The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1939
Page 3
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Y, JUNE 10, J9.39 BLYTHEVILLE, ,'(ABrU /COURIER PAGE S THREE Diver'*Arrayed For Trip To Depths Below Weird Cosfume Makes For Action and Efficiency al Depths By NBA Service PORTSMOUTH, N. H., June 9 — In dally descents to the floor of the Atlantic, divers doing salvage work oh the sunken submarine Squalus nre carrying 199 pounds of equipment with them, yet going nbout their task with speed nnd errtcientj The Squalus lies 2-10 feet dowi But, as they did in the earlier rescue of the crew, the divers are beating previous .handicaps which made it impossible for them to wgrk fast, think clearly, or stay ||'<a such' a depth for more than a ' few minutes. The trick lies in sending a. mixture of oxygen nnd helium dowi Hie divers' airlines, In place ol undiluted nlr ordinirnly used. Am' the Idea belongs to Ueut.-Coni Charles B. Momsen, inventor o: the famous Momsen "luiis;." BREATHES EASILY UNDER WATER Under terrific pressure at grea depths, a diver's blood absorb i nitrot/Mi Jroiri undiluted ah-, makes him feel as sluggish as slow motion picture looks, retard his mental and. physical processes After a few minutes of work un der such conditions, the diver hn to be lifted to the surface so tha his blood and tissues can give tlieir nitrogen .content. Momsen suggested that a. ligliU gas than nitrogen might overcom tills difficulty. Working with Hire navy doctors, he finally hit upo Uie oxygen-helium mixture, li experiments here, the formula was lAtaund practical. More tests are due l~off Portsmouth this summer. Momsen has 'Worked out percentages of the mixture which are best at various depths. He has devised a regulator which blends the two gases in proper proportions as they pass into the diver's airlines. Getting rigged up for a drop into the deep sea location of the Squalus nakes hopping into a full-dress suit Combined Earphone hnd Mouthpiece Elemenlnry Valvti , 01 ' Spit Cpck" Air Control Vnlvc X Weighted Belt' centtnl nnd basic conflict ijoUvcch Hie Christian inni Uio totalitarian Ideas. ' • | Attired in nearly 200 pounds of equipment, tills diver is dressed like those doing salvage work sunken submarine Sciualus. Labels indicate various parts of complicated .diving rigging Tom Mooncy Makes Up For Lost Time Tn Whirl Around New York NEW YORK, June 10.— Tom Mooncy, the world's best known ex-convict, has enjoyed every minute of his new freedom in New York. The pardoned prisoner 'of San Qucntin was rushed through the Manhattan whirligig: Pair,- the Broadway the World's shows, the look easy In comparison. While the diver is getting his heavy equipment on, helpers tie a rope around him. In case he accidentally goes overboard, this "safety line" can be used to haul him out. HELMET LOCKS INTO PLACE That big helmet screws onto a metal yoke, or. shoulder plate, on the diver's costume. There's a device In back "which locks it into position, so il won't come unscrewed swing dens, Coney Island and the night clubs. It was at one of late hour haunts that I met. Mooncy al 2 a. hi. For a man who spent 22 of his 57 years in prison, he was remarkably energetic and brimming with enthusiasm, eager to see the sights, but anxious to get home before daybreak. "I would like to be able to stay up all night," he said, "because there's so much to catch up. on." He was wearing a dark, conservatively-cut suit with unobtrusive striping. Of heavy cloth, looked over-burdening for a warmish night. "We. can't get, Tom .to change-to any other," said one Mooney's companions. "'It's prison suit—and he's attached to it fits perfectly," said ..-•= Mooney. "The boys at San Quen- 'neet'ed 'to trie boat at the other end. I ten took special pains with it. The The diver slides to the bottom j prison tailers put me through five ,vhile he's fathoms down. Before the diver puts his feet in the water, helpers put down a "descender line"—a rope with a Wheavy weight on one end and con- HELD NO CITY PERIL Says Civilian Populations Have Little To Fear From Gas Attacks Says, Girislianity Under Vicious Attack In European Coimlvies ' BY M1I.TON HRONNKR LONDON, June 10.—The Chris- linn world of Europe Is deeply conscious today thai nol for ren- „„„.,„,,. lurlfs has Christianity been wider violence, such n drum-fire of attack. The seizure of the residence 'ol the Most Reverend Slgismuiu Wall?., 75-year-old Archbishop o Salzburg, by Nazi storm-troopers who Immediately moved out the furniture nml converted it Into an office, underlined Ihc conflict lhat Is sweeping over Kurope. This conflict Is bnslc nnd Inevitable. The rulers of tolnlllarlnn slates buse Ihiiir regimes on the principle that nil earthly mid Icm- porn) activities, ami even the thoughts, of Ihelr subjects must, be controlled by the stale, No Christian believer can accept this, for nil Christian faiths consider their beliefs n living force In dully conduct, GERMANY IS WAtl'l.Kl'KONT III Russia (here Is llllle struggle; I Hie Soviet masters me completely in control. In Italy the light has | not really begun, though Ihe conversion of Ihc Italian lenders to German Ideas of racialism am anll-Scmlllsm indicates that In evltably it will come. It Is In Germany that the balll rages with greatest severity, 'llier the eviction of Archbishop Walt I was only one shot oil a wide-filing I battle-front. Eight thousand nntl- rangcllcal ministers of tho la! Synod repudiated Dr. Prledrlch Werner, Nazi-controlled hcncl of the EvniiGellcnl (Lutheran) church's supreme council. They read letters declaring lhat Werner had placed himself "beyond Ihc Gadget Tells Motorists Of Jerky Start or Stop CI.OTICI.AW), O. (IJP)~Just to low up n driver who thinks he's good but Isn't, n now umlaut, which diagrams n Jerky shirt ur hlop ami cmll.s nlso a Ilronx cheer, In In'liiK di'iiioiisli'i.U'd by Cleveland Automobile club olllclnls, The "Jink recorder" Is un nt- lempt to mi'usiin 1 sclcntlllciilly the Jerking tie [Ions of an unskilled driver. If the cur Is jerked In or slopping, 11 simill pendiiluin In the recorder swings and two dials measure the exact of the "Handling a car .smoothly and .skilfully In (infill! Is essential to surety In modern linlllu," wild llurlon W. Mnrsh, sponsor of the machine iiiul .safety director of the American Automobile association. "This llllle Budget will lell drivers—In unmlslnhiiblo U'rms- they stop or slmt too suddenly!" Souvenir Tags On Motor Cars Arouse Police BATON UOUGE, Ln, (UP) — There Is enough confusion, without iny souvenir license plnles giving he city patrolmen Reoi'gnn.7.aliori 0[ Departments Is Unique In History Of Stale TOI'EKA, Kns, (UP)—KnnsiW" I* undergoing n vhlunlly complete rc- orgHulMillon of stnlo Kovcvninchl ns a result of'Clov. I'liyno Ilntni'r's long rnngo program which, he ex- plnlns Is designed to Increase "ns much as. humanly possible" efficiency In administration "aloiib with as much of n .vavltiK us wo can Accomplish," ' The pionnun nml Us n'orgfliil/a- llons of the vniions imijor ilop:irt- ncnls of stntc uovoinmcnt Is mil' lilt; In Knmns history, pollllcul ob tilllll. of Ihi: old slat tnx commission Into n t.late com mission of luxation mid revenui Undur which Is livnleiwl nil th major revenue collecting unf of Ihe slnti! Is perhaps Ihe mo.s liiipiirliint piece of rcoinnnhcallb work being attempted undiir tl now "C'COHmny-cllldciicy" in'ournm. "/ I'ulillsh.'r (luls 1'osl violin McCulsh, Newton publisher. s chairman of the new commission. Wllllin.l LJunudiilil, Tlioinns 'ecker hns been active ini"club ork for many years, , < * Anothci Important thill In gov-; ' nimcnt setup occuncd when ihe'V (1 state vehicle commission was, , bolkhcd and Us duties trans- en ed to DIB state highway de'-^' ailment. The latter department J , mi will handle all business which oniieily v,ns directed to the ve- • Iclc commission.. O/'M.v'yoc.lker, ttclilson, was appointed by High- voy Director p. J."Falr, nonds of the'future will reflect Iglit teller If they : oro not made if tin 1 bponge-likc pavement Mir- aces which absorb mail it the light Illumination In their place nay be granite chips on top of ill ordinary macadam road, • •• Kmytlilttj? for your -entertainment and comfort. In the Interests of wifely nnd strained eyes, SuperiiHcndent of Stnto Police Louis F. Querro has ordered a police regulation prohibiting Iheh 1 use. It Is all right to use them to pnlch up the back fence, Cluerio said, but the regulation positively forbids them to be "attached or hung nny place on the rear or front of automobiles." ducrre's determination was bon: when a Shreveport policeman wai vexed by the presence of n "China' lag nlmost obliterating a Tcxa: i ^ n this rope. An exhaust valve on his uniform controls the air pressure in the suit, lets his expelled breath ^ out, Another valve, known as the "elementary." is there in case the other valve fouls. When he wants to come up, the diver twiddles the air control valve so as to increase the amount of helium-oxygen mixture he is getting. Tills partly inflates his suit and causes him to float. Then he takes the descender line and slides up to the surface again. He has to be careful not to do this too fust, of course, or he gets the agonising "bends." Once in a while, a novice diver doesn't trust tins system of seein daylight again. So 'he holler: through his telephone, and they pull him up with a cable. The only trouble is it takes a couple tot men on the pulling end—which doesn't increase the diver's popularity. -•: TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION SYSTEM That telephone, by the way, i one of the most interesting parts bf this diving business. 'Hie phone system works off a regular 110- volt circuit from the ship's power system; but dry cell batteries arc kept handy for emergencies. The tender, stationed on the rescue boat, can both talk and listen to the diver through a receiver- transmitter unit on deck. The unit has sort of a miniature switchboard. Thus, two or more ttings, so the suit would lie per- ectly, and I guess it ought to look 11 right!" The most widely publicized ol ill political prisoners has w lium- Drous glint in his eye that he can' iuppress. For a man who has spen nwcli of a lifetime in a barret cell, he is joyfully conversational Ic likes to meet people and ex change banter. He was one of th oudest to applaud at "Abe Lin coin in Illinois" 1md he would hav SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Clvilinn . . , populations have little to fear from l™'e of the church of Ohrlsl. Ihe poison gas attacks from the skies, Nazi government retaliated by for- nccording to Sir William Alexander, bidding religious broadcasts, rc.strlcl- brigadler-gencrnl in the English l"B «><! «" lc of P 1Wes lo lellglou army, member of Ihe House of bookstores, and withdrawing sub Commons, and head of one of the sidles to Bible nnd tract publishers largest chemical plants In the world. n Is the conflict between Goc It Is largely hi the capacity of u and Cnesar which ts ns old a chemical expert lhat Sir William Christianity Hselt. endeavors to free the mind of the 11'LANNEI) average citiMm of the dangers of aerial warfare and specially from Witch Society Page Of Courier New* Ftr Free Show Gueiti Saturday county limner and head of 'tho (ansns Livestock Association; Mark [loss, Columbus attorney, nnd.Itorl lUliclmer, building nnd loan executive of lliitchlason, round -out the membership of . the commission. Mltchner luis been named director. C. A. Burnett, 1'lttsburyh lawyer, has been Appointed tax commission counsel, ncQi'gnnlzAllon of, tho slnlc welfare lU'pni'lmcnt also is n mnjoi disk confrnuUinj the administration. Frank S. MIHlBAii, Ing, the number of which he was mannger of Ihe Fort Bcolt Tribune curious lo know. Oilier such frivolous plates, CHierre snld, have names like Aus- Iralln, Prance nuil the 1'hllipphu! Islands on them. 'No poison 1ms yel been de- sed," Sir William said, "lhal Is ghter than air. It sinks lo the arth and there It stays. "What,, make,s this even, more dvanthgeoiLs is the fact, as has icen _deinonstriitcd by experiments, hat If a person of average height lands upright, he can walk about nnd keep his head abovo It." riant at Glasgow: Sir William's 'chemical company Tom Mooncy is pictured above a a New York rally to promote th release of his former fellow-pris oner, Warren K. Billings. gone on all the thrill rides at Con cy if time permitted. Nor'.is he platform shy. He face A speaking schedule of nn addres a night in large cities all over th country for three solid months and he doesn't think he's belli crowded. Magician Will Saw Woman In Half At Kitz Makes 'Chicks' Out Of Odd Peache PERSECUTION This connicl has been incvllnb since Hitler took, iiower In 103 s the Charles Tenant plants nt -Glasgow . with'. International jranches. Siibsidlnrles-of the concern, produce" -raw materials -for iropellants and lilgh-. explosives. , During the : early! years 1 of'the World War, ho saw service with the Dlack Watch. Highlanders and was decorated wllh (he b.S.C. and three other medals for bravery. I>atcr, he was placed in charge of British explosives faclories and In 1911 was made controller of aircraft and production. As a member of the House of Commons. Sir William thinks Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made a noble personal sacrl- For the first few months he lie clared friendliness toward both tl Protestant mid Catholic faiths. H July, n concordat hud been tidied by . Praiv/. yon P.apcii ai Cardinal Pncclll, 'now ro|w PI XH. It guaranteed the prcscrv lion of Ciilhollc schools, youth o ganizatlons, and the free circulation >of pastoral letters. For a lime Hitler adhered lo It closely. For Ihc Saar, with its large Catholic population,, -was nboiit lo vole on adherence to Ihe Reich. .But after the ,:Saar had voted "Jal" everything changed. The Catholic Center party had been dissolved lonu lie- fore. Novy the youth organizations were forbidden. In the, struggle for' Ihe minds of Ihe young, Hitler would brook no rivals. In Munich, in December 1D35, the whole '. Nazi organization was used to terrorize Catholic parents i'.ilo voting for stntc schools as against parochial schools. A long series of persecutions fol- owed. Nuns and prle.sU> were harged ivilh smuggling currency, •rlcsts were charged with the Visitors From Canada Buying More in U. S. OTTAWA (UP) — Imports from he United' Slates under the $100 ourlst exemption clause continue o climb, a report issued by UIL depiulment of national revenue reveals. During Ihc first r|iiniicr of Ihc current year $2,'J17;481 worth o iinport-s have entered the Dmnln Ion under Ihc clnusi;. The figure for Ihc same period In I03B wcr set at $l,'j:)9,<K3. divers can be down at once, all plugged' in en the system. The operator can ' transfer their calls, give directions, and enable them b talk to one another, if necessary. The diver's receiver-transmitter is attached into the side of the helmet When he's looking straight ahead, it's at his ear. When he | wants to talk, lie turns his head to the left, and it's at his mouth. The air hose and telephone cable are done up in one lube, which forms the diver's only connection with the upper world. The tube is designed to resist breaking | strength up lo 2200 pounds. Crocodile Bites Native, He Bites, Too, and Wins ALISBURY, Southern Rliode- (up)—A native who fought n croccdlle and won Is recovering Arom his wounds in the Bindura •.alive Hospital, 60 miles from here. He was in a deep pool when the crocodile attacked him, Wtmg his nfin. I undaunted, the native in I seized the forepaw of the crocodile and sank his teeth into the creature's small claw. The crocodile let go of the native's arm and 1 the latter struggled lo the bank, Mysterious Herman Co. will bring a carload of puzzling and mystifying illusions lo the Rita, theater nt midnight tonight and perform the amazing feat of sawing a woman in half while she is In n state of hypnosis. The beautiful Mania Is sawed in two by a large whirling buzz- saw in full view of the audience. There are no coverings to disguise She saw's course through her body. This and other thrills are In store for you at the huge program presented by this world-famed magician now on tour . of the mid- west. You will see Mysterious Herman escape frorii a common packing box after his wrisis have been chained and the box is padlocked and roped. Strange things appear from an Arabian lent constructed from collapsible materials on the stage. A ball rises at the wave of a hand, the eerie aura of mystery surrounds the audience as Mysterious Herman unfolds his magnificent wonders collected from the four comers of the carlh. It took two peaches, four malcl ; and a little brain work on tl part of Ira Caldwell Jr., to mak Lwu baby chickens which are ei vied by the kids In his neighoo hood. Noticing that two of the peaches his mother purchased were shaped rather oddly, the len-year-old boy got two matches and went to work. The match heads became eyes, which were glued to one part of each peach, and the ends of each match made legs which were sluck into the larger part of each peach. In shape and coloring, the caches nre almost identical to aby chicks. The Calil wells live at 122 West itiin street. turn Preceding the first evening per j ormancc. Mania will drive an au- oinobile blindfolded through the city streets guided by telepathic mpulses from her master in th< psychic realm. Col. John R. Fordyce Dies At Hot Spring; HOT SPRINGS, Ark., June 10.— Col. John R. Fordyce, 69, of Ho Springs and Little Rock/ died a the Army and Navy QenutaVHos pital last night. He was admitted to the hos pital May 26 after he was lake suddenly 111 In Little Rock. Read Courier News want afls, flee in "pocketing his pride and staving off war until Britain should be ready for it." ' • Roosevelt's Act I'raised He declared that the humiliation of Chamberlain was the only Ihlng lhat could have aroused Brllons to sanction needed peace-time conscription, and lhat President Roosevelt's best piece of International strategy was that of sending the United States fleet to the Pacific at n time when Japan was being asked to pledge 100 per cent support to the axis powers. "But there will be no war," Sir William declared, "for the reason that Italy is Uo vulnerable U) follow Germany Into one." Sir WillianY and Lady Alexander nre visiting the two American expositions this year. livorce Decrees Are Granted By Chancellor Several divorce decrees were ranted by Chancellor J. F. Gaut- ,ey here yesterday, "pan! E. Freeman was granted a iivorcc from Ethel Freeman on the ..round of desertion, Nettle Crouch vns granted a divorce from Marin Crouch on the ground of de- erlion, Nancy Clair McCauley jCwLs was granted a decree of dl- orce from Dave H. Lewis on the ground of Indignities and Hershel Surrcss was given a divorce from Vclma Burress on desertion. Mrs. Emma Ward was allowed attorney's fees, costs and $10 a month allmcny pendenle lite in the suit of her husband, A. F. Ward, for a divorce. A decree was granted Mrs. Grace Richards in her suit against Lon Richards on May 31. The lale Dr Ernest Wllscn traveling in 1910, found the rega Illy growing In Ihc Hupeh section of western China. Bulbs of the plant were carried on men's backs lo Ihe river, where they wet placed on boats and eventual! were shipped to America. Demonstration Club News Notes The Box Elder Home Demon- tration club met at the home of Irs. Marshel Rouse Wednesday af- crnoon. After pot luck dinner Mrs. •om Neal acled as president in the bsence of Mrs. Gilbert Brewer. •&ch member answered the roll all by telling something she had made. The club had a miscellaneous howcr at the home of Mrs. Willie Crafton In honor of Mrs. Cecil Ballard the previous Wednesday. Atlcr playing several games, refreshments were served. The bride received many nice gifts. A shower was E lve " at tllc " omc of Mrs. Clyde Hicks for her son Ramon Hicks. Mrs. Willie Crafton won a prize for carrying the most corn on a knlle. The bride was the recipient of many gifts. The Box Elder Home Demonstration club will meet at Mrs. Mar- ro'ssest Immoralities. Catholic youth eaders disappeared Into concenlra- lon camps and did not reappear. The Bishop of Mucnstcr said: "Today there are In Germany nany fresh graves where rest the ashes of these whom the Catholic icople regard as miirlyrs lthough nothing Is permitted to ae revealed as lo how Ihcy met their end." Cardinal Riulhaber In Municl denounced Ihc "demoniacal bias phemles" of Ihc Nazi press. Ill house was flrce! on by ruffians. Ii 1937, and again In 1038, at Fulda Catholic bishops signed pastora letters attacking the war on Chris tianlty and the censorship of Cath olio thought and publications. The Inclusion or Austria and Czechoslovakia into the Reich brought thousands more Catholics under the Nazi sway, accentuating the problem. i I'ATCII-UP EFFORTS Efforts are now being mndc lo patch up the shattered concordat. Recently Papal ' Nuncio Orsenigo visllcd Hitler at Bcrchtesgaden. TlAre came, until the Archbishop Wait?, incident, n lull In the wave of "Immorality trials" and persecutions. Hitler Is knce-dccp In foreign affairs. In Ihe conduct of these, world Catholic opinion Is a large factor. Thus it Is more llian possible that some sort of a truce IN THE CHANCERY COURT FO1 THE OH IOK ASA W li A Dl! TRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUN TY, ARKANSAS. PROBATE. DIVISION In Uio Mailer of Ivy W. Craw-fun Administrator of Ihc Estflte < Waller Alstalt, deceased. NOTICE OK SAI.K 01' l.ANDf TO I'AV Illili'l'S Notice is hereby given that will, ns Administrator of Ihe Esta of Waller Alstntt, Deceased, o Ihc 1st day of July, 19M, offer fc sale at the South Door of U Court House In the City of Bl thevillc, Mississippi County, Ark- ansiis, nt public auction lo Ihe highest bidder for cash the following described lands belonging o said Eslalc, to-wlt: Lot 110) Ten Block (4) Four Chicago Mill Second Addition to niythcvlllc, Mississippi County, Arknnsns. Said sale will be made for the lurposc ot paying the debts of said Eslalc, nnd Ihc purchaser of said sale shall be required to pay chairman of the new social wel- ro bonrd. Mrs. Irene Meokci Ichitn, wus the second mi'mbe •.pointed.'Selection of .1.'II. Jen in, Onklcy, ns llui llih'd uicmbc omplclcd Ihc orynni/jillon. UciiivsrulnUvc llminl Nniucil In selecting members for U ochil welfare board, Rntner Mil u kept In mind as much Us tble Ihe Intent of-Uie Icglslatui obtain a crosn section of tl Inle In membership, Ihus rcllec Kcogmphlcnlly liic problen vhlch licscl llic slalo relative oeliil welfare. Jcnson, u- Imvyi s 'familiar with Ihe situation in t! vestcm prill nf Kansas, while u ban ccnlcrs In ccntnil niid soul laslcru Kansas nre represented Mrs. Meeker and Mllllgan. M Als.0 MI (nun & snlnl "liiii'k U VK." Co.illummn show. Vdiuksiou 1111 5:00 p.m. l«o * ' Vdiulsstoii afler !i p.m. Hie & Saturday T OWI- SHOW 'Mysterious Herman Co.' ROXY Adnilulon nlwnja lOo & ZBc Mallneeii Frl.-8aJ.-Sun. ., Last Times Today cash for Ihc purchase price. Witness my hand lliis the lOlh day of June, 1930. IVY W. CRAWFORD, lfl-17-2'1-1 Administrator. OBTAIN RKMKP' FROM CYSTITIS (Infliimcd Bladder) or working arrangement is In view between the Vatican and Hitler, nut 11 can scarcely allay the cs- A 30-d.iy of this N A 'J' U It A 1. MINERAL WATER will cost 3011 very lilllc . . . Malic Ihls lest yourself and note Ilic Improvement. Dlslributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop IMPORTED A DOMESTIC; WINKS, LIQUORS, Al.HS 109 S. Division SI. lsi> cnrlnon & scrlnl "; • Itlitei Agiiln." . Coiilinuous utiiiw Saliinl Sunday - Monday IS IT WISErVTO BE A COWARDJiNDllVE? nlYSTIFYINf! ILLUSIONS' CARLOADS OI' V SCKNKRY.- SBI5 TIll'l KLIGIIT 0^ T.1FU SliM ADVENTURES IN A R A HI A SENSATIONAL IUIXX SAW ILLUSION A GICJANTIG MYSTERY'' PRODUCTION' Slfirls promptly 11:00 p.m. Admission l(>c & Hie or be' THE WHO DARED 7am in Gilzlnil SlDiy tj luclin KAlJid • A First Killonil PicI'J'o • Fitsenltj b| WARNER BROS. Also Fox News & Comedy Sunday-Monday shel Rouse's July 12 for a pot luck dinner and quilting. Head Courier News want ad». Complete Line of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second Phone 311 WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices Bring to Our Blytheville or Gosnell Gin R. D. HUGHES GIN CO, Varainnunl News & Comedy "Special News Story" KING GKOUG13 ami QUEIiN BMXAIJETH; Historic Visit to the United States A full. reel Iracinjj every slcp of thrir day In Washington from Ihe moment Hie train arrives lo the cml of fhe day. Cohlinunus show Sunday Admission Sun. all day We * Me Admission Monday Mat. lOc & 260 Admission SIou. Niglit ICc & 3Gil mt $*?***»» FRIDAY, JUNE 16 '150 GOOD REASONS Why you should attend the show Matinee or Nijjht

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