Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 18, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1896
Page 1
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' '' '•' 'i iV-XtY'i •• -• • "-V-T'-'A^^^B ''T 1 rW'"* l ^'Y'^V-'V'ft'if*WV :'- .:. ,;•»'' •-•' ' '•:-'•''^^8 ; f ' i : ^ •'-^%^w ' "w< -r-r~s;'. -•?)- "®r" "—' ' "— )L. XXL LOGANSPORT NO. 224* iccial Jmouncement. Iry Departrdpnt Head in our house has a special jffort to have their respec- iks ready fci 1 a OPENING, TODAY [next weekj We display a more com- of Dry Goods than ever before and are BARGAIN times we assure you ve lots of;ihem. ii5 Opining Week [some wonlerful bargains in Dress limmings and Linings, We make ntion of 28 pieces all wool, silk and [ty goods, 40 inches wide. The same goods retailed last season at $1.35 Q offer the^entire line for 58c. JR CLOAK ANNEX and is displaying a new and, corn- Fall and Winter Jackets and capes Btion please Today and all this :R & WISE. i jway. -i 306 Fourth Street. ie Great Desire. •ons, and this wo can only do by giving hon- leatmoat. Comfort, stylo and wear ore cora- 'ou are taking BO risk lu buying them, Rented. The prices.makes it easy for • . I shoes. .JF2.48 .. 1,48 . 2.48 . 48c . 1.25 [ith each pair. Company. t. ARRIVED. w departures from tiave them all. We, irgest, Host Stylish hieol Woolens in i the creahi of the f ler, In Harket Street. THACHEK NA! Democratic Convention Him for Governor. Platform lndorse«J3n?cago P |atfo % »nd Candidatjf- Sheehan Telf$ graphs'jlrfis Resignation. Edgar, zaomsbn steel works at *sk. Pa., arrived oii'three special ,_,over the Pennsylvania railroad honlj' after noon Thursday, The vi's- tor^ \tere ^accompanied by the Sheri- ilian Siifire aiiid St. Thomas bands. There •jvereifT^jy J3 ( 5oo persons in the party. ik,Vtlfe.'il^p9t the visitors were met by .-ftie-CihtXJU mounted troop and a large crJ^'*;of\cltixens, When the lust of had pulled into th< JT; • • . - . '^MBJ^.fiiafinlcx. The spokesman ot the •R -ft-' 1 "A-V Sept. 17.—The 'deino-^l )iirtX>vi^JohiiL, Jones. He uiaue a brief But 0, .i ' '_' «:A,, .,-,,« milled to'-NmeecfTtQ the candidate, in which he \ Octo- ivailfiemselver of |ia of |ix payments •stoves connected " • • • ' ' •><'&••• • . • I tin If.'.':' Id examine them ajo, ri•"••••> "-"•!"•• -•• ,, , 4. state convention was called to o'l-der-at il:02. The report of the committee on credentials was adopted. The committee on permanent organization selected Hon. H. T, Rockwell o Chcmu'ng, as pei-mnnent ehairmnn, awl the temporary secretaries were made P< M" '"?o n ckwell was cordially greeted.- Chairman Rockwell's speech was applauded mildly at intervals, Tsut.when he said- "Lot Bryan be elected, there wa-s enthusiasm. More noise was made by the, spectators in .the galleries than- by tlii: delegates. _ •l'U« pltttform Adopted. „ J, York, of Kings, rend the report of the committee on platform. Ihe ruain portion o£ the platform'deals with stntc -iffairs »"« " thosi -' P TOV1S10I1S , o£ the Cnine.s' liquor law which rlepr.vo municipalities of the right to i-estii^ nnd rc-ffiilaM the liquor trafhe w.thn, rcnsonable limits prescribed oy l:iw. arc denounced. The resohit.ons r.^-n with this indorsement of the Chicago nhitfonn and candidates: -Tho democratic party nl the state of- Kow York in convention assembled, un- ^rvea V indorses the platform adopted /the democratic party at the national convention, held In Chlcjeo on July ., JRSC, coi-dlally approves the nominal Ions there n-.itlc. plcOifos to Milliam J. Bi>an hur Sown.ll Its hearty f.nd active Bupppon and dcclures as Its delib.M-ate indfrment that never In thJ history of the dSratle .party has a platform been written which embodied more ,:ompletely the interest* ot the whole people as dis- tln-'tiished 'from tliose who seek legislation for private-bsnellt thi,n that.(?lvon to the counti'X.-.by thu national democratic convention -of, ISM." \Ylien\he .finished.rending the p!nt- forraMriY-orkuioved the previous question on'i'ts^adoption. There were shouts of "Xo. 1 '.'-'Henry 1J. Purroy :OSB and protested. '//He' w;ns rapped down. The noes were-'niore. numerous than the yeas. .The vote.'was put and declared carried, . On motion of Senator Guy, the motion to adopt the platform was made unanimous. . . Nominations for governor were then declared in order. Albany county was called nnd Louis W. Pratt, of Albany, took the platform and presented the name of John Eoyd Timelier. When Allegheny was called Judge Frank Downs, of Binphamton, cnme to the front and in a brief speech presented the name of William Sulzer. Delegate Gorman, of,Erie county, seconded the nomination'-of Sulzer. John Boyd'-fhachor Nominated. On the first ballot John Boyd Thach- •er was nominatel, the vote standing: Thacher, 333; Sulzer, 90; Porter, 20, Whole number votes cost, 443. Judge Wilbur F. Porter, of Watertown, was nominifted for lieutenant governor, and Robert C. Titus was nominated for judge of the court of appeals. The convention then adjourned sine die. ' Shoeunn Maken Good His Threat. . •The following telegram has. been received : "New York. Sept. 17, 1S98 -Hon. Thomas F Grady, Chairman, Convention Hall, EulTalo. N. Y.: My reslgnr.tlon from the national committee has this day been forwarded to Hon. James K. Jones. "(Signed) WILLIAM F. SHEEHAN'." S-imuel L, Tilden, Jr., oilerl-d a resolution, which was adopted, authorising the state committee to fill all vacancies ,on the ticket. \ May Jfot Be Admitted. '•6t. Louis, Sept. 17 —The question of admitting "sound money" clubs to the councils of the national convention of democratic clubs, which meets in this c\ty on October 3, is being dis- cussediin' local political club circles. Frank SiEstes, a prominent member of the Jclt'eiEon Bryan and Sewall elub,' lii talkingaf the convention, said:- '.'I' •houlcl thitk that nine-tenths of the democratic 'riubs of the country are for Bryan and f r~w. silver, so, of course, th'J convention wil\)>e overwhelmingly thiit way." • • <$-., Secretary Ees'Aj, of the St. Louis "sound -money" 1 Cttpmittee, says th&t their organization lizards the convention as a means of JiiSihoting the election of Bryan -and Swell, and, consequently, the local "souii money" club Will no)t participate in t&.proceedings of the convention, ^ Fopuliflti of Indiana StlU4^ Firm. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. l"5'~Thu conference committee appointeJCby the ..,:.;^« ^t T«rlin*T°io +r» i\ ICT^riCkSn f 4 Urt ipeecfi;;tp the 'candidate, in which he v -u.tjrk,' p rO ft' ct 5 on principjps o: [ the pai-ty, : and declared that his oviiolltfly for : sound money. , had been received with cheering when he appi-ari-d "li.: This applause wns re: the spokesman had Jin- rbduc'tory remarks and the 1 -mounted .1 chair !o r«- 1LUCKYESCAPK Battle Ship Teiaa Dsliverad from Her Perilous Position, . OVER THE STATE. • - ".-,. .fjt. • Events In Various Portion» v ,ot la. Told by Wtre. S po . ., M.aj. .McKinley'-addi-fsved tlie work- in'gnfcn>iitiioiiie': Ifn's'l h. • . '•-*"• >; Cooliriiu.iit Mtnnciipulii. • Xlinneapoits, llin'n.. Sept, 17.—The clewon-stril'tlop ^Vednesdny evening upon thiroccijKiop of the apijenronce ot Boutke'-'Coeliran-j'ut the • Exposition buildinf;- -'!D' ; 'tlie advoeaey of "souivj money'"'exc'e(>'&d'.anything in the ex- perit l iicc"'bf.iMinji°apol-is of a political nnture. Xot-.;lSii. ; Ah:in 7.000 jieople joined •in : 'flie''!fiaj!i(l«;|irior to the raeet- jngi.'iTh'eiS'trimsjareBcies wen: numerous ~>im& ifi'Sniiliy.'.tnses unique. The crowd';'was 'enthusiastic and demon-, strativevV'-Tli'cilVUiWini, \vliich accom- -modntc'3'-;-ii6t Jess thiin'., 10,000 people', A-ns-completely'fllle'cl-land as many more-Were on the.putsifc vainly clam. oiingfoi-.a'd'mitf'nnce. -<TS« meeting was presided:,over b}; T).'V\':-luwler. of St ; Paul, dembcrntic -nntionrt committee-' • ninn for Minnesota!, \vhoo the silver deinocrata are trying-,t6,Uye i-emoved because'bf.'.ihe fact tha't;h(.has bolted Brya-rt-'.iml 'Sewnl.I. 'MK Tiyler intro- •duced.'M-r.' Coekrnn to the vaitnudiencrt, and in'^doln'g- so ' wns ujibnriously cheered: : - • Mr. Cockran wai- ac corde>l an ovation 1 when he mode hV appear- once.-He made a most formic and able speech on the lines of his^revious addresses'Vliirir.g this , cnnipo'^n. In the meantime .the crowd outsjc wn3 appcnsed by speecheR from'.lcf?] 6m- '.tors. - ' '£;.' ' '• • '•' '"•'•• War Veter»n» to Speulc. Modison, Wis., , ..Sept.. 17.—l States Senator William F. Vilas w side over the big republican rally Hlch will occur-here"-next Tuesday ' rijjrt, when six veterans will speak-forjie gold standard:-. They.nre. Gens. Drtfel E. Sickles, FrariH^Jgtl.Jfiid Mulholla of New York; - lTa Seemingly Unfortunate Career of the Big Vessel — Accident to Be Rigidly Investigated. Washington, Sept. 17.-The favorable outcome of what might have proved a very serious accident to the unlucky battle ship Texas caused general satisfaction to the officials of the navy department Thursday morning and they.- were greatly relieved after the suspense of the night, the reports of the ship's striking on bottom known to be BO rocky as Newport harbor having given rise to considerable fears that the vessel would be ruined. The career of the Texas ever since'she existed only on paper had been so checkered that the superstitious thought her end had I eome. Her collapse in the Brooklyn dry-flock last year followed ny the I "development o£ structural weakness" I on her trial trip, caused her to be sent to. the Norfolk navy yard last January where her immersed hull was thoroughly rebuilt, costing- over $200,000. During her six months' stay in the. dry-dock her frames and bottom were radically strengthened and it was only about three weeks ago that she was pronounced complete and sent to join Admiral Bunco's squadron at Tompkinsville the day before Li Hung Chang arrived in America. The cost including repairs up to this time has exceeded $-1.000,000, although she hud been originally designed to cost but $2,500,000.' To locnte the responsibility of Wednesday's unfortunate occurrence will be the immediate effort of the navy department.- A court of inquiry .will promptly investigate the occurrence. Xew Harbor has been the scene of similar accidents to warships, DYNAMITER IN LONDON. Bdward Hell Arra7|tned_Say« HI. Real Name Ji Edward J. Ivory. , London. Sept. l7.-Edward Bell, or Ivorv,'the alleged dynamiter, who wns arrested in Glasgow last Saturday, arrived in London at 8:10 o'clock Thursday morning, having been brought here in obedience to. a requisition from the Scotland Yard authorities. .He was in charge of the officers sent from Scotland Yard to bring him'here. Upon.his Arrival at. the station ie was put into a •enrriagei .and driven at once to the Bow street -police" court The prisoner was not'haMcufTed,-'' 1: He maintained his >'"" •••... nr-t -i ..... . , ... _ r rfi _ him sullen aemc/nof,'."scnrccly making r \ply to any thing"that -was said to hi •Russell A. Aijgfer;.D£Michigh.n; t .andO {>oral Tanner.; Thii will be the chief: publican event ofiiflcompaigiahere. ,Thur»tofc«i;Kl«ln. : ?•£-the officers" ' Elgin, 111., Sept.:yT.'^Senator John ^% Magistrate Vaughn asked the pris Thnrston, of Nebraska, had..a'large •"rl.J'- ijj s rea] na me and tbe latter re- dience at Lord^.-fiarlt, Wednesday :to'*"- ' hear-his discussloJHOt political issues. It is estimated tint •'20,000 people lis- and French Lick Springs, of neglect in treatment of d phtheria. Altogether there have been 75 cases and 20 deaths. In one family visited by tbe secretary -two chidren lay dead, while close.at hand, "vere three children and the mother . fatally ill with the same disease. In. Lther family, while one child lay. dy- i n g, five other children runningaround J™ so badly afflicted that they could cot swallow. KG attempt had b«en . made at quarantining tbe _ infected, houses, and attendant .physicians were going from house to bouse without changing clothing. Slowly Starrlnr to Drntli. Decatur, Ind., Sept. 17. - Sethcr, a wealthy and respected citjzen oC this city, has been actually starv- in- to death for the past two months. During that time little or no noumh- men has entered' his stomach and he has wasted away until he is a living skeleton. Skilled physicians have been consulted all over the country, but none ol them is able to give him any. relief or diagnose his case. TJp-to the time he became afflicted with this terrible malady he had never been sick" one day. J -i HollinK«woiftb'» -Big Family- Anderson, Ind., Sept.'l7.—James Hol- 'lingsworth, ag.-d^S], who is.as well known as any pioneer in eastern Indiana, sat down .Wednesday at dinner with SI of his descendants. Mr. Hol- 'liugsworth claims the distinction of having the largest family in Indiana. From his first son to his last great- grandchild they number 118 living and 24 dead. .;.:. Famed. Away. Terre Haute, Ind., Sept, 17.—Informa- .. tion has just been received of the death. _| of Prof. Tschudy, instructor in German • nnd librarian of Rose Polytechnic institute. He had spent his vacation in Canada on 8 bicycle tour, and a few day* ago arrived with a friend in Rochester. Ind;, where he complained of headache. He died .of congestion of the brain. _^_ . • Aid Asked forV New Ballroad, Ligonier,, Ind, Sept. 17.-A petition • ji in tlrculation in Elkhart county call- rinrupon the'c'dunty commissioners for a special.election to Tote upon a proposition to extend aid to the Goshen &. Wabash Railway company.. The line will be built. between . Elkhart • and Goshen, and. indications now point to tened and applauded'as the doctrine of, gold, the protectlve^tariff and national sovereignty ''were.-discussed by the speakeri--;The'doctrine of state rights was declared to have no place in Amer ica. He faid there was no roojn forsec-. tionnlisnx in .this land, the issue which he declared'was proclaimed in Chicago •by Senator Tillmah: • Senator Thurston was given an ovation at the close of his speech. .-•• '••''•' >.-':'• ' ' , '• They Vlilt MemphU, Memphis,. Terin., Sept. 17.—Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, vice presidential nominee of the national democracy,.and ex- Congressrenn JohnTR. Fellows, of New. York, addressed ati' audience of 4,000 people in Memphis Wednesday night. Gen. Buckner confined himself to a general discussion' of causes-heading to the Indianapolis convention; and to an argument against .the' free coinage of Bilver. • ••••' '.-'.' '••'.; • Too Iiu«y to Make Speeches. Chicago, Sept 77." — Ex-President Harrison has asked 1 the national republican committee to-make no appointments for him' to:spealc. His time is too much'taken, up:.with his private nfiairs to-permit; : him to make campaign speeches'; according to a letter received : from his private secretary Thursday'.' 1 i' . '." j Plan for an Aotlve CBmpalen. Birmingham; Ala.'.',"Sept. 17.—A con- fere-rice- of leading-;.d.emocrats from till over Ain-bama is being, held here Thursday to map out plans-, .jnaug-urattjlg- a . vigorous campaign ''for Bryan and Sewall. It. ls-s'ald;that no proffer-of places pn'th'e;democratic electoral tick- et'wiM be'made';to the populists; ! • -"• . ni« Anitlen'ce for Brynn. j Mempbis'i'Tinii., Sept. 17.—Oeii. Bujk- ner, vice-'presidential candidate of (he national dempkratlc party,. .and q>I. John. li. Fellows, campaigner for.fee A«ditori«mi»r^Wedneada^_nigh.ti flied: "Edward J. Ivory." i'Detective Flood then took the wit\sa stand and testified that .a number i'documents and £100 in money had •bVn found in the possession of the pSion'er. when he was arrested. The pr»ner was rema-nded for a week. • 1* Shiloh Battle Field Asioolatlon. >S^nfffleld, Ill.;Sept. l7.-Theoflicers ol tV ghiloh Battlefield association, J. A. SClernand, president, have rear- gnnia nnd are putting, forth a strong cftort'io make-a success of the work for whih the association, is organized. The nwes'of all the survivors,Jonion and cofederate, who fought at Shiloh (or Pittburg Landing), Tenn., are desired anV.may be sent to Capt. 1-. i.. Hedley, Junker Hill, I"-, secretary. Annual wmbership in the assocjation 'costs onetlollar, life membership five dollars. '.' - '/ .. the cour,BjB-ot'Hlfi .. mentioned.' the/ nfcrnei-of . .the democratic -'noml'ije" -oone.. and no on. It was the sense -of the "cemf e ence', although no ypte 'had bt>en tiiketf up to two'o'clock, thattheixjpulis+s'of; Indiana shni-U stand 'by their own- else*-' toral tlcket'unless'Sew«ll'i's withdrawn 'and Watson'i-fiubstituted; ' 'Editor.. Matthews ''ofiiic '^"on Conformist, sigriifi.'. cantly Bays'itiWt^Yf 'any floor-'wnlklr.^ is". '•to be done : the'/aembcrflt.s must do .it."; The conference^yKh-tJie 1 'democratic .poni'mittee': w,i%talce .•place.Hn the after- ^ •AnotUor 'Big --bejiisotlon- «oo» ; te- Uaiiton.;' ' Canton,' 0 ' . ' scene of the populists of Indiana to dispo%;of the fusion question, met at.EnglisHjJhotel Thursday, and the strength -of fe&op- positkm was such that fusion wiftjjne. democrats on any other ugreementttlis JH-KBIUCUH™"- --—.u~-, •--• to'give the populistjs seven clectpW!.| had the -word »>Brjran""le votes in the state'seems ontpf theque^ithanvihe.jnbusf'was/the';i +ii->n It was the sense-of the'confer^^ildest''^monstrRtfoii;.of tion. «, Y ..-..--... , ,. • ...-„ -«!~ le cheerjri^eontihued until the ' - of (the - meeting was compelled to : ,he aiidieuoe'i'tq -give the general a ' :t(iil'.hear-ing/ The mention of '" id- wa^u'lso.liberal.ly applauded, YDS" evident'that'the silver men :wer!Sfe;tti'e' 'majoVity.Jn Ihe meeting. :Sb ' in' . '.'-W'a'sa'Ee''. 's i 1 v'er se n t i men t in the : auftce that 'e'ven/ttie niim'eB of Altgeld5|i4v Tillmaij^were loudly '' . Trendw»y , New Have, Conn..Sep(n.-A rumor reached this'Mty Wedne/lay night that Capt, Treadvaj-; of thA'ale crew, has been'missingfrom hisSioux City home, ond that anxiety is/It there as to his whereabouts. Tr/dway left Black Rock, near Bridg/ort, where lie has been the gue-st /Capt. Thorne, last Thursday. He /us to go first to Long Island and then/ toJPennsylvania, hoping to.reoeh Si/? City the latter part of this week'. It( s not believed here that any ill- luck P s befnlleri"t'he captain. Xlttlo Chll7' n Suffocnted by Gasoline. - Bonner Sjiriligs, Kuii.,'Sept. n.—The bodies,of Aa^lej;.Petit, a s ed four, and.. Charies'yaters.ag'ed'three, wei-c found in the /ellar of Mrs."Pettit> house Wedric/ay evening.' ' Near by was an •aso'l ini» can, while the clotdiing of the" little-ones was! saturated with the fliiid/ There was.no avidence-of explo-; siou' and"the supposition.js.tnat the two- children were'.overcome.f rom the f umea nnd fell to the floor, 'in,the position^ which-they were found: lying ;oa the floor, '• • : ' • •' ' .'"- "1 .' . . uosnen, aou. luwivai.iw*'^ ««•-.£•— the construction of the road nt an early date; " "'' ' ' : FeU Into • Pit of Hot Coal L-gonier, Ind., Sept. 17. - Samuel Muth, of Wyatt, was fatally burned by falling into a pit of red hot coal. The flesh on portions of his body was literally cooked, pieces of flesh dropping; from his limbs and exposing the bones. Hc'made a misstep and was precipitated Into the furnace. Muth was a charcoal ^ 'burner. A Murderer Caught. Sbelbyville, Ind., Sept. 17.—Sheriff Bsir, of Bedford, Ky., was shot: and killed on September. 9 by George E. Roamans, who was arrested., here by Detective Evans, .who found him.asleep in a box car. The murderer is a^nc- _. legged man, aged 23 years, and will be returned to'Bedford at once. Crowd Broke Into the King. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. '17.—At an . early hour a prize fight was pulled o« Jn a barn near 'Millersville between. Jimmie Griffin, of St. Paul, and Charier Berns, of Cincinnati. It soon degenerated into a rough nud tumble fight, , and the crowd interfered and a general. . melee followed.' , . . - . • Bicycle Work* to Bo Keopencd..... -..• Jtnrion, Ind., Sept. 17.—The HariOttv... cycle \yorks, which faUed last, week,.'« vill be started with a force of 300 men , J \y Assignee Tibbitts Monday.. Mr...^ Mbbittn finds : 'the cycle compary's at- ?K "airs in excellent condition, an'd.-hope«'^-' o have the concern solvent'withln on ''days. .-.••"•.' ' ' " ' : Tramp* Vlre m Barn. • • , l .. ;^ Crown Point, Ind., Sept. 17.:—Tramj>«|i get' flre to on immense hoy barn owneil:^l by AVill J. Davis, of Chicago, on his fanr'- tiie "WillowdRle." near the - fi - "—*" '' : .i> '•' j> un lr In «^Theater. .' " SVLbuis; Sept. iT^tartled'by the sound of brAWrig glass mthetigdoora leading into the lobby.-the audience at Hopkfe..' Grand opera-: house -Wednes- dav" : night became Mnic-stricken. .ana. made a rush for,the,exits: ...Several womVn fainted in the crush and^vere 'carried to SiearDy-."drug.stores to recover. 'A Visitor'leaning heavily against the"-glass doors was^responsible for-tlle panic.; ' ; '••- V ' ' ;1 ' ' .. ^ki^rt^ifn^«ej*?| nnd the barn, tog-ether with; CO' ton*. o choice hayi was entirely destroyed;, Tlji loss to Mr. Davit will be about 51,200. ? •' • ' Second 1'Mlch Crop. -, • •'• • ' '*? 'Ligonler, Ind., Sepit. 37.^-H, ,H;;,T nclf. of Elkhnrt county, Ja'lrtf {iteit, the second-crop ot penchcn raiiie<lf| season.. Hc'^renortH good pro»j«6U« ttecnring: another crop bT-foiiis tl:i«ijw|tt weather sets --iin. . The 'pen<sh v K'o|^ CaJifoniin clin^ variety. - • rti' , -. . . .. v ,. • Petersburg, Ind., Sept.. ' 'ms, who wns cliarg -her. -liusbnnd^ In iMurern -. by a'dmihistcriiifir canthnrldfl meals, was acquitted by -.. .case':Avaaf/ county, ; > V ; -••-.*•• ' •";•

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