The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1930
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Served by the United Preti •.;• ;;g|ffia|i ', M A»a^fr.V(V~' -^ffi#||ffj te««K? TH* Donne/on 1 NCVSPAHK OP ARKANSAS AND JKXTTHXAB T VOL XXVII— No. 97 BlTtbttO* IM1; Nt**, BLYTHEVILLE. AR&NSAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 1930 ' '.'.'' SINGLE CX)PH5g FIVE COJIfS NEW HEAT RECORD THREATENING TODAY •* • • ' ' V • '.v * ( - - " .•*'*,.:•'..•"•.-''•.•";'".- '.V I ,_•___„ •:_.. • . —— • •— — - —* - - .-— ^ •••••...'«••' •'••! Seize Huge Booze Haul, esi 13 • Thqrough:.- Study;=Planned Before .Granting' of New Franchise to; Any Co.. . No -action iwasi taken last nigh' • by the city council on general pro ' posals : 'i lor isupplying Blythevill . with gas service •• submitted' by rep' resehtatlyes o'f several corporation^. •Mayor. Neill .Reed'and t*ie aldermen told representatives cf the various concerns- that they would b' very slow to favor any 6ne ; of th- several- plans .submitted; ar.d.indl- dated'that they': would make ac!o*- Sludy of. the rates, plants and pin" layouts, for this city before 'arrlv .Ing at any definite decision! :.. : Will Meet-Next Monday' • Stressing ,th'e Importance of pro- <;eed!n<t carefully * in granting ; <• franchise foj'nntytrel or artihcia.' «as in Blvtheyille. Mayor Reed announced that members of thecoun- ' and a committee of. the cham- -: bnr : of-cpmiperce along wlth-inter- •. c'ted citizens 'will meet next Men ! ilny night al the city hall : with'tlv . ^rjmnry object. .of. ^olannlntt >thr : drafting of -a franchise which 'IbV 1 companies >offering proposals mteht ' ivlhere-to in their..proposals. 1 '.Or July : 27 representatives -of -the various gas : ^corporations' will asair " meet 'With ;.the .council, and chatri- tier of commerce committee. • -. - : '•• .- .Among the.firms represented las.' night, at'the council .were: Oil arii? rins Prcducin°~Pronerties : of El Db: rado,' Ark., by '• S. : j. Felsenthal: Utilities'Gas and Electric company. . of. Chjcago, 111:, by. -S,- J. .MllllarV . of Union City, Tenn.: " John. A Reed of Cedar Rapids; Iowa.'by BR:ERCLIFFE,. N. y., .ljuiy.9.1 (UP)—Thirteen persons, one of | them wounded by a police bu'llat, a yacht, three trucks. (Uncle Bill Ashabranner Revalued by police at: • . rv- I l D members Big Lake Keg- ion as Primitive Woods. and liquor around $300,000_ were seized by state j troopers today.' . •' . .The motorboat, trucks,'liquor.and prisoners are" to be taken to Manhattan, according .to'polite,, and turned over to federal authorities. The seizure was regarded as the largest In recent months.. Most Attractive Child By OSCAR FENDI.ER MANILA, Ark.—Into ilia densest woods of northeast ^Arkansas did Uncle Bill Ashabranner and Ms with their Ashbranner Scarborough police became EUS- brother, Sand, come .plcious some time ago .when they i father In 1875. The observed a band of men worklhg at i family had lived for several gen- tire municipal dock at .Brierclifte. j eratioas in Perry .county, Missouri, Last night police''were waiting'and; but the rapid progress of. civili: at the height of the unloading i !zatk>n had again given them the the motorboat made their capture', j urg.; to push back •• Into' frontier. | Uncle Bill; who is now 72 years jold, naw-lives In Manila, alone in hi s one room house, built of rude, unfinished lumber, except for an old hound which is ever to be :ound at his side. Old as he is ! he is always al work—fishing, plow- ilng In' the fields, making. 'single i | trees for his wagon, or doing some (odd job about the town. But after 'his work Is ove r .you can find him sitting in the shade, of. a grove of trees that .surround his house. He' ts always attired .in. !,work clothes/a pair of .ov.erall pants, an undeshirt that s?nres. also as : a top shift", a pair , of .plow .shoes with no .socks, -and :an .old; torn 'straw hat.' He props himself;back en his broken, choir, bites , oft •._ ', a good ' sized .'chew i of tobacco,, and spits a couple of times, before he Republican Governor in . Bitter Attack Upon' Administration and Board. . HAYSi'.itans., July 9. (UP)-rGov- Clyde. 'M. 'Reed., of Kansas ';in". : ,n speedi prepared , for delivery, latj 'today,! charged .the whole '«^ tu<1 ? ' ''' '- , . of trie , Hoover' 'adm'ihlstra'liori 'tp- w»rd agrtciUture with attempting t-j suiioidbiate !agrlcj)}lure • ^fa ta: dustry' and ', .questioned '.Uie ,,. good filth of .AiMalnder. tegge,'; chairman of. the f ariri board- .'•',.'•'. . Reed's.' speech), a' bitiipr deiiuncia- tiori of, the. adfniriUtratloh'S 'pou> cies, YJis,iria"de ffom.the sarne plat- fcrm'. f'fom whitii.Secrejiry' of .Ag- '' ' viculture.' Vd tb'urir;upon :'" rkriiinKnn '"ftf^ making an application for the'Bly- theville franchise. The Arkansas t . .Rower .and Light .company, one of 'he . Couch- properties, is also 'be- 1 llwed to be interested in : a Blythe. _y!|lf franchise..;.- ..-...-..-;..:: : '.-';' <' -. luwas the. general understanding .M the session lost night tlvJt 'after • < ..^ranting . two franchises .without.' '- :TiiiVJUt;-Tiny material progress toward obtaining gas-iiervice'-for'th" .. cltv.i members of^-the council .will '•- te.flow : lo vote'a new. franchise';,In . . ll>e event .a franchise'.Is- granted a .•;i't'?t<u»Ual deposit in a local .baiiV' lo insure the fulfilling of the frail-' cV'.se instead of a-surety bond, "will he required, it Is s.tated. . ";:i.j '.Vox Bread.! Salesnaens. i. .... , t l The council pasieo^iyi ordinance ••' iinollsnred'by J.'H."-FisHer and Her* nirm Cross, operators .of local bak- • eries, placing a privilege'tax of $250 • on salesmen who:brinj; bread man••• ufactursd ouWdeyof •'Blytheville " into this city and sell it here. Tho ordinance wiuVriot. affect bakery products shipoed into Blytheville • on consignment. The legality of the ordinance was argued at • length • when Marcus Evrard.'local tittor- r.ev, representing the ' Blythevillr bakeries. Mnvor -Neill Reed stated • •that he would study-a brief on the ordinance prepared by Evrard before affixing his -signature - to thj ordinance. Capt. Ivy W. Crawford, city at r tomey, informed .the. council that suit 6ri the ^5,OOQvbO!ta :qf the . Cherokee Public .Service corpora.' tidh'-' for--failure' to'carry out Its franchise to supply Blytheville with gas would have to be brought in Pulaski county and suggested the retaining of a Little" Rock 'attor- lie'v to represent' the city in t'r suit. Tho council passed a resolu- l!nn instructing Capt. Crawford and Mayor Reed to proceed with the. suit, • , - - -. • ••' A 'motion was passed to extend the street lighting system-and water sen-ice into the Hollipetcr- Shonyo addition -recently 'annexed liy the city and the street commltr tee instructed to investigate-light In? conditions in other parls of the city.' . " A pronosal by a sign firm to mark street intersections over, the cit\ with appropriate pavement mark ers was referred to the street committee." ' . . A petition by, a group of ' citizens for use of the city hall for a convention this summer was ta bled without action by the council _ I'Kankas. Farmers re3ucuTri'" s ofHhe~8' r *fiS -ju^ge.--.-: ^.-^-y^,,^^.: The governor,Is a.Republican'to the midst o'f .a' hot fight»for, «] nomination. He' attacked; the "farm board" for'' offering 'reduction - asks his, visitor to sit. down.. 1C Bears in, a Week ' ,, , , "Yeh," said Unclel Bill,- "I re- nv5mber the times when the bears, turkeys, fox, wolves, rabbits, and such like 'were 'so thtck"tliat you couldn't stir! them with a stick. Would -you .believe that ray,.p»P killed 18 bear iln-lon^: wjeekT, Wdl Ke>' l .Stiie ( did." i,-,. - J j^ -; ,fi.. .-i{\'<\ j-j -- T.TM.AHWJ '-t '* '..•. i, li , «.it : tlA ,-TlTlnLf FLASHES Company Jf as i sJved acreage * as the.oply methbd:tp.rem : edy* th<i agriculturuj' situation'. 'He s aid' \Be admmistritTon' was r<Je[iy T ;hg ^tfie-. farmer, 'a -'Square .deal in -'" •' '- - regaifdXi^forelgn^ttaBe.:;-.';.". •' '- - -p'y-inifei-ence"Reed> cha'jed tha* Leggel-'forme'r ' head' of';t.he .Intcr- ' *'' ...,i-. ticrsiiadiiig'.jAm^ricah/faritters . cut InKr" acreage- without prodiic, 'iiig" an' expcftable'' ',surplus' • i'mpiernent ".'niariu'factur'ers'..' exfjart-; ed. tSeir. 'machines to foreign' grow.-. ers : who 'couy- : . raise", wheat .formerly supplied'. by. this' country: ... ... : f!g«i^;ift : ^MiT»1se.;wi|il&'u liiounfcof timevjmcf >U> riasnjre? hie of,.'the t?-': iT T--.. r,,v. "I 'cculd tell you a lot of-stores r VI>(UtI't know if theit |are true not! -but I 'do k'now^lhat; tb^se J ufctj fjj am.' Jelling; sou i here are."- - judges knew iwhat they wejfe. dp- •ing when they -selected -Jobh :| HJ»ym6nd Le Huquet, 1 absve, of/Victoria, C., as : 'the rnost attractiTe cjlUd.-In Ihe United States and .Canada. " ' . John's picture, won the IIMS"' International grand -prize in a' contest sponsored, by. .the photograpbers 7 Association of America. ; ! .' Merrrioz, Forced Down, at i Sea,' 300;Miles Short^pf His African Goal. I . RIO'DK jANEiR6,,Braiil, : J«iy 9 (UP)—The Aero Postale -company announced today Jean Mermw, fty. I ing across the South Atlantic from Brazil It Africa . had descended short: of ;hls goal near, the'.Aero Poitale steamer phocee, one- of the ships which, were stationed 1 along the route, to aid the plane In ctse of distress. -.,--. ',w :•••'',?,*' The position,0! the'jihip^was not given in early messages'but it wis believed to be well toward the African 'coast. : ' • The Aero Pos tale advised that its steamer had Mermoz ,«nd'. hl« two companions as weir as the mails theV carried. The spot where- the flyers were picked up was about 300 miles ol! Dakar. 'The plane was having engine trouble because [Of a broken oil line! It had sufficient gasoline for seven hours additional, flying or more-th'ah 1 enough ,to take it: to Dakar..when forced'down. Mermoz made an-easy landing In moderate seas;: '-•_;. .. ,. '- ...... The'Bt«arner .took the .seaplane in tow alter'rescuing the flyers and theIr • mall and proceeded ] slowly toward Dakar where it was'not.due until'litei tomorrow.' '" . : --'•-The -plane left Bonflm Ingoori, south of Natal, Brazil,'at 2:44 p. m': eastern .• standard' time yesterday. ^Besides Mermoz the crew con- Listed of Jean d'Abri, navigator, and Leopold Glmle, radio operator. FRENCH DEFENSE r. ;," FUNP /: ,; • PARIS, .'July •». -llll-j^The finance Athijjulph . «f . the chwit- b*r *f/ tejtillet- approved t6day »ii aMftifciul cmlll .or Utt.OO*,- kout |J45,(W,«30) for ' ' Hid Th«\ aciton .was- edrnMerrd III many tonnes iu a direct amwcr to ,(he. recent i Irtcrcut of about $2G,*M,l*e In th« ItalUn national defense budfet. LABOR CABINET UPHKLP LONDON, J»lr 9. (UP)—The cabinet wen -a victory . tn , the lint of a ttrie* cf testa In "'the licuse of commons today when a liberal moUan to add .1 mw clause lo the finance bID wu rc- jrr(H) by'i vote of 271 to'1W From | •; prpjpng*^ yr and FIND CAPONE TORTURE ' ' CHAMBER . ' CHICAGO, July ». (UP|—Erl- ilence / which poUce Interpreted as mranlmr .that the CapMK ganc miinUlned a "torture chamber" In the buieinent W a Chlcafo nl(ht club WM.brooiht U light todaA »ith the discover)' of two .p«tf. i-.'t'- : .f<<%'!<)^* • A new record for hot..weaJH**; being istabllshed 'here^.wlt^: prolonged exteris|ve'>i'heat*-J; caused the oftelal we|t' momettr to cllrfi^ta.^01;r' ;.'••' ' , the maxtmxim: by, 5 o'clock. •-. : *•! .-Since' Saturday; 1 -, 'it or more dally ' trid ; .went to 101 : for '• trutii, use-l iwas -jjresent at (the iwJ' on pa^e ' three) Three Investigations of lilh' ;".den/vbrlcl ^Activities;'Are res's'.' 'in •^CHie/Ujy," July'"9, JU disilnci' ''syeepihg" inve ;air'intended ,. : t'o";''rid 'p ^crimel" "and al^reiuHing 'sUbway rh'urder"' of f.Alfr.ed'l Lin|le Tribune reporter/ 'moved : steadily onward today. Golleoto'rs Must- Malce Set„ tlerrieht 'for ,La?t'.Years'. Scrionslv Iniured in Ur>- *$ toda 5 r in an actio ^ ^ k f n oenouMy injureu in. vjp- Atlv ^^ Hal Norwoodl ; 'set at Harrison. : ' •'•Misses Jessie Sr'ite and Mabel Hogan. of. this city, and -.Miss Mary Outlaw of Rector, who is a teacher in the Blytheville schools, are convalescing' af ' Harrison, Ark.. from cuts and bruises received Mon- nounsed wjll- investigate thoroughly 6t only the iLhigle' tniirder' lEg'ed; rackeieeting; by newspaper- Aeh and alleged-' alliances between crime and politics as well. ; A,. fourth investigating .^body,, the '"special 7 board' '-'bl : strategy," -con fined, its activities to tracking down Un Bier's' slayer. .' :!; '-' '; '. :', Eyery . police captain, in the cits was 'drawn into active participja tion in the ah-eady : . serious attack upon 'the underworld ',when action Commissldhef '. John H. . Alcpck . las night issued a demand thai by Jul 20 every poHce'mah must Kive * hlni a .written 'report detailin knowledge of any collusion. ^between .... . j'pollcemeri.'and gangsters. Clarence. Wilson, chief deputy in I 'Tlie -latest development in. the --- ._ _. .. ._ ' LITTLE ROCK, Ark.,' July.9 lUP) j.-frCollectpra of 31 'counties may'be sued by the state for failure to settle for special poll tax'receipts 'issued them in 1929, it wa? intimat r , Atty. Gen. Hal Norwood',.. . ..Norwood .advised J. Oscar Humphrey, state auditor,' to certify to prosecuting.attorneys..of the various' counties the collectors who hid failed IT make Jhe reports. Among the counties is Mississippi county. Gets Stuck in Mud ,• f Dt*pKe LoBf ;Drootlr 1 '" ••','. ~ ?' ' '• \ ^Thefc ruay lie a)prol«lged droul" A :Mj.ssli3lppi jooiuity, but It : titan . [6UeJi(.tddry5 \O& aniiiltomobil^ to lecome mired in the muti—and all our wheels! Miss,Cora Leei •6o>e- i , conritl'. • hdnw deeiinstratlin" agent,-had this experience jfdes- aiy"'whlie r ln • lh'4"vicinity 'of'f-fit<g Hope, in t!|e..,west>erij ^art of lite'- county. '*• ' ' " -}• ' .' She was ' enrout^^q. a ; bayou, •here, she was ^k'ih'g.5.4me wome*i fts'liers, wllei) hei- L car rj: slt:blc. -.'. .;:.', -*••,-* . .-.• vr . ,,.;• njl ] water from the nearby. : ]£yo$'kH<Jj not-4he" remains of a' ra|t), canaed 1 the>bubie...:;.;'..: . ; -;;A-.!iy\; ^ ,..,,;, : , / ' Until ; Rairi> Gives. .Crop New LHe./^^ :: ' ;'•'"• The llfi--'peraons -'thvowii; out. o!. fork' by'Vhe closlngVof rlhe-. CMI- Abnormally hi«ri"temperatu*e>-*-ere ;|> ^',|| forecast to .cpn.ttnue>inyArkahsasVf f i|l today with c?op''(laf^ag»!.b»c?»lln(!':'.--' : :;|-l excessive' due to ^nr««^«Hwlcjc'-hMt'.-." --v : l wave'. - - i', ^i-^t-' 1 ' ;;-A. new^hi^Yi^helt fecbrd.";fpr", the ;.". ;•£* I iark-befqre;9-;o'eloclt / '^:. ; L :: .4ir;: !crop i f'da|r^a;-U.-reporle4-;; -.;'.. In many"sections .qrihe'.Btate.^.Q.rn.,'!;^ arid yegetableij'.'haye.-beeai.Pf*?^-"! i.' ; ctilly "dwtro'Ted f >-by: .'the ^extenav*' •-.;.;.[. drouth.' Rtver^iai'e''jthevlowest-; ;',.; sluge of-, the seison. -^ny.^aUeflmji r'-.'-. ; |. .have'drIed-'up.-"-''' 1 vi?f:''f ! - r rV:: :; y v: >'-;'-.' ; rij 1 :. in "the northeas^™; |P*T*' t of: |J» •: r»j .state a" ^hea'v'y.vfain ,bipk'4 ^he^bMit,^ s'j • :.!_ :._'^i J_ w '." A«i^_.*tM -^Aa^A^ '".--.P wave yesterday ha'd't ".."" _'", iuiir of -icVerarhqiirs''! f.t nine factory will not havo cniploy; One-i ihan'i was deal- and .'a . ftrps number of homes' ,'*er( darhageil : by ' - 1Ghickasawba':District'. t6l •- lal entcrtalnment'''ol ! atrls'i4-H crub mcm- Jlhern i>attf of -Mis- P? 1 t 'tli •.. ced several weeks ago, local business TOei) ; and civic or- 1 lkiiiiatiohs*»-iil'lbe hosijlo' UpectedhoiictpreiAitU They will register at the court house,at"10,o'clock. J. Louis Cherry! jyftl spe^k.'tn/'KC^Iig. afRecord' Book In Good Shapt;' :^i"d Judgd George' 'W.'-Barham'-will make an ov-er, the office of W. W Shaver, sher- embankment. The car is being re- balred and they will continue their motor trip to the Ozark mountain: of Arkansas and Into points of Ok- ahoma for a two weeks vacation. 'A bee stung the- driver which caused her to lose control of the machine: • In telephone 'conversations :with relatives • and several friends - who called'them .after leirninz ; of the accident, the trio said their injur- ,es-were-not as serious as first believed and that the car will be ready for travel tomorrow. James P. Coffin, Veteran Batesvilk Banker, Dies BATE3VILLE, Ark.; July 9 (OP) county,' stated this afternoon that the sheriff's office .here had been acting under the Impression that an acc'untlhg for the special receipts would be given- in the general statement to be made this year. The chief'deputy stated that no instructions to the contrary had been given by the state and that he. was informed in a phone conversation, with Auditor Humphreys this afternoon for the first time of the calling in of the unused special receipts. . . ' - . ;• . No actual money account is in- i volvcd as funds collected for "the '-pedal receipts- have- already been I turned over lo the various school ! districts of the county, it is stated. Humphreys branded as erroneous any reports that action against, the collectors was contemplated but and' associated cases was the refusal today ''of ; the St. Louis St»r management to ; permit its' reportr er, Harry Brundlge, to appear 'be fore the Cook county grand Jury. The jury was seeking- to examine the reporter who wrote storie" charging that other newspapermen than Lingle were engaged in racketeering In Chicago. • —James Park Coffin, 92, dean of i 5^4 that a warning is being iuued Arkansas^ bankers and ^long a state | that the special receipts, must be accounted for before the general statement is made, Wilson; said. Chemicals Cause Blaxt in Hot Springs Home HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July 9 (UP)—Jack Barnes, 45, was seriously burned in an explosion at his home here today. Officers found cans marked "yellow phosphorus" and "carbon dl- snlphlde" which would result In nn Instantaneous fire, they said. A fireman, Ira Trammel, was overcome by fumes as he was investigating the cnuse of the explosion. leader, died at the '. home at his daughter/Mrs. James B. Fltzhugh here last night.' . ": Coffin had been ill .for some time. Funeral services will be held here tomorrow. ... He was one of the original organizers o! the Arkansas Bankers association, serving'as president in 1901. He had many other interests. Coffin, a recognized church leader, »-«s a Confederate wteran. PREACHERS SCABCE DELTA, Colo. tUP)—LbuU Christian and Sadie McKellar looked all day for a preacher to marry them Both wonder why ministers tako vacations during 'the marrying month. . " ' : Mrs. J. A. Waterman / CaHed by Father's Death Mrs. J. A. Waterman was called to North Platte, Neb., .today by the death of her father, C. F. PreiUuer, 77,'who died in that city last night. The deceased, who was on an ex. tended visit there, had made his home with Mr. and Mrs. Waterman for some time. • , . Cardinal Vannutelli Dies, Today in Rome, Aged 9.8 VATICAN CITY,; July 9. (UP) — Vlncinzo Cardinal Vannutelli. -ieac of the college of cardinals, died at 5:10 p. m. the age of 98 Cardinal Vannutelli, who was bishop of Palestrlna and Ostia, anc one of the six cardinal bishops, ha', been In failing health for severa years and recently 1 was serkrusly II' of nephritis. He recovered some what a week ago but suffered a re lapse and sank steadily. Despite his. 'advanced age th cardinal retained- considerable en ergy until his last illness, particl pating In church ceremonies an appearing frequently in Roman so ciety. v Senator Black Calls Witb- holding '.of Naval. Pact. Documents'Despotism'.. '•WASHINGTON. Juiv 7 9. (U Pfesident" Hoover's 'refusal to give the'senate secret' papers'relating to the Lo'naon naval treaty was likened today 'by' Senator Blnck,' De'm'b- 'crat, Alabama, to the pollctles..p! Alexander Hamilton-'arid 'all mer whq'believed in the theory of. one man' despotic' government', . ; ' i Black'said talk of "the.'possibility of,'a .leak .if..the papers.were de llyered in.,th'e senateVwas camou age insult*to'congress.. Basing his argument on the con Itution Black said the . secretar state was responsible to con ress.and not to the.president i ie custody of department, flies an hat Secretary Stimsbn should no c permitted to withhold paper rom the. senate, j - J;, . =. ; ire Alarm Sounds Three Times Tuesda A flre In a- room at the Hotel Glencoe resulted in the third lira, to be answered by the:city ire 'department yesterday. -The laze, believed to have originated rom a short circuit wire was halted by hotel employes with but slight .damage, A gatage at 414 Sycamore was burned .yesterday afternoon when t became Ignited by a gnu fire. Tues«5ay morning a tourist 1 truck caught afire resulting in the first alarm. Fifty-five ffxxl canning factories KILL ELK FOR TEETH POCAT1LLO, Ind. OJPJ-Killin elk for thtlr Ueth Is the latest "out door sport" to cam* game warden official worry in this section. T» fine animals were found dead o the game reserve west of her Their teeth were missing but II will be erected by Soviet, Russia at rest of the carcasses had not bee a cost of »35,000,000, . .; (bothered. The elk hart been shot. •turcd'VWi'f f r , os (-. K, f^'cxprtie} that' 200 'rirc!).' will '^.'plnnje'd'.'m. 'Iri'^'ln'sf' 6riii^'Oh'e 'crpp-'liasvil-- ea r dy"' 1 be<!lf)''i\ni«he'd.'.' n , ! So''/ar this year,' 15 cifs bf'bcans "' ' .tn'itocnillaat night-breaklng a. heat -.; .wave! oil several 'dttys.1.-' ''•<•• '"-.V "•". ' Lightining struck '» ranch home . near, Flagstaff and r.ktUed : Mace- ^d'onlo,-Ortegai:.8»;::'..'cv. :>',') -f.'}~ " • , ; ,:At Presc'ott-.piicihouseliwas^.dc- . stroycd.'by •. .llghtniiiff^.ahd.iiaaaUiei.' : ' was reportadtto. huyc'beeuiidainagcd. .by.; fire! i starts^ VtV>y "^ n - ^^. electrical -' v '••' '-- ' - : ' : Lunch wiil be served', under the Irectlph of Miis' Cora • Lee Colenan, county ' home 1 ', demonstration g'en'l, ; assistt<( by several .othei women wjth a menu supplied .by Blylhevllle' 'citizens. 1 'In' 1 the afternoon' the' boys an;! iris mny'alteml 'the' is guests' of the 'management • 6; may go swimming free at the Chl- ago'MIll pool. •" •'-'••• A similar meeting is being held at Osceola Friday.', -• Manila to Be'Heprw*^* 1 !--' .XtANILAj-Ark:, July 9.-T!ie first summer meeting'.of the Manila 4-H club 1 was held yesterday afternoon in thS club room of the higli school building. A. very' busy business ses- sion'was held, ; at which it was-de« cided to send several representatives to the big rally at Blytheville Thursday. • "• Work will begin on ri play that the club's 'members hope to present in 'August: The -cast 'Includes Mary Carter, Nettle bajlon .Wilson;' Sybte, Runyou. 'Mary Coals, Olah Anderso n, Walton Dilts, Arnold 'Phillips,- Hooper Ray. Emmo Bilmotf. Mary Nell Noonan. Willard Needham, 'Benny Feudlsr Raymond Carter and Pearl Necly: -The following were voted in n new members: Marjorte Howell Ethel Parnell, Hooper Ray and Jewel Williams. The club will mee again next Tuesday nig'it. county Agent Crltz attended the meeting. Fess Campaign for Appoint-? ment to Succeed Huston. : WA8inNNGTON, ;1 July 9 (UP)— An old fashioned ppllticar cpntiw- er'sy 1 'among party "leaders over' a, 1 successor'- to Claudius Hu'styn'i as B«nuaPlus Fojrmal .'.'i' Qpeiruiif Jaitwo ' ,Bprum's:new drug store,'.whlc£'is - : rio>- open ,fcir business; will law*'a ' ,formal;,ppenlng in about two' irte^s. according to- announcemet- made today- by •:JEdgar, Borum. The 'flnn moved horn, ita former- Ipcaiton to a new, building receaUy -purtnased which Is .Just feat of the First National .bank/ .. • --v'• ,: .- Mr,,,- Borum has. .been - in ;business.- here. for-. W. years ar/ fct ;six year.!'has-been: owner , of all. the business'!.after,-purchasing »tocV from two other.. -member! of _thc firm. chainnah of'the Republican nation- a 1'committee has'develqpe<t : as, a^result : 'bf plans for Huston's'' retirement, the United Press was' mfomv- ed'"'today'on unquestionable -authority. ;.,- ( ', \ • ' -_' ' A'ccmpromise however'Is expect-' ed' to be'reached within, a day or two with friends; of Senator Simeon D^ Fess 'of'.Ohio .withdrawing ^nx" the rnqvemcnt. for.appyfntinent- of Pess y to .'succeed.Hustori;- - '_ '••'•: Court of Common Pleas Adjourned for Week Thi Common Fleis Court, In session bne yestcrdi;,'i<ljounied until ntxt Tuesday when morie business will be brought before County Judgt George W. Barham. He has gone to Osceola today for a meeting there. Te»ls Show Blyttieville Water Is Uncontaminated . Blythevllles water is pure., Examination of the city's water, collected from six sections of the city, by the state board of health shows th«t ill the specimens were free (rom any contamination. Dr. I. R. Johnson, city health officer, had the water examined alter several requests had been made because of the recent muddy color Japan' exported 5G7.359 cases o canned crab meat during 1929. ^ to .'succeed I.A.- temporary apnolntce accept-' able to..the various:leaders .Is likely to be agreed upon. .The choice may be Ralph Williams of Oregon,' how serving as vic^-chairman. • "'There 1 'were 1 reports >; tbday that President' 1 Ho-yer had.'pff ere d the posl lo'Earl s:'Kinsley,'Republican national^ corhmitteeman .from Vermont., as-a harmony selection. It fas'.denied at. the White House that ;he president liid conimunicated with Kinsley. The national com- mltteemih' is expected here to ton- ler with, party leaders. "The leading opponent of FesV selection U Senator George. Moses of. New Hampshire, chairman of the Republican senatorial campaign committee., Moses has elected to oppose'Huston's Immediate resignation despite, the disfavor with which mot party leaders have viewed the chairman since the senate lobhy committee's disclosures concerning his handl'lhp of Muscle Shoal's lobbying, innds. , . . Friends.of Moses are understood lo.lw. urging his selection as chairman but' backers of Fess are tin- Manila Girl Fued ; ; tor Hittiaj Stepfather , Lois 'Jackson,- IJ-vear Did Manila girl, was fined *i otT.a, charge of assault and. batterycln a trial it Manila today before Justice J. M. NeerHam. Her. mother, Mrs Grace Wilbourn,- • and.- her; brother Otto Jackson, 20, ,were-\acquitted of the same charges. ' • • They were defendants In \ case which grew'out of a family quar- rel'and fight, ten days .ago at their h'cme ".there;, p.". W. Wllboum husband j>I Mrs. . WHbourn and plalntlrf, p'ieaded' giillty-to.a charge of, d.lsturbing • Ot$ peace and was fined $10 in a trial last wtt* Accordi-v to reports,. after the girl 'and lior father, struck each other, ths brother intervened.'Both sides had the others arrested Neill Reed prosecuted for. the state and 'R. A. Nelson was attorney for the- defendants willing lo accept shire' senator. the Newhnmp- Bill Bailey F«d on RUM Cturte Today Bill Ball:?, through hi? attorney. entered a piei of guilty to a <*«te cf Illegal possession of !ntonc»UBf liquor this morning in police .east. He was fined i50 by Judge. W;,p. Gravette. Two negro -girls were fined *1S each-for public drunkniBess. WEATHER continued warm - weather and Thursday. *j 1 i

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