The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1930
Page 5
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«y»KK ) CiM.lrUtH.NKWa BRUSHING tP SPORTS A Shute. Likes -Their a Chances jn Open; Hagen Comeback. , or hilly or still Bobby NOTE: ' • Denny Shut* cr, cane the! Open •I 'Ma^narr* lut yeir, flnlshmr tv» *tnfc« Wfclnd Botty Jon '*M Al BpbMca. - Durlnr the win tn. State" «« the IAS Anrefes ami .'Tcxaa-Mca ia*nam«Hs..'.Hh 'krtfcfca, -"SfcaiUii*. •'Hh. Shute," -aMcand this summer In The -New*.. .His '(uoe >»s l«n& yeW, and he may be Infers at InKrlachen. ..'lMSNNY SHUTE J i?"ct*VEtA'*D, Ohio.— The wind <»»y'behi*h, '*•' may r»ln, the course -•' : iiijt be~'lprig -or short v ! heavily tapped, but -'Jgpei'wlll be the best golf player In ''"thS'Seld. That Is why 1 think he . the National .Open champ- this year, at Interlachen. have been asked to "plpk a In the Open. I can't pick -- .'eSftetiinUy itwn anyone else, nnd • : *5U V KW' nothing to what already • "-'has ""been -written.' 'Bobby Jones .Is ;; .the' most consistent of players at '.."a -game noted lor. Its. Inconsistency. • :'.' Before Jones there" were no dbmln. : ''%nt jolfers,, I. mean golfers sure to : ^.win.'or:ptoc*ev,erj time. - . - - : > : ""' iBaseb*!)' had Cobb • and Ruth, .^'iennis ; tte, Tikkn and , boxing its .SDemj«y,.. Everybody .knew what /.'they could, do and they did It con• '.'' :*»d«nt3y -for .years. .Everybody knew ,'• what "-the, golf stars could .do,- but X? they/, didn'.t know. when. Only, at ^•'^ertain tun?S;and. under .certain ;-ebnditions did .they perform at their '"" -best "until Bobby.-- came along and -, I'tSiari winning', nearly,, everything .'. ie" entered.- .-...,•. \. • .-j -.- ' V^?: He MakerpcRiUHons Owl.- .. '.: 'f- -Sjqnes' must 1« made first Choice :^(orr'h&; record and capfbllities. I ^iheie -are ,aj)pornial. 'conditions he - ; '5«k« theaj work In. his lavor. His ;>5«! : H"«n,.r;ounded; He is pne t drivers in the .world htnes^^ off (the. tee- i I- nev'ef hay<> .seen ;h(. -irph',- shots, .pcchaps to ,be desired, es ' flMM^ hau«]. 'His .•'^^SifK^ter'ihan the' aver •i-, jl^toere ',ls^ a ;tetter,"putter,, j ;.*i* to^aM'^iIpi^tlwUBh i' co'ulii nam ~ tip'or-t^ri«' alinost"'as gooii. , ^W&$£$^^ ^^W^v^^^V 11 other toiir- '^'^iVW^tK^^ GUMPS' SEMSLEnO Crowder Twirls Nats Back on Top; Cubs Drop to Cevtain Second Place. ' NEW YORK—T)H? Chicago Cubs lost to (he Cincinnati Reds yesterday as. the Brooklyn. Dodgers took the Braves Into camp and mounted undisputed to .the National lead again. In th? American circuit, Hie persistent Washington Senators fought their way to the top with a triumph .over the Red Sox as the Macks were Idle ;'" 'Alvln Crovfdcr hurled his mates back to the American pedestal •Holding.the Sox to-elght scattered vihlle the Nats jumped 01 three Boston hurlers for an 8 to 1 victory. The Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers divided a two game et at Chicago with the (Tigers taking the first, 3 to 2 arid the Pale Hose the second, 9 to Earl Whltehlll allowed the Soxi speed '' A Catcher's' Mfcspenl I.lfc R:ger Brc-snahDii ought to be a. inlllicnaire Instead of coaching :he Tiger pitchers. All the old Mg league catchers should,, be In-rocking chairs on Easy" Street the.sp days clipping cptipoas off fat bonds They should have gone into the prize fighting business where.u man gets paid" handsomely for 'taking a punch below the belt. In the couree of his career, Bresnahan '.cok hundreds of swiftly pitched foul tips In the groin. Yet did old Roger assume tne hori2on- tnl posjllon, holding Ills side and writhing in-pain?" He did not. He just "shock 'em off," and went on catching, Mickey- Cochrahe, the ,... alert catcher for the' A's, 'oilers sonle interesting testimony on the low blow in baseball. Faster Than' Fists • -'" ''Every catcher In the leagiK-s," says ' Mick, ."Including- myself, - is frequently «tfu'clc : ln the'groin with u foul tip'that conies,'with rifle 'A'nfl it-icomeb* . i're'aWfUo^wallt out of ;fhe:tln| after 1 ;,the decision has been"ren- -the fiiul Wow if not u Incapacl.: tiling u it Is made by those illy-IHertd lobsters who groan arid ttirash about the-floor holding their groins'-as though they hud lust taken a flock of machine- gun bullets In a vital spot. The man who Invented the moderh*protecr tor. which is used In most fights, will stand up there and lei Sharkey, Godfrey or anyb:dy else lilt, him as hard as he wishes, flush on the protector and deny any suffering. I believe there Is only one way to end touls and that is to end iliem When PL box«r claims foul let him be examined, and if he has been fouled, he should be allowed five minutes'-rest. Then, on wlih the dance. bat,- . ,but( iour 'hfl's in. the first game. : f fl tter ''tha'p humaii f[sls':can{s'trlke: Ip the second, the Tigers .oulhlt " ' " the Sox Wit' couldn't, field. I The, St Louis Browns swept over (lie Cleveland Indian's 0' to 1 in second game of tlielr series . has, .had ' ' 'trouble during the ; : SBCJD« ';iwtV. his. ; tendency tp. hook, : »irt, -under' pressure, tb_ be wild *-'' n ' fij»',«woo&j jaej" ijoei v the'., ..same -ii»(M : • witb. ' »ili; (rons ,when v he ., .Is : .-Ofla-iNlied. .But he' in'.flne • :: ' ag<wit> atVlfltirischen,. , Aroujid the •' : fHtD w chip sho4,.a'nd on recov: Viarj'ilipfal' : SoUtE'-is , a deadly golf e r. •Tbry UU- P»- feati such, shots are ' ;a^"al-'priMsiiu;m at --^iterlachen. which he hris'been ranked along with- Bobby Jones as super great But I think touch will come back to-hlni.-- •••'• •:' '' , ' There aro. some, ol.-us to .whom' the e^pe(ts' never-gWe a.'tumble Vjit .who. may. crash, ,ln,.fhere any old tUrfe.'Ed Dudley" Is numbered among this number. If Ed gets that putter swinging right, he will be hard "to beati l: "Another" dark hbrse Is-iWlld 'Bill- Mehlh'orn. • Bill is capable of siiper golf • when h* ISTight. ••'••' '•' : - -•• ' ••Tommy 1 Armour oOght'to be fo- Ing good -at Intsrlaehen.vl understand: tha 'distances--there:-are not unusually:long, but tluit straight- nessund • amiraoy ' are ' required. Armourn -Is, frequently: called 'the besC-irprwhot imaker-ln -the : 8ame-;, !;-i,:'ri ; ;-)Ve - re" ll All T*yta|" ' '- 1 ''. • : ''- Anothep piayei' who'gets -In.':- 1 . » reit Around pfctty often is Jimmy ohnston,^'-last/i yeer'n 1 ''. amateur lampion.' I think "he Is' 'one' of he really. •• good- golf-:players 1 • who aver • has i been 'given lull -credit or-his'ability; ," " •' -^ '*'••;-. Last-year:at Winged'Foot, : I tell wo |: strokes short : 'of' tying: Jones and'Esplnosa for the ;Open.prize. .of. course, I will still be try- ng; \VlUi Jones'Hi there, to- bt urc, that's = what 'most : of the oth- rs nre'doiiig-.lrylng.-So mUchilor- hat. '•••• ••• '• •' - ' r -•"'' '•"• ••''•'• Rt Cleveland. They lambasted the offerings of Pate Jablonwskl and >v« t Bean. Blaehplder was' the , hurler. *'•• ', V pibc Herman'supplied the punch as the Dodgers beat the Braves, 3 to 1. His. homer .in tte sixth thV'' winning' 'run " atfd' 'his 'double In the fourth paved the wa> for .Brooklyn's other tally. M$oss was the winning hurle.r"beat- ing Smith In a pitching iluel. '•:•' Th» New' York alanu .-finally outlasted the| Philadelphia Nationals' In a slugging contest .that end.- aj vrtth the rtlzzy, .stdre^oj 13 -,to f(lr* is lilts In Ow;''me%t?i Ti)'e; ;uis pulhlt the :'GIa>.ls wjtlJ $KleIn. 1 TDOII! coh'fflSutink^wimef^ Southern League W. Memphis 55 New Orleans Did "you 'ever see-'a catcher" toted, >way to thi:bencri : Rfter taking one olv'em? No,, you Itildii't. Neither dia'"*y 'f t: V','•:- " "A "couple of years ago we had. a young pitcher named Lloyd Po»v ers. one day in batting practice; one ot^the boys lined back n ler'- 1 rifle smash tjiat" struck Powers, flush'on hls'protectcr. It knocked him down and we ran.out to see hoy.' bad.!y..h.«s was hurt.,..He. waS lip 1 'before'" we "got there,""'and'lie went right on pitching. After practice he showed us his protector. >. mas dented almost flat. .rcan 'these b^zdes : llke Ca . hilMi^ ft one of those Birmingham Chattanooga'.-. Atlanta Little :Rqck Nashville Mobile reacting Chicles 'Are Idle; Lookouts Win'From Vols In Easy Styled '.-.'• ATLANTA, Go..—The . _ Tiavelrs" of Little Rock, fighting on their" home "field took yesterday's game from the second place" Fell- cans of the Southern league 12 tp'3 and three out of four games -in the scries- The Rocky crew counted nine runs In the sixth Inning.' •;.', For the first time, this year-fee Birmingham- Barons'shut out;;a team at their home park. wljeii Touchstone 1'rfrt the Crackers., to se°v*e'iv* hits' and--no vims: O|dhapi and Dumovlch were the . 'Vcring hurlers. Guy Sturdy crashed i-a home run 1 . . .. ',:"'• The 'Chattanooga Lookouts won over tlie Nashville Vols 8 to : '2. ---.Knight held .the-; Vols to six hits •'".and pitched vin'-rare form. -\.T1S? •*" hcme' run king,-Jim Pcole hit iri- • 42 '.-'tc a' »:id failed to. get -313 a hit.'during-the..encoun(ei'. V;; : .': cf( Godfrey - — line drives or like a fast pitch that tipped foul? ..?sljaw»- Jonn 8"~ . .\ • 1*>_-., _4.1.1 - .r»nnM • nfl~ ymore Isr r r in the Wit OPtN TOI ' / CLAIRE' 1 '" f.,Jnta BARNES , Hes bwn taking part in nation al touroeys since 10(? , and like Mac Smttli Long Jim Barnes l c still plenty dangerous to the .. .. Don't be «urprlsed, : .elther ( if the IeJlpw"»lth the patent-leather hair Sir Walter Hagen, Is 'up there with ; -the leaders.' . I •-• tiilng his. decision ,rwt to defehdi, his British Open:title . •'•. this year was isifnincant: It seem. ' ! e< me like! » 'gesture .which said •"I-dent need .th«;Brltish Open tl - Ue.Uite "year. _;r«^ finished tourin ;• Australia. .What I want is the Na ; Uontl Open cup. You might as wel afnd..-lt,o'fer and'.bave It cngravec .' now.":'. Hagen, like Smith, has ha .•' a nic« ,re«t. •"- ,7 - ..' . ' Last winter,. ^Hagen had troub vlth ills .- putting, : a department I , .. , H i s,' nickname, tons' Jim,' s'lio.uld Have tieeh split by t'he"wofd ' "arlv> Ing."... .. . Hn 1 ! kn'pwn'.as .we of thf ', Ka^MfrW- ters in me jjonit 1 . '- .a dead' lachen . Operi there that year --«;^^>r Lutes Defeati Cooler ! . in Tight Game, 2 to' 1 COOTER, HIO-—Cooler and Lutes, Ark., both members of. Ih'e'.Aick-Mo. aniateur' Sunday baseball, league^ played an unofficial 'game at Lutes ^turday, In. the ninth inntnng Michie of Cooter '.tailed to take'a hard drWe,--smacked ,by "Oden of Lutes, to-center'field. Urns.".LViUjt won bj'-a score of 2 to 1. Batteries' for Cooter, Ashlit'and*White; batteries for-Lutes,' 1 "Powell and: Phillips. r - ,--.j,fltajMrtlon-: aTOpeK^vktbti-hi ^Zl wal trdTIiar^ glp^of^nlne-itiaius o'vej the^run-. ^^jms?ki*r t's th<! lataest , .ii^.tWfc^.rt .' rt»sldeV< Karding . wis-^ne'-jrf the first to shake Jim's hand tUaJ.,4>y. . i . the prfjideht also ! ,. .. i- k,.. i -_.--_-^-. ?UR _«_-_^ j at. anded in -Long Jim's arms. a tragic-looking person -; \-Hls-face Is long 1 : ".".'his' eyes are deepse_t;..,., ^ his^eytbrows^.arc COMFORTABLE FIT •;•'.. "That "coat. sir,, fits like a glove;: "So I can "seel The sleeves .conv pletely cover iny hands,"—Tit-Bits' ; .REPORT OF THK CONDITION OF • Farmers Bank & Trust Co., Arkansas, at the close !'•; .-.J of btasincsj - l^h'eJMtlii, Open-that illpped 'of.'NiicVStnlth's'gra^p.hi 1925 '' feet 3 ',4 iriche^ to be -his. "Jinx \ i,.V' Two thing distinguish" Jim Barnes from othe golfers . . . Heaver wears gol mtciers . . . and he always chew a piece of re<Ktlovef blossom- . : . The year he fon the Ojx;n, a fa! M1M59.60 . : 88,6«.M! ; .HytheTlUu. Mississippi County, June 3»,"1930..""- ' ' . :- ' - '-.' ."'. '"'".. : ':• ."• '.' " RESOURCES . Loans and Discounts ....... .: ' Lcins on : Real Estate ....... . ......... . ; Loans ,?n Gotten- .. .................. -. . . ; ' Orerdtafts; Secured and Unsecured ................. :.:.; ...... ' 1,61302 .U.'. 8. 'Securities ..:, ...... .".." ................................. ; 36.950.00 .-' St«* in Federal Reserve Bank ................ ,.'..'-.':..., ....... 1,200.00 Other ' Bonds and Sccurtles! Including State Warrants : / -County and City .Scrip . . . , ................... '. .-. •>. Furniture" and"Ftatures ...... ........................ . 'Hotae... . ';..-.' — i . .-.- .................. ......... .'. leal Estate ............ . ............ . ....... V. . i aJ»d Due from Approved Reserve Sanks'...: .'.'..:, -:othtr'. : Rewurces-. ...... -. .......... ............ :••..,•. ID YOV KNOW ladles my Is every Prid*y' 1 ai e Cubs, park . '. . 'the; other ay^morf thari" aoJiW'&tf'jIlCv!! ie ^ame^lnerej'-'.''"^'''* "MW ibusand 'were' unable t& get' lr( ./'.'j-'i -it - seems i there ^were'^a couple of males' there, 1 ' usilrjrtn^ he" ; '.ladies" v "seais ^;'''..f°-. ! . r Jack Cicmbs : -'6f irtimortal 'wbria ser eis tfme'"!5iy > s [ ''t'lie •prt'cTiei' ' days • ate • betfer these . make a study of •bMebftU l '.'anc were '-not slo'w . (n ] flridlng a batter's weak points''''.'- 1 •"•.'• Chie S*!*wH>;«f ' '«*P*«M*r ijowadays don't -efenOtnow the aevs, fads like thflt would -?be"' just a. cffecHve"' ! .d5day" as'of-' yore ' sjiit? of tlie Bvely b" rause - ^hejy couU}> ] 'apple wherej tlfey when they 'had to"." ,3 St. Louis Cardiaitfjlost to ttjjjirgh Pirates ig^trday. 9 li 'opened on tht' 4 pi6und;,fpr the nfe' and held iMjiBucs'-lielplcjs. f seven inning^-but ',tae, Biic §hjed six runs;"ijt.,th*;Ust twj p)tch'er. i champion Cubs dropped the! 'iSWMY&jft'HfcjsA L iHlf^feJ; 4 f rt»? *iT»~- • • Mm}.:$wg!3$j ttafffmnat!dal 'tie - ft sfts t_; grea^.jaa- r'-'- alljj!.v|f'i .crs f.^ , In corrobqrailpu of Mickty%-,tes- mony, did JVpUj ever folloy;;<apse- , the actiontCot a fouled;^fljipte: rom the injftujt he Is stru.dtjjnti ^•"•-'&KS the-Tingm watc. v <MrefiUly> iffSttami iievej of them t'*he could affer^i^'.bf. 1 thrt^^t are^ e^tjsa«a '* r **, ;""i "-'>/3V"'"« »-^'i^"^^ * iVariably''bmerS^Ha are Nadnnal' 1 .w. « 45 *1 -The • Clucks and'^Moljile Bears were' Idln :ypsloi'day. 606 .584 -554 Brooklyn hicago ew York t. Louis ..^: v ..''^.'{p;3B ; .j!3f£.,5?8 oston .".'. -\-• • -.<• •''-35:':37 ,'>186 ittsburgh .",-.. ..v. '.",. ••' 33 ,'40 j-.«2 ,ncinnati '- -. - 30 42 .417 25 44 .326 Read"^Courier News Want Ads.'.; American League ...'". W. Vashington ; ...'. .j •-'• • 49- hlladelphia' ...I.'..'... 52. New York 43 31eveland 3G Detroit--,"... rav;... •••.*; 4ra •'ton'i Uphia a'f-i fYork. National Leacoe Budweiset UGHT Oft DARK RICH IN BODY JN t-. -v i .s-»r-« - PiUsburgh •'JiDM.f .dmiter rushed up to the tee as he was about to drive . . . "Take this, Ar.-Barnes, ahd ;l gboa 'luck,".; s»lc! sHe"": -v ^'.' . ^ThU .^asafi-ed'. clover blossom/ ' '' > •"' '•'>;'••> .. 1,530.10 ld,800!oo ' 57.090.00 118.548.84 '39,000.00 \ TOTAL : $1,153,149.97 .'...,.-•• :.- • LIABILITIES ' Capital Stock, Paid Up > $200,000.00 Certified 40.000.00 ',- Net 25,504.05 ,. :;..-. $144,381.11 I JMpoaiU including Public Funds .... 688,328.85 r«fleates;0f Depcsit ...- 48,219.65 Checks' 8,71631 j ol all Classes Deposits as ' Shown '-.: 8*1,845.92 t (after deducting amount -on vhlch more than 4'ji«r cat.tntcrtat is paid f? shown above) 887.645.92 Alwmyi-mUy-and compare this TOTAL $1,153,119.97 STATE,Of ARKANSAS, ccwwraTor MEBISSIPPI, ss. -X B. l;.LJndi, PreaSdent or F. E. Warren, Cashier, of the above naned wide,-;do itemnly swear tint the above statement Is true to he te*t,xd »f. knowledge and belief. •'. .- .':•! :• •'•'.-.- ... B. A. LYNCH, President. \ l ; * - .';-1'.''.'" J' P. E. WARREN, Cashier. U., Butt,,-Cecil Shane, L. L. Ward, O. O. Hiibbard, Total ' .. Het W sworn to before me this 1th day of July, 1930 ' <'••• '" '- E. R. BRYAN, Notary Public. WhtelofUfe G, With' Esther Ralston Comedy, and News. Admission M*tinee and Nigl lOc and 25c NANCY CARROIJL Devil's Holiday For Wednesday, Thursday and • j • • .-."., COTY'S •jj'i^i Suckers—Sinners—Saints!; She laughed at the—until sbi was caught iqi the web of her own emotions! J Comedy and News, , Admission Matinee lOc-SOc- Admission Night 15c-40c ! Sj^K^i'v!: ..-:•'-... '.'•.''f: •:•'••;' k'.^'XS'^ 1 -- '•'*• •. . ,i-\ ..:'. ••?«-. /it/..' i-.'-.K. .'••-:' •/.. .- Combinati o n Deal $1 Powder Flacon of Perfume a 11 for . i Porch Frocks of Newest Prints an'd Combinations RAYON 59c Value New Patterns and prints, a 1 so solid colors Plaid- Only ,400 yards left Feather Ticking Slyled, yd QRAND PHONE 220 Full Fashioned Silk Hose $1.25. Vatile

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