The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 71. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHED *««««» ,„„ ^..J^T^ * ^ *~* * ? O Blythcvllle Courier Blylhcvllle Herald Mississippi Volley Leader niylhcvllle Dally News High Court Majority Upholds Validity Of Nyberg Beer Tax Law c^fti^aK^"^* 1 " * ality of the Nyberg act «* ™ Justice Humphrey held that the act Imposed a new tax on different parlies which made wholesale beer dealers agents of (lie state and Iherefore ivos valid. Chief Justice Griffin Smith in a concurring opinion, held that' the new tax was legal because it was ""I,"?; fl**"* .'«*«We after , • -PJ<— i tiuuiuu, taxes unless voted by (he pco in. a general election or as Associate Justices Holt and Frank Sin th joined with the chief justice act " I)1 "' C1 ' '" upholding the Beer dealers 6f the state for several weeks have charged the tax to retailers holding the funds to be turned over to the slate ate today's opinion. The appeal to [he supreme court was made from the decision of the Pulaski county chancery court in • the case of Joe nnd Mike Caidai- era, wholesalers, who sou-lit to prevent Revenue Commissioner 7, M. McCarroll from collecting the tax on the ground it was an additional tax on an article already sufficiently taxed. Caldarcra based lne appeal on that section of the state constitution which prohibits additional icoplc emergency by the state fcgisia'lur". Reduces Attorney's Fee •UTTLE ROCK, June 12. (UP)I lie state supreme court in the case of Bessie Leach against the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, upheld and modified the decision of (he crnlghend cotmtv circuit court which granted Si 500 judgment for death of Ernest E Leach but cut attorney's fees from $800 to $100. Leach was covered by a policy issued by the Metropolitan Life while employed by the Poln.seit Lumber and Manufacturing company. He died three montlis after leaving the firm's employment. The original- fee allowed attorneys for Mrs. Lench was arrived at-by'the -lower court -after other' attorneys said it was reasonable' because of the travel necessary to collect'facts of the case. The high court, in cutting the fees, said that 40 per cent of the amount of the judgment was ex- Elccled District Legion Commander >P NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ——,_. _ JV'AUKANSAS, Kidhapet Governess New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 12. (UPJ-Col- ton clave) steady, open high i ow close . 928 "" . 844 . 810 810 .July Oct. Uec. , Jan. , Mar 803 May 798 high low 928 018 830 805 BOS 780 782 845 818 810 803 798 DID 832 807 7B9n 78.<)n 783 Spots closed nominal al 989. oir'fl. /Vcu? Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 12 (UP) — off SO lo 60 cents a bale. >pen high low 932 B32 916 853 853 839 828 828 July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. today, close 919 842 .. 820 .. 810 M«y 801 820 810 805 815 817 803 79B 793 809 798 793 Spots closed dull nt 940. off 10. Vrinoo ft IOCS NEW YORK, June 12 (UP)— Stocks, bonds and commodities declined today in quiet trading. A. T. & T i e8 ]_ 2 Anaconda' Copper 24 5-8 Associated DO 8 Beth, steel ...;..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.:'. 57S . S lr 22 1-8 Fifth District Of State Holds Annual Election Here Sunday A. E. Ri C c, commander of the OIK! Cason Post of the American Legion, was elected commander of the Fifth district .at a meeting, of ^DO Legionnaires, at., the , Americaii Legioii Hut .In this city yesterday Lcvl Walton, of Monette, was chosen vice commander of the district during the annual election of officers. The meeting at which several distinguished gueste spoke wns preceded by group attendance at the First Presbyterian church and lunch served nt the Hut. Among- the guests were: B A Books of Little Rock, state commander; Sam Rorcx of Little Rock newly appointed federal district attorney and former slnte com- mnndcr; ClaiKie Broivn of Little Rock, director of state service office; Joe Lee or Little Rock chairman of junior baseball; Jerdie Lambert, John Sheffield, Will Rags- dfile and Harry Beeler, all of Helena, members of state convention committee; Joe Hearn of Joiies- ooro, retiring district commander Resolutions to .be presented nt the state convention nt Helcm July 10, 17 and mil were passed on by the group. Musical numbers were presented by a girl's vocal trio from Joncs- boro and A. B. Blndursky Jr of Lepanto. Young Bindursky wn s accompanied on the piano by his mother, Mrs. A. B, Bindursky Posts in this district are: caraway, . Trumaim. Tyronza, Joncs- General Electric *-iciit'uu fcieciric 36 i-a General Motors '."".' 447-8 Int. Harvester ... "' ' r>n 1 < Mont. Ward ' N. Y. Central ....' ......... , ........ .... Packard ........ ........ , , , Phillips ..... ........ « i" ' Simmons ............. ]. 235- Standard of N. J. ........ 44 jJ Texas Corp ........ -in s" u. s. steel ..... •:.::::::;; « Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III, Jim e 12 (UP)- Hogs: 11,700. ' ' Top, 6.45. 170-230 Ibs., 6.40-6.45. HO-160 Ibs., 5.50-5.85. Bulk sows, 4.50-5.35. Cattle, 3,000. Steers, 8.25-10.00. Slaughter steers, V.00-11,00. yrar " ngs * hdtets, 7.75- Slaughtw heifers, 5.V5-650. Beef cows, 5.75-6.50. Cutters & low cutters, 4,25-5.50. Chicago Wheat * en dose J«Iy 74 1-2 74 7-8 73 1-8 73 1-8 sept. 75 75 3 . 8 73 3 .j ,3 3 . 4 --. ~- t ,Mi*i-u, iaiyuievillU, arrfsbiirg Marlon. Monetle Ma- 0(| ta Tr WCSt Rld8C ' Ear '° nll<1 " ark ~ Liner Rescues Crew Of Burning Craft MONTREAL, June 12. (UP)—Tile liner Duchess of Bedford reported today that she had rescued the crew of 34 from the French fishing barque flcn Hur on fire 185 miles northeast of Cape Race The Duchess came across Ihc Ben Hur as she drifted helplessly. Colonial Powder Horn Dating to 1685 Prized JERSEYVILLE, 111. (UP) _ A powder horn that was used by some member of his family In all wars in which the Colonies or the Uniled Slates participated up to the time breech-loading rifles were invented, is owned by Jason Hu- iniston, living near here. ' ton said the hern was ac- by his ancestor, John k. in 1685 In a duel to the '" an " King and Queen Will Soon Be On Way Bach Mo me ABOARD IIOYAI, PILOT TRAIN June 12. (UP>-nefre.shed by n Might's sleep aboard their traveling home King George and Queen Elizabeth bade farewell lo thousands of Canadian subjects today ami headed nonh through Quebec lo-warcl the end of Iheir Irhmiph visit to Ihc new world. The roynl train left iMson, Quebec, at ID a.m. and started for Slierbrooke, where the flrst of the lay's Uirce receptions was schcd- iled for tills afternoon. i A few minutes before the train mlicd out the king appeared on the ear platform and waved lo a large rowd of men, women and children Tho queen remained in lite train. The royal train left Hyde Park liortly before last midnight after four-dny visit in the United States, which generally was conceded to have been a master stroke of British diplomacy. Kclurn Welcome Planned LONDON, June 12. (UP)—Britons, still expressing their astonishment al the enthusiasm with which King George and Queen Elizabeth were greeted by Americans, planned today to give the royal couple the greatest.ovation they ever had been accorded on tliclr return to En"land. ° The general view seemed to be that it Svas up lo Britons lo eclipse anything in the way of receptions the king and queen had received during the Canadian and United Stales visit. A national Thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cnlliedrnl or Westminster Abbey, were discussed. An immense program of gala events in London's West End was In preparation. Hotels, night clubs and 'eslaiii-anls planned a special celebration. It was expected Hint the entire 10 mile railroad route from Southampton, where the king and lined with cheering people. Police mixde special .preparations to handle crowds 1 ' at • stations,, •bridges.-,- and crossings. ' ..-,.»... It was expected that Queen Mary and the little princesses Elfenbctii and Margaret Rose would go to Southampton so that it would be a united family which would return to receive London's ovation. The royal physicians were expected to advise the king and queen to get away from London as soon as possible after their return to take a complete rest. Their ilrst engagement is to attend an omcial welcoming luncheon at Ihc Guildhall in Ihe ancient "city" on tho day alter their return. But it was expected that, after be crowds hnd been given a chance to cheer, the king and queen would go to the country as soon as they could. National Hotel Week To Be Observed Here H.niEEIH Lindbergh Warns Againsl Trying To Match Eiirc can Powers' Numbers •op- SWGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS —^ ~~ Roosevelt Says Desire For Peace Must Never Be Deemed VVeakness WASHINGTON, June !2 . (U r>,_ vkM " U ' ll ' is ».s IIHS ad- SlnlOS l ° ™""" 0 Kidnaped by year-old Peggy Wet!, KrSie 6i- born, above, of- Sun Francisco mis safely at home 30 hour.? later un- inuncd. Parents dkreenrdcd warri- Bg not lo notify police, quickly trapped Miss Well. i ' Pacing passible sentence „ , -,.„ *i tl; ->i;j uci IIJU 11 mind guilty. of kidnaping is Pegey well, pictured behind bars, New vork farm girl who kidnaped 6- ycar-oW Krehe Osborn In San Fianclsco. Slie wns the boy's tjov- Ho urgcii tlm niilloii to g| vo ilicclnl attention lo reseiirch H would be Mm,, «„„ f(] ;. ( , r , more he si ,ld. It, nccc!mcrv foi this country ( 0 hep UD with 1)». vast numbers of Rn'ropS.,, "i Col , n testimony WHS (ilvcii the houso nilll- o ni- ciry npproprlnllons sub-committee w ilcl. -mbllshcd its hcn ,. (ng .5 ^ ™Ihe Mib-commltleo studied p.csl- ' , re<lllcst In funds for the vvai- ,|,:. pmtmcnl, chiefly for use In building tho nnllon's ulr ilcot to s,am "Wo are not behind in mmlltv »s applied to workmanship ad cfititjiiiient," col. Undtash trmi "We me behind, however". Judge Neil Killougli Opens Civil Court Term Here Today Tile summer term of circuit civil „ court convened here lodnv with queen entrain, to London, would be Ju <)Bc Nell Klllough of Wynne imp* u,n,, •M,...i ,_ presiding, judge Kllloiigh „»« toyed slightly i n arriving by „„. Verse ..wealher conditions on. h is; trl|/J from Wynne.- ' ' . Jurors for the term will rcpor for the first time tomorrow whei Jury Wills win begin. With a heav Wai docket ahead it ap "key today that iho f,,a lwl weeks would be consumed In din C. I. 0. Union Helps Plants Work Despite A. F. of L. Strike appenrer work. Judge Kllloiigh was busy loda. National Hotel Week is being observed here this week by Hotel Noble, It was announced today by Jessee Stitt, manager, ivlio has olannrxl to call attention to the hotel's place In the community :lirough'newspaper advertising, addresses to members of local civic ilubs and by the use of silver dol- ars In payment of salaries of hotel employees and other expenses Ihls week. Mr. Stitt said circulation of the .liver dollars expended by the hotel hiring the week would help the mblic realize how the hotel contributes to the business life of the community. fn his talks to civic clubs this week Mr. Stilt will give a number of facts concerning the local hotel which lias 103 guest rooms, accommodating approximately 17000 persons last year. There arc a tola! of 44 persons regularly employed by the Noble, he said. Young Lovers Long Ago Finally Married at 71 FENNV1LLE, Mich. (UP)-A 71- year-old couple were married after 51 years and four other marriages 1m "?5.?™ (hc co »rae of their love William Shidert and Elizabeth Sharp, whose engagement was broken a half century ago whcn their parents said they were too young to marry, finally renewed their romance through correspondence and were wedded In Indiana. High Court Affirms, Reverses Rulings Here UTTLE KOCKTftrk., June 12- nc state supreme court today nf- i-metl the decree of Ihe Mississippi, county chancery court, Chicka- wwba dUtrlcl. in ruling that !to Aichiltoi ivas entilled lo colled S23-,.57 from Lee Gin Co lne "'!±T 5. '!"«"°rd's line on cotton °" by a tenant and n ni, an ginned at the Lee Gin Company com1 that the Missis- sipp comity chancery court erred Hnlf w of Orlctinn Halo Hire asking that foreclosure sales and conflrmatlon orders if- feeling land | n BIythevillc road Im- (irovenient and maintenance dis- 1'iiiy Douglas the Iricts be set aside, p. c was the successful lower court decision, Shane and Fendler were atlor- ArcllllJon Reid n v and Evrard for the Lee Gin Company. J. T. coston ot Osceola represented Mrs. Hires. tliat the letter slind^ccn caTved uLl",!^""! . that « "»dpre- ellt «' lf e oi'cc. y the Indian. .,^,'f' ,, HltCnCMk married Into Wy'bT'biind but'it'is the Humfston family and tho pow- mighty courteous When dcr horn was handed down through erant bartender ' the generations. Cell in Chicago Com , aed-on a j charge of drinking too many of Us own concoctions, declared his legs wore too weary open high to w July 50 1-4 50 3-8 49 Sept, 51 3-4 52 close 49 uncer- Young Mrs. Lizzie Whittle —_ 66 Mrs. Lizzie Whittle died ' Saturday nislit at the home of n son Smith whittle, of near Dojwood where she resided. Death came to the 66-year-old woman following a brief illness. The remains were taken to Cathoun city. Miss., this morning where rites were to be conducted this afternoon. ,,, A , ' lal(ve of Ihnt town, Mrs. Whittle came to Mississippi county 15 years ago. She Is also survived by two other sons, Tom Whittle of Poplar Bluff, Mo., and Van Whittle of Vanflcct, Miss., and one daughter, Mrs. H. E. Fjaync of this city. Cobb Funeral Home was in charge. West Dies At Hospital Here Raymond Calvin, son of Mr .and PUNT, Mich., June 12. (UP)A strike called by Homer Martin's united Automobile workers Union an affiliate gf Uie American Federation: of'Labor, al three plant* bf General Jvfotors oorparnUon- failed to close the factories today All three plants were operating at near normal, manned by workers who are members of tho c I o , ns applied lo the performance of military, aircraft." Lindbergh £nw lll(lt " f;m . 0]lu , ead|l i M " ln , r ? 0 " mri!l " '» liillUnry Bvlnlloii while we lend by n. large margin In commercial avlalonl" He estimated It would probably tnko us from three lo flvo ycaw to re- Bahi one lending position | n rc . Army Funds Increased , ;WrtS!llNC.TON, Jime 12. (UI>)- liio house .today received a,$2D2- OH5,D« supplemental mmy „;,„„. lirliitlon measure ijiovidinir fiiiul.-i for purclmse of 2,200 new iilrplnncs and expansion of research facilities, ThQ measure, reported by tho military appropriations siiu-com- BEiJK CHEST TS LISTED Sixly-Six Business Firms lo Be Represented In P. E. 0, Event Carni I,, (ho two bathing ' Sl M (o "° 1 ' 01 ' 1 "' »»• with 'the l>. K o i V( . tcl , ival Wwln^.y night nl \v n i' . I>lrk WDre """osl complete today. ^..r^-i'ffi'ta't! "— the l t^ iwo C """ re " ^ "lichen's n ,'l"!L < ?,'!5 S'-o'.'I'.Jhese. ru-o tlio Hour „„„ tho Jiinuicc Wnlnoli', Hnppy , uroccry; Sullic Miitlils "" Shouse-lltmy Ildw. Co.; LV Wilil °T\ JCWClr y <* ty Wliite, Ihibbanl Ifdw. Co • o money allotted lo the army for the coming fiscal yeniv The report,™ received u 3 Ihe house, prepared .'to' 'lake mi .11,6 ° lo early 'adjoiiniment,.. Tho bill Is expected to be rc- 5* . l ?.J"J?, .!«""»» w Wednes- h ,, y ' Jolm ii ?! , i 0 " 1 ,' ""f Q ""W«: -arc llolnnd . Jlnrdnwiiy Apulhuicc Co.; ' 0> '' Meiul OlolHli'U .Co.; Edwards, Umldlcstoi ' ponce "must never be mistaken for Avenkncss," • Ho explained his inflllnry expansion program,- recalled the fate of coimlrJcs Ihal ' lacked; adequate Dioteclfon ami &poko of hopes for- licnca, mentioning- tho' visit ofKln§, Clcoigfl of Great Britain to, this country riH an example of goodwill nmong nations. "Kccontly," ho said, "we , have ""I Ihc pleasure of. a 'visit from King Cieorgc VI ns n courtoiw recognition of tho cordlnllty nnd goodwill which prevails .between Ilic l\vo great nations," ( "Hi »l«i»()c«nco lay In the fact thtil filcndshlji coiiltt exist bctwiien Hip Uo countries since both were without fonr. To achieve the result stionglh Is nccacd,.strcngtli which comes not fioin arufis alone but from rcitialnt, inntcjslaiidlng ,,-ind cooiicinllon, which in turn areilo produce trained and disciplined Ho inlkcd directly ito several hundred youths who will In a fe\v weeks become second lieutenants In (ho aimy nnd hh lliemo dealt with the value of an army in nor- ma! pursuits of peace and its assistance lo tho civil population "Recent conlllcts In Europe, the Par East mid Africa bear witness to the fact Ihnl Ihc Individual spl- dler remain.? the controlling fac- toi," ho said. "Tlie tactics of tho fiilmo Inlenslfy rather than di- mlnlsli the necessity foi high qualities of individual leadership. 'Hie . object of developing aviation, mo, , lo Jewelry store; June 8 rco woikinnn, Marearot's lieauty shop; " Gillie Lc ' , - torization and mechanization Is the highest possible de- mobility." »» tills Is essential. The ; ssena. e Gillie Lcggult, niytheville Jjiiin'dry. Vftst cxnanso' of tcrrltoiy of a na. Mnry Emily Wilson, Delta fm-- °" ns Inr 8° ns , ,'i" c " 1 C '°' : Slira **u Mcoutc'hcii Nell and ' ' United States Irnuractloal ' ci Minnie's Benuly slioi)' "°, »"">'<!'ii«ii» of fixed defensive Crawford, Coca Cola , Bdt- l " s ' lill ' llto ^ «' <i» vital strategic , , ii; Co.; Mnrtlm Pinncos Stevens ccntt!ls ' c vcn were thcsu ,cleshnb!e Pedornl Coinprcia; Dorothy Jean' , ns ,.,'},,, I , lmWci ' ° r 8 "' 011 ' n| y |llc vlllc coU6n Oil Wllh Us ' , Klulnu Anderson,. Nnbors' , cs , " aroccry; Jcanclla ho snlc| . Stand lor army aggiesslon, ..... .nvjimcij, u[ ino I! lO ,lo j i L irtiiiico- faction and 'who went to their iota Wrf,,£*?J '" b OX " CC ' C " l ° Uc|?ln thioimh Mm i is «f T ..i_,.., :, "KincMtny. The. suli-commlttec nlrcndy Ims made several minor reductions In «',?« l0 " 1 Uoosov(!lt 's original $1,750,000,000 request and will qifcj. tlon WPA /idmlnlstriitor P o Harrington further on WPA needs to- i, ~ -p~. lv tu muii JUUS through the A. F. of L. picket line Seml-omclal estimates were that approximately DO per com of (he workers Involved had arrival at their pests. C. I. O. officials estimated Hint he BO per cent was Indicative of the comparative ".strength of the two factions. Mayor About Faces CLYDE, O.('JP)—Mayor Wll- lam Blair thought that, children iliould be allowed to have fun with jean-shooters, but ordered all such veniions confiscated and destroyed fter a youthful marksman used he back of his honor's neck for i tared. The mayor , previously lad reprimanded his marshal for coitllng children with bean- shooters. morrow. The house passed a bill today appropriating $1.150,000 to aid In exterminating- insect pests, Including grasshoppers, Meanwhile the sennit finance committee opened lioarlngn on administration sponsored amendments to the social security act with Chairman Arthur j. Allmeycr of the social security board as witness Allmeyer proposed revision of the public assistance program to provide Increased federal aid for poor ,. ors , , , Scbdimh '"Mltl- tlt)mllmll °" ol ' fctll ' ( - H 1ms become West Ice Cream Co.; Hope' Will - a W|W , a ' clltc >of nlghly trained worlli, niytheville Mplor'co ;Mfa- m[c » ; . whose talent Is great, tech- 1 7 J . e A". ne " A fl "ck, Ktrby ; 'DruK ! ca ski ','• - w!lose '"lining Is hlgh- s orcjj;:M(iryro|ycib Bvp^n, fliytho- , y - C00|5ufntlve (il «' wKose, capacity vlllo, llakery; Jackie 'McQliec Jle-™ 1 ; 1 -^' 0 " (° flefgiul the. country with ' vhwi ''' slates. Kiwaiw International Gives Local Club Charter Tonight The Dlithcvllle Klwanls Club lewest "baby" of Klwanls Inter-' lational, high ranking civic orgnnl- allon which has clubs In nil the irlnclpn! cllles of the United States nd Canada, will receive Us chnr- er al a Charter Night banquet .t the Hotel Noble tonight. Ktwanians and their wives from ircbably a dozen clubs in Arkanas, Missouri, and Tennessee, local ucsts and members of the Blythe- Illc club numbering m all between 50 and 300, will gather at the Jlue Rcom of the Noble at 7-30 'clock (or the event. Presentation of the club charter 'ill be made by Dr. Charles B Hclman of St. Louis, Mo., one of 12 trustees of Klwanls International. C. M. Buck, president of the local club, will receive the charter In behalf of his group. Evan W. Carroll of Memphis, Terni. will serve as toastmastcr fcr the event. A welcome lo the new club will be extended by Mayer Marlon Williams on behalf of the City of Blylhevllle and by the following licads of various local civic, service and religious organizations on behalf of their groups: Harry W. names, Chamber of commerce; James L. Guard, Rotary Club- W J.' Pollard, Liens Club; Miss Mnrle lvin, four-day-old jHarnlsh, Business "and'Professional Mrs. Shelby Adams'Women's Club; E A Bice Dud of West Ridge, died al the Blythc- j Cason post, American Legion' Rev ville hospital at one a.m. today. George w. Pattcrscn, Ministerial hllTlf ml On-niifrftivi^.-,i„ _.*_i_» .._ ' A111,*,-_« ' •*....* »vn Funeral arrangements, which are in charge of Cobb Funeral Home, were not complete this afternoon. Besides his parents the baby is 4SJ 49 O f clnh-o l n it ""•-<; Jiigiua ' ILTA. 50 3-4 50 3-4 him to 30 6w " Hti scwcncc<J ! The condition of Mrs. Adams is '" very good. Alliance. Oeorge D. Pollock Jr., vice president of the local Klwanis Club will respond to the welcome. Presentation of gifts from other Klwanls Clubs to the newest member of the Mo-Kan-Ark district ivlll be made by Lomile M. Stand- «; Site nnrncy, H. D. Hughe! tiling store; Ernestine llalscll, Rustic inn; Anita p»y u cc k; Robinson Drug store; Lonjo .lliirgciu; Miss Wmislll's shop; Naomi Jenn Bcrryman, Hudson Tailor shojr ' nNclle Smart, Courier Neivs. ' Bonn Trmtiblo, Kroger and piggy Wlggly stores; Virginia Scott, fatcrllng's store; Antta Hlckmnn, Pcnney's; Palrlcla Wise, iilu and —" theaters; Alice Snllba, Belt's ; Betty Brooks Isaacs, lon-Wrolcii Co.; Madeline 1.^,.,, Hcntons Home of" Flowers- Elolsu namey, Phillips Motor Co.; Delia Fay Sykes. Ooodyanr Tire store; Mary Eunice Lnyson, Hotel Noble. These firms' Imve not yet secured their entrants: Nu-Wa Cleaners Cahlwell Beauty shop, First National Bank, Illghflll Cotton 'Co. Br. Pepper Bottling Co., Numi Provision Co., Blylhevlllc Water Co., Jack Applebailm's store, Con- »ny and Hoiichlus Land Co., Wai- pole Electric shop, Scay and' Perry Motor Co., Ben Franklin store, E C. Koblnson. Lumber-Co., Hublmrcl Furniture Co;, Lion Service Station, Arkmo Lumber Co., Motor Sales Co., Ben Willie Contractors Lemons' Fiirnllurc Co., Floyd A. While's Shoe wore, Farmers Dank ami Trust Co., Montgomery Ward nml Co., Hlckard's Grocery, Terry Service Station. Tom Little Chev- forco be used. ' "But, It lias also b'ecn made available lo organize, to assist and to consliuct when battles have to be wnged against the more impersonal foes or disaster,"disease or distress." rolct Co., Oracc-Sclma Hcaiitv shop. Children entered are: Donnn Sue Gore. Onyle NVhltsill, Mary Sue Crafton. Barbara Ann Walters, Mavln Recn Clainpllt, Shirley We Wise, Martha Sue Slsk, Billle Bar- netl, Shcrron Bcnlsh, Jcnna Ben- tsh, Ernestine Holt, Carol Holt, Betsy Bell, Julia Ann McCall, Jean Campbell, Kay Crafton, Winibclh Buckley, Patricia Ann Caldwell, Jan Dickinson, Annella Humphrey, Rosemary Monnghnn, Kay Snillli, Heard Wylle, Joan Freeman, Patricia Hcarn, Ro.vanna Johnson, Lee Ooodmnn, Nita Rose Hall. Patricia Partlow, and two children whose registrations were not available. Roaming Guides Train For Rome's World's Fair C. M. BUCK President, Klwanls Club Icy, of Slkeslon governor ROME (UP)-Oettltig ready for Rome's 1942 World's Fair, 40 young men speaking seven different laugiinges are circulating In Rome these days Interpreting and acting ' Colitis h Fatal To Three-Year-Old Boy Robert Normnn died Saturday, lum nt the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Norman. .The llii'co and n' half year old baby was stricken 111 of colitis several days before Ills death'. " • The Rev. Eupha D. Beasley, pos- lor of (he First church of the Naz.".rcnc. conducted funeral rites Sunday afternoon al North Sawba cemetery. Besides his parents, the baby Is survived by one sister,. Wylldcne Norman. Holt Funeral Home was In charge, Herman Lewis Dies At Home Near Here Sunday Herman Lewis died late lastnlght ol his home near North Sawba where he had lived alone since the death of his wife several years ago. ire was 5G. Little was known of Mr. Lewis' life and the remains arc at the Cobb Funeral Home while efforts arc being made lo locate relatives, if there are any. Death followed nn Illness of pneumonia. '' ' Slkeslon, Mo., llculenaiil ',' '? "WNy' of mobil of District 12 of Klwanls ' Mths for touri s's. of mobile Infonna- International. L, s. Benlsh, secre-1 Tlle handsomest employes of tary-treasurcr, will accept the gifts Roine 's largest bus concern, they on behalf of tho local club. """' — U1 — " Musical numbers will be rendered principally by guest artists of the visiting Klwanlans. Welcome bannew were swung """ "' ' streeta and high- wear, emblems on their uniforms wllli an man, Oberlin College Aids Pan American Amity OBERLm, o. (UP)-Oberlin College has established a full tuition • scholarship, board and room awarded to some student from a South American university to pro- m:tc better Pan American understanding between the United States and South America. Obcrlln's president, Dr. Ernest Hatch Wilfclns, has announced that the scholarship will go Into effect next year. The OBerlin-South American scholarship holder is to ba selected throiish the Institute of International Education. The only requirement Is that he be an upper classman. WEATHER thev a written n . " atlV ° banquet. Arkansas—Cloudy, local showers tonight and Tuesday, cooler In' Arabic or 'notQwest portion Tuesday i Memphis and vicinity — Mostly cloudy with showers tonight and change in tern- 1 mrals ' rf of train . - ---. here yesterday was 80, minimum 59 and cicnr, according to Samuel P. Nor^ ris, ofnclal weather observer,

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