The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1930
Page 4
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TUESDAY, JULY 8, 1930 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS ••• • v r-? : -• ^^'^^^mmim • '. ' ' • ' ' ""'< -.'.'••-'*'-..••.'."-i:-:^'.^^^ CLASSIFIED ADS •iTr'o cents a word for llrut iu- Mitlon and ooe cent a word (or each mbcequtnt' Insertion. NO t<iv«rtl*emeatUk«n !or less Ui&p We. Count Uu> word* and send UM PlUHM 30«J CORAUC STANTOtS and MtATU UOSKtN . COPYRIGHT .IQSO ../>Y . CHELSEA 'HOUSE. FOR SALE TOR SALE—Bauy Cliieks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Murilya Hatchery. . lUtek-tf Special Bargains In Used Cars Late 1928 Model A Coupe New 1'aiiil, Guod lluulwr, Motor A-l—Just the Car-for Business or Traveling Man. Only S2M Late 19M Whippet Coacli, I.i-jiks line, only driven 12,000 mites—Will give complete batisfaction. Only S285 1929 Model A Kua'dslcr, Rumble Scat, Side Shields, Muter in Perfect Shape. A Very uifty job. Only ?375 Oiw 28 Star Sedan, (loot! IlulilKir. Locks and Huns Good. Very Chean to operate. Priced "right. Only .... ?115 Just received Late I!K8 Chrysler Coach. l-ooks unit i runs like new. Priced for Immediate Delivery ?315 Above Cars carry our 30-Day 1 Geaiantce. Weekly, Monthly c Fall Terms. Call ill. TODAY. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers i,N uiviui 'I DO A v lillt.Yr. IIIIKI'. imillcl, »n*i'» AI,V\ *iTi-:y.\i:.' i>:ii[in-r. ilh.i I, ill.,, liitril !>, tllllMMY llllll I.CI. Juilllli'. rmilUMiulf. ChUBim; Had Imi-ll Sll'J.JIf ftrtt-u ffirn iigu ami I':<U ln*t fcrr tiirm- ur» uUcti Iir urlkl IIUHM fc» mi lil* nlurn IIP fi-i-l. iilillKKIril lu nsk I'ljltuiiii) tn iiKiro hliu, nllljiiii-ih l< I. J.L-.liili li.- loin. Illrli mil I K liII)[-:<)\ \uinci. 'in *l;ir Judllti Ir II MIUhltMl rtLUM. tltlll »['*• "IlKNfi. duni-lnj: iinilrr Ilir (jrt-iil (il'.MI- VUMl'S, "!"i 1rll« Kcr >'•• "111 Jivnil Itpr tn I'url.* In iiintliiui- I-IT (•ttiillcK. Itrtiri 1 iil:ii)K tn un 'n IMrl- :iUu Mnv mi n\ r. ITIi mi: snun citAi'TKit x:;iv I ['ri"L3 do sumelllllifi lllL'P, M:iti." H:I!I| Cluiutiiii 1 . when SH'Vno ealli'il fur lier. «!ii>rlly licforu rxna oV'liu'k lli:n cvcnlci^;. Slit h.iil ie!e|ihi)uei! in lihii. while, dial Jmly hail ni'i'cvicJ nu Inviiatiikii ID <)im< u^Mi IlK'in. lieii llioy rci'i'-Ml i illil not luiii'l IIM i : mil. In kill Mi' i si I re. Slcym- i.r ; . IV. n.i If \viili i - • - - • • lii.f II Illllu :<•:!: III? h'.n • fll-IV IK I 1 ' It v.a:: tcaMiiji cull::!:::- v.-i'i'o 1 -• vvcie ::; I "1'vo iinatiKCtl I" KO ludi In !»>'!:nnl->C'lliiw u-.Sti'.'-l ll:::^-." hu :niy\ 1 .'i 1 l 1 ril "\Vi?'lJ ijli:!i ) ^ Je ' ri , ss . j,'^.^ ,; FOR SALE OR TRADE—Town lol for car. Junk Dealers opposite Frisco Station. • l-'resh .Milch cows for sale. Jerseys. Terms if desired. Live, Stock 11- nance Corporation, Blylhovillc, Fiione 2U1 or 827. ' 7c-tf FOR RENT FOB RENT—Furnished rooms lor 'li-jlit housekeeping, 700' West Walnut-. Call 078. ' • 23ck-tf FOB RENT—Five room bungalow on Daugan avenue,-with 'hot anif cold water attachments. Partly newly • decorated. Vacant July 1. Ike Miller. Telephone' 830. 26c-lf. FOR KENT—Six Hoom house, furnished. Apply to 'A. A. McCuis- tiou. -' • . i] - . SOck-lf -Fon..RENT—Mudern .Stucco residence, e rooms and bath, newly painted.-. .Dr. - J. • A. ..Saliba. FOii RENT—Five room apartment with garage 1034 West Main. For nformation call 252-W. Mrs. J. K Sanders. 7pklO Duinuiil. ami I've nakoil llymm Id 1ool< lu-tii-'ii my old achoul chinn. You'll lll:c him. .He's )nsl lack from I'ersia. ivhcro he's bullrt- tnt; ii railway. Von haven't seen n:y rnmn sliiee the iilann eanie tii " "Thai ivill- he iicrk-clly Involy. Ainu." iliO iilfl Bald. . "Jmly 'has never socn ycnr silace'ai alt. I'm Euro It's (lie nicest In New Viirlt:" "A;ul \vlicie "sliall "tvo tliuo'.' You'rq jookhlg 'asvfully fiiuail. Clai-lEsa'. 11 ''What ^alumf that little . : rcs taiirsm- yen (uok me to Inucii'.ut the.other ilay'i" sho HiiBKestctt. "Tlre.-Kui'liempnt? Yes., il's. tilie hud qiiiei.'nnd ijnod 'fuoii: We'll-go lllc "e-" still Ihcre. -•. They Cilllcil. (or Jinly,' wlip np- pcareil nil' lu. yellow., vr.illi .ii drll- . liant. oraiis'e .Eash nnrt pioi'klnts. auJ Kold-lhiscl. shoes''. She .wan-In •-vllil spiills. anil Iho uieal v>"A3 K -desperatelymerry one, -. „. a . ; " •"Aftcrunrfl' they u ; ciit'-to-"-rctc]i [lastleti :il tl!C ; C,a.fe Turc. The ylils wuifctl onlside In the eab while Alan went .iu. lie-came hack .no) only _«-ith Duniont. hut "ivlili Michael Stnne and Tony . '..eigh, wniu to cry.™ vrhoiti Judy.r.i'eetcfl with afTcL'tiou. Slio alliriai'il Hliat tlie clininpa^ito hail'^onc to bcr : hcail. but Clninniiy declared lliafehe li^il u;ily drunk one K'ass. so it.was iiii '-poasllile. • : ' • . , Judy (old them that It liastten wonlil'KQ and'foicir his-llddlc 1 she wtuild rtntice for ihenv'at Uie'ytnillo. She said iiever felt so niu'clv like dancing'in lior Hie..This.'nwcV skated two. ca'hsl anil 'as, anetlier; was.called. Cli'ninniy of first pue.and said tp'Sleyne:.'' !,, "Yon £o on will! Judy and'Toiiy; -.MicliaiSl ami I will drire \vitli' lias- .tien to get his violin, and we'll (ul- •low you." \ iver UK- li'.s-r In tin? ». "Wcnilil yuii lilii 1 I" i-. '. r.'S Hi" • ^urileu up on lliv n:..!':" },*• '.--MO Judy shuutt her l.nul. "N'ol uuv. 1 . 1 want ;<i litdk ii] this --lilcusif let lilt 1 ! II'K rti —lili-:-:" She I'sincd r.iouml hur. Ktuyiii!! ivenl lu u lulilu t.laiiilliiK aiahisl : the v,:ill. i:fnr iLe [ilnno. Lifting napkins, lie Inserted feumhvlelies am] enlies llmt ivcrc hlil oul, Jmly did uoi t=|ie:il:. Her eyes icok in cvcryllilnt; lu LEio iil^ ruimr She (Iiil not need lo luok al Hie llgure liehliid her. Once hcforc Blie had slooil nt'llic gale i)f tile world's ;;uilcu \villi-'Alan. ' No* slie ti:ul lost. Iho key. but flic gardcu \vns Her little face solemn. This uom held everything that she wanted iri the world. H accrued lo "Alii- I'll tell il:lu;',--l oaii't ufford 1 • :.,•) mi my nerves i > iMiih nf iiullilug j i vi'i liMil old CJnur: '. wh::l lie's lionc 1 1:: 1 repeated . r ii llltlo wllil- • r H-f llllllTK'. 1 i'' 1'i.r.l culKllt c ' u:oin was *• .linEv run^lit • :ill'l slionk It i" 1 f!i".i salil .1 .1 MI u<n-lhl> 1:1 a hi'lpk':;!} hi>b li:nl.~'.l dosvii inti 'c IEU t-yes imr lUHSti'n Ei > like a Inn ueiL mi nril la> lurncd nm nl i/l lite rotim. • e !,-.rnu 'nioinent Judy' ^Liaht|.<i rarij can^ht' the Round o a ii' stopping in the streci be tnv. nni! Iaii^hint4 volccti wcr waned up through the summer al They nil came I mil bit us up th static. No ono could LH3 dull or il ;jrcrircd for c moment when Ton and Michael • Stone - wei Unstien hnd tiU vloitn case Al •(he dftor they hnd met Fran llyltoR. Alan's school chum," a tli giant -wltli -a -.keen ..taco, .whose liogjsny tati made Ills eyes, eyebrow and- : liair - litok' almost wlihov • was . Introduced ' lo Judy, Iiroriip'tly riltached him to licrsc In her lierfectly opeu and u : t'.:i> v..'i 'i .'lir.ui {i A i icig ou It for the lii'st also taking an eternal lier that, ^a lime, she wa farewell. . Slcyiic looked round, tnok a iow steps, und was hy .her. side. "Judy!" "Dtni't talk lo me!" she Implored. "It's so lovely hc-r'c- lliet I almost "Judy, they'll tie liero In a ui ute,"-.A!hn i fifild ureallilcssly. 1 muit talk'lb yoi^." • • . ' • "You want to lecture me again!" Her voice 'was so fet'eutly' forced thai it rans through the, rooRi .like sonic inio playing a 'fnlsc'iioleon an tosinnnenL "Yoiiro sllll w6rrict alK>ut.iioor Mr. 1'unchl". "No.'.' Hc i yal.d harshly, i "No— I've ' ' Btianijit way.: > info Sand Three years olO. Reasonable. Call 207 J or 126. ' p-k-10 WANTED WANTED—Boy with wheel to lake pancr roiue. Apply Courier News at 4 p. in. . Idhk-tf Man wilh one child wants In correspond \vitEi woman over 30 ini- dcr 50. Will exchange references. Box XX Courier News. 5pkO WANTED—Men nnd ladies lo travel and appoint reprcscnlalivcs—• S40.00 JXT \\rck-S32.00.- 1 expenses^Call Mrs. Smith,-Room'311 Noblfl Hotel. ' IpklO OUR BOARDING HOUSE |||i|lij "Judy .Is golnc to dance," an- louiiccu Chuininy, l»ainlng with irhlc. "Judy, did -.Alaa Bliow you lie 'other roouis. and his kitchen, and tils garden?" •- - . . "»\'o." Judy aasiverod, lossing her bright head, as 'Duiiiout' tuned up Ills violin. "1 wanted to slay here. This room Is Iovely. : I'll-ceo Ihe others later. You were a long time coining. Wltat 'imjijiencd?" •• ' 'Basticn hod 'fdrgotren' tils key, and wo ^lail to i-doBe his landlady." "So like llasllen!" sail] Judy eur» lessly, "\Vc tlion'glil yoii'd brokeo down." Khe , OTEYiS't; 'seemed to' hesitate fur a iejit^.then, lie.tot, Into,the e «rl»«r. t -fui'iiiikrrii.'ni«9ft- tyiitions of tbo olhcrs, drove off at onco liefore Tony Leigh liad time to cuter the. vehicle. Alan leaned out of the wiudow lo slop the man, but Leigh gesticulated to Ihe effecl that he would follow witli the others, £t> JuJy and Alan were i got lieyoiid that.' . t.'vc, got v to tcl you. Judy — 1 cant Uti -;il...r caul marry Clarissa.... It's' uo, gooil!'-''. "You'vo got. to! "-She waa Just n littto 'bmicli of fierce, resentful anger. "Chnmmy's fo lin[ii>yl" "I can't help (I. Doesn't It mat ter lo-yoirlhiU I'm In bell?" "Not n bit! It's all those years. sa\v hur— I lived witli her. ; She ia.d no life, al nil. got to make up for ii." Oi)'turned so t "I'm always that he (accil her. a hoping against hope that you'll see reason, and^ let me.tell her the truth." "Never — never — never!" She ; sUEinmlne' about' the room,; while the otiiera leisurely disposed, themselves to wntch ber dance. .':..' ..".' . r . ';,.. There, was ».. wide,, low.' dlvan against the wall, at a riglit au'glo witlrtlie piano. Clinnnriy sat on between Tony Leigh and llylton .Michael'Slone'sal'on Iho floor.-01 some cushions, at'lhe other end o the room'.- Alan picked np'tlio rn£: und tlirbw.lhcm Inlo a corner. Thei lib cauie'"and sat down bcsida'Hy] (oii. '-•-'• ' - .' • • "What's It be, Judy2 MicliaeJ'Slptie called out: The girl, still wearing her slinbb;. black'cloak, danced tip to lia'stlcu and, staniliiig on liploc, \vhlspcrc lo liini. Jle nodded, and Alan won dcred if.ft were only ho who sa the DnmontiS eyes.. UUV run lo tlio door nnil c.illcil out to ask Slcyno wlicro Mm llchcs svcro. He lojd her, and e eMInciileltcd Ivo of tlio threo ii|is. leaving the room in uailial rkness. Duniont hurst Into n gay, Unlit, irld melody,- reminiscent of Mo rt In his most llnllnn slylo. U PS clear nnil irallslicd, Ilko n ring of KCins. Duuiont was qilllo viollnlsi, niid but for HID tact in oiu' must ho n vcrllnhlo manlcr n:rn:i.(t |inli]ir]y, Un inl^lu linvo ecu liearil of by tho world. The ml]^lo went ou for two or M'ce Inlnuicc. Jmly seemed to avt dh-aiipciued; ilicn, Hiiddenly, |[> U';i|ii'd lulu Uu mlildlo of Iho. in. like u Uicll)' glllk'Tlui; on in?, fullauo nt ilio coining of nlglil. • JA^iiii slim iihj eycii; every now mid jot) dnring tlio dance. Tlicro \viui- o doubt wliul II was—an llallair. mi uraiiRC grove under a hot . mull, nnd Unl Illllo vivid UK lire.; io\v n llrclly. now a half-human nil.' ,iul again n ioyona innldcn picking r lit Kohlcn fruit, reaching up. up,) i|) lo tlic- highest luniglis. Il was ill there—all lu those! nimble fcul. n those lliln arms, In Iliat brlr.tit iVad. • . ; ) lie stared oul of tho,open win-! dowa. Tho nEghl wa'a" deeiienlni!.'- iii:il II spread a ciinnln nt deep :ilue. llo Inokcil back n;ttln. und : thcro ivas nil UIQ cliarni and won- tier of i ho Eoiitli. it was a very short danco. 'I'lie EOhlcn (ccl'lifgan-lo inoya morg slowly; tlio' dai'Eng leaps-were-;no more; tlio ' orange nuil yellow' ,nf Jnily'a dress: cu'nacd io;*hc u|i', Iji-' ca'rnate llamc.. iJi'nguoj-puKly.-gent- ly, swavlni; like a tired'llii.vvcr. she moved tnwanl'tlii! door to a inaKlcal' alti tiino from" Dastlen's violin. Ainu con lil bear no'marc. Cliiinr [iiillei! tils alcove and wlilspeied tplurous pvaiso. The moment Judy switched u the lights, ran across the room, ml lauded with n lllhc'gomo'tinumi Tony's knees.'..'TlicrG"wnii a nrst of lauglilciv-rcilcl aflcr tlio' train, livcryhody cried ou) soino- hlng at onco.. . ..... "Wonderful! Judy, you.'ye. sot iein all i beaten—every oi|9 ot. licm!" •' • .,, . "Jufly. we'll he proiul'• ot • you HeRt,M6Priew ~ VoU-iHl,S CUP I \4oM UAS-T AT A WAS CAESAR.' ^ MArsl'r/Z • AROUMP Uke ) il / ME, BUT r BEAT udcus our \t\ -THE [I BO-T i pip ]> •Trie- A6AI^5-f IfeAFFID WHEE CHAIR' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ....... ;•-..'. HOOTS HAS HER DOUKTS vlioii you appear in pul.i)le!' J luily ihirjlng. 1'vo' never had such a treat in my life?''—this fiom luimniy. ' '. : ' :- ;' . Btcyne didn't liiibw what to"uay. lie IL&lcncil tis h'ls frlpniM-lylion expressed hiinaclt n'lHllo awliwardly, bill wilh unbounded admiration. Tlicn. to test' his own voice! lit 1 J called out: . "Dnniont, 1 hail no Idea you could : play. Ilko tlint! 1 .' ?.....' "jN'clthcr liad any of us," put In' Chummy. "It's Ju<iy who' mnkeii film do il!" ... .,-.'.. ..;'.''.' Dumout struck up . a n^dern' U-nltz, nnd lliey all started diimilni;..' j—Hyllon wilh Cliummy, Tony Leiuh and -Michael Stone logetlicr. Alan found lilniself beside Juilj'i by pue o( the windows. .'. . ' ' . . (To ISe Continued) ' " \VANTED—White woman to 'hejp 'i \i'ith .hciiseycrli. • Ca!l;"at< Droiid-; way Barber "Shop. ' '-'•-' - Spkll' WANTED—To rent -.4 or 5 house house with bath, garage and chicken yard, from owner, near one of the public schools. Would | consider something out. Adilrcss House care Ccuri.?r. Sxxll. SALESMAN WANTED—Can earn ?25.CO to S35.00 v.'jekly on. commission basis. Apply Aubrey Hood, Rcul.2 I, Box OD. Bpkll PEH30NAL LIST ye -7 I'jntal property with me. Ha\c a number of gccil tenants waiting. 'Hill Vanwinkle., 213 N. it SI. 'l>kll NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3ii r dental offices will be closed ;ach Thureday nflcrnoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis- NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. Sec rjr call JOHN UUCIIANAfV 108 N. It- H. Office 107 I'lionc Res- 717 NOTICE I will be away from Blytheville a fev/ days on my vacation, and nil those desiring Pellagra medicine can find same at Blackic's Cafe, No- 42S Ash Street. U. C. Campbell. 7pklO V. R. WASIIAnI—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick tip and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lets. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See WARNING "ttob tolc! me I was the eighth wonder of the world." "What dkl you f.\y'. J " 'Told him not lo lei me catch him with any of the oilier bcvcn." New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July I) tUP)-- : Cotton clc=td steady. Open High ixiw Close . Mar 1315 1322 1301 1322 May HUG 133!) 1H10 1339 July-".'.. 1255 1'275 1211 ll!15b Oct 1272 '1284 1255 1230 Dec 138G 1203 1317 12DG • Jan 1292 1301 1201) 13011) Spots closed ipiict, 10 off, at 12-10. I..VWXER ANI> ^VIF^: SAME DAYJ OREENPIEI.D, Iml. (TJP)—The'; first woman to be admitted to thej bar. in Hancock county was Missf Myrtle Lcc Uttcrback who was 1 made a member on the bame day' £hc was married to Kaymond An-, drews, Indianapolis. i FISH HAS BIG TOOTH ' KVANSVILLB, Intl. <UI J ) — A petrified molar tooth laken from th& stcnincli of an 37-iwnni.l catfish ' i on display in a fish market here The (oolh weiiihs one ruid a hit' puunds and is three inches Ion and three ami c'nc-liali by Iwo in ehcs across. The fish was cauyl In Hie Oiiiu river near here. 'Hie number of women in Hc\ York prisons lias more than doi bled bincc 1920, wlici 1 . it slood i 1150. FKKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS COMI»ANY! Closing Stock Prices CLOSING STOCK. PRICES A. T. and T ............ 205 1-1 Aviation Corp ......... 47-8 Chrysler .......... .... 257-8 Cities Service .......... 271-2 Coca-Cola ............. 1715- Kox ................... 337-8 General Electric ...... CC1-1 General Motors ........ 40 5-8 fjrigsby Grunow ....... 1358 I. T. anil T ............ 43 Montgomery Ward ..... 337-8 1'ackard .............. 13 lindio ................. 34 3-4 Simmons .............. 211-2 United Gas ........... 34 5-8 U. S. Steel ........... 1561-2 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingram Bide. Blytheville, Ark New York Cotton NEW YORK. July 8 Ion closed steady. OIKII High 1311 1329 1305 1297 Mar May JuJy Oct. (<-:iil Oct. (new) 1 Dec. (oW) Dec. (old) .)an. (old) Jan (new) 1312 1313 1294 1322 1338 1308 1303 1279 1322 1206 1321 1315 •Spot* closed quiet, 15 off, f;t 1315. 7MATS MICE OF W. DQll'T YOU COMC CXI ER 1t> THE MOOSG FOQ. DIMNfiR ; NIGHT ? ro TO TALK To > You ABOUT so.v-e- THIM6 = AMV VOO SEE 'i HOPE yoos£.r TPSKXJ6U O-K TWS TUAT FA.R8MJ ESCAPED A BOOT FAP-BAR-A SUCK \J10OLD . NIGHT BE'?: WJWST To BftO EGS AC£ Voo 6OMG "16 LW oMEti H6BE BEFORE ~*O PUL\OOT A6AIN? AMD DOfrT COK& DCWl IM ANV RN£R l\V£ MJE DID THAT T\>& GOT 1M ABIZONA ! ! "10 60 S 7,^ £ TALWM' r,>lVL\\ •" ••"=' " ,£ Jr J?)( R3CTWS OF OOCSI.' /\ '• I S.V4EH ','. J RS!VLOSH, tu nsmtH ~<oo PJ^V // N\X. TV.-O VtE-KS. If OTHER WTH •VHE-*t<it GO-5W.1 (XUVtOST FORG01\\ ,T BUCKS \MSTtvLnEHT OVJ PKV-DlV/! BOV, 1HV-S, EVG XCLLOW- EACK v"s GOING TO GtT TWGVtt. T\NO XOU .SURE'•Jll.U HEED DOT -EVOHT-.T5UCK5I ' \ HAP HUTTIN65—'

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