The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 10, J939 JCTIKV1U.M. '(ABIC.) COUUIKU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per ))jic for cbiisccu- llve Insertions: ' . ' .-' ' One time per !|ue ,..-..iflo Two limes per'llni;-per day 08o Three times per line per day...0fc Six times per line per day....OM Month rate per lino •. ,.GOc Cards of Thanks........SOc, & 150 Mlnitmnii charge 50c Ail? ordered for three or six (lines and slopiwd before expiration vvlll be charged for tho number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy mbmittcd by persons-residing out- Bide of the- city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above' table. Advertising ordered tor Irregular i insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will ; be taken for more than onu incorrect insertion of any classified ad. IITY USES THE WANT-AM-;/™ 'L 1 ^ 1 ^- -I'?' • .—, L '.. :../. ... ', i;t,,j/ i. Hi For Rent room furnished W. Walnut. aiwrtincht 7CO I0-ck-il 3 room newly decorated apan- ment. Private balh. 710 W. Ash. Phone 727. 10-ck-H HOU) EVERYTHING - By Clvdo Lewis! 511110 " "' Kn «""«»- l "-' "w« B ht ~ .... " J .7 ..„__°| •"'"'»" l« this country In the ItlSO's (.v ,v 1 .?S <<. ™s. tt 1 * i < "' -- -......-« r IwlJi'hnnhKr Me /.noil. (..- .._ ..n... 3 room furnished apavlment. 606 N Fifth. Mrs. Elirm Crowder. 8ckt Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Hea sonablc, Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wnl »ut. - 5-ck-l ! or 3 room furnished apartment Newly decorated. 914 Hearn. 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apart merit, Main and Second. P. Simon phone TC4. 3-ck-t Furnished apartment, 900 \V. VVal- '•' "ill- 3-pk-H T\vo large bedrooms for rent, Mrs ..Nolcn, 310 W. Walnut. 24ck-t Comfortable bedroom. 625 W. Main Phone 2V7-J. 15-ck-G-15 Store building and residence combined. Good location for grocery nnrl meat market. 840 Lake St. See Dr. J. A. Sallba. Phone 410 or 416 12-ck-G-l! Office mains. Sudbury Building. See Graham .Sudbury. 27t For Sale 2-wlicel trailer. 112 E. Cherry. ' 0-lik-L _ Cans for Jug Fishing compteli. . with, straps. .^Guaranteed won't leak. .710 .-cents' each. ' Raymond Brooks, Stcele, : Mo. 0-pk7-9 We have a number of attractive and desirable cottages in Blytiie- ville. well located, which we can ECU at- reasonable' prices. Terry Abslracl ft liealty Co, Phone 617 Main SI. coltaee rented as Duplex at §20.00, ca corner lot. Price (i room cottage at High School. Rents at $30.M. Price $1250. Pretty collage on Vine St. New 1 roof and In fine condition. Price 5850.00 X Nice littln home on N. Fifth St. Prclty lot, with shade. $850.00 Thomas Land Co. B-ck-13 Sow and pigs. G31 Clark. 31-pk-12 Dairy F»llsfp.clory quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, in best of physical .condition. Call tars. Grace Lowery. Q02-J, for Halscll's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butter, But- lermilkT extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime, Halscll's Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes. 3(M E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 24-ck-0-24 ...- ^ - vcostcrs were the ci)iiso ID 11,1, , e tallj'hoolns his cailty prize us "the mrgrst eli'plmnt in captivity." Dur- IUB the sis weeks after his arrival, Jumbo drew $33U,000 Into tjie caf- feis of MiKllsbn Square Oimlei'. On Ihe mad, Jimibo ilupllcnlnl Ills New York success, and his iiiimo Urauni! n housi'hold word throughout the nnlton. On Sept, 15, 1885, the Unrnum « London Shows were entraining utter having played the Wile Ontario village of St. Thomas: jumbo was being led Ihroueli the freight, yards with Tom Thumb, H mtdiset , o Hve v'lsllcrs (ho |ii,, s i on lUivl. from the middle O f the i-acltlc' Ocemi' they arc vlewliij. scenes of blrdllfc In all drccltons. Tlie hull, rcproMiils 'the Piiflilc rciliicod to mi extremel small compass with Ihe on cvi'ry side, Fried Chicken Solves Neighborhood Squabble HUVKRB, Mu T — -.,-- - ~... . P...LHU, u IILIUK^L- i{ ir\r KDli 1 »i T i elephant, suddenly a locomoftve w «v to ,t m » S i , ?' e ^? ( loomed only u few yards nw<w. ' >," J ,..? t(>1) " » lli ?''l«>''l">."<t stiimb- "Thc owner owes-him ?10-m»,l that's Uic only way |, c can collect!" Personal Slutsish Liver, work oft the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, uunk feeling. Take one box o^ KIRBY'S ACTIVE UVEK P1M.S 26o at all Klrby .Stores Wanted CASH PAID and 1937 model Fords Plymoulhs College Honor Goes To Jumbo, Giant Elephant MEDFORD, Mass. (UP)—Every May 1 will be official "Jumbo Day'" «t Tufl.5 ami Jackson colleges In memory of Hie elephant mascot whose massive Imlk Is enshrined i" the Barmim Museum here Eslabilslnuent of "Jumbo Dav" was voted by senior students nt'.T mass meeting on stops of Oo;l- dard Chapel on the campus. loomed only u few yards nwny. Jumbo picked up Tom Thumb lu his huge trunk and tossi-il him over a low embankment. ( 0 safety. But seconds later (he engine ' crnshed Into Jumbo mid the monster died of a skull fracture. Museum Wingf Opens, Houses 750,000 Birds NEW. YORK' iup>-Attcr IU yems of planning mul conslnicllon, the , Whllnoy Memorial Wliiij of Hie Aiucrlean Museum of Nuliirul III;;Ui-y has opened with reportedly the lai'Kcst collecdcn of birds in the world. The eight-story buikltnt;, housing 150.0CO birds, wils liulll nl 11 cost of 51,500,000 contributed by ihc lute Harry I'ayne Whitney mid New York City. l^or 20 years Wliltncy .South Sens expeditions, which iimu iravtiu,! nn estimated 50IKJO inU"^ ' i visited seme 350 islands, Imvc collected move than -,JU,U.M u.i..-i >i , ± t,™ * u .1 "!? C? ' BMl . llt "• »»«»»B to Salesmen Wanted PERMANENT SALES POSTTION Nationally known rinancal inslili]- tion hns four attractive open- iBS for representatives through-' out Ihe state. Must be able to fur- best references. Position per- irianent and afTovds opportunity /or exceptional income, personal (raining given. State full qualifications. Your reply held In. strictest cpnfidenco.' HAROLD HTJBER University Bldg.,'Denver, Colo. ' t mounted on n wooden frame ami J given lo Hie college museum by (lie late P. T. Biu-num, a Tufts trustee. Barmim paid $10,0(10 ( 0 the Royal Zoological Gardens for the elephant which had created a sen- Poultry Summer special. Select, hloodlestcd While Rocks,, Hcds," Biured RockK, \Vyandottes, Leghorns, etc. 100— S^.95. Heavy assorted J4.50 Heavy Jiced pullets $6.D5. Cockerels 45.25. Leghorns Pullet.?, $s.5fl. Cockerels 52.50. Flrepaid live delivery. Arkansas Hatcheries, Little Rock, Ark Whales have the largest brains of all mammals. FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd I'hone 302 - - EMINENT REFORMER —PRESCRIPTIONS—. Siife • .-. Accurate Your Prescription Druggist.:,' Fov/ler Drue Co. O Jl.-iin it First rhuiie Ml Cliulon L. CuKtwoll lURiain UlilR, Hlyllinvlllc, AltKANSAS and MISSOURI TITI.K OPINIONS, •ITn.K INSMUANOK, i:OAll'l,li'l'K COVKliAfiK. For Sale MRS. iHKTHlCH 1'hoiif .'(72 or 700 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock tuiirunlced Best |'ric«» Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optometrist OJily Oriulualc Opliinio- IrlJit in Dlytlierllle, Olnssrs Fillnl Correctly owuor Hint she ,«wld im\c (o , eocp iDciii, bitl.'ncia •.tumped by the (itifstlon— "Jiowr- So swceuoy boumu ihom from hoi. CJolim lo Ihe next-dew homo or Ihn ,mo,st ronstaiit a-mplnlimni v.m 01 ! 0 *' , °' v l llnlll « l How Ho Imt selUw iho niBttcf in nppralu- I oil, the mini voluiHecied to kill for the policeman unil n Dr. F.J.Weitz Vi'lci'lntirliiii i 719 W. Ash ]>honc VU2 . ATHENS, Oa , ~'jjic U n |- veiMty or acoigln ims (\\\ w a Uiiunbs d«Kii on the pnxiira of lone co-eds IHtUi-lilMiiB to and num dimes niithenuoie, LAWN MOWERS iiKl, fatloiy meUiod, adjusted ollcd-l'icked up ,^ dulhercd H Used uuvii Mowers For Snlo ATKINS Madiine Slioti & tini-agc SKIN CANCER Ur«« lIuiiiMmi inrsoni ill« of iMn M)Kw uniianlijp," wiiicli wo lorui • criminal.nejnjoiico, Tyjiw v«y, Die „!,„„• e ,m f in, !,,,i » k !n catiirw in»y l)« », M | d«»to|i«t fa»e« cured 1C ttcattil cirly wlillo iho Ilko rut iwl.lout iilBinoniM w.tls wl,k-l. ,lo iiol y w»iu u,u ,|o\vly IIKIMBO «houtd tin Iro.iloil l'0for« Iti.y dov.loi. lino v»K>»H»l caiic.rjv SMu caucet. ato imr'wiwrt. ly v»vent«il but, 11 i, c ,te,| u, t | W , h ( ,,, M | lU j i,y ouo »kll|c.l will. |i|iyn»lhoi>i<)i tiuUutni, i c«o may lj» muiteil, • WiUi yean of tiiuly, tnjiotltiiw nurt Irwlminl ol liuuilrodi of ( M«C« we do uoi i.osiuto to nuke ilil» stalcmoi.t, £»uilittilan rroo '. ami wlUionl oWlgitloii. • nas. WES & NIES Ollnlo OH M»ln 8ljlhe»lu«, Arit, Now r.ucnttil ut 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KinVAUWS, Proprietor , All Makes uf licluillt Typewriters, Aililliii; Miuadncs inul Cluluulatdrs—Ilcpiilihii!—Parts—lltbblm*' HOW LONG SINCK YOWl «MR JIAO Aft Apjirotcrt Forri I.ubrtcatfoiiJ" 'lliere Is R difference "li tve.y place doc« tho same standards. nor can they give you tin t loid Lubricant.., mada Cfiiieclally for Koid cars., Get this following: .. ., .,;.,-,,,, ... ii r ; : CHASSIS ANDMVHIMI, IJACKING •COfliPKOTK CJIIASSJSX I'lTiaiire aim Gieaso In all pressure dun fillings; SprliWs, Jlobd lacings. - D 0 or • striker , niaies" waxcil, Door Hinges Lubricated,'' tpcelai Orcuscs In . Uulvcreal Joints, sticcliil lubricant In steer- Ins; tfcnr nml distributor:cam..":' 1'ACK FIJONT.!'\V1^5BL!i Wash ntil hub : and" bearings, pack wllh. special >'or4 : :Short Finer Sodium soap Just, wheel IjeiirhiEs, AH"Ai>o'vc ; .Service'.,.,..,, In Ciimlilnatiim.. Qnly PHItUpS MOTOR CO, Mli rii6h»'8U Goldfish Minnows B. F. E Brogdon, 310 KINNOWS & COCK ROACIIES /art Damon Cor. Railroad * Ky. ( Notice .Fishing License FOR VOUK rONVENIENCE. Wi; A n E PREPARED TO ISSOK YOUR FISHING LICENSE AT OUIi STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN and Board Comfortable rooms. ReasopISft , rates. 803 W.' Ash. Phone SD3.- ' 5-pk-7-5 HORIZONTAL 1 Head pj th? Salvation Army. 13 Acidity, H Unit. 15 Shaft part. 16 Company o£ sailors. 17 Grinding tooth. 19 Great mass. of ice. 21 Hops kiln. 22 Burrowing mammal, 23 To surfeit. 24 Hour (abbr.). 25SuBdued colors. 30 Wrath. 32 Poppy drug. 33 You and I 35 Heart. 36 Dispatched. 37 Chum. 38 Affirmative vole. 39 To decrease. 40 To. contribute 44 Stalks Of grain. Answer to Previous Puzile 49 Puddle. 50 Indigo. 52 To detest. 53 Her father was tho - —of the Salvation Army. 54 She is an exceptional —- or speaker (pi.). 56 Onagers. 57 Japanese coin. 55 Animal trainer. VERTICAL 2 Spanish measure of length. 3 Expert flyers. 4 An ox. 5 Grain. 6 A noose. 7 Insertion. 8 Close. 0 Exclamation. 10 Eyes. 11 Olive shrub. J 2 Wrongful act. IB She is the ' : of many songs. 17 Clay deposit, 18 Sun god. 20 Her official titie (pi.), 24 Skirt edge. 26 To mimic.- 27 Iniquity. 28 Be still. 29 Aquatic bird. 30 Frosty. 31 Hind. 34 Funeral song, 37 Nominal' value. 39 Fuses metal. 41 Series of epical events, 42 The reason. 43 Completed. 45 Demonstrative pronoun. 46 Polynesian chestnut. 47 Particle. 48 Existed. 50 Arid. 51 Eternity. 53 Musical note. 55 Senior 1 rA USfrD TO GETtW WHAT 1SA1D BEFORE, MISTER MORGAN, it's MOT FOR VJHA-T'S WRONG, CATCHUP TOH 6WPEU FOR .. Cf<EEK NOW ORY- YOUGOTTOM NO WATER > /AWJTSPROS'tV C'MON,YOU SVVAB5...STOP A&OARD THE BLUE BELLE, HOURS LOTEP.. MOONIIN' ABOUT THAT APE HOOTS AND HER TUJODIKS f PROT-t VASH TUJJHS IDEA OF HWW TO 6LEEP , SCMMV aov, i CAW'T l) SEE WHV THA.T WOMAV1DOWT / SMABV. SHfi TAKE ME BACK.' AFTEE \z ' KHOWS WHAT A VEAHS.WHV, VOU'O THWK fH L«V, HUU6RV SHE'D gE TOHTCLMJr—' I MO-SQOD BW ro see we 1 1—— \ vou ARE ! TOU 010 A VOTTA PLOWW, / VJELL BV UE86E' VtXJ 8KAS A80UT I |p i pouE A, SEW' A HEW HAW, time aww 1 SuTIUOTlCEtoU/SHt'OlETME POWT TBV TO / STAV O W£W PROVE IT - A FAST,HUH- S«E VBHT LET WO SW/ fOSEUER AT LEAST FOB A FEW KRKCKLES AND HIS FUII5NDS Music v.s. iMath CAMP 15 OUR. BEST D6T I A SWELL LAKe, LOTS Op RESORTS, GOOD AND A D2MAMO FOR. ORCHESTRAS / HYPOT6MUSE , RIGHT TPJANSL

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