The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1938
Page 3
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ATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1038 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Quints Get Thrills On Their Own Toboggan Slide 1 r ! >•*" * - - r* "* • . x ;« -< , v n . ' , PAGE THRKK' Wmament Race Will Bo. On In Earnest Williin 10 Months ' HV; <:. wn.'-iox irtHni Press Stall (Nirn<s|iunil-nt WASHINGTON. Feb. )S . ujp'i- Breemeiil on internal iniml limit.i- 011 uf armament within tin- next, s scrim today in bo the jti'iiiLilive to a couly world-will: aval rate at il!, : (,xp<--isc of IT-: s in every qunrtcr oi the s1ob<>. Prospects for naval limitation arc )l bright although spokesmen for ,e United slates. Japan anil are.-:! rllaln—Ihe three major naval now- , s—have within Iho past 10 d'i.:;, wirmlly endcrsPd amis limitation reduction. } These hopeful slalpments nn>! rutnlly modllied by Iho fad Hint-1 real Britain and the United ! ates. with much in common, have ecu able over tile yrars lo find a j titimlly acceptable basis of lim-1 allon only with the greatest difli- : ulty. Jii|)an on one hand anil (lie ivo English-speaking powers on the; ther have not been able to find ommon' ground at all. But the United Slates and Great rllaln now are in comparative nc- ord en naval limitation. American ival slateglsts have modified Ihoir am- isistence on the big 10.000-ton. 8- ich "im tvpc of cruiser which the Jritish did not want the Unite:! talcs to possess in large numbers. Bolted Conference • As between Japan and Die Anglo- •jii^vican theory of naval limitation fcrtrisreement steadily widened from Mic 1922 Washington Arms Con- tXfiicc nutll Japan's delegates fi- ally bolted the lalest of these- con- rences which met in London in 93 G. Ten months is Inken as the prob- ble grace period before the naval ace begins in earnest because tho ew American program for con- tructlon of three mnrp battleships nd CC lesser vessels scarcely would j v underway before then. Once Ihe ] Inltfd Stales begins to lay keels 1.1 not likely to scrap vessels even efore completion. Whether the juericnn treasury will be- compelled y raise the entire $800.000.000 'hicli the new program is to cost 'ill depend on developments after irsl keels are laid. The bill will rovlde that the program may ho ntorrupted any time to comply 'Itli any arms limitation agreement 'hicli reached. Mr. Roosevelt's jslrntcsv in pro--'- • an emergency building proto be completed over a-period \rs was explained In forms of for national defense. Another attor was the (nought that the Jnlted stales, by demonstrating , in addition to undoubted ibllity to spend billions on arms, night persuade less wealthy unions lo reconsider the economic lazards of unlimited naval cou- ,t ruction. Japan's confident reply to that .trntegy was uttered by Vice Navy vlinLster Isoroku Yamanioto in n .tatement to the United Press. He aid "means will be found" if Japan nusl expand her fleet lo meet :ompetitive building. Of the tlirco methods of dealing A'lth armanietit.s, the first, which vas adopted nt Washington in 1022, ;eems to be both unlikely nnd un- easlble. That was Die nctunl scrapping or reduction of armaments. Backed heavily in 1022 by Great Britain nnd the United Stales—we lid most, of the scrapping—the ac- ;wl scrapping plnn is proiwsfd now jfl?' 'Japan. ^Tnc other two methods nre: Three Methods 1. To freeze existing fleet. 1 ; and iiirtall future building under agreement to limit the size of guns and Ithe tonnage of Individual ships and Ithe number of vessels which might •be built. Any fleet then would be Jilmited as to total tonnage and as |lo tonnage lor each type of ship, Merc limitation of tho size oi Igims and tonnage of individual {ships, but no limit on number of 'LIKE flT KHE' SKI I Stccle-Cooter Society—Persona! Ambitious Pvogi'iiin Arranged By Count y's Demonstration Clubs I Home Dditonslrullon clubs m | Mi-'l^,lppl county have started nn I umullluus pioiji-iini (or l!):la which j I'lHrnVf. u pi'ouruin IjiilU uroinul | the "IJvi'-nt-lIoini'" phin. » . i • > s ^ _ OWB". l»u M'l Scniio, Iiu ) nclion for you, anil proof that what goes up must come clown! The nlonne quints, like other teddy-bears. are showing yo>T"fl>S? Emllle's head as S |ie completes a slide, and -(Iml's Mario who's slurllng up the tire golni; up tin- ri»ia way using the ivhwi voii're "co'lng-on-foiir." loboHsan-clnile. That's Dr. D.ifoe putting his linnets o wront! chute. She'd better \viUcli out., or Annette will be running Her cleaiwl incline. Six oi' .seven feet may not look high to down. Yvonne anil Ccclle grownups, but It's n sqiital-provoklng i The !i'J I'hiljs in Hie I'iniiily havn I iKlopli'il (lie Ihl'lim "llliik« Inline ! HCe Iwlti'i" nnd cinliliHMk will tw Ijluci'il mi llu> growing of loud mill I feed at home for flmmcliil Indtv pnidi'iici', the cnrryliiii mil of Ihfc CniuiiH'ivliil Aiiiicul's "I'hinl tii l'M>MH'r" program, wlildi li similar 10 ll)r |));)D used Mote IliU con- li's 1 . wni shirted, the K|x>nsorlnu ol « "Heller Homes Wci'lt" obscrv- .•iiicr ,-nuI the ((evcl<i(inielt( of Miclut II,.. Mississippi county hns the luri>- i'.st inmifii'i- ol home di'iiidiistrnilon clubs of any eouniy In Arkansas and i he records of these i-lnbs luive tri'ii oiHstiindlni!. This wuntd liuve Iji'i'n Impossible \vllhoul tl'ie ability «r lociil lenders, says' Miss Com Lee Colemun, home ilpinon- .stnitloii agent. It) Mississippi coUn- ly, who hits .served all chllK until a few months ai'.o when nn- otlipr audit. Miss Ijle?. Klllculd, wns placed in Ihe. Oscwiln district, These leaders tire promoting the IO:IB program lliroiiuh Hie weekly anil semi-weekly inecllngs held In Victory, who has teen for .several weeks, Is imieh worse ul hLs home here. Mrs. Klsle Hsk has returned frnm n hospital In Memphis where she underwent treatment, nnil Is Improving. Mrs. Mary Tender, of Meniplii.s. Is visiting her. . Mr. nnd Mrs. K M. Weaver have moved here Irom Matthews. Mrs. Curolyn Kiissoll lelt Wed- nesduy for u visit with her mother. Mis. Kd Ciice, of Detroit. Kdunr fimmin Miltered n stroku , of |iai'ulysl', Ihls week bill Is xoiiie i improved. III. 1 , leli slcie 1:; unruly/.'•d. Mrs, Kanili' llowell mid dilli|;)i- er, Fi'iinw'S, have uone to Kllgovo. 'Yxns, for n visit with relatives. Jen-}' Holly mid J. w. lima were n Memphis Wednesday. Mis. John MeCluri! nut! ;dnugli- >i; Cleiic. returned Thursday from •51. I.oul.s where Clnin wns treuletl Twister Topples Oil Towers til-ami j lodge. innslcr of the Arkansas Mrf. .1. I. Driver Hoxte.w | Porsythia nnd jonquils wcro us|ed In decoration nt. Hie Urldge jimrly given by Mrs. J.'L. Driver In | her home on Wednesday after- ncon. Mrs. B. S. Driver was; hlijti 'scorer while Mrs. iVi". E. I'ope cut i consolation, i 9trj. K. S. Driver Gnterlaiiis Twelve sjuesl-s played bridge In Hie home of »Mrs. E. S. Driver yesterday 'afternoon In rooms ninde springlike by baskets .of forsylhln, jonquils anil greenery. High score piitfe, embroidered pillow casos were won by Mrs. W. W, I'rewltt. Oilier prizes were nwndi'd Mrs. W. C. Mason and Mrs. II. F, Ohlt'n- dorl. all communities, in continuing the pnietlcc or the "Uvc-Al-Home" tho a.009 inenibers fire uttcm|itln!! to iirds, uinden.s Imvc and belter orch- poullry. to it tin etinn Vt't'll.S. Mr. nnd Mrs, K. r r. Callen.s hnve Hhrlnor's lios]iltal. She will In (lie tiiispllnl In iu>ved f5a\'annnh, Tenii. . Mrs. W. K. Keniuxly wns tnken to Memplils haspllnl the lulter lian of Ihe oponillon. week lo undergo im Mrs. Cecil Marls 111117 naliglilei', Jonn, of Osceoln. /VrL., are visit- Ing her pan-ills. Mr, mill Mrs. lioy Weaver, ul Ihls lime. Gene, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Elwood llrown. Is 111 from men.sles. Mr. nnd Mrs, K W. Znlmcr hnve returni'd dfler spending the winter nt Fl, Myers, Fla. Miss Gliulys Vlnson has moved National League Proposes Sweeping Changes fn Slates, Nation WT. LOUIS. Feb. 19. UJ|>> _ 'J1,e. Nnllimul l/'iigiie of Women Voters. In preparation for its biennial con- vi'iillon liei-i) April 25-28. hns lr.slie<l Us proposed pruxrain for mS-W,, I'tvciliii! nine objedlves hi fedenil '• 'islulion. 12 In .state work nnd )fi uenei-ni objcellves. "i-liu'ln^ our prognini In tho hiiml.s of mcmbur.s In advance' of (lie coiivi'Dllon' afford,',- nn oppor- lunlly for each uiemlicr to stud/ ctely every proposal," Miss Mnr- Kiicrllo Wells, piesldenl, said. The llsl of gcnernl objectives was headed by the merit system. This was In accordance with the league's work Iov the |«ist two years in stressing the advantngu of the merit .syslein and working to effect Ihe elimination or (lie .spoils. Other subjects listed for support included: Opposition to discrimination In public, employment bused on sex or minllnl status; commissions to pcrmnnent develop n tax co- to Cnruthcrsvllle. Mr. mid Mrs, mid children of Hoy W. Spence. Utlle Hock, and Limitation of gun sizes, shir Itommge and numbers ol ships, a (procedure combining both qualitivc land quantitative limitation, was f-f- Ifected at the 1030 London nova 1 cpnfercncp. Six years later thi I naval powers retreated to mere I qualitative limitation dealing \vitl I gun si2es nnd ship tonnage. Japai [was not a signatory to that agree \rnpwt. 'Hie belief of other signa IPS. the United Stales, Gren and France, lliat Japan i buuHing guns and ships larger thai J treaty powers can construct ha I served now to .scrap even that com 1 pnrativcly moderate qualitive iim nation. I ittcl and concrete offered little resistance lo (he force ol Ihe tornado which .struck Kodessa, Thursday .l::ht. A liiige oil derrick blown over by tho terriiic wind, its huge concrete foundation blocks uprooted, is shown above in this NEA Service-Courier News picture. • • - [•res-li.vtrrhin Services.,Sunday Dr.j W. w. Travis, ';pasloi\ of the E'astmhi.stcr Picsbylec Inn Church In Kansas City, Mo.-, will preach at Ihe Presbyterian church next, Sunday, morning and nlgrit. Tho Otct'oln Girls Trio, composed of Doris Counts,- Marie Mayo,, and Jean Chiles .will sing iit both services. '•.•'•• Mrs. Welby Young accompanied Mr. nnd Mrs.. Joe. Young to Memphis yesterday to visit 'Jim Young, >ring about general limitation and reduction of armaments." prime Minister Neville Chamberlain an- lonnced Great Britain's willingness o limit and redure two days later, iut Great Britain, like the United Slates, is not willing lo abandon ypes of ships considered best fitted o protect her trade routes. Agreement Unlikely Tlio bald fact seems to be that .he United States ami Great Bri- :aln consider Japan an aggressive •-ei, a potential trouble maker, and for that reason, ir for no other. has closest relations. Germany and 7laly. Those two nations supply less than 2 per cent of Japanese imports and they take less than 2 per cent of her exports. The naval disagreement is most acute, it appears, among three nations which are znuliinlly excellent customers. State Home Economics Supervisor Keiser Speaker ,, , . i "Don't be n diclalor in your would not agree to Ihe Japanese,, ., sai( , Mjss A)ma K » tat ype of naval reduction which prac- sllnci . vlsOT or home econo ,n\cs cd- .ieally would disarm either fleet, on the high seas. The judgment of aggression levelled at Japan is bast-d on her penetration of the Asiatic mainland where she has taken over Korea and Manchnkuo and now is engaged in Central china. Assuming that Ixmdon nnd Washington will stand isat in refusing the type of naval reduction proposed by Japan, the possibility of ucntion. in her address the Keiser P. T. A. Thursday night, "tench your children to live in a democracy by making their honi'j- life democratic." "We must keep ourselves posted on the changes in the world today in order to do justice to our children. The greatest heritage we can leave our children ta not , any limitation nt all appears to I wealth, but the experience of hav- depcnd on Japan accepting somo. in S live(l m n "aPPV and well- measure of the limitation methods acceptable to the United Stales nnd Great Britain. There is no reason to believe Jnpan will do that. Japan is on a spending spree. Her Chinese adventure Is costly. Internal economic pressure, of which there is no immediately alarming symptom, might persuade Japan to come to some Iclnd of naval agreement, . And there Is the possibility of boycott to apply external economic pressure. Boycott might kill Japan. It assuredly would cripple the United States and Great Britain. This country and the British Tn Its stead. Japan proposed in j take more than 4i per cent of Japa note on Feb. 12 "n drastic reduction in naval nrmnments. the total abolition of capital ships (vessels of more than 10,000 tons) and aircraft carriers which arc aggressive In their nature." Naval strategists contend that to abandon those types I of large' vessels would make the I United Sattes and Great Britain impotent except in I heir home waters and. therefore, powerless lo I protect they trading- interests throughout the world. The United States has rejected such a program I once and doubtless will do so s»aln. But the United States is ready at/ willing to reduce her nrma- •Ms, although unwilling lo aban- > ships most suited to her needs ... ( /,avor o[ typos best suited to Japan. Secretary of Slate Cordell I Hull announced that American wll- I llngness on Feb. 5 in a radio address managed home," Miss Keys spoke at a Pounders Day program In the school auditorium. Ah impressive candle ceremony setting forth the alms purposes of Ihe association preceded her talk. Miss Robbie Goiv- an, music instructor in the K?i- ser school, played a selection from Brahin. After the program, tea and sandwiches were served at a rcceptio/i ! ola. In the home economics building. Osceola •-". Society — Personal^, •,") • ' l''*- !•', Civic Club Has /. .-."•" Interesting Program ' • - - -' The history of achievements and objectives of the East Arkansas Young Men's Club were presented to the Osceola Civic Club in an address by S. U. Melhoni of Parkin, secretary of the organization, and president of the Parkin club. beautify llielr homes before "IJct- lor Homes Week" April 24-30. and la have n social life built around activities of the home demonstration clubs, churchi's and schools of Ihe various communities. The observance of "Holler Hoint'.i Week" Is expected lo accomplish much in , Hint phuse of lh« program. Meinbrrs are now working for liveable homes mid nre thinking not only of more storage space and Its value In the homo, but .of I he lieatmcnt of, floors ' and fill 1 -" nllure nnd the use of home glwvn mnterlnls. They nre dcinonslrnllng Hint new loof.s nnd walls make old ionics young nnd Hint some old ilrticluve may be "doctored" with i>iini.itiikli!(j care mid planning to utr brought back Irom uller dllap- Ulntlon lo more than Us original chunn. 1 ' When they have done whnt they can to their houses and to their yards, everybody will be- invited lo visit everybody else between April 24-ao. It will be "open housu" for members of the clubs wlio will show what they have done. Shrubs, plants nnd seeds Imve ulrcnily been exchanged ut lliu past sev- crnl meellngs and these will to Mr. nml Mrs. I. M, Clreer of Har- rlsbntK, Ark., have spent the past few days here Lurry, Mrs. A. measles. Miss Helen McC- Infant son of b. Mcllrldc Is Mr. and III from Hum entertained members of her Sunday school Valentino party Mon- class with liny night, Ur. nml Mrs turned Friday L. E. Cooper re- uftenioon from Memplils where they look Mrs. T. Cooper lo llic Al«tliq( hos- who Is' -n patient in the Baptist hospital'.' •' K. 'S. DrK-er,'Guy Driver and J. . Driver were -Memplils visitors Thursday. M,s. J. iX.Loxewell, who lira been 1 to obtain eveii "more" Cfi't'l'ficatos tinlle ill. for-(he past (en days Is! Mils year, able ..up to'da'yJ ' I A ncw project, lor the year In demonsliallni; the rewards of tabor. Last year Mississippi county received a' number of certificate. 1 . 1 of iHvards for outstanding examples In tills projejct and It Is planned Mrs. Leyon Enrls wns hostess to pivrly Wednesday afternoon In lonor uf (he third birthday annl- orsni-y of her daughter, Lorclln. Sues As Beneficiary On Insurance! Policy 1'iinnlo u-ona stannil hns nic-d lilt In circuit court here against he Republic Nntlonnl Lifo Insur- nce i-ompnny seeking to colloct ; 1,000 as bL-nellciury of n life In- iirnncc policy on John Uiwson Stnnnil. - , Mr. Slnnllll 'tiled on Dec. 17 937. Shane and Fondler arc ntlorne.ys or lh« plaint!!!. '-, Mr. r)i)d;'Mi-.s.; E.-A.-Tenford. nnd l[./J.~Hia'c;rdtin-nt'd Tuesday from 'avb'Ksin'ess'trlp.' through Louisiana .•|ihcJ>.SJviri3.slsslppi, ; Mrs. Teaford ^ppj/ed^vat;. qftlfport .lo visit her '4on, Anio'rosc,Teaford. n senior at, Clulf Const"', Military Academy. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cooper 'Driver were in Memphis Thursday- where Mr. the promotion of poultry raising will IK Ihe Chamber of Commerce plnn. Women of home demonstration clubs nnd boys nnd girls 4-11 clubs ii|ny .oblnhi] baby chicks March 3'and March 10,-which they will pay for next fall-after giving the Blythevlllo Chamber of Commerce n note for Ihe amount >of Driver consulted nn eye .specialist. | money hwc-sted In the baby clilcfc Ms. L. L. McDearmnn hns re- i oblalned. The only condition [Is turned from « ten day visit In I that these chickens must be en- San Antonio, Texas will, her sis- (ercd In the coimtv lair here next ler. Mrs. I. B. Johnson and Dr. | f a n. Johnson of Blythevllle, S a month's vacal who action on the invitation to the club to become n member of the E. A. Y. M. C. A. would be tnken until the next meeting. A most entertaining feature of the meeting, which was arrange:! by c. R. Watson nnd O. W. Knight, was the musical numbers given by Mrs, Vernn Hamilton Harper, and two of her pupils, j Murjorle Wurzburg and Thelnm Parlow. The program Included nc- codion ensembles, ducts and solos. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Henry \Vurzbtirg of Memphis, Hudolph Biddy of Parkin, secretary of the Parkin Young Men's Club, C. V. Scbainjh or Blythevllle, Jake Terry i of Dyess and E. A. Teaford, Osce- dun have attended the sessions of Iho. Mid-South Medical Assembly In Memphis this week. At the Hospitals Jnck Kelly, .of Caruthcrsvllle, hns [been admitted to the St. Joseph's ' hospital, Memphis. Read courier News Want Ads. Rwd Courier Kevt Want A4| . The junior class, of Keiser rii^h I school entertained' the school an'ese exports and they supply more than CO pei" cent of Japanese imports. ' Where, for instance, would Southern planters nnd a substitute for Japanese purchasers ot their col- ton? With some nUlonln?, japan probably \vould be able to feed herself. She produces practically nil the sulphur and coal she needs. Japan lacks oil. iron, copper, lead, tin. zinc, aluminum, quicksilver, manganese, rubber, nickel, antimony, molybydenmn. tungsten nnd salt. She is self-sufficient in most i.ravv oiiemlcals. She has no cotton nnd little wool and produces only about 20 por cent of her necessary hemp and rayon. Boycott would be effective, perhaps, but it would cut both ways. Unharmed by on International boycott of Japan would DC the two auditorium Wednesday night with the seniors ns gne.sts. After nn informal dance, punch nnd cake were served in the cafeteria. "a conlmon effort lo nations with which she currently CCC Enroliee Learns To Write in 2 Weeks RENO. Nov. (UP)—When Carter Lane enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps, he was unable to write his own name. Within two weeks, according to Ira D. Guthrle, educational adviser at the Secret Valley CCC camp, near Lltthneld Cal., the yonlh wrolc a letter ' his mother- to "In my years of education experience," Guthrle raid, "i ^ c never had the opportunity of meeting a youth who surpasses Carter In his alertness, ambition arid O. E. S. Mrclimr. A profusion of bayberries, Easter lilios and jonquils made a spring- like atmosphere In the chapter rooms of the Eastern Star for the official visit of Mrs. Geneva Fowler, district deputy grand lecturer of the Arkansas chapter, on Tuesday night. The initiation of one new member formed a part,of the evening's I program. Mrs. E. R. Smith was I presented a commission as grand representative of the state of Indiana'. Following the business session, an addenda was held-In honor of Mrs. Fowler at' which Elizabeth Ermcn gave a. musical reading, and Mrs. W. D. Kelly sang a solo accompanying the presentation ol glfls to Mrs. Fowler. Visitors wsrc Mrs. Frances Bo- gau ot Luxora, worthy grand matron of Arkansas; Dr. E. R. Began of Lttxora, deputy grand master of the tonth district ot Arkansas F. & Ai M. Olid J. B; Bunili p*»l COSTS LESS- To Id us KEEP your icar in .shape thnn it does to repair it after it has broken down. Increase the value of your car and LET US KEEP IT TiV A-l CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Otdsmobile & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers Sales and Service 307 E. Mafn St. Phone 329 ilnl for treatment, Joe Kussf-H Is vlnlllnif MB., wltli friends. lu Ft. ordlnnteil tnx system based on nWI- lly lo pny; social seciivlly-unfm- ploymcnl compensation; fedcral- ilulc cuiploynicnl service, old ftje filancc nnd incnsiii-cs atrecting cliililren;- protection of coiisiunnra' resls; statutory guarantee. 1 ! of rlglils lo bargnln collectively nml inry service for women. / Tlie proiMsnls for federal action were: amendment of the constitution simplifying llio nincudliii; process lo iimkc It more responsive lo the will or the people; inter- nalloiml economic co-operntlon ami jinrtlclimtlon hi tho collective pence >»«tnn: reduelloii iuiU llmllnllon of nrinamcnLs by International agreement, nnd government control of the manufacture anil shipment of arms, Measures for state nclldn were: Tlio municipal manager plnn, preferably with Hie council electee! by proportional representation; permanent registration; the short ballot; ratification of llio child Inbor amendment lo the constitution; compulsory education with free icxlhook.s and public edm'Mlcm nvnllnblc to ailnlls. Cape Girardeau Makes 18 Months Police Record Jus Rescued From Mud After Two-Day Struggle CAPE OIIIARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 9.—After working for nearly iwti (lays, wrecking crews,, shortly be- oij^ noon 'llninidny rescued a 15- loipGreyliound bus from n bed of mid In a shallow rtUch on Highway 01, font miles northwest, of 'Ilk city. The bus pluiiKd Into Iho (lllcli Tuesday afler n collision .vlth an niitoiiiobllc. i : Three wrecking'outfits. Including one from St. : Louls, 'were required lo drag Ihe heavy • vehicle ;bick onto the pavement 'utter It became mlr«! to the axles In'soft earth. None of the 30 passengers'In'the bus nt the time of the accident were hurt. The driver of the car, I. N. Michael, wns seriously hurt.' CAPE OIHARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 10—Cape Glrftrdcjm's police de- liarlinent Is proud of n record cs- lablished here—not u break-In in business establishment, in IB months. i '• ! >. ' Principal credit for this i record, liolicc believe, goes to patrol squads who operate nightly In police radio patrol cars, Two patrol cars travel continuously over the city nt night, flushing llielv spotlights on business houses, observing unusual conditions nrotind the residential sec- lions nnd kcptcng n close watch on public property, never going the saint! route., t^lce In succession. In the course- of a night each car will travel nbmit 100 miles. In addition to regular uollcenion there nre special tuerchnnts'iwatch- men in the biislnc-ss .sectlijn. .• , Dcail Man Wins 530- • ; ' PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A dead man won, a $30 prize at the Frankford' theater. The audience agreed that, the money should go to his widow. Announcing die Opening PARKER'S BARBER SHOP Glrncoc Mold Bid". Earl K. 1'arkcr, p r op,. S385 S115 FREE! FREE! License time is here, only o few more days left. We will buy ijour 1938 state license for any car listed below— • No. 8— lOSfi Chevrolet Master Coupe No. U— 19IUi Chevrolet Master Town Sedan No. 331A— 19.W Chevrolet Coupe — real buy No. H83— 1!)S(> Chevrolet Town Sedan . .'. No. .NW— l<):).i Chevrolet Master Coach No. .128— la.'iG Chevrolet Master Coupe No. 46(1—1935 Chevrolet Coach • No. .178— I9:i6 Chevrolet Master Town Scrlan No. 4 A— 1931 Ford Scrlan No. R 251—1035 Kord V-S Deluxe Sedan .... S325 No. 472A— 1935 Ford V-8 TouriiiR Tudor ...... S29!) No. 487—1935 Reluxc Ford V-8 Coupe ........ SMf) —TRUCKS— R-241— 1934 Chevrolet C.C. Pickup Truck ....5215 R-247— 1936 Chevrolet C.C. Pick-up Truck S32.i No. 2—1936 Ford V-8 Deluxe C.C. Pick-up Truck 8325 No. 500-15—1936 G.M.C. Pick-lip Truck ........ §325 Easy G. 51. A. C. Payment Plan Your Present Car as Part or All of Down Payment TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633 S27!) 535)5 S2'jr> S115

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