The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 9,1936 BLYTHEVILLE,- (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •i-wo coins a wora lor first in- wrtlon and one cent a word lor each subsequtnt Inser- Uon. No iciitrttsement taken tor less than 50c. Count the words and send the t»*Ji. Phone 306 ^ w •, CORALIC STANTON and MTATU COPYRIGHT iqso ay UO.USE. K)K SALE TOR BALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week Iran now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Gc!:-tf ains In Used Cars laic 1928 Model A Coupe Nc,v I'aint, Good Rubber, Motor A-I—Just the Car for Huslnebs or Traveling Alan. Only Late 1929 Whippet Coach, I.colLS fine, only driven 12,CCO miles—Will give complete satiifaction. Only 1929 Model A lloadsfer, Humble Seat, Side Shields, SIo- Icr in rcrfoct Shape. A Very nifty job. Only One 28 Slar Sedan, Good Kubber. Lucis anil Huns Good. Very Cheap lo opcr- ale. Priced right. Only .... "I 5315 $175 Just received Late 1028 Chrysler Coach. Looks and runs like new. I'riceil for Ira- mediate Delivery §375 Above Cars carry our 30-Day Guarantee'. Weekly, Monthly or Fall Terms. CaU 811 TODAK. PIIILLU'S MOTOR CO. Aulhcrizeil Ford IJealcrs FOR SALE OR TRADE—Town lot lor car. Junk Dealers opposite; Frisco station. •(psiu- Ficsh Milch cows lor sale. Jerseys, j Terms if desired."Live b'.cck li- } nance Corporation, Blytheville, I Pnone 2'Jl or 827. ' .. 7c-tl | FOR SALE ur-TRADE—One Sfiat-,j land pony. Phoue OH-. 9p' " FOIi SALE—Jersey cow, baby calf. I C. D. Hodge, Route 'J. 9pkl4| FOU RENT FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for h&ht housekeeping, ICO West Walnut. -Cull 618. 23ck-tt I1BCIN IIKHK 'I'OIIAV JIJIIITII (ill.INT, uri;»l'» mixlrt, liiVfH AI.A.N STKVXK, ><IUUB pMulcr. \\hii !•* Ill*" luvrji liy Ju- ilH!r« rmniiiii:iir, CllllJMIY Mllll- I.I-JV. rliuiiiMiy Lull lured Sl.vnr M'itr* n^ti. :ui[l l»»l HIT mpuiury -Slrjiir lui-- Jmlllli. .fuilllli lTi*Ula lli:il II I. lilr. diilf lo mnrry Ilirtr l«Ar. .luilhh IR Kluiljlni; diiiu'Ic^. mill MIICCi: CIliniN. Ikiium-lrr, wl)i» 1-* Inriiiunleil \vllh bf. iftVi-r* lei Ni.,r lii-r In u tunhtcnl Hlnm. ' Slrym- !•* dlslru«lfiil nf CMcun'B Inlrnll'iilx. Inn JuHllh Milt mil lir iMtriiril. Mir ilnnrrt fi:r ti [;rmit> iiT rrlriki]* at n >.lu:tlo Urtrly. ji'iil In :i lull I* llu- fL-Mlil- lU'x fli!:S l.<T>rlf Kl:lndlui; liefelile Mrj in- ;:l n \\ Eiulow. •MJW lid o.\ WITH 'I'm: S'IOHK CUAPTBH XXV COULDN'T Ijcnr to ECC you dance In front '6r u vnl- Kar crowd," Alun said heneath bis breath. "Jlu«!i!" Jmly whispered. Irlsht- encil r.t tl:o nasslnn of tils voice. "I've got lo ilauci.— 1 simply must. You've 1:0 Ulra wliat It's lite." "11 ilrffcs mo mad!" he went on. "It will dike tiller men mad!' His voice was reckless. Jinly held her. breath as Chummy nnJ llylton pasccd : close to them. "You mustn't talk litio that." slie cnhl'v.-hcu Hiey hud gone by. "Yoii must lie crazy! Come ami dance al once, am! ucliave llke-iilltor ecoi;le.' He obey.ed her. Inii tbe hands ll:at' lielil tier- might" li.nfe been made of woud.,- He.dai'cil not realize she was close to him, kecii- ins step wllli liliii. a- llslit. Eos;a- mcr tliiiiy or perfect'skill ami grace. He stumbled liohvily lii his anguish, and she released herself. "Clumsy!" she laughed. "I'm pavclicil. E-'or mercy's stilic. get me sometbing to ur l nl\!" Tiiere more dancing, and tbey ale the Eanriivicbes and eakea .anil dmnk lemonade, or vermontli or cold bmlli. 1 Tltcn Tony ainl Micbael bcg?cil Judy'io dance again: • | "I'm dos tired." slie said; "bu . L don'l mind, if it pleases you cut! • dren." . . . rpHE two aitisls \vcre overcome . \vitii amaicment, • truth 'to .tell. •They cuuiil hardly helic-vc Hint tbis 1 «as the Judy they liad known for -. years. Tlioy bad never apjireclatcd tier charm, although tlicy ; had admired her steadfast caiei of pour tlie door nml went out. lie found Judy Elandlng licsldo Hie Instrument. Slio liad replaced, the receiver. She looked nl nlm ns If she did not [snow lilin. Her arms hung stUfly by her sldo. Sho waa like o statue. "Judy, what's tlio matter?" lie whispered, cave-less \vlicllier thoso Insldo [icnrd liiiu or not. She did not answer, uut walked like ;!ii anloiuatoii before Ulm Into the WB room. "Oh!" she s:i!n In n reedy voice. "A drc.nlfiil tliliiB lias luimjeuedl Old Cuari'cnlns—dear old Uuar vonius—li;is Leon run over In the street and .killed. Tliat was iiousekcetier on the phone. He isked [or mo the lust thlutj before he died In the hospital. Hlie was tberc—they'll sent (or her. Sli< sent o messenger to tlie cafe, know Ine I'm otlim there, and they toll her where 1 was. Isn't it av.'ful lie wa:i such a dear old tiling—like' a father to me! And now IIC'B dead!" Chummy went to Judy, put her ariiis about her. and tried to com- ori her; but slio was not to be omfortcd. Slie hurst Into hitter but I think perhaps J'v» got more t the cursed arllstlc tempera- lent. I think It would bo a crlwe t Judy's ml were lost lo U«s world, till. I understand Stcyne, nil tli« ame." "I think you're ridiculous, Loth J you," said Clmuuny stoutly. 'Yon might Just as well say J ilioulun't palul." "Oh, no, that's different, Chum- uy." , How different?" Well, tlio wortvl.accs your work —It doesn't ECO you. 1 "Oil! It's bcoauso tlio world has to see Judy herself. 'Ami you men don't Ilko It—even though eho's nothing lo you. At least, elie'a nothing lo Alan. N Chummy: but tills—this feather light cml-odimcnt of sbcer art. this fierv. seiluclive. Janiiiiid. gay, •Irrc- FOI1 KENT—Five room-bungalow, i slst'lhle crentiirc^thuy fc'.t that on Dougan avenue,.with hot and I their "eyes must be deceiving'them. cold ' water attachments. Partly I i'], ey ^. ere - C3l , er f or [ le r to dnuce newly decorated. -Vacant Juiy. l.j ; as . iin E0 I1mt tiiBy -misht make j vicv;." Ike Miller.-Telephone SW. 2Cc-t[.j ;.,„.„ - -.;-. - ... •-:• man's. that racked her body with ngutsli. They gave her Hie sympathy ol illcnce. lint In lite midst ot it •iieync's heart sent up a fiery hurst t tliKnlitiilncss. because. If her naslor wcro dead. Judy nigbt never bccomo a dancer, and might never be gazed upon by the eyes ol he great, vulgar world! .4TUUY says slie wlil ncvor ilnncc J HEaiu." "Uubbteli!" "Slie says she was actually danc ing tvlicn Mr. Guarvenitis died." What's lliat got to do vvltb It!" asked Unmunl. "Wouldn't he have wanted her (o ho dancing?" j "lie wanted lo see her," Eild Chummy. i "I know but she couldn't help It hat they didn't find her in litno. call it rallicr morbid.""She rays her career Is over- 1 •hliilt it's n pity myself, but Alan inUsiil's riKlit." "You caw her dance. '.What did you think of her. Chummy?"' "I lliink she was-perfectly 1 won- Uortul. And EO were yob, ttastlcn. The v.-ay you played! If waa a dream." "1 was nothing. It was all Judy. She is a great dancer.'-' 1 "Of course." '• "I.undersiand Steync's 'point ol "1 told you it was tlio man's point of vlow,"/pumotit said, swal lowliiK somctliiil^ In Ills threat." "It's jealousy—dos-iu-the nmnge lenlouoy, Uastlen." ealil Chummy 'on Alan's part, at any rate. 0 course, I can't help knowing tha you caro tor Judy, but yon Bay yo don't mliul her dnncinc." That's hcch'jEO I'm cursed wit <lio artistic toniwran'icnt, nuil gets tlie better o'f the man In me. 'Basllen." said Ctiuiumy earttes y. "I'm siiro you'll win Judy's lov n lime." "Do you llilnlt -EO?" "I'm euro ot It. 1'ou're so fait tnl. and alio Is EO fond of y'ou." '•Have you noticed lliat?" ho asked v.'itli sarcaBm.- "Of course I Have. And now French, nnd lie no Kngllgh, It maila no lui|ircas[on'oti her. For rnoro than 10 days Jutly Raw nobody but CUninrajr. Apt to ax- mjucrato cvcryllilnE, shu bolmveJ ria It elio Itiid been left an I noon- solablo ivlilow. Slio would dlscnsa o plniis tor her' future. Only onco Id she talk about anything hut Jiinivcnhis iind hlo soodncss l^o ler, and (lint was when 1 filto ftskcd icr trlcud when Bho was lo bo imir- cd, '\Vo li.avo iioBtponcd It. Judy rllnu." Cbnmmy suUl. "I ctraliln't awny and leave you like tiiia ilhoiH knowing what you aro gong lo to." Then Jmly epokc- very deulclvely. "Tlial's nil nonseiisc. Clitiminy! 'on know 1 slinll ho nil an BO lo wovli ugaln us scon (is I vnnl lo. And I sliiill wlicii 1'vo «ol ver tbo EJicck. 1 coulil nlwnys 11 Hie stOKC now. Anyliady would jU'o nio u cbf.nco—I'm Riiro ot you'ro getting on, wcU and she's goins to bo famous. Somo day you'll ho n great pair!" "And you. Chummy—when nro you to bo married''." "Nest month." '1 ' "Is the date Hied?'.' "Not llio actual day: 1 . don't want to go awiiy until somelhlns 13 settled, aboijt Judy, I • couldn't leave her; and wo wcro going abroad at once." hnl." "Hut yon fald you wcro novcr gong to danco iiK-iln, .Imly." "1 know 1 did; 1ml Unit was ntter tlie first blow. I'vd been since lltcii. 1 feel Euro Hint would have wmitci! me lo go s. 1 llilnk It was wronl; lo feel dial evcryllilng was over. If I get on and do well, lio would havo been proud of me, Clnunmy." T Eonmlcd somowhnt •tat tlio Ecntlmcnls wefo uiilm- reachable; only It wn» nil EO unlike. Judy—this serious little \icrEou lu libck, with ' unpaintcd T ras just a week after tlio death of Guarventiis. Another grave | tliat, nud 1 was golug to pay l-'OR. HENT^Jidderii Stucco residence, G rooms and bath, uevdy painted. Dr. J. A. Saliba. 5ckl2 FOR RENT—Five room apaitraep.t with garage 1034 West Main. For informaUcn call 252-W. Mrs. J. F. Sanders.. . • : - • , • IpklO FOR SALE —.Jersey Three years old. Call 207 J or 12G. milch cow. Reasonable. p-k-10 sure. ' '•; ' 'Bnt''jus( fben Hie telephone Sell rails out in tbu liltla lobliy. Alan went out ami ranie hack iiuickly. "You're.wauled. Miss Grant." he FaiU. Often In adtitessitii; her lie tiacd the formal name; : Judy was away a Ion; time—or - si) .H : E£'o]npd,;- .They.all talked: to- getlier;' but 'ni~ l:ist'" tbere''canie" a luil. prolonged out ot nervousness. In it tbcrc was no sound of Judy's voico outside. \ They waited; It seemed an Interminable time. Tl:cD Alfin t'peoe:t Dumont went on.' "It's n 1 have it myself to a cer- FOR. RENT--Furnished apartment. Apply Jimm!e L^dbetter, Saunders Store. Ock-tf ._ FOR RENT-Au S ust 1st One apart- WANTED-Tyo salesmen of prov- ment. One office Ingram Building en ability. Proposition appeals inmiire Parhurst Company. 9c-tf. to Banks, Merchants, Doctors and __j Jin fact every ...line of .business.. These positions are permarorit and WANTED [,| 1C j, a y' will satisly. Phone 913 WA^Tti-Men and ladies to Irav- for ilUCVvl " V ' 9pk '° el and appoint representatives-$40.00 per week—$32.00 expenses. tain extent. No ciau wants to scg a woman In whom he'3 Interested, n the public eye." "Oh. UiiEtieu. tlir.t'3 ^old-fash- oned! Sien ifsed to shut Uicir wo- nen up in caves." . ; . - . "I know, it's tlie oiil Iden, it'sjstjli tb°re_." : .''':•'• : "S'l ;-.-"_•; B*ut you, iiaslicn—yo'u wouldn't want Judy not to become a dancer? And yoa'rc Just 0.3 mud interested in licr as Alan is." _ "Yes. just as much interested," be auswered, with A sudden laugh; 1 for Judy to visi^ and tend!. Blie lad BOLC Into deep mourning. .Hhe liid eancp,e:l all her model work and spent her days . in . her own rooms. 'Guarvcnliis, apparently, bad no relatives but a young nephew — a yonlh whose remarkably good looks were marred by -unmistakable signs of dissipation. He fiaiipc,ncd to be. iii New York at this time, having just come- over from Paris, and now took charge oi everything. In the absencu of a will lie was the sole heir. Ho shut up tlie dancing school and -sold tlio lease ot the iiouae vrlth all the furniture, and lit tines— lock; stock, arid barrel. lie was r.nt Interested 'in dancing as a high art 'Ho did all his danc ing at the Moulin 'Rougo and the liil nullier. Ho did not ironhli himself about bis Into uncle's pupil: at alL lie only very reluctantly allosvcd the great Marie Plomcna ti choose a personal souvenir from the master's private belongings ami . ho was rndo to Judy at th funeral; but, as slio spoke n and eyes that appeared to bo studying the problems of life. "Ot course, my career Is douo tor." Jmly y/ciit on. "I don't 6U(V poso 1 shall ever 1« n great dancer —not famous like Flomofm. You waist what dcar-M. duarveiilua'^le- scriho.l ns t'.'.e right ntnm'Ephere and nurroundinga. I Klmll a tlieatcr to myself, and a period orcliCEli-a, nnd all the that Lo was going' lo course, he could havo managed nil ack aflcrwardi" had for practically talien n October, hadn't lie, , WANTED—White woman to help with housewcrk. Call at Broad- Smith, Room 311 Noble i • Bcirl)er shop. TpfclO' Spkll Call Mrs Hold. 'I SALESMAN WANTED—Can earn WANTED—To rent 4 or 5 house] $25.00 to $35.00 v.eekly on com- hcuse with bath, garage and | mission oasis. Apply Aubrey Hood, chicken yard, frcm owner, near | Route 1, Box 90. one of (he public schools. Would j consider Eomcthins out. Address Cotton "KE\V ORLEANS, July 9., <UP)— Co'.ton cl;sed steady. ' Open Hiah Low Clc.=e Mar 1315 1325 1315 1322 May .... 1332 .... 1332 1338 July .... 1255 1MO 1250 125C 1277 1287 .... 1281 1296 1302 1298 12Q5 1293 1303 1US4 1301 Oct. Dec. ian.' House care Courier. Sxsll. PERSONAL NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 Ur dental' offices will be closed ch Thursday allerncon. Dr. L- H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money- See or call JOHN BUCHANAN IDS N. R. U. Office 107 I'honc Itcs. 7" LIST your r.intal property with'mo. Have a number of scoti tenants watting. Bill Vaiminklc, 213 N. First St. 7pkU NOTICE I will be -away from Blytheville a few days on my vacation, ant all those desiring Pellagra medicine can find same at Blackie's Cafe No- 423 Ash Street. H. O. Campbell. 7pklO Spots unchanged, steady at 12-10. RED WING, Minn. CUP)—Thru hall Find rain, storm and tornado liens !n tnls vicinity lay an egg a' day. Although the recent tornado blew the hen-house from ovci their heads n:id destroyed tiic-ir U'.tial nesting pb.ccs. the day after ilie storm iar.ns wrecked by the blow were st-ftl'.U'Cd with freshly I?.iJ eggs. DOG MOTHERS FOXKK SHAWANO, Wi3. (UP)—Two b.l- by foxes disowned by their own '.nu- thers and mused by a family cat AND HIS FRIENDS LCTT6R :LS!.\ AM' HG SAYS US TO CO.'/.' VMHGfJ V'ULL VIS STABT COT, FE6CUL6.S ? QSi~ Ttt frLl. EXCIT£D '-• rr.. V. n. WASIIAM—Transfer Daily trips to Mcniphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lets. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See Closing Stock Prices . A. T. and. T 20G->i Aviation 5 Chrysler ffi'.O Cities Service 27'-i Coca Cola 174 Fox : 39?; General Electric 67U General Motors 41 Grigsby Gninow 13^1 I. T. and T 43 r, Montgomery Ward 34'.i Packard 13 Radio 35 : H Simmons 22U Ur.iled Gas 35 U. S. Steel 143!i Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Buckkceplnz Systems New York Cotton rhonc 52 Bldg. Ulytnevillo, Ark NEW YORK, J;ily 9. (TJP)— Co! ton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1311 1322 1311 1317 1337 1323 1311 13D3 1308 1295 1234 1268 1322 1310 1208 1284 1322 1315 131B 1291 Mar. May. July Oct. Oct. Dec. old new old new Old Jan new Dec. Jan. 1319 1304 1303 12H 1318 1287 1315 1232 1335 1311 1303 1278 1316 1317 129G stoidy, 5 up. at 1320 Read Courier News wimt BE: MOM'N POP THC-Ut'S ^ UGHT TjCiQ'.-'.. GE.E-.VIA. GC.T U -'•' )U.R BOARDING HOUSE HEAR Wet-L. LAjrrH MV EAR awes CALL UP 77S-7 AMD ASK SMOKB Heet-S WlHe cot-uec-r' AMP I'LL Af SOME U 1(3 K"T, CLUB FOR US AUL! By Mart BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SHE'S'ABOUT RIGHT, TOO CKK. 0V OP CV09E READY TO GO! "b H1V6. CISMT STRAIGHT pOT : 1V£ I HWIOMAL AH' SHE OO^HTA BE STA&T; A DAY oa so " ' PCG.U. i. pAT.c-rr— \3 CISiODTIJW S'.RY>Ct.l«CX A QUESTION OF AUTHORITY HTr\ 'He leator tidy?" "Yes— the Ilayslack. ahd he. at! engaged the orolieslra— but ot ourse cU tlmt will- go by tlio ward. 1 shall havo lo inako my vay, llk= any oilier beginner; hut' cu're not (o worry about ' Cl'.uiiiiuy. I shall Lo nil rlalit.'. 1 ihan't want for anything. You go mil gel mnrrlei). and go abroad a'ud i;ivc a lovely time." ' . ';.'.' "I. suppose, Judy," said Chummy. ratlicr nervously, "you ' come with us?" - - "What an idea!" cried Jmly. nnd aligned moro lilio licr-old self. "Cut aftcnvnril. Judy, when wo conio back—when we go -to Mnlno r-you'll como anil won't you?" "Oil. I^rd, yes, II you'll n?k nif! there's nalhliiE I'd Hlfj UsUnr. Just promlEo me, that- you won't pill it ofZ oa count of me." ,/ (Tr, '!<> Coutlniwl) for a time, today are uncljr the care of a German police'do^ on the Kenneth .Martin .Sox-farm here. When tin 1 cat could no longer nru for the EIX weeks old foxes, tile doj accepted tlici:i as incinuers of her litter which had been reduce:! iron seven puppies to only two. DETROIT (UP)—Mrs. Anna Rodda plans to retire from teaching at the clcso of the present schoo year. She has been teucliini; in D3- troit schools for the past 50 year;,

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