The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1930
Page 3
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'WEDNESDAY. JULY 9,1980 Leaders 6f Business Women Gathering at Geneva Will Be Form for Feminine Careerists' Problems. BY JVM A HI. AN SHARD NEA Service Writer NEW YORK.—A post-graduate - course 1 in cooperation! It certainly sounds like a real departure 10' successful American ca- recrfite who are alleged to know much more about competition. , Yet this summer, 100 Apierlcan business and professional wom;;i are going abroad to atlend ihe first International forum on Ihe prob-" lems facing v.-crking women,,which will be held al Geneva, Switzerland. These voyagers 'are all member's of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women whc came together .in' the first place because they 1 realized the- benefits that accrue from cooperating with J .sister-careerists .'in' talking, over their muciial working problems.- . For Mutual Benefit Now, thoroughly . schooled in cooperation nt home, they are branching out into the international field, certain that women from 13 other countries can give them great benefit by their experience. They will meet a cross-section of' nble European .v;omen in similar lines'of work and by lectures and round-table discussions they will take up some of the ever- preslnt posers confronting women out of the home. ' ''How shall svomen safeguard the interests of. the older business woman'/" "Do European . women face the same handicaps that American women do in their flgtit for economic equality with men?. If so, what have been their solutions?" "What about insurance for worner workers?" "What can American business = women teach continental women about success in business and the professions?" These will al! be discussed. The 100 American women attending this cooperation • convention give a real picture of the ex-, tent to which American women have 'gone into every field of gainful endeavor.' They represent all the states, each of ihe 100 being a VMn't in any hurry as 'he figured thai the dog had treed .another cooh It wasn't long until the years ago, and .whit's town how log', u wiis a hitdr muw TfiA icurss IS TE the town now !«. You mto re- and-bears down on whatever member that tliat MB over foe .was felled. Edwards climbed was »Uil then, upon it to see what was iti It.'treed » HU only weapon was the axe he log. had Just used, and by golly he almost dropped It vlipn he saw a bear stick his head out on the far side of the tree. Hist wlte had w»lked around the tree, and must h»v'e seen a too for she screameu out for John to watch out. The ok) man he ups end lilts the bear right then and now with th.° axe across lls head. It's a good tiling tc.p that that blow stunned the bear, because it cracked the axe handle In two. Edward? .turned (Continued From Page 1J . '. time of-most of the happenings Why back'In 1175 wh*n we,used to Irye In Pe.rry county, Missouri, my dai, he. h»d heard »bout tne big'garni down here . Irr nortrjeast Arkansas, so. lie ups and bring! me the broken hundlr around and and my brother, Sand, down here used the big end to club the U?nr Unrip and hunt for a couple oi to death, before the beast could winters YtH, we came down hire'to gel to his feel. Let me tell you, Mississippi o:\mly, Big I-ske town- boy, old moo Edwards- and his slilp, right aboul, in, the neigh- wife sure were lucky that UK first borhocd of this here cabin." bliw stunned the bear, because 'It Perhaps I was ,not looking .as he had ever got ch his feel, he credulous as I should have, for the I vpuld have made an end of one oW, gentleman'hestItated several or . both of item. Uncle Hill llm.55 to-reassure me of the valid- straightened up, stretched, und bit Ity cf his story, but the Interrup- off another chew, lion was-brief, and he soon con- 1 tinned his narration. < "We dldni! bring.our dogs w'^l-nlo five veurs It was sn <inm us because we were .afraid to risk £*MWe jeurs,n w, so darn oslng them,-and so we had tol^ bears . around tore. Every mime oarselvests 'still hunting^ |Une > mg Qr «£ ^ That was way ^ck-In 1H5. We I Awards' home, housed to itayed down In the*? here regions l lj)t vlth pri(|e lo U)at ^ sk|n -••-•• Judging from the size of the skin thai bear mutt have been "Yes, slree. and folks hereabouts Some of the prominent leaders who will take, pbrl in the first international forum of- working women at Geneva are pictured here. Upper right is Miss Chart O. Williams, of Washinjlort, D. C., .leader of the Geneva Special, and below is Miss Lena tfadesln Phillips, leader of the northern section.' Miss J. K. Bowman, lower left, will lead the southern tour. Above are two foreign celebrities: Mme. De Mim- ter LaliiiL<;, top, .Belgium lawyer; and Miss Anne Martin, left center, director of Saffa. • long to-wait though, as the bear she &con c»me cluumg oul hi, front Tit him In ' th»C hollow' and lucky to say It hit, H the beer In the: n«ck and 'broke it. Thai's all th»l s*vetl'young 8milli's lllc, let :f.e tell you, for'iJ that there bear had got^ Its' p»ws on liim lie'd never liave lived '\e tell iho tale. He couldn't .'Xiv* got oul to save his life, u.the log,only had one opening and the old she bonr had tliat blocked. I "You bet J'our life, sonny; those were the great old days. 'Any time a man wanted some fresh mett or a hide 10 sell, all he had to do was to step out on his steps and ciil loose at Hie first heid of game that peeped around'a tree,'Never \: The old man sauntered across hi: yard to his pump to get u drink of water. He came back, with water dripping from his gray beard and sat down in his chair. He hai I done what only an experienced lo bacco chewer can do,' that to drln water without removing his che< I of tobacco from his month. " "I'll never forget the time Urn I Old Bill Blnek and Jasper Smit went oin hunting, 1 .' said the o! gentleman as he mode hlmse comfortable once .more. "Jaspe *as only a kid at the iime, aboi sixteen, I reckon. He and Unc Bill BlaTk took their dogs and wen |out a 'bearing.' so to speak. Thi J. A. Chrysler ahd;wliite- v g : man• Rowland Addresr.,: Medical Society, > , A Dr. J. A; .Crisler si-., stid Dr ....... Whitman Rowland, of the Crislei- -W Clinic al Memphis, were speaker.-: -..-.'.' at the monthly, meeting of '<," ths..,.!.'. HlluLsslppl county 'Medical society-i- :! held, here vlas't night. Dr. H, W.: ' : Quails, of the University.of tenr .;',.'. lienrd about anyone starving to death then. Why youhg:inan, you n - eS5ee - nt Memphis, and Dr. J. 1 Just oufrhi (o have seen my pap'al lre ,j o! Kel ,, er ; W ere, also pr«sni • the meeting attended by. phy-.. t home. It was covered with skins and hides, Inside and out." The old fellow bit off another chew, and leaned buck to must, I left him {sleeping In his chair,'while his falhfiil old dog •'slept curled up til Ills feet. '• Mis» Martha Matthew*, f»Ir reporter for the ManUa Senlfntl pcsei with a ccnlurjr old b«ar. lr»p. jf there with a whole v pacK ol dogs on her bock, pld irinn Blnck .-fluid, a shot lier, but ' he was afraid .of hitting ono of-the dogs. Jasper was a during sort.of otmp, and he crawled Into the hollow log to see If there weren't sortie cut)?, while .Uncle Bill Black hung around on the outside to keep watch. And it was darn good .think he did. bNcause when Jasper 'got near them cubs, they began to squall so loud that the mother .fear cninc rushing back like a mad brill and darted right put Uncle BUI Into the log. She 'had shook off (he whole confounded.. pack, of dogs who were chasing her. barking and yelpjng louder'than : the squalling cubs. Uncle. Bill was 'quick on the trigger, so he grabs his murzle Manila Scout Troop Completes Registration MANH..A, Ark., July 9.—At the wckly meeting of the Boy Scouts last night the registration of boys tincl scoutimislcr? wus com- plcieit. Plans were miule to organ. Ize n drum-bugle corps here. . / scnut Imebnll if am will bcgh irucllce on the grounds of ihe' lo en) par kloday nt one o'clock, and will be ready to accept challenge fiom any scout teams in this par ol the country In n couple o weeks. The meeting place lids', bee changed to ,th'e city hall, but _ t h time.Is lo-remain at'8 p. in. o Tuesdays. The local troops plan t take slep.i .toward beautifying th Herman Davis Memorial park. Dr. W. A. Hutchens, who is member of the troop committee sjioke to the boys for n' few minute " . -BY BRUCE CATTON ' ' • NEA. Service Writer . ... The Puritan has come In for' a lot of criticism lateiy. The ven- 1 era lion; we 'used to -have-for the' Pilgrim, fathers seems 'to have a delegate from a different unit of | good mixture of vinegar in it now- the federation. Biieceisful in ,Many Lints ,-, Farmers from the middle. .west bankers' from the east; :oil. opera;-; tors from - Texas, sheep' growers from Montana,';' doctors, lawyers,, merchant^, -chiefs' .from..all :over • publishers; tdadriers, insurance wo-' men .cpiroetlcla.ris.'.advertising, specialists" theatrical managers, .electrical -engineers,. department store experts—all of these taken together give a splendid composite picture of that modern phenomenon, the genus "Successful American Woman." ; The list includes outstanding careerists Grace M. Higgins, of Pampa Texas who furnished Rex Beach Vith the inspiration for his char-; a'ct'cr Barbara, in "Flowing. Gold, has manaeed a shop where, ruU road tank cars were repaired, has lost and won fortunes in oil; and now is secretary-treasurer of a construction company. brace Irene Roberts, of Omaha, Neb 'is vice-president and sales manager ot three large' dairies witr hundreds of salesmen under her supervision.. Emma E. Claus.. of Gary Ind'., as secretary-treasure! of a 'trust company, sits on a loan committee with nine bank presidents and passes upon hundreds o adays, and the early settlers of New England are pictured as long-faced, •joyless meddlers who ' were' only, happy when 'they were plunking a good, sizzling'• ."trnu • shalt- not" down - bn somebody's' -harmless limusemenl. •:•'. !•'••: '•'•:•;' -* Samuel ''Eliot -Mdrlsori, professor jof • history at Harvard : University dees riot think that this is the proper attitude.'He-ha»-written .^Buildr. ers of'the! Bay q<*my'iito'a*nbn-- strate : that;-the- • •Puritan" 'settlers were nowhere nearly as bad as spnYe of us hive' supposed,- and beMbas done such 'an', excellent, charming; job. of, writirj^ that; he U_UkeW \o. to be, beconies a press .'agent, "tildes steadily .down ,lhe moral 'and pro- fesdoriai.'scaliH-and; all the while, has an upraviotis. time arid learns all about rnovfelah'd.' . . The. book is satirical in spots and downright savage , In. others. It presents an u«ly picture—a picture of drunker)ness,.of .fraud, of pretense, of crookedness, of malice, of lechery and M ejrotlsm; I suspect that it is greatly overdrawn; but 1 tan only add I is very enter- Uinlng— If , somewhat Ehpckinf and plain spbt'eh— and ' there : are places where it is eitrelnely huarious. Ihe .Vanguard Press is offering • m ake^a : go 6^ ' many" converts. 5 " > ' "' Profe'sWr Mqrlsoh stiidies"ip 'or a dozen ol the 'early ' Massachusetts pioneers .in 'detail to prove; his 'thesis, ,spltd,v. meaty - s riot th^ 'deeb'-cllsH hUSbrical book 'our •'rnijrht' thing. ,lt',1a,"feal^. v a se'ries bre*siy6:by Sir. Chju-les'.p.rnan m various teteresUrig;.phases-pJ tha ^ ~ '• rsd U»r thousai nds of dollars worsh of loans.- Go in Thre« Groups Lena Madesln Phillips, dlstln- guishtd lawyer, honorary president ot the Federation, will lead the halt of the tour that takes a northern trip, Including a jiumt into Soviet Russia, - before conven- Ine lor the conference. Miss Phll- lipk *i" preside .at Geneva, top Mrs Celine MacdonaW Bowman 0 [ Richmond. Vs.. a forceful two- job woman, wlte, mother and hostess of a charming southern. home on one hand, advertising specialist an dhead ot Uie largest direct mail idvertising firm in the south on the other, will lead the southern tour that hopes to see Mussolini and have an audience witn the Pope before arriving at Geneva Chart O. Williams,- ol Washington D C., educational specialist, ' lead the third group, the Ge- «>men at Geneva are outstanding successful women from IS other countries. There v,in be energetic, forceful Helen Frascr, director of a large manufacturinE company in England; Countess Eva von Baudtssin, Bavarian writer; Anne Martin of Switzerland, director of Saffa, that great exposition of women's work which has brought thousands of tourists to Berne in the past 'ew >' ears Other Celebrated Women Other famous delegates from abroad are Mme. De Munter-La- tinls one of Belgium's leading wo- llllla, « — »*__!_ S1~~».*II A H( ial position Labor Office; s, . affair; retailing? at $5^-ii ehgross- ing.", He 'writes 'with sympathy and with insight; and he. seems to have done a huge amount of. research. As a result, ''Builders. of -the .-Bay Colony" is excellent'-U: is not 'only a gboa, anttdote V.,loj the current conception ' of PuilUnlsrn; it' is history at 'its best, Informatjiie and entertaining, lighted up b^;a dry huhior th'at r keeps ' it from eyer being dull. ' ; ••,""•:"• ' o. "Builders, of. the Bay Colony,"- : -I think, is one "of thfe year's' Important books. It 'is printed by. -toe Houghton, Miffllri Co. '.- ~'-~* An Eicitinc Hotory of • The Aerial UI«-S»Ter. . . For" genuine thrills, •perrnit^ me tc recommend . Charles J. V. Murphy, ilr. M.UT- pty traces the history -of the para chuute from the early days of hot air balloons, when It was a risk: ballyhoo device for daredevils, down to the present' day, when it is a re liable, almost fool-proof We -save for aviators; and he has packe enough excitement into this book to satisfy the most avid thrill seek You might imagine ,that "Parachute" would 'duplicate, the work done by "Jump," an. earlier book ' n the same subject; but It doesn't in any way. If you read; "Jump," you will enjoy ' "Parachute" all the more. Mr. Murphy "not Only has some exciting tales to tell; he gives an interestinig account ot the parachute's development, and tells or the patient, dangerous work, of experimentation done. by the unsuug heroes who brought it to its present Ltage of' near-perfection. • " The book Is illustrated by some excelent action photographs. It is published by G. P. -Putnam's Sons, tnd sells at »2.50. A Bitter, Hitarion Tak • ' Ol life la MnfeJaai I don't know much. 'about Hollywood ,but If daily life there is any- . t at »2 a copy.' . Sflts Fill ' ' . ..... ies iriltheiapoteoriic-Wars' '' great . ~oi ':• tjatU»s,iarsd. U»re s.- a. lot. of •' absorbing /.rriaterlal: )n SirVctiarlVs" tiegins byi'.deicribih ttie.-superiprity in battle -.of, Uw British.•llriepVer- the Fr.ench'-coluJnh -^a' thing to' which he. ascribes rrips of.Wellingtrift's'.- .The'n..h spins; four-; tales -about:-secret sery ice"esVioriige work fs It ..was prac Ured' a century ago-^iail'-ralsers all of thenl^-and winds up by .tell ing-'of: Oie iittie-kriqwn ; .nalllUrs seniu's.who, .with a-fhousand-bd toldjcrs, saved Canada- ., for .th British-empire during the' War 181.2.. • ".; .' . ' If thlnjs'ihliltary have any appeal for you, this book ought to suit you. It's well written and entertaining. Charles Scrlbner's Sons are-publish ing it; the price is W. Saturday. . Uncle Bill Ashafcra'nner, »»«ne»r io±>m»n and hunter, hows his «•• ivnle loading rifle tbat hue killed many bears; Thr rifle, an 614. eap and b»U affair, Is about ninety ears oH- ..... igh onto two years, wheii vrel rove back to Perry 'county. We were delighted with our success and were going to c:me back. We stay- | ed about two year In our old horns, sold' cut all the 'belongings we ouldn't move with us, and packed up to ccme to Arkansas. Some- hlng .funny" about that tnp down wre lias always "stuck with rne.' The o!d man lauglhed.-sort of half way to himself. , , " : ' "What's" tnat,' Uncle BUI?" I asked.' •;-•-' • "Well, It's Jiisl like thU. W« hM eight: hogs ; . up' there In ' Missouri hat we could'not get a decent offer. faY;'-'s>Twe just' brings' them joiig 'down' here.. We hadn't been liefe';.a;:"day, :.whari'a bear, gets .in bur' .liog'j.'pen,;'.kills', one s <^ ;: tr> e hogs,,and'the : seven' oftiers """ pears.',''.We : hunted': theseV hereabouts'I'clear.Mhrough 'and fin-, aUy gayi.Vur). all" h':pe. Whan' vhat hadn't got a-mile from town, loading, rinel'a "single.shot'-weapon WILD PIGKON INVASION ELORENCE, Calo.VlDP)—Mex cnn wild pigeons are Invading sout ern Colorado In large numbers, a cording lo Gninu Warden L. Ballard. clans from all parts of the' coun- . "Ovarian :Cysts", was" the subject V- 1 Iscussed by. Dr. Crisler with -sper.. . < nl reference to Ihelr mallgniiinies. i ; >, if. Rowland, talked, on "Dlab?tes." •••• Tlie August meeting "will hot b. 1 . ield nnd. the Osceola . nliyslclary- •.'«« vlll\cntertaln the -society^"In Sep^ ;-.. • ember. - ':.' . -,'" ,'•''. •;.!..,.Members present were;,otiyslc!firn ,;, C. M, Harwell and L. D,. Massey •••• of Osceola, N. B, Ellis and E. H.',';!,, Barr'ett, of Wilsoji, A. E.. Robinson and W. A". Brewer.of Leacjwlllt..; J. A. Luckett of Del), C. T. Morris, "' W..S. McCftll, A. M. Washburn, •'. '• A. Sallba, I. R. Johnson,: Paul 1 I.. •• ripto nand F. D. Smith of t>jh cltjv.','. IN: GOOD SHAPE ' MADISON, Wls. (UP)—Despite -j.'•'"('-, severe frost In May anddry-.wealhv,.,;; ,•. e'r earlier In the season, Wlscamli' '—;•••• rrous arc In 'Rood shape"hb»v;'thi '•"•-• ; .-f;l state and federal, crpp.'rejxirtlnj'^'"'--••'.:' service said Icday. The''stiitVs »|lrU.! ter wheat' production Is c estimatf.d at 800,000 bushels.this year oi com'-' pared wllh B3U.OOO "bushels har.yeM»;, s,l Iw 10'>Q . . - : r . : ' ( .- : - - cd In 1929. •- 1 ; • 'If? ?*2 MINING FIRMS PAY TAX '''.•-• ST, PAUL, Minn. (UP)—i»ay-.'''"' menu-!' totalling. «3,790.693 'were-''.^- *"|:->"-. ceived by'the slate treasury''if ram. ;•, 35 iron mining "companies', ojx'rit- - 1 ' 1 Inx In the state, tub. treasurers of- fice'reported.'The ^payments i-eDre-....*" s™t occupational taxes' for, • 19!!). ' "] -'thihlirihows. up? No, not the pigs.' ^iit ; »t.dld'get a letter from a 'man-' thriV bought ouf' pjace .in Missour' !,' and.-Vie : told us .that those Ham -seven "-hogs" -had come" all the -' ' " way -.back'; l5o : Jriiies,: '.to "our old homestead. -"We; : 'wrote:'him -to -k,?ep trwm- 'Uiere^becajuse there- were too iriany- 'bears' -'dowii here'- in s Ar- kahsasX'Yeh'i there- surrf were some g r ame 'heVe'in those • days, ; arid big ' "" game', "too" ;-leti cyou,:.;Wliy Negroes Art Accosed of Reckless Driving Ifcnry West, negro, was arrested by 'Andy Barker, ICear Lake deputy constable, on a charge of reckless driving this tapming. Weit was accused of.driving a car which ha'd been seriously dam- ged in a *-teck at,a.high rate of peed on Hifhwaiy 61. •';" : : ' Robert Powell, rwgro, was fined 10 and costs In Justice R. I/. Mc- Knlght's court this "morning on a harge of reckless driving. He is alleged to have' endangered traffic on lllgnway 61 Sunday. He was ;arf«sted today by deupty herirTs after making his getaway Sunday. men lawyers; Dr. Maria of Italy, who Is competition with men in many European countries recently won an important actuar- 1, the International _ Mme. Marthe Ver- nierr'pubirsher; Mme. Lueke Nftgy, educator from Hungary; Frauleln Kftthe Bohm, electrical engineer from Berlin, and Mme. Laudier, president of the business and pro- iesslonal club of Paris. In addition to the serious discussion ot business problems of cooperation, these women will have m&ny opportunities lor social cooperation. thing like the picture presented in "Queer People," by Carroll and Qar- rett Graham, it is a -wonder that a rain ol brimstone hasn't descended on the place, to blot it out .forever. "Queer People" tells of a newspaper man who gets a X* on a Los Angeles paper. He goes out to Interview a movie star, gets drunk comes to three days-later to find that he has signed a contract with some movie firm to write scenarios loses his Job when the flrm discovers he Isn't the man he was thoufhi standing events will be the garden They will be entertained by I party, that Lady Astor gives for eminent people In all of the coun- them at her country place, CUve We* khey vi«H, and en* ol the out-1 *m; Car Skid* Into Track M Read New Manila MANIUl, Ark., July 9.—The sedan of Joe Earl Newton was sltght- y damaged this morning when h' and his mother were returning Iron Walnut Ridge to, Manila. He ha< been'vlsfilnj relatives and was on the PtrafOBld-.highway, when a truck'loided' with ties came ofl side road 'to the main highway. Hi was unable, to stop his car on th loose travel land skidded Into th truck! His car was not disabled ana he came on in to Manila to hav his' render straightened out. Joe fart arid his mother hav been visiting friends, and relative In M«nil» for the pist two weeks Their home Is In Dtlroit, and the plan to leave about noon tor the; return trip to Wchl|»n. OLD BELL tUETLACCD LOWELL, Mich. (OP)— A schoo bell mao> In will again ca pupils bock to cliMes here as th result M desire by th* student bod to hav* th* rrtte repls^edr I- recollect that -^my . brother, . Sand, went i'uf one day and killed six buffalo' cows." ' "• ' Kilkd Bear With Axe The old farmer-hunter had lean- d back: in his chair, had crossed s legs, and began to stroke the ick. of. .his falthtul hound which as scratching himself up against tie chair. ... j Yeh,' old man Edwards and his He certainly .were a brava couple. ou do'n't remember then sonny, , ut' I'm sure that ycur papy and lammy do. He used to live across he. lake.. about twenty or twenty- ve years ago. One Sunday to nd his wife decided to cut down n old hickory tree that grew on hei r place. Folks didn't have no rejudices against wcrklng on Sun- ays then, so he and his wife wit'i lelr • dog .' strung cut across the ild lo the tree. They hadn't ot very far/ when the dog set up howl arid ran on ahead, whin- rag all the time, and not- stopping until he got to the iree. Edwards a 1930 01 FOR 1930 HOTORS Higher speeds require higher-test motor oil BETTER STICK TO^STANDARD" These (kv», e^ery .c«r nutfiufacturer Is stressing how htj' particular car will go. ' That means more motor re-vo- lutions per minute, greater puton speed, and higher com- prewion—therefore, more frictional heat . Only a specially designed, high-quality motor oil can rand up and lubricate effectively under these conditions. Don't take any chance*. Stick to "Standard" Motor Oil Before "Standard". Motor Oil comes to you it is carefully tested and re-tested for, freedom'from wax (any good motor oil made from paraffin-base crudes should be free from wax); freedom from excess carbon; freedom from acids; ability to .flow freely at Iqw temperatures; ability to maintain its body and in-effective lubricating film, and hold compreMton under high temperatures; resistance to emulsifying and cranlc-cate dilution; and resistance to being consumed under die highest motor-operating temperature likely to be encountered. The "Standard" Technical Staff is always alert to the new developments in motor designs, and a grade of "Standard" Motor Oil is provided to meet every new lubrication need. The latest recommendations are embodied in the new "Standard" Chart of Recommendations which is now on display by all "Standard" Dealer* and agencies. It is your safe guide to efficient, economical motor lubrication. KMD MAK AND INFOKMAT1ON FSCE COULD HARDLY DO HER WORK strengthened .by Lydi* E. Pinkham's VefetabU Compound ' Minion, Tex.—"I have used a good deal of your medicine and always find it rives wonderful help. Iwas feeling *> weak and rhiscr- iMe that I had to Be down very often and I wild hardly do my housework. 1 read in the paper ho\r Lydia E. Pink- ban's VegetaMe Compound h»d helped other women who wore in the Mme cooditioD to I said I n-ill try it for mvietf. I am very much belter Do* and I recommend this medicine, and will answer letters from women asking about it,"—MM. J. W. Ai. 1015 MiUer ftttirae, MWon; ^ • , ^(m^pi^mm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mi^HMM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^' STANDARD ANDARD STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 Tire & Battery Station CORNER WALNUT AND FIFTH SHEETS

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