better ns nuthori- for the future? Mv answer \vouM be: "Yes!" TIIK END NEXT at BlyfheDifle's Theatres •hasing power first, then he 'my the city's products and '•'.strial prosperity follows. Labor lenders insist that vhcn the city worker first has' O t Arnold Bennett's uoi-.ey can he buy the farmers' > Great Adventure" •jrortiicts and thus keep up their will —T;,. nouble Uie." starring Ro- ed in the picture with Mackc in- Innd Young and Lillian Oish. com- Evans and Robert Montgomery in Jed : lne to the Rosy theatre Sunday ihe lead. ' nuts only nnd Monday. Is the film adaptation : c, et novel "The Mayfair Pictures. Inc.. producers of "Alias Mary" Smith." Ihe The two leading players receive current feature attraction nt the capital support Irom Lumsden Roxy theatre. Friday and Satur- ! . c ible in serving vegetables. Many j additions can be made if ncces-! sary to d^velcp a certain vegetable j ! so that the family likes It. I'm sure | l/al these suggestions will suggest • !'iii?r |X)isibi'.il : es so that you can' i ::.^e every valuable vegetable andj i i'ave it onjoycJ. . I. There are any number of veg- i'tab!es that cut invitingly' ! and served raw like rndlshcs— j nrrot-?. turnips, kohlrnbi. cauli- | flower hearts, nnd so forth. T.-ey' i make an attractive dish if serve:!. ••vilh radishes which add n Icuch i o; vivid color and the family arc reasonably sure to accept t.-e:n; without grumbling. Th;s^ v".---. tables served in ihis fashion ir.iisl 1 be very thoroughly chewed. '-'. I'n .snlad combinations. Shred- nnd mixed with celery an:I. or even wit;-, fruits, you can away" with a 1^1 of vegetables that woalcl b? refused if f«rvcd' trnight. NEA Service .such a menu nnd Sunday nljht .. -Ihe „[ it would seem to tenm must be driven, not in tan- mon t. PhihVTonge. Charles Rich- interesting story- for this produc- nem. but in double harness. What man an( j the rest of the cast. The lion which lells of the brave fight "appened of course, was that the settings are delighlful and al- waged against gangdom by «KA put the industrial horse a ways in the proper nlmosphere. : beautiful sister of a boy who lump ahead, and the wagon of ,, n d Ihe hand of William C. De- • framed bv racketeers fc is apparent in the technical r t | C r he did not commit. . " . Blan-he f-fehaffcv. who has be- -Ulng the ^r^r. First of U^r^continenta,' ^ S g n ^£l^ \ ^ m ' n >' -L.^. too. wneat. and to n less extent in hu , stories. "Fugitive Lovers." pictures on the Mnyfair pro;ram.i, 5 3. Perfccl cooking. Careless cock- ! A c | lcesc souffle is an appropri- 'slipper guests will find It, right to that this Hare. Montague Love. _ Lucy Beau- • day 'have "contrived'-'a«" u ni«u"aTly | in'rily' or^— 0 "----.'"-- 111 -"--. • atc dlsh for thc main colirs<! Of *' ^ "^ ^ many vegetables. Boile:i , ... . right, according !o the kind Kmcheon or a Sunday nigni sup-i Here , s a che(:M vegetable and served hot with l*r. It's as wholesome a dcltcncy, which requires only and then stir in three egg yolks which have been beaten until thick and lemon colored. Then add : one teaspoonful of salt and fold recipe j in three egg whites which have about an ! been beaten until they are stiff. •dvuncing industrial prices gave the farm horse a bad bumping. t . nd of thc . production, i'" to --cvv. it --e-ins lo me that the Pour the mixture In a greased [baking dish, placed in a pan of '°.™ "' rK! , to , l f cc "' lins bcen vnlty -..-hich comes lo thc Roxy theater p i a y s the rumie roic. Mn •;ccc;sful. If this goes ahead un-1 Tuesday. Wednesday and Thurs- others in ill '" °\ er '! an 3'"g carrj-overs are re- ( i!>v. carries quite an assortment of WaUhnll. Gw ( lie nre Henry Ti. Gwen !<•[>. Malhew Rctz. in combination with one that novPd thrn u- i iT — I "'"• t1 """ quilc n " as60rlmcilt '" 1 Walthall. Gwen I*?. Malhew rim. ~^~' likeS ' S " cl1 n5 . Mrrct . 5 iioved. then we shall see what we huerest in Its dramn and comeds'. Myrtle Sledman, Fdmnnd ^'.„-„„.,..„. . , * see. Thnt will be n new A vivd trip across country with A|cc B Fim as and. las' ' Appeti.ingly browned The Money Problem ' Colorndo'bHzard^bus^r'escu^Tp 1 !- far not '"«• Raymond Hatton. plenty of butler, rtw indeed arc as you'd want to serve. I hour's prcparallon. Including - I'.'.e vegetables that nre not pjtol-1 You can eliminalc meat from | br.king: named bv racketeers for n mur-. : ,bb w |-.;,, ;crvei i ihis way. 'the menu when you serve cheese; Add three tablespoons of quick 1 hot water, and allow it to bake 4. Carefully rooked and served souffle. A well-balanced meal' cooking tapioca lo one cup ot foi about 50 minutes in n moder- 1'iith a cream sauce The saur" of- i might start off with soup or an | scalded milk and cook in double ate oven. Souffle is done when it appetizer followed by thc souffle, boiler, stirring fremicntly, for 15 shrinks from the sides of the some sort of a creamed vegetable minutes or until the tapiocn is baking dish and turns slightly -,n casserole and a light salad. Fin- ; clear and the mixture thickened, brown. ish with a dessert and coffee. Your Add one cup of grated cheese and This recipe will serve four per- bridge luncheon club will love s u r until melted. Allow it to cool sons. Smith. Vegetable combinntlons. Tha* an unpopular vegetabio served '• cv- • ihall -roblcm. but- I _ The money question reveals a' so d e that won Its youthful hero a recognised as one of the fore'•rust in the president that is a.s- trio to the White House is includ- most comedians of thc tonishmg ar.d even a little pa-' •"••'c. ! brlicve M>' average man.! stuffed to thc ears with harrang- ' -M-«_t •= lies pro and con on dollar devalu- i • f~\ f ation. silver, stabilization, and the »old standard. Inrgely hns aban- Pm Joan Blondell. Olenda Far- The .-crceii piny, which Icncd anv effort to make anything rell. Guy Kibbee. Frank McHugh, ,crir,inai by Earl lialdwin, concerns T:-erc every reaBOn to be- it:es. T): sure \:. is well , _.., - - ... - ,„.. and appetizing an dlhen do in: tell of il. and simply nuts his faith in Ruth Donnelly and Allen Jankins j the adventures of two Broadway: everything you know abcut ;!. President. Roosevelt that he will together in one picture and it's j chorus girls. Joan Blondell and, 11. Molded In gciiune and .vrv- nol allow us to take the awful bound to rpcll comedy. First Na-1 C-lenda Farrell. who go to Havana *'•> as a salad or combined with slide Into the abyss of paper men- tional has grouped this sextet of i to pick themseis-rs a couple of nirat or fisli and served as a loif. •v innalion. sparkling fun makers into Its lat-' millionaires lo shake down for 12. In baked loaves, will) or -,vith- I think thc number who con- est comedy drama, "Havana Wid- breach of promise money. They out meat, sclously want paper money infla-'ows." which conies to the Rita had been led to believe that Hav- 13. In marmalades and "bvlt-rs" tor or French fried in Jeep 1. Baked. 8. Addo-J to meat stews and pot; ! » 5til »« s «s roasts. ding, the finely chopped vegetable | 9- In soups. Here you can dn-1 is used. : SiiUc many vegetables'and use ft; 15 . As garnishes. Carefully wash- ! M.uablc green lops. :f & ^yj crisped all the green vege-j ^0. SaufTIes, scallops and casser- tables make pleasing garnishes. I -- -these offer unliraite dpn;sib:i-l ,,' Ac „ „„,..„„ or breaVi . fast | ies. cakes and breads are made (able table sauces available In bot- The Alamo was a mission chapel with vegetable juice and in some; ties. [.In San Antonio, Tex. '•• Instances as in Cumberland pud-, 17. As a cccklall drink. Be sure lo add a little lem- j on juice to any vcgelaKe juic?' cocktail and vary the seasonings, [ sncr as onion ji:ice. ccler ysalt. i parsley pepper and the iiinumor- r COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS OUR AD-TAKER WILL >v GLAD TO HKLl' YOU 'ion is small. Even among bankers, the in theatre on Sunday and Monday, ana was simply Hooded with rich : r-pecinlly carrots and -' Add to this sextet Lylc Talbol. as suckers waiting to be taken for H. In sandwiches. Is the handsome leading man, plus easy money, sparkling, snappy typical Joan. stincl to "trust the president widespread. While I know there are a few - Blondell : GIenda Parrell dialogue; Twelve of HollyVoods „, , bankers (as In Boston) who de- nnd you have a rare combination, stars head the tremendous cast ofj 15. In desserts. Puddings, cnok- tomatces. Chopaed and combined wit^ peanut butter ov mayonnaise, the possibilities are le- brilliant <;i>in. nARGA1NS IN NEW 4 USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON in E. »utn Fhon* Phone 308

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