The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1930
Page 7
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PAGE EIGHT BI.YTHRVILLE. (AUK.) COUKIKK NRWR ItJISlO Diamcncl Pastime more Na;.'" tiona! Sport of.Japan' than ' 'America Says Norgren. Bj >iE.t Drrvlrc ; CHICAGO.—It will take n championship American bajeb.ill to If successful In 'future Invnslons of Japan. That is trt belief o[ Nc!s Ni>v rcn, liead baseball coach nt tlv University of Chicago, whose 19)3 nine played a 15-gamc schedule In the Orient. • "There has been an astonishing development of tlie came In Japan since I was there with a Chicago team five years ago," Norgrcu said. "Every youngster seems'to be' playing now. In fact, bnsebap Is rocr™ the national sport there than il is In this country. "Japansosc colleges liavc three c;- four .complete teams and llicsr teams play the year round wlih two big series, one liv the spi- and another lale In the summer. Those series arc the country's gcsl sports events. Why. the colleges attract tremendous crowds o! 70.000." Japan has built up her atlil""-- so fast that she now Is having difficulty with eliglbillly ami rairuli- Ing questions similar to those wh' troubled American colleges before suitable standards were adopted. Coach Norgren *ild. "Mechanically, they nrc finely developed. They have fine coaches nncl "•Tk hard, most learns iiractlcliu; five hours a day with unbroken effort. Their pitchers have fine control and rapidly are actjiilrinR the speed of American pitchers. Their fielders Jump with the crack of the bat, throw well and show Ihe finish of a big leaguer." Coach Norgren wild that Japanese professional umpires arc first rate. They make lew mistakes. They Insist that a\ strike be over the plate between the batter's knccr flnicl the letters on his shirt, and .not often will they give much margin on the corners. HIMSELF AS USD^S 111S 'ARMS HAS MAPE RONS OFCWE BI 2coo AT SIKMGrir BILLIARDS IUILUE UJELWER <MKW AND KOOIYA.MKDMN ..- ,<•- -• ' ¥»• «*.> -.w ' •-'>«? ^fWT&C ^ •-—•.. — • — • • • * •-• THURSDAY, .\OVEMBER 13, 1930 ..,. Looking In By "DUKE," ing of nny section in records o! the Rose w PPAUOIER ,: -.-'. . Scienw, Plus FJjrM -/The year has seen some remark•'.'able comebacks. Underdogs in football,' In surprising upsets have surpassed wlia^ was expected of them and the mighty have taken a tumble. One of the most heroic examples Is Columbia. In her game with Cornell, the guessing was not as to . the victor, but the score. The rosiest hopes of Columbia's supporters asked 'merely that the disaster b; minimized by as few touchdowns as possible under the circumstances. Columbia beat Cornell. In doing HJ tee Lions ployed a game of football thiS was scientifically designed 10 CtSKt ibe strJe of game the Ith- Sram hive adopted. H was a labo- ratcry triumph. In a way. One Part of It . Ofcrabia used a light linj, scouts hiring brought in t'r.e information Ihst rffithing need be feared from ComtH in the ^cay of end runs. The job -«as to stop Viviano's plunges through that line. Columbia's line charged ioi- and straijni ahead on defense, piling up the porrer plays before they were fairly started. Ween Cornell assumed the double wing-back formation, Columbia tickles plunged head on into the Cornell ends. When Cornell played single wing-back, Columbia over- shifted, gambling that the end and secondary mail on the weak side of the .line cou'.d sicp any swinj to the short side. No such sTi-in? was erpected. because unusual jpsed is required to gain by sucr, «. move. And Another Columbia had the clinically perfect defense for Cornell. But thers •was another factor in the Lions' victory that no great triumph bckc —the element o! fig>,t that Lou little's men displayed. It required courage and persistence to rally in . the face of what was predicted as defeat, and it'took faith to follow • the plans adopted. Columbia fought like a tiger. The plan they used called for the most .exacting efforts by linemen and secondary. The team never faltered. You might debate for hours on the relative importance of tlie twi factors that won for Columbia— science or fight. The answer seems to be that in modern football you can't get anywhere without a little of both. The Noble Rally The year has seen other triumphs of the underdog. Navy made n splendid rally after a bad start and defeated Princeton. New York University took • Fordhnin's lusty wallop on the chin and went right n\vay from there and defeated Carnegie Tech. cnc of the stronpest teams in Ihe cast. Duke was disastrously routed by North Carolina Memphis Tigers And Nile Hawks To (Hash Sunday MEMPHIS, IUP)—A rclurn game witli the Milwaukee Nile Hawk:! will be played by the 'Memphis Tigers, profootball learn and claimants of Ihe World Tills, here Sunday- Nov. 1C at Hodges Field. The Nile Hawks were the team lo defeat the Tigers this year, winning 9 to 0. Last yaar the Tigers defeated the Green Bay Packers, winners of the National Pro championship, but earlier in the rea:on lost to "Red" Orange and :ars. Later the Tig- mes. b.alintr among others Na d Vllhimvn. After being nosed out, by Michigan after victory seemed (D br well In hand. took Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois in her stride. Northwestern took a'fall out of Tulane, but the New Orleans team snapped out of it lo win four In a row from Its next rivals. Add to your list of oilier comebacks Iowa and Nebraska. Coaches, aided by scouts, devised many of these reversals. Careful laboratory planning had a great deal to do with the upsets. •'Bui a beaten team must fight to rally. Tne best laid plans of mice and men must be executed with faith and fight to win. There is something more to this "dying for dear old Rutgers" Ihan mere talk. RITZ THEATRE Thursday and Friday Vict< M CI Same. With the addition of Tony Holm, lust,' year Alabama fullback and All-Ainarlcnn selccllon lo the fold, and a weeks rest, the Tigers are out .U) redeem themselves. Other All-American nwn with the Tigers ."are Billy Banker, Tulane "Dlohde Blizzard," and Larry net- leiicpui't, center from St. Mary's College, .CaL Bettencourl was with, the.; Tigers last- season..- ' • .' former collegiate stars with the Milwaukee cloven Include Clem Neac'y, Colgate University, and Till; Voss,:'. University bfi, right The.Busy Chlckasiws 71 .looks like Coach Henry Hu-J- fon and his Blytheville Cnickasaws might follow the- popular trend and claim some kind of tecord after today's idotball game with' the. Wilf:on Bulldog'si.especially if| they Vlu. The battle will IxMJio third for the Blylhevlitc Eriddcr's within a week which should give llicin some sort of recognition for--an "endurance" ' lille or ''busiest week" champion- Thc Chicks defeated the Osccola Semlnolcs last Friday, 34 lo 0, took the Yellow-jackets' of Memphis Tech into camp'Tuesday and now- have high ho'i>c'.5 of.polishlng off tli; Bulldogs this aflernocn. Tlirec games in one week Ls :• Icsl for even Ihe rugijccl cf c f[iiruls. TluL pbyhi^ 'ihvce .gam:s within seven days-difcs not mean that the lliulsonnien nave been idle the of Ihe reason.- If a gum? is nvrani;rd lo replace the cancelled I-'oidyce - Blyihevlllc game on •rhiinksgivinc tlie Chicks will Iiave tn'olve games behind theni when Ihe rosular scascn closes on Turkey Day. A very busy auluinn. An t'lBct If Yuii Please "Fordyce, El Dorado Draw, 0-6." Blared forth from yesterday's sport page. Well. It wasn't quite that bad as these who read beloiv the .'hend- incs found out* Each. team did score one touchdown. But thj deadlock was (juite a Jolt to fans over the state who had already wranned the slate title up and mailed it to the Rcrtbucs with n J'<lo not open until Thanksgiving"--notice. . Prom press reports-:of the game il appears that tlia;yr"!ldc.;u>. frim the city that oil b'uiltf'actually did make more scoring threats than the Redbiius, with one ol- the Jordar twins having to exert tiimsslf and run over 60 yards'for the Redbu«s' jotily touchdown. However, on a'dry j field the Fordyce. warriors - would _ : probably again : ralc favorites-It the • ' ] g.inie 'was played again. And for p encl. Both are former All-Am'erl- good reason as'the Redbugs liavc caiiisclectiohs. Al Blopdgood.t Nc-' some backs 'who' can really toe bra;*a quarterback was a : mem- dance on n dry field.' tor of Ihe Packws last season Unless they receive an nnexpect- when they played here. ."I setback the Redbugs• will prob- Thc Hawks' line includes 'Gene "bly win the state title regardless Smith, -of nnlv.-irsity- of Georgia, o' (he draw with El Dorado. Tho All-Southern guard two years ago! Wildcats have not only the draw Harvey Long an d Jerry Luhz.botU l"it a defeat earlier in Ihe season former Delroit University' stars, rhnlket! up against them. Aside are In tlie tackle berths. Al Droeg rr °m the draw Fordycc's record is knmp, of Milwaukee Teachers/will c!c:lr with Camden looming as the cppobc Uotlenccui t at the - pivot Merest obstacle in the Redbugs 1 poiltion again. • • p.ith. Ben Franklin, line plunging, hard running fullback, who scored the looking Westward Avm bc^unc'lT" ' nrtlie NltcHa " lcs ' i ,_« y°" cars to r«ad between IV • Among other Tigers' to sec-son- Wade'^'Whiison^Tide * is 'looking ice Sunday will be: Whltcy'.Shol-j fondly toward the west, ™\T^™ e r "n."! y ^ Id1 " r '' *•! Alribflmft authorities have reject- L ™n' lt ,'* DKIC Fli ' er of ^'- «' P^ 5 for Post-season games with pin,.- Diilch Simns., All-Pnrincl w. Y. U. and Tulane with only r; CteergCithe most meager of excuses. Re- ; The forward ivall that Tech showed here Tuesday was-.cne of the heaviest to npposij Ihe Chicks' 'Mils 'year. ,i«ut the scrapping 'lor-. wards of- the Maroon and While fought il oui with Hit Yt-lluw- Jarkrts all afternoon, displaying a ck-M eii)(e most lof the way. Ami the smallest 'of tlu-iii all, Alexandtr— ;i red hcailr.! guard widi tireless i-ntrfry, w^s out- . •ttiindintt up on the front Iliu-. Guesses on ganjcs t,h!s week-e are listed below: Biytheviye to beat Wilson. Baylor lo beat Arkansas. Auburn .to bent MUs, -Aggies. ItllJiois-tb teat Chicago. Georgia to teat Tulanc. Alabama to. beat L. S. U. Florida to beat Clemscn. . .. Dartmouth.,tp .bfat.Cprnell.- -•- • : -l^fdrisin'to beat'BtV : Mary's: ''-'• Harvard to beat Holy Cross. Michigan,io beat Minnesota. Nebraska' to; beat: Missouri. N.-.Y.- u.-to Vat 'Georgetown. Duke to Ijcat N'. C. state. Northwestern to beat Wisconsin . Notre Dame to beat Drake. Pitt to beat Ohio Slate. Penn. to beat Georgia Tech. . Yale to beat Princeton. Pursue to teat Butjer. - Vamierbllt to beat Tennessee. S. M. U. to beat Navy. T. c. U. to beat Texas. • Stanford to beat Gal. Tech. Threc-mtartcrs of the animal kingdom is .composed of insect life. accoriiiii" t-, Frank. Eugene Lutz' of the Atn'-rican Museum of Na-1 •ra.l History. : , I Chicks to n Wilson For GridGame Coach Henry Hudson and his squad of Blythcvllle Chicks i e rt, this morning for Wilson where (hey play the .Wilson Bulldogs this afternoon ai 3 o'clock in u lc third game- within n week for the Maroon and White warriors. Wilson has been 'coming along last in the last few games nn [ ls schedule and has hopes of liojdln? the powerful Rlyihevllle eleven. The nullclogs have always proved tough lor the Ciiickasaws at Wil- scn and (he "jinx" may play ball today. QUITING BUSIN SALE Extra Special While They Last HGBKQCS3tBKHHKDaPBnHHBHM>HHHHMI^^BBBMiHK^M^HMl^^^B;4H=z ! Men's Hats .Austin Apple white, Miss otar. St. Marys stnr. and former Oto OU) BIBLE EXHIBITRD EVERTON, (UP)-A Bible •printed ill 1648 was port of a display of antiques held in connection wilh a :fchool and coininunily fair here recently. Included in the display were ancient drfguerrotypcs, eager ports filtering throuzli from t-'v coast hint that the Crimson'. Tide will be asked to parliciuate in .n.n- olher Rose Bowl game if Ihe Crimsons finish tlietr regular season undefeated. ' • ' The Tide caught the fancy a' western fans with a rousing vtetorv "over Washington in 1925 and a hard fotighl draw with Stanford in 192C.' Both limes the southerner 1 fought their way u]> from behind. i old coins, and a hand-made rolling And Georgia.Tech beat Californr' urn fashioned before 1800. 'in'trwR in mv* rvK-i» n^-Hn^ 1 ,--,»_ . In' 1028 to give Dixie the'best rat- HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday THREE FRENCH Conv:dy and News Matinee—10 and :{0c. Night—10 and rjiic. ; Saturday — Hob stcflr- in •S.- K " >IU ™« • Comedy and News •; • Admission— 10 and'- 25c. |TER". Doming— Sunday &. !—Nancy Cunoli in "l,At;r;'u- Sheeplined Moleskin Coats Craveneltf — Procesied la Keep You Dry and Warm .90 \7"OU'UE up to your reck in lujniriouj A warmth when you button yourself into thk smartly styled, generously dimensioned ' garmenl with iti billowing .beavcrizcd col- 1 lir. No out-of-doors man can afford lo bo w|thout ore ... far certainly thjj tow price hasjem before purchased artich assured '• protection agtinsl I«ck;FrostV i^y assaults! 'Oft If' Horsehide Ve»l» Front-quuter black liMei; snugljr warm and i big value, He*'* BOT.' 7.90 6.90 Corduroy Coals M»dt.(or txtra wear. Sh«p- lined wilh big, btavcritcj collar. : ;t^ 9.90 Moleskin Coats Shrcplinttl ind sturdily martt with big furred collar; 36* long. t 5.90 . €wPeniiey Co., 220-222 W Main St.': Blyllievillf, Ark. Felts, only 2n of these Ladies Coats About 15 of Values to 515. All sizes. 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