The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 15
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dtuj rtta ptr Ba» M* coa**ckiUT« in- MR ion: Minimum OAUB* • ........ ...... ftot 1 (UM p«f UJM ................ iSc 1 tun** p«i tin* per day ......... Uc X um*» per uat. MC di* ........ *: * UUM per HM per o»7 ..... ,.«. Vc jj uiu«* per un« p*x day ....... *c Moatb p«i On* ......... We Count (ivi avtrtc* worflj to tb» Unr AO orderea toe tbrec or «i Umw tnti •toppva oeiort e*pirauoc will De cb»rg •d roi CD* oumDei oj umw in* M ftp pearea Mia ftOjuctiKem oi olli in»0c AU oiawuiea A4ferti*UMt cop* «UD- auu«a ojr i»er«oji» re&idlug outsiaf ol me city tnu*t D« accompanied Of CMC Bate* *y b# «**ily computed from , ocj IDI irrcguiu ISR« dona UICM tne on* UUM rat*. .Mo re*p"CL&itULlly "III D« utftcc lot more tn&D on* incorrect Um*rua* oj AOJf ClU&Ulta Ml " All to* &*• rentiictea u> cctii protxi ciat>3mcfcti<jn. •&;/!• »nO type 'IB* Courwi reserve* tb* rlgbt to wilt ot reject any MI Apartment tor Rent Laundry worn, rough dry and flnUbtd Willie Belle Oi«ea. in rear of Chtclu* sawba oil Mb 8t. Plione 4209. Mult* ;our oom» pretiy tot cprlnc iipert rtus UJtuuiiMi bfnic* u ( you/f ' PE1CKLESS CLEANERS Rent sunders. Kefinsh your own lloors Rent an electric sander from Wards. Economical ! Free instructions. Montgomery Ward, ;i-22-ck-l-l Insurance Modern cabins and apartments. Lost Boy Courts. Pto. nil. 3,2t-j>V-«,2i tituil) lurnlshed apartment. Henley St.. pli U28. 3TJ- . Light hou^ekeeutng room. I'h WW Two rooD) Apt. uiiKUlrs. Furul^nea Two room Apt. Downstairs Unlurursri. ed. rnone «is. 9|n-pk-31 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts uuw 'available at POOLE MOTOK CO. w« can tin *i« your oeear . livk genuine put* (rom am complete iinr ELLIS POOL*. OWNKR & UfEItA'lOJt tioiub Higflwa, 61 at titeela Mo Phon« titeele 49 CHAPMAN BEBVICK STATION Main & Ol vision Phone Oon I endanger you: lamil? with Unity ore*—BU* LEK ,Loons Money to Loan ' Do you neca * loan to repair or re .model"/ No dowo ^ayraeot no moir B»g,& no rea tap* FHA APPKOVED RA'l'E 3% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor rnrme 2M4 Uynch BnlldlDi BIJtD-.HIc Ark ; ' AUTO LOANS FURNITURE LOANS Quick Penonftllzcd Berrlc* uenerml contract Purchmxe Corp 106 So rilta Phnne 292« II7-CJ-U Services Home wuhlng i»nd tionlng wanted 3006 wut 8yc«mor«. Ph. «6«. ' OdoriMs pumplnsc or Septic T»nk> Oreue Tr»p» »ntt Sanltury Toilets Al work Euarameed. fo ]oU loo large o too «.mall. Sludge moved away will t« nit struck and premlfies left clean •niltulrwrjrk. J. M. Ounn. Eakrlds lT«ller Camp. Hl«»j 81. Plione 21B« or 3851 3;33-pk-«: Tractor work far hire. By hour o • ore. Phone 3961. 3.22-pk-M PLASTERING BOB 7V\ALONE Call 2029, Blytheville or 205 ; Osceola , 3-14-ck-4-l Kpdak nnlshtng ?4 hour sfr O'aTBEM'B STUDIO ||T Herring requires 12 hours' cur Ing before they ore "kippered. For Complete" Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection ULENIX1K HUTKL BU1LU1NO 124 W \Stt n Typewriter TYPEWRITERS itoyu. euaun oomna and Hernia*- iti Hormme DOSJ EDWARDS I'rie l-ypewntei MHD UU « Second «t phnm •U& for Sole. Misc. Jonn-lJeere iniodLebUKler G A uraetlv ^Jinn* ID2 ^15 itate certified Bi^rdette Delta line 78, cotton seed Buvdette 'lantation. Burdettc. State certified Ogden arid mproved .Arksoy soybeans Burdette Plantation, phone 782. 1-22-tt Now that little Junior IB cnt eep Lite ru^u cleati with ndnrlc.i 11 'oam Ufal'K Paint Btnre U.U- Harrows for enle Let ua sharpen youi <lows now. Arold tha rush. Henry Westbvook's Shop 225 N. 1st. Uny PJiofte 4161 Night Phone 4132 i jETTER BUYS SEE THESE CARS AND TRUCKS AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 1940 Mercury Town Sedan . . . $495. 1940 Chevrolet Sedan . . . 8(i9!J. 1937 Chevrolet Sedan . . . 5450. 1935 Chevrolet Coach . . . $15(1. 1947 Ford Long Wheelbase I'/j-Ton Truck . . . $1195. 1946 Sturit'bakcr Pickup, equipped with radio & heater . . . S995. 1941 Chevrolet ft-Ton Panel .... SI 15. 5th at Walnut Kor 8ale- Hweet Potato Be«d Port* Clean variety I bave a limited quantity ihii* rnriecy which ar« ncavy productive typ* »na »r* a.i tree trom dJ- ease a* jrnu will und Order* accepted > with W l / 0 cash deposit for delivery Oy M«rcn l»t Priced *2 p«i Hamper ,ul Byrum UIjtheTllte Ark i|12-ck-U FARMALL M With Cultivator, Planter, Disc, Harrow and Breaking Plow. $2260. Farmers Ti*actor & Truck Co. Ark. Plionc 91. 2-23-ck-tf ryerB dreisrd or on loot. C«H Mm. Ulektn&an, 3933. 3jU*pk-26 The Ltltle Shop. Reison for wiling wncra liave another business. See ivncr^in person «t Cotton Bowl Club nl Trumatiii. Arlc, No phone calls please. Roy i'lndley or Brjuti Qlnsgow. uglc Chef gas rsnge. Good condt- llon. Phone J8M. 3j23-pk-2« '1'wo InneraprttiK mRtlrmses. 1 single bed size. 1 three quarter alzn. Ph. 2957. Bunbeum Mlxmnster. *20.00. 2 marble lop walnut washfltfinds, 2 Mitlque t&- bles. Phone 3«V. 3!24-pk-27 J42.00 Storkllne Dc-Uixc baby carriage. Hnrdly «scd. Priced *26.tX). 1500 W«t Ash, upstairs. 3,2H-pk-3|29 New John Dcerc 3-row busters with 14" trip bottom' »39S. Phone 4844. J K Urett. HlcJcman Bend. 3,23-pX-3 : 30 Phone 4453 'Shanghaied 7 Sailor Returns to U. S. Seiunan Jainc.s Patrick Ryan, who claims he was shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion after missing his ship in Italy in 1947, walks clown the gn.iEtway of the Marianas Mars following his arrival at Almedn, Calif., from the Orient. Formal desertion charges hnvc not been tiled ngaitist Ryan but he is being held at Yerbn Bucna Island naval station until tran.spoitJiLioii to Bethesdti. Md., la urrun^cd. (AP Wirephoto.) For Sale, Cars & Trucks ]U4tf l-'ortl Ctistoin Tudor, law inlle- RKC. fall H. li. CJrhnes. <Jlc[R'i>L- Hotel uticr 7 p.m. J ; '22-|>k-25 '4^ Dodge Scdiiii. Esctrllcnt cundHlon Hiia clean, i'lioiic ama, 5 until 7 i>,m, 3.2l-pk-2S C'Jicvrolct Fleet line Aero sedan. Prl- vaicJy owned &. driven. Extra clean. 11834. ' 3.24-pk-27 Sewing Ogdon soybeans iltilpli Kourl fl ini noutti ot Blyihcvlllc Oundy HLUHB r*. 3jlS-plc-5,15 HoitHe tralier Tx21' rurnLshed '29 Model A car. running condition, very cheap. See Hoy Kuy. Rl. 2. Blythevlllc. Carl Matthews. 3jtd-pk-li5 Car owners NOTICE. Why ru n smooth ti res whe n you can gut guaranteed recapped tires for $0.95 . exchange (size 600x10). Other si^es priced accurdhiffly. iMunt- gomcry Ward. 3-22-ck-4-l Three bedroom hunsc Inside city llin- 119 fliVM. Write Uox XVi c,o Courier • Armall eqiUniucnl. '1 HM 100 plutit- ing attachments. 1 H M QS pt(inters, " H M 240 2 row cultivators. I'hotie Wi. Osceoifc, Ark. 3 22-ck-i5 1M7 Chevrolet jilcknu truck like new 1941 Fontlac Strcnmltne 2-door In excellent condition. Phone 2500. 3,22 -ilk-29 l>e nance grocery Rcale, practically new. i'Jione 2181, Luvurii. 3 22-pk-29 VlJUng Crispy Cold y-foot vegetable ft ml dairy products refrigerator with unit. Phone ZIB1. Luxora. 3,22-iik-29 a i h.p. I^hlRh unit used only l.iixora. Bin-Cold refrigeration ^'ort time. Phono 2181, 322-i»k-20 Black Cocker pup*. Phone • Here's This Week's Special • 1939 LaSalle 1045 A really beautiful car, haa it* original 2-tune green finish, equipped with healer. $ HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE MANY CARS ON OUR LOT 1940 Chevrolet Special DeLuxe Tudor Sedan, has new- paint job, body, motor, and I ires in excellent condition . . . SS25. 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan, has practically new motor and tires, equipped with radio & heater . . . $595. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Truck with 1918 Mercury motor, body and bed in first-cl,iss condition, has new 700x16 8-ply tiros . . . §695. 1938 Chevrolet Tudor Sedan, an unusually clean car, has heater and 19-1'J licence . . $495. 1941 Mercury with radio and heater, good condition, has 1949 license . .. $825. 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, heater, and seat covers . . . very low mileage Guaranteed to be in excellent condition, and offered at a Tery good price. 1942 Dodge V z -Ton Pickup, mud-grip tires, excellent condition . . . 5795. 1940 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful blue refintsh. This car is tops . . . $825.. , OTHO STANFIELD W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH "When Better Carm Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Registered O. 1. C. hoar. Russell CO- 10011. Holland, Mo. 3 22-i>k-2E) Wa!n«t at Broadway 555 (or Sertic* For Sa/e, Real Estate 3-rooms *nd buth ivltli new furniture. Deluding electric stove, refrigerator, ewln? machine, swccucr and wash- UK nmchlne. Hot wntrr. tlarnRe. 1m ncdute pOMr«sston. Price $4.250. Tclc- •none d»r« 4115. ercnlnps "leal. Well bulU fl room mid bntii nn ler of UnYls A: Mrsl. Venetian hll :nryalrr Air temp heat Jug plant, I inri hiith room fixtures, sink and enter neater, sheet rocX All new. s room and balh, h^rrt^vood fli iear H!|(Ti Scliool, Price 55000. IPMIOH at one*. Mrs. J. L Lewis* IU OMt D«TlB SL. Photic 1-room o» West Ash SI, O(XK eiRhbortiood. Priced reisotmblc. 600 3. Franklin. Ph. 3470. 3 24-ck-3 2 fl-room nollow tllo house on LIHj atrret, plastered inside, biillt 1n rab nets, floor covering, Price 5*750 tiood 4-room hon^e on srtxve] street Prltte »ddmnn, tn good condition Price A nice 4-room Bungalow. beauUfii rorner (ot. on Missouri St Price 54 000 W. M. BURNS REALTOR PHONF 33G1 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS- en LmerfKLea in ^Joble Gill Agencv Cecil ifiarls '-— F. B. Joyner REALTORS jlencoe Bldg. Phone 3131 arJU-ci-Li Notice ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, l;UU:u and cripplec \uiniuls pic-ketl up free ol iiu-jfc in stei'ilized trucks. Call collect, 614a,' Blytheville, Ai'k. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-4-14 NEED A CAR? Here's n Keiil Special! 1946 FORD 4 door Sedan <tOOC rfns 'J9 license «P"J You'll Ilmi mnny other honest-to- goortiiCP-s values in Used Cars nt 61 Motor Co. Do yourself a favor ami BCD us before you rtccLUc. 61 MOTOR CO. \Vc rcimlr wMchts, Try us for rust rvici-.s ^IcHirD's, JUC-^oa Knst Male Street. 3|12-pk-4|li Business Opportunity West End Ciil'e 191-1 West Alain. Good location. Doiny good Lusiiiiiiss. Owner sellinj.; due to ill health. Can contact owner at any time. 3-22-ck-25 Kanu HIK11WUJ 61 Pnone ^ 3.9-clc-ll For Safe or Trade iKiil ti room huiise with bath, atut ijce 11 L Ong. Manila PhoiiG 97 3|ll-pX-2: 1 Ircsli b yu!\r old Jersey cow. Severn Irfsll ninl .sprlnycr nellers MoiHiil> pun lor lil. J. "w. Blackwell. SteDlc Mo. I'lione lUh^J, 3;22-pk-4,23 BKL'l'S. UUCKl.KS. covt-rcd biitlutis uiton no I us Mae MiMci. Alniii Bat>s inu, <jrowdci I'tionc JSau If no answer. W2. W6 N 5th Si 3;l.i-pk-iLlt NOTICE Notice i.s hereby given Hint UK: undersigned will within the time ":xed by lr,w apply to the Cominis- Uoner ot Revenues of the State of Arkansas fr,r a pcrma to sell beer at retail at 116 W. Main, Blytheville. Mississippi Counly The iinderslniied states that he Is n citizen of Arkansas, ol good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no to sell beer by the under- Mgned haj been revoked within five y'eavs last, past; and that the undersigned hn.s never been convicted of violating the laws ol this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. George A. Samaha Subscribed and sworn to beiotv me this 23 day of March. 1949. Mrs. Marshall Dlackard Notary Publi 1 ' My Commission expires 3-9-53. Wanted to Buy We buy used lurnlture -Phone 2650 In (lie Probate Courl for the Tlilckasawba District of Mississippi C'uliiily, Arkansas. In the Matter of the Estate of . Sam H. Williams, Deceased Notice of Probate of Will Notice is hereby given that the Last Will and Testament of Sam H. Williams was probated in common form by the Probate Court ol the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas on the 23rd clay of March, 1949. An appeal from such probate can be affected only by tiling a petition stating the grounds for such appeal within six months from the date of this notice. WITNESS my hand and seal as clerk ot this court this the 23rd day of March, 1949. ELIZABETH BLYTHE. Probate Court Clerk. 324-31-4-1 For Rent, Houses Private Rooms Bcaroom MjolnuiB bmh Pli 2338. iietlrooin.' klichc-n p niul wile 1-nono 26'J2. ge for mini 3,19-ck-a,25 Ucdroonj. J1D9 CJilckasawlja. phone Hed-rooni nucl Kitchen privileges II ucslred. 1'Jiinic ^d53 305 Vrtkc. Ucclroom Ulytticirlllo Hotel Phone l,arj;R house ncnr Mrtlii St.. close to Hiyli achoor tititcablc for 2 families. 11 interested call 3467 nfter 5 o'clock. 3.22-CK-2S Help Wanted. Male Mrm to take charge ol dras-llne. Con- nict own work on good percciitngc ba- !«.. I'il. 4Wfi. 3,23-pk-aO Tn between the \v orld 's I n rgcst lamp—a 50,000-waltcr -and the world's sniallcst.—a "grain or wheat" n RC ci i n su i geon.s' i ns t ni m cnts— (here are about 10.000 types for almost any purpose you can name. Help Wanted. Male We have opening (or 3 men, 2 posf- tiuns arc in tile Appliance Dcpt. and i'!ir \n Auto Acccs.sorl&s. Musi tmvc ex- jicnetKc. Montgomery Ward. 3 22-cV-28 Personal Read Courier -icwr- Want Ads rnirty minute phntnstattc service O b'l'KEN S STUDIO l|e-Ck-tl or B. T Hubbard, Ph 3 t lD-pk-3,2fi Lots For Sale 3 choree suburban lols on Highway 61 North, lot sixc 85x200 and 100x200. East fronts, large pecan ticcs. In new Country Club Drive Addition, just north of Camp Mnultric. See or call— j JOHNNY MARK REALTOR Phone -1111 Res. Ph. 259G JR«<J Courier Nen« Want Ada. DEPENDABLE Used Cars and Trucks 1947 Kal.-er -1-rtour. radio and :;eutcr $1195 1939 Plvnimitli 4-tluor 525 1840 Chevrolet •l-iiuor 695 1041 Plymouth 2-iloor 850 1531 Plymouth 2-door v 295 1837 OldMuoblle 4-door 295 1948 Dodge '—Ton Pickup $1395 1948 Inteiimtioiinl ' a -Ton Pickup 1395 1947 Dodge A i -Ton Pickup 1059 1947 Uortse '...-Ton Pickup 1295 1947 Ford Sedan Delivery 1295 1946 Chevrolet '0-Ton Pickup .".".! 150 1940 Dodge '-j-Ton Panel '.'.'.'..'. 545 1946 Chevrolet I 1 s-Ton LOUR Wlirclbasc 995 1948 International I 1 *-Ton Lone Whcclbasc Stake 1795 1941 Chevrolet 1'.j-Ton Long Whfrtbafc Stake 650 1940 Ford It-Ton Pickup 275 EASY TERMS See Us Before You Buy Blytheville Motor Co. Ilroiidway & Chicknsawbii I'hone •t-122 WHEN MINUTES COUNT The prompt and efficient service of Owens Pharmacists solves the problem Every prescription filled with meticulous care Free dellT- er.v service Phone 2024. OWENS DRUG STORE Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasowbo .SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1949 THE BEST IN TOWN! 1917 Chevrolet l'/ 2 Ton Long Weelbase Truck, equipped with 12 foot factory body, 1919 license, special . . . 51595. 19-16 Chevrolet l'/ 2 Ton Long Wheelbase, 1949 license* .. . 51095. 1942 Ford V-8 Long Wheelbase, has healer . . . $845. 1946 International K-6 Long wheelbase, has heater, 825x20 tires all around. A steal at $1095. 1940 Chevrolet l'/ 2 Ton Long Wheelbase, 12 foot body . . . S«95. 19H> Chevrolet Cab-Over Engine, 2 speed axle . . . 1941 Chevrolet (/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck, special . . . $G95. 1910 Ford '/i-Toii Pickup Truck, 1949 license . . . $495. 1946 Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup Truck, cattle rack . . . $1195. 1941 Ford '/,-Ton Pickup Trutk, cattle rack, has 1949 license . . . §795. 1937 Ford V-8 '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck, runs good, has good tires, 1949 license, a real good cheap truck . . . §289. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Kcmember, You Can Always Make' a Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 HERE'S NEWS! ' WE ARE BUYING USED CARS and paying HIGHEST PRICES! 1939 to 1949 Models All Types and Makes No Waiting— Cash Is Here For You Drive By Today and Our Appraiser Will Buy Your Car At All Times We Have a Selected Stock of Used Cars & Trucks Small Down Payment — Easy Terms You Can SAVE MONEY When You Buy— You Can MAKE MONEY When You Sell LEE MOTORS ALES, OLDSMOBILB-— CMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blylheville, Ark Reliable Used Cars EASY TERMS—GUARANTEED CARS 1941 Buick 2-door Sedan, a one owner car . .. $1095. 19-10 Chevrolet 2-door, ha.- black paint ... ?725. 1939 Ford 2-door Sedan . .. $675. 1912 Ford 1-door, a real bargain at $895. 1916 Ford 2-door Sedan . . . 51295. 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, only . . . $395. 19-11 Mercury 2-door . . . $1015. 1911 Ford 2-door Sedan . . . S895. 1912 liuick—special f- us week . . . $915. Others to select from. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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