The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 13. 1930 BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE; THREE He May Urge Change in Dry Law 72 Local High School Seniors Are Pointed Toward Graduation. The annual high schrol report to the stale department of education was made at the close of the first month of school thlu y.?ar instead of at the close of the year. The report sh' wed a total of 550 pupils in the Junior and senior high schools at that time. Indications ai the present arc that tK?re will t>3 12 candidates for graduation (rum the high school this year. Should this number graduate it will !••> the iargcit in the history of tl:,i school. /The ciass last spring numbered 08. The report, showed that the school Is meeting the highest standards in all departments. The high school offers' a total of 37 units of w«k. All .of th?se units are not given every year, several A. J. Lamb Suffers Minor Injuries in Div i s i o n Street Accident. A. J. Lamb, about 70 years old, was struck by a car and slightly injured, when lie stepped from an nuto near his home on Division street about G o'clock last nK'ht. The aged man wns carried to the ' Hlylbeville hospital In a Cobb ain- j butoncc but was Inlcr discharged ! i.iin cirrivd home. i Tn Die confusion following the 1 accident tlie BIytlicvllle fire dcvmrl- incnt was called and n city truck and lireinen .rushed to the scene. Then an ambulance was hurried to (he place of the accident. M. o. Goodwin, police chief, reported that no Investigation of the accident Iind been filed with htm and the name ol the driver 'of the machine which struck the man could not be obtained, llaw- being slve'n in alternate years. Tlie This .. lllan cn horseback" Ls George w. Wickcrsham, chairman <il c ™ r ' U is understood that the ae• A spado Is returned by de- plsys by playing the queen of clubs clrtor, flneuing the Jaclc \i\ dummy, on the uec'.nd club lead ; Then a smnll club from dummy, - • --—; ;^. •'declarer playing the, Jack, forcing . .After experimenting, for several East to win with the »ce.' East years, a British Inventor has suc- relurns n ipade which dummy wins .deeded in treating cotton In jucli a with thc acv. As Weil, Is marked ' way tliul it can be mada into scr- Kii' )h:v Opil! rer ••:! coint '1'he Innid wns played in a tiplicato coulrnct'mtttcli. The Hliidliiir : '. Ihe dealer, ojiened the luti! with one I'piutc. We:,: "• NVrili in all cases took lh» .'"•.lion to three no trump. NORTH S-G.D H--B-8.5 . EAST S-Q-8- ViEVT S-109 H-l-G-3 D-d.|CI- fl-3.2 C-0.9.4 0- C-K-J-3 ' '7-2 D-Nona SOUTH-DEALER C— A-IO- s S-R-X-J.7 7-0 ' H-K-4 0-J.7-!).* C—a-5.2 Tlie l'l:iy COLDS MAY'DEVELOP •• "• INTO PNEUMONIA 'Hi Latin 4 (alternate vears), 'French ° r " lc nation may be turned shortly. According to Washington ni- 2.-Science 3 1-2, Commercial sub- movs, f.h cominbobn may scon rocuniniend a constitutional ronvc:!- JcuU 1 4, Agriculture t 1-2, Misccl- ticn to decide on modification or repeal of tlie prohibition law. He is pictured here in a recent canter in Rock Creek Park. laneous 2 1-2. This statistical report showed an average enrollment of 23 in thc SsT thf r r];y «i?«?uteV« Mrs. Don can's Lectures teaching force consists of 13 lull- time Hachers, one halt time teach- Huffman News Mr. und Mrs. Clifford WllllotL left recently for Memphis where they will make their future home.. Mrs. Paul Ross .spent Satmday night iu Dlytheviile ns the guest o[ Mrs. L. If. Hay. She was nn- 'companied home Sunday by Mr. er and the principal and supcrin- tcndcnl wtio teacli one clasJ each. A report of the 68 graduates ilicwed that 23 are atl^iidint' college this year. The Editor's Letter Box f\ 1VT TP * /"* 1 " JK| Mrs - "av, and baby daughter. Open INew lira in Lookery- M te prat™ ? my «L me s,,,,. i , . J day dinner guest, of Mrs. Helen , Bracken. Tremendous interest is being evl- locturcs. | Hulou Holmes of Osccola was Hie | deuced 'ci the part ol lilythevillc With nil intimacy nnd informal- .guest of Miss Mildred Ray Sunday housewives in the appearance next ity of a close friend revealing her evening. v.'cck. of Mrs. Myru Douijan. famed fav rite r,?crotS'in her own kitch- ' 'Louie Walter, who Is attendhr: appear In Blytheville November IP en, Mr;. Dougnn strips the per- [Mississippi A. nnrt M. college spent Uavclcr, home cconomht andplexiths and worries of cooking ; the week-end with relatives- here, dcmestic science expert, who willfrcm this most ancient of nrt!',.«nd I Miss Jeonc Tliorne who Is nt th" to conduct the first of a scries of in a clear, graphic manner discuss- home of Mrs. Thomas Hnslell five lectures comprising the Courses entertainingly with her listeners, spent the week-end with her par- News Cooking School for the cur-thc development of balanced menus cms at Chicot Uirlgc. rent year. Every social orgnnlza-based on intimate knowledge r,f Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ennls spent ti' M, civic club, and neighborhood [Ivsclentiflc calculation of food val-' Sunday night with the laltcr's par- Boy Scouts vs. Hoboes (To the editor:) I have Just read with n grat • galllc] . ms> has - [ound U)1 ^ remark . ucs in various items; recipes of .cuts at Bnrflcld. Nnwrnhor the12th a rcrord of -i ' able woman's reputation and pres-Mhc world's most famous chefs; the . Mrs. R. L. AUkissoii was n bus» id nr iho r-iti. rviiinrii \ni li = e nn i' 1 -" 1 ° r vivacioua couvcrsa-! essential virtues of tried mid. tested incss visitor in Jackson, Tenn. meeting 01 i,ie,onj WJUULII .uu (|(m omong the " more intelligent'nationally adverliHd food prod- Monday ami Tuesday. housewives. ' | ucls; an;l aiiove all, extends a per- Messrs. T. H. Hntficld. C. J. Lit- Mnny women are planning to at-. ifliial, intimate interest in every tic, J. A. Cassiday . sr.. attended tend in grcups, either as organiza- housewife's problems by inviting court in Osceoln • Moiiday. lions or small groups of intimate their questions, either from the j Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hagan. Mes circles of frVsids. Judging by the floor or at the end of the class.-James .T. A. Cassirlny sr.. antl increasinj deluge, of iiirmirics re- when she will endeavor to w'r.-k out Gladys Aclkisson visited Mr. and ceived at the Courier News office, for each individual woman desiring Mrs. William Cassiday at Numtai every indication points to the fact to counsel with her, the little it.?.nis Eisht Monday. . that Mri; Dougan will come close transform what otherwise; Mrs. Edna Harrison of Blylhn to setting a new attendance record could be drudgery, into one of the villc spent thc week-end with" rel cities the size of Blytheville, nKst fascinating and exact of the ativrs here. I Mr. nnd Mrs. Priest and chll indication that dren of Blytheville and Miss Hick notice that on motion made by Alderman Thompson the Boy Scout headquarters be vacated by the 15 and this room turned over for the purpose of taking care of hoboes. I was rather amused nt first it\ reading this motion, which w a s further reflection I was struck with the seriousness of such proceedings. I not only want to appeal to the Board of Aldermen for furthtr se- , , , , rious consideration o, this matte, ; wl^opens^he,; ^'^, -^ ,, ^ ut »-hrl S thp interest of the ' Hcws in uresentiiig this famous Mrs. D-ygan's forthcoming up- of Joncstoro visited their sister B cJ™,t ™rir Vnrt tW r™ of mir Aeries of lectures and demrnKra- r.ear.-mce will inaugurate a new era Mrs. D. L. Scallious Tuesday. h^ntlfmriU"hallat hearto thin It tions of thc very highest forms and of higher ccokiug standards and. -Mr. nnd Mrs. Lute Cnssld»y and sStouslvuoonthis; issue"nU«lo"ll 6™ al «'. discoveries of the culinary greater .home happiness for the srns who hnvc been the guests o in thMr'^Jm in renLl «i-h n art; are food manufacturers of na- housewifo and the general health J. II. Cassiday and family sine rtlrn r. lioaal importance, who nre viewing; of the family circle. The Crurler Wednesday of last week, have re Tf.Tiir.v-1 -m nrdinanco T; tlii- nn» with '"' ells « interest the remark- New:i wishes to extend to every turned to their home nt Odonn- If such .m °«'n*n'*- ™ ; «'= ™- al)h rcsult ,, r , btai ned by Mrs. D=u-; hciistwife in BIythcvilte ami vicin- Bend. fs rSTuito effect it wUl xiltlnvitelv Z nn "' Cver 5' dl >' '" u ' hich s! ' e ay " '' Lty - =" inv " ati <"' (ievo1 ' 1 oi ilrm ^ Eislcr Margaret Mary, formerly is put into effect, it will ultimately ^^ m cnlj . [or ^ ^^ cr qualirira , ionSi to attelld lloL 0 , 1Cj Miss Cora CnssmVi who has bem alone, but for months ensuing, the but ail "f Mrs. Dougan's illumin- thc giiesl of her mother and bro- infiuencu ol her vivid personality ating discourses. Subjects fascin- (hers here since Wednesday of last and the amazing revelation of nting to the feminine heart, make week, returned to Omaha, Neb cookery possibilities disclosed by up each of h»r interesting daily Tuesday. • Coug!i> ftoni coMi majr Itid to K- riou» Iroulile. You can (top them' now willi Creoniulsbn, an emuUified ,cr«Kilc lliat is filcaiant to*. tik«. Cicojaulilou. is a medical dEccovery Killi two-fuld action;/!! Kollio'cr.d lu'.ila llif iiithiiicJ tnMiiLranea and It., tililli Bcrni t;rowlli. Of all known drujj creosote 1« rte- cgnlwj l.v high medical aulliorlllct morn ofllio greatest healingigtncks' fur cr>uglie from colds ami bronchial iirilBllons, CtconiuUkm contains, in uddllion to crcowle, other healing plays me nlwuys Inlercstiiii!. 5Urpl .j SCi n ], oUs the trick, East Declarer pulls two rounds of •Uowliuj hand htiS an .-ml dlfcardlns the three of .spaces. The he^ls il -c, r I, K Tl'ea^ and ri .•:.:.ll l , ! , of w n ,t.,uit R,M r, ro „,,«„„ ta ,«,,,! (1 ,, mm ys Wm-dCiy. W«7foJwlw kins- rho four of hearts Is re- with the six and jnck cf heartti turned, dcclmcr wlnnhiB wllli.lhe Declarer now throws the West li'-wn and cotillmilug wllh the ace hmid 'in the lend, by playing the '-. hearts, discarding the live ot three of clubs, forcing' West to diamonds from dummy, West fol-'lcnrl a diamond. This play also IT lowing with (he Jack. | gives the declarer five no trump, The declarer now has a fair' . West could sixill the declarer's 'oinil on the Kast. hand. He knows .' 11:: .hand rrlylmilly contained at i irasl [uur clubs nnd, when' Iho nlno' »f spaile;) fiilh from West, he ex-1 i liccts to Hiul live spades in the iund. Tin J,ick of hearts falling j m the nee from West lends dcrlnr-1 ;ft to believe that Kasl holds the 1 (ten. Up therefore decides to. s-qiieea. I In- Kast hand by plnylng Ihe ace nnd king of diamonds. East. cannot discard u spade a- heart but must lei, B0 of tto seven und ti'n of chilis. Declarer throws thc East 'Imiici rump is lap on the hand.' in (] lc [ L ., u | wl ,|, „ | 1C n rl ( i] Pcar ,i. lenlnrj that gives Ihe declnr- Ing the r,;ven of spades from duin- most Iroiible is the six of!juy. if K-.v.-. rrtuvus n tipndo, de- dummy playing the dciuvj, j clnrer will nualu' put him In with Vest tl;c (|i:cen, dcclnrcr winning | a .small club. This piny Blviw the 'hh ibe king. Declnrer relurns a i ilccl.nvr live nn lrum». mall ; padc. nucsflng llw Jack,! if E ast :i |i ml [<i open the 'douce cf holds. Ui'cUrer llgures tie |:-':arl,s, dummy wins With thc king. >usl los-c at least <ne dlauiuud, so: leads n small diamond, taking Ihe eails the four tjsot from dummy. ' nine s|x>l finesse East dl;cardlng u 666 doclor't f rescript Ion for and Headaches IS TlIK MOST Sl'EEDY KKMEUY KNOWN'. ' fiGfi AI.SO IN TAI5LETS. elements vnhjch wolha «nd lull tka inflamed nieiabrinci and stop the ir« rilnlion, while the creosote goci on to ilia stomach, id absorbed into the lilood, ollacks Ilio iial of the trouble and checks ilio growtli of the gcrmi.' • CreoninUion li guaranteed utiifuc- torjr in the tieatment of coneht from colds, broncliitlB and minor lornw of bronchial liriulions, and ij excellint for liulldine uiilhe tyitem nficrcoldi or flu. MDncy refunded if not relieved after liking according tidirco- lions. Ask jour drugglu, (idr.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUCH FROM COLDS THA THANG OH "An Example of Advancement" work a greater hardship upon our taxpayers, who arc the ones after all, that erected our present citv hall, by reason of the fact that if the Boy Scout headquarters arc • hoboes addition- , hcr ' " ro to , r ° mid in thc com-' presentations, and while there , mily running through all is P"ve"t the... from attendin, her tur b a.iC3 tryin, to nnd places- good that, is being accomplished by : j the Scouts. part, I am sure that he will con- "ph'.ne calls and wrote IC'7 letter::, j It was suggested In your column sent for the Scout organisation to Thirty garments and three pairs . that rooms could probably be hnd remain in its present quarters. in the court house to carry on the i H. N. FAiiRAii. Scout work. Tills may be true, but since the city hall is well located of slices were given to the needy. AFTER 35 YEARS Past Scoutmaster. Schools at CafdweU for such work and thc Scout work 41 Fam'!!p« being very important, it seems that j ^ J aill "- c;> it would be best to maintain the ; Jjy Red CrOSS Chapter present quarters in the city hall for the Scouts and turn the proposed room at the court house over to the ! Mr. John A. Rnab, Dallas City ' III., wns entirely healed of Piles I7 nnn on (n* Winter i(lncl olhcr Rcctnl Trouble after Keopen tor Winter !ru(Torln , for 3S ycnrs He uivs 'all .'.iilTrr^rs to write Tho T'oorntoii CARDWEf-L. M-..—The, Cardwcll!,^ Minrp Clinic. Suite 410 McOce public schools re-opened Monday, ; St.. Kansas Citv, Mo., for n new after two months vacation for j free copyrighted bcok which ex- colton-picking. The enrollment, isjnlains n mild, sure treatment for | The monthly rep-rt of the local 'Red Cross office shows that 43 holloes - ' familiCL were aided In th.? past between 409 and 50C. total, in the j hemorrhoids (pries)" and all forms T am sure that Mr. Thompson month with five of these ex-service city grade sclrol, the branch r,choDli 0 f rectal dis-ase's Tills treatment acted from a very noble spirit in -men .or t.beir immediate relatives. ; n t Duck Donic. nnd the Junior and i has restored more than -tOOCd wanting to care for the unfortunate ' In assisting these people Mrs. ; senior Histh Schools. The faculty hoboes who visit our city In. offer- ;Thel -Wilson, executive, lind of Eucli Summit, superin- , irg them our Boy Scout room, but .169 office interviews, made 71 home | tendent; Mrs. Fields, high school; upon further reflection upon his and referee calls, made 128 tele- i j,;i s s Elizabeth Johnson, high people lo renewed health In the past. S3 years. In writing for the book, there is no cost or oblija- i tion. —Adv. Lave you passe the noonday of Life ? Then make the rfctai rnnd happy by keeping your strength anil he.alth. An unfailing warning of a rundown condition it Ihe diminishing of thc red-blood-cclls. A DEFICIENCY of red-cells in ^». the blood is usually followed by Physical exhaustion, loss of appetite, underweight, nervousness and pimples and boils. When your red-blood- cclls arc only 80$, you arc NOT yourself—607<> is very dangerous. Common sense suggests that every possible stcp ^ ^^ ^ correct such a condition. Take S.S.S. before each meal. It will build up and enrich your blood, give you new life and vitality! Your appetite will pick up—you will feel like yourself again! Keep Iho down road bright by keeping yaur red-blood-cclls fighting for you. Get the large size. At all drug stores. Q 3,3 s. co. HALF PRICE ON FURNITURE AND RANGES LIEN'S 100 E. Main St. Builds Sturdy Healtli ; Says' VINCENT BENDIX • : President and Chairman of the Boird, Bendix Aviation Corporation of Chicago and New York, operating Bendix Brake Company, South Bend, Indiana; Eclipse Machine Company, Elmira, New York; Bendix Stromberg Carburetor Company,- South Bend, Indiana, and other subsidiaries. "Competition is the life of busi- ness. To win leadership a manu- facturer must mdke"tiis product more desirable than others. Hence there results a great berte* ft to the public through constant striving for improvement. The use of the modern Ultra Violet Ray in toasting the tobaccos used in LUCKY STRIKES is an example of such advancement/' Everyone knows that sunshine melSows-that's why TOASTING incJudes Che use of the Ultra Violet Ray. LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN-"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat Irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Your Throot Protection — against irritation — against cough Consistent with its policy of laying the facts licforo the public, The American Tob«co Company Ti»s invited Mr. Vincent liendix to review the reports of the distinguishd! men wto have witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Tolling Process. The statement of Mr. EcnUix appears on tliis jiagc. ©J530, The Ar.cman Tobicco Co.. Vfri.

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