The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on June 30, 1990 · Page 47
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 47

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1990
Page 47
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'Thunder' had to race to premiere Saturday JUNE 30. 1990 THE TENNESSEAN J) 7.Q MARILYN BECK Tribune Media Services HOLLYWOOD Just how close did Tom Cruise's Days of Thunder come to not being ready for its scheduled release on 2,307 screens? So close, reveals producer Jerry Bruckheimer, that "Paramount had to send couriers out to deliver the prints" to theaters in order to make its opening Wednesday. "I don't think any film has ever been closer to the wire In Hollywood history," says Bruckheimer, who co-produced with Don Simpson. He adds that fine tuning on the movie's sound continued even after it was screened for media members this week. The race to finish Thunder In which Cruise plays a NASCAR race driver became more frantic once the film was forced back before the cameras. The last shots were finished just three weeks ago. "We initially wrapped production because, basically, we had no race cars left to shoot," says Bruckheimer. "We had 60 built originally, but by the end, there were only two that were barely running. So we had about 10 more made and went back and fin ished shooting our final race." It's easy to believe they went through 70 cars when you see the "nudging," spinning and crashing that goes on in the picture that'll have you on the edge of your seal As far as whether real NASCAR drivers "nudge" as they do in the movie, "they don't like to talk about it, but they do. (Screenwriter) Robert Towne interviewed the most famous and the not-so-famous NASCAR drivers, and all the stories and incidents came from the real thing." Hold on to your badges: Casting is under way for a big-screen version of Car 54, Where Are You? It will be "very different from the , television show, but done in the same spirit," according to a source at Orion Pictures, where producer Robert Solo expects to get the movie into production in August or September. It certainly ought to be different from the early '60s series that starred Joe E Ross and Fred Gwynne and has gone down in history as one of the worst sitcoms ever. This time, the director will be Bill Fisher, whose past credits include the offbeat Tapeheads movie and many music videos. Don't believe those reports that Tony Danza will be receiving $50,000 per segment to provide the voice of the infant in Baby Talk, the upcoming Porky and pals get new, familiar voice JEFFERSON GRAHAM Gannett News Service When Mel Blanc died last year, everyone assumed that his son Noel would continue the family tradition, After all, that's what Blanc famous for his Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Elmer FUdd "voice characterizations" always said would happen. But before you could say "Thaf s AIL Folks!" there was a surprising change of plans. Out of nowhere well Yardley, Pa. Jeff Bergman, 30, stepped forward. His versions of " Daffy and Bugs (whose 50th birthday is this year) can be heard in the cartoon introduction to Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Bergman had devoted nearly a decade to mastering Blanc's voices, and he was awfully good. "I was constantly doing them, wherever I was," he says. "I would just try to re-create the voice in my mind and just do it" After getting the brushoff several times from Looney Tunes producer Warner Bros, he bought a cartoon video and remixed the voice track, putting Blanc's voices on one side and his on the other. Warner Bros, animation chief Ed Bleier couldnt tell the difference. Bergman's Bugs Bunny and gang were heard on the Academy Awards and Earth Day TV specials earlier this year. Next up are Tiny Toons Adventures, the syndicated TV cartoon series premiering in September, and ACROSS 1 Siding 5 European 9 Snooped 14 Otherwise 15 Curacao or Corsica 16 Divide 17 Holiday song 18 Exhibition 19 Man-made fiber 20 Striped 22 Thoroughfare 23 Level 24 Pudding type 25 Beardless 28 Disproving 32 Cleverer 33 Safe place 34 Bad: pre!. 35 in the thick of 36 Card game 37 Rich person 38 Pop's partner 39 Poe's "The is 40 Golf great Walter 41 Introduced 43 Fondle 44 Mimic 45 Cheated: slang 46 Summary 49 Evil-tempered 53 Brutus or Casslus 54 Discomfort 55 Wised up re 56 Stick around 57 Fearsome one 58 Of mouths 59 Allocates 60 Caribou's kin 61 Contradict DOWN 1 Legislators: abbr. 2 Intrigue 3 Utility customer 4 Alleviated 8 Lend an ear 6 Blanched 7 Walk heavily 6 Cathedral seating 0 Weapon 10 Macaw, e.g. 11 That one: Lat. 12 Revelry cry 13 Bang In 21 Assert 22 More secure 24 Vegas number 25 Rascal 26 Comedy 27 " for Love" 28 Gardened 29 Semblance 30 Hubs 31 Secluded valleys 33 Flutter In Box Office Bunny, a new full-length Bugs cartoon being readied for November. Toons features teen-age versions of the Looney Tunes characters, along with cameos from the veteran adults (Bugs, Porky, etc.), for which Bergman will be doing the voices. In Jetsons: The Movie, opening next Friday, Bergman filled in for Mel Blanc and George O'Hanlon as Mr. Spacely and George Jetson, respectively, when the two veterans died post-production. Although Warner Bros, hasn't officially designated Bergman as Blanc's replacement, he has been hired to do the voices for every major Bugs Bunny project since Blanc's death. Bergman whose first voice imitation was at age 6 of Ed Sullivan, met the master after he gave a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh. The young student pushed his way into Blanc's hotel room, did his voices for him and got a free, 45-minute lesson. "That was the turning point," says Bergman. "Right there, I said to myself, 'Someday I'm going to do these voices that he does.'" Although he also does human voices (Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Jack Nicholson, George Bush, Ray Bolger), Bergman says Bugs is his toughest "He's the one who's been heard the most Everyone has a different opinion on how he should sound." D PREVIOUS PUZZLI SOLVED 10fi.D PLOP "Th otwls ABUSE LAVA A LOT Ilili-AMEN JH ARE EjYjE O P E N E RyMANSE GO A JiSiSlALQI JnsoUeni jJl uTll STIR ET5 U Mf1 EVAN SSls J.E R TD I Bp. DE NO rr"TEG Q ; j?NjXu S E S C HlAlN G E S G LEN R E N T S C O V I R EDufp AWAKE place 36 Steps 37 Ffoor type 39 Plunders 40 Robust 42 Veneer 43 Room area 45 UK county 46 Kind of carriage 47 At-home garment 48 Release 49 Knowledgeable 50 With reference to 51 Ollle's pal 52 Spiritual 54 Shell's kin 1 2 5 R "" 5 6 7 8 39 To" TP" 12 113 - - -. 17 18 T5 20"" rT """" """" 22" " " " ""- 1. "" ' : 23""""""" " 24 25 262f" """"" " m"m 28" " """" "" "" 2lTio""pT" 32""""" - 35 " " " """""" 36 """ " ' 3f " " 38"" "" .39 """"" Jg-" " TT " -fej" - 44 4TT4fTiT" """"" """" 49" &rT5T"52 53"""-" M 55 ' L L . 56 57 58 59 " " 135 ' ,51 " lilt i I I 1 ABC sitcom version of John Travolta's Loofe Who's Tdfeing big-screen hit My well-placed sources tell me the stories of Danza's salary for Talking have been more than a little bit exaggerated. Rocker Andrew Ridgely is back in England after a visit to LA last week to lens a reportedly v-e-r-r-r-y steamy video for his forthcoming single, Red Dress. George Michael sings backup on the disc, which is due to be released in mid-July. He doesnt appear in the video. The heavy metal band Poison which sold a cumulative total of about 5 million copies of its first three albums will kick off the July release of album No. 4, Flesh & Blood, with a bash at The Palace in LA They'll begin an extensive US. tour In suport of Flesh & Blood In September, after joining Aerosmith and Whitesnake for the Monsters of Rock concert being held Aug. 18 at Castle Donington north of London. Bob Hope whisks to New York today for yet another round of promotion on his Don't Shoot, It's Only Me autobiography which tomorrow will hold down the No. 3 spot on The New York Times best-seller list for the fourth week. In addition to a book signing at Doubleday's Fifth Avenue, the 87-year-young Hope will do interviews with the Associated Press and Sally Jesse Raphael He also expects to do The Today Show. Clarence Qemons Is disappointed his new The Human Target pilot didnt make it on the fall schedule. But the Big Man from Bruce Springsteen's former E Street Band Is holding out hope the ABC show will be picked up for mldseason replacement Tm going to wait to see what happens," says demons, who's been trying to get a foothold in the acting arena since guesting on Diffrent Strokes back in 1985. He'd hoped that last season's guesting on Jake and the Fatman would turn into a regular gig, but it didn't He plays a pilot in the Target series that co-stars Rick Springfield and describes the show, based on yet another comic book hero, as "a cross between Star Trek and The Equalizer." He says neither he nor Springfield are involved musically with the show, but "there's a lot of good music done by (Grammy-winning bass virtuoso) Stanley Clarke." 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