The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on May 23, 1971 · Page 72
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 72

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1971
Page 72
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i ,v - . . .. -.... w - " t 1 r" .jiu-v. r i - s ,V "wt - Si Vit Brenda Wright models the white lace party gown blue border print by Wilson Fomar. N either Dwarf . (Continued From Page 1-F) front gallery room, performs , multiple duties with one cor- ner housing desk and office 1 equipment, and : another a ' small drop-leaf table. At one side a ceiling-high break-front holds his grandmother Avent'a pink china and a service for 18 in Spode's exquisite Queen Mary pattern. , Non-Cooking Gourmet " f As a bachelor he has learned how uto prepare food and to serve company meals without a lot of fuss. In fact, in his organized, methodical way, he studied the subject and came up with a cookbook designed for bachelors, working wives, career girls, anyone f with limited time or restricted cooking space, His "Why Cook? 218 Recipes by One Who Can't," now out of print, ( was published in 1955, On the ' premise that most cooking is en unnecessary waste of time and effort, but that most people like to . eat well, "Why Cook" makes use of delectable 1 recipes calling for canned, fro zen or otherwise ... , paCKagea , food. I don't think his tomato l aspic with artichoke hearts Is in the book, but ask him ;for the recipe. It's delicious and it uses canned stewed tomatoes. Beeiley li eager to get the cartons in his studio workroom unpacked and start to work on new figures. Most . of his compositions depict chil Add A Room For Simrr with Hollywood Canvas Patio Awnings and Carports COMPARE OUR PRICES NOW-CALL US! HASHVILLE TENT 615 20th Ave., North n:: estimates-terms phone 329-3701 Fun frock in white with ?pD'iqued flowers and ruffled slasn to the waist to let einsham bloomers show through, by Rizkal'ah of Malcolm Starr International. s s L -i Jjf7',:ly sTTHgi -fjsi 5 . : .y , i t t 1 L ATA i - Si Ksv ;"- 1 dren, usually scaled to life-size of three or four-year olds in some true-to-lifc pose or mood. He learned, early on, that working from life, with children posing, wasn't for him. "Children wiggle too much," he said. "It's better to think a long time about the situation I want to depict, ga to the park and observe children as they walk, talk, run and play, take snapshots and then make sketches." He constructs the model in Sculpt-Metal on aluminum wire armatures and this may call for much changing and reworking before it's ready for casting in bronze. His "Boy and Dog," for example, in which a seated child has both arms wrapped about a dog had to be broken apart Horoscope By FRANCES DRKE Look In th taction In which your birthday comas and find what your outlook ll, according to tht ttart, FOR SUNDAY, MAY , Wl MARCH 21 to APRIL M (Arial) Think twic baton you ambark mf liwv Wl f'VfWVi, iimm out if you hav all nacassary data. and If thii la th bast tim for It, Emphasli discration In all things. APRIL H to MAY II (Tiurus) Don't wast tlma with lnffctual motion. You may not hava th cooperation or hiip you hopad for, M thli happen tomotimes, and you can, MUST dtal with thins as thay ara. MAY 22 to JUNE Jl (Oamlnl) Rvlw to determine whether you houid be going In the direction you re, or doing things the way they should b don. Emphasli your Innate buoyancy, JUNK 22 to JULY 2 (cancer) . & AWNING CO. r raw v1 n 1 65 ft I A f i t - -I with Nor Cherub' countless times. "The angle of the head wasn't right, or the way the face pressed against the dog, or the way the dog's hair was flattened," Beesley said. New York Foundry He will continue to send his work to the New York foundry where he has had all his bronze-casting done in the past. Casting, he said,' is a very particular process. A figure is cast in sections and put together, and there is much finish work on the bronze that has to be done by the sculptor. Beesley's art training began in childhood at a Nashville art school when he was 12. His aunt and artist, Mrs, A time for striving) also, for relaxing, for serious contemplation. Everyday matters sponsored under present aspects. Nd mor confidence? Build Iti JULY 24 t AUO. 21 (Lo) Carefully consider all th activities ooen to vou. Then select only those which will com out best for all concerned. If you must disagree, do $9 with temper Intact. AUO. 24 to liPT. 2J (Virgo) -Not Leo; advic to you is similar. Mental pursuits should not be dropped "cold" . so that you can Indulg In frivolity. Control desires. SEPT, 24 ta OCT. 23 (Libra) -Guard emotion and pocketbook, and do not b deceived by fals fronts. With renewed Inspiration and your .will power, you need not find yourself In rut now. CCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) -Uneasy about certain matters? Which way to turn sometimes puizles. Stop to appraise the situetion thoroughly, then mix proper Ingredients to Insure accurate solution. NOV. 23 fo DEC. 21 (Sagittarius; You can make this day very worthwhile. Speak softly yot be ruggedly secure where direction and lability are needed. DEC. 32 Is JAN. 20 (Capricorn) Present Saturn Influences suggest that you think before vou speak or act. Absorb knowledge, spoken or writ, ten, to Increase your itore of Information. ' JAN. 21 t FES, 1 (Aquarius) Competition It on the move. Gear yourself to the demands that are appropriate. Agre and cooperate where you should; speek your views, too; maintain order. . FEI. it t MARCH M (Pisces) Plenetary stimuli. Intensify unrest now. Counter with reaceful composure, at which those of your Sign shin. Instigat reforms If apropos. Do not dally where vigilance It ssntil. YOU BORN TODAY ara endowed with unusual versatility, lofty ambitions, a remarkable memory and keen per-ceotlveness. You ara self-sufficient and Intuitive, so act on your hunches. You would mak an Immensely successful engineer, agriculturist, scientist or trial lawyer but, If th serious side of life does not appeal to you, try professional entertainment. In fact, th slag gives Vou one of the best if not the best outlet for your abilities. You have a ureat love of beauty and color but may find It difficult to commercialize art. Be'ter that you take it up as a hobby. Birthdate of: Prof. Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist. . . YOUR PERSONAL HOROSCOPE CALENDAR FOR 197), Both a handy wall calendar and a day-by-clay astrological guide for the whole year, this handsome horoscope it available to Frances Drake's readers through this newspaper. For your personal forecast on health, wealth, love and marriage, send tl.00 plus 2.1 cents in coin for postage and handling to THE NASRVILLE Tennessean, Horoscope Book Department, Box 173, CHd Chelse. Station, New York, N.Y., 10011. Print your NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, and DATE OF BIRTH. , i;' J '. rV " , Ld.4'3iJA....j.'Al.m M L,-,,,,,,,,, iiii,,,,i.iTiriff,m,,Mr,,l.,,, f I Vi, , XM S , M Staff photos by Gerald Holly ; f-C- 11 I v US Photographed at th ChmbliH Johmton Mm I ' iTtVl' M lit I ' LtJ -iLfy f H'' 1 Summer dookt j-0n mm mm II IP 1)1)1 P ,fw - II A-l iS ril 'teaK JvCAyJLVL(A (I CLll- Gingham checks out the formal scene this summer. Beene Bazaar does it in red and white with crafted flowed ' . ered belt. By JACKIE WHITE TENNESSEAN Fashion Editor - IN Cinderella's day, it took only a zap of a magic wand and she was ready for a grand entrance at the ball. Today, if a girl is depending on a fairy godmother for a gown, here's hoping her wizard is tuned in- to the fashion scene. ', How dreadful if she should whomp up, say, a swii'ly beaded chiffon dress which is frankly a ho-hum. Or what if she comes up with a peasant frock that says last year alongside the new enchanting looks for party girls. Frank M. Avent, later taught him in painting and drawing, In New York he studied at the New School. Although Beesley's figures are' a little attenuated, they are anatomically correct, Pointing out a figure of a little girl who kneels to pick wildflowers, he said, "You have to know that when thigh and calf are pressed together like that to support the body weight, one muscle must dominate another and which way it curves. You have to know what happens at the elbow when the arm is extended like that or, in the case of the "Soloist," how the flat-tening on the Inside of the arm occurs." Beesley's "children" were exhibited at the Swan Ball at Cheekwood last year ($10,000 worth were sold the night of the ball), are offered in New York at Burrell Gallery and in Hopkinsville at Gordon Cayce's. They are made in editions limited to eight, with the mold then being destroyed. He has been asked to exhibit again this year at the Swan Ball and will show eight of his charming children's sculptures, of which three are newly completed works not yet displayed, here and all of which will remain on view through June. One is a fishing boy, in which the young angler sits, with feet dangling as if on a creekbank, and puts a worm on a hook. One is the little girl picking wildflowers, and the third, a fountain piece called "The Shower," depicts a pony-tailed little girl holding a watering can above her head. Copper tubing, intricately engineered, is threaded inside the body and arm and into the watering can. Connected with a recirculating pump the water flows through and gives the child a self-administered shower. Beesley says this was a most complicated sculpture design. For one thing, though it might not seem difficult to the average person, it was extremely hard to simulate the openings in the nozzlf o' a real watering can. The water must flare out at the perimeter and angle at the center; then it1 , must hit the child's head in the right place and 'not glance o"f the side of her face, for instance. He docs not add expressions to the faces, feeling that the contours of head and body must create the mood and tell the story. He designs a figure on the assumption that it will be seen from 30 to 40 feet away as well as up j . ' I I I I ' I I ' ' StU! I .IHJBJI .'ljff" Jjf,f?V ? L f r-. k ww Photo by H. O. Todd, Murtreesboro tL. A w A new bronze by I he Angler: Jesse Beesiey, nW. freesboro sculptor, will be shown at Check-wood through June, during and after the Swan Ball. close, and so leaves "a lot of air" in the composition, I.e. spaces between arms and body, etc. And he tries to avoid what he calls the "Roman cherub look or, having the child figures look like dwarfs," which they can, he adds, if one is not careful, small-child proportions being what they are. Speaking of the Swan Ball, which raises a substantial part of the annual budget for the Tennessee Botanical Gardens and Fine Arts Center, Beesley is making a unique personal, contribution. At the invitation of the Ball committee he designed a small swan, to be cast in silver and presented , each year as an award honoring an individual who has been of outstanding service in the field of fine arts. ;. This year's silver swan, the first in an ongoing series, is a gift from Beesley. The mold will become the property of the Swan Ball committee and limited to a small number of annual reproductions. The first honoree, receiving the 1971 Swan Ball Award, is to be Arthur Houghton Jr., chairman of the Metropolitan Museum 'of Art in New York and prime mover in numerous civic and cultural projects. Before going to New ' York in 1933, Beesley edited the Daily News-Journal in Murfreesboro, a newspaper he had founded and published some years before as the Murfreesboro Daily News-Banner. In New York he was super There's gingham, for instance, that is turning beauties into prairie girls this summer. Cinderella would feel right at home after all. Beene Bazaar does it in a red and white with rickrack and ruffled skirt and adds a super hand-crafted flower-decked belt sure to please art-lovers.- There are, of course, the print dresses that shout hey-look-at-me to every Prince Charming in the room. They are from ankle to floor length, come with slits here and there and bared middles occasionally. They ethnic mood, however, is passing. So better to stay away from the Indians, gypsies, and Swiss mountain lass looks. visory editor for 7 semimonthly business periodicals published by Prentice-Hall, He also wrote some articles for Vogue magazine, a book on Canasta and his cookbook for non-cooks. Sculpture, which he started as a hobby in New York and then did as portraiture on commission for a few years, became a professional sideline for him a decade ago. Now it has come home with him to Murfreesboro, filling a bachelor's retirement years with bronze children who pick wildflowers, up-end watering cans over their heads, sing songs, thread worms on a fish hook, and affectionately wrap their arms around a patient pet. You can now ; relax in the physical and financial comfort of km. m . GAS AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM thank to the "no tweat" 10 year comfort plan. Ten vrar to pay t 55 Van-Bitty , Call for' FREE cittmau and complete detail, P. R. Miles k Son, Inc. 1311 Gtlltllfi Hut" 2S2-334t Then there are hotpants, the fashion world's phenomenon causing a furor on the black tie scene under skirts slit to the waist or transparent. Rizkallah of Malcolm Starr does a fun frock in white with gingham appliqued flowers and gingham bloomers. And, for the old-fashioned girl look with a different twist, there's the white lace dress with silky blue borderline print up the skirt and around the hem. It could double as a pretty wedding gown. For shopping information, on merchandise herewith, call THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, 255-1221, extension 414, Monday through Friday of this week. Winners of sets of 10 miniature plastic astronauts offered as the local prizes in Cappy Dick's vowel-counting contest ' published in the comic section Sunday, May 2, are: Jayne McDowell, 10, 1207 Richmond Dr.; Margaret Haas, 10, 407 Avondale Dr.; Sherry Bryson, 0, R,l, Auburn-town; Cynthia Anderson, 9, 104 Nathen Forest Dr., Hen-dersonville; Dottie Landry, 10, 118 Delft Dr., Hendersonville; Poge Greene, 9, 268 E, Main St., Huntington; Martin Big-hem, 12, N, McComb St., Martin; Sam Clark, 8, 1315 Lake-shore Dr., Murfreesboro; Debra Lemley, 15, 100 Martin Dr., Springfield, and Britt 1917 Church St. 329 ... - f CARPET MILUKEN DUPONT 501 NYLON HI-LO PILE LEES & MOHAWK ACRYLIC SCULPTURED LEES & MOHAWK ACRYLIC & NYLON SHAG SALE REPEAT! Carpet Roll End $2.95 SQ. YD. Drapery Fabrics 50c YD. muwvwviiii SHADE CLEARANCE JOANNA WESTERN WINDOW SHADES over 100 various sizes and colors a(Ch HOURS i Mea. tar Frl. 9iS0-:J0 Sat, 9iJO-liOO, Cil er Bnk Cards . Lewis, 7, 315 Lynwood Circle, Springfield. Winners of the national grand prizes in the same contest are Jeffrey Gregory, 7, Columbia, S, C; Susan Jones, 10, Prophetstown, III.; Steve Grove, 9, Springfield, O.; Marianne Mitchell, 8, Fort Worth, Tex.; Madelyn Ng, 6, San Antonio, Tex.; Peter Aurilia, 9, Staten Island, N. Y., and Lance Lelghnor, 12, God-dard, Kan. Each will receive the 20-volume World Book Encyclopedia and The World Atlas. All the winners will receive their prizes by mail. OPEN IVIRY DAY A. B. IVEY HOME CENTER Dlraetionst Lebanon Rd. I miles past th Hermitage. Phone i 758-54JI Hemei 219-5795 - 4151 Free Firkin e I r t'l l VALUES! $J45 so. M95 r so. YD. 95 u so. YD. f

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