The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NE\VSPAPE O TIEA DOMINANT NE\VSPAPER OP NOKTIIEAST AHKAN8AH . AND SOUTHEASr MISSOURI VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 287. Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Blythevlllo Dally News Valley Leader m-YTIIKVl!,LK, AKKANSAS, SATUKIMY, KUBHUARY 10. IMS SItfGI £ COPIES FIVE CKNTI THEIR HOMES Vinson Wants Appropriation For Demonslralion Of "Aerial Mind" WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 '(OP) — Chairman Carl Vinson, Democrat, Giicijjia. suggested today to tlie house naval affairs committee thai it earmark part of a $15,000.000 experimental appropriation in the billion dollar naval expansion bill for dejiiomlration of a new method <-f aerial warfare. Vinson referred to a method revealed by Lester, p. Barlow, Stamford. Conn., inventor, who said with n new "aerial mind" it would be possible lo bomb every square yard of a 100 mile square area within live minutes. He said 1200 bombing- planes would be necessary for the operation. Vinson said he fell In considering the naval expansion bill, which carries $15,000.000-for experimental purposes, provisions should be iniidc for demonstration of Barlow'.s deadly device. Vinson discussed Barlow's deadly "aerial mind" after Louis W. Hubert, jr.. testifying for the Baltimore peace Conference, told the committee that "an appreciable minority" of American youths will not bear arms under any circumstances-. Twister Loaves Desulaiion In Wake Ai; Rodesst Flood Control Program Awaitr Roosevelt Report WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. (UP) Authorization nt (his session of congress of the most comprehensive Hood! control program ' ever considered depended, today oh n U>»K "overdue report by Presid-nt. Hocsevrit. Pome members of the house f'"o<l control committee now be- ]f<-."f! that Mr. Roosevelt does not wish lo have other requests for f»iuK pending while congress is debuting the new billion dollar naval l-ilding authorization. They :>lso bt-lieve that the complicated but integrated nature of water re- soinces. conservation and control and public power Issues have sum [-thing 10 do with the delay. Name Louis Cherry And Mrs. Redford Delegates SWIM ML Scientists C Are Rescued, r, Save Records E' , Hitler With Nazis in Power To Ploclgc "I lands Off" VlKNNA, 1'Yli. ID (UP)--Fuehrer dull Ilillor In his speech to the I'lchstng In Merlin tomorrow will v.plmsta' thill ClL-nimny fully ree- ognl/.e.i Auslrln'ts Independence und imilorlul Integrity, circles close t" (ho tiovi'i'iunenl understood today. Hitler, ^hcse Mnii'i'OH .snld. will pli'diju Hint In iho future Qcrmimy will abstain from nny Interference in Ausdlaii Internal affairs, lifter expressing snllsfnctlon that Austria's bnsif. Ormnii clmmcter Is assured by the reci-nl change in Austria. Tlie devastation caused by tlie tornado which .struck the JiLlle oil boom town of Rodcssii, revealed in this aerial picture of the wreckage Tliui-sdn J""' ••"'" To Oi'sluri! Toward C'nlhullro BERLIN, Feb. 13 (UPJ-Fuc'hror Adolf Hitler it was generally bo- Ili'veil today, will make some sort of eonclllaloiy statement about the church situation in his Reichstag speech tomorrow. The statement was expected especially In view of the delicacy of the problem In Austria, where the overwhelmingly Calhollc populii is viv- is \l\ and the Courier Mows and rustled here loday. :, obtained especially for NEA Sorvi:o Government Officials Estimate 1937 Crop Subsidy, 1938 Payments ' WASHINGTON. Fcb. 10. (UP) — Southern cotton farmers will receive approximately $250,000.000 in I sovernment benefit payments this! year under tile new farm program, farm administration officials estimated today. Payments \vi!l include $130,000.000 in subsidy payments on 1037 ,'otton to farmers complying \viih 1938 aerea(;(.' allotment.'; nnd approximately $120,000,000 In benefit payments on 1938 cotton ind for soil conservation practices. Under the old AAA cotton farm- Farpi Bureau President To Address Wilson Lions R. E. Short, of Brinklcy, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, will be tlie principal speaker at n meeting of the'' Wilson ' Lions- blub-Monday night at the Sunset park club house at Bassett. The supper meeting Is to begin at seven o'clock. Mr. Short's talk will lie on the new national farm program, it has been announced by the committee In charge of arrangements. Delegates of ihe Mississippi County Agricultural committje, ers received $112.COOOOo"Tn 19Ti- who will represent this group at $115.000.000 in 1934 und $120.000.000 In 1935. Under the soil con- n first slate meeting to be held soon nl Stuttgart, were elects in a meeting this morning at the court house. J. Louis Cherry and Mrs. O. R. . Bedford were named delegates 4' 1 v-llh c. E. Crlgger and Mrs. B. F. ^V tiny ns alternates. Tlie county agricultural group inakis plans each year for the extension work of the county and servation act they received $112,- OCO.OOO In, 1936 and an estimated $110,000,000 In 1937. They must comply with Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace's order for a 25 per cent reduction in acreage to receive the subsidy of f!5 n bale on 65 per cent of their 1937 crop, AAA officials said. Danger From Well Averted, Rehabilitation Work Is Started Would Provide For General Mobilization Of Nation's Resources .TOKVO. Feb. 19. <UP) — Tho government introduced : In parliament today n sweeping general mobilization bill, providing lor mobilization of every necessary resource in time of emergency. Munitions. general industries, shipping, mining nnd other essential branches of the national economy may be mobilized under the bill. Its Introduction In the Diet, the lower came one day after a vague hut obviously important statement from Imperial tei b plans are underway for the for- million of a state group which D , . _ will net in « similar capacity tori rentlSyiVania uOVCmor all the counties. t The county committee Is mnde up of a man and a woman from each of the townships in the county. Curiosity Kills Cat, Darkens Town Besides H U L L, Mass. (UP)—Curiosity really killed this cat. The feline straddled two high tension lines, was electrocuted by 13,800 volts and short-circuited the town lighting supply. Hull \vns in darkness for a half hour. UP)—Governor George If. Earle oday announced his candidacy or the Democratic nomination for United States senator from Pcnn- ylvania. He ivtll seek the post now held >y Senator James J. ~ mblican. I'll T€LL YOU Bf ece -i BURNS _ In (he old days politicians usc'ta pull the wool over people's eye. and some of 'em got away with I for years but today the public I: getliii' smart and can detect in sincerity. The other night a politician go >ip in n. church out here and mad a speech on temperance. He go along Just fine until he warmed up in his speech denouncing beer ant liu forgot himself and tried to blow the foam off a gloss ol --'— To Seek Senate Seat I1ARRISBURG. Pa.. Feb. 19. RODESSA. La.. Feb. 19. (UP)—' A wild gas well that created n fire hazard amid the nilns made by Thursday night's tornado which killed 23 persons here wus capped today and rehabilitation work was resumed. The well's derrick was overturned by the storm, mechanisms were wrenched from the cosing head and n cloud of \vet inflammable gas settled over the town all day Friday, while rescue workers were searching for dead ,ind injured left by the tornado. In addition lo the 23 dead almost 100 persons ivere injured, some seriously when tlie funnel- shaped cloud swooped down during a rainstorm and in 10 seconds laid waste nn area of warehouses and ramshackle homes. Wew York Cotton NEW YORK. Fcb. If). (VPt Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 895 SOI 909 917 917 320 902 910 018 927 929 927 892 900 907 915 915 920 aoo 010 9in 92 3 125 927 Spots closed steady at 910. up .- ers that the armed forces would e reorganized nnd N "reptenlshsd Richard Whiting, Song Composer, Dies Today HOLLYWOOD, Calif.. Fell. 10 (UP)—Richard Wlilliug, who ' for 25 years was ranked as one of America's leading composers of popular songs, died here tod.ay after n long Illness. He was 40. Wolfing was author of more than 100 hit tunes Including "Tulip Time hi liollandn." which first won him fame as song writer while he was • still .in his teens, "T|ll We Moct Again", "Japanese Sandman", "Beyond Tho Blue Horizon". "Sing, Baby, Sinn", and his latest composition, "Llko A Fish Out of Waler." . He was a native of Peorla, III. lion mnnlfc.stcit uneasiness over tlie status of the church under the new Nax.lllcd regime. IE. GlESf STEELE Will Hold Funeral Sunday For Prominent Pemiscot County Fanner , , . fices to be tilled this year, polltlca observers were predicting. a ho August, primary for Arkansas. Thn' county and dlfitrlct'.olTlcc. will take oh a local Interest will 10.-J. E. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 19. (UP) — Commodity Issues led a dull advance on the stock market today. commodities Bonds firmed and were about steady A. T. & T. 1373-4 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Fcb. 19. <UP) —Cotton futures closed steady today with net gains of 45 to 50 cents a bale. open high low close • .......... Anaconda Cop ............. 33 Affoc. U. 0 ........ 718 Beth. Steel ............ '.'" 5G Boeing Air ............ "_" i 8 Chrysler ......... 5$ Cities Serv .......... '..;'.;; ',05.3 Coca Cola ''" 41 353-8 Mar May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 9oe 914 919 92S 929 93! 910 919 026 937 938 938 Gen. Elec Gen. Mot OJ Int. Harvest "" ^ j Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central \\ Packard 'replenished In accordance with long term operations"—a statement that apparently meant the dispatch of •iew divisions to China. It followed confirmation atj Shanghai of reports that General; „ Iwane Mnl.sui, commander In chief! STLELE. Mo., Fcb. ... _. „ in China, had been recalled toj, Ge '™ a "' °™ 1 ' of extell s lvc I«m Tokyo and lhat General Shunroku Hata, Inspector general of military education, would replace hl-.n. Pat Patterson Still In Critical Condition Pat Patterson, 21, w ho was so- vcrcly injured when he was attacked late Thursday night, is still In n critical condition. There had been no Improvement shown In his condition, physicians said this afternoon. He Is at the Bly- -. ... of PorlagevWe, Mo., who was arrested after tlie cutting, Is being held In the county Jail here although no formal charge has been placed againM him pending the outcome of Patterson's Injuries. Officers are still seeking "Bud" Adams, of ii*a, Miss., who Patterson says, assisted Scott. In beating and cutting him in a West Ash street, fight which is said to have been the rJImn.x to a drinking party. Scott denies remembering anything about what happened, FDIC To Pay Depositors In Bank Of Marion Soon llieville hospital. Richard Scott, 903 910 918 927 929 931 910 U1J , 17 1-2 . I 6-8 38 6 3-4 Radio Schcnly Dlst '.'.'.'."" 01 5 Simmons „. 10. Spots closed steady at 929. up 926 Socony Vac. 935 j Std. Oil N. J. 937 (Texas Corp. 033 U. S. Smelt. 15 1-Z lands In this section, died at his home near Steele last night after a lengthy, He would have celebrated his 48th birthday March 20. Mr. German was stricken with paralysis Tuesday but his death was directly caased by a liver aliment. This was the third time In eight months that death lias struck the German family. His wlfo died eight months ago timl a brother, John German, died last October. Members of the German family were early settlers In this county, where they acquired much land, and the deceased was active in farming, as his older relatives had been. He took much Interest in affairs of the Methodist church and was serving a second term as a member of Uic school board. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon, two o'clock, at tlie Steele Methodist church with the Rev. M. A. Massey. pastor, officiating, assisted by the Rev. W. M. Duncan, a retired Methodist minister of Slcele. Pallbearers will be members of the board of directors of the Consolidated School District Number Eight and members of the faculty of the stcclc high school. He Is survived by two sons, Tommie and J. B., a daughter, Beaiitta, his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. S MOSCOW, H'b, 10 (Ul'J—Pour :ovli>l .srli'iillsts of tlw North Pole xpMlillon, adrift on Hie lee for iiuiv Ihiin I'luht months, were c'Miiiod today oil the southeastern oust, of Clii'cnlaml. The four scientists, headed by Ivan Piipunln, were token oil will) ill ihelr H|iil]nncnl aiul Mclcor- Tlii' rescue was nuule by tl«> k'e jri'iikers Tiilmlr and Murman, Tin- equipment, of the explorers wus plated aboard tin- two Ice bWHkl-rs which turned back und stinted for Murmansk. Fiirlhi'r ilvluUii were lacking. It wu.s ii,s.s!iini'(l I lie rescue wus ut- compllslieil by sledije- parlies. Bul Critical Condition Is Not Anticipated By. Engineers However MEMPHIS, Fcb. 10. (UP)—Weather bureau officials said today Iho St. Francis river was rising rapidly at all points and would continue to rlsu for nt. least two more days. As Mo., today tho St Francis slooil at 23.2 feet—3.2 ovot flood slaue. Mcterologlst P. W Urlst said the river would crcsi at risk nt. 24,r> - to 25.5 Monday. Pile Sandbags To Hold Back Arkansas, White And Black Rivers • •. • LITTLE HOCK, Fcb. 19, (UP) —Thousands of dyke nnd, levee workers today piled sand bags ignlnst the cllmbh'ig waters of the Arkansns, While und Black rivers In (lie Etftlc as officials sought shelter for 2«X) homeless, knowing that more must bo accommodated within tin- next 48 hours, if ,thq streams continue lo rlso and (ha predicted "severe freeze" comes to- iilijht. '.''., The slnlo highway department' reported that through Hooded districts, which practically covers tho northern half of the state,- 47 stale and national highways were cut of lite and that dimago to tomes, favin Implements and roads ivoiild lolnl mllll-ms of dollars, Relief Officials Meet • A meeting of all relief agencies was scheduled to be held at 1 o'clock Oils altornoon In the office of Flovd Sl.'arp, sfnJr. WPA , .. , to map plans for cnrlnn for the homeless and furnishing !«lcllt! levee workers Irom the unemployed rolls. Tho on the Arkansas river' was reached at Fort Smith losb nlRht when tho gauge registered 33.0 feet nnd 600 persons were forced to leave their homes of the low scctl in.s o! t'ne city and surrounding countryside. At Morrlll- ton, 100 miles southeast of Fort Smith, on the river, l.fXW fruiii- lles were rcpoi'tel to Invo left iholr lowland farm home's for " ivii luwuuiu nun 1 , nonic^ lor At St, FrancLi, Ark,, the St. tiigliec land ind places rt EDfetv •rnn,l. '.t™, ,,f ,n . , {Mng fnm) [.np^,,,,, fc ^^ »]™>\ Sees Interest .Centering On Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Congressional Races BY PAT ; ,WAI,SII .nnT 1 ?^,' 1100 ^, AI K'™ C "- U «'. "I' u 1B ,-,,|,,, 110 n o, jonn w. (UPJ-Wltl! more than :6,000 coun- Meyer, englhcer for Drainage DIs- ty, district,'.slate nnd iinUOnal'of- ' ' ' '" •••---- Francis stood nt 10.1 feet—1.. above flood level, Crest prediction for the river at that point 'svus 1)2 feet on. Febrtmryyas.. •> Big Ijikc at S42.8 A rise of 1.1 feet at 13lg Lake since yesterday made tho gauge ri'nil :thls altcrnoon. Tho rlso Is oxpcptcd .lo make the rending 247, h) the. (jplnlon of John W - trict 17, .who ''said that the waler would , continue to rlso rapidly for about two more days then rise only' very slowly, unless there l.i more rain. are' being made to begin mil Liirtl. u.i II 1UVIU Illtvluab WIVIt I-mlls tlrt! UClllg ma<lC IO UCgLll stale. wide i interest being centered, pntrollng the levees when the gauge reaches 240, which is cx- ... ^^..o.^.^,.^,,,,. ,..^,,.,. l)ccled to be sometime next week, Of the, copstltiiltonal slate oHl- llc . s »'d. Tills Is done only ns n clnls ohly State Treasurer Ear "" ' Page will be seeking a third ten., while the remainder under norma conditions can expect n scconc term without a great deal of op- IXMilton. Under this, condition It was said that the major interest will center In the governor, senate and congressional contests. Governor Carl E. Dallcy, while withholding his counsel, has Indicated to friends tlml he will seek a second term and Is assured of being opposed by n. A. Cook, form- :r Pulaskl county Judge. In the senatorial rai Senator Hattlc Caraway L er Venable have announced their landldncles, but many expect to jee Congressman John L. McClcl- an and possibly anolbcr In that •ace before closing lime. In the congressional races llio closest are expected to be staged n the second nnd third district*. Former State Senator John Ashey of Melbourne tills week announced that lie would be a candidate In the second district, add- ng his nnme to the list that already Included that of County Judge Wilbur Mills. Judge Mills announced .line ago. LirrLE ROCK, Ark-., Fcb 19— ' Parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. S Tlie Federal Deposit' lasiirancel lllan ' a Bother, •>• L German corporation probably will st.ull a !l <i , B ' slst<T ' Mrs - T - r - Brooks i.._ ,,<r -i 11 . .. _ ._ . &H HI llPr<* paying off depositors of the cloi- ed Bank of Afarlon late next week. State Bank Commissioner Grover Jcrnlgnn said yesterday of here. . German Undertaking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements Chicago Corn open high low close May 59 3-4 BO 3-8 69 3-4 59 7-8 July 61 1-4 61 3-4 6) 1-8 61 3-8 u. s. steel Chicago Wheat « 8 ceiy court Monday, listed Indi- 53 3-4 vlcU | S i deposits In checking accounts at $552.870.89, minus $32, open May 92 1-4 , low close - - - 81 3-4 05 7 fl July 88 1-4 8ft 1-8 87 7.8 68 5-8 265.22 in worthless checks for a total of $530,765.57. The Inventory £»ld more than $85,000 worth c,f public money was deposited with tlie bank. Including {25,000 of state money, j Toothache Is To Indianan, Aged 97 CHURUBtJSCO, Hid. (UP) _ Martin D. Crabill, 97, who has never had a toothache, got "a new thrill out of life" when he. hud a loosened molar • extracted. His other teeth are in good con dltlon. . . precautionary measure nnd great trouble Is anticipated, with the water now In sight, ns the levees are In fnlr condition, he fintd. £ S. R. Morgan Sentenced to 10 Years; M. B. Morgan To Five LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 19. (Up) —S. R. Mm-gan, utilities operator, convicted yesterday in federal court on charges of usiny the malls to defraud, today wns sentenced to 10 years In prison on i,,- rt « i i V , ~!, 'it-ot-ML wciuiier predictions in- I, count, by Judge Thomas c. llcafe stages may Approach tho ^ candidacy some CJose friends of Asfiley said that :he former stato senator was cx- pected to start his active campaign "after he pat his garden out." Ashley intimated lhat he vould ojioti up n headquarters in Batcsville. Mills has been conducting a mndshaking campaign over the district for some time and has an organization In each of the vot- ng precincts. In the third congressional district Congressman Claude Fuller is expected to seek re-election and will be opposed by State Senator Clyde Ellis of Bcntonvllle. Bits, a strong supporter of Governor Bailey and rural electrification (or the northern part of the state has been showing motion ptctues of the work accomplished !ti eastern Tennessee by the TVA and citing that the same Is possible (or Arkansas, ss a part of his pre-campalgn activity. Close friends of the Benton ville senator said that In showing the picture In 12 towns of the third district that more than 8,- for that section of Arkansas, Trimble. His brother, M. B, JVforgan, also. convicted on fraud charges, drew a five-year sentence, consisting of one-year terms on five counts. Both men were convicted on charges arising from their allseed operation ol the fictitious Oklahoma Petroleum Products company, as an intermediary for the purchase of oil refinery gas. Farmer Found Dead At Manila Early Today MANILA. Ark., I\>b. 19—Oscar Medlock, 40. Brown's Spur farmer, was found dead in the cab of a parked truck here early this morning. There were no signs of foul play and it \vas said that no Inquest would be held. Medlock was reported by the town marshal! and others to have been drinking and eating heavily here last night. Ho was said to have been carried out of a local cafe in a drunken stupor nnd placed In a truck, owned by E. C. Flee- nian, by two men, whose Identity had not b«n revealed Uils morning. It is understood they removed him from the cafo so Die proprle- slock with them. HeslrtenUs of Conwoy reported that,,25Q..persons, living- along thoX river there hart moved out to higher ground and Into the city while in Little Rock"and North Little Rock It wns estimated that SCO iwrostis had left their homes for safor place.? until the cicst. of the flood passed. The Arkansas at Little P.ock today stood nt 25 feet with the weather bureau predicting It would reach 30.5 feet on February 21, Search for Stranded Groups During; the ciay two planes of the 154th observation squadron of the Arkansas national guard made patrol nights oVef courses of tho Arkansas nnd White rivers In ef- (orls to locale any stranded'low- ' 'and residents. 'V :'' f>|v ' Heport.s from BatcsylUe j>l< noon ?avc the White river there-a stage of 39 feet, which rivennen said was the crest unless additional rain fell on the stream's watershed within the next 12 hoursA Missouri Pacific tracks between. Newport nnd Batcsville were reV ported to be under water ana light highways In that section of the state .were under water and useless. Engineers Mobilize Forc« WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Feb. 10 (UP)—United States army engineers' office announced here today It had mobilized supervisory anit Inspection forces along all levees that may be endangered by tho flood waters of Arkansas rivers. Tools and sandbags were rush- sd to strategic points. Tlie engineers' office said tho situation on rivers was not yet :rltlca! but was rapidly approaching serious proportions. 'Present weather predictions In- the 1935 floods," Major Daniel Noce, head of the office, said. Sue To Recover Damages For Traffic Injuries Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Blngcnheimer have filed suit In common pleas court here against Swift and company, seeking $800 for personal Injuries and damage to their au- tpmobile In an accident at Osceola. They charge that the driver of a truck operated by the company negligently struck their machine at an Osceola intersection on Highway 61. Zal B. Harrton Is attorney for the plaintiffs. i-t'liu uJ0lfl<v-L> IJJOV tJJLJi c 1*1 IUU O," "UJt lj wiij wic 1C* IV *U UlC I/* 000 persxms winessed the showings tor could close for the night, and heard his explanation of how Ho Is survived by one daughter the same might be accomplished Mrs. Ruby Lancaster, and a son W. O. Medlock. WEATHER Arkansas—Hair, colder In e.v- trcme east portion, sovero freeza tonight; Sunday fair, slowly rising temperature. Memphis nnd vicinity—Fair and colder tonight, lowest temperature) 24 to 28; Sunday fair and colder. Tho maximum temperature hem yesterday was 58, minimum 40, cloudy with precipitation totaling .34 ot an inch, including rain and snow, according to Samuel F. Nor- tls, official weather observer. Early today the temperature dropped, to 28.

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