The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1930
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY; JULY 9,~i93o : PI I IRQ uLUdu Society Calendar . ... . •:'iiri, Rive*' Allen' is entertaining with i.bridf* party complimenting Bir"«i»ttif,- r Mr». 'Jess .White, who IMS fieliJre lier minHage' ' Friday, M& -Jessie* Wornack. • ' "The Wonde* Sunday school class ol 'the' 1 like - Street' Methodist ' "' charch'it * o'clock. • '." ' L .'Friday > '" The 'American Legion 'auxiliary will-'meet witri Mrs. Floyd White with tins. R. N. Ware Jf,, as us- bitUnt bosfets. ; . . ', thfy'met'Urig. is to begin at * Coxey's Kin In Beauty Pageant * - . -• • J -. . M .• : ' : The ; Do'ir'cai;' 8uiMjRy"feclio}il -class at tl|i';. 'first Balfjttsl 1 .: church Is having' 'a' social ' nibbling ' al/ I be home 'of Mrg. ' T. E. Epperson/ 304 Broadway, .with .Mrs. O.. W. Lewis also, a?.' hostess. '. ''.':.' •- The' Miislc.deparlmcnt of the Wo- man's' club i? meeting .with Mrs, 0. G. Redman, Friday afternoon a'. 4 o'clock;..:' ; : .';"". .. i Cl«b EKtrrtaliKd. ' 'When Miss Bonnie Lynn Gay entertained the Night Bridge club she - tor ,. , guest >U Evening. Miss Neal.Luck- ett ; wplv, the.- plub -pr^c an<j Hit guest- received 'a .rein«inbrnncc, Deficjous 'r'ef raiments of. molded pineipple, salad, '.canapeij ,and Iced tta itjrt .terrtd:. alter,' .the bridge «*, : . ..blbsMins. were ' ,. . ... for d^biallng the .'living room t '"''' "•' ,. •••"A color scheme, of yellow and white prevailed,!" tho bridgfi .party liven, by Mrs. ,C. .f..-. Morris, olid llrs-.'jroliu; B.-. McDanlcl , Jiv. Tli '' -:;sen{ yi: to home'jwhen 3ft,ladle's wer: :; Dais(e> formed -a backer.-, i tlie tabjcs, -with,..while.,p'i'ri' ; ...,_.. cpVersVi.arranged;...iii ..tly. -'^iluubji rooms-ancUiJi th»rrefrcs:j:niihts.o 'dainty'frozen fruit salnd, rlbboi sandwiches, bon bon cups filled with mints.and Iced tea, the same shades were seen. Mrs. J. Louts Cherry won crysla . beads for first honors, iccond high i- "bowl, went to Miss Mary Honey aiid Mrs. Joe Kirby received n don ble deck of cards Jo;- low scori prtte. .-.:-' Mrs. j^ G. Selser otVJ<ew?Or ledns, mother oi Mrs. Morris, vwa: an out'of \own guest. i\ V Nnr Monbtrs Enrolled M. \ ? T*o "new: members ;wfro enrolls a : t the ny-eting of the Woman"Missionary Socjety of .the Becon Baptist clmrchri which met atvth church Monday'afternoon. • Mrs. .B; A. Morris led the deyo Uonal wMch.ipreceiiKl the- busincsi session' in wnteM'^p)ans-.were mad for next : w*«k'l'; meeting in bo held at the rVtoe bt Mrs. Jbhri--Harnlsh ' ' " Service study will . f jych,wocd, ita Chi 1 Activities and News of Women • Bits of News Moslly Personal Miss C'elia Aknslol, of Qulfpart.'r Miss., and Miss Sara Phlclcr, of' Atlanta,• arc vlsillng friends here. Mrs. Bruce Ivy,-Miss Mary Sue' Hale of Osccols and her 'house-- fiucsl, Mits Mary'lllncs of Forrest City; were In the city Tuesday. Nell- KtlloiiBli of Wyhno, candidate fir' circuit indue' of • the Second Jiidlcbl dlstilot; Is in- thtf city on. • '•' ••• '•• • VMra; Edgar 111 at her. lipAic '(in Unity street. *-....•• VOrd Marshall has gone to.Lcachr Vilie where, he will , oiKrate a Weight's Five an'd Ten . C«hts store for .tlie summer. He is a brother of Mrs. Gordon Wright. Miss llobblo Lee, King is' ill at lier h'ome on Davis avenue.. " ,, '" •' Frank H.-Moffatt ayii soil, Wills 13. . MoffttU,'. of Hirmingh'^m, 'arc, .•Isltiiij Mrs. diaries F.. Wopd. Mr.' vfotfiUt'ls ii'llSrolhcr'of Mrs! Wood. Mrs. Lte M'Jsljy has' been ill his: week but Is. now belter. Mrs, Torn uclo'te, "who''IWs'been 11. several days,- is 'no*-bettdr.••" " W. B. •Tanner mid ' C. 1 'A; [ Cun- linglianV attended ' to business-in Memphis Tuesday. ''' '..•', "' ''.. '•Jake ungar was a business vis- ,tor jii]i'Memphis 'yesterday."" ••' : .' l: <3.' A.' Cunningham 'Went to D.ard- eriSl|e','Ark.. today accompanying his molhcr who has 'been'visiting, 1 hlrti: 'Mr. aiid Mrs. -Bilker' 1 -Wilson- sire returning to 'their lionie In'Mcin- plils' today alter several' 'days stay here, They live here In the cotton e"d' to'PariigpuUl atlcr "5cYer;ii days ;• Miss OorbHiy Long.has return- stay' ttitli Mr. tind Mrs. Rpwlanc 'Wpltbr't.' . ,' .," ,.';.-',' ..W..M. Scruggs of.Memphis,..Is ies5,iYjsllpr,: ; ln"lU,c ;<&y. today. Best ' Is London' ''••'. ' .:;t$ Mu$r Adopt Itself e of Scj^jice Declar- scientific '.age?; There .-can bj bin ne answer— the church must re- ajust' nself to the- rccosnuca In- overlos of modern times cr' cliso 5 doors In the next ten years." rick Tear Gai Bomb Scatters Ceremony PPTROIT. '.(UP)— The lnt,;rcjtUi^ pcclacle- of a |»llce .^dnicial v,t. 0 <•'»•' -Ht-ial'" <-l« > — '•»•' •'•- - •innlng-pf HuhtM'j'.ylil be the the Rev. X'.';.T,.'Osborn, tVartgelht, who !«' conducUn^ "scr- viceS''in a teiit'at the nj>rlhjend:o; Second street'.^-." 1 .-*•.*. li^vJ-Tj: 1 ,-; (li. lazy rrtan is iiciilritaaVrMfi ps.Borh declares, sKJaklBk" pi' fttM ^at and moral'as-»>i]['»iii.pUy|tcai laziness "The; man wh'p'^Ejitfs- fled with ': tlie same ! ijian-msi&< cxeeris of .the ;.'ii^le>ntji.'ce4^r.y.';ji "rnJ'jiLally aiid. moratlyj fazyyiTw '• '(if {Ci(id i| capnqt'-Etill ' Un Knthcrinc Coxcy, absvc, granddaughter of Gcni "Coxey's Army" fame, has no plalis for leading employed on WashliiBton. bu^ ste does hope to bo chosen as tho world's most beautiful girl at.the :J Jjal^5tpii, Tex., bcautyipwef fy"iB -Au; ' Miss Coxey, whostL-JioinoJ^i in Masslllon, has edterj^vt for Eelcc)ioii 6{i''Mis;"phh?!;"and holies to "~ the title of '"$Iiss Universe!? C?, V • .-' BV DAN THOMAS • -NBA Sm-ico .Writtr HOLLYWOOD, Cal'.^-If'you likr- WJU'Roger's or If. you Ilkfe' t 1o laugh, Ic.n't 'miss "6p Tni^.Is 1 .London." This-film marJi^/ftogtrs' 'secoifd 'Ciiturc ;into':_trie .iealnV'.ot talkies re brought ^together, become.'gri riehdsjand'lrislst on"the' marriage aklng iplttoir ' , ; "-".-..: I Altho'ugnrtiefstory fbaily. Is built round' thij lo^ of ll)i| itjrb young Virik 'Ali^rHBiji'j'iiRogejrs ijasilycar- fe's off .-.the; major; hp'ribrs. The.-ro-.; nance is overshadowed by his ready wit and 'humor. • i '-' •• ' Second honors go" to Miss O'SUU.' jtviip, Vlt'lj 'Albertson running her L iclose' V^ace;'Maureen Is 'the gfr! irpiighl' ;ovcr ijere irohi ^Ireland tb. : '-~ '-'the' John McCormack' film', She'did so' £dod . i H is (ivol 1 • in aTin erV b'fj p\ttt]n j over lines is the around tlic studio.'at hoirie df"anj Clan Mrs. '« , ll,.%li city, aiid Mrs. S. E-. Vall,.%1io is moving soon to Hot'Springs!-'.«erc honored'guasts at a picnic given *>• this, class Tllesday eyeriing. Other, guests Included the Rev. and Mrs. Marsh M. Callaway,- Marion Griy,- Rives:-Allen, Ste. Alice' Womack, the four daughters of : Mrs. Otf, Mary.Virginia -Cutler,--Janc'i, Adams ,and Louis' .preche,' jr. The. crowd"'motored to Arrftprel where a bg4Dtif«l ; suppor mehu/was . Mrs. 1 i«t'''rfki-~laLi always been .bfc.thls claS^ •fry ; in appre^ i-'-arid'nimierous "^ M>nd-i-Mrs f'rfjulo'hahd- •' ^^M re Collins'?: kerchii Rives ..Summer. cnlertairiir|? is "usually nlofmal^ slhii yWlUie"' the refreshments se]d6hi_ are^ elaborate, they always are p^ffeet \to;^t dc- all. Luncheon' or Vtternoon ? tea- demands something 'bUtVof-th,.. ._. diriary and interesting ..--buV not -uis'y.,.or pretentious. For luj\cheoiW Jellied bouillon or n chllied fruit soup, salad and dessert 1 ;- With' -' a beverage -leaves little lp!pc,desired. Ftr toa, a salad with" sandwiches and : a b'evcrhge- is really refreshing ami satisfying. The snlail which decs double.duty ns both salad and dcjserl is particularly alluring Tor the summer luncheon or;tea. it simplifies serving, an item, always worth considering, mid has a.more cooling effect than the sweet dessert. ''. / i\ dessert salad is at its.Uest jellied or"' frozen. Either the frozen snlnd uses ,a-;fro;tei .-.-j ^, leii , refrigerator' without ahy'iabo iWw^dwWvSFrelttMS- or several weeks. MissjBfi^lJcW rusTioijT! |H... - Mrs*RajH i .i'ii-fd!fc«r'tw eola, , und her housegucst, Miss Doroiliy liogard of faducah, Ky., •ere in the city Tuesday afternoon L UP rA ateci\gelatine', 'i' cup 5 ' rnaj'omwlse, -2 * clip whipping cream, 4 Itible- j»ons' lemon Juice, 1 package Phll- crcajtr clicc^p,-,. 2.- tablo-' p'oons butter? .fe«lfehUlmor\dsC .". . t OruGh berries and extract Juice, •oi'ir 1 cup water through.crushed jerries. Soften' 'gelatlrie-m-'4 table- ptjor) cold-water and dissolve over lot water. _,Add tp.berry ^ulce will) cmou juice* aiid-'a^iittlc -sugar''if iccessary. When mixture begtns'lo itiffcn, pare and dice peaches. Add it' ohce fir;-jelly -with j mayonnaise and.' whipped crcam^.Folrl. llghllj q j nili irfgrc'dients'-'and" turfi'irito nioid. Pack In eight;' flnaly chipped 'Ice to one part Ice cream ahd salt arid, let stand three hours bf linger. Combine clicesc anc^ but fcr.j working''with n'lork lintl smooth. Form in<small'.Bat -'cakes Siltf stick jM)Iiited_ci)cJs of : nlniands .nip each cnke, ; daisy fashion, 1 making tlie almonds,.the petals and tin cheese the\ccnler. Servo the salru ori chilled lettuce witiv » garnisl of mayonnaise and a ".daisy." Coimtr.y.Scliools ..'. Are Opening For Suinnier Session Mildred Lynp Muir, daughle| sjl -- g rlbi- ranfipa' rer D Underwood, ill LtUltf • During r 'tlfi! 'voyagi 'the'-iWn love wlfti" aii 1 Erlgllsh girt! 1; wHoM returning home after a trip '''t America. They want ,to J>c ; marrici but; the boj'si,.paroiitsi|Rogers. ; aft Irene: iRich,..objcc(., : on..tlic, groujicl, that thc,Blrr:ls ; En8lish. iu\d R'^qt lias! an. inborn gtudge ^gatnSgtj'a.ny'. b:dy.:0r anythlpg-LEngjish 1 ; i And ',tn' tlrl's .pavents': ; object, ,, : bec' th boy;is-./fone of^ljle. Ameri :c3tis.'.'-.,OI " "' •"« "Old"'TUt'aiaieijt is. ths»t'nje; : oipd - Bin iy,.-;iiivfr.s8 . cut forefathsrs, jblitV.that concep tion Is-rejected-!:by .the" meVitill aferl Jn't!iis:advaiiciSl : age'.*Th" Ih'g'ineri * In j this- Kclentific age juj isiylrj[gi_,m.«I must.-wade throji'gii {inpueiit' blpoii to thc.,a.l.tar of^fn^ uq^-.i Chilli never touch that-.aU tar'i"." • ,J. . J;I»i'a -VKrsonal .viV 1 -' pfcuple N5r.';& Up riM'.fm a tear gas bomb was present- ''' aainoritif.-i'iK-,<: , ; . WiillBin R. Logan, secretary ol he police department, reached in- 0 Ills pocket for a cigar'whlle lie' n-iis aireuuuig ceremonies :it Uic •ground-breaking, mid luillcd'oiit In- itpd a trick tear gas gomb In tlic form 6f a fountain 'pen which' p Jalesman bad given him shortly 1 :Tr,eie was. an ImniEdva'.c |iap! ' Whcdt 'acreage liiis-'bccn reduccil (it 18'foreign 'couritrlbi; which in JS29 reprAeiited its per ci'iit oi the ibrld' total, -eiclusive of Hutsia and China.'' '' '• '•'" - in. that picture, that Fox gave Vhe.',. Bi'iages jam i) a v» •- been- -,-i.'- ChjiWutiOis T l for. 25 .years, the. papers speak of nie| a's' being tlii 'foremost 'psychol- ogist'of. the age/ r'iiavb been'call-; e'd. Ihe" ''silver, tongucd orator of Kentucky,"fri just-.oje. riiorith'there weri 2'd full page newspaper stories about'my philosophical and psychological research ''anS discover- 'les/; arid ' ye", I come .to your cit> <tern wing oi ch'urch .and' raj •n? to; the mln- role! fatiier,. also does some exce ftilyl ''hu'p-.wii'rfi;- 'One of ption- ''-' llglxts' pi tlie, cftttfb, picture ''is, Hr' Jiitjiskit sceiie yriAr^HilfejaHjJRfiip trs |t'r'y ti'omsing eacK'otherl^pJri pthy Christie, a comparative' riew^ bit In 1 the'Tote' 1 of 'LadyiDiickswdrth;- 'wtti'bang's! the'two famine's togeth-- fci : 'at -the 1 '\vrek'.ehd 'party-:at-her ^iBVli: ,-|;;| hopped here today. C. T. Krnmer will leave Satur- fcr Peiisacpla, Flh.., . where.', h:- Coast Artillery wo weko. " ramng camp ' . v, returned ta f Uiplr.;lipui6 lii ; .Wyiino yesterday" -tfffci- Ee'voraT-'days "visit wllli 1 Mr.' and. Mrs.v£>aO.i<jtaiisltt;i Belly .Lou,. Kramer. 1ms gonc^tu Little Rocfe ro'r'a'Vlsft-wlth'hevmo. ? lie Ruest. Sols Clr.yti>n7E.-!K. Williams-and crt- Hm ; t'*pbiit' last'-week -end In 1 Little-'RccV visiting ri/farvirt'Clayton and laftmy. 1 "tfliey returnea home ' Edith seven teaon thex can be packed In ice and ' frbien- without stirring. m '" .'successful *^*»jn vu • -*JVUHI Aiutri ii/m + ^ tT "P i given ty Mri.- Sum: &il"»'nil'?Mri'. < ' were A devotional en "SteTrardsbSp," led by Mrs. R. 9. C«h, and prayer by Mrs. A, S. HartreU »sid-J*ri. T. E. K<ng con- <4iiA^I «XA niii^l, • ' .- 1 -. the firs. S; P- Lee was hof??; to : .-.» saibtrs, -• *rt>. vis it -.. c ...-,: id a rf'beiOTc' iftoldhig anti chllltn&,.S,ni- Rural schools, Which closp in.the fall for tho cotton picking season, tirfeyspening July 7 and H for the nhpui}V summer session. ..The .larg^ Vr-; schools, have n strrt'Ight ' nine 'months term beginning in September while the .smaller Ulilutlons rtui" si : ten weeks I'cfin before cot• tpn" season, begliis. .. Those opcnilip . ..Monday .were; Jox Elder,°.,SUinc, Misa Ruth s ;4nd Mlss ; feul(i'S.tonc; teacH- rs; Hkkitta'n; Jaiucs McCehce fthcl iiss'.,Margaret '-Peril', tcRchcrs;. ^ky,-A.'-T«|..;T«ekenzie and M. C: district' )Vdmc"c(ciiionsttatJo'n' (tgelit. Mfs •.OTWCP'-CoiipWgevwRsitakcrj to the Moinphis Baptlft hospital last night wIiere'9ll(?"wilV urfdergb an oparatipn-Ior was .nccoiiipanic.d a'iid • Dr. "JOhii R Miss UlUan.Bt of "Mr. "aiid 1 Brooks.'- ' •' Robert 'Purvis'^re'UoTng phis tom'orrowfor'ia;-fe*,.day5.-.ylsiU. Mrs. W.- M.. McParlaud. an A dauehtcr, Miss Orlico, J nrc-"exntot,'- en to. arrive. jSunUay- Irom. where they have been visiting for a inbil'tli/'t' '-' '-'-'•'• '• '''•'•-• Sam Thomas and daughter, Bav_-; criy, returned today from a oriel stay in 'Memphis. "••.vt.':.'.i'.'." •-.-'. Mis, M, B. .SlcB<:y.Uns...ns. IJP'. daughter, ol Memphis. ! '. .::•<•,• Mrs. P. .N. Lnttrell and chit-., rl'rcn will leave' 'tlvhrsday for scv- rrnl days, i visit- in-MemiHiis. «nd Coyington, Tcnn . . Doris Muir ls"visiltiif! 'rdSliVcs ir FultCHV Jlo. the- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Muir. CuvtIS wlfj : t(i Meiiillhfs Sunday-.where-she will : cpbnd i a r 'fe\v; days • Visitin'j ,lier mother: >.)•'•••• •'. •'•-.• -><i. •>••! :j-'i Mfg. H'anfiri'h ^wVirirxTrg !: accomi parjic'd' "-'-- 1 ~'- : ' .Ifenipl returned _, Mr'.;';h'ni|- ^irs..-^!!^''^^^^^!' '"of friends and relatives.''' : '; ".•.•' i Mr.;.and''"'Mrs. 1 ."6eof&! -McGlnly- nnd •children • Vent ,fd'6scepla 3iin- dnv niglit to'attciitl llife iniioii revival.'. '; -;;••' : •''".'""; : ' '' Gdor'ge cl'rly 'Hcndc'r£0iv : sr.'' ric- companlcd Mrs. liydson to McmpliU Tuesday mdrtiin'g.' 1 '$hViS ; to receive treatincnt at' ftie"- : lfet!ipfiist 'Hospital: : • •' •••"•"• *'• '"' Paul.Wiggins, Mr,! a'rid'Mi's.' i G'ay- Iha Pbr'tev ami children' spcriC'Siin day ntterhoori in Memphis: ••' '" . i*!r f or' Ip'the w" oi •' fjiiits ' t^; bo uS'cd. in' atiMirtlvialads. One 'at the -most iellcipus is red raipljerry nnd peach frith. Cheese balls.. ; Tuis combination Can be uECtl.-ftOzen or Jellied. glve'l). hy Mrs,' Sam 'Thoma.v ycster- da'y. M'tcr playlng.hridge from 10:30 untll-1, a riellcious (m course menu of fried chicken and its side dishes was served/"'-' Summer flowers and gay tallies shaped like fans,;,were .used.-Mrs i the!.Bemard Gooch Wpn a sterling bud vase for club highland, a'refriger- ator bottl» went-':to Mrs. J.-Nick Thomas tor high guest. Ik * nwr arttiiif 'ol/UieT E. 1. Sunday scrrcol-' dasa Tfaf l*i Fir. >. Baptist crrart* •t.ttfe.'crntfth Ust evening. Mr*.'•AT^a-'illMnKn, wife of fne new ptttor, ertfoiled with this j Work Planned - group. .-•'•'•-. : - ! The alms of the society for tin Mrs. C.G. HiTB, leader of.theiyear were discussed . at. Vh; meet devotional,-Wietf^ tie IJth • chapter I ins of th= Woman's Misslonar of'-Krst'Coffcrtiiiujk-- ' |S-cicty of the First .-Christlat -Aft^r .the butibm session, the church Monday afternoon In hc*te« .tervcd iced *at«rmclon- . M«Aben of the Lunch- ____ . _ ecn cjubvtnd two guests, Mrs. J. meeting presided over by .Mr. John C.vMcKancy, ]r.. presidcn • : Mrs. Gordon* Evrard led the de vo'ional land' in the progfa'fn, con ducted-by .Mrs. A. M. Washburn and Mrs. Louis Mrs. George Croa.and Mrs. Gebrg ,Creeifci-..«nJoTed » morning pwty W.-'Barham also toot'-part, [ing (1ayfi"'vi5Hirig 1 '* S' niict iliiy 'evening.- ' '.''•' "•', P.'A'.'Viiic'ent sp'ciit Sunday' sift crnoon with' Mrs.' Vincent'iittd iliil dren 1 iu^'Mcmpliis! Jlrs.- Vinc'elit" r»s'| be.en'.tn'^'lnith.'iicfj mc)(tic'i[ fpr -ivera.\ ^^i-.. n ..i- r.j|-ynii s "".i-.'.,y! j) -ysr.r|lfckson,spenl gundaj% with >is i family,, iniMeinphls.'.'. " •" ''...' of'Mcferran vlsit- i |",.-<?>S?e?*' of, McFjran visit; Mends in Wilsbn SUrid.ay. ',,. '.br. O. Barksdate Isin.lhe Baptfst ' ospital feieivih'fi'' trHtmeill'.'-He • T - ;,-*ttftTt?fy a-ifbrje'ration. WJ SDJF - ff ..-.^ r -,-,-, -,,- - >M»m hurL-hi > 'but^I ^o feel, th*.^ la^ P? > fSAt^S, JWUk.PA AofefamR! t least once. If I fall to Intrlgu at least once, ll i "fall "to Intrlgu will bV.mMauie'aiWiyou-'wili h'a'v|e .done your' duly 1 ''toward- the •tC'tcheri and strai)gen rwitliw 'git^S.-l;.. •-;-? ' jl, f ;:•• ,„- : . • '-'jhis you: do-know;: We: are send-, lingipur-jboys cplj. lego anjj i they,i are i returning.' au t; i) ii ?%J17HBN you start at sud- |™ den noises, worry over "trifles, , can't bear the noise that children' : friake,' ; feel .irritable and- bluc^4en<to'. one. it's your nerves :; •Don't wait until your ! oyer- ' wrought nerves. have kejit >'6u aWake half. the. rjiglit and, paved ',' the'wayifor another . miBcrablo . day. Take two teaspoonxula oJ : Dr. ttiles'-NerTihe and cnjoy.tho 'treKef that 'follpwEi '-Take .lu-o . i'.jnore ^before you ^o"W h'cd.. .«Sleep^4i'ri'rt' *akc lip ready -'for - :".ihe. days' duties Or pldasurca. s Dr. Miles' 'Nervine 'is .''now soon ' >arid' ! : Thcse admitted as patients to ifc ! Ely thevilie ' hosplt al - today ' ftre : Jdlvn'rile rtali, 'Reclbr^Madis'PreS- nan, c 'Bf 1 agg City. 1 '' 5 Aairon' 'Hunriery;- )( ' ParJgbuld- Was dlsrriissea. ••' '-•ult ' ' -ill'l' "V •:-.•---; • :!..•-..- ;,.,', ,-LpVinjA'l ; JD;-'' i C61o. ; ;(UP).— Walter ^og'er^' ^Berrhourl,' spent 20' y?ars r in 1 - ' ' -" lie 1 -grocery 'buslmiis, h'orpihg- -with" each biinch" of : ban'a'n'as' he iiKjia'dk- ed heiTieyer would '"find a tarantu- 1 a.' "flic 'other' 'day he found ; "one; ^yellf'liere' it is!" he 1 remarked.;" bAST. LANSING, (UP)—Cream which'--'is copied' Immediately" a'ft'ir separating: in iripst'-cases ^111-bring a: higher-'iirico'and "will 'shoW-'-a more" c'0rreci' l test than- '• buttcrfat \vjiich~ls not given this special'carej a'ccordlng to the dairy department/ at .Michigan "State college. _..,_ ,— InsUntiyi . . . 'rip«03 rid bells woc&l botl or cutmacl« often ofcreicbL Get Ctiboil to4*rttom druuisL Pain coil lit* Buic, Boill Ttaith fa iroclatlr *ort tJ™«.'" EfferveMent ..Tablet. Botlr'ard the -.same •' Liquid or ErTeryeS-' ''''' . harmony )»-ith [.traditional irellgion..- The church; no ; longer, ihss • an ap r : traifisd .caiiQot apccp!., °-i 'the'i theories advanced ' 5 ji U ' rc i, J:lWh j, t . shall WHEREYOU This new all-electric Mits yeTm*.WUIlams,;tcRcheriPer'. ,Joti»ri., tei'chpr^: • ciJcol' ..Ridge, Mrs..''"May Sufks. tcach'or; 'Promis- d Land,.H. L. Hatsell, Mrs. L. E. Davis, Miss'JuHa Itctd, teachers. : Next Mphday—Hall Moon, M'^ Ella'Hodges arid Mfis Cnsslo Cald- w'e!l, teachers;.' Oak, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. .Baggett, Miss Lots Fields, teachers; Hat. Lnkt\ Miss Beatrice liarsctt and 1 L. H. Hay. teachers; Clear Lake.' E. J. Marshall, Misc Annie Lee David, teachers. You «E«i not spend-n lot .if mr>n- _cy to let your Mck. friend in tli^ lios- pttal know that you are thinking of her. ' Make a colorful little br-.irclel ol pretty clastic.-and flip throujh e Meetings Draw Good Attendance Tiic Nazareno revival meeting in the church yard on Cherry street k being, well attended in spile of the cxjrcmely hoi weatncr, according lo^ReV. A.'.T. McAnally, pasior. Service's are being nclil cverj evening at 7:45 p. in. under a torse .lent; which .will seal .several hun- qrcd ptrsont. There art approximately 65 Nas- artne churches in the st*tc. Rtad Courier News want ads. it a pay red or brigln vi-: kerchief. Enclose cup or urlgl-.t one?, for a br-d-rUi-.irn person appreciates handk-niiirls that arc so colorful they will r.o; be lost ir. Ihe white sheets. A . funny postcard ovr:\ npprr-rinled too. clipping , cst. a framed picture l.-in::-,- for the period of illness, a siu.-v piece of fine fruit or a single f.m-rr Th» cost is lltt'.e, but the p'.eani" given is great. . i:and- more ( | XJ - To myvifryjuit.s,.asicl ausWilicfst:;-X . • '•• •• • •:':.' 1 AnV 'no\v ; to«'iii'tlic'feader Building on South Brojidsvay \vith ; ;j well: ciitiippcd TyjiciiVritciVSIitip. ; '.''•Wi'-aiso.iiql.ll'nc^^SKl rebuilt:T.v.p3\vi;i|crs. Easy., toi-ins if (Icsired. Youi' old lype<vi'ite'r'taken in tVaric. Typewriter Ribbons and Carbon Paper,, guaranteed. .Special attention given to'repairing and .'rebuilding Typewriters,. Adding Machines-' and Cash Registers. . • ••'-.• 1 \Ve have served you for ten-years and appreciate, your patronage. ' ' Phpric 525 for. Service : liiidor ]3iiildiiig, South Broadway >H. G.'Wickllani, llgr. Ulus Blnnkenship Service JIgr. will perfofhi anywhere—•• sinipfy ; plug into a nearby iightrsotket Here you. are, fplks-rlhe lat'fist '_' ; radip'sshs'ation;Nlodtl C fl Ec'h<^ , •phone". Can. be conveniendy carried toany room in the houce . — in fact it goes over big whcrc- ever -there .is an electric light ' • socket..7< has a gM'teiie; if at- ei and \Keighi but 6^/2 Ibs,. complete ,''. . rtady to,play T-E-R-M-S' $6.50 a rhpnt HUBBAR Furniture C Blythevillc, Ark.

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