The Coshocton Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio on October 27, 1937 · Page 8
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The Coshocton Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio · Page 8

Coshocton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE COSHOCTON TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 27, 1937. WEST LAFAYETTE NEWS By NELLIE McMASTER «c Le^e Items «t Tete»b«ne Office Ctu«fie« Ad * Be Telephoned to Miss McMaster at 123 Jones, Thelma Cochran. Mary I Carpenter, Helen Aronhalt, Doris Sager. Joyce Schlegel, members, Marquis Sager, Lester Courtright Charles Schlegel, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Holland, guests, and the teacher, Miss Holland. NcgTO Tried -^ Un J n Co. MRS. McGBEGOR HOSTESS , and Mrs. Roy E. Klinger, Mr. and ! Mrs. Clyde Emler and family., wnvoRFn HONORED Ke.ineth Payne mar- Junior Woman's club met Mon-;^^. i^ LO U ana Raymond,' ^·* n ° Mrs. Howard ^ ^ d ^ G C Williams, Mr. (Tnelma narbolO, ^nose »- . i " «--« -I*--,, vj. v,. -"- , .^OCTO ii-tjc ra r«w»rr pvprst McGr shoe: John Lee Cooper, Coshocton Xegro, went on trial in Tusca- county common pleas court j yeiterday before a jury of 10 men and two women. He pleaded not builty to robbing the Charles nmf FDmirirro uDVtKnMtNi o DEGENERATION ^ ^ .^^^^ Q , 4fcft ever;r g Hungarian Doctor Raises Bees for - 6 . rA_^i___u: DL *: Treatment of Arthritis, Rheumatism WASHINGTON -- The cultivation of bees for honey is a serious business, but cultivation for their stings is much more scientific regardless o? how strange it seems j At the beekeepers' conference j h- re today there was only one ex- ] hibit of a bee ''scientist." That j of person- ' was the one of Dr. Bodog F. Beck,; Puts Value of State's Property Shown By Examination TM r m a P^ntc Methods Used by Auditor on i^ong rants , T criticized b y honored ones; Miss Myrtle M:^s Mildred Hackenbrsjt-ht, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ruih, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lillibridge and daughter. Charlotte, Wadsworth, 01 tm RedCr con- C~o c s in the county and the ac- ' Canton, Mr. ana Xrs. xsae varTtsges of having 2 Red Cross isleta, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robin- ^ ^ nurse. An outline of the activities son and son, Dean, Berea Mr ana ^"^r^"^ , Ir , Pavne ^ and calls made in West Lafayette Mrs. Ralph Parks and daugr.ter, -O-O.-s-g- -~. a-a -. and vicinity by Miss Helen Bryan, i Muriel, Mrs. Chailes Parks and countv Red Cross nurse, was given ' son. Charles Jr., Coshocton. by Mrs. Barnes. She urged the MUSIC and a social time were members to make a liberal con- · ,- ne diversion^ 01 the afternoon tribution this year. During the busi report of the central ference held at Zanes*. en. Plans were compl the charity drawing to be held at number of beautiful gifts, -.he Lafayette theater Thursday j evening. Xov. 4, thru the courtesy j of the manager Thomas j The annual community Hal-ow- and a local druggist, C. F. Rob- : een celebration will be held erts. Plans for the benefit dance jxhursdav evening, sponsored bv to be held at the Stage Coach tav- !zhe p T " ^ em Xov. 26 ivere discussed and! day. 71. COMMUNITY CELEBRATION ton, Mrs. Myrtle Randies, OrviUe Kingan. Kenneth Kingan, John Cutiha-L ON* SICK LIST safeguards. The Hungarian physician and surgeon, j ;nc;al and eco- who raises bees for the sole pur- \ confession -moil- nomic policies v.-hich affect the \ pose of having them sting his ar- j Cooper. The latter is rep- · standards of living of the people, j thritis and rheumatism patients \ ed by Charles T. Barkett,! The fourth are the humane issues | Known for hundreds of years! ··-a'to«-nev '! of security and of aid for the less ' 33 an effective treatment for! 'fortunate. The fifth are our rela-! aches j^d pa jns -- both Charle- j · tions to other nations." j magne and Alexander the Great , cured of gout by j was only recently ] VISIT JO1I.N HELLER i V^saaas wiiic:i j.-n::uueu. , , hat .j, c reason for the sting's ef- j | "Can your government broad-| fec . iveness was discovered. \ Mrs. Alfred Heller Jr., | cast half truths and expect the i A_£ ; er a series of experiments | re in Columbus · citizen to tel! the whole truth? | D _" Be ^... pro ^ to his own satis- they visited the ', "Do you think you can pollute | fac " :io n that arthritis was caused j or insufficient j blood stream. j Mr. Smith is 72 and his wife M US _ former's cousin, John Heller, New- thot with government propaganda ! . QV « ct , oox iQ a «ion" rv-l-e tomeritown, v.-ho is confined to and maintain honest thinking in' O xvgon in the blo tne Grant hospital for treatment. COUNCIL .MEETS . the citizen? The street and alley committee , . . . t He also discovered that the ven- I "Does not the wholesale a P -i Q m f _ om a bee sting( v , hen ta _ } pointment of government officials by politics and not Mrs. Isaac Miller, Russell av., is . -"as authorized by the vi Chuck Yingling's orchestra Newcomerstowr : was hired All those taking · street parade at ' confined to her home part in the j fluenza. wi:h decadence in morality of e recent in. council Monaay evening to gravel . re , urn {o the SDOils stem? i OT 5r , . East Russell av. Bills aggregating , ..- h .overnmeni renudiate'. BeC ^? o'clock are to j Mrs. Frank Pollock, West La- 520 , meet at Gress service station, I fayette Route !, is ill with i.iH-j- ; g jEast Main st., at 6:30. Parade will ' enza and quinsy. ; ~_ i proceed west on Main St., then · Mrs. J. A. Walters is recovering | Mrs. Karold Michael, Wood av., · -.vere ordered paid. TO ENTERTAIN CLUB Can the government repudiate; the covenant of its bonds and ex- feet citizens to hold to their obli- , results have been so successful that three New York hospitals have adopted the meth- child v-eifare wo-k Cn - ia ^ eJa °- °« Oak st tc . t h e ; high | ^ from minor injuries received Sat- ; Wlil be hostess to her auction ' crush competition and hold ; school building. G. K. Nickels, urday when she fell at the home bridge club Friday evening. i business man to fair play? - government ruthlesslv; he| on i . _. . -George Nicholson, Jr., and James i of her son-in-law and daughter,! -. Italy ana Greece were me coun- ' Ber , ean are ^ ch of ^ j Mr and Mrs D c Lcjghninger. ' I tries stuciea and three papers rade wRich ^ fae , ed by ^ [ high school band. Various forms of entertainment being planned at the high PERSONALS . i -Can the t-easurv delifaeratelv I | manipulate the market in govern- I were read. "Customs and People of Northern Italy," Mrs. Cleon Shaw; "Islands the Greek Gods Love," prepared by Mrs. Forrest Edwards, are undeds o f n U o f r o m many as 75 bees are jatient. Beck said. j siseuiwi ii to grasp the bee I tween his fingers and prej against the diseased joint, bee's resistance to this treatment causes him to sting. There was a cheerful note for however. Arthrilics are ^eacfbv "Miss" Lott'e" Tavlor : '· £cho01 building, including bingo pneumonia, is improving. read oy Miss Lottie Taior, _ _ j _ ( *· » *» j Roland Hufr Stev .- art av - 1£ on \ Russeil av. Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Newman,, ^ v/ages " o f wor kinen" under the ··Famous Galleries, Buildings and Ruins," Nellie McMaster. Mrs- Walter C. Blind, former sponsor of the club, delightfully entertained ·with two vocal numbers, *"The Isle of Beautiful Dreams" and "Forgotten,"' with piano accompaniment by Mrs. Howard McGregor. Refreshments in keeping with Halloween were served by the hostess to Mrs. Wayne Daugherty, Ivlrs. Carl Hawk, Mrs. Elmer Kobe!, Mrs. Harold Michael, Mrs. John Phillips, Jr.. Mrs. Charles Roof, Airs. Harold Roof, Mrs. Cleon Shaw, Mrs. Samuel G. Vercoe, Sirs. Hubert Shurtz, Miss Lottie Taylor, Mrs. James P. Wilhelm, Nellie McMaster, members, Mrs. W. C. Blind, a guest. CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY and cake walks. A door prize will be given, as | well as $1 each for the most com- j ic couple, best impersonator, most ] comic boy and most comic girl. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Dean, West Main St., entertained with a dinner Sunday, celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. The home was beautifully decorated with silver king and chrysanthemums. A covered dish dinner was enjoyed by the following: Mr. and Mrs. Dean, the honored ones; Rev. NOTICE! 1--Restore your »chools and management of same to the people. 2--Down -with the one man county board. 3--Vote for economy and restoration of territory. 4--Vote for John Collins, Coleman Staats and Lucian Shaw. i the sick list. i 1 CLUB ENJOYS f\f 01 cr^v niorir scay mgnt Members of the ways means committee, who are in charge of arrangements, are Mr. and Mrs. Russell Berlean, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Botimer, Jr.. Supt. and Mrs. J. A. McTavish, Mr. and Mrs. William Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hall. CTITSHAIXS ENTERTAIN , I auction bridge club and their hus- Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus Cutshall entertained with a surprise shower at their home in West Lafayette, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Payne (Thelma Harbolt). A covered dish supper was served to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Payne, the honored ones; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cabot, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rush, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Turner, Mrs. Sallie Howell, Mrs. Sylvia Cramer, Mrs. Clarence Smalley. Mrs. Florence Ames. Mrs. Annabel Cunningham. Mrs. Mary Cutshall, Mrs. Myrtle Sauerbrey, Miss Lula Hamilton, Miss Lilly Young, Miss Joan Cutshall. Miss Annabel McNight, B. Chaney. Mr. and Mrs. Cutshall. Sylvanus bands enjoyed a covered dish supper Saturday evening at the home uves and *riends at Dover. of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heller i Mrs - L^ 3 Em!e - Mrs - that they are kept in a , Mrs. Clista Owens has returned j fund for their security and then i home after spending two weeks in j spend this fund on its current ex| Canton, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. j peases and extravagances? | "Is it moral to evade the corrupt practices act by selling books to corporations for political funds? "What of governors who obstruct the courts and refuse to maintain public order? "Or of workmen beaten and practically immune to the painful part of the sting, Beck said. | Russell j Wilbur Forney and Miss Rena Ernler visited Sunday with rela- Jr East Main st Present we.-e .Mr. and Cleon Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ! famil y Russell av. Eotimer Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Hermas \ ilr - and Mrs - Oscar Dorter, West S ence Gress and children, Elmer, -^j rs i Dale and Floyd, spent Sunday with j ,TMi,i I Mr. and Mrs. Raloh Long and Late Markets Vinsel, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roof, Mr. and Mrs. Heller. MRS. LONG HONORED In honor of the birthday of Mrs. Carl Long, relatives and friends entertained with a covered dish Main St., had as their Sunday din- i CO*"H~ killed by police squads on one j May hand and beef squads on the j July other? j ^;"Is it moral for high govern- j'' Chicago Grain Open HIgli Wheat:: llav 93-i 98H July 93 93-i 'Dec 93% 99 ? 95 9O 95 1 ; Cioae 95% 90?j 95% racy Examiners ner guests Mr. and Mrs. John j ment officials to stir hate of group j 3 Porter and sons, Bobby and Harry, j against group, of workman against Mr. and Mrs. Walter Poland and j workman? 60 30^ 29 '-s 60% 60'~i Gerald Poland, Coshocton. j "Do you think you can main- Mr, and Mrs. Robert Marx, j tain confidence in our institutions Augusta, Maine, are visiting the; arid continually pollute the ballot Dec. .. Hye; May .. July .. Dec. 74£ enierutineu *,m a covered aisn former - s grandmother, Mrs. John, box?" dinner Friday evening at her i Marx and other re j atives and j The home. friends. Present were airs. Long, guest | Mr _ ^g ^ f A R fl j Jsm , r ' air. and Mrs. W. R. Long. Mr. and airs. Ray Baxter, air. and airs. Edward Baxter, Cledith Baxter, Francis Long and Carl Long. BERTH NOTES _ I;- L0 .1 g J Daughter, Marjorie, and ry Rehard were Sunday dinner former president said the j conflict was between "true liberai- "the creeping collectiv- 1 ism of the New Deal."' Collectivism he defined as "any Rankin. Ne\v Philadelphia. airs. Frank Roney and daughter. Marjorie. spent Sunday evening | with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Johns, The daughter bom recently to j Dover. Mr. and airs. Charles Reed. West j Mr. and airs. J. E. Sandel, Main st., has been named Sue El- j Shadybend. and W. C. Wiggins l en - j were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. guests of Mr. and airs. Eugene i system where the tendency is to A son was bom Monday night to j and Mrs. Harry Holland, Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter i Main st. IVHSS HOLLAND HOSTESS Rainbow class of the Baptist Sunday school was entertained with a masquerade Halloween party Monday evening at the Tne stillborn son. born early home of the teacher. Miss Fern Tuesday morning to Mr. and Mrs West (Genola Huston). INFANT BURIED make the people the sen-ants of the government."' and '"true liberalism"' as 'liberty organized under "The term liberal," he said, "has become the fashionable clothing of all coilectivists. whether they fae New Dealers with creeping collectivism or frank and open Socialists or the unconscious Fascists. Its fold can apparently even J be entered thru the Ku KIux 69 73 69 74% 39 59H 57 Vi 57'^ 29 i 28?i 29f s 69"s 58 58 30 28*4 70% 67' 7 i 73% New York Stock YORK-- The stock market eased today after early firmness. Trading Tras ligbt. Carysler which aad raea to 70 from 67-4. later sold at 68% off ^. TJ. S. St«el reached 59 l i up l l i and then^ fir^ted back ro its previous close. American Teleahoae lost about half of a I** DoinT advance, Electric dipped to 987! off ?4 from i^ top of 100 *i_ Coppers -were down fractions to more than a point. Mercantile issues, utilities and rails -were Holland, West Mam st. Games and contests were enjoyed and refreshments were served to Jean Courtright. Iris Hartsock. Betty Callentme, Pearl j Lloyd Williams. Fresno Route 1 Mr. and Mrs. George Shurtz and children. Melody and Earl, spent the week-end in Canton with Mrs. Shurtz's sister. Miss Vesta Bean. | ilr - Hoover said he hoped the Miss Berta Conley visited over i da ' would come when no one j the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.! v -' oulti be "uuderclad or undenea ., el!o ._ 58 . 50 First long pants are first long pasts, whether the wearer be a high-salaried movie star like Freddie Bartholomew, above, or the youngster next door. Smil- iBg cockily and throwing out his chest, Freddie. 14," proudly shows that he is getting to be a real roan now. The boy star's salary was raised recently to 598,000 a year, in a court settlement after a long controversy among relatives. Freddie's spending money allowance was increased from five cents a dar to $1 weekly. Two False Alarms Turned In; Police Warn Halloweeners : COLUMBUS, O---The state of Ohio has land, buildings, supplies . and equipment worth $132,245,,.633.40, according to a report sub! milted today to Governor Davey ; by accountants headed by John H. ·Turner, Cleveland, who recently : completed an examination of the ] state auditor's department and its ; records. 1 The inventory of the state's prop- ierties included the following items: : buildings, §68,712,426.98; l a n d · 535,413,031.72; equipment, $21,- f 149,471.38; liquor stocks, 52,481,- j 797.89; supplies, 51,668,043.82; ma- i terials, $1,594,940.31; and museum 5 collection. $1,225.971.30. j The more than $21,000,000 of ' equipment included the following items: educational equipment, $9,506,793.99; tools and machinery. $3,147,728.27; household equipment, $2,344,874.99; oSce, $2,042.729.39; wearing apparel, $1,063,- j 488.20; agricultural equipment, ! $769,070.48; live stock, $443,452.68; | medical and surgical equipment, I $224,062.99; and miscellaneous, ! $1,407,661.73. jf j Showing a striking growth in~ : the magnitude of the state's business, the repon. disclosed that in 1921 the auditor issued 283,262 warrants totaling $47,808,266.16, and in 1936 issued 2,138.206 war- j rants totaling $262,916,384.76. i The examination, required by j law whenever the office of auditor ! changes hands, covered the 16 'years that Joseph T. Tracy. Columbus, was state auditor, from 1921 to 1936, inclusive. It criticized methods utilized in the department during that period, pointing out that many claims owed the state for years remained outstanding without efforts to collect, that no complete inventory of state properties was kept, that records fall to show the reason for compromising or cancelling many claims, and that the system of bookkeeping in general was antiquated. The report recommended installation of an adequate and modem system of accounting, making of greater efforts to collect claims owed the state, keeping of a perpetual inx-entory of state properties, and the installation of a City firemen answered three calls Tuesday afternoon and evening, the first to the """ensel store, South Lawn av., due to burning rubbish. At 8:10 p. m. firemen were called to East Chestnut st. in answer to an alarm from Box 62. It proved false. At 10:45 p. m. the firemen again -were called out to answer a box alarm on VTest aiul- berry St.. Box 21 having been pulled this time. It also was false- Fire Chief William West and Police Chief Ray Duling today joined in warning Halloween modem filing system for important records. "Lost and Found" Ads Can Hecover Articles Lost In Crowds. Toledo Grain Grain in elevators ^ransii biiiing. V.~2ieat--Xo. 2 red. 1QO : ,;-!O1^_ Com--No. 2 yellow 64 : i-65V~- Oat£--No. 2 ·nrhile 33 1 ---36:-2- Rye--No. 2. 89-90. Track prices. 24 I -ic rat«. Wr-eat--No. 2 red 95 ! ^-96Vz: No. 3 | pranksters that it is a serious of^-95^2. fense to send in a false -ire alarm. | was buried in the cemetery at i Jack New Lexington. Tuesday atter- i. Canton. ATTEND ANNIVERSARY Commodities Available Both Thursday, Friday BINGO Over HANLON'S Thursday Eve.. S O'clock. --79 Prizes-- i City relief and or underhoused-'" "But America must think also of the other nine-tenth or two- thirds, or whatever it is. which are mostly the great economic Mrs. J. W. Brand and Miss Lv- ! '-"-' 7" cr rtuu i^"* 1 "" «-"' a Smith. West Lnfavette-New- ' msy app ' y at . t " efcouat -X relief merstown road, attended the · '"^f^oiun Fiftn s. lor sun Oats--No. 2 ·hire 30-33. 60-61; No. 32-34: No. dia Smi comer golden wedding anniversary celebration of the former's brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, at East Union Sun- clients ' rni(icj ^ e class." he said. "It is the of '. great economic middle class who | have spent years learning to do' Coshocton Native Dies After Stroke commodities !.«,= --,-- .-«...» --,-.,-. Mrs - Hiram T. Whitney, a u T. . r P'"s. skillfull-.- who must cam-! native of Coshocton, died at her eitner Inursdav or ~ " - . _ . _ . _ . ' I There is considerable danger to firemen in making fast trips to; the neighborhood of a box alarm j and any person found sending in | a false alarm will be prosecuted | ·without mercy, Chief Duling j ·warned. j Friday, Kenneth Slaughter, in j I these burdens."' "Government policies 'home \\hich evenin te in Rocky River late tesf olmon j ohn " son , ' 47. it ung of a paralytic stroke. Sne evangelist . late yes terday SLAYER TO DDE LEXEN'GTOX. Ky.--Rev. Muler "inerant| geiist. late yesterday heard SHE GOT HER MAN WITH A SOCK IN THE EYE Sm/IWYBf And You'll Never Stop Laughing at How and Why TODAY THUR. Phil Spitalmy Band CARTOON--NOVELTY charge of distribution, said today, i Award Tonight 9 P. E TONIGHT ONLY WARREN HULL PATRICIA ELLIS in "Rhythm in the Clouds" 3 NOW SHOWING! i their commodities Monday from ! the stores at which ihey ordinar- | jsy get their supplies. !1 BIRTH NOTES . . . ., ,_ , der of his estranged unaerclaa. unaernousec ana Mrs. Davia V, ill-1 -^-niie C Johnson and underfed. Their redemption jams, all of Rocky River; two] must come by preserving the two- sons. Hirarn T. Whitney Jr. and · thirds, not by dragging them Charles Whitney, both of Cali-l ' down." i A daughter was bom this mom! ing to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Der| r:n§er. Bhssfield. i A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Crowthers at the home on Xcihc Route 1 this morn- be speaker when the Chestnut P. jng. R-T. A. NEWS j CHESTNUT C. M. Ross, locai attorney, will ' fornia. and two brothers. Edward B. Stevenson, 237 Locust St., Coshocton. and W. P. Stevenson. Columbus. Funeral services will be held ai 1:30 p. m. Saturday in Cleveland. STARTS SATURDAY MU WA TU A PICTURE WE KNOW YOU'LL NEVER FORGET! SCHOOLS CLOSED FRIDAY Cny serious \vi.i be Gisrnissecl Fr:cay. with all teachers attending the se^sion^ o: the Eastern O h i o Teacher^ Association at , 2ane«v:"e. Supt- A. C. Pence announced todoy The scsMons \v:Ii ' occupy the entire day and evening- T. A. meets ?t 7'30 p m. to^ior- Doctors Again DlSCUSS row at the school Subject of hiS address v/ill be "The Foundation of Education." Hospital Irnprovement HOSPITAL NOTES Members of the Coshocton' County M e d i c a l Association, meeting at the city hospital Tuesday evening, again discussed: the $25.000 bond :s*ue for sedi- -PLUS-7 GINGER ROGERS in "THE 13th GUEST" TVEIKD! BAFFLING: MYSTERIOUS! NOTICE EAGLES! Yon arc requested to attend meetinc and initiation Thursday Eveninsr. O c t . 2Slh. E5die O'Brien. Marion. Ohio, will be principal peaker of the eveninir. CLIFFORD WTEK, W. Pres. Mrs Floyd Boyce. B'.ue Hock, ~ M°rl C Rachacl 1 'A--cher. West La- rlon ar ' d SHip'overnent of the hos- tsyette. major operat-.on Mrs. Al-.ce Cox. Co.-hocton Home 5. major cperaf.on. Mrs. Ivan Ruby. Xewcoir.ers- :own. rr.a;or operation THAT CAR SURELY IS BEAUTIFUL!! YES! Why shouldn't it be? We just completed a Wash, Polish and Wax Job on it. They all compliment us on how our Wax brings out the natural beauty of their car when we Wax it. Call for prices and appointment. WILLIAMS AUTO BODY SHOP PHONE 700 228 N. F 11-TH ST. COSHOCTON". O. VOTE FOR Hollie P. MOHLER Township Trustee Tiisoara-n-as Township 4 Year Term TRAIN WRECK KILLS THREE DAXVILLE. ill -- Fire deSed efforts of rescuer? to remove bodies today from the debris of a \Vabash lir.e train wreck :n which three persor.s v.-ere kilted and 29 injured. Bodies of the er.gir.eer and fireman of a passenger train \\hich smashed into the rear end cf a stalled freight train near Cat:.r. ivcre believed stul in the wreckage. Rescuers \\cre f creed or-c. by flames \\hich consun-en s'x box cars, three mail cars, an express car and a passenger AH the dead and in;nred were «n the passenger train \\hich had fae«n speeding from St. Loins to Detroit. p:tal. which is to be voted upon j at the Xov. 2 election. ! Dr. W. F. Lyons, president o; the association, named various physicians to prepare papers for publication explaining the r.eed of the bond issrie to voters of the TEAAPLE HEiDI; -- Jean , HERSHOLT i THURS. and FRI. 2--BIG HITS--2 He "Walked Out of a Million- air Home Into a. Lifetime of Thrills: DANGEROU HOLIDAY With RA HOtHLD--JACK LaRUE Hedda Hopper--Jed Pronty AND fa War Romance--^Adventtire vnth JOHN WAYNE --STARTS SATURDAY-Shirley Temple in "Heidi" I . MANY acHertlsers on this page ·»:!". [ ' plsdly allow you :o ir.a'-ce \oxir ot.r. terms if vox: are ::iteres:eJ rr. -t;uy- '.ns ·aljtc.i thoy -5 .six -o means. MOTOR KOOL Radiator Flush Opens Clogged Cooling Systems When Other Systems Fail. OLINGER CHEVROLET CO. Cor. Third A Walnnt Sts. WAGE ASSiQNMf NTS NO MORTGAGES REQUIRED on plain note loans. Of course, secured loans on chattel mortgages are sti!! available COST REDUCED ON WANS ABOVE $100 201 PEOPLES BANK TRUST BLDG. 426 MAIN ST. PHONE 858 1887--50 YEARS OF SERVICE-- 1937 HOURS 8:30-5:00 SATURDAY, 1 P. y[. ,

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