The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1930
Page 6
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fe, f PAi»« SIX So "" " BRUSHING DP SPORTS *wjpt f ; By Laufer P' fe: Macks, Yankees Divfclc jT-TwinvBill;: Old Tom 'r; ; Zacheiy Gets Right. ; ~ vj-NEW .YORK — The Washtngloii ||r>. Senators continued their dtay pace (&•; :''!th»t' has carried lliem again to ihe £<;;'ArnerIcan.pedestal when'they scor- £ ' 'ed' their ninth straight victory ycs- ?fs terday with the Red Sox as their ifc;: >;,vlctuns. Old Tom Zarhory, veter- i|J?i;.'': : "an hufler.ol the Braves, halted the li J,V'~'winning-.spurt i of the pace scttir.B P\v; Robins In the National league, ip? •';.'. The- Senators won their ninth «S'. .-straight: gnme by taking n .fi to B decision from the Red Sox. Hcninc M»nush saved the gnme for the NMs, with a homer with Rice on base In the seventh. Martcrry was the winning-'liuiHer. The- Clcve- .lan'd Indians swamped the St. Louis Browns- beneath a storm ol base hits and runs 12 to B. Mel Harder, youthful Cleveland pitcher, market! up his seventh, win ol the season. Morgan and Averill lilt homers; •-> ¥»«*«,'Mack. Divide • The New York' Yankees anc! champion Athletics divided a two ijime bill at New York yesterday the Mackmen winning the first 'game 4 to 0 and the Yankees the '-'second 9 to .4. Wnlberg- nnd RuU'- }i)g engaged In a pitching duel In the first game with the Macks get':'ting four hits and the Yanks three. &?-' ,in.Ihe second Pipgrnss-won " s ' Ils yi?-: mates hit five.At.hlctlc hurlers. j!'S- : .-.' Ted Lyons hurled clever bull lor ?{•"«•"•'•• a'3 .to 2 victory over Vic Sorrcll ;fcS\ ^and the.Detroit Tigers yesterday. $•$<'• Lyons'kepl .the .Tigers' ten hits well o-^r-- --d|y"ldrt and his triple with two on lixlo '.^provided lor two Sox nirls. '•'• 5i~-»: .i -J/.pId".Tom Zachery waved his v\".:v ••mijlcVm yesterday and the'liroox- <">; l-> >: Ijiii.Robins lost a ball game 4 to" 1, S< : *C'-.i'o:-the Boston Braves. Zachery IH ; v.:hold the Robins .lo nine widely y •'••"•/'.Vcattere'd ' fnls while Ills mutes k 1 ''-."•'touched Clnrk for a victory. |v •:-. : *'. ! ; > ''fJi'f.. | Pittsburgh Pirates clubbed feil^ two. St. "'Louis pitchers tor a 10 ; to %Tl'& . "G.'tHuroph, keeping the Qnrds from y. -W.--going into a virlnnl tie ' for' llilrii P'-'f'' plMe" : .'ii-ith' the Ncsv York Ginuls. ffiii;.'-.Kremer 'was the winning pitcher'.- gi- >ri C;;ni$. Philadelphia Nationals woii i'":bail game yesterday with Phil Collins on.the mQund.'to liurl : of- ,-fective bali:' The' .'tore'was 8 lo 1 with the-OianU on the losing end ;ot H hits off three shot Until ihe ninth II Southern Memphis New.Orleans' Birprilnnghain Chittanooga Lllfle Rock • AUanta Nasliyille . Mobile National Brooklyn Chicago New York St Louis Boston Pittsburgh Cincinnati Philadelphia IEAWUJEIGHT; ENC€E> THEBKalTAUAM FIRST IAMPED WM HE AVERAGE : \S adjunct' loViinybpcly's' golf fardn front pf the. ball, 'too,- which sensation of -pullin es If ihe' shot Is hnnrllert.: properly or, by : -nilsc'riihle eirorts..with the njia.'jhlc -niblick, he, caif^ h'iive one awful 'hole after nnafhc'r, the 'ball up to the : cup. . .Harry .Rosenberg, ihe outfielder h : light i by McG raw from the Coast 'j pitch : Is iiidlsiicnsible when Joining ...the alanls.. ls'?iDnn'.l'cskl.-, •;,-:'-. ,- -.: ..... ,-. RosenlJerg had played only 40 games of. professional ball when vos:.sold. to the. New., York : team. try to hunglne,.: what . he voulcl havci-.-askcd- Id. lie had ibeen ' THE PITCH AND ,RUN SHOT is ... WITH 'AM OPE'N _• ' STANCE'-4 QOlTb" cuose ,geptefiib6r..wguld have been too soon for, .a- return j. bout. .between .. ScUnie\lng,,v.say:j ,,.a ' New; York .boxing writer. O'Goofty says if they never fight again. It " ,f6r, liltn. ' New.? -want Afls. r-*-- Barons Trim Crackers; LookoLits Drop Two lo Nashville Yokmleers, ATLANTA, CW.—flie.w high fiy- Ing Meni|ili!s Chicks'climbed, to an even higher altitude yesterday when the Southern pace setters Increased their lend over the second place Pelicans to seven games with a victory over the Birds. The score V^to C showed a hard longht game \vilh the Chicks before a home audience scoring the winning run In the ninth inning. WEDNESDAY, .JULY ii ; bgyilliam BraucheP Let's Have a Cimtest! Boxing commissions, os a rule ar,e fairly dumb, but tiicy- have no exclusive monopoly on the privilege of being unintelligent.. In,any sort of stupidity earnest/the master- minders or tlie lawn tennis bisl- would run them a pretty race Inr first prl/.c. The other day I was talking- with a magazine • editor who had av ranged tor a sevtes ot- urtlclefi- by a woman member of -the Unltcc' Stales tennis team at Wimbledon He liad just received a cablegram from the pltiyer, staling that " new ruling had. been innde staling the Chicks ! . The..'Little-.Rock Travelers won.a [ fast game from the. orphan Mobile Bears, 6 to 1.' Tlie game was played hi ontf,hour.and 16 minutes. Mopu held (Ke Bears' well In hind vihile the 'rraye'lers'ujed;their-hits to. ad;-, vantage.''' i.' •-'.. .,-, : ' "'.. , •-.' The Chatfnnoo'gvi '. Lookouts.w.e.ce Irounccd • uvlce : by . tlie Nasliville ; Vols In n double.liea'def. yesterday, i) lo 1 and 5 to 4.\'H«'a McColl Kmr- ited ihe Lookouts' Jo,: five hits in the oimier while Ziimbro : pitched sleady tall for a win in. tlie finare. : The liirmingham Barons checked a rally by the Atlanta Crackers for C to 5 triumph. The Barons-used U)ry. Appllng of the Crax hit (or I tlie circuit. Caltfwell was the winning 'hurler.' ally (or breach of ihe ruling, th: star wrote, wrmld te removal from the team. -AThis probably is the last word ir. something or other, but we cun' •d&Qrnilne just what it is. But lliat .tsn^.iall. •J.:_.'i; ; w;eU,.;rh*h, How's TbisV ; ;-Vrhie sanie'player previously lia>' .written ari article for the magazine 'givjng.'h'er ••impressions of Helen : yni^-:.Mopdy' s .'lh.the caption over ie.-.article,-^te'- p 'editor had referred Tithe-..rarikV.of the'..wfll«r, her of- lisli rap.klrig\ by;! the':United States ;: ~-' .Tennjs 1 '- A-isociatipn':-. Bui ii ee.mi;tHat'!w^jldn!^3o: Editors ar-d Manila Nine Will Have Three Week End Games MANILA. Ark.. July 0.—The Maj nlla basctall team will have r ! busy week-end of .baseball.. ..Thre^ i games'-rllV be plnye'd'-bfV-the''local diamond with Schugg Bros, on Thurfday, Maynard on Friday, and Paragould [or Ihe Sunday ..-game Three, slar pilchers .are ready for j moiiKd'-.rtitty, Wright.' Tt."-MhiatVee 'and Young.'- w'hich. comprjsed^tHi; best pitching 'trio' hv\ this' se'ctfor o( the country. The'! games wil start al four o'clock on week days but at three on Sunday. Despite the fact that Manila lost two out of three to Trenton,- Term; i in the.recent series, the local cluL lays claim to the championship o; • northeast .Arkansas.-for teams tha | have no salaried. players, and wil | accept airy, .challenge that come IIU ivay. ...;.... * . , ''Ahxrican Leajruc W. SO 53 ,' 44 32 37 -10 35-. 45 St. Louis ., 31 « Chicago ." 23 « Boston'.' , M 47 Washington,...-..-.:' Philadelphia .".:.:-. New York. : '..'.....'.' Cleveland ... —.. Detroit L. Pel. 25 .661 28 .054 .519 .481 .401 .397 .397 .382 Games Today SOHthern League Chattanooga at-Birmingham. New Orleans at Memphis. Mobile nt Little Rort. Nashville at Atlanta. .- American. 1 l.r.iffuc "" Detroit at Chicago. St. Lculs at Cleveland. .Philadelphia at New York.' Washington at Bostort. ^. National League Boston at BrooWjn. New York at Philadelphia. 'Chicago at Cincinnati. Pittsburgh at St. Lonib. Yoimp.C(Jrbett HI beat Champior i Jackie field's, and 'the'"'other' nigh beat Champion Jack Thompso: who beat Fields' for''the tllte. Y,3 I Young Corbelt'II.i'ls' not bh'arripion I It's a irick they do with a set o The snlling., distance from Ne\ prleans to the Canal Zon is 1C10 miles. . . ... nlDjYOl) KNOW THAT—.. Alte r i he Cleveland Incllant uA lost 22 out of 25 games In n recent disastrous slump, Owne Alva Bradley took the ijoys on to Peppe'r Pike. r,n e.xcluslvc country club, for dinner . . .The ether teams put. salt on their tails . . -. Maybe Bradley fig- urci a little pepper wDUldn'i hurt tlie lads . . . Since ihe war .three players have won all the women's singles championships at Wimbledon : . . . Lenglen woii six ; times-'. . . Mrs. Kathleen McKane- Qodfree •twice . . . and Helen Wills Moody four times ... An 18- year-old boy pitches every (lay to some of the worlds greatest hitters . . . He'.s Lewis Bernhard Kraussc, the Media, Pa, high tchool wonder who is on a 25-day trip with the Macks . . . He flings 'em at Simmons. Foxx and Hie rest of the boys in batting practice . . . He's a. right- hander, and won 20 slraigh: games for his school during the last two years, and his dad was John E.,. once a sou'pa\v star in ihe Blue HidKe League. WARNING ORDER n Ihe Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas. WARNING ORDER 1. I.erner and T. B. Daves, DBA, Alabama Fruit & Produce Company, formerly known as Alabama Fish & Oyster Company, Plaintiff, vs. No. 4170 T. P. rifarlln, et, al, Defendants. The defendants. B. E. Con way, D. J. Blair, A. GJ. Grcer, Perkins OH Company, a corporation, Continental Gin Company, a Corporation, St. IiOiils Joint Stock Land Bark, a Corporation. Win. R. Mnorc Dry Goods Company, n Corporation, C. F. Floyd, Trustee. Sam Costcn, Trustee, and John rserman, Trustee, are warned to appear within thirty days in the Court named in tne Caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. J. Lerner, et al. Dated June nth, 1930. W. W. HOLLiPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. Keeble T. Herron, Attorney for Plaintiffs. Max B. Reid. Attorney ad litetn- June 18-25. July 2-'J Read Courier News want ads. • I ONE ole'mhly averrjn.^'v And if.tVat.lsii'titne'last word in ometning.. or"'6the"r'; ..rimybe soms x;xing commission will- oblige .witl; some quaint' asininity. -A. f .contesl retwceu the bosses of bDobLsm:v/ould le a hilarious mid-summer, diver- ion. ' \, ;•' ; „',',...T.he Colonel.lsi«um?hr.v.- v " You have to hand it to. Colonel Jacnb Ruppert. buyer for the big *Je.w York, baseball.depariment''atorc. iiirnvh ns'itlip Yujikees.-The jcplo- r.ej's; biilllsri' enlhHsiasm na'sii't jeen v eqna)led. in ijhis day, and age by'any other magnate in either major circuit. !• : Bob Shawkey h'as told the colonel... all along that the Yankees needed pitchers, jike has laken nil option on pitchers- Howard Craghead and Pel.-Daglia of the Oakland team. The. option expires in September, and if it is exercised another 1(}0 grand will,ba've wjnged its WP.Y to .the coast ; for pfon'iisiii^ baseball tnlont... ..The colonel pild;$15,000 for Lazzeri. and the street corners crowded with people bearing megaphones and shouting .that Jake was gyped. The colonel paid-i$50.000 :tp the Seals for Pitcher .Vernb'n .Gome?, last year. Laz/crt. I^ary, Reess and Meryl, lloag, .the ne>y oiitneldpr cost the-,polonel in nine, neighbor hood of t $275,000. If he o'iher $100,000 Ior.;..VCragt\eddi'.aul tin alone would amount to $375,000. It look's : as though it might be" cheaper to bpy a franchise in tlie league ', If .the colonel fails to. buy. Craghead and Daglia, it is said that Bil y Evans is ready to.step in with a uicy bid for tlie pair on Oehalf ol lie Cleveland Indians. GOOD HABIT TO f Q€T •IT WONT qeT vou new heavvweight threat'bears he name of '.Impelitcrio. Wonder hew well he can foul? WARJTCNG. ORDER . •' 6hancery,Couft,--'C[iicka'sa\vba.pis- |ri'ct, Mlssi&sippl-'Ootifity,' Arkarisasr 1 HJrBim'.lja'f(Iy,r-pypUir/;.•>'"':?.;;•' ; ' ; j'tlhii'defendant'Liljie'%KV'Hardy •' is, warned Jtp appear, within 'thirty jdys .in the cplirt in- -tlie capH'.oii' tiefecf- ; ahd ^answer the! compblht df the plaintiff. Hiram Hardy." ! Dated Jul^2; 1930. *• W.'-jVr 1 . HtiLLlPETER, Cleric/" i By? Elizabeth,' '^lyt% q, q. : . iiad^iteip. "y. ' ^'"rt«i-T>i'^i> .'Jul^2-9tlS-23 (f , Q GUOC K i^^'^MMIbl i ^ a shot must be played over a triip to the green. I prefer to play the pUch-and-nm, however, • when there Is an oiwning wliere the bal may roll to the green. .-...- r A pitch-and-rnn is more effective than -liie pitch shot und mis- tr.kes are less easy to make after it has been mastered. The shot Is played with a 'No. 4 or 3 iron, a jigger or any other club made especially for tlie purpose. Hit your pltch-aud-run shot crisply so that Its flight Is low 'and the ball can roll forward lo-,vard the green nnd pin. I make It with my feet close together and with quite a bit more ol an open stance. RITZ THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday This .piclilre bvokc all slimmer liotisa records at the New; Fox Theater, Sjt. Louis. - Now Here. \ flluwisGritral Dependable for 79 Year* HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday BEWARE! WANT The SHORTEST LINE BETWEEN \. PHONE HAVE THE MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER With Joseph Schildkratit and Joan Bennett Comedy and Review .Admission lOc and 25c SPECIAL LOW SUMMER RATES to Ukei and \VooJs of MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN. ClilCAGO. GREAT LAKES CRUISES, NEVP YORK^ . NIAGARA FALLS, NEW EMGLANU So e F Shoes There's no fime like today to start wearing Ffo'rsheims . . . lowered prices make a splendid value an even better one. .. . It's wise to choose while the selection is complete ind your saving lorgel Also Comedy and News Admission Matinee 10c-30, Might 10c-35c R. D. Hughes & Co. FlFTY miles of^ swept, beaclics . . ; ."Ani€rica's ' : "mosf" .interesting •, sk'yscrapm rising from' tlic. l^ifcc's edge . . . J7,800 acres'of beautiful parks and forest preserves invite you -7. • iWitfiin/a few miles of.-' Chicago"-'are the famous dunes and'tlw; heatt or •".tj : i the Great Lakes country. All Illinois-Central trains enter Cliicago on Michigan Boulevard, affording a view of Chicago's skyline that will be as. memorable as the comforts you'll enjoy . when you • travel on Illinois Central Trains. Stop-Overs May be Arranged Al Any . Point en route A fait, exceptional service from Mempfm 10 Chicago, Louisville and Cincinnati and Si. Louis to ClrcaRO. Let our Trat'tl Experts assist you- }. P. WALSH. Trar. ft,,. Ail. A. A. WILLIAMS. It". Put. Ail. R. J. CARMICHAEL. Am. Gen. Pit,. Ail. GrJiU C*.-.rnl Sraiijn, Mfmplm, Ttnn. ; _ MAIL THIS COUPON . (or rcxnpltH dttiill to R. ). CARMICHAEU AiriifJ Crnjul ^mrjtr Acini. Grand Or.tril Slition. Mrmplul, Tfon. D Dtrailttt informition. D H«tl information and titti. D 2-wttlj, All-Etptnie Cliicago Vacation. Q Chitigc, for Ihc Tamil, 48-page book. . -Let its plan a TWO WEKKS ALL-EXPENSE VACATION m Chicago far you. • J Illinois Central THE ROAD OF TRAVEL LUXURY

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