The Coshocton Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio on March 20, 1944 · Page 8
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The Coshocton Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio · Page 8

Coshocton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1944
Page 8
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?AGE EIGHT fHE COSHOCTON TKIBUMB ·OffHC DT LAST KAZB AT CASSKO 1 Jeep, Si frutD Wx* Oo* (Navy photo from NEA) Two LST 5. crowded with Allied fighters, are protected from low- fiying J 3 P planes by barrage balloons The landing ships are- pic- lured as they mide rendezvous with an armed auxiliary fleet lug in the South Pacific on their way to seize from the encn%' the Green Islands, north of Bougainville. BIG BILL THOMPSON OF CHICAGO IS DEAD Mama's Mouthful One destruction of all pro-British books in Chicago V schools and libraries- He damned the late King George V in the colorful Thompson language and threatened to "punch the king in the snoot" if he ever came to Chicago. He never deserted his hard and fast stand on Republican politics an dnever lost his "hate Britain' 'attitude. Thompson had lived in virtual retirement since his defeat in 1931 when he made a feeble attempt to gain the mayoralty for the fourth time. With Thompson at the time of his death were his sister. Mrs. William Nelson Pelhouse; LAST 2 DAYS Z--SWELL HITS--2 ACTION! THKH.LS! "V* \ORTH STAR were moppin* up Nazi snipers who had filtered in behind tbeir lines to bide in th* huge nibble piles that choked the streets, and it was indicated that the battle for Cassino was rapidly approaching its final srages. The Allied headquarters com- munique issued earlier today said German reinforcements had been moving into the town in a steady stream, but Roper's dispatch suggested that the backbone of the German defense^ had been broken. In the hills overlooking the town, however. Allied and German troops were locked in a violent. shifting battle in which strongpoints changed hands repeatedly. One German force recaptured Hill 165. a small elevation several hundred yards west of Casaino from which the Nazis were I able to direct a stream of artillery and mortar fire at the New Zealand infantrymen battling thru the streets. Other enemy troop* were wi- trenched firmly in the "Duke's Palace" on the south side of the Via Casilina. just south of Cassino and in an ancient Roman amphitheater on the north side of the highway. Bitter patrol fighting continued in the lower Garigliano valley and on the 5th army beachhead below Rome, but there were no important changes in the opposing battle lines. British 8th army troops on the Adriatic coastal front repulsed several German patrol attacks, in- flirting heavy casualties on the enemy, and several enemy strong- points were smashed by artillery fire. Sammy, the San Francisco zoo's tiger cub, ought to feel down in the mouth over this situation, but he's used to It by now. He's learned that when Ranee, his mama, decides to take him out for an airing, out he goes--and no back tallc - : s brother. Gale; Miss Ethabelle Green, bis secretary for 14 years, ; ana his physician, Dr. T. J. Coogan. Dsr It up. wear U, out. ma*e "It do ii good war-time advice. The Berrlcc firm* in U Ccxshocton Tribune Want Ads will help you follow It. STUFFINESS IN NOSE | Open colds' blockade and I give your head cold the air- Caution: Use only u directed. Always ffl nPHi S VTAItnCK DKW9. IXTH ST TODAY and TUESDAY JAPANESE FALL BACK ON PACIFIC FRONTS Continued froi-i P*f* On« It's a little job of jeepomotive engineering thot up by the CoaM Guard for shore patrol. You cut a jeep (as shown at top) in two. splice in three feet more of same, and you have the 10-man "Invader" (as shown belog). Newly developed wheels enable it to tackle the toughest terrain and outperform the junior model. Conversion costs about $100. First Free Speech in 22 Years Admiralty airbases at Lorengau and Momote on Los Nebros, brot the Allies within 240 miles of the Northern New Guinea coast and 610 miles of Truk, completing the southern prong of a pincers attack on the Japanese mystery base in the Carolines- Ground lighting continued on Bougainville in the Solomons, with Allied troops repulsing a new Jap- j anese attack on the beachhead lines at Empress Augusta bay, arftl killing at least 195 enemy soldiers. The increasing aerial offensive took Allied over enemy positions from New Guinea and Java, thru the central Pacific to Paramushiro, 1,000 miles north of Tokyo, which navy Ventura bombers raided Saturday for the third time in three days. One of the largest flights was made by Allied airmen who made a 2400-mile round trip to bomb Soerabaja, Java. Friday lor the second time in three days without loss. Tokyo radio said the Americans bombed the naval base again Saturdya. Carrying placards reading "Down With the Fascist King," the** Italians march through the streets of liberated Naples, in the first ·uch demonstration of freely expressed political views to be allowed in 22 years. The Route to Rome Late Markets! New York Stock XE\V YORK--Stocts rwa-ded fractions to more Lhan a. point In morning tiding today, turned dull anl Ijveil^d off In the early afternoon. I Railroad Issues anti steels M--re i^e 1 first to rede. Thlr decline brot s=HI 1112 Into other sections. Wall Street's ! caution on th?: market at this tlm^ i was based on two reasons: ( 1 ) Techi nlcal considerations brot on bv the I recent ri£c which attracted normal | realizing, and (2) the Ford btatTM- i ment that the war's end was t»o months awny. Market men did not fall into line i with the Ford belief, but th;ir :tar ; of peace as a temporarily advert marlcet factor was stirred by me'; mention of a possible end of the conflict in Europe this summer. Aircraft shares, classed high up ;n the war list, be-haved better c h i n other issues :n the war section. Some of them. Inclding Douglas. wer~ higher. DuPon* held a ~ 4 point ^".m In the chemicals. Some o fthe p*ac^ group were lower. notAbly the motors and =ome of t::e mercaiitiles In th? j lat;c-. Montgomery Ward loet move tlian a poln'. U. S Rubber lost neir- , Iv a point, in IT.S section. San^j. Fe. I off mor^ t h i n * point. led the rails I lower. Utilities v.-er~ easier witii loss- | j es in tho preferred issues ranging . 11 to a po.r.t. j How to Find the North Fole I , Yoii need only a measuring rule . to determine when you arc stand- j , ;ng exactly at the Xorlh Pole: i: l y.nn shadow measures the same' ' c\er a 24-hour period, you are at the pole. Map shows route to Rome Allies may be expected to take when re- s.stance in bomb-devastated Cassino ends, and troops and mechanized forces can effect junction with units "battling north at Aprilia. World's Biggest 'Dipper' Goes to Work Hero world's largest steam inovel, lust put to work it Hanna Coal Comp»ny*i stripping nun*, Georgetown. O. Bujli at Manon. O« trie 105-tooi-hisn structure weighs 1MO lon». The 47V*-too dinner ones out 35 cubic yards, leveled. «na can i.,l;e 20 oer cent more, lls maximum lirtirijl capacity it 1902 tons. £hou »i rifihi sflowi se\en Uanna and M a r i o n officialj itandinj inside Uit dipper. tram Veto* Xicfeols, and Bolaad had lived M Co- later mtrriai to West Lafayette. Tbeir lather, Hariey Le. now recuiec in BJek- neil. IML. and their Bother lives West Virginia. Mrs. Fred Warren, Coehoctoo Route 1, is a_ sister of the twu heroes. I Ilk* £ua* picture*. *· when I noticed » dozen full lace color portraits of our presidents, each with h quotation and an auto-' graph, exhibited in a cabinet in the MKOod floor hall of the city high school building. I stopped to look and a*k questions. "They are from a calendar," the art instructor told me. "I'll see if there may be one left f jc you." The calendar came, by mail. It if one of the nicest »*»m|u« of truly American art I have ever en ... dignified, historical, artistic, timely. It hangs now on our living room walL Each month of 1M4 the face of a strong, revered president will look down familiarly upon our growing children. First George Washington''*- fatherly portrait and hie admonition "If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be wrong, let it be corrected by amendment as the Constitution designate*. But let there be no change by usurpation, for tho this is one instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by wnich free governments are destroyed. 1 ' I turn the leaf. Thomas Jefferson's keen eyes and firm-lipped mouth. "Agriculture, manufactures and commerce and navigation, the four pillars of our posterity, are most thriving; when left most free to individual enterprise," he is quoter. Our four-year-old looked curiously at that face, walking back and' forth, from .one side of tfce room to the other. "Daddy, Thomas Jefferson's eyes follow me wherever I go," he shouted. I did not say it aloud, but I thot how fortunate any little boy is, in the world today, who has the vision of such kind wise eyes as part of his inheritance. Together we turned the pages-Andrew Jackson's shaggy white pow and bushy brows; square- jowled, handsome Franklin Pierce: Abraham Uincoln, sad -and firm and - human and kind: Grover Cleveland-mild} jr admonishing-that "Public officers are servants of the people." Theodore "Rough- Rider'' Roosevelt--"Our Country means nothing unless it means the triumph of popular government, and of an economic system under which each man shall be guaranteed the opportunity to show the best that there is in him." The scholarly, stern face of Woodrow Wilson. "Liberty has never come from the government Brig.-Gen. I*. L. Lmmitter, above, of BoBodate, Pa_ ka* been named depfaty chief of naflt to Gen. Sir Harold Ai»«»0n, conmander tt Allied tiHitt in Italy. General Ufonttrer^ turn ottu Vrfiu U. SL ovtmcctt fbviicA fine* tte tarns** oC Matt* Track Driven Drown CLARKSBURG, W. Va.--City police reported -today that two Ohio truck drivers were drowned Saturday night when their, vehicle skidded on a slippery pavement on the West Pike St. bridge and crashed thru a guard-rail into the West Fork river. Police said the truck-trailer plummeted about 50 feet into the stream. The dead were identified -as James Conner. 29, the-driver, of Columbus, O . and Thomas Calvin Rayburn, 22. of Portsmouth^. O- . . . the history of liberty is a history of limitations of government, not the increase; of it" These were some of the "Voices of Our Presidents,"' some of the portraits that America may right ly hang upon her walls in this year. 1944. Nowhere but in United States of America would such a calendar be appropriate--or even possible. SMIS PLUMBING A»4 HEATING MYERS BROS. 14* ft. Ittk M. MU WA TU TONIGHT * Ti CAETOON--FOX NKWB Favorable RAIES-Uberal TERMS on MORTGAGE LOANS at this bank Thes« are tw o of many advantages of our financial service for property owners. Our rates are as low as is consistent with the security offered . . . and we charge AO COMMISSION . . . so that we can often SAVE YOU MONEY. Monthly repayment terms are liberally arranged over a period of time. When buying property, these points are important . . . and they are equally so when you wish to REFINANCE YOUR PRESET MORTGAGE. So. before you borrow, come in and talk over your financing plans with our officers. Their »dvke «nd assistance will prove valuable. FirstN Ogot WSPAPEM

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