Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1896
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THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL YOL. XXI. LOGAMPORT, INDIMA ; SUNDAY HOMING, MAY 31, 1896. NO. 131. SURPRISING WH.S the sale of handkerchief!) yesterday . Every one appreciated the bargains we guve. Why not 15c. to ; 10o embroidei't-d ouuibric liandkprohiefs for 10 and n.11 sheer linen ones with be-it edges nod fin >vork worth from 40e to Too for 19o. Whoever aa.\ thorn bought nnd the values advertised themselves swell tl'ftt by evening we had sold 150dozen. Tlu .-'ock will be replenished and the remaining lOOdcz-jn will }M> Monday at the following prices. Don't coin c.ftfcr tiii-y HVU nil cone, i ut * COME TOMORROW. LOT i. ' 100 dozen Sheer Lineu, eiegantl>- embroidered Handkerchiefs. Th- gular selling prices of which ruxige from 40 to 75 cen*s. You can fake choice for,, OT 103 Boxen Embroidered Swiss scalloped! Jftce intiorljon and Lice Hnudkorchiefs. Actual value from 15 to 40 cents jour choice I Oc LOT 3 50 Dozen all Linen Hem-stitched Handkerchiefs. Value 20 ceut« each all linen and j-our choice foj 5c In eonuf.ction with this sale we will conduct a special Wish Goods Sale g you choice of 100 pieces. Osfrandies. Lawna and Dresdens $ . | Q Duck Suits for Ladies | ,50 Japanese Silks :". .2 I Silk and Feather Fans ,25 400-411 BROADWAY. 30G FOURTH ST. They Will-Be Associated with Memorial Day, 1898, in St Louis. SCORES OF STORM VICTIMS IXTi-RRtD. JToriwur K«llmuU<:4 oT . 1-1*^4 -'of Li . 1'ro'jn.Tty I^xil^K<"'ured— l)o;ti hs , ^I'^ecd ut IIWK l>iii)iii^(> u> f'j' ' ;-':.' : urty Aliout e?xu,tn>l>,!rL>t>. St..-ipuis, Mu.y 30.— Merno'r-!;;! flay of 1S9P will; ^Cu'eat'toi 1 be an ajinlvt rsary or s cli-V.cd\ni.'niori(is to the proi>U: LI' the -Mound ci[ 1 y-. li '-.''Olcl G'Ory's" innijun?r>ib^o, as of o!d,,-,ftoHt ill the brooae. but instead of a pruud;/i)ositlon at the head o£ the poles. vhey>R;r,e. lowered to"tli<''.sl>;n aT moomlng mill.- sorrow at halt'-ma^n. , Keiioath thorn oosslon al'te: 1 procL-siion \vli-.us its way arbutid •, the in'lncfpal .clioi'OLifrh/'aros and over. \Crriir.i] avcntm to Hit last resting I'lfiCPS'lut rhc di'^artcfj at beautiful Calvary ,M;cT ^iiellefontinnl;. TrTo iHruir..^ or brnsa nds ( IUl the ulr as on iij-evious Decoratlor tlAytv.'btlt the patriotic airs of "Mai-chins' Tlirtnifih Georgia" and "Rally Round the fr, Boys," j.;ive iilacc to funeral dirges and the.."Der.d March In Saul." lieru voi-o i number of funerals Friday, by owners or r/ver cran s.'iows (iiac.-i r.oi-'ii of JO .-steamboats and Imnsus wi-i-i; aur.k or baOly -fir. maKi'J. InlllctliDj a total ir.urlnij lows of S-I02,00U. . . .' I,(MM<"+ in ISli.st SI. l.,(>uirs Vice i-')V«kl«m. Henry. D. .Suxton, nf tliv> Vrurivli'.giiien's rational biinl<, who nas II'I-KI.- proiii-i-ty liitvr'.'sts .til OX-IT h';c.:,t Si J.i;u!.-t, has jj;MJe a thoroi:p-h tour of tin- cli". !•!«.• .•iKMruKn.ics t-htf lots nl $S,300,1),0 .'• mills for Iti-lii-r. ..A i u n-yuJiir :m.'«ivin£ o!'thvj m;jnlcll>!d its- li.'irsbly Ki'iuay r.i^'hr Mayor WalbrldRfl -..ur.iiUtiL! a s;K'C'.ir musya^ff usklni; (hairdo HMcm'ily. approprite JIW.OOO for the rt-illsr of the storm sufferers. This propry- ?Uiun Y.'ii.s • favorably received, but th« exlp.-nck'S oC legislation will delay cwii- clu .'I 1 /-. 1 ,'.II:',!O.M fur several days, Tho r?T7ri>y i.i to bo linroeOiati-ly. avuilablu upon th» ,-iu!>snK<! fif'ihe meastirv. Thi> cominlttiv.' re-port will be; m.'ulo ro-<luy. lnfo;-rn;il uis- was had. -Hiid It was ii?rui!rt tl:at evc'.'y appropriation "for public improv.;- 1 ruins. nonu'.-j. no Tnyr.cT* ^~c over. Trrrnout a strtcp of clo'.liintf of tlu'ir ov/:i to 1 bt? pi'GVlck-d lor, and assfstance from other cities will be ix-quhx-d. In u. 1'irk'l' interview Mayor Radt;r said there wen; at least- 2,500 pvoj-.li' in th<? city that aru utrc'rly without slK-ltcr, food or clothing. Hi: ostlir.atod the number of hmii-.i's destroyed at GO?- Funi.'lun?, bod- clii)!,- ;ind elothlnj; wore Inr-lnrk-d in the aVtT'tr-.iction, and fow of tho sufferers had moiK-y to buy more, WnrMliiK t.o Criminals. In 12.-ist St, Louis the business men have organized a vijTllnrcce cojn;ni;tc'C' and on tho tek'sraph and ek-elrie liyhi: pciU's written "notices arc posted to tin.- HTect liiai £lionls and per)o,'ne,"H of property from wrecked house;],, business properties or railroad cars will be «lven a short shrift and an opportunity of dlvliiff from the Kurt* bi-'dh'e into the Mississippi river. Instructions havo also bu Illinois vidunl ca GLAD OF THE SPLIT. "Regular" Prohibition Leaders Pleased with Bolters' Action. IH'EJiEW PARTY GSTS D3WN TO WORK IIope;fill of Muklnff u Good Sliowinjf At tlio INiHK—Clnlnis A<llicft>nrc of the IV. C. T. U—A .Synopti» of Its VlntTorin. Fittsburg-h, Pa., .\ljiy .'iO.— '••'S*s*5 F^ T •j'KNTii _oii> CHESTNUT'sTr.KJ'vrs, ST. Clothes up to Date Have been in great favor.at out- establishment. Fact Is no one Imp a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than our?. Important Features in Ithe make-up of our clothes work their superiority. no.t the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. We are Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assortment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call and make an offer. The qticen of hearts in all th«« parts, If you can £o by rumors' Is onu who rides a wheel, an' About in d:iit:cy bloomers, ZINN & COMPANY. 202 Sixth Street I Must Have Honey 2 ^r So I Have Reduced my prices. Call and g jt: a Nobby Suit before they are all gone. § AL YOUNG, Tailor f~ 318 Pearl Street. Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. Invitations. • Are."always appreciated and especially so when they «w» tastefuUy'gottenHup. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department* Is] making a specialty ot ' . . NVITATIONS, rROGRAMS, LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS; STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS* ETC. : . ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type knd Materia. n relative*; of tho tfnjat rmi!i:rlty of tlio victims preferred to take advantage of tho fact that to-tlay is Dec-oration day and a hull' holiday. ar.d'lhf:i-oj''iri; arranged, accordingly for tho Interments. j\s a result, the unilc'i-tiilting establishments were "rushed" u« an extent ur.prcc'yie'.itcd, anil thn ambulance-shaped,- bldck vehicles cm^ ijloyed to C3.rry tho caskets w>.-n.', at tlni^s tliirlnfr the ilny, to he e:icoinu(;red every few blocks. So heavy tt-a-i the pressure u;ion tlic Amoral directors Hint In many cases it \vas found absolutely necessary to (k'lVr tht! Interments until 'Sunday. The number of burials to-flny, however will exceed ICO, T.tlteHC KKt/IUlltl'fl. From detailed reports received from official sources up to midnight the followlnl •tatemcnt Is prepared: Dead In St. Louia, 175. Unknown dead In St, Louis, S. Fatally Injured in St. Louis, S. Missing In St. Louis, 40. Identified dear! In East St. Louis, U2, Unknown dead In East St. Loula, 3. Fatally injured In East St. Louis, 1. Total fatality, 3SS. Injured In St. Louis (estimated), 1,000. Injured In East St. Louis (estimated.), 300, The lists of dead which have been hitherto printed have of necessity been full of errors. Men were reports! dead who were missing and have since turned up, false Iden •• tlficatlons were made, names confused by misinformation and misspelling, so that there have been already printed the names of more than have really been found, 1 ' There are still miiny persons missing-'and some are .undoubtedly still'in'-the ruins. The work of discovery Is now progressing somewhat more slowly, owlnff-'to the complete exhaustion of the workers'and'the-neces- sity for repairs-In their'own shattered homes, There are unniirstionalily many persons who have been killed whose disappearance lias not been noted. .As yot very mender reports of. the awful work done by tho? cyclone In Missouri and Illinois hav.e reached this efty.". Enough is known, however, to show tluit'maiiy lives' were lost and thousands of dollars daniHtfe done. , -..' ;•• ,... •• * Financial LOMK JSxiifrKf.Cjit'ofL, '. Irresponsible correspondent q"a-ncl 'sensation mongers have wired to . : the'- outside wo;-ld preposterous -estimates of fJiOvlos.ses here, some reaching the absurtpfli;ure of jnO.OOO.O.OO. The estimates of godttti'rchltfccts and'.'rcputable real estate dealers plage the property'.'loss about J20,coo r Ol)0.'r A-n .Inspection jmaclc plveg the following: •'•.- : . In'"' thei/territory along. fhV .Mvc-e, 1 Main, Second ;und Third frgni'. Washington to. Mark.&;,ifhe loss will llguro up.rully JLOOO,- coc, ,-;-,,.;• . ••- : vi- •;• '. ; Frony.Maln to Eighth and -f i'Oin ,0'Fallon south' to 1 Franklin, the loss Is;joi)0,OCO.. A class,-of hard-working people' occupy, this territory. The damage here.Is pathetic. In.'-the- : territory south, from Market to Clioteau," along Broadway, and east to tho riyn'r--front, ?1,500,OCO will hardly cover the loss. .This la mostly manufacturing and buNlness-property. ' ..''•• Southward along Broadway from Choteau- avenue to Lafayette avenue, -anti embracing- a'territory eastward' to' the river, property'has been destroyed to-'the extent of $750,000. This include;!' mostly -retail Btoi-ps and manufacturing plant". From the Lafayette avenue bank south to Soulard the storm's fury .wreaked awful venffcance^ The loss sustained was SGHO,-. UOO. Hardly a building .on. either side ot Broadway was spared. , ; Thoy were occupied Ijy prosperous retail .stores, repre-. Huiuine the energy and Ihrltt of a lifetime. Embracing all the district south of Sou- lorci, from the river, west,,to, dty limits, tht loss to residence and business property is estimated at RjOC.OCO. ........ -.-.., Going- north again and taltlni; In all tho territory up to tha cky hospital, the dam- *sv. iifures n.000,000. .'.,.-.,, In ..the Immediate vicinity, .ot.th.o hpspltal another '$1,000,000 is reached. merits not iJlc-'lycd on contracts iii.'-.cle should be diverted to tin; 'x-llef fund. Tin- i-llMliursenioiu -ot Ibis fund will be uii'jer municipal control, ar.-d will be indo- pe.'.xJe.-n of oilier ivlief measures. i_'ur;l from Mu.vor \VnlI>rl(l£<>. lil'jiyor Wulbridg-o IJAM furnished to the lirrr,x Hie following eanlr "I; la not practical to make Individual >.ryiw<;r to tht- vast number of friends who liave tek',^r.'i.:jhed-s-yi7ip;uhy and offers of iHslsutii'ee. Through thu medium «f tho ,'r;-ss, St. Louis sincerely thanks the city's i:,iny Cric-ix:* for tlie initrust they have sh'own, and their profi'urs of aid. The peo- >U> or uur city mv eonlident of tl'.clr obll- tj to properly care for all tin.- sufferers ic'tti tbe ri.-oent tornfido, and heroic efforts ir^ beint; macie to ti-Mit end. jS'o accurate 'Stimatc of tiie loss of property crin TJOW be I'.iidi', but It !s safi.- to say that the loss, xs repoi'ted by tli«5 ;;i'oss outsldeef St. IjO'Jis, us been yreally overestimated." J- II.1 Ol' CullltUDIlCt!. -Muyor \'.'«.lbr!0ce took occuslon In his lt.ssivj;e to point out that St. Louis ivas he only elo' 1» Ibt countj-y that had '-cutlierc'.i stifcly tb'e recent lino.ncla! irale. nd !t should r.ot -hu suld th.-H any d!s- :ic-;:a::ce, pliys,'«il or lir.anclal, eould make :, J^caiis a im.-nOleanL asking: alms. This I'lL-pem'ic-nce of foeiin:; seems universji! In ru. It does not apix-ar tn be biK^p:iidolr(-, but Bur«:H- oonfak'ncc in thu ability and dis- positiAn of St. J.onisnnc to caro for thf siorm vicilin;-. i been svivcn to the police of the | h;i<] Mother liot d;i\- of jw-oliibirion pol- ^."in'r^for 1 ^^'^ ^«- ^o^uh,, v ,nabo.,i,i ff co,iv e n- tions adjourned I'nday momiiig, tha six Ktlteif In Oklalinni.i. • Pc-rry, 0. T., May 20.~Pawr.ee, 30 miles fcnat, was visited by u hurricane Thursday and a half-dozen people were killed and wounded. 31'nllstonett four Inches In diameter fell and did great damage. Throe l>e:it.!iM in J'unns.vtvunlii. Ambler, Pa., Ma SO.—The tornado which swept through the lover end of Montgomery county 'Ihursduy carried death ;ii£ In. with r.ev.' \V. \V. cd tf:<? t.'isk o; 1 iurlbiitlor.s to A _relii:f <:o:nmltte* i-loyu, clialrman. hns reci-i\ir«r a;:d d!strlb\itinK eoiur ihe.fuiul. .\"ot\vlthsta:H':in>; p.o ii.ppeal for C'Ut.MiIo assistance hits li-.vn miidc, iho ro- !!(-!' c/jinmlm-u is uc'linji.rt with substantial i'lCts of money from every quarter, nl! of ihfui ni"<"on!|;anl<".l '.v.!;l: exprrsBloi-.s of syi'-ipathy and words of ;40od theer. Tlnsi- ar<;- hi..ir,;r n j*:c:ed .\vi;'a Itlndly words or Kpliri'Cl.irUm and tin? stiitc.'ni'nt l!:ot St. Lculs li amply r.qmiviont to rake care of : ull her destitute and deservintr. Ainons the rii-st to wire pracih-cl sympaihy H-BK ihe boards of 'tj'ade of Rhtrmtui, Tr^N,. Columbus, 0., Denver •&. id Cripple Cn.'uk, Col. and CMik'i'.S'j. UrtVrs from indlvldi:;;ls n:n,' corporations lire jiourlnx In.- Such sums n? may be received, frorn abroad will be received a;;d properly applied, but St. Louis- desires It well understood that until ol! her own- resources are exhausted no appeal to the ouislcfc world v,'l!l he made. Many hundred? cf the homeless are already nbcolvir.i? assistance from the cojiimiucc. Tho . •pri'i.t '.di'mtitid Is'for food a;:il oloib- ir.g., as those who have root's over thalr hea'ds are sharing: their homes with their less fortunate ne.'chbors. bltuatiui) iu £a.st -St. Louin. East. St.. Louis Is walcinu frbm :ts stupor of terror, and tilings are bfjjiniilnff now 10 shape themselves to the amelioration o) the conditioner .afflicted and the presei'va- KBJIAIXS OF A HUSIXKSS liOUSK IX HICK OKV STnKBT. c.hcl destruction before It. Thror-lives were lost and many jiersons were more or les 1 injured, ..besides thousands of dollars worth of diunag'e to property. SyniEWi.liy from Abronil, London, -May 20.—All of the morning papers here have editorials on tbe terrible disaster :it St. Louis and all express their sympathy with the residents of St. Louis. Jiiic Two Survive. .Lincoln, Neb., May 30.—On tht- Kith of the present month S. P. Munn :;nd his family moved from this city to St. Louis, and all but one of the entire family was killed !r. the St. Louis tornado. TlK-re were IS children in the family. One son, Fred, was k'ft hero, and Is still in ire city, and one of the boys, Frank, escaped death, but the fathir, mother and n other children mat death In'the awful catastrophe. This snJ news was received by Fred .A-Junn Friday in a. letter from Frank, who had an iiltnost miraculous escape from the fate ol the other members of the family. ON HISTORIC GROUND. Xutuhic iriitJon ou llto HiittleUeld or Slllluli. Memphis, Tcnn., May 30. — Friday w.ns a liienioralile day at Shiloli :iaiional park and a vory largo assemblage o* union nr:d confederate veterans 'ndded interest. The forenoon was occupied with the reception of tbe various dcl- cg'utions and suryiyors by the reccp- Northeast of the hospital property has liccn destroyed to the extent' tit 'jl.OOO.ffw, while Lafayette park .and-vicinlty give* us much more. Westward from LafayettolpaSV and north to Choteau avonue, the' loss" Is $2,000,000. Down Choteau from Jefferson -avenue, to Seventh street and north, to,the railroad trucks '53,000,000 is th(- : 'umount of damage Park avenue,from Tenth to Seventh etreots, and north on Seventh to Market streets, W,5(iO,000 will .about cover the loss. Distress and disaster thrpughjlhis section are appalling, .; -. Tho. remaining ti,lSO,Sot> is. scattered through the central, western and north-, western portldhs of tho'cltj-; ' It'includes damages to churches nnd public build- ins*. Damage to school property Is 1100,000; to churches, $i50,COO.. '•-.'• Nearly all South St Louis Is practically destroyed.. Wrecked bulldlnfrs and those partly damaged cannot be r.fpalrud.- It; will be fully, two. years before the efCeots" of the hurricane are effaced. .' . . .LOKHOK.OU ttio Hivor, . .... A revised, list of (inancfal'losses Incurred*. lion of the property left after the feast or tht hurricane-. A relief committee has been formed with an- auxiliary woman's corps. Money Is beinpr subscribed, the town Is thoroughly policed .with local constabulary and two companies oi' militia: street;; are being cleared, homes 'made habitable and a feeble effort at beinc cheerful to .the distress Is'lietnjr made for the townspeople The bright sunshine has served I'o iltfhtiu) somewhat the load/ot sorrow, but now In their sober moments the completeness of the disaster appears the more appallln.v. *• Thursday night the Island, where -hede- 'Btructiori of property was soifrlR-htfnl.-was guarded by both* tiie police and militia, There are two companies of national guard In the city. One L.'UUI 3.'ilovilli,. t.'^iri|,u.ny D; ; under Capt. 'Buffers, arrived at two a. m. A company from Greenville, under -Capt. Harris, arrived -Friday mornins. Thursday the lattc'r'-bo'ly 'was at Blrkner helping remove the d.ea-d and Injured Irrthat place to the county fpijiiu_.-. CKit«lrl'^ Hwli- Necdi-'l. .'Gov. Altgeld vipiied .thc^-.surieken city Thursday, night and. liiiji ,•<. talit v,-ith Mayor Bader and other prominent citizens, IJ» rc-adily acceded' to the mayor's request for a call of troops,.but his published statement tli-it he'did nM'believe the city was In need of outside aid has not met with a kind reception.'''Mayor Uader and the reut of the townspeople In'.re fe^l^.i.ho.t they are In most .urgent need of aU assistance they can pet. .The rich have s;j.T>-reil wltlj tho poor, and-'tlie. resource;', of those who 'could ordinarily 'extend a helping hand to .their more unfortunate brothers, .will be, so'' strained In recovering, their own positions -that. It will bo difficult for them to dci much more than.help themselves. There 'ar.i -hundreds ..:ot : -persons' here with no '' ' I-OOTS, TIIE.HIVEK AND EAST ST. lion 'uommitwe''Ancl a general view thij'bal'tlcJield. 'In the afternoon there wiis a nicetij)^ at the grand stand in the national cemetery. Kx-Gov. Kobert L. Taylor delivered an address, wbich was jvjspontled to by Gen. B. M, Pren- iiss, of the army of the Tennessee; Gen. .D'.'C; Buell, of the army of thn Ohio, and "Private" John Allen, of the nrtuy of the'Mississippi. "The Navy at'Shiloh" \vus responded to by Capt. Edward T. Lincoln, commanding' the Xaval Veterans' association of Illinois, and also •was; on the'g'.uii'bbal Concstoga during- the battle'of Shiloh. This nioming- occurs the ceremony of'tni veiling the monument to (.he memory of .tho "Nint.lu'Jllinois infantry. It %vill be preceded by an addres.s by Gen. j'csse ,'!•. PiiiHips,, one of the supreme juug-cs of Illinois h-iid formerly colonej of the Ninth infantry. Then will follow the unveiling of the monument Mrs. N". C. Knefhier, whose husband wns wiptain of the Ninth Illinois, \rlTl lift, the veil. The monument wjll then be decorated, and then Illinois hands will decorate the confederates' pra.vt:s nt Shiloh cKtircli and the battlefield and the 4,000 union'praycs in the ceindory. * . Cincinnati. Cincinnati is worth $188,751,350,.nnd baa a debt of $26.240.197. ' Lillet- having nciminntcd Ch:irlc-s B. lieiitlcy. of Xebi-a,sk:i., for yresidcnt, and .7. II, SoxitJisate, uf XortJi Cnrolina, for vioe-])ri'skl<.»nt, ami adopter) n broad g-.-in^re pj.-itfprni. About 75 members oi 1 Tho boll)];(.<• fao tian met at the Cunt™! hoK'l l-Vid.-iy ami niraiiffcd for ;i vigorous (;;inip;iiffn. Xcarly $2.000 V,':IN stibsoribed to meet the expcnsi's-, ilrs. Jl.elon M. Goi:g-ar, ilj-s. i;ic.'iards, of Ohio, nnd I,. B. Lo^.in, (ft Ohio, who acted ;is chnirniiin; Cnndi- (lalc'Bonlley. o.v-(iov. St. .lohn and others made ndilrossi-s. Mr. lientley asserted that hu would g-<!t 100,000 votes fl-om the prohibitionists aiul that many of the westerii silvi'r men would /lock to.the j:ew pnriy. It was decick'd that tlie noininfes of t!ic st:ile Lickeis al- • roaily in the field should come to the mr.v party if they wished, but ihe party would not gxi to thoiiil Undges for tho national partv worcsii2-^estt?d. K<.'srul:irK Suy Tht;y Ar*- ^NruHrJ. The rog-iilar.s (-laijn dial thfi prohibition puny now consists of straight jirohibitioni.sis: t-hat thoso who Think more of the silver question and other pn]iulislic ideiiK. and who have been a disturbing sfemein, li.ive.icfl (lie party, and ili'.'v do not rc^-ivt it. ii'oi-. St. .JoJin says there is in. tho lianas of >frs. >r:rry !•:. Meiit.irar. of Illinois, a letter from Miss Willanl, which. says if ihe split took place the W. C. T. U. would g'o with the broad gnugers. Mrs. Mi>f/,f*ar has left the city. rhitrorni df Uic N«>M- I'Hrjy, it v.-as deeideil 10 make Alliance, O., the home of the (.-hainr.an. headquarters for the com'ini'-t-t'O. The platform adopted by tlie national party has ]3 planks. It Is unalterably opposed to the drink tratr.c. and rejects a!) plans for regulation coinpromlse. Declares that no citizen should be denied the right to vote on account of sex. All money should be Issued by the government only, and without the intervention of any private citizen, corporation or banking Institution. It should based upon the wealth, stability and in- tcsrlty of the-nation, and should Vic a full tender for ail debt?, public ami' private, ana , ,);culd be of s-jfilclcni volume to meet tfca ' demands of the legitimate business to- tufrests of the country. "For-the pun>os« of honestly liquidating all our outstajid.- ~n£ obligations, payable in coin, we favor. ho free nnd unlimited coinnjje of both' «Hver and gold at the ratio of sixteen to one, without consulting any other n»ion." Jt declares that land Is a common hcrl- ;.fie of the people and should be preserved • rum monopolies and speculation. It ask* ;.'o)- governmental control of railroads, tcle- ^rraphs and all other national monopolies,. Revenues should bt- raised by equitable adjustment of uixaUpn on the properties and . nc-omcs of llH> people. Contract convict system should be abolished; oil citizens should be entitled to one day of rest in stiven: no public funds should be used for sectarian institutions; the president, vice president and senators sh'ouU ba elected by direct vote of the people.' It calls for liberal pensions, favors the adoption of the Initiative and referendum and proportional representation. Itantloy Tells How tt Happened. An attempt was made l'~rii!ay by tho • natiomi] reform party to affiliate with the national party, but all over'aires were repudiated. No effort has been . made to bring ihe two factions of tho prohibition party together. C. K. Bentlcy, candidate of the national party for president, speaking- on . the causes that led to the revolt in tha prohibition party, said: "The determined effort of Xatlonat Chairman Dickie and th« ex-manapement to cut down to the single issue of prohibition was not in the interest of party har- mcny and growth, anc' was Inspired by bif- tc-r opposition to full suffrage, favoring the KO'K! standard in finance, fealty to tho monopoly, protective tariff ajid a lack ot sympathy with, and Ignorance of the generally oppressed condition of the'farmer and wa'KC-worlter through corrupt lefflsla- Uoii. Tho natlor-ol party holds suffrage, finance, transportation, tariff, etc., aa moral Questions demanding political treatment.'. 1 _ • Train "Wrecker Sentenced. liacine, Wis., May 30.—Michael JRider and lieinhold ]">unwc, the men recently arrested and who confessed to having made two attempts to wreck Ohic.'ig^o & Northwestern trains, were arraigned before Judge Fish in the circuit court Friday and eoch sentenced to seven years in the stale penitentiary at \Vau- pun, the first and last days of each year to be spent in solitary confinement. Boy* Steal a lilK Sam. Macon, Mo., >fay 30.—Ifclviu Court^ nej-, aged 12, or.J John Larkins, agvd Jti, of CurtJiag-e, Jlo., have been jirrcsted and $75 secured, whitih was stolen Fri- ilay from AVilliam R. Graves, where ha had it hid away in hJs granary. Albert ' Reynolds, aged 15, it is snid, stole $64 from him. Portug-ill IVlllInc to Aid. Lisbon, May 30.—The newspaper* j here state that PortugaJ lias offered \ hei gfood olllces to Grc>nt Britain ami •• I-irozil to bring about a settlement of.,i (lie dispute 7-egnrflinp the ownership oil (l:t- island of Trinidad. - j! Death, of an Ex-ConRTr*i»mnn. ' Salisbury, N. Y., Mny 30.—Francis K. Sbober, a, merabcr of the Forty-fire* nnd Jforty-secoiid'COiigressts and aton« time secretary oi the United States sen.- lite, died ut his home Friday.

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