The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1942
Page 3
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TUESDAC, MAY 12, 1942 —— • — . EDSONIN WASHINGTON BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THUD Pegrl Harbor: Japs Can't Keep a Good Ship Down I BY PETER EUSON Courier News Washington Correspondent This is the craziest country. That's what makes it so wonderful, but at the same time so exasperating and oh, so funny. Not the uni'imniest thing in Washington these days Is th? rip- snortin' rampage of that roister- ous rivennan, the Hon. Kenneth McKellar, Memphian and senior senator from Tennessee. Senator McKellar is out to save the country by cutting expenses, a noble ambition it' there ever was one, but the way Kenneth goes at the job is something to behold. His methods are those of a surgeon going into an operating room blindfolded, a doctor prescribing amputation at the hip for a .sprained ankle, a veterinarian applying his horse pistol to relieve pain. Doctor McKellar applies his cures to patients that are, sound of health and need no treatment, as well as incurables that really need the mercy death treatment. There is, for instance, an unheralded outfit in your government called the Export-Bank of Washington. Its function is to finance and facilitate the exchange of commodities between the U. S. and foreign countries, and to as- f sist in'developing th? resources and stabilizing the economies of countries in the western hemisphere. It functions very quietly, has only a small staff, hires no publicity agent, It is on? of the very few government agencies which turns back into the Treasury more money than it spends. Its profits are actually over the S12 million dollar mark. Its loans have represented an investment of more than $700 million, yet not one of them is in arrears and none ever has been defaulted. OFF WITH ITS HEAD In addition. Export-Import Bank has been of material aid in the war effort, in financing the production and purchase of many critical materials—rubber, -sugar, tin, copper,and the like. The expenses of this bank have been running somwhnt over $100,000 a year, but because of the war emergency, they were estimated for the coming fiscal year at $207.000 and legislation appropriating ^h place to Nina Lengucre. vilu'r members of the class arc Robert Ksirl Adkins. Raymond I3ril- ton, Helen Cunipb'l), Mar^urci Christian, Hcbu Dontou. Evelyn Farris, Addr l-'ruki's, Bernici 1 l ;i iui- Uerbink, Murv Ida Glass, Byron Oronuvay, Katheryn Hamilton, Kli/,abcUi Jane Hlnchey, Maxim; Kinh'y. Mnrjorle Kflley, Mlmi i.onj'.acre, Bubble Martin, John Mat hie:;, Willie D. McDimU'l. Bobbie Michlo. Levern 'Maxwell, Wanda Liv Melton. Irene Nichols. Mary I 3 otcet, Vernqn Ray, Marjorie Rhodes. Roberta Reynolds, Hazel Jo Rutlcdgiv Vehna Sims, Ted Taylor, Colemkn Three t, Brownie Turner. Carrie ; Weptzell, Billy Wright and Julia Wright. MICHIGAN CENSOR.. $ ANN ARBX>R.~MervSn Pregui- man of .Lahsing, who earned a letter at guard in im, was shifted ,U> center during Michigan's'spring •football practice. " ""** this sum of money passed the House as part of tha Independent being a -X.J w Minelayer Oglala, sunk at her pier in first day o£ war, is raised by Navy pontoons as salvage work continues at Pearl Harbor. Note warships.,in background. of business, with no thought of what would happen to the hundreds of millions already invested. Now isn't that a heck of a way to run a country? It so happens that the people who run Export-Import aren't worried. They say the appropriation will be put back when the bill goes into conference to .reconcile differences between the Senate and House versions. Senator McKellar has been seen, presumably, the bank's importance has been explained to him. and he has promised to be good. GRANDSTAND STUFF At home, the political effech of all this monkey business is that Senator McKellar gets credit for as looking for jobs. ..Newest war! risk insurance for importers is' "frustration insurance," covering losses from .spoilage when a ship' | is diverted from its course.. .Gov-, eminent speakers will tour' thej country to ".sell" people on thei necessity of the rubber conser-1 vation.. .Britain has just appointed! a "Director of Civilian Hosiery." .. .Totaquins, also made from cinchona bark, is being used as substitute fur quinine.. .Only i|ve' senators listened to Senator George Ncrris of Me Cook, Neb., defend "IVA against the economy cuLs of Senator McKellar. Offices bill. In the Senate, however Mr. McKellar launched an all-out attack, and one of his shots had the effect, not of reducing the Export-Import appropriation, but uf killing it entirely. The Export- . Import Bank was simply put out great economy-minded * for all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glcncoe Hotel KIdg. statesman. There are votes in that. But consider what the effect of this grandstand politicing may be in foreign countries. There, the word is spred that the Senate has killed the Export-Import Bank. Any loans or credits being negotiated for the movement of war supplies must come to a temporary standstill. Evsry loan outstanding becomes uncertain, for if the .bank is to be liquidated, funds authorized but not .yet. • drawn on by foreign countries would 'no 1 longer be available. The war thereby impeded. effort is Demonstration Club News Notes AMENDMENT NO. 32 Proposed by the General Assembly and filed in the office of the Secretary of Statr on the 27th day of March, 1941. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REE'RESENTATIVES AND SENATE OP THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, A MAJORITY OF ALL THE MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: THAT THE FOLLOWING IS HEREBY PROPOSED AS AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION-OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. AND UPON BEING SUBMITTED 1 TO THE ELECTORS OF THE STATE FOR APPROVAL , AT THE NEXT GENERAL ELEC- And the word goes round in TION FOR REPRESENTATIVES foreign capitals that this is typical Uncle Shy lock .good neigh borliness —Uncle Shylock gets his cousins AND SENATORS. IF A MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORS VOTING THEREON, AT SUCH AN ELEC- over the banker's .barrel and then.1 TION, ADOPT SUCH AMEND- forecloses. A lot of fixing is then | MENT THE SAME SHALL BE- required to reassure everyone that COME A PART OF THE CONSTI- Congress -didn't mean it—that this TUTION OF THE STATE OF was simply .a .cantankerous old ARKANSAS, TO-WIT: cuss showing off. -CAPITAL GLEANINGS The country has more than 20 The annual Home Demonstration club play tournament was held Friday, May 8, :«t the Blackwater School House with the following Home Demonstration Clubs presenting plays and in-between-ucts: BJackwater. (Flat Lake. Clear Lake, Yarbro, Lost Cane, Skidway. Dogwood and Armorel. The five best plays presented that day were selected by the judges and were given again Friday night. Flat Lake club won .first place with their play, ^Wisdom for Wives" in which the .following characters took part: Airs. GarretL Abbott, Mrs. C. M. Abbott, Mrs. Essie Davis, Mrs. B. G. .Shelton, Mrs. Fred Wahl, Mr.s. Walter Barnes, Mrs. Lois Hawkins, Mrs. Alvin Cpaltre and Mrs. Bertie L. Palmer. Lost Cane Home Demonstration Club won second place. This club presented the play, "Alice Blue Gown" with the following characters: Mrs. Donald Veach, Mrs. Ruby Veach; Mrs. Roy Veach. Mrs. W. D. Vastbincler, Mrs. Lewis Boughers, Mr.s. Henry .Bowen, Mrs. Alton McCann, Mrs. Ben Eoff and Mrs. Clyde Cresap. The Skidway club won .third place with the play. "Hickviilo Train." The characters were Mr.s. Dulcia Steele, Mrs. Blanche Holt, Mrs. Maxine Steel. Mrs. Gertrude Huston, Mrs. Nora Rice, Mrs. Eli la Section 1. The General Assembly Stafford, Mrs. v'audr: Lee Osborne. is hereby authorized and empow- and Mrs. Elizabeth Rice. . ered to provide by general law for The Flat L ^ kc club won five the creation, establishment sup-l clollars in <J? f e»sc stamps, the Lost - ... . . - 1.111, iyi L.I» i/iuii, <. nuujiiaiiiiiL ilk, nuiJ~ I _. , -• " ' • —" •"—•-•*• railroad companies operating -from j porti regulation and control of Ju-' Cane club won threc dollars in two to 25 miles of" track...'Food nior Co n e ge Districts Each clis- defense stamps and the Skidway freezing "and dehydrating Indus- trict at the time of its creation cll - b won Uvo c]ollai 's in defense tries will get .a boost from tin shortage... U.. S., em ploy men t" service has L5 million .women registered MOVIE ACTOR HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured actor, Answer to Pre>vio,us Puzzle 13 Litcrnry trifles 14 Disturb. 1C Fycnch article. 18 Threefold (prefix). ID Like ale. 20 Rough lava. 21 Since. 23 City in Holland. 25 Greek letter. 26 Accomplished. 27 Green. 29 Repurchase. 32 Donkey. 33 Narrow inlet. 35 Seniors (abbr.). 37 Slight depression. 15 Not good. 17 Urge on. 20 Intention.- . 22 Fruit (pR). 24 Eagle's .Tiest. 25 Obliterate. 26-G'ive up licpe, 28 Flower. 30 Hear. 31 Bustle. 34 Wayside hotel. 36 Perform. 41 He acts in the shall contain contiguous territory .with an assessed valuation of real and personal property of not less than $8,000,000. The General Assembly shall have ))ower to change the boundaries of such districts and to abolish them. For administration, faculty, maintenance, repairs, and for the purpose of creating a sinking fund, to obtain sites, and for the construction and equipment of buildings, and all other necessary expenses incident to the efficient administration of such Junior College, a tax not to exceed two mills on the dollar may be levied on the taxable real and personal emperor. 45 Silk fabric, pictures nrc made in Hollywood. 48 Transpose (abbr.). 33 Wash lightly. 49 Color. 39 An epos. 50 Jewel. $2 Compass point. VERTICAL 2 Upon. 3 Except. 4 Departure. 5 Forays. C Symbol for tellurium. •7 Sun god. 8 Puff up. 43 Pasteboard box. 44 Louse egg. acted with company for some 'lime. 46 Cluster oi fibers. 47 Strike. 51 That thing. 8 Puff up.. 50 Flatfish. 52 Sloth. 9 Preparations 52 Social'insect 53 Siouan Indian. of vegetables. 54-Limit (com':. 55 Father. 10 Attempt. form). 43 Circuit Court 56 Single thing. 11 Mystic -56 Hawaiian of Appeals 57 Grain. ejaculation; bird. i (abbr.). 59 Folding beds. 12.Note in " 58New Testa- 44 Roman 60 Interlocks. Guide's scale. ment (abbr.). stamps. Tlie Yarbro club won first with their in-between act. "Hook, Line and Sinker," in which Mr.s. Gene McGuire and Mrs. Bob Copland took part The prize was three dollars in defense stamps. Mrs. Essie Davis of the Flnt Lake club was elected as best actress for her work in the play "Wisdom for Wives," and was awarded one dollar in defense stamps. Mrs. Donald Veach of the Lost Cane club was selected second best actress as Alice in the play. "Alice Blue Gown," and was awarded seventy-five . cents in defense stamps. Mrs Fred Wahl, also of property of such district, if at an the Plat Lake club was' iiwardeci fifty cents in defense stamps as third-best actress. ekction to be provided for by ihe General Assembly, a majority of the qualified electors of such districts shall vote "For Junior College Tax." Such tax or taxes shall be in addition to all other taxes now authorized by law and the levy thereof shall not be subject to the provision of Amendment' No. 19 to the Constitution of the State. Such tax or taxes shall be levied and collected in the same manner that the district taxes of common school districts ars now, or may hereafter be levied -and collected. The General Assembly may authorize such district to authorize the videcl. Section 2. Provided that if such a district so created .shall include more than one county or parts of more than one county, then such a district must be ratified by a majority of the electors in each of the said counties or in each of the said areas smaller" than a county, voting for the tax herein provided at the election heretofore mentioned. Following such ratification the entire area within said District shall constitute the said Junior College District. Witness my hand and Seal this 30th day of April, 1942. . c. G. HALL; Secretary of Elate. For INSURANCE of all Kinds See G. G. Gaudill Agency Glencoo Hotel Bid g, pn. jjlS'-i Ark. Poplar Bluff Pastor Delivers Baccalaureate STEELE, Mo.. May 12.—The Rev. O. H. O'Rear of Poplar Bluff, district superintendent of Methodist churches, delivered the baccalau- rrate service at the Steele High School auditorium Sunday morning at 11 o'clock for the largest graduating class of Steele which numbered 38. In this large class the valedictorian honors went to Miss Ltila Craft, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Craft, the salutatorian honors were almost a tie between Loren* and Pauline Walker, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. receiving the honor by only y. fraction. Fourth place went to Martha Viar and Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith .until the last minute lo have your Tires Repaired—Come in NOW - - Materials Limited! BlytNeville Tire Co, Highway 61 North — Phone 2201 \ \ Amazing valves in Wards finest smooth-surface flppr coverings.' t I ^*r-""" ^ ' ^-"-^.^SlAl ^ M RUG SAL! iSS* SI ^ ""^'^SrSg mt! ^V^ I : ^>W!m F,.«h fo:? i> TJ •u sell you the finest, a.^j^£=?^3£5 \esstSee 15* JV- standard wt^-' dg8 ... yci.»- - . and 81 x SSSSASSS5S""* 't buy a f . \t base patterns m .<£. 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