Brazil Daily Times from Brazil, Indiana on July 21, 1908 · Page 2
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Brazil Daily Times from Brazil, Indiana · Page 2

Brazil, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1908
Page 2
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The General Demand of the Well-informed of the World haa always been for a simple, pleasant and efficient liquid laxative remedy of known value; a laxative which physicians could sanction for family use because its component parts are known to them to be wholesome and truly beneficial in effect, acceptable to the system and gentle, yet prompt, in action. In supplying that demand with its excellent combination of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies on the merits of the laxative for its remarkable success. That is one of many reasons why Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is given the preference by the Well-informed. To get its beneficial effects always buy the genuine manufactured by the Cali fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale by all leading druggists. Price fifty cent per bottle. TRADE with CASH , Why Trade on Credit When You Can Buy Cheaper for Cash We will sell for the following week. Magic floor 50c Hall's best patent flour per sack 60c O. K. and Wizard flours . . . 03c Two packages seeded raisins 15c Two lbs. large loose raisins. 15c Two lbs Lima beans 15c Red kidney beans, lb 5c White kidney beans lb . . . . . 5c TJ. S. Mail soap, 5 bars 10c KInganVs smoked bacon, lb 12?c Sngar cured bacon, lb'. 15c Two lbs best rice 15c Our 15c coffee for 11c Helping Hand Smoking tobacco, package 5c C. Bolinger & Son Cor. Nat. Ave. and Depot St. Stained Dresses are horrid tilings to wear; in fact, many ladies won't wear them, but there is no necessity to cast them aside because they have been dirtied by contact with paint, grease, oil, or other things. We will take that gar ment no matter how fine the fabric it k .i. i t I desired shade, making it look Just as good as new, or better; and we rnarantee perfect work in a short time for very moderate charges. Johnson'sCleaning-Dye House Citizens phone 835. Opposite Davis Hotel. To Please the Housewife With the WALL PAPER for each roomlet her choose them herself, here, and she will find every different design and style of a high grade, and most artislcally attractive. It is the delight of ladies to inspect "our large and varied stock of high-class wall papers, and to select from it such patterns as more particular!) please them. " We shall be glad t. be favored with a call. Brazil Decorating Co.. 516 West National Ave. i i ? LI ;f r 1 I i ' The BRAZIL TIMES An Independent Newspaper HENKEL . ADAMS, Proprietors tABL - PERSONALS. Mrs. Joe Salladay spent the day in Terre Haute. Mrs. William Shaw and Miss Jane Stergess spent the day in Terre Haute. A. E. Kuhr, residing on South "Walnut street, is quite ill. Sam Verrell and wife spent Sun day in Terre Haute. Sheriff Prince went to Indianapo- s today to take Mrs. Flora E. Pol- or oai 7 o me insane nos- pitai. Mrs. Goldie Walker and Mrs. Jen nie Walker spent the day in Knights-ville. Mrs. G. R. Shultz and Mrs. Mar garet Hartley spent the day in Terre Haute, guests of Mrs. Joe Barns. Miss Daisy Bush and guest, Miss Hattie McFarland of Oakland, 111., spent the day in Terre Haute. John O'Dowd and Bert Fitzpat- rick went to Indianapolis today to attend the national convention of the A. O. H. At your service again. C. W. Mur ray, 105 S. Meridian St., Brazil, Ind. 20 4d Don't think that piles can't be cured. Thousands of obstinate cases have been cured by Doan's Ointment. 50 cents at any drug store. lw C. W. Murray for Monuments, 105 South Meridian street. 20 4d "Generally debilitated for years. Had sick headaches, lacked ambi tion, was worn-out and all run-down. Burdock Blood Bitters made me a well woman." Mrs. Chas. Freitoy, Moosup, Conn. lw The old reliable C. W. Murray for Monuments, 105 South Meridian St., Brazil, Ind., first door north of his old stand. New phone 800. 20 4d Read Mendenhall's ad today. He publishes a very valuable recipe for bowel trouble. tf Read the ad of the Brazil Floral company in another column of this paper. The company is offering beau tiful flowers at a very low price. For the present the company has head quarters at 117 East McDonald street, Bell phone No. 326L. John McNulty is on the sick list. Mrs. Thomas Reed and daughter, Ruth, are visiting relatives in Sullivan. Misses Gertrude Daugherty and Mae Roberts; Messrs. George Pater-son and Harry Brattin attended the dance in Terre Haute last evening given by Miss Edith Breining at Fairland park. W. R. Ward, of Dyersburg, Teniu writes: "This Is to certify that I have used Foley's Orlno Laxative for chronic constipation, and it has proven without a doubt to be a thorough-practical remedy for this trouble. and It is with pleasure I offer my conscientious reference." Sold by P. W. Schultx. Brazil. Ind. Bopssokia: Tour grocer has Gold Me4al Flour. Gznivbjl. FIFTY SNAKES. Friendswood is a dry town. How- ever, the Inhabitants are accustom ed to seeing snafces, ana tney are noted for their veracity. Their truth fulness has never been questioned:, although some of them come to bat with extraordinary snake stories always "true to life." This time Frank Daily, one of the town's most respected citizens, tells of a slaugh ter of snakes In the outskirts of the town, he wielding a club with good effect. It is also one of the first snake stories of the season. While walking along the road toward town the other day Daly saw In the road way a short spotted snake the only venomous species in that part of the country. He killed It. It measured about three feet In length and was four inches thick. A friend passing commented on the snake's unusua breadth, and. stepping on its body the mouth came open and young snakes to the number of fifty came forth. There were fifty little rep tiles. Daly Bays so, and he is back ed in his story by some of his neigh bors that came up after the killing LOCAL MARKETS. Grain. Furnished daily by the W. C. Hal Milling company: Corn 75c Wheat 80c. Oats 45c. Stock. Geod steers $6.50 7.50 Common steers $3.25 6.00 Good heifers $4.7505.8 Good cows $4.00 3 4.75 Dulls and calves ......$4.5004.75 Hogs, best heavies ....$6.8506.95 Sheep, choice yearlings $4.00 0 4.50 CUES- LABOR CALLS GOMPERS, MITCHELL AND MORRISON IN BUCK STOVE AND RANGE CASE. ONE ISSUES CHALLENGE The President of the American Fed eration of Labor Quoted as Saying That he Will Observe "Rights" Before Injunction Washington, D. C, July 21. In the Buck Stove and Range case, Justice Anderson of the district supreme court " yesterday summoned Samuel Gompers, presWent of the American Federation of Labor; Secretary Frank Morrison, of that organization and John Mitchell of the executive council and ex-president of the United Mine Workers of America, to ap pear in court on September 8, next, to show cause why they should not be punished for contempt of the court's injunction. The citation is based on a petition of the Buck Stove and Range company of St. Louis, which alleges that an order issued by Justice Gould for bidding an alleged boycott by thi American Federation of Labor La: been violated by the public utter ances and addresses of the lao leaders named. It also is stated t!i?" Gompers caused to be published ' the Federationist, the official orc?.-of the Federation, a certain arti."1' reflecting on the court's decision and in open defiance printed th name of the Buck Stove and Rang company in the "We do not patron ize" list. Other utterances are quoted whicl It is said Gompers and Morrison, ir furtherance of an alleged plan t nullify the court's order, 4have b-ei publishing, editorially and other wise, offensive to the court's decis ion, including the name of the Buck company. The references, it is claimed, were made for the purpose of keeping alive the idea of the boycott, as it existed before the order of the court, and were so framed as to affect the sale of the company's products. John Mitchell at a meeting of the United Mine Workers last January put to a vote a resolution imposing a fine of $5 on any member of that organization who purchased a stove or range of that company's make. The resolution also provided for the expulsion of a member In default of payment of the fine. Gompers is quoted as saying to newspaper men: "So far as I am concerned, I wish to state this: 'When it comes to a choice between surrendering my rights as a free American citizen and violating the injunction of the court, I do not hesitate to say that I shall exercise my rights as between the two.'" CONCRETE ARCH WTill Soon Be Built Over the Vanda lia Railroad at Glenn by the Traction Co. It is understood that workmen will commence In a short time con structlng a concrete arch over the Vandalia line at Glenn, to take the place of the steel structure which It is claimed it not in the best of con dition, necessitating very slow speed of the cars as they pass over it. The company says that the bridge Is by no means dangerous, but it is their Intention to erect a more se cure structure soon. When the concrete arch is completed cars can pass over it with safety at a high rate of speed. i ELECT OFFICERS Herman C. Prox was elected presi dent of the Manufacturers' club at the annual'meetlng last night. James Hoskins of the Terre Haute Vitrified Brick company was elected vice pres ident, and D. C. Worshem of the In diana Milling company, treasurer. The meeting was well attended and after the business the members enjoyed a Bocial hour and Dutch lunch. Reports showed the club af fairs in 'good condition and It was decided to continue the p aggressive campaign for better conditions end improved shipping facilities. Terre Haute Star. TOTS WON. The Tots won from Fort Wayne yesterday by a score of 5 to 2, win ning three of the four games played there. The team returned to Tterre Haute and will play their first game on the home ground of a series of thirteen today. The game today will be between Terre Haute and the fast Zanesville bunch. 1 OURGOLDDOPf NOTHING HAS BEEN HEARD OF THE BIG GOLD FIND THE FEW DAYS THAT HAVE PAST. tOPLE STILL ANXIOUS They Seem Perfectly Willing to Find the Gold and Market it at the Regular Market Price. Nothing has been heard the past few days of the big published gold find along the banks and in the sands of Croys creek. It .will be remembered that a prominent farmer of that section of the country east and north of Harmony came to this city a few days ago with some excellent specimens of ore which were believed to .be gold and which stood the acid test perfectly. It is quite probable that the ore was gold, as the gentleman stated that he had found it along the banks of Croys creek while washing the sand in search of the proper quality of gravel to be used in the improve ment of the roads of that section. It was stated that the gentleman in question had taken specimens of the ore to a local jeweler for testing, but Tilit to the different jewelers of the city brings the knowledge that BO smell tests have been made or eren requested. Were it not that the gentleman who brought the spec- mens to this city is of such excel lent character and so thoroughly de pendable, wre would be Inclined to accept the statements with a grain of salt. It is said by one nearer than the rest that the man is wise enough to keep the matter to himself until he s thoroughly satisfied, and that whatever tests that are being made or will be made will be in the hands of those such distance from the city that they will have no chance to profit by the developments. With this explanation in mind, it is said that some sensational developments may be expected soon, and that they will be of a startling character. It is said that this is not the only gold that has been found in this county. H? D. Bard, deceased. found gold in the sands of the lit tle branch that runs south from the reservoir, but that it does not exist in quantities that would pay for the working. ECZEMA IS NOW CURABLE. A St. Louis chemist, after many years of careful experimenting and investigation, has discovered a sim ple remedy that has cured hundreds of cases of eczema that had been pronounced ' incurable. This chem ist believed that eczema and. all itching skin diseases were of local origin and were caused by germs which attacked and fed on the Bkin. He be gan to search for a remedy . that would destroy these germs, and found that by combining the active principles of certain well known vegetable drugs, and applying them locally, the first applllcatlon stopped the itching and burning, and If used persistently would drive all germs and their poisons to the surface of the skin and destroy them, leaving a nice, clear, healthy skin. He gave this remarkable remedy the sugges tive name of Zemo, and since Its in troduction to the public Zemo has proved a very popular remedy and Is today recognized the most successful and meritorious remedy ever produc ed for the relief and cure" of eczema and all diseases of the skin and scalp. Mr.v Roach, the druggist, endorses and recommends Zemo and says that he believes Zemo to be an honest medicine and will do all that Is. claimed for it. For sale at Roach's Pharmacy, lm 4 : ABSORBED BY COMPANY. Morocco. Ind.. July 21. The Novelty factory at Momence', 111., which shut down two years ago. has been purchased by the Emerson Typewriter company, which has shipped in machinery for the manufacture of typewriters. The company will employ 200 men. NOTICE, COAL DEALERS. Bids will be received up to July 31, 1908, for 500 tons, more or less, of good screen block coal to be delivered in the basements of the different school buildings in the city of Brazil. J. CROOKS, 18 12d . . Secretary. C3EA1VD ANGERS FQRGEHLDRIEU The little folks do not stand the heat as well as their elders, and special care should be taken to keep them in good physical condition. One of the things to be especially watchful of is the condition of the bowels, which presents many USE dangers hardly dreamed of by parents. When the m OAL.nWEL.l'S chil shows any tendency to constipation, if it CVnilD DrDfri loses PPtite, complains of headache, itch, or O I UUr i-V-ir OEM fails to sleep well and awake refreshed, the mother may be certain that the child needs a tonic-laxative with ingredients such as are contained ia Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, of which most mothers have heard and which thousands of mothers are uslnsr for themselves and their children Ln itCS.0JLJtr0r8trOUble.0 chj,IJ-Ii Mimnier time, and It manifem itselMn many different ways. Insomolt produces constipation, in others diarrhea, accompanied by a mild form of piles, by worms, dizziness, etc. Whatever the cause and whatever the maniteetation the mother may be sure of removing the trouble with a few doses of B'i. ?ySrPJffm' T,h,chB5.0S,.d aUjay be krpti.i the house for emergency. old ia two sizes. 50 cents and J1.00. and can be obtained of any druist. Get a bottle today and watch results. It is mild, pleasant and promptly effectiveTlt Is aVoo home cure absolutely pre and free from narcotics. Thoe who have never used It, and wish to make a test of ir re buying c? obtain , f Kt SAMPlc B31 HE by fcdJr".ii tiiXM iJiKUr CO, Monticcllo, 111. i nger oraii GMarantteed REMEMBER 66 is and old and tried product, it is no experiment. REMEMBER you save is cost of labor in putting it on over cost of putting on shingles two-thirds. REMEMBER you can lay it on top of old shingles. REMEMBER we buy it in car lots and give you the benefit. LEWIS McNUTT, BRAZIL. IND. Wholesale. Cement, Roofing, Etc. Weafc, Kidneys Weak Kidneys, rarely point to weak kldaay Nerves. Tha Kidneys, Ilka the IHeart, and tht Stomach, find their weakness, not In the or itself, but in the nerres that control and iruiAs aad strengthen them. Dr. Snoop's EestoratiTs a a medicine specifically prepared to reach thaw controilinf nerves. To doctor tha Kidneys aloaa Is futile. It ia a watte of time, and of money as welL If your back aches or is weak. If tha arias scalds, or is dark and strong', if you hays symptooss of Bright or other distressing or dangerous ki oey disease, try Dr. Snoop's Restore tire a month- Tablets or uquid nd see what it can ana do for you. Dmnist recommend and sell Sr. te0 0 GJoGfleroiiuo "SHULTZ, THE DRUGGIST. REoigrcnro o. a LATENT OmC NO. A79 For the relief of Inflnmatton of every rhsrm-ter SpminR. Moiln. U)cth. Pneumonia, ielonn. always auk for the H4 Crmm Iru4 lfra?r Md. Acveat na aubHtitate. Bold by P. W. Schaltx. Drugflst. n red cross! ORIGINAL V"" PaNTI PHLOGISTIC 1 CMPLASTICO Oft. I I CATAPLASMA KAOUNI, U.S. P. 1 - Order Your Ice From Us! CORSDlliaS ICE CO. Let us furnish you with Pure Artifical Ice this summer Prompt delivery and you'll find the prices right. Cor. Sherman and ! C. W. MW.MY I Manufacturer I Marble and Granite Monuments Iron Vases end Settees, slso Sheet Metal, Galvanized Eave Trough. Coping; Roofing, Cornice Work and all kinds of Tin lYcrk SPOUTING A SPECIALTY Office and Works 105 S. Meridian St. Citizens Phone 80q 3 d" of Roofed 99 Look at This! Sixty acres near Iloosierville, fair improvements, five-room house, barn, etc. Price $2,700. Will take a cheap residence in exchange on this and can give good terms on balance. Two lots, good 4-room house and summer kitchen, all in good repair, located In Harmony, near car line; neat and up-to-date home. Price $1,200. Good 4-room cottage located on Oak street; priced to sell, or will trade for a good farm and pay difference. A fine home, one ndle west of city. on street car line, with one acre of ground; will sell at a bargain, or trade for city property. This will bear investigating if you are inter-ested. ( 120 acres near Harmony, 70 acres cultivatable, balance pasture land; good 5-roon house, barn, etc. Price $33.00 per acre. Give us your Abstract and Notary work. AYTe can please you. Casteel-Houck-Casteel Real Estate Adents No. 3 1-2, E. Main St. Sourwine Block, Brazil. Knight St. New Phono 931, Old Phone 190-K and Dealer in

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