The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1939
Page 6
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FRIDAY, JUNIJJ .0, 1939 JilA'Tlll'JVU.LU, (AUK.) COUKUOU NEWS PACK SEVE* OPPORTUNITY US« THE WANT-ADS"//, W (AN T AIFORD TO MISS THEM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consccu- (Ive Insertions: One lime per line 10e Two times per line |ier day....C8o Three times per-line per day ;•.•«« Six times per Iliie per (lay.....Kw Month rule per line «0c Cards of Thanks 50c & loo Ikjlpliiiu,rn charge- 50c Ads ordered for three or six (imes and. slopped before expiration will lie charged for llio number of limes the add appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside ot the city must be accompanied by cash, nntrs may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken or more than one incorrect inscr- ' lion of any classified ad. For Rent 3 room furnished CM N. Fifth. Mrs. Elma Crowder. Bcktf Cool, south bedroom. Garage, llcn- sonablc. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wnj- mit. 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apailment. Newly decorated. Oli Hearn. HOLD EVERYTHING..- TRUCKS FOR EVERY JOB Ready to go to work '37 Chevrolet I'/a Ton of shape. New paliil. A real Uuy "I llils inlci- ., '34 Ford Panel Good Tires. Motor A-l $150 or nuscs OK Ai'i'i.i- CATION fOll I.KJUOU J'KKMIT Nullfi' is liiTobj 1 given that lh« inuteislniied hiis tiled with the Commissioner of Keveiiui's of the Stale of Arkansas lor prrinll lo sell and dispense vinous,or spirituous liquors for t)Gi'eni|>c ill rctiill on .the premises described fts Vlc- tOllil. Application is for permit, lo be issued for operation beginning on the llrsl duy of July, IS139, and to expire i>n Hie 30th day of June, lO'lO, us prescribed by ilullclhi dated Jnuuiiiy '(, 1MB mill Kupple- nuintiil Kegulaliim No. 19 cIVccliva July 10. l'W7. IjEK WILSON & CO. Desert House Haunted, Radio Waves Responsible by SALT LAKH CITY (UP) - hiinntcd city — luunilcd by i wuvcs, not [;liosls—Is used shccplicrdors for IhoLv lii!iuli|ilur- tcrs on (lie iilkulliie sail (Int.s west of Sail liiko city. The house'—a onc-rkwni cabin— lias as Us main altriictiuu a stove which tlic sheepmen liedino plays '36 Ford V-8 Now paint, Motor ox (cllenl. Good tires . $245 '37 Ford V-8 Pick-Up New pa I ill. Rccondtlloncd motor. Looks and runs ^QA^ like new. ..' «i>«rlJ '38 Chevrolet Pick-Up Cloud tiros. Excellent mo'xir. New hminl. Looks like Clinton 11. Ciililwcll ilucram llldB. Illyllifville, •AIIKANSAS mill iMISSOUltl •1'1'n.i; Ol'INIONS, 'I'I'I'l.K INHVIUANCK. *' i:t)Mi'i,i-ri'i', Dr. F. J. Weitz (iriiiliwlu VeU'rlmirliui 71!) \V. Ash I'liono SHI2 shoes for 51 years In hotel . . , mible whilo It co:ks niul •elcctrlci W1LM I N GTO'N,' O,'/(rip) liihts tlml bum without being <il- ^'! l ; 1 " lc , 1 ,_ p _ c ?' 1 ?P'_ 65-ioar-pltl cctly connected lo a powci line. Hill llicso \u'lul , peifomuinccs'. io uol bollipr llic iu?rtlers, Tlipyl explain Unit their shack Is only u, few feel from llic transmitting Icriiiiniik of a 60,000-wntl radio sUiliou mid that llic radiallnt; radio wnvcs operate Ihc singing stove and connccllou-lcs£ llclits. LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory method, adjusted iillccl—I'lckcd up it delivered ?1 Used Lawn Mowcra Kor Bale ' . ATKINS Miu'hiuu Shop & (iiiriiKU lit) K. 2ml rlinni! Mule For Sale Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment Main and Second. F. Simon, phone 164. 3-ck-tf Furnished apartment.. QM W. Walnut, 2-pk-l-l "I'm on picket duty loniglil — Iliu gho.sls )i;uiniin» Ilial ' liousc arc nil iion-uiiion!" Personal Two large bedrooms lor rent, Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. 24ck-lf Comfortable bedroom. 625 W. Main. Phono yn-J. 15-ck-G-15 <wiorc building and residence com» bined. Good location for grocery '•and meat market. 640 Lake St. See Dr J A Saliba. Phone 410 or 418 ' ' 12-<:k-G-12 OITice rooms. Sudbury Building. See Graham Sudbury. 271 For Sale MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEl 1 . New Oslrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invigoratcrs and ether sliin- ulanU. One dose slarts new pep. Value $1.00. Special price 89c. Call, write Kirby Bios. Drug and all good drug stores. Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off the hile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIKRY'S ACTIVE LIVER TILLS 25c Hi all Kirby Stores. embarrassment of having 10 acres o( gourds «ith $1,200 worth cf fcr- under them. The only satls- 34 Clicv. liTouL.W.B. "tun $125 2-whecl trailer. 112. 15. Cherry. 9-pk-H Fishing complete Guaranteed won't Cans for Jus with straps. leak. 7V. cents each. Raymond Brooks, Steelc. Mo. S-pk7-9 Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone D9:i. falcion I got was Ihc title ot goiir< king, which, to my mind, was a doubtful honor. "I got same more seed and a line and dug holes in my back yard and finally little green bushes began to spring up. I was a little leery as to whether they were vegetables or weeds. I called in experts and have been advised that these plants are genuine beans and okra. "Anyhow, I've decided I want know more about vegetables, so please .send me -;i:mc farmers' ' bulletins." Gibbs said he would oblige. '35 Clicv. 1_ Motor in excellent condition. A real truck for Wl^i the job •?£•« »' Many Olliers In Selcd Kroi" PHiLLIPS MOTOR CO. Pluiiu- 1172 or 70') PRESCRIPTIONS I«'rcshcst Stock (iiini-iinlccil l!ciit I'rice* Kirby Drug Stores SKIN CANCER •Ill * Wahml I'lioim J. L. GUARD Optometrist Oiilv (iiiuliiiiln O|ili»no- ivlst i" Nlytlu'vllli'. Classes 1'IUctl Cnricelly Now l.ocutcil n< lOtNurlli Si'k'Oiiil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HIHVAKWS, I'roiirlctor All Makes 11 f Krliulll Typtnvriti'rs, AtlilliiR Mai'iiliics anil (,'iitailuturs-ltt-imliliiR—1'arls—KltilHins HOW LONG SINCH YOUR CAK HAD AH "Approved 1'onl Lubrication?* YESI Thcie if, u dlileruico Is .iibiiontlons Eveiy phce docl not p liuvc the sniiic, standurda, nor can they give you tlie special Ford Uibrlcanla mado especially for Ford 'curs, Get, tlio following: SPECIAL CHASSIS HJHRICAT10N AND WIII5HL PACKING (I'nr 30 Days .Only) COMI'LK'n-J CHASSIS lAMWlCATION Pressure Gun Grease In all pressure Ciiin rillliijis. Springs, Hoot Lacings. Door Sjtilkcr niati'n Vk'uxccl, Door llinacs Lubricated, frpuclal Orcnfc.s in Universal Jolnls, special lubiic.inl in slcor- Benr unit distributor cam. PACK KKONT WHEELS Wiisli oul hub and bearings, puck with .special I'oul Shoit kibcr Kiiiliiini Soap jrcnie. Ad- jusl wliccl bearings. f \\\ Aliovu Servit-c Hutiglit In Combination. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. We have a number ot attractive and desirable cottages in Blythe- villc. well, located, which wo can sell at" reasonable prices. ..,-.-••. Terry =i\bslr;ict & Realty: Co. !?.-;.>•••-MOiolio" 617: '':••' " '" ' ..' B-ck-tf Main'St. collage rented'as Duplex lit. J20.CO. tai corner lot. Price SOOO.C« ' 3 room cottngc at High School. Rents al 530.00. Price $1250. Pretty cottage on Vine St. New roof and in fine condition. Price $850.00 Nice liltln home on N. Fifth SI. pretty lot, with shade. $850.00 Thomas Land Co. 6-ck-13 and pigs. 031 Clark. 3^-pkj42 Congress Told Of Sail Plight Of Gourd King WASHINGTON IUI'1— HC!>. Ben Gibbs (Dem., On.) reports on I he unhai)iiy fi stalc of a constituent \vlio, having no ambition other than lo ralse :> ,a... few,,..cauteloupes, found himself '"gcurd king of the Eighth Congressional district of Georgia." The "yonrd king" is a newspaperman who wants to be a farmer. He wrote (Jibbs thus: "I put oul 10 acres in canle- loupcs and they eaiuc up lony- ncckcd gourds. I won't, go into the —PRESCRIPTIONS- Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. It is rcp:rlcd that the navv-lni'll 5-pk-7-5 ' SON-1 type planes cost about S1000 - j morn per plane Ititm it costs Cur^ liss-Wriglil to build them. Sow One 5-roDin house. George, M. Lee. Phone 329. 10-ck-U Dairy Main Jt First Flioiie Ml FOR SALE < 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delia Implements, Inc. H12 Siwlh 2nd •'hone 802 WELL-KNOWN AUTHOR Fatl5tRCtory qualily and service In Dairy products. Caltle free of Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. !»2-J. for Halscll's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butter, But- .lermilk, extra or holiday orders. ^Inspection encouraged anytime. llaiscll's Dairy I'roinlsed Land. Roiue 2 I in no ws For Sale Minnows and fishing canes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. HaWKS. Goldfish Minnows B. V. Brosdon, 310 K1NNOWS cCuri tJainon ft COCK ROACHES Cor. Rallronrt 1. Ky (Notice Fishing License LyOK YOUK CONVENIENCE, \VK |%.Mtr. I'REl'AUEO TO ISSl.'K VO11K FISHING LICENSE AT STOUE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone HORIZONTAL 1,9 Author ot "The Three Musketeers." 12Idant. 13 Piazza. 11 Negative prefix. ISFliglil ot a golf ball. 16 Hops kiln. 17 Citizen's dress 19 Rodent. 20 Pincers. 22 Marsh. 23 Since. 24 Type standard. 26 To enrage. 29 Rental contract. 32 Money changing, 33 Armadillo. 34 Driven in. 37 Oleorcsin. 38 Pedal digit. 3.9 Railway (abbr.). 40Roosled. Answer io Trcvious Puzzle 21 Electrified particle. 23 To espouse. 25 Soft-spoken, 27 Turkish office r. 28 Not brighl, 30 Monkey. 31 To soften leather, 35 Aurora. 3G To leave, 37 Epoch. 'H Pertaining lo air. 42 To abound, 44 Person opposed. 45 Seventh nole in scale. 46 Rubber tree, 43Palclfe knife, 4 To retaliate. 48 Poem. 5 Compass SO Golf devices. point. 53 Imbecile. G To let fall. 53Ainldsl. 7 Coarse Pile. 54 Hearsay. 8 Grafted. 56 Dirds of prey. 3 Girl. 58 He wrote • 10 Fur cover for 47 Book p.irl. hanels. WPrognosltca- 11 Poker slake. lion. 15 He was fiction 49 Flat plalc. writer and 51 Health spring. . 53 Malt drink. 18 His son • 55 Upon. his ability. 57 Grain (abbr.) novels. 59 He was • by birlh- VERTICAL 2 Italian coin. 3 To redact. J.CC ICE-ICE Phone 107 IJOIIN BUCHAHAN Wauled I CASH PAID for good 1935, 1936 and 1937 model Fords, Plymoulhs land Chevrolets. -Phone Howard 1 Burton at 810. Phillips Motor Co. 1 29-ck-6-23 I)Y KUKI) HAUftlAN HtH-O.REO.'rAEET FATHER.' HERE.UTUE BEAVER--YOUR NEW PA NTS.' un.' COME. I-M5S 16.59 HER PAPA MOR.6AN.' V(«.ONG — • W BM-ICHS VOU TH.WK. HAM f-VjRG^N WWOt BkJYUM TVI CrtRtO RYDER? T MAN.' W OFFERS A^E MEV8R HY V. TV HAMLIU AT.T.KY OOP THE TERMINAL CITY POLICE G(WE UP THE SEKRCH FOR / U| DATI THE PHA.MTOM Wf.-'i g E t'ev THE A FMOToeW-.PHER'S/PAPERS THE APE CAMERA REVEAlEplpA^T M ALLEY "-'^ " r 6URE; IT'S NO AP6 THAT GBITTER LOOKS/x HOPE THE LIKE T'MElHk«!'TIS /APE GiTb THAT MORE OF A I BAILOR! HE &AV£ BANSHEE IT IS, SV. ME A LEAD I'M THIMKIN&J ) ^, NICKEL! VEAH,BUT IF HE SHOWS HIS U&LY MU3 ON MY BE AT, IT'LL BE WATER-PROMT COPPER THAT'LL BE POINT THF , MONKEV- W\T:~\-. TREE BUN MADE MONKEYS THEIR RCTURN\OUT OF A LOT HE HAD VAMISHEOOF YOU COPS HOOTS AND 11 EH BUDDIES UY HOY CKAiNti A Colil-Hcitrlcil Woman WASH TUBHS IM HER LE6AL. VJETOE.D HUSBAWO. SHE CAU'T 1 HRUST JV\5 OUT THE VOU ^MO VOU WAWEDOWLV OUE MORE OF Wt BEfOEE VOU DIEft, WOki'T SOT SWEETIE PIE, THE TOP OF OUR BOAT LEAKS. SUBELY you won't SEWO we OUT on A WIGHT WE THIS-.•• VJHV. I'M UBUL TO 6ET AH,HA'.WOT DID \ TEt-L VA! HAV UTTLE THE BE-ST C00< 0V! EA5TH 86EVJ * PERFECT HUSBA.W, BUT I kiEEDVA.I UOOE V* LET'S LET 8V60KIE6 8E BVSOWEi, HOMEV, AWD.. BY MERRILL BLOSSEK v\T MEWS is Guire- KRECKLES AND 1I1S FR1BNUS I KNOW YOU MAD YOUR' HEART SET )| OM TAklMQ YOUR ORCHESTRA IQ SOMC / | MOUMTA1N RESORT THIS SUMMER • j OF QDURSE , A JOB LIKE THAT OOESN'T HOLD MUCH PROMISE OF ADVAMCE- MEMT , SUCM GIMLET weMr OFFERED Bur You've COOKED tOUR 6OOSf WITH Mr GIMLET , AMD SINCE I. CXDMT WANT YOU WASTING YOUR TlME HERE TVIIS SUMMER , i .GUBSS YOU'LL HAVE TO GO To THE MOUNTAINS .' BLOW Tk- "ou • Bur TRY To BIACC K UP '---I COOLON T BEAR. TO PACE » W .YOUR LOOK OF OlSAPrOlNFWCMT (

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