The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SCHOOL NEWS » During the month of September children of Central Wnid School bought $6680 worth of war stamps |iid't93.70 In war'bonds, or a to- pl ol $160.50 SIXTH :GRADE—Mrs. Carl Frank, teacher. • The, sixth grade pupils ha\e organized" an English Club with the following' officers elected: Dick R«ld|' president: J. C. DrokQ,'vice brfesidenti .Barbara Oennlng, Becre- jlffy'; Ann Fox, treasurer. The club TOted'to pay dues of two cents n w«<&, with the money t^ be used for room-Improvements Meetings wfil be held each Friday aftenioon •t 3:30 o'clock, and at the meeting fteld last Friday, each pupil show- tilTlhc picture of some bird found SJ'the United States and g&fe\& brie[ talk .about tyi, ,' . V,.' 2: The boj's of tfie\c!ass have been Jmlldirig fiHng'^cWinots of orange f rates and the girls are helping to paint them.j - ;\-T5>e sixth grade has an enrolment w:36, and last Wednesday had a Sjerfec,t attendance record. FIFTH GRADE; — Miss Sunshine • pWlftj teacher. ., £• Fifth grades pupils elected Ann patens class president, Bill Wim- dcrllch, vice president, Nlta Rose Hall, treasurer,, and Jane Wilson. |ecretary. They are to hold a class frVeetlng each Friday afternoon and ' fia'y! two .cents a week dues for room Improvement. The program each Friday will be partly for fun and bartly made up of a study ot books, poems, pictures and music. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER.11, 1044, i. The following inipils have had perfect attendance'- fpr the first nouUi of school. Therlo George,' Charles Hoover/ Charles Shepherd; George Skcl ton, Doyle Wllburn, Theodore Wilburn, BUI Wunderltch, Carol Ann Bailey, Betsy Bell, Sophia Ann Bright, Gernldlnc Cofman, Bobby Jean oaws. Aim Gatens, Donna Sue Gore, Nita Rose Hall, Roxanhe Johnson, Betty Ann McMahan, Bettye Janetle Michael,Rosemary Monaghan, Joetta Schuhart, Olene Stone and Sally Trlcschman. FOURTH GRADE-MISS Mary Out-' law, teacher, r - ,'. , liie pupils In this 'grade had a pleasant and profitable study of cotton during the week, of the na-. tlonal cotton.'picking contest. A frieze was miidc showing the growth'; and development of cotton from the time of planting until it was placed In bales on, the compress pla(fohn, nnd rC|>o.-(5\werc given by pupils on the' following subjects; number of acres In. cotton In Mississippi county: iiuinoer of cotton gins In the comity: price paid perj hundred for cotton picking: number of bales produced In the county: products maue rrom cotton and cotton seed. The following, pupils had perfect attendance during the first month of school: Dwalne Graham, Cecil Graves, Jolimiy Hnlsell, Tommy Harrison, Johnny hoggins, Billy Wayne Miller, Jan Raydcr, Allen' Powell, Pnt Smolhcrman, William Wayne Taylor, Polly Anne Akeiv Georglanne Uatchett, Sclma Luni; 'ally Jean Privetl, Elizabeth Rbark, Kay Smith and Martha Ann Wliite- icad. 1HIRD GRADE—Mrs. W. O. Clenent, teacher. . . Third - grade/, children elected , INTERNATIONAL AGGREGATION XeiLOSSAL COMBINED SHOWS fAll HIM . »MLtlttlD THII »1««OM .•»0 *CIS SSSSSS »50,000 . £SJS?.* HOBMA DAVtNPORT E--V-?,gri Wed. Oct. Fairgrounds 18 nnd Gall Wlillsltt. FIRST GRADE—Miss Maxlnc Hnl- stead, teacher. f There were two surprise parties n the llrst grade during the month. Dne morning Raymond Miller jrought a gallon of Iced lemonade t> school and the children made pa- ?cr cups and drank Uic lemonade and played games. Another day Paul Wcslbrook brought ornngcadc. Will Collect ••••;-.• Sales Tax On School Buses LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 11. (UP)— Arkansas Revenue Commissioner Murray B. McLcod, In violation ol . nu opinion by Arkansas attorney The children enjoyed both parlies | general any Williams, says he will and wrote "thunk you" notes to the notify the superintendent of On boys' mothers, Slloam Springs schools that sate The following children hud perfect attendance records: Freddie Akevs, Robert Earl Clcininons, Lloyd Coffman, Don Copeland, Dick Poster, Robert Ray Goodrich, Joe Hughes, Bobby Lee Jones, Raymond Miller, Billy Peterson, Buddy Max Porter, Thomas shclton, Roger Sudbury, Tommy Wjsc, Paul We-st- broolc, Stic Heasley, Carolyn Jane Crafton, linpgcnc Frccmun, Eva Leo Graves, Kay Horrlck, Geneva Jones, Dorothy McCartcr, Patsy Ruth McGliec, Judy Michael, Mary Louis Turnnge and Slilrlcy Whitehead. Jlmrlcs Rny Hiill president of their club, • Linda Taylor, vice president, i. D. Clemmons, secretary.-, and ;Kny Hlndman, treasurer, The. club has program meeting cacti Friday af-' irnoon.' . ,. : ,, £ Tlic following children In : this class have perfect nttcndaiice rec- T(is for the first month: J. D'.' Dlemmons, Eddie Eukcs, tyeil 'Godd,- rioh, Charles Rny ilall, Bobby -lodge, Romthl Johnson, Dilly Gene lilclincl, Tommy Mosley, Wilbuni Palmer, Billy Phillips; Betty Barker, Mary Bob BIngliimi, Mary Kny. Crafton, clydcll Elrtrldge, Peeey Ellcgc, Bllllc Faye Graham, Kay Ilindmnn, Lanell Jones, 'Snlllc Roark,. Dorothy Shepord, Frances Stafford and Undo Taylor. SECOND GRADE—Mrs, Thomas B. Smythe Jr., Icacher. There are 33'.children Iri tl "Sccond Grade Family".'They nrii happy because how, like the older boys ind girls, they, can have some home work. They take home their spelling books for their mothers' to ; help review tti'c words. .They Ilkfi their new reader/'.iPeter's Fatally 1 ', \vhlch-lells of,.,a; ;Uttie baby boy and his family. ' •.The second'.grade children are learning some interesting things" "bpuU'Arkaiis'as .to:"t«ll'vln an hs- seinbly .- program'.Ah 1 oft they will have with the; third gra'de.. '. v Tlie following'uhlldfcrv'hnd perfect attendance'•" t-pcbrds:' Drnne Adams, Ted Bailey,. Bob ColMunn, Sam.liim;, J: c. 1 . Prlyelf, Linda 'Byrd; Martliii Ann 'Foster. Linda Ruyder' Hit-and-Run Driver. Is Blamed For Death MEMPHIS, Oct. 11. (UP)— Following a two-day Investigation, Memphis police have attributed the death of Will Erwln to a hit and run driver. Krwln's battered tody was found Saturday night on a highway near Mllllnglon. Suspicion ol' foul play had led to n proJx; after friends reported that when last seen Erwln was carrying, a considerable sum of money Officers say Hint the victim had been struck fatally by a first car nu< that a second machine Iratl late run over the body, breaking an ankle. Occupants of the second car who notified police and wailed foi them to come to the scene, were 1161 Implicated In the death by homicide squad Investigators. Rod Courier News Want Ad«. sales ax on two new school busses pur- •hased by the district outside of he stntc will have to be paid. He ays the t!\x will have to be paid o avoid a situation which would •csult In wlml he describes a "chaotic condition" for automobile etcal- rs in the state. . , Last month. 'McLcod was Informed by Williams that the two per Ion to the school district, was observed by his department, It v/ould have to apply to all purchasers ol new cars. He says It would wreck the business of borderline dealers since persons would go out of the .stale to buy new cars to avoid payment of the tax. McLcod says Superintendent H. L. Oberbye of the Slloam Springs schools will be notified that the tax must be paid before free license plates arc Issued. Fair Trial Promised Accused Jap-American I,m'l,B ROCK, Oct. 11 (UP)— I-'cedrnl Judge Lcmlcy says justice In llio U. S. functions lo give a fair Irial to everyone, Ills statement was made to Joe Yamakadl, American citizen fo Japanese [rial. Leinlcy ^refused to accept a no contest pica because the case involved alleged draft evasion. Yninakadi Is from the Japanese relocation center at Denson and ts charged with failure to report to Ills draft board. Thirty-one picas of not guilty as charged were entered In Federal Court, 'Monday. Eighteen persons were given suspended sentences and were placed on probation, RM4 Courier newi wuii 10. BODY & FENDER REPAIR WORK Also Aulo Upholstery Repair . .••.'.' Our foreman Robert "Trigger" Walton has had years or experience In these lines. Modern equipment Insures satisfactory work. '•'.'/. Shop Located In Rear of Martin's Cafe 114 W. Main—I'hone 505 •'".".' would not have to lie paid V'«i™tai>e, who is charged with since the transaction Involved Interstate commerce and the sales .ax Is limited on such fields under authority of nn Arkansas Supreme Court decision. violation of the Selective Service Acl. Judge Leinlcy told Ynmakncll that just because their two conn tries are at war Is no reason to McLcod says that If this opln- Ihlnk he would not receive a fair ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as complete as during pre-war limes! Put your plants in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE—call us day, ni«ht or Sunday. * Belting * Steam Packing * Ail Size Pipe * Belt Lace * Pipe Fittings * Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Cummers Hubbard Hardware Co. Strrlnf Bljtlievlll* Z5 COTTONSEED BA6S '' . and '•.>';' ... .-:'.' ".'.• SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buyl '•'... J. L. TERRELL Office 111 S. Bdy. Phone 2631 V IMPORTANT NOTICE l ?Ve have been doinj a tremendous amount of w"6rk for (his War •^r Effort , . - V N A 111 We can ship promptly jhc best. Jute U WW nn SE'ng and Sugar Tl&g Cloth we " •• have ever made—any ->yeight! . ; You have used—you have heard of—you know STAR BRAND SUGAR BAG CLOTH Weight about I}', Ibs. LOUISIANA BRAND BAGGING *. ,. Z lb. Julc Bagging . • THE STANDARD FOR YEARS Also Cotlon Tics . . . New and Used Burlap ami Cotton Bags . . . Patches . . . Compress Twine . .. Sewing Twine. -'•' Special Prices to Dealers , - WRITE, WIRE, OR PHONE DEPT. 10 MENTE & CO., Inc. ;New Orleans, La. I. T. Rhea, Pres. Houston, Texas Savannah, Ga. 4 07 FAR 70 DA M DANS \ Present Loqns Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" BLDG,*< v, w |aj, PHONE 3131 "This FREEDOM I'm Fighting For Means FREEDOM TO WORK When I Get Back - . ! ' " ' Again" "We GI's ovoi- here do a little thinking when-the Jerry's give us breathing spell . . . a little thinking about what we'll do when we get back ... if we DO yet back. \Ve witnt this FREEDOM we're fighting for to mean FREEDOM TO WORK when ami where we please without "joining fees," dues, intiinitiation or Interference. \Vhile .we're holding down the fighting front we want 'to know you folks back there are back--. ing us on the home'front." • ••- • . Mr. arid Mrs. Voter- Will You Accept the Challenge of Arkansas' Valiant Fighting Men and Women? Here's an obligation we all owe our sons and daughters in service . . . the guarantee of ail EQUAL .opportunity to work ... to earn . . . at the job of their choice, without first paying tribute to n Sidney Hillnian. Vote FOR the FREEDOM TO WORK Amendment A national fund is now being raised U DEFKAT this guarantee of freedom . . . to DENY your returning service .son or daughter the right to work at the iob of their choice . . . lo THWART the will of the voters in Arkansas! You CAN do something about it— Mark Your Ballot Like This November 7th FOR Amendment 35 (Freedom To Work) If you believe our boys and girls iti service are entitled lo work wherever they want to when they return ... if you want to open up thousands of new jobs for them ... if you believe in an EQUAL opportunity for everyone who honestly wants lo work ... to earn ... to own, then join us in this FREEDOM TO WORK appeal— Write CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT COMMITTEE '''• , Hall Building ...^rMl fc^ , Little Rock Freedom To Work Amendment No. 35 "Section 1. No person -shall be denied employment because of membership in or affiliation with or resignation from a labor union, or because of refusal to join or affiliate with a labor union; nor shall any corporation or individual or association of any kind enter into any contract, written or oral, to exclude from employment members of a labor union or persons who refuse to join a labor union, or because of resignation from a labor union; nor shall any person against his will be compelled to .pay dues to any labor organization as a prerequisite to or condition of employment. "Section 2. The General Assembly shall have power (o enforce this article by appropriate legislation." Right out off iiie pages of ESQUIRE That's where this Hart SchafTner & Marx ad came's running in Esquire this month. And it's bound to create <i WAVE (pun intended) of popularity for the covert cloth top- coat the gentleman is wearing. Are you familiar with covert cloth? It's a topcoat natural ....not loo heavy... not too light... always just right... with the ahij.ity to stay smart under a lot of " >?>.- Simon Lcgrce abuse and hard wear. Come in and slip one on! MEAD'S 121 MAIN STRICT

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