The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1930
Page 6
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1930 BLYTHEVIU.E, (ARK.) COU1UEU NEWS I CLASSIFIED ADS •r»o cenu a jiord lot Orst Initrtion'itnd: en? cent t- wort . tor tad' tubiequurl Inwr- tlon. No idvertlKmeat tiken (or less thnu 60c. Count the word* and itnd tie tft-b. Phone 30« PAGE S LAURA LOU BR00KMASI AUTHOR OP "RA6U 'IQ50 1< OK SALE APP,LE&r-At -Fisher's, across, from City Hall. 51.25 per bushel. 110-K17 FOR~fviLE—New Royal Portable Ty pi \ir!ter.' S4730, Terms. Phone 405W. ' 12C-JC17 LEAVING CITY—FOR SALE. All )',cti>:i;liold circus. l'>4 \V. Kentucky, Phone 405W. 13C-K15 F0» 'KENT . mlUmiTu >vU-rc ite. . lm.1. lived v.dii 'lirr 1 »i-yi»ifctrr's» ttlnlliLT. w,..nli4y inllu-r, JIMI.V in \r-w.Ynrl:. Tru- inireini arc iHvorri-ir-mid Mr*.' ROKCTN in u «IJ;i>% fiiktmrEuv a Mtflind titiir- rlilKi-. n \i:\nv siinirns, >-imii~ nn»- iripor |k!mlii~r.-tj>:ii-r, It lu- IIIVL* iiiiti Hi.' ciii...>liirin-il in.i:ij i:vi:- J.V.\ IMHSONS. (icatiltriil " ' so do!"; i Hau't know . to FOR RKNT—Five room hosiSc in 1000 block" o:r Asil S',. C;ill M. G. GcoiUvin. ' 4C-TF FOR • KENT—Furnished rooms for ll"hl • housekeeping. 709.Walnut. Abo unfnrnihhed Hal, JOI3 Walnut. 8C.K15 FOR RENT — Furnished cottage. Very attractive. Rent $23.50. Thomas Land Co. 10C-K.18 FOR RENT--Furnished apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone 633. | 10P-K17 I FOP. RENT—Front or hack bcd- rcoin. S09 Cliickasawba. 1IP-K17 FOR RENT—Front room. Reasonable. Mrs. J. H. Roberts. Phono 50«. 11C-K18 FOR REN7-c9 room house, two baths, all newly painted and papered, located on corner Highway 6! Mid Highway 13. Ideal location to rtourist rooms. 510.00 per month. Call L. Ij. Ward,- KB. or G50. ' . ' 12C-TF FOR RENT— Rcomj, One!month rent free, ail Heara. 13P7K20 FCIl RENT- -2 rooms, furnished for liolifhousekecping. • 605 Walnut St., Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. -Cavendar. S3P-K11 Iti Intrmliic-i' " !:U ' tJr.liKMrr 1 to «':ill" HRr"™! I'liJ^l'tl'riils r'rll:l II Mr.illk Hi wlij Mltriu'lPn nfTi'rtf ani. Khi* suim' lirrnniri ZiMliius nt tlio uirl ni'i] xk'hriurs in prr( rlil .n( ti»-r liy v:i(.(inr;!j;iiii: II rnciinmT l'i'- Iwri-ll''<YII:t rn:l '{'1111 ' JOUDAN, [:ivrliiullii{; Emt of fjufilouv Htar- Jiil'i-Ui'il . ji:n fnrliiildrii hl> 1 t :in:litvr' (n 'M-I' 'Junl SMrldi. '.rni:--< (a $t-iv-Yiirk l<i vvtirli fnr n <V'.Li."s[u! it'll* lilni\|ir I'tir.'r. fur Ji)n!!iir Inn IIIUT ' n*:ill?k.|i ' {t la rmi.l tr!l^' JUni' t*Ji'' J:trl li:(> lifi'll uiri'th'K' "Sbli'l.lN stirrrtHltttiinlTi Vlillivr Mill d:iir;4i l^r'iiunrri.) anil IVll.-i K-:]«i'» l\ir- lln.llli.min-. Her li'i'Slr*. : ii,i;:rrV : «'lii.rr:iliiiii(>. fnlt. SltKlicll [ir-lrrn. lie- and. Crlla l.rciiuir rrciiuc]!i''l null return tu \r\%- Yrrk r.flrr Tti 1 lin* lirinsil.^ril to Inc-ati- Ytt-f. ll'.fri-rs. .Mi'jiimlilhv illl.itrr :-::il li-ll* Ivini (Vllll II li> m:irrj- .tnrihm. \VI:t-n fliey im-rt nr-.l. <:c!l:i !» lm>l:i.n-lir:irlnl III SMrlil*' ruiilnr** r.r.d liar . InH'r- * U".v I'lit!* \ilth tnv iiurivrsfani*- {:•.;; Ihnt. ryerj Itilnir IM "nvrr " i • * , SHp (61t ^Jordan's nrmn go ni lier, holding her close. "Don't, tliirllni;!" ho "Don't cry. Maybo there's'iiouio way I'can help. Von know I'd do anything In llio world for you. dear. Please slou crying and tell me nil ntont' it." ,' It was soina llmo Ixiforo Cclia was able 1,0 ralso her head and "My car's .walling downstairs," Tod said Impt'titauEly. "We'll drive to Coniicclleut.V!C6mo! Got your hat, Cclla.":j(''i V - ' Ilia cagcrr&ei: was contaaloui Tho girl sprdng'p. ' "I .won't -fcSi nnd - i!iP:n. '.\ii'>vuril conn 1 * front" s. rp|[:i : rn itlntip nni] udfii ...tin 1 , innlil nn- yo]Ll:K ln:iri lin» pome In :rr. WANTED WANTED — • Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Drown, •itM S. Lake St. 17ck-tl LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On Ihe lOtii of November, 1 bay horse-nuile, weight about 850 or 000 pounds. Frank Burchett, Route 3, Box 01A. 13P-K17 ATVO.N'CE—SOUTHi AMERICA OH UNITED STATES. Permanent pcsilionsr'.labor, clerical, mechanical," salcsmpjiship; exiwrience un-' ncccr.S[)i J 5 1 .""'&<1a.- : ies"j25.-ilOO.'week:: ly. transpnrtatlcn furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. RELIABLE MAN required Immediately 'in Blytheville for responsible position. Steady -work. .No experience. Honesly and desire to v.'ork r.ecciisary. Must have car. Pay starts Immediately. Write fully. Syncro Motor Company, Baltic Creek, Mich. 13P-K14 x«\v <;o us WITH Tin: STOHV CHAPTER'L1V r"OR a moment the strange niimb- *• utss Which' war,'both nnd Irbmuloiis hope held Cclia motionless. Tlicn reason re.ipscued Itself. It could not be Barney Shields'.who tvas waiting for her. Barney had meant what he said. Celia turned and walked slowly In the living room. Tod Jordan \v:ij Icr.nin^ negligently against a Uble. He swims around, smiling, as she paused lu the doorway. "Didn't forget your promise, did j'onT' he greeted her. She had not given Jordan a [bought since lie and Wsl had left her tho day before. Instead ot nnsworlnK Cclia said. "Hello, Tod. H's nice of you 10 come." ko approached and took both: her hands. "So that's all the welcome I get. Just .'hello'!" He ctudicd her race intently. "I.opk here, sweetheart. Hasn't that headache gone yci!" "Oil. yes. I'm all right." "Maybe you think so but I don't. You're looking \vhite as a sheet, lias anything hapi>cucd? Teil me, Cclia. Wliat is it?" . Jordan's dark-eyes were compelling, his voice sympathetic. Skill- 1 fully lie-dramatized the moment. .^ti's'^iiotlilnB tho- matter," Celia persisted. And then, though nho had endured harshness and disappointment, kindness proved too much for her. Celta snddenlj clung to Ted Jordan, buryiuc her faco against his coat, front. "It's—everything!" she sobbed '.'Eye'ryttiing'i wrous. .Oh, Tod, fin speak" connectedly. Tho young uinu led her lo ilio.'/llvnii. They sat <':i>wn anil it lircined oiily nalnlAl fc- Jorilun'3 arm to linger about llie.glrl'a .shoulders. . ' Hip 'manner .was comforting »nd tender. Celia felt the strain under which she bad .been Eiitferjui; lessen gradually, Jla|tlnr;ly she, told .Tod about .her mother's disappearance and how tho search .to find her 'seemed hopeless. -. .:'•. ••. ----., ' "Tlierc'B—something else, too," 'she-confided. "I-can't tell you because 1 .promised not to. Only- well,- It' looks, as though father's going awny nnd I won't bo nblo to slay wi.tb • Evelyn. • Grandmother doesn't "waul mo with her. 1 don't know -what's (joint; to happen!" • - * • i'.rjUT, Hltlo girl," Jordan's volet '•*•* 'was low nnd vibrant, "docs all this 1 matter so- terribly? Look at inc. Celia. Here—let me see your cyds. Lovely eyes that were never meant for tears—!" • lie. raided the girl's cblii null her faco,,w!is close to his. Jordan' eyes held the girl's spellbound, "I can't go,, oii like this." th mau raid harshly.' "1'vo got to sa It now.- 1 lovo you, darling—lov nnute!".8he sai E VELYN )a(tll«)Kg., closed (lie door hehiW l«r iiTld cvcsisfd tlio foyer of hor^aufiTtniont '"'- atler, flvo o'C BCD If i I-,-;; |,,;,\ |)e 0 U tLUi t jnes;?: 1 .:.. . KOUC wero rccordcil. Shi. cut ilnwii (lie -Ual^ r knot-:;-.! :it Cell u'a bcdrgoin dmir. Vat mi 1:1 i n ,it she llbloficd ' ' SOUHil i.njin. OUR HOARDING HOUSE By Alteili . •*. i - - - •-•• . .. , TJOs:: ' you BO much, that I can't do will out you! JIarry roe, Cclia! Lc mo take you away where you' forget that you ever knew an ui happy mouicut. Will you, b loved?" The girl had drawn away. "Why, Tod! Uo you mean Ilial' "More than I ever meant an thing In my life!" "You—you want mo lo marr you?" "Now. This afternoon. This very miiiiilc! Oh, my dearest—1" He' caught lier "to" hlni again, ck," .Sho' had tost .and was. In a d|s- Trafilc on ilic elino had- bWil.congeBlcd and at had IncreiW.X"' IrrllnlitHty. nt ,'ii(;rcealilo for kissing her lips, then her cheeks nd 'forehead. II was an instant lefore Celia could pull away. "llut I haven't said ycs,' : shu told lirn. "I don't know—I'm not Hire—1 ' ' t'KuSONAI, TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day or Night Service, Phone 1C. 1C-K3D If YOU WANT YOUR FLUE Inspected, Repaired or Cleaned, Call 42. 12P-K15 bpen^any pack- tlmo 1ml | I. Pirionl," Itbso ""' '!I;-yj)Jn r f'<)!nqw you 'wore xpcctlng' abrtlilng." : "You sueaii to say 'It Isn't hcra? h, of c.11 the outrages! Tho girl ssnred me H would ho Edit on llie arly delivery! Listen—call up the tore at onco nnd' Bay that Mrs 'arsons demands ail explanation Valt! Get tlio number and I'll talk o tlicin myself." Hose dispatched tho task 1m mediately. A.moment later Bvclyi 'arsons wah.lMtly engageil in con- rercatlnn with a w^aT complaint clerk In tho .-department store. Svolyn Insisted OH talking lo an executive snd.the clerk cheerfully transfxrrcil tho call. Mollified - nnd''pleased' with this show of her importance, Mrs. Parsons dually put down the telephone. "Has Mis? Cclln gouo out?" she asked Indifferently. "1 bclfevb so," Rose an'swcred. "Mr. Jordan called and I saw ber putting oil licr-kat." • 'Oh, Mr. Jordan? Then Bho pi-oLably won't bo here for dinner. S!ie didn't leave mo any message?" "No, ma'am." Evelyn Btood while tho maid helped her out ot • tho afternoon costume and Into a Illruy lounging robe. Then lor thirty minutes Mrs. Parsons relaxed completely while the maid went through tho nightly beautifying process. Lotions and ointments and perfumes from expensive contalnei'3 all played their part. To Evelyn this was a solemn ritual, tribute to tho beauty which • . I.elaurcly' «l.[|'i-»: of IIIT gu-j.'ii mi)Vvil l!i>r Jewel,-).'.'-idonni'd loin:;:!;.;: iiaiamas, niailo- hcrselt C01UI.,!l.i!j| u - „'„ ll, 0 __ fi and r.,-:-.ial a ol 1 ;:tril.,TI;erc'wyn a Juno! ..:i ihu i-.-bk. lusitlii licV' vus n :icw Ixin;! nliit-li hud '. up K-r illsaisslon at Iho .iflnncr Mrs 1'avioiw had rc:td only tlio i:r. ; t few cluiptorn, Slio~(ouii'l tho I.IIKO she had left rift uufi he- -u to nail. , . V Sh-i VV.H mil awiu'o llow -lituch whim s!to-|ali!..ilio livolyujfrosu oiul "You !can't refuse!" Jordan declared. "Celia, I swear 1 1 can't live without you! You've got to marry me!" • : •••••' "Uo you love, mo so niucii?" the girl risked, wide eyed. • "There aren't words enough to tell you!" It wa's'-thc'bew|!dcr!nB clhnai of two days' misery. .Celia liad never listened to such ardor. Barney was gono and thero was no ono clso to whom Bho could turn. Everyone had forsaken lier but' Jordan. He wauled her, Insisted bo needed her. Celia forgot her father's wnrnliis* about the youus man. - -' - [' '^"T- 7 ' she worshiped. sslilo. :> moment Thru :;ll(j stepped IjllO IhP.lli aii'.i!n linockcd at Cvlln'ii Thf:v \v::s no iin.iwor. (.Vitloiisly Mrs. I'anons lurued lilt; l:i:oh ami up-oiu'd tho dm.r. No'hliiK ah,>ut the n;oni was placc.l. Bvclyu wai; iibimt losv, out tiio IlKhtj nml when n while envelope propped up Oil Ihu desk caught her eye. Tliero ..wiu sonictliliiti r.hont thu envelope. K!:e picked It ay anil r;iw Hint her lunno WBU In vrtlied upon It, The handwriting Oll:i'n. • A liny frown anjiearcd on tho wbui.iu's forehead us 6hc dfew out the mile. •• Sho read: . -. .,.. : "Doar Kvelyu: This Is lo-lc,t you know that I atn i;oin^ n\vay lu;- cnuse I feel It will be heller lor nil of us. IMcaso do no', try to Ilnd me nud do not-let faihor try. -Ho will not succeed anyhoiv. :.Soiiijf. day a lous while from now 1 liopo-. I can come hack. , - ' • . "Tell father 1 am sorry Hliad to hapiicu-lhls way hut ho Is' not lo worry nhout me. I will bo nil right. Tell him 1 wish I could thank him for all Iho wonderful things lie has done for me. I want to thank yon loo. Evelyn. Ami I hope yon will ho very happy. Uood- by.—Cclia." Thero were two blurred spols on the note which might havo hncn caused by [eardrops. Evelyn Parsons did not nolico them. Hhu stared at Iho sheet of jailer and then hnsllty read It tlironsb asJin. Tho hand holding Use Idler MEAM AH-, . •THA-T [ SMOUU-D MoPES-f" BUT: 'r- MOW A HUDDLE. A-Ti6(-(-r Si-foe -fH' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHAT I'lUCK GLORY? By Martin l She was to dtnc with friends. For the occasion Evelyn selected a purple gown of satin. Sho put, on her.pearls nnd two bracelets nnd drew a metallic wrap about .her shoulders. When she- was ready Hose -went to the speaking tube and returned to announce that : Mrs. I'arsons' car waiting. There, was (lie sound of tlio luiurlous tllk in motion and Evelyn was gone. It was nearly 10 o'clock when sho returned. There was no one in the living room. Evelyn dropped her wrap upon a chair, suppressed ft yawn and \vont to her desk to dropped and Evelyn's shoulders straightened. A malicious euillo played about her Hps. ' Thero was a clock on the Iwdsiiio table. Its bauds pointed to 11:15. Evelyn noticed tho clock and her expression, chanced. She caught up the iijeijhoiie. gave a number, nnd at' once .hurst into incoherent, agouiml phrases. "Jului," fiho cried, "it's ICvclyn! You must coine at onco. Oh, Tin KO fright- inctl! I can't lell you what's Imp- pened until you here. • Yea, Yes. Oh, do hurry!" .1 n'7(Xo llu Continued!;.. i>' Comes To. Cubs Mothers desiring children care.-l for morning, afternoon and even- in!; call ^Sr3. Wyatt Henley. 335W. 13P-K17 THE I1EST HOT 1'IG, CHILI AND COKFKE RUSTIC INN WERT i Ho Makes'Em-Set V. It. WASHAJI—Transfer Caily trips to Memphis. Will Pick up nnd deliver freight and i^aifcases '.anywhere." .; Special »i«» on rarloarj Jotjs, -'' .. ' "". -: Ixxra'l Phone 351 Memphis Phone 3-931 New York Cotton -NE\V ; YOTiK, Nov. 13. (UP).--Colton closed easy. Open High' Low Close Dec. old 1110 1125 1093 1093 Dec. new 1108 1122 Jan. old 1127 1141 Jan. new 1135 .... Mar 1153 1170 May ....- 1162 1195 July .... 1191 UOS Oct 1212 12J1 1090 1110 1090 1110 ...-., lU3n IHO .1140 1164 1IC4 1177 1177 1199 1199 New. Orleans Cotton . NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 13. (UP) — Cotton' closed barely steady. Open Higli 1 "' tow Close Dec 1112 1T27 1007 1097 Jan 1133 1145 1115 1115 Mar. 11GO 1172 1141 1H1 May ..-.'. 1183 1198 1107 11G7 July .... 1198 1212 1185 1185 Oct 1212 1225 1201 1201 Spots steady at 1072, off 18. •ti ot 78-16 imuii- Spots quiet at 1100. oft 25. Scad Courier Mews'want ads. The first Pacific cable waa com' jpletcd in 1902. The firtt Amciicuii '.Pacific cable was laid in IQO'J between San Francisco aud the Pl:il- BUMPS CAME SGM>0\- OP TOR ME -.-WOIIft 6r\V.. I'M GWN 1 CWtR WV6W NOW "\EU. 'IS. O^W Htt\- 3. ^^W.^^MV^<Oajlj£lo. ? M.*N»s tB .:ci... By Bfoe&ei GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH. TOM'S GAFE' and Sfiwcr Taxes District \o. 1, . .Now Due, . „ . . Collector. upstairs iii l-'nnnei'S Bailk ildg. NOTICE With onr recent partnership with Jlr. Gco, Carney, we 110* have the best equipped ^inde- pwidcnt shop in ( ow n. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Tickwick Kuildlng "tt'o know we know how" In th? process of revamping liis pitching ^taff for the 1931 season, Mar.aser P.cge-rs Hornsby of the Chicajo Cubs acquired Ed Hacclit, tibove. righthander ' from the Lcs Anrjclcs club of the Ccast League. Baecht p'-tclicd 45 games, .for flic Angel'fi last_se«50n,'.\vijAijtrs'2? and Icsin^'-but. li.^ He"struck oiit 187 | batter.-. The d;al cost the Cubs i seven players and S20.COO in cash. "-iVAIIMXG OIIDKH CHANCEJIY' COtiHt, "CHICKA- SAWBA -DISTR-ICT.-MISSISSIP- Pl COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Missouri Slate I.ife Irisurance Co., " - ' Plaintiff, "'", •• No. 43I9 '' Vs." ' : W. S. Crovcer. ef al..''Defendant. Tlnj rieleildant. •Oi.'orec White, is warned to appear williin thirty days 'In llie tourt named in the taplion hereof and answer, to com- piaint of She plaintiff. Missouri State Life Insurance. Co... and .J JL' EUijfclrin.JTrustee/ '!• i .' .>-• Doled Kov.'lZln. 1930. J ETEr\.. Clerk. By Ha'rvey Morris,' D. C. Ivy W. Crauford, • Atty. Ad Lilcni. I ' 13-20-23-4 'j' Vci 1 tdise ,<\ ( lio like to play ten ' nis at dawn or dusk, a ball that Ls! Ivlsib!: at.these times is bcini; in- I'ti-cfdiced m England. Tlie ball is | tiven a coa: o! phcsphoresccnce .by 1 treating it vit'.x sulphur in a special '' W, • \V,-, ji 1 "''' HLACK CAVERN! r FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ' I I T6U. VOO I. CNSRHEAKO AND (. ..." HE'UL hJEM=f. <KT CXJT OP- / 1 HE'IER HEASD OP / AMVOKifi DSAPPEAHU45 SO I CDwpLtTEi_y...THis HAS \ ME STUWPSD.'.' AS uowe AS t C TO HE Do\KM UU6 THIS I WIGHT /.S.VJ6U. SLSgP A LlTTLC...V/AKe UP IF AMYTHlS'G HAPPEMS! liEg.'A P.NE8. \NITH ITS SWIFT ' Af-lD THE OLD HEOMlt SU06 IMTO THE SHALLCA.'/ OPENING FOR FCECXILGS IM VAlKl WASH TUKHS'" SHU'. I AM IM Lire. t)0 HOT UN1&H- V fvW DESrcVOTE.' ^AY EVER/ MO\!G Mt\V 86 PIANTCP IM MV , f\V!RKiHT, f\tt 66T \T OFF NOUR. CHEST lUEH. WCTPS lOOKl OUTSIVE. TvJO MEN VW \jalA\WS WHO yjoUUOSTo? M NOtHvMO TO SECURE THE SECRET Id Mtf iNVeMTION ~ STWERCiOM .STAND HO, 50 HOT ?AS'SOO MWTO,\Wti'. \ MEEDMOO. (JOT CPKI>|- i P.M ^ CiENius- - possession ^-i^ORW WUAOfiS. i feGT NOUU \ MV \DEi\, MISTER \ l\ OUV OJM LIKE HIM 11-1 SOilTll wp.tcr\ cwec, AN3 ttt - - irJot voo ul^^^• IS. UT- TO B£ VCX.1R. gV^X-'y. vi^-'i : > : ." 'i -^ £:''• c ^»°'" < "SEavicc.ihJ

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