The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1949 BLYTHEV1LLE 'ARK.) COURIER. NEWS Drug Store Heir Held in Forgery Missourian Accused Of Altering Check Payable to Father SAN ANTONIO, Tex.. March 21— Mm-vin S. Knt/, 32. son ol a ansas Ctly. Mo., drug store chain I owner, was held here today on a warrant alleging alteration of n .519.1:50 U.S. Treasury check. Charles Ellis, in charge of the San AntonJo Secret Service office, Kau reportedly altered the 1 check, which was in payment to> redemption of government bonds so that it wa.s payable to himseif | rather than to his father, Michae H. Kat?,. Ellis took Kuta into custody a: he stepped from an airplane. Ellis said Kali", would be arraigned on federal charges here anc I then returned to Kansas City. The Knnsns Oily man L?cnim (he object of a scveral-hour-long | -scaicli in thi.s area, after a busine* associate who was to meet him a the airpcnt reported htm as missing The associate, a prominent Sat Antonio businessman, asked from the Sun Anlonio officers, said, because he feared kidnaping Kat/,, according to the San An tonio man, left Ihc plane in com pany with a "short man" anil xvhe leaving, told him he would appea In a downtown hotel [or a schcdul eel business conference. When Katz failed to put In hi appearance, police were told lira Kansas City man recently ha n the victim of kidnap threat: San Antonio detectives at 2 a.n found Katz in the Bexar Count Jail, where he had been booked b Ellis. At Kansas City. Michael H. Kat said he had no statement to mak because he had not discussed th matter with his son. He explaine that the son for the last year ha hot been associated with the drug store chain. The elder Katz . chairman of the board of director Messerschmitt Tries a New Field Mcssersrhmilt. lofl, around whose ftghler planes the Na/.i LultwafTe was built, is trying his ham! ai mass-produrtlon housing Here, will) Ins chid engineer, Hie 5l-j'c;u-old designer looks over a model ol Ihe prefabricated houses he plans to pul up in Munich :his summer at (he rale of 3110 a monlh. AD supporting parts of me prefabs are made tiom corrosion-proof steel. Mayors Back Strengthened Rent Controls German Officials In Russian Zone Want Use Koch MUNICH, Germany, March 24.- Wj—German authorities at Wclma in the Soviet zone have asked cus tody of Use Koch, mistress of Buch eruvald, when she completes li prison sentence In October. b\it Ba varian officials have readied no decision, it was announced yesterday. Huns Walter, executive director Pf the Bavarian State .Ministry of Justice, said the request is being studied. Apparently the Soviet zone German authorities want to put the Koch woman on trial. Gen. Lucius D. clay, the U. S. military governor, said Tuesday the American Military Government fs Investigating whether new charges can be lodged against the Koch woman for crimes against German nationals. She had been sentenced to life Imprisonment by an American war crime.', court in 19<7. but Clay, on review, later reduced the sentence to four years. The reduction caused protests in the United Slat PS. Among the charges against Use Koch was one that she had lampshades made of the skin of Buchenwald concentrator camp inmates, clay said, however, the trial proceedings produced no 'vidence she helped to kill Germans. WASHINGTON. March 24. W)_ The United Stales Conference of Mayors yesterday threw its weight behind the administration's drive for /strengthened rent controls, minus the "home rule" clause approved in Congress. The resolution uas one of n adopted in the final session of the mayors' (lirce-dav annual meeting here. Mayor w. Cooper Green of Birmingham was chosen the new president of the big-city mayors and Mayor David Lawrence of Pittsburgh vice president. The resolutions embraced a fair- sized part of President Truman's 1949 legislative program. Homing aids and slum clearance, federal grants for education and school buildine. a public works planning program and social security for municipal employees \vere all endorsed by unanimous vote. The rent resolution called on Congress to "extend, slrengthcit and improve existing rent control legislation until the present housing shortage Is alleviated." The mayors advised Congress that "state and municipal governments ate ill equipped to administer rent j controls in a form which ivould give adequate protection to the people of our cities." This was a blow at provisions in the House and Senate bills under which cities or counties could remove ceiling.T. PAGE ELEVfcX M'Math May Cut Outlay $400,000 Vetoes May Lower Total Appropriations By Legislature L.1TTLK UOCK. Mnrch 'U i.l'i— Governor Mc'Matlt snld yt\stpni hill he would veto only uhout 400.000 of the npproprintton bills msscd by Ihe 1949 IcBlslnturc. Those will be appropriations tml if he ueucrft! revenue fund, In which he liuv requires ft bnlfUire of $1.000.- ! )00 to be maintained, lie told bis lews conference. The remainder of Die nun? than 245.COO.OOO »f uppropi'LittiuiiK tniL of state funds will be rt'nulMed oinnlkully by Ihe revenue slnbll- on ncl nurt flow of state Income Indicated—if Ihe money doesn't come In, IL won't be spent. In n report to the governor. Comptroller Lee Roy Deuslcy showed .otnl npproprinlfons by the UU9 cglslnturc of both stnto and frdernl funds to be 53:15,570.147 for the next Iwo years, and estimated totul stiUc Income Tor the period nt $1>01,));>.:HG. In the re])ovt. however. Hrusley pointed out that appropriation bills are only auUiorlv.nlions to spend money If it is nvaUuble, »mt MV!C! the Icplslature usually nutkes ap- propriatLons larger thnn antlciputed Lamb Pot Pie And Beet Stew Good to Budget Want to xd'clch your meat? Hero's an answer: Hrnlsi',1 llamlimjjcr Strir (SrrvM 3) One-half pound ground boot. 13 cii|) breiid enmite, 2 tnbtcspooriK intlk or nilsiip, ••>, teaspoon .salt, 'i teaspoon black pepper. '» teaspoon lioultry spii-soiilng, '1 U-nspoon mustard. '•'< teaspoon each onion anil wlery salt, 2 inedlmn poliUocs, cut n quarters, 4 medium carrots, sliced or whole, 3 slices Bciimi<lu-ty|x> onion, 1 cup bouillon. Mtx'meiU. bread crumbs, milk or catMin uml seasonings. Slmpe Into J patties, uroivn piitlfcs on both sides, place slice onion on lop of each ptUly. Arrance carrots uiul potatoes around pulttes. Cover with bouillon. Cover and simmer -15 to 50 minutes or until vegetables am (tone, I'lrec meat and veRelnbles on plotter. Thicken gravy with flour and pom- over meat. Savory l.aiul, Steiv Two tablespoons fat, 'i pounds lamb stew meat, 1 medium onion, sllmi, 4 medium potatoes, boiling wali'i' lo cover, 1 teusiHxm t,M, >i leuspuon black pepper, 1 teaspoon nuvrjoram, V, teaspoon celery suit, 1 buy leaf, 6 carrots, 1 cup peas, nruwn lamb and onion in fat. Add water and si'iisonings. Cover and simmer l',4 hours. Add iiunrlcrcd potatoes und halved canols. simmer 30 minutes. Add peas and slin- mer 10 minutes longer. Onvvy limy be thickened with flour If desired. l-umb Po< I'lc Place slew In greased baking dish, Top with baking powder biscuit suspicion the Russians were up to a sqneo/.e move aimed at cntllitK the lines, called the chargc'lllee and a violation of an Agreement. Convicted Slayer Asks Stnfenc* Set Aside Uri'LB ROOK, March 24. (/P)_ Tliomas Kdwln Hlnck, 28, yesterday nsked (ho Arkansas Supreme Court to set aside his l>«laakl circuit Court conviction for the rape-slaying of Melty JHHO nicCnll, fxjit Uools Veterans Hospital nurse. Black was sentenced to die In the electric elmir Tuesday and'the'u. peal automatically 5leys the «u- cutlon, , ! . Black, Little Bock mechanic, wa< charged with raping and fatally beating Miss McCall, 25, formerly of Texarkana, on their Hrat date last Sept. 23. dough 'seasoned with >', teaspoon curry powder lo 2 cups flour mixture, Hake 15 to 20 minutes In moderately hot oven (315 degrees p.) 'Can I Save up to 60%* /* thtCtst tftfie lee I Vst?* "Sure ...iff what / </#. Install „ y«rk Automatic Ice Maker »r a Flaklce Macfiine." AMTOMATiC KI MAKEt City Electric Co. Hlylhcvillc, 1'liouc Head Courier Newi Want Ada. Gives Wefarn Itlitf FronMiseriblyWtik, Slunisli Feeliic Ves, this fact has been Ume-teeUd and proved by Doctors. 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Hcntchlei !i8, one of Aineriea's outstandln physicists, clietl early yesterday at ter a three-month illness. He was a retired director of Hi Westinghouse Lamp Division. Dr. Rcntschlor's early work \viLh uranium Is credited with supplying the knowledge for llis compn'ny's prrxUiclion of initial batches of pure uranium. These were used for experiments which led to development, of the atomic bomb. Since his retirement July 1, ion. he has been visiting professor at Princeton University. Dr. Rent.sch- ler had more than 100 inventions patented, one of his outstanding inventions was the sterilainp, described by his company as the first practical 'bactcrl-kllllng lamp. Early In his career. Dr. Rcnt- scliler lauglit at the University of Missouri. Dr. Rontschlcr is survived by his uldoii'. Mrs. iMnry Bender Rcntch- ler, and a son. 'Laurence, an x-ray [ specialist, in Brookllne, Pa. revenue. Russians Bill British for Use Of Cable Lines BERLIN, Mnrch 24. ' M>> — The British -said yesterday Russians handed them a bill for $2,500,000 for wire communications between Berlin and We.slem' Germany, dating back to 1945. The United States already hns refused \n p»y R $7.000, 000 bill presented for the same thing. The British occupation authorl tic.s indicated they felt the same fus the Americans about H. r l1;c RILS- fiLiin bill to the British specifically demanded dollars In imymciiL— not l>ound.s slerling, Cable Hues arc about the otily link ' between blockaded Berlin ntul Western Germany other thnn I he airlift. U.S. authorities, Read Courier News Want Ads. LOVER LEAF LONfAT DRY MILK SOLIDS Too Many Bunip.s DENVER. (UP) — Morris Gold- Btein. owner of s" leather goods manufacturing company, asked a judge to halt car parking In hte next door lot. Goldstein said parking tot attendants bumped his wall so hard tliat it became "cracked and weakened." He also charged that the bumps knocked merchandise off his shelves. 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