The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 13, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHE¥ILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 20fi Blytheville Courier, Blytheville Herald, BIythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Viillcy lender, KLY'niKVlU.K, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY. NOVKMIWH [',], 10;!0 SINGLE COPIES-FIVE CENTS ORDER Lost Fifty Cent Piece Sends 13 to Hospital .Beds Cotton Growers Are Turning to Better Varieties Osccola Agent Reports. OSCEOLA Ark.—County Agent S. D. Carpenter of Osccoia. rcpnrt- ing Ihe post year's agricultural extension work in Die south half of Mississippi county at the annual meeting of quorum court here Monday, stated that more inquiries had been made al his office for better cotton seed during the past two mouths than ever before during UK same period of lime. He attributes Ihe increased inlerest in this im- porla'nt phase of the profitable production of cotton to operation of the Mid-South Co-operalive Cotton Growers association, and discussing thc subject he said: "With reference to better strains and varieties, I believe co-operative marketing will soon solve this problem. The growers of half and half nnd other mongrel breeds of colton that produce a short uneven length staple are certainly being penalized when they sell their cotton, through ihc co-operalive association, where It is sold on Us merits, and as o consequence of this there have beer more inquiries for better planting seed during the past two monthr than I have ever seen before during the same period of time.'" .Close Spacing; Adopted. Of the three cardinal principles of ecnomical production of advocated by Ihe experiment stations and agricultural extension workers, namely, good seed, the us." of nitrogen fertilizer, and closi spacing, Mr. Carpenter says tha' close spacing has been put inl- practice more generally in soul's Mississippi counly than have the other two. Reporting on this phase of work he said: "Close spacing simply nU'aH.; r a'Vstand of cotton, 1 snci •-•;.' stand of cotton is where the row? are three feet wide and from one to three plants every twelve inches in thc drill. Tncre was more cotton cultivated in three foot rows this past year than at any time In the past, I think a safe esti-_ mate would be Gfi per cent or mo;" planted in rows not wider thsn three feet. It has taken a number of years to get this changed, but I feel certain that it is one practice than can be attributed directly to the work of experimental stations and county agents. "Fertilizer rccomntendations for the past- year were the same as those advocated for several years, wine his 175 to 200 pounds of a quick acting nitrogen fertilizer • per acre. Five sucli demonstrations were conducted this year, but only our has been completed. Ed Teaford cf Luxora used 200 pounds of nitralc of soda on his colton and obtained an increased yield of 534 pounds of seed colton per acre over that where no fertilizer was used. Af' ter deducting the cost of ferlilb."" and fnuring tiie rced cost at 3V^ cents per pound, there was left r profit of S3.D4 per acre. This profit i? way beiow the average for the term ol years. However, if thc 3:><V or 4000 acres of cotton that was fertilized in a like manner in Mississippi counly during the past season made a iike profit, this means an additional profit to the users, ol more thin 6127,000. Worm Control Tmporfant "All practices advocated and demonstrated had but one purpose in view—economical production. In 1 normal times, the greatest facloi determining the cosl of production is perhaps a matter of yield pe acre. Low yields mean high cos per pound and high yields low cos per pound, and 1 do not believe there is one time in a thousand when cotton Is not damaged, either In yield or grade, by an Infestation of leaf worms, such as we had here during thc months of August and September. "A great deal of time and a whole lot of hard work was snent In h»!->- ing farmers during these month!n the control of the cotton leif v-'orm. As you know the worms <lid not work in cycles, as they ordinarily do, but In most instances a crop of worms was continuous. Also you win remember the weather was EO dry there was not enough dew at night to make the poison stick, and It looked as though the poison was being thrown away. However, it proved more effective than we thought for at that time. As a last resort spray outfits were rig 1 ged up at a nominal cost and I car account for something over 4.000 acres of cotton that was sprayed with these outfits, to advantage." In thai part of Mr. Carpenter's report dcaMnj with feed crop pro- dun ion lie said: "it does seem as though it is foolish for a man to nlan'. corn without planting soy beans with it. nnd the only reason "'• I can thing of for not doing it, \~. iCi:niiiiiisd on Page Six) SAM FHANCISCO, Nov. 13 (UP) —A fifty cent piece jingled to the tracks In the Twin Peaks tunnel here lale yesterday afternoon causing a terrific collision between two street cars and leaving 13 persons In hospital^ today, two iwssibly fatally injured. The accident occurred when an outbound car Marled to back up to let a passenger retrieve the lost coin. Anclher car, following, crashed into the rear end, tele.scopiny both vehicles eight feet Into the air. A motorman and a passenger were buried underneath a heap of twisted wreckage, while the - tunnel platform was covered with screaming passengora Seek Government Aid forMississi])pi WateMays tl SEEK UJ. TITLE State Champion Livestock I earn Will Compete m National Event. WILSON. ARK., Nov. 13— Four Wilson high school boys, members slate champion livestock of the judging Would Seek New highways of commerce as well as jobs lor large 'numbers of. workers would be created by sufficient government appropriation for the development of Mississippi River navigation, these men told President Hoover when they called at the White House the other day, They ure members of the executive committee of Ihe Mississippi Valley Asscclation and are, left (o right: William It. D.iwes pcsidcnt of the organization; Arthur A. Rodgcrs. of Minneapolis; Rufus E. Lee. of Ornate; H. A IJroivn, of Birmingham; Cleveland A. Newton, uf SI. Louis, gi'ticrnl chairman. Clara's Ex-Secretary Says She Saved 'II' Girl From "Plenty of Messes" team of Arkansas, and Iheir instructor. E. Y. Pitch, teacher of vocational agriculture at •he school, will leave Saturday •light for Kansas City where the boys will compete in the national livestock judging contest at the American Royal Livestock Show. The boys are Charles Beall, Oreu Rcss and Harmon Wilson, lejjii- 'ar members of the learn, and Fred Smith., alternate. The Wilson boys won the state championship last spring at the University of Arkansas invitation HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Nov. 13, (UP)—Clara Bow has a now secretary. Daisy Devoe, Ihe' red head's discharged c-jifident and household j incsse;," and "saved her plenty of money." "Clara, you know, suffers from inscmnla," Daisy said, "and she cn "'t As a result she kept manager, says its a taan. Clara I me awoke M »'8ht. T worked partially agreeing, sayd Its a bank.|hours ^a day for her.and if there Daisy the "went gun-!™ 6 48 , noursi m » da y. l womd Foreigners Menaced b y . —. _ I llftVP \VOTk(»H 4H . . --. - . _ i r» «i Outbreak; General Strike Hinders Escape. on the level with ' , Clara tltat I was on the leve Daisy say3 she had a five year her : flbbe(1 , hat L sm , wgs . contract, verbal, to manage Claras. ing for ner affairs, and what is more will sec | 1 , Thcn ^ annmmced Ene had her attorney about it. Clara soys fired me That mado ^ t;vlk nn(1 •'nonsense," and, ''go ahead." if things keep up and she contin- Daisy told reporters today Clara • U es to make wise cracks about me .„ „. ........™ i ur «l her a *' a y Irom tn <= employ of rn talk some more. This man who. meet at Fayettcville. At Kansas a nlm company, where she was a got. my job—lie hasn't been work- ity.ii.they ocatlonal rom tiic. olher 47 states. Many •will -compete against agriculture students aluable prizes be awarded lie winners, among them being a 500 scholarship al a university or allege. llir- boys will also attend thc atlonal meeting of. the Future 'nrmers of America, which will be icld in conneclion with the live- lock show. The Wilson chapter, Jo. 38, has in Charles Beall a andidate for the American farni- rs degree, and incidentally he vill also be a candidate for Star farmer of America, which carries $1,000 prize scholarship. 'this' year's li\estock team is the hair dresser, and promised her five ing for a couple of months so 'tic years, employment, and for the p»tt; tholight he'd just move''in 6n my hvo years Daisy claims she has-'.-job." pulled Clara cut of "plenty of neporters agree Daisy.can talk. CHOSICI, PERU, Nov. 13 (UP)- iC|?ro Killers Choose Fried Chicken and Hard Boiled Eggs for Last Meal. By SAM S. FAIIKINCTON Unllril 1' Correspondent LITTLE HOCK, NOV, 13. <U1>> — Five.copious and meticulously ordered, meals were being prepared by the stale of Arkansas at tin penitentiary today as il final grhv gesture to five negro murderer? rente-need to die in • the electric chair Friday morning. The condemned quintet, Eddy I-oiig, Willy Joe Davis. Oeorgc Washington, and James Turiiage all of Little Rock, and Nfack Cleveland of. Columbia county, cugaRCri in lengthy deliberation over prison bills of fare'yesterday before handing orders for tlielr last meal lo Warden S. L. Todhunler. Thc custom of permitting prisoners sentenced to die lo "write the menu" for their last meal has been subscribed to at the state prison for years and officers make every effort lo carry out specifically the condemned men's lost wishes. Spend tast Day Alone A morbid, quiet atmosphere surrounded the five death cells today, | punctured occasionally by hrlcfblts of conversation between the condemned, who for the most part have resigned themselves to death. None expressed a desire to converse with outsiders, preferring to spend the last day In solitude. The first of the five will be led to the death chamber at 0:55 a. m, Ousting of Gov. Hoirton , ATHENS,- TENN!, NOV. us: <up> —Impeachment proceedings' against Clov, Henry Horton were proposed today by J. Tom Taylor, Republican, who was recently rq- eleelcd McMlim county representative In the legislature. "Governor Horlou us a, member of the funding board'has approved deposits of highway tinuls in banks In lai'ccr sums under thc law", said would Justify under the, lay.", said Taylor, "and has been guilty of such .misfeasance that he Is subject (o Impeachmcnl, "II seems n cleanup of the executive departments of this slate Is Ihe only solution, and I and my colleges will Institute Impeachment proceeding.': ngnhisi the chief executive If our plans arc not changed." Taylor's utterances are understood lo refer to n Nashville bank which closed n few days ago ty- •nij mi over $3,000,000 In Tennessee highway funds, besides large ..mounts ol olher public money. 10 QUELL ING Auti-Administration' .D e.r, monstratiorK Hold Threat of Rebellion. : ;•;' , , . Rufujecs from the Cerro rlc Pasca I strapped to the chair, nnd the cur- niinc where rebellious Indian.-, at- rent applied at seven. At brief in- tackcd foreigners and battled with tervals the others will follow. When troops, killing two Americans, nr-1 the chair has snuffed life out. Of. the last ot the quintet' of 'murderers It'Will mark the largest group execution since capital.punishment was Inaugurated In" Arkansas; • Long and Davis were' convicted ° f J <* n W«d. a North Llt- hird frcm Wilson that has rep- • resented Arkansas In national com- letition in the last six years. Last year Wilson boys represented the slate in the nationol poultry judg- .113 contist. and in 1G24 Wilson jtcck judging team. Iffli TO TELL Will Outline Butane Proposition At Informal Ses- r -i°n of Council. REFUSE HI LITTLE Defeated Mayoralty Candidate May Take Election Issue to Court. Members of Hie city council will LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 13. (UP) — meet informally tonight in the The Democratic central committee mayor's office at the city hall to al a- stormy session here last nighl •tudy the proposal of F. A. Horn- certified the nomination of Mayor i aday ct San Antonio, Texas to Pat Robinson to succeed himself. "_™ lf.L, -~ *~2 cham P lonsh 'P : stabiish. c, butane gas system here. ! refusing to grant the demand for a As the council adjourned at its recount Died by Horace A. Knowl- ref ulan meeting Monday night sub- ton,, who was defeated by Hobin rived today. They reported other fpreigners and families of officials trying desperately to reach safety over part- : ly disorganized railway lines." A . group of 210 foreigners, in- eluding four person!, who were I tle Rock alderman, In an attempt wounded in the fighting, were on i to rob n!s grocery store. Cleveland (he first train from thc disturbed | was sentenced to die for thc mur- regiori. The train continued der of two - Columbia, county ne- towaid Llnia, but transportation 18™ s . Bn d Turnage and Washing- was creatly hindered by the gen- : ton for the murder of W. H. Roberal strike' declared lliis morning. I erls ' a flnln B station attendant here, HITS mm DIE Great ' Hill Tumbles on Homes ofi Residents of Lyons, France. LYONS, France, Nov. 1.3. (UP)— Residents of the industrial - quarters of Lyons were evacuated rapidly from, their homes; today as fresh slides threatened further destruction from a crumbling hill In the' Foughleres section. 'jvr,' '•'. A re-check at 2 p. m',\»h'owed between forty and fitly, ptrsons dead in«4we|velwan'?wure .•. , HAVANA,. Cuba. Nov. 13. <UP>'^ Martini law will be declared In Havana at 3 p. m. today. ! !;-.!•. Under martial law soldiers will be given orders to shoot to kill if civilians disobey their orders. .".-•'•;.•"• \. Rioting and street fighting jbc,- twcen mobs of students and .troops was renewed today .shortly after -,. the government had taken, wjcie '•!'-' precaution^ against threatened ; dls*" '" orders; • L . • '-. / ..,;:';•• ''students'who, Have- been actively 1 opposing the government's policies-, dashed through the streets, smash-Ing windows and destroying prop'-" crly. ,Thc fighting stnrled wjlh si' demonstration In.front of the' mpc'r El Puts, where a'woman was- • clllcd In the fighting yesterday",' Cavalry was summoned to aid heavy*, police and troop, patrols on duty! at the building. Rumors .of threatened rebellion' against the government .of President Gcrardo Machado have been current for weeks, and the govern? mcnt is using every measure 'to prevent the present disorders-from developing Into a general outbreak. Much dissatisfaction has been expressed since the recent congressional election In which leaders of the Union Naclonnlista, opposition party, contcJ'.J voters were Intimidated. Alleged subservience of. President Machado U> American sugar Interests, .coupled with'-.; ecc-' nomlc depression, ii responsible for the'widespread: discontent. : - ; : ,' • Recent successful rerolutlons In , other Spanish-American' countries apparently have given ' r ejicbur»geV ment lo the opposition leaders. ' U. S. Women In Danger WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 (UP) — of fifteen Americans, including seven women are in danger [during a robbery. Here' Are Their Menus The final meal of each negro will consist of the following: Davlsr-frled spring chicken.' grape of mob violence 'at the mlnej ol '• soda ' hot biscuits and oranges. Canet,?, Peru, the stale department Cleveland-fried spring chicken. was advised today. two hard bolled cegs, coffee with At the request of the American • cream and 5U S ar . swee t P°talo pie. embassy in Lima 80 Peruvian sold-i Washington and Turnage-fried iers have been sent to protect for-i sleak! ?<, . noi Moults, hard balled .. A new glide occurred at- 9 s.'-ni. It lacked the destructive farce of the three slides In the early morning and caused no further (ataltlJs It was tared, however,, renewed rains might destroy the entire hill vrhloh has been disintegrating from the recent heavy rains. Despite the determined efforts of rescue workers throughout the day, oply three bodies had been recovered late this afternoon. The rescuers were doing their utmost to reach 'the living who could be teen In the debris. The homeless were cared tor by the municipality. C i(, ner 5 * ' , . jeggs, milk, and oranges. Long— fried spring chicken, cof- fee Witn crenm sugar, hard , . T i ur-ii sugar, ar Arkansas I eachers Will i bolled C BBS, two lemons; and sweet Hear Educators Tonight potato pie. ject to call it is possible that thc so" by 17 votes In the municipal j LITTLE 'HOCK. Nov. 13 (UP) — touncll could go into official ses-, election Monday. . , Dr. George D. Strayer, Columbia ' .'icn at-any time tonight, but/Mayor. The action of the committee in I university. New York city, faculty I Ncill Reed declared that such ac- turning down the request was pur-1 member, and W. D.' Cocking of ilion was net probable. At least portedly based on the uncertainty j Peabody college, Nashville, were! ! another • session ivill be held be- regarding thc legal rights of thc • tho principal speakers at the cve- j •>'•:• r-ny • franchise is definitely committee to recount the votes, j ning session of the G2nd annual! ; granted it Is generally believed. High feeling between the Rob- i convention of the Arkansas EdTi-' . _ .„.. i . n . i -Mr. Kornaday appeared before inson .and Knowlton faclions was | catlonal ars'-ciation tonight. • I J. P. WlllbOrn, Tionceri-'ic- council at its regular meeting revealed at last night's mcetln? and ,, b] . ,^,. coh: h, r o,, e i, 01I t J - | j,j <!„„»„„>,„ -,„,! InM H,o nlf« it. u-a c rlllrmrlwl trw).,,, !!,„ ,„„>,-,,. I ' vl ""y PUUIK. .-IH-UK, LliryUgllUUb Tell May Reach Seventy PARTS, Nov. 13. (UP)—The minister of Interior, after receiving advice from Lyons, said today .the death toll In the landslides there probably would not exceed seventy. The ministry said reports of R hundred dead were believed to be exaggerated. Premier, Andre Tardlcu, Ignoring his long (standing political enmity wllh Mayor EdOJard Herrlott ol Lyons, sent his personal condolences. , frepare DQi&lfl Leg of Flight to .OALSHOT, England, Nov. 13, (UP)—The crew of the flying boat DO-X.spent today preparing the big aircraft for continuation of jts flight from Germany to New Yrrk. ' , The engines were gone over carefully and 2,760 gallons of gasoline and 100 gallons of oil were taken . aboard for the flight to Bordeaux; France, tentatively set fcr 9 a.'rn. ' Friday. The departure, however, will depend on the weather.. The engines consume 326 gallons of fuel per hour.' -.if '' Chapman-Dewey Employes Local Merchant DieTat \* s"--? ,V>» *% f m^TT' 1 ,^ ^'T^'- '^cTe^ lo^rmrS-S at West Ridge-Juggled LOUll ivu-iuidlll, 1^165 dl Mdernicn at lhal lime that he may ba taken to court for final :„„ ,„ „„„„, ,,,„ ri.«i™ c ,,-wri, i . T ^, . J bb Age of 78. Funeral services will be held Friday morning for J. F. Wlnborn. 78, who succumbed at his home wculd make a definite effort to' aclion. | secure natural gas for Blytheville j ' : — I --siorc sug2es!ing a butane gas sys- ., . ! ic:n. On his roturn "nere yestcr-. Services I day. Mr. Kornaday has told of-' i ficials Hint he is convinced of the highway 18 Just east of this city'at iS5i , )mtJ . of sccuring natlira i 3:45 o'clock yesterday afternoonfol-1 .. a > nnd ^,, ^ a rranchisc for establishment of lowing a stroke of paralysis. The deceased operated a grocery store In this city for many years, being one of thc pioneer residents . , j , lvards J- or LaVlH.C Litchford \ llolls a ers to attend the fissions which i have atlracled upwards of 4,000 i delegates. The delegates represented up-1 Accounts Is Claim. Alec Halley and W. F. Knight, 350 educational InUitu-! accused of embezzling several ,^l K0 l Si • thousand dollars from tho Chap_' i man-Dewey Hardaway Talks on Cotton at Rotary Club Meeting Oscar Hardaway discmsed cotton marketing, its prcronl conditl™ and hopes for the future with suggestions for holding cotton, al the luncheon meeting of the Rotary club today at the H',tcl Noble. Another feature of the program End of Dictatorship - In Span Is Promised MADRID, Spain, Nov. 13 (UP.);- Ktng Alfonto, presiding at an Im^ portnnt cabuwt meeting today ap; proved the cabinet's plans frit fur- tlier progress toward ending Uio dictatorship and returning to constitutional government. ' . ..' "The king approved the goverrv- rrf!nt r s plan," said Premier Geri- eral Damasso Berensuer alter the two h r ur meeting. •'. '. "Ihere will be elections." - .- Last rites will be held at Union tho Severn! cth'f utilities firms and jas nwn have alsa appeared be- butane City, Tenn., today for Liville Lilch- 1 ford, 17-year-old school girl; daugh- of the city, and for the past few ? 0 , c thc councl , vvilh proposals to years hod operated,a:store on high- j pl;l jtl bul • 5ysScms hcre Thc way. 18 near his home. city council visited such u plant Baptist church at 10 'p.],.-.,, following will serve-as i riDn " The Rev W. W. Kyser of Phila- \< n ' cp .- ra ., on at Unioll city -Tues delphia, Miss., former pastor of tin' ; d .,.. First Baptist church of this city.: ' "" ______ will officiate at the services to te ' held at the o'clock. The following pallbearers: John Buchanan, O. W i CuS' J12 of Communists Lewis, Harry Atkins, Thurman At- I • kins and Holand Green. Interment will be made at Maple Grove cem- elery. The Cobb Undertaking company Is in charge of funeral ola-w tcrpf Mr. and ?.fr3.' J. L. Litchfo'.d. Ammel Will Start Flight from Airport a iman-De.ey Luinber company, ac- ,„;"^ ,« t ,ons a d songs by !^'"iL^.f. h ^ f ,' T,,^^Tr- "fa, Evelyn Harwell, of Marianna, ' rhcy ^' ere »rrc::tcd by deputies o , shavcl .. s or(lcf , one being taken into custody near who died at the family home in | HALBOA, Canal Zone, Nov. 13., Campbell Mo the Pride Addition Wednesday at (UP)-Canal Zone airports are too., ^p tw ' arc nl ,,,- cd to Iiav e cn- 12:45 o'clock. small to enable a takeoff mthsuf-' i ci . ed ..i nto „ conspiriUy ,„ lak( . The deceased is survived by her "ctcnt fr,:l fo- 30 uours night,: {unds from (hc ll]mbcr conlpar] j. parents, •.-three sisters and one j Captain Roy W. Ammel said fday. 4y j,, re )i n? rcct)r rt s al the coin'- brothcr.-'.. ; . land he therefore plans to' s 'art a; pany . s "pni n g" camp nl West Ridge The-Cobb Undertaking company nonstop flight to Chlcaso from the; lvest ot osceola. the Rotarlans practiced man; new club songs led by R- F. Kirsh- Shoot Dog, Feared Rabies Victim is In charge of funeral plans. Ancon, Panama, airfield, about 80, I miKs jjiithwest of Baltoa. Accor . to reports A bulldog, believed to be in tlv off) . throes' of an attack of rabies, wa? STRATFORD, Conn. (UP)— D3- 11-of Comnnmlsts is .advo- The deceasl b survived by Winborn. •;->--- | i t .eH Stump Falls into Ohio Scrioolhouse IRONTON, O.. Nov. -13. (UP) — Six children were injured, one prob- :' ably fatally, today when a tree! ;nej. •• . - . , xj>r.uL*>i.j, •-"« .^, president of • a ' the Sikorsky Aviutlon Corporr.tion. ' which ' employs several hundred ; Russians here, presided over a re- j ed hlj wife, and then took his own cent meeting of the Russion Hl?h; life loday. the camp b;il was Ln wyer Suicides After j »°» J»«w. mgM from N« xo* -to Shooting Wife! Daughters i?S£?V,£.i£, •£& ^ . - • • i Chicago early Salurday. flying via^n • m , i- I and Atlanta. .ipWISS lUHl 10 Airplanes killed the First. this afternoon at grade school. 1 a i V/ill Hold Free Typhoid .' Clinic at Stech Monday UNIONTOWN, Pa., Nov. 13 (UP) | — B. said they found the dog, a yov:n- pup, running around In and out cf the school yard and fro'hlng at the moulh. ... W. Playford, 65, prominent 1 Fayette c'(Unly altorney, shot 'and Swiis II fatally/ wounded his' three voung "•« « :,-.Tirobably fatally wound- For TransDortation STEELE, Mo., Nov. 13.—The Pcmiicot county health department will conduct a free typhoid Immunization clinic In Stcelc, Monday, November 17, at 9 a. m. Dr, Fred L. Ogilvie, of the Peml- scot county board of health, will be present and personally administer the serum. This service is free and all persons desiring to take udvan? tage of this opportunity of becoming immune iruin the dread disease are requested lo reporl at the hi^li 1 school gymnasium at the above hour. Although" only two cases of ly- phcld have been reported in this j vlcinily the doctors think 11 wise to take precauticns and guard against s spread. A state baard of health analysis shows the city water supply to to free from contamination of any kind. Brin,'Jackson ' GENEVA. (up>-D?prived of any Black Coats Trimmed TW Talcs Mr>«aap Rccess to the Ma ' Switzerland has U/VL r n - l l nat i aKcs message Rdopted thc flxc( , ^ lcy 0{ lnc I if/ifa p ur Popular '" • ' --••• highest possible develonmcnt of- -. '. . . GENEVA. (UP)-Two Zurich 1n-.;' ae rlBl transportation in order lo{ ud Joseph injure her nuick cut-<ide commun- . such unusual ctr- LONDON. (UP)-IJght. warm ! are'the three qual- Cold Wave Coming CHICAGO, Nov. 13 (UPI—A cold wave was reported sweeping toward f he riirtdle weit today from tho Canadian northwest. ,, stump dynamited from the eavtV new music hall of the Univerr.lty LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov. 13. TransSon of a «11™ te^ ^mc%n sSland .Tl^oE SZ^ 0 M ! StL R * l SlL 8lm l m ? by a road construction gaii* cnsiv of North Carolina, with canacitv (UP)-Edward Jacksr,... M,* Har- m-.nhi. „..,.„. . tr ?, m ,° . •?* zcrland *' ls ' s :°- s> ? 0 Ainmy old narrow Wigmore Street by a road construction gang cn.^v of North Carolina, with capacity (UP)-Edward JacksonV"alias Har- graphic message. which h 13 UmM croater than In ed through he rco of a country for 9000 and containing a Renter old H. Edwards, will leave here to- The apparatus employed is a dial 922 xtc nSr o" imliw" is" at Kelly's Bridge. n«ar h«ra. organ built in Europe al a cosl of night, accompanied bv a U. S. rmr- telephone When the subscrlb-r . The. figures for the past year. Glances In coal salons along I WEATHER show that the total number Df kilo Bond Street, Cavendish Squire.' . meters traversed In regular air Hanover Street Regent Street and j ARKANSAS—Cloudy rain lalo The. stump, welshing more~than $30,000. will be'dedicai: Mte.fe. does w .that fur Is used chiefly tor cllars ccilarsi a Laurel, the c by cuffs. tonight or Friday, colder In north- we'tern norllou Friday. AccordlnR to t h" dial Into a' | transported 434.303 kilograms. unlike satin. frnl bbck f!><!e Cloth | ob.crver, Charles Pliilllps tin miri- 1 cloudy.

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