The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 8, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVml TBB DOMNAlfT MIWBFAPBt Of VOL. XXVII—No; % BMhnUto courier, •trtherille BljtberOta Dally Hew* Valley - Herald, . MUdsalppl Leader'. ARKANSAS AM) BOOTTIZAB T UU0OORI '..'••':• • • ' :' <• :-.•; I- •..';': V'l'ii'V .; ( .t»# I TUESDAY, JULY 8, 1930 SINGLE COPIES TTVE HEfliJNUlED, As Billie Dove Won Freedom City'Wide Meetings Planned as Crops Suffer Under Hot Winds, ''. . MEMPHIS, July 8. (UP)—A heat • wave-''which: has gripped. Memphis .:iud environs' fo r ,the past several days will iiol: : 'iet: up and minis- iers "are'.preparing^clty-wide -prayer .ji!?etuigs': ii(,.';wmch : time 'iSrayers .for rain will .be asked;" • .Today X'Vraperature Iwfcs 92 at noon. . A hot wind from the northwest, fiicreased . the discomfort of the day'and burned growing crops;^sttrOay- -was. ;the '"fiftieth day sihce-'th^e'has-beeni.a'-rain here! .of • g, : ; quarter-foch ,lri ,'24 hour's^ which/Is. the least' (haV does grow-' ing'tlilngs any good; 'according to weather, bureau-standards. ; Rainfall 'for, 'the. 'yesiir;lacks • almost j. 14 Inches of: normal for this date. , : ih'ltl.'ta.Nebraska :, KANSAS CITY,' Mo., July 8 (UP) Midsummer jbeit'-io iexeesslva eggs were Jrled on''sidewalks,in Debris-' ka' gripped 'se"cti6ns r of : Ktfhsas arid Nebraska again today.. Heat, pros- tratlciis '• were • reported throughout lb? section. '. •' . • - • The; tHermmneter touched'107 degrees in Nebraska.. • -' Mtrcary Here • New ''lot . With the thermometer' soaring about. 100 for the past' three days and no signs of rain, the heat has become the chief topic'.of coriver- .satlon.' • This"' .'.afternoon * at 3 o'clock 'the'i 'official''..'government 'thermometer'- showed' 98'.4"' degrees . with '(» jhe record'.for' Saturday, ' Sunday 1 and • Monday. '-•;''•- :. • Trie re'rorit for the year is 102 tlegVees ;made' 'Sunday' -two . wwlcs ; U'gb ' which''was also'the highest • temperature here for a number.of years. •''.".!'"' ' ' .' •! •. | John Rockefeller ; Celebrates 4 91sil POCANTICO HIIA8, N. Y./Jilty 8. i UP)—Secluded . from -all ' ' a few relatives and servants, ; J D. Rockefeller obsery.e<d • Ms •'. I birthday today with .ah exprwi of gratefulness to' his feUoivii for klndnms they have shown 1 There was little Iri the at the great manor house In SlMpy Hollow to set the; day apart front any-,other. It was expected'" famous oil millionaire, would. ; , , his usual birthday ;cake at din|- ner In the presence of the family. ! For the flrst time in. many years the son, John U Rockefeller, Jr.. will not be at the birthday dlruier tonight. He Ls on a business. In the west. . '. " . Charging her husband with beating her arid otherwise abusing her, Billie Dove, movie star.vUf showh'.here 'on 'the' witness stand-in Los Angeles, superior court, where she obtained, a divorce .-from . Irvln WUlat, Hollywood director.. In,private life', the-.'actress is :known'as Mrs. Lillian Bc)ie/y Wlllat. '. . ] ' • .:.-..'•':• /-- '-• ..'-.'.-:.. WO! Rettrt for Trial "" -''•• Bassett ; Farrh6r- Kills Negro ,; Who Shot Him iii Argii- ' W. • . ' Sheriff R; Jfe j'acijibn of Colorado . ,.Springs..arrived.'today to .take.the. " custody "of the couple.; They ,waiy- .. eel extr.aditjon hearing." ._• ;.'; '\ - Although;-.'suffering: from a .bii-> .." let wound 'sustainedCuring the rpb- ''. beryyiMrs. Carmpdy'.asserted, her. ; Vi'iUingness .to..return .to-..Colorado •',. at .on&'.Z, ';; : ,;..,' . : ...->j.V-ivv'"- • '• Kingsford-Srnith to Leave" ; Hit Plane in California ; SAN: FRANCISCO, July' 8i (UP) . —MaJ..- Charles • kingsford-Smitri -• ontl his famous world circling plane ihe Southern Cross were* today preparing lor their final flight togetli- er. .-, . '•;•-.- •"- •- i Announcement-was made" that the aviator together with his tr> companions, J. 'iferrlck Saul and John Stallage, was to fly today to Santa Maria where .they, will visit Captain G. Allen 'Hancock, financial backer of .the Australan hop it'was planned'the Southern Cross should be left there while the three •continued on to Australia.' .; Bassett,' was' wounded In ,the i and Frank Moore;--negro 'share' cropper,- slain 1 in a:gun ibattle'ibe- tween'-'the two 6h;Bunkett's iplah-' t s»are.;crop{*f 'Bail' !ri- at the . planter, the bullet striking Burckett.ui "the" mouth. . .: .--, " : •'- Burckett V rettirned': : the' ; j Wtsfr fire and, >wounded him ifi^ally. '' ' l " ' : ' e<J) to. « riegro' . ...'.'..,., -„/,,;-,.^, >..•!¥ hospital where his conditi< considered ;good.: TJie: bullett «&."' --•-•*.•---•---•:•-•"•:.'.'• arid came oul.lhe : baclp ".of his. .neck.; . ..Ko. ,chir|ges, -. '*re'-' conterhjpl». (igabist' ths planter', "It 'was" learned at the'sheflffs.pffice' 1 triisi.mbrnlrig. . , •:..; . ••,-.. - - -.'. ... . Would, Have,Les;i«l«ture Me>t . , Every ' Ten' , Tears ROCK,. Ark.; : Juiy «. (UP)---J. W. Ciaiki candidate for the state, 'legislature, '.may- not' be. elected a representative : but fr.a has some -sturdy • planks In his platform. ' " ' : ,,If-etepte<I,qthe r, first; ; thing Clack; is -golnt fto; do is ( to iu- trodu«j a' biit 1 - calling for a-W year penitentiary i sentence , :if any official i' ln. : his ' . ; f _ Secondly,' CJack'-is - ask that the ' legislature • rt only every 10 years. ^ •"•'HfX'-i would ; faae, '• the - oflic'e' 1 -' of ^rt .:-••. r.- LOS AHGH.ES,: ^uly K. COSH overnoir ^C. C. -You'rii ; today; 1 de* led the portion . application/ :oj "homas Mooney, noted radical who s serving t life .sentence at-fiiirl Quentin prWon 'for' conviction -on harge' of participating in the IM ^reparednefs. Day tombing outrage n San Francisco. - : '.. - . '.-...' i'.j The decision once ataln brouiht ip. .sharply agitation , for' < ' , " 000,000 Issue: Pajama Clad TouriitV : Flee Flambg Truck Fire enveloped the engine of a. tourists' "house on wheels" on highway 61 Just within the northern city limits this 'morning and sent the occupants of the-truclc, including two young ladies in "traveling, pajamas' machine. scurrying from the A city fire 'truck was called, to the scene and the fire halted with but small damage. A short circuit in the ignition system was blamed for the blaze. God Speak* in Dreams Declares EvangeEit "The Olory of the Second Mile" is the subject the Rev. A. T. Osborn will ure tonight in his evangelistic, meeting In the tent at the end of North Focond street. Last night he "spoke to a large audience on .the theme of "Drsams, Their InterpretaticrC and Use." . He said in part: "Yesterday God spoke to men and women through their dreams, but today we are so materialistic that we hear not the ,volee of God at all The trend of the times is away from. Odd and away from the great spiritual forces of life. God truly Is speaking, but.we do not hear, He is striving to" reveal himself 'uVo us, but our spiritual faculties are so dulled, that he Is speaking'to deaf ears. Today, as In olden times, God Is speaklni to us through our dreams, but we refuse to even treat them «er- louily." The evangelist, a congregations minister, is .not here to organize a church but 'To bring to the » pcoplj of all faljhs a. message thai Is vilal and dynamic," he said. Deering -Farmer, Brought . Here .. Late. Yesterday With .Bullet in Knee, Aaron'Nunnery; 32, farmer of Deering, Mo., was brought to toe Blytheville hospital late yesterday suffering from a bullet wound In the right knee, said to have been inflicted by BUI Dicus, husband of Nunnery's .former wife. . The two'participated in. a heated argument over the children of Nunnery and his former wifeiac- cordihg 'to' reports,- resulting in' the .sheeting. .,,;... • The EherlfTs office at Cafuth- ersvllle today stated that no information concerning the shooting had been flled'with officials. What charges If anv are anticipated in connection . with the shooting' are not known. Nunnery is to be carried to the. home^ of his mottier, Mrs. Sarah Cable at Paragould late tcday. ' ' ' , J.iily 8.".(ttpjt ' .• \ Thjf" : state • note* boa'rU'' tomorK)* 1 .'wil • •'receive alterhalive bids 'oh th ; e posed sales' 'of stite highway." •'The -bids -will be : 'on' ;| 18,000,00(1 worth bi. long term bonds, $9,000,400 worth of ; long-term bonds and ?9, 000,000 'worth of short term bond which would 'be redeemed in .De cember. " . In event the bids are satisfactoi the entire allotment of ? 18.000,001 in bonds will 'be sold and; half. 6 the proceeds -.will 'be used .in' re deeming : $9,000,000 i worth; of shor term notes 'sold last spring: ' -' ; The -remainder .of ; the ; amoun would 'be used la' construe tl on wor this' summer.^ . . ' . Senator Smopt e Victims Were Murdered. Is'Belief of Officers; Continue Inquiry. WARREN, Ark.,'-July 8. <OP)Albert Barnett, 3D, was h«W in Jail Wday while officers Investigated the.death ot his parents who were found burned to.'d>aih in their home near that of the son. ,-.The charred bodies of J. R. Bav- n^t, «p; and his .wife, also 60, In-, dicated -: Uiey had been , murdered find their home fired, officers said. ; The son testified at an iriques' that he was awakened to see the hwne'Of his parents In flarries. HP w(Id he attempted to enter the house but *as . prevented by the !!'?• ' I. Last February an "attempt w« made to poison the:'couple" They were made seriously' 111 by 'polsoi. later found to : have been placed !ii their coffee.'.' '.':... '.''.The son and father, had recently Quarreled, it was''testified at the . elease, is'Uiled; at trie,. time of :( onvictiph. of taking part- in ' wmbing which 'causecC the' deMh of nine persons 'aridi'serlouji !i)]tfy o'« others;, {t,..^!; 1- :' >:• ' thers;, {t,.. Governor ' .. ;hird executive. t»'i rule" a»alnst:t»f pardon for Mooney. ; '.'•••'•- Difficuaties WiH Be Thr«t • ; -••' ;'j ' .. j j " .'uled for "Tittlrsdiy. ljU = i lu [Wituir'Jit L ^-ni^ . fAn'.uf.'i .The', bodies of., the couple, taken i> Montlcelkj, :were to be further •xamlned today. . . , Cotton Acreage > 2.7 Under 1929 U. S. Estimates WASHINGTON; July 8 <Up)_ Acreage of cotton In cultlvaUon Jn the United States on July 1, wa« fstlmnted agriculture (lepnitmenl to be 45,815,000 acres. : TliLs is 2.1 per cent less than the acrcnge July 1, :i»39, 2.4 percent less than 1928 and 6 per cent below Ihe record ncicnge of 48,130,000 In 1920. 'Major raiton producing 'states showing smuller acreage than'l»29 are: South Carolina and Louisiana with 97 iwrccnt each of last year's acreage, mid Alabama with S8 per ce|H Oeorslu's acreage was eitl- maled to be the sume 03 lasti year. •In -Mississippi and Arkansas the acreage increased 2 .per cent, In Tennessee 7 i»r cfnt and Mlbsourl 10 per cent. Petition of .Drainage ' Disr • ' trict Cojnriii^sipriers Ap- ; proved ' - •• Se'riatOi arid ; Mrs! •'Reed : Snioot | Utah's fainous 'newly^eds; nre.-pic- tured- -here on-" their honeymoon. The senator and his. bride, the former Mrs. Alice Taylor-.Sheets, plaii a trlp^o Hawaii:'.They were married : at' the'.MorraohvTempie In till • '" ' SB per cent reduction vta !: tax anments of thel'dktrict, 1 according fo an order mad* by County ;Judg« Oeo. W, Barham ln' J eounty. court here Monday :foliowmg r flUnt 6Ta voluntary petitloq-by ,tru eommia- a»klri| the - of trie.dijtricl, a» n. : .••ij-iVff.-^- ' en Abroad'as.threat of • U. S.i;Irnperia|ism.-}. Rejection of the- . Lotdpn • naval treaty Interprtttd In Lori-V done and f6kyo''as'a wjlrning : that the United States hid embarked coin Imperialistic .'eareer-Vin which • she would seekY to; dominate Jap^ ones* and British'dettlnlej,: Senator Swanson, ,Democrat, f; ! Virginia', 1 told the sen ate,'today In [the. open- • Ing plea In behalf of the treaty. ; Swanson, 1 rather,' thari Cnairinan ' Borah of the foreign'relation* eo«- ' mlttee.-seconded President"Hooyir's !,-• urgent request 'for 'raufiiiaUon:be- r :' cause' Borah Is dlslneilned^to" fight for the treaty and party lines have - been ^disrupted , during the Vtreaty conBldrraUon.' !:' ; :; ••',-.• ' : '-'J>; '•"•. • '.'- -:McKfU»t./kt'ftm-.:'•:••'• Veterans Bureau' Hasten: to Supply Blanks to Dis, . abled- Ex-Soldiers; . '. • July 8. (UP)- -Thc. United States. Veterans Bureav was .acting today to make the bene" fits of the new pension law avail able as soon as possible for. Work Vi'»r veterans. -'«; ??•••'••• Application blanks have been dispatched to all the' bureau's nek stations while instructions havi been telegraphed >nd radioed to a! field offices. ...'.'.". . ' ' ' ~ • Inasmuch • as , comt>cnsatlon under the new -law is effective fron the; date of application the''bureat : la duing ; jt5 utmost to .place application' blanks iii .the hands of ever} eligible •vtteran;quickly..v.< : . Veterabi Who .asrved M days ' o v mof^'are eB«Uj!e",f«: k b«neflts un d«r> .the'. bUl. (The , paymeiUa rang ' ' -- A resolution by; SenatornilcKehi' : . \r, bt'mocrat.-., Tenhesiee;':. : aikini";!) President Hoover,: to, produce^ all : , , secret papers relaUnrl«S : llie tJt^tjr; »as consld*rM."ij-.-r^i.---V-! i ! ; ''~-*T'-' ! ' " , •-•Bondi-'pt th* ia»trict, : a«m«attn« - ' - ganiied after . formation of .the original district, will ..ooat • i '---' 1 ..... '-'--' ing congressional ek i- The/.ban^iif^-CMBSiaji.'fi Possible ! : per'cent"dl 1 for 1 ; tho« fnlly: ind ' permane Wi.' tb: MO a moot! permanentb ...---~-- Bbra]> pf opbwd ' to amend "-the ." McKellar /rejolutkm ,,to' enablej.the'; oresldent jo withhoW.paper» l -'whoae'' (, publication -would' be Incompatible , . vlth public police but Indicated IX :hls failed , he would vote fbr'.'tbe McKellar!resolutfc>ri. ' i.s ! .L : ' iMcKellar,., lobjected to'. Borah's : proposal which . wa* ' supported 1 by Sena tor -.Robinson, Demcwrat,. Ar- . ';amos, a Conference delegate, [ : ,wno t6ld * k -'>n^*A -if* !»««•••• • Hni'.M .. told the stniitef Mr. Hoover ,cpuja ; not be compelled- to 'produce^, the papers even if : the -. 'feioiutiaa ~, adopted. ' •..-• • ; '-•««•*' Senator ik'"' 10-:S .'•.•:.• ..».<:i.V.i cf :Uu«-: ; coBBhltteev;a&J^ tr«i»r*i oi ihe ^h' .fregarilng. rnattt'r;'.ls -i threshed .- out Thursday > *hen 'II j ton goes: before'. theie^leaaerr'a other 1 ; raembers^of [.-ifHis^'naUpAal organlraUcn's^ cexecutive '' committee as well as-menAeni 'of ''t)Se -Kr!a|- torlal campaign '-committee. • The national • chairman- who :ba» been iil:di«»vc*''"iirith;' : 6trKT-paHy leaders, staff ,U»e ..senate lobby comm it We's-'-disactures "concerning his handling 'of Muscle .Shoals, lobbying 'fuhds, ' has declined'tp affirm -or denij tliat his reslgnaUon would' be' made' ' knbwix officially Mayor Fight* Plan for State Highway Bridge PBESCOTT, Ark., July 8. (UP)— A hearing on a temporary Injunction granted trie state highway department restraining Mayor C. E. Beasley of Garland City from Interfering with work of the deoart- ineni was to be held here today. Betsley is stekmg to have the Injunction dissolved. A bitter fight to prevent the department from constructing n orid?c over the Red river at Garland City has been waged bj Beasley. . > Old Homes Destroyed, , ' , : . : by Flames at Marion MARION, Ark., :July', 8 tUP)-r Bulldings once occupied by the most prominent families of Marlon, rid which were erected more than 0 years ago were destroyed by flre lere today. The fire was discovered by a ne?rp ibout 2 a. m. Four homes and a hurch building were burned. No cause for the fire was learned. Slayer of Husband Goes to State Hospital LITTLE ROCK, July 8. IOP>Mrs. Ernest M. Bagwell ot Mena Ark., who last week shot and klllet 1 her husband as he lay asleep, was placed in the hospital for nervous diseases here today. before the end of'the week; PAYS OLD FUNERAL DEBT VINOENNIS, ind. (UP)-A « year old etfht dollar debt, which was incurred at the funeral of Jane Olbjon, negro woman was paid a few days ago when- a son called a a local undertaking establishmen and settled the account, prictors had forgotten It. A pro- The gray substance represents 31 to 38 per v eent of. the total ^weight of the brain. . ...-;., •. ' • _jkj, ; ;whJAH(Jnank%the' cour ! ^:^.ps««la!iJ»J41imlles' i wiae an5,v,«... n) i^s., loo« - attd; 'comprises --. — Home. apcietV; add.reissed: the !; Mls T KiMlpRiv.COMnty Taxpayers associa-' tlon,-talking:on present .conditions andn improvements, 4t the-,'-Arkari-' sfi. .gjl'Wren's Home:h» .JJtt!« Rock: T^,.,'^aipa>iers J asjociation r.:ls a" benefactor of-the,-horitt.' 1 . -,: •-. ; d by V™ '•» they drove by his new.:' ' ; »tand .-in a-^y sedan. Phillip WonftWoUnB,-rbumpeHTaialrlsV 1 - \i of moVning papen, and: felt ' .", ( PolIce .were inc;|,ne^l ,(o, discount ""'e'.;theory., t)ia,C.tpday's .killirig.<wa.! .....iXeq r w'ith...the,.rrjurder of. Alfred •j; Ling'|e, ph'icago "Tribune re.por(- HoldOklahojniM.n , .;?»« 'Autoniobile Fted ..Srnlth' 'of . b^jahoma . City. J? being- held, by' authorities , here.; for , federal . officers following his arrest 'by local police: ; Smith is 'alleged to have stolsa Phillip may have 'been.killed attempt to intimidate the.,.press 'which' has been campaigning against gangsters, , ,...-,- Kt'TEirielle; A'la'.rwliicri cost the lives of two white"men ahd four riegroeij was . ;.w j i Wegf ; '-- ' KMiubii is ttiicHcu tAj iiave stuiss p ;, i r"^.-. i •- --» an automobile in Oklahoma .City IbeVCrm TrahdhlSe' A] onH ''Hi-luar. . T *•'->«-.''. n'n'mi'H,'*.-,,,Ill™ ^ ,*j *-, - . _ . i i • and- driven It '• "to ••"• Oarutliersville whete he traded it'to. a car firm for a new machine. ' Tennessee G. 0^ R Has - •'•; "Barefoot Boy 7 Campaign Bagwell was adjudged m- j «<» . b « au « • J* ""« fronl ,ddld not appear to couH -"»•"»-"" rf - •"•-» - T — at Mena for a preliminary hearing.. The woman attempted to commit suicide after shooting her, husband. Wins Automobile COOTER, Mo.—Mrs. Lorine Wag- st«r was awarded a new Ford roadster at the flrst prlte in the Second division of the Steele Enterprise subscription _ campaign - that came to a do* tars. Wagiter Saturday. Is well known . this county being a resident In of Cooler for a number of years- She Ls 22 years rf ago and the daughter' of Constable W. O. Kearney of Cooler township.' '' . , BY CLINTON SANDEES United rretc StaH ,Cwre9MHknt, . MEMPHIS, ,Tenn.—The .story oi. the "parefoof;-boy'.versus the opponent who, has been.reared wllti tb«."stiver,spoon" In his mouth has been injected into political discussions Incident to x the election of « Tennessee governor In. November. It is" Harry T ; Bums, Sweetwater. Republican ticket, who argues that candidate for nomination to the he deserves the support of his faction because • he "roie from th< mountains of • Eastern.: Tennessee while his .opponent, C. Arthur Bruce, Memphis lumberman, Is > man "measured In wealth." "I would not trade.-my friend]' confidence and .esteem for all th' gold there I*,"-.Bums has 'declared In defense of-what many polities' notables of. the state believe will be a vain campaign for nomination against Bruce. Boasting;the endorsement .of J. Will Taylori. Republican congretv man from Tennessee, Bruce is re larded by both factions as the out standing Republican candidate. Supporters ol Governor Henry H Korton, candidate for. reelection are reportedly wing the announcement of.Brace's candidacy as.the parcel in destroying the sentlraen! favoring L. E: Owino, his opoonefll n ttM'Democratic primary: In for mattorub-that the^-'are 'circulating reports among- antlrHortbn'-''dusi- w»-m»n that Bruce is'the best "bet in the Republican primary ;and • re- ;ard*d as a "dangerous" opponent to Horton. in the general electlor ••The effect of that'campaign ls that business friends- of Bruce who ordinarily vote the Democratic ticket In-state elections,'.will desert the' cause in 1(30 to lenr' Bruce Uielr. support. The result would;-materially affect the vote of Qwlnn. . .Watchers say that Horton propagandist* must arouse any new support Haonff 'the business element for a aampilgn to recast the atwo- typed Democratic sentiment amon- farmen would be fruitless. Bnwe .returned recently -from Waabtotton, where he went pre- suntabiy to test the support he may ;: lions Ejtfitictecl by Coun- ••cil at July Meeting."; : A conimitlee 'or the city chur.i- ber of commerce at the Invitation of Mayor Nelll ftecd will be present at .the monthly meeting "of the city city council tor.lght to hear the proposals for gas franchise expected to be. presented "at the session. AH citizens interested in-the granting 1 of a franchise to supply Blytheville with gas are also urged 'by the 'mayor .to 'ta present.. , ." A number, of public service corporations have "signified their intention of having representatives at'the session tonight It Is stated. Two franchises granted in the past which failed to fulfill expecta tlons have expired. At least five concerns are planning upcn presenting their prcpos- tonlght It Is understood. from' , ( Jordan -.v^as- badly ; wgunded dur-. •Ing ^hboUrig'"' the cabin ynd.'bire- Oy'imanageditpjmak'e his'escape be- : •fort ' being' -6urrourided : by a 'posse seeking the negro slayers. •. "; . Jake, Robinson, brother of Esau, Ollle arid John Hoblnson, who wdre accused of the,murder^ .of prover BoyVl, i surrendei l td; to authorities yesterday.iayd was taken" to.Mont- gorhery for safe, keeping. . , So far as officers have been able to learn Jake" was not.connected directly . with - the' ..killing Iti. Emelle but Is reported to have been j'ln lire cabin'at the-Jime Marrs was 'slain'.," '.•;.' . ./..,' ,' There was rio' effort at mob.yio- jence wlieij he surrendered. , . ' • Florida EnduraiKe Plane Forced to Land Today JACKSONVILLK, Fla.. July ' F (UP)—George Haldeman's attempt to establish a'new non-refuelin? flight.record .will have to be started all over again after v a night aloft'In the. heavily loaded monoplane "13." -,,'... Exceptional consumption pf pll 40 gallons last night, forced him nnd his co-pllot, Stuart Chadwlck. to land their ship at. the .Jacksonville Municipal airport, 12 nilleE from their Jacksonville Beach takeoff, at'6:48'a. m.'today. lor' the United' 'fbr : every. . In his yesterday- : edfbn : thci H.,"^.-".. »— solit^y^fact^ wnicn meh'tupph tMe ! tAii^r'_, _~_ Ihe document Itstlf comprisee th* sole obi Igatlbn". of" the' . Uriflsitr : Senator R«ed tald the'docuntents . beIveen'Ambassador.Dawes -and .the ' .State 'Departmeot prior, to the Lon-; doiii r.conf«eoce...There•'"have. been ' intimations r/that.'.the .picturesque lahguage employed by America's butspckeh ambassaikx in ' London forb)ds ; ! their .publication. . ,i. • :. lanyl .;f-ttir;cmfw vbgkqj.vbgk .-,-..'• •: — •• —^- ••]-.$• ' B«y U Jwieskoro for Erjiergency Operatkm Smith Teflj Lion* of State Pob'tkal System 'Ark., Juy; 8' Costnerj .alxteen. year old son of ' Bob Costner who' liyei three :miles " south : of 'MiriiU, wa« strikeh 'at' ten last. night. with. an acute; attack of•appendicitis^.' '- Dr.'-W. 1 'A.' Hutcheris accomapnled the stck youth to the St.- Bernard Hospital In , Jonesboro. The ambulance of' Howard's -pnder.' taking Company ot Manila was used in the. emergency; ' ^-/ ., " The ' ' operation was -completed about three o'clock this : morning. According -to'.-latest •.rjeporU' the youth Is resting well, br, Hutcheris . 'stated • that serious complications would -have' 'setS up had the boy's.- operation' been delayed for an hour. . Will Enter Littie Rock : ; Plueii Circle To«r " 'LltTLE ROCKi'jilly'i. (UP)— A". Little Rock entry 'will, .be included.. Iri ' Uie' alJ-Arrierican flying derby' which will start from be'trott and circle the United States, it was de- - ckled by a .group, of business' men here.' " ;'•''"• ''-.'"' . ' - -.' Little Rock wll! ala> .be one of the stopping pqlnts'in the race. • Lee GehlbachV army . flyer, has been selected to fly the local entry, "The Little Rocket." -•' '•'•'•' Candidates in Primary Certified by Committee LITTLE ROCK, July 8. (UP>Names of state and district can. .. ._, f 'dVtates who are qualified to be expect from the Hoover adminls- placed on the ballots for the pri- trattoo. Nunerou! reports are that'taary election were certified today - • ' ' ' 'by the Democratic state central committee and,sent to the various county committees. The county comlttees will have •llbts .printed for the election nn mediately. Each committee, will hold a nubile dnwlng to determine Uie position of the candidates on the ballot. Ooofrwtman Taylor dots not ap- pror» aleetlon of a Republicar (OTtrtMnhip, but has eh- tw eitvSWaly of Bruce ir th» hope that it- would reduce the «nUM*la*B for Qwinn. . . PatUnee of an Interested cltl *ttirj la being sought until the bal- lota an Ittued. Functions of .the various state, district, county and "township office* for; which candidates, will be nominated. In the Democratic. primary August 12 were explained,by W. Leon Smith, local attorney,:In a talk before the Blytheville Li^ns club today. . ».-->. The prlmarv bullet. Mr. Smith told the club, will be a lengthy affair.'and he urged that all'pros- pective 1 voters ' famillarixe them- «elws with the.candidates for the •various offices • before "primary day In order to be'able to mark their ballots .printed for the election nn | ballots Intelligently. He listed Ihe primary candidates and told something of the'previous careers of as• plranU for the more Important ef- flces. Action on Ptrtf odd City Lifkt PIa*_l* DefenW PARAOOULD, Ark.-Action v («a proposed ordinance for a refetto- dum on a $125,000 bond Urae for a' municipally owTKK! and operated light and power plant was deferred for a month a( tSe'ngvUr meeting of the ParagomM dty cocndl last night, .-..•--• WEATffiK ARKANSA: continued warn ••weather and Wednesday. fair with

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