The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1930
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Served by the United Press BDTTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI' VOL. XXVII—NO. 207 Blylheville Courier, BlyUieville Dally News, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Vnlley Lender. EEK MOTHER, K,, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, NOVKMUKU H, mso .SINGLE COPIES FIVE OENT»|| Man Hurled . from Train Is Believed Dying Council Members Disposition to Prompt Action. A franchise PARKIN, Ark., Nov. 14. (UP)— Herman Steffens, 24, was believed dying today as (he result of injuries received when lie was thrown oil a fast moving freight train near here late yesterday. a k e He W(ls found "Ine "ours later under a trestle where he had drop- ,ped 30 feet, barely missing the St. I Francis river. He has both hips and \ r»-:iMl"!) f-v rhn installation and operation of a butane gas system In this city when Die city council holdst an atljounird session of Hi? regular November meeting at the cityhnll Monday night. The call for the adjourned meeting was issued last night by Mayor Neill Reed and Aldermen Koss Hughes, Tom W. Jackson and L. G. Thompson, who were present at an informal session, of the council when P. A- TTornartr.y. San Antonio. Texa- 1 . gas man, went over his franchise proposal with the alder- tr.?n anil Capt. Ivy Crawford, city nilorncy. Thr> nldcrmen \\hr- attended the unofficial meeting last night ex- r/re-fed themselves as ready to make n definite derision 'on the niies'ioa Monday night. All oilier utility firms that have " \ bean represented before the council. will l>e wired today that Ibi council will meet Monday ni'ilit and a francos*^ prrbablv granted- Submits Rafe Schetlule Mr. Hornadav. who anneared b?- for.-! the council at the October session, and his son. discussed their franchise proposal with the aldermen last night. The San Antonio nia-i was (n go over tl'^ le?al aspects of the promised franchise with Capt. Crawford and Mayor Reed todav and it is likely that the ri*v officials will draw no a fran- chi'v? t" which applicants will be 1 asked make their-prcposalr concur, (las rates and the time required to ttart noerati'-ns and'to compVte the svstcm in the cltj- are the probably be I nis l)ac ' t possibly broken. Steffcns said his wife was living In Oklahoma City, Okla. He was hunting work, he said. »-t>nip. fa' 1 !"!'"' to be'.considered In " Calls Issued for Criminal Term of Federal Court at Jonesboro. Twelve residents of Mississippi county, all from the Osceola dt- trict. have been called frr service on the grand and petit juries at the criminal term of federal court which will convene at Jonesboro, November 24. The grand jurors will convene Monday, and the jury will be em- Pannel^d. On Monday the docket will be set for the trial of cases, which will start the following Mon'.lay. December 1 when the petit jurors have bcsn ordered lo report. Pleas of Ruilly will be heard by Judge Martineau during the first two days rf court and then he will adjourn until the following Monday. Mttsirsipnl countlans summoned (or grand jurv service are R. E. L. Wilson Jr., Wilson,-Fred G. Patterson, Osceola, and J. F. Trmpkins, Burdette, with J. T. Lee, Joiner, called as an alternate. ' Missionary, Clul<l Slain by Savages WE; s Bu n«sra «^'~ ~ =? uir-ht and the mayor agreed- Mr. Hr'Pvtoy promised rate of $2.00 for the first 1,000 cubic frpf. with a minimum charge of .'1.50 rv?r nrmth un lo and including 150 cubic feet All gas consumed bv tlin subscriber over 1000 nib'c feet will be charged at the .rate of SI.00 per thousand cubic fret, subject to a 10 per cent dr>- r-o'int t r r prcmpl payment of bills. No definite rates were staled in the propose! franchise for industrial rules Such rates would be sub- !<T.I to nsrcement between purchaser ai':l the gis company provided ii-v di--mminn(ion wa; 1 . shown and '.lie c-nnci! cou'd hold :he comr-anv tr. a reasonable profit it was stated. Ol'iecls to T!nnil Requirement With the disapnolntint! experience of granting- two natural gas f-anrtilR=s behind them, the coun- rilmf-n havp all decided at differ- r"i' times i'l favor of requiring «• *-r.OOcosh bond if another fran- (-Wte V;T: r-anted- One franchise was forfeiled and the second let In- th» council is still In litlea'ion rr-mi-inv which, secured the 'ran- fl' ! '» invrlvcsl. Thr- San Anlcnio gas man de- r-larH he did nol care (••• posl a S5.0W cnsh boml if another plan criild t.i devised, :nving it would ,'e! a precedent which would re- milrc him to do likewise in other A. W. Bowcn, Andrew Florida. Av : :hur Brickey, David Laney, Abnef Driver, Harry Brooks and C. N. Pace, all of OscerJa. Among others umimoned for petit jury dutv are Jim Stuckoy, Lepanto, T,. M. Wood, Tyronza, Robert Hill, Caraway, J. H. Curlin, Marion. W- C. Craig, Black Oak, and many others from here more distant parts of the district. 3ne Victim Exhonorated by Partner's Confession; Fifth Given Stay. LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 14. (UP) — A quartet of negro slayers, apparently little moved by the seriousness of the ordeal, marched placidly to the death chamber of the Arkansas penitentiary shortly after sunrise today and discharged their debt to the slate for the murder of two white men. Willy Joe Davis, first ot the four to enter the small death vault, was strapped In the chair ns the prison clock tolled seven. He was followed by Eddy Long, James Turn- gc and George Washington. Thirty-two minutes after the deadly current had poured throu°l- the body of Davis the body of the last condemned man was" removed from tlie chair. Fifth Killing Stayed A fifth negro, Mack Cleveland doomed to die with the others, \vas granted a last minute stay of execution by Governor Harvey Parnell late yesterday to permit a sanity test, Turnage and Washington v.-cre convicted of killing W. H. Roberts, Little Rock gasoline filling station proprietor. They clung tenaciously to (heir story that they shot in self defense after Roberts had fired upon them as they neared his station. Cleveland, convicted in Columbia county court, was found guilty of slaying two small negro children. The governor's stay of execution until December 12 was prompted by a petition signed by many prominent citizens of that county. Exontntn Companion 'Davis, convicted with Lunu for the death of Aldftman J. W. Weed, North-Little Rock grocer, made a ast minute confession to Warden S. L. Todhunter. He exonerated Long, saying that Long was outside the grocery store when he en- .ered it, intent upon robbing Weed. Had Cleveland gone to the chair with the others' it would have established a new record for the number of executions conducted in one day at the state prison. Twice before four persons have died in the electric chair in one day. This photo shows licv. and Mrs. Arthur P. Tylee, of Memphis, r<mn.. and their two-ycnr-old daughter, Marian, nil of whom were attacked by favtigo .Indians n the Brazilian jungle, where the Rev. Tylec was stationed as n Presbyterian missionary, nev. Tylee, the little were massacred, and Mrs. Tylee also a missionary, was wounded. Wilson High School Wins Vocational Cup OSCEOLA. Ark.—The department of vocational agriculture ot the Wilson High school yesterday received from the Mid-South Fair association the silver loving cup won at the fair this fall for the best vocational agriculture exhlbil on display from Arkansas. The trophy is one of the handsomest in a large collection won by the deparlment for various agricultural achievements. towns and cities where he plan? Body of Baby Abandoned in Store at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 14 (UP) — The body of an nnldenlified eight day old baby wrapped in heavy towels and sheeting was found tucked in a dark 'corner of a large department store here today. Army Will Meet Navy on Dec. 13 NEW YORK. Nov. 14 (UP)—Army and Navy will tucet at football here December 13 for the benefit of the unemployed. Committee to Sponsor Oil Mill Program. IX'i-lsion to undertake a campaign for sufficient soybean acronse , In Ihls vlclnlly lo warrant-the Blylhe- vlllo Cotton Oil mill entering the soybean oil business was reached at a nice-ling of n special commute of the chamber of commerce last lileht. A. G. Llltlc presided'at the-'meeting, which was attended by J. Mell Brooks, secretary, J. E.-Crllz, county agricultural .agent; 'C. G.' Snillh. nnd Jesse Taylor. J. L. Cherry is also a member of the committee. A siib-commlllec consisting" of Taylor, Smith and Cillz was named to interview officers of the oil mill and obtain from thorn a definite agreement us the acreage required and as to Ihe form of contract which the mill will Oder growers. Another committee, consisting of Dabcock, Brooks and Taylor Was entrusted with flic tusk ot working out a plan of financing farmers in [he soybean program. • Need iIU[ Acreage It is estimated-that..between 6,000 nnd 10.000 acrts of R- . ami Hi, superintendent of the military academy at West Point, today accepted a proposal of Rear Admiral S. S. Roblrbn, mwal academy su|i- rinteurlcnl. thai Ihe pa'iro lie 'hold December 13- General Smith previously had suggested December 6 but navy plays Pennsylvania on tlml date. Liberty- Bank and Trust Will Liquidate; Merger at Knoxville. BJ.LEH October Shows Gain Over Mrs. Fannie Hammond, 79, September but Is Far Under Last Year. WASHINGTON, NOV. 14 (UP)— Succumbs at Her Home In Paiagould. -PARAOOULD.Ark.-rPuneral ser- United States bureau of.census re-.jvices will be held-here 'tomorrow at ports 444,4^9 running bales of lint | tlie Second Baptist church for Mrs. cotton were consumed in mills of the United States In October, 1930. This compares with 332.321 bales consumed In September and 639,759 ba'es in October, 1920. Fannie Hnmmond, 73. who succumbed at her home here nt 5 o'clock this morning after almost a month's Illness. Mrs. Hammond had been a resident of Orer.e county for more In Critical Condition From Shot by Would Be Assassin. f— , . Ll ' ' i ' il_ JUC11V Ul VJ1C1.U L,ITU1ILY 1U1 II1U1U Totals on consumption for the; than „„ vcsrs she WM ' n nntlra 0 , three months of this season from ^ inin 0 i s nn d the widow of the late August 1 to October 31 amounted ] Atlas Paul Hammond of this city, to 1,191,150 bales, against 1.744,347 iMrs. Hammond had made her home in ,he corresponding period '-t' j^^ihesvil.^CaS tve in church affairs. The Rev. R. J. Tyler of the Manila Baptlsl church will officiate at the services tomorrow nnd inter- Inent will be made at New Friendship cemetery. The Cobb Underlay- ing company of Blylheville Is in charge of funeral arrangements. year. Sticks of cotton on hand October 31 exclusive -of llntars com! pares as follows in running bales: Oct. 31 Sept. 30 In rnriqiimincr cstab- li'hment<; .. 1.352,885 907,916 In warcnourw . 7.542.500 5,247,52n TOKYO, Japan, Nov. 14. CJP)—; bales: Premijr Yuko Hamajuchi of Japan, seriously wounded .by an assassin . .. active. Hnrtng the month Tne deceased is survived by cue numbered 26.153.792, agalnsl 26,- daughter, Mrs .Ella Wealberford of n«7ftM in Serjtember and 30.101,434 .this city; four sons, B. A. Lynch of in October 1829. ; Blythevllle, C. B. Lynch of Kansas FTnrls nnd imports, expels i oily, W. J .Lynch of Dupo, III., and r-nlTt in runniio bales, excluding i will Daniels of St. Louis; n sister. ; . and imports in 500 i»und M, S . ida Loomis of Salem, HI., and A deputy coroner who examined as he wailed for a train In t'ne Tokyo railroad station, lay in the | imperial hospital today, fighting for his life. Doctors believed unless periloiiit- were as follows: is set in the premier would recover. two brothers, B. V. Martin of De- October October trolt and W. J. Tvfarttn of Salem 1930 1S29 Vvonrts ... 1,004.150 1.25UW Imports ... 1,147 19.810 For -the three month:: endra October St exports and imports Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch ant* The bullet, fired from a Mauser revolver, lodged'In the left pelvis. E-.-ports Tmnnrts 1030 2,273.112 11.042 1929 0T1S4 6B.582 fevering the small intestine Two • Linters consumed in October tol- STf^M-'cT He Voposed that ^" ^"e^od the b C "lTe'f"th"e bl °* """""tew ''ere performed, .led m.VK bales £**|f ^^ In the event the council decided to taby hnd been dead four or five ,™= ^*"* n ^ ^entlned as rZ ™ nllow him to put in a bntnnc sys- dB y S . lomeo Sagoja. 23, member of the 11029. tern here that the f ranch!:* bo Thc „„„„,,, containing the body rruionIlU5t £oclel >- He was °™~' nlac.-tf In a local bank and held in escrow until he hnd comnlet».d was left at the store late yeyter- day by an unidentified woman. the Installation of his plant nnd j officers are working on the the- '•ti'->-,r"t on the gas." lory the woman came here from Should he be granted a fra'i-) Philadelphia since a paper attach- rhiso M'. H'rnartav stalcrt thnl he j et j [ 0 one O f the towels bore the would start material moving l-rtrc i nanw ot a music company of that nrobnhly within n- week nnd t^'idty. li'- thi> first of January he would | « W ^ 1!I H" C %£™l mv^ j Impossible to Maintain wiiidrun between 520.000 and S2V | ww he declared aiTl vr.l',»d the ro- I Inlrai that he wnulrt> tlie j powered Immediately after the i«j«cn.-u iMuiifumieiy aaer me _ . ir T 11 shooting and taken to a police sin- ,Tea r he r ' ! ^ n H<«ir JalKS tion. The shooting was the second atlempt on Premier Hamajuchl's life within a year. family of Ihls city are in Paragouk lo attend the funeral of Mr. Lynch's must be-planted In Mlsslsslpnl and nearby parts of adjoining Arkansas nnd Missouri counties to provide a sufficient tonnage of boans to Justify Ihe oil mill In making the necessary changes and additions lo Us plant. It would be necessary lo slore the beans during Ihe cotton seed season nnd crush them during the summer months when Ihe mill would otherwise b« Idle. ' ' •'. It Is believed lhat required Acreage Is attainable, particularly If c. satisfactory financing scheme'' ctiri be worked oat. The program is regarded as timely in view of the ne.- cesslty which farmers face of diverting a siibslnntiol part of their acreage from collon. The beans will nol onlv provide a substitute cash crop for colton, but will benefit lands that have been overcropped with cotton. With purchase of the beans contracted for In advance It is not believed serious difficulty will be experienced in financing seed nnd planting, as the cost will be less than for an equal cotton acreage. • ; ! . r ls Blp Industry In central Illinois - the growln- and crushing of soybeans for oil Is a well established industry. Inasmuch as yields per acre here average substantially higher than In Illinois, and oil and protein content of the beans Is groiter, it is believed lhat a possibility exists for Ihe development of a substan- llal Industry here. Soybean oil is used for foDd nnd in industry, serving the same pur- NASHVILLE. Tenn., Nov. 14. (UP —Further readjustment In the interest of stability had been eilccl- eri lodny In the Tennessee banking situation, which In ten days has brought the closing ol three banks and receivership for Culdwell and company, one of the south's lead- lug investment banking houses. Following by n few hours the nn- pointmcnl of Lee Douglas, Nashville, former U. S. district attorney here, as receiver for Caldwell s and company last night, R. E. Darnell. Occupants of 24 Other . Cars Also Unaccounted (or, Officers Report. BELMONT, Mnss, Nov. 14 (UP)"" —Search (or Margaret Martcll, 14,- ucciimc li'.atcwlde today, after .'n:' kidnaping tale related by her 12:.-',-'] year-old brother, Harold. Harold told hlslparerits last i he and his sister had played liooky . from Belmont Junior high, school::"! and had been picked up ,;by,"»:;.| strange man in' an uiitbmpmlejf.vr treated to sandwiches: and'jlWV'.l cream, and finally. In: HarynioV. I square,- Cambridge, _.'Hnro!d •''»»$'';; I given fitly" cents nnd told t»-g?0. home. - --.,.. '• •'• •:'•'•«•! "I am taking your trtstcr "to'a.-; movie," Hnrold quoted thn.m'an us saving. Then he drove away, ,-•'• J. Harold went home but stud^ nothing until several hours later ••-, when his parents quc'stloncd him--;-.-" Starts $8,000 Tourist . '£. Hotel North o5 City Blythevllle's new tourist'hotel-Isi-. to cost approximately $8,000;; awr;.J cording to Logan Moullrlc, owner.ii who has already started the builds ' Ing just north of the city on high-. •' The • hotel "and "fl!ling ""statlonr to . be of white stucco In Spanish de-. : president of the Liberty Bank and. Trust company. Nashville, annourier ed his Institution would close for liquidation today. Thr«i Banks KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 14. (UP)—The East Tennessee Nation:. at. thj City National,: and they^.^t Tennesseo Savfnsa bank were merk- ed today In the East Tennessee National bank. Total resources arc over $$32,000. S. V. Carter, president of the East Tennessee National, is president of the consolidated bonk. Massachusetts Girl, Picked UD by Stranger, Fails lo (Return. algn, will have a lobbfr.-alx bed< rooms, four garages. and .cafe la ~. connection with the filling itatton; AlUmbdern conveniences are to be included In the plans with furnace.'. heftt and showera -and ., running w«'t»r In the bedroonisl •' •', ,.;'.;-.. ' m-j. Glsh, builder and-eonV: ''wpecU tlie bulls- , tefi ., Moullrie, who has lived In" this city for a number of years but who; has been employed at Wilson fe-. cently, will probably operate th.ei business. pose as cottonseed oil and in addition being a satisfactory 1 substitute for linseed oil in nalnls. The meal Is said to have all the advantages nnd none of Ihe disadvantages of cottonseed meal as a stock feed, and Is also used for Ihe manufacture of glue used by plywood mill and for oilier purposes. by Politicians Tonight Jwentv-Two Police men Tax CirtSmoot Believes Bruening Cabinet Suffers Defr.alon Aid for Poor BEHLI N . N o7T4 (UP, -The cabinet .of -Chancellor- Hetnrich trv " 1ri 'LITTLE ROCK. NOV H. and Firemen, Rescue W LVONS ' **>•» ti-. srmn The danger of new landslide's in %'„,.-•,! the wrecked industrial district in Report 2,000 Slain by Chinese Bandits LONDON, Nov. 14 (UP)—An exchange lelegraoh dispatch from Horn; Kong lodav said communist bandits raiding Hsinyu in eastern Klangsi province killed 2,000 person F. In addillon to the casualties the dispatch said 5.000 persons had been-taken c,s prisoners apd more than 2,000 houses had been destroyed, with domag.2 eilimated at $*,000,000. KALISPEL, Mont.. Nov. 14. (UP) —The storm which stnick thf Rocky Mountain region today heir in Its white grip the fate of an unidentified woman and two children who abandoned their automobile near Glacier park. . Occupants of 24 other cars stranded in the drifts were u'i- accounted for, according to report' to the Flathead county sheriff's office. An Immediate search through t 1 "virgin fastnesses, now banked with snow, near the summit of Belton glacier highway, where the woman and children fled their car, wa r started by authorities. The car bor- a Washington state license, authorities said. DO-X Flying from England to Bordeaux CALSHOT, England, Nov. 14, (UP —Continuing on Its way to Lisbon; and the start of a trans-Atlantlo. night to New York, tlie giant Dor- -• tiler flying boat DO-X left .South- . ampton water for Bordeaux, France, today. •'--'•' Fog delayed the start of' the flight after eleven passengers had come aboard at 0:30 a. m. The ship carried a crew of twelve. "" ; PARIS, Nov. 14. (UP)—The DO'- X flew over the Aberzrach river . near Lanntlls, 25 miles north ot Brest, at 2:35 p. m. , , WASHINGTON, Niv. 14 (UP)— .-,.,„„„ "i 7^ wnvRine days n-i»h ' ic ; cha i rman Smoot of the senate fin- e]KU °^ Bruening ,, as defcated » "* o be li'rnert on bv Anril Ut- ; ancc ccmnilllee today Joined con- Mayor Neill Heed IBM ; gress leaders who predicted It will ".3 one corporation en the budget cnm- mittee passed a communU motion Involving aid for the poor. «tors here for the thrcc-d,, crea^Uxlay „ ^^c,,^-^, j riAMnvnt crtcciAii v\\] ^' rcrnovltic 1 dcbrLs u'liich hides i TnP sf^ond ppn°riii ^c-> s i"•' *" «.«v« h« held at a o'clock tonlzh'. In Hie eh school auditorium wilh.S»n-. •I . UTlU [lEnpr'i'.n Exp° r 'mpn) With Shins and Train Phones Oregon Hermit is Not Interested in Prohibition .\piericans Evacuate Peru Trouble Region LIMA, Peru, Nov.'14 (UP)—Flight • of Americans from the Ccrro de Pasco mine area where rlollngllii- • dian minors created a "reign of tejror" was virtually comnleted to- day with the departure of a second^ 1 group of t H5 persons, most of them • refugees reached Lima at 10 a. m. today. -The general strike which had delayed the flight of foreigners from the region ended this morning and the city was quiet. United States citizens. The Kcond train of , and p^.b.y some injured | government to appropriate funds Parnell. Lt. ator Joe T. Robinson. Gov. Ha one reason the lim° plerr^nt w-iiM lbp " ]m))0ss ibie to continue tte lie cnnsidfir-rl :trcn(slv In ."rani-! e t r^ductl^n on corpora I!:.:. f ™"f w f. ^ 1S lo ."^^^ 'income ta^es payable this year. »J™™« ™£te no! ewcZg ^ V. a' commissioner of cduca- J!l c "^ d .5±" dit "± " d ,,± !Z ±T # ch P ea Pe C,eu CeC rnea? ^n. .w.^< T . -'^ .V '^ ly. four .picKun m .u, c ..^- ...^ , , imnnrMUnn tn C'M Hirst president of the RS- (irst earth movement and -were, or -We of the reduction Impossible In; no* bamd ' rom Importation to c ^' t ^ n ^'^te superintendent, Carped by other slides. rt -Ihls opinion. Smoot said. His opln- Germany. 1™ meslde Several minor slides cccurred to provide fresh meat for (rn wor W'f"" nmibPr of jots here durintr the - oovu „ winter mmths wh^n ti-v will h'i .^tion"in" revenue"'rnakc conUnu-i the p [ ice mral needed. With comm"n labor ' '"""• h "" usfd to a bier exVml bv a ens ocn' pany and labor al^o \n?rt when the \ |on (s givcn gre;(t we j g i,t because . i^w I-IWOT hnnrnvcment district be- . rl hjs ^nnajemcnt of senate fin- j}fiti Sins construction Mayor R W" : ane i a | legislation- • • this winler will be much brighter. : TEXAS COURT SETS RECORD vm,-,'. V, " " ».,^ r ' AUSTIN. Tex-, (TjP)-Jii:-t when I LONDON, Nov. H. (UP)-The r ^ T ^, s ',77 Y ! coni P ialnts ?f_ laws , delay5 had led ' British imperial conference ended n-l P' «'«nt Into ll-.e district MT. ANGEL. Ore. (UP)—Modern problems of crime and ->ro M - bltlon do not "bother Mrs. Nellir BIrkncr. known as "The Lltth Hermit of Bntle Creek." She has lived In seclusion in he' home on Buttc Creek for 16 vearr A'reonrter vlfllcd/hcr recrntlv n<v' asked her what she thought of nrc • h'hltlon. Tl:e hermit looXcd puz- "What is that?" she sskerl. "It means you cvi't h-'ve "• drink Intoxicating limior," the reporter said. ."Oh," the little lady replied af'te'r Thn telephone mess3B<". if the amw- [-That wouldn't interest "me any mrt u-r« tions- of the Ecuiiwrn Railway- My hustand was a CMca-o ' (0p) _ A lu , y been re . l man may. In the future, be able Southeast Missouri Debate Schedule Fixed h Empire Session Without Achievement. morning, widening the cracks . i company -malerhllze. ! man, you know, nnd p3lic»ni?i- CARD WELL, Mo—The first of the high school debates in the Missouri High EcliocI Debating Leagi'o has been set for December 5th. The' question Is: "Rerlvcd, that- the chain store system Is Detrimental to the best interests ;f IJ-i-s American nubile." The second debate will h? held on Dec- nntor 12. and the third on Dsccm- ber 19. If there are any ttes they will be settled on January 9 and 16. The winners In .each district •v'll me;t at Columbia, Mo.. In May to determir,3 the champlon- .<hln <•! ths s'nte. Se'ectlcn of tt-e Follow* on Funeral Crowd- ?SnrtSfm"'of"~lte ";™l«i'conducted, on ^ ^;^" A ' liow Ul it e ed™' o steamers from Dover tn Calais. A MONKEY SPOILS SHOT Tllcir." 1 S ° ° Jfeo.MrMn.WJ ^ «IU »e mn JS . SCHENKCTADY, N. Y «UP>. 1 the fear of - collapso of the ev the fear of hospital. KEWAUNEE A , 'thMigh several comnnnles. formed .which caused an tscaned monkey i to dig oil wells in Kow.iuncc Coun-1 to sp'il his chances of bagging a ;tv, have fared, another eroup ris 1( jcer near North Creek In the Adir- revived inlerrst In two new wellc cndacks. Eberhardt was on the In the Scarbcro dlnrict- Backed alert for a :liot, wrsn he heard a reaular meeting of the P. hv sufficient caoital. the - crackling of branches overhead. stones flew. will bn held to- lion lias had geoloel'ts survey the He looked up and saw a monkey, ight, 7:30 o'clook for regular com- l^rrlt'jy -nntl has announced that At, tlie same, time a buck cnn-r which miintallcn. Visiting brothers are It will dig more wells if the first within range but Eberhardt had two arc not successful. .dropped his rlfl: In surprise Invited- • WEATHER ARKANSA.S—Clouds-, occasional rains t-nlght and Saturday. According to the official weather observer. Clmles Piiillips. the minimum teniperntur.1 here yesterday was CO dew.* a'-id the r>miinu!n 69 degrees: clcuriv. Or f-i .tame -<pv a"yinr'nso th" minimum teni-' -:r?liirb'''rfa''''18 degrees and tno " maximum temperalure, 59 degrees.

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