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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana • Page 7
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana • Page 7

Helena, Montana
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THE HELT4A DAILY 1 FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1936 WITHDRAWAL OF HELENA AND COLORED GIANTS TO LEAVE FIVE TEAMS IN THE RACE Helena's participation in the Montana State league ended yesterday following the action of the at a special meeting in Butte. The action had the sanction of the Helena commissioners. Tho reason for Helena's foldup was due to the fact that not enough players could be secured by Manager Culver to make the Butte trips and when the Vigilantes failed to show up for games there, many fans were disappointed and the Butte teams were left holding the sack. Helena has had a miserable season but they had attempted to carry on. with what there was available. The loss of several good players within a week demoralized the 1 remaining men and they decided to call it a day. Few Left The Vigilantes had but four or five remaining games and at least two of them were with the Colored Giants who withdtow from the league when obvious protests were uiled against them. It is more than probable that the league will be leformed next a on a sounder basis and with white teams exclusively. It Is hoped that Mlssoula will be added to the circuit next vear and thla is not at all improbable. Manager Mack Culver stated last evening that he intended talking pr cei tain matters with the remaining members of the team and if possible holding the i together for a couple of exhibition fames with the purpose of raising tash to meet few outstanding ob- ligations. He may draft gome like ly youngsters into tbe team to the remainder of the season wit an eye for a next season tryou with more local boys representln the city. This Was not possible un der the State league setup as th player addition limit bad expired Action Commendable The action of the league com mission In taking up Helena's fran chise was entirely in keeping with the spirit of the league and is ac cepted here in good faith as wa their action in. upholding the rule of baseball and the organization li considering the East Helena, pro tested games. While it Is regretable that the action was necessaiy and that two teams withdrawing handicaps thi successful finish. It Is believed tha it will make for a better and stronger organization in the fu ture. Five in Race Butte, Aug Hel ena Vigilantes and the Butte Col orod Giants were off the Montana State Baseball league roster of teams tonight. The league commissioners, In session here today, took up the franchise of the Helena club be cause of the team's failure to play two regularly scheduled contests in Butte within tho last two weeks The Giants withdrew when two protests were ruled unfavorably. The five teams left In the league will complete the season, Secretary Gene Choulnard said They are Butte, Anaconda, East Helena (ireat Falls and Silver Bow Park. EAST HELENA DEFEATED Of GRtlTALLS Great Falls, Aug. 20 llp Wren held the league-leading East Helena ulna to six hits In Stale league game here i lo i for Great Fallo 10 lo Tho box score. EAST HELENA-M a i a a ts p. Ib Rico's. 3b SzaknMi Scrcnar. Ib. as Ib. Lnncenflis. Smith 2b Turkic)! If A Scrcnar rl 1HETT HOME AB 3 3 GREAT TALUS-- Wnlsh. Smllh 2b If ValBclch, ss russ. Ib Trie tomd. 3b jjuclcn ct Wren, 31 AB 2 4 1 4 3 4 1 4 3 1 0 4 1 3 1 a i 14 2 i i 8 1 28 10 18 Totals ore by InnlncK En si Helena (110 300-- 4 i rails 233 llx--10 Errors- Mnrlnnn. RlRKH Sznknith, Sere Two-bnco lilt--Wren Home run SLrrnnr Bases on halls--or( Vescl 3 Marlana Wren Strikeouts--Vcscl 2, Marl- nna 2. Wren 8 BIG SIX Duoky Medwlck of the Cardlnaln took over possoenion of second place in tlic i a league trio of baseball's battliiR "Big Six" ycater- dny ly RettlnR two hits ia times nt font to Ruin two percentage points, boosting his average to S83. Tho standings (first three places in each league): AB Pet no 473 100 181 383 110 38 137 187 .381 63 231 88 .381 8 200 88 101 114 471 83 171 363 US 453 398 100 240 71 1B .3611 AAcrlll Indians Gchrlc YtmkcM Wcatherly. Indians Mire, Mctlwlck. Cardlnoli Demarec, Cubs Waner, Plntet Solters, Browns; Bell, Drowns. The IcadcMg. Gchrig, Ynnkecs 38 Trosky, Indians 36 Red Sox 30 Giants 27 DIMagglo, Yankees 21 Klein. Phillies 21 Bcrser, Bees i 21 Goslln, Tigers 21 League totals. American 604 National i 475 Totals .1079 OLCNMOMK DISTiULtftlB IINW LtwIoHH New Toik, Aug 2 0 A -Eleanor i Jin rctt still likes champagne, still i she's on am.iteul and still i hoi- opinion of A i Brundagc, president nr the Am.itcur Athletic i should not ha printed. Fho said todav he a i homo aboard tho S. Bremen. Dismissed from tho American i tcum for drinking. Mrs. Jnrrott IiiBlstcd she was "heartbroken," but looked as If she would i She i she was "the goat of tho whole tiling," but has no I i of bringing legal action against Brundage. i had her version of Why and how oho was dls- inlMCrl from tho team "1 was not on an party i Charllo AlncArthur. 1 was with a Party of newspaper men and i admit I was di Inking. I had or blj. glasaca ot champagne. "Ch.irlle i A i (husband ot the actrft-s, Helen I xyes) ineicly camo to the table, nnd I met i was the last I saw ut him Mrs Jnrrolt paid was not a by thp Olympic committee after this party. understand that the i a of flvo or of the teams weio called In and wore wai ned about breaking training. I wasn't at tho meeting, and I was not given any a i 1 know nothing ot my dlNinlnsiil i otter It wai announced In Hamburg after the ship docked." Mrs. a i chaigcd that most ot the team was out of tho Olympic committee's control on the ship going ovei. She thought that "about half ot them wore i Ing," hut she would mention no names and uuei led she was dismissed merely as an example to the rest of tho team In explanation ot hoi suspension from the A. A. U. i Jarrott ecallod that nho i Rita Ma.s- tenbroerk ot Holland, tho favorite to win Mrs. Jarrett'B Olympic title, offering to meet her when and if she won. Soon after this was sent, Mrs Jarretl said she was told she was banned from European amateur competition. Her Immediate plans ara to seek reinstatement as an amateur and to appear with her husband, Art Jarrett, tho orchestra leader, on a vaudeville tour. Mra Jarrett said that she received a COO to COO cables i in Berlin. "They all expressed sympathy, and it costs IS cents a word for cables from A i lea WCIFIC CHUT IODE In Francisco Seattle 2 8 1 San Francisco 4 10 2 Wells and Basslcr; Rallou and Woodnll. In Sncnunento-- If. B. San Diego 12 0 Sacramento 1 4 0 Plllette and DeSautels: Plppon and Karron. In oaktantl n. If. E. Missions 1 4 1 Oakland i 0 Osborna and Sprlni; Tobln and CARDS GINCY IN UKIFiE-SNK Cincinnati, Aug. Gas House Gang of Cardinals sparked by Dizzy Dean and Pcppe Martin, pulled a game and a halt In front of the National league pad today by coming from behind down the Reds 4 to 2. Dean chalked up his 21st victory by holding the Reds to seven hits and drove in one of the three run the Cards shoved across in a ninth Inning spree to put the game on Ice. Martin led the attack with three hits For six Innings, Dizzy and A Hollingsworth hooked up In a pitching duel, with the only scoring coming In the second frame, when singles by Les Scarsella and Ernl Lombard! produced a run. The Cards finally tied it up in the seventh with a run on consecu live singles by Martin, Ducky Med wick and Johnny Mlze. The Reds pushed another run over In the last of the eighth, when Harvey Walker's two-bagger scored Denny Prey. Martin, first up In the ninth, singled and Medwlck doubled to bring him home. Mize was passed anc Loo Durocher singled to send Med- wlck across. Mlze also counted when Dean hit safely with two out ST LOOTS-- AB Moore, ct I Frlsch. 2b 0 1 Martin, rt 4 3 2 Medwlck, If 4 1 Mlze, Ib 3 1 8 Durochrr, as Onrlbaldl. 3b Ogrodowskl. Dean, 1 0 0 0 8 2 1 Totals CINCINNATI-Walker, cf lOOdman rf luylcr. If Scaraella, Ib jombardl, Schott" RlKRS 3b 'hcvenow, ss 2b iollhigrsnorth. Ironnan. 34 AB 4 4 3 I 4 4 0 4 3 3 2 1 0 10 1 1 0 0 1 a i i 0 I 3 0 0 0 27 Totals 33 for Curler In ninth Lombard! In ninth Score by Innlnac It LoulB 000 000 103--4 Cincinnati 010 000 010--: Martin 2. Medwlck, Mfec Soar- ella. Frey Error--Lombardl Runs batted n--Medwlck, Mlze, Durocher, Dean, Kftlk- Iiombardl Two-base Medwlck Walker. Thevonow Double Rlecs to KamDourls to Scarsclla Left on bases--6t Louis G. Cincinnati 4 Bases cm balls--Off Holllntsworth 2, Prey 1 Strike-outs--J Dcnn 7, HolllngEwortli 3 Hits--Off HolllnRHWorth In 6 (none out In Frey 3 In a (none out In ninth). Brennan 2 In 1 Passed ball--Otrodowskl Loslne pitcher--Frej. Umpires--Quliley Moran and Mngcrkurtli Time. 1 19 'IRAFES PULL OUT IN WITH CUBS Pittsburgh, Aug 'rlates spotted the Chicago Cubs even runs In tho first two Innings oday, and then want on to defeat IIP pennant-holders 8 to 7 in 11 in- ilngs. Ttalph to HPSCUO Ralph Dlrkofer, gummonod for re- ief in the third, outlasted three nembers of the high-powered Cub Itching staff, and allowed but two Its In the nine innings he was on he mound for the Dues NAT HERE)-- it '4 CHICAGO-- AB llfll. 4 3b 3 erman 2b 4 ipmarcp, rf 4 ttk ID 4 alan. ct fi arlnctt, unceB, it 4 nrleton. 0 ronch 2 'arnekc, 2 Totals 37 0 -30 out when wlnnlnt run was scored rrrsBUROH-- Wnner. cf inscn If Wanpr, rt ihr. Ib' rubakcr. 3b oung, 2b aucrs, rown, Irkofcr, AB 4 4 5 II 1 3 0 4 1 3 1 1 a i 0 33 13 Totals 41 15 for Brown In second Score by Innings hlcago 250 000 000 00--7 ItUburih 030 130 000 01--8 Huns--Allen. English 2, Herman. Demarec Jumcs. Waner. Vaujhan. 8uhr J. Bru- nkcr 3. Young 2 Errors--Vftughan 2 Runs ntted In--Oalftn 3, English, Herman 2, Hart- ett. Padden 3 Lucas. Waner. Blrkofer. rubaker, Vauffhnn Two-bust hits--English, aughan, Brubaker. Padden, Jensen Sacrl- Cnrleton, Double playv-- crman, Jtlfgce and Hack 2, Waner and uhr Left on bases--Chicago 8 Pittsburgh Bases on balls--Bailers 4, Brown 1. arlcton 3, Blrkofer 1. Warneke 3 strlke- -Fronch 1 Blrkofer 3, Warneke 4 Hits --Off Bauers 2 In 1 1-3 Innings, Brown 3 In carlcton 3 In 1 (none out In second) rcnch 9 In I 1-3. Blrkofer 2 In 0. Warneke In 2-3 Hit by pitcher--By lien). Winning pitcher--Blrkofer Time. 37. In IXM Anirclca-- n. It. K. Portland 4 7 4 Los Angelos 10 I 0 Posdcl, Carson And Hruekor, Cron Berry and Bottarlnl. WESTKKN ASSOCIATION Muskcgce 14; Hutchlnion 9. Joplln I. fiprlnffleld City 7. 1L COUNT OF BolBP, Idaho, Aug. 20. fflclnl cnnvasses of the Augimt 11 daho primaries by the state's 44 ounty auditors today sliowe.l ilayor Barzella AV. Clark of Idaho 'alls winner of the democratic hern at or in 1 race by 233 votes. Tho municipal power champion vlll oppose Frank L. Stophan of win Polls, tho republican ce, In the general election. Completa returns on tho repvih- can senatorial rftce--settled surly ast week--showed Senator Wll- am E. Ilornh carrlsd overy county his bid for a return to congreas sixth time. He polled votes to 9,647 for Townsend backed Byron Dsfentmch. a former republican sute treasurer. Governor C. Bon Ross, who aspires to Borah's after years AS chief ot nute, received 29,472 voteii to 8. District Attorney John Cnrver'f 22,740 In tbe democratic senatorial conteit. St. Louts, Aug. 20 --Th Detroit Tigers defeated tho St. Loul Browns, to 4, for an even split a four-game series today Rogers Hornsby's crow, makln their usual late-season, going no where drive, denied the Tigers chance to gain on Ihc Indians when they took an early 4 to 0 lead Beau Bell hit a tremendous 45C home run to the dead center field bleachers In the second inning am Julius Solters walloped for the clr cult with two men on In the third Tight Tommy Bridges tightened, how ever, and yielded only three hits In the remaining six Innings, while the Tigers were belting Earl Caldwell Elon Hogsett and RUBS Van Atla for a tolal of 17. AB 8 3 3 )lmmo)l5 cf i Owen. 3b 6 Resell, ss 4 Haraorth. 3 Bridges, 4 DETROIT-Walker, rf Sums, Ib Oehrlnter. 2b Ooslln. If Totals ST LOUIS-Larj, Cllft, 3b Solters. If Bell rf Vest cf iottomley. Ib Hemslo Bejma, 2b Oaldwell. logsett. Van Atta, 'epper- 39 AB 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 0 0 1 17 27 0 0 2 1 1 1 12 3 1 0 0 0 0 27 Totals 33 8 for Kogsett In seventh Score br Innings Detroit 000 201 231--8 5t Louis 013 000 000--4 Runs--Walker. Burns Ooslln 2. Simmons Rotell 2, Hayworth Ollft. Solters Bell Cald- Errors--Hogsett Runs batted In-Bell Solters 3 Rogell Bridges, Burns 2, toslln Walker Two-base hits--Ooslln. lemsley, Wlker, Burns, Bottomley Thrce- ose hits--Bell Home runs--Bell. Bolters Stolen baao--Ooslln Sacrifices--Bridges ouble plays--Rogoll to Ochrlngcr to Burns Icjma to Lary to Bottomley Left on bases --Detroit 12 St Louis 3 Bases on balls- Bridges 1, Oaldwell 3, Van Atta 1 Btrlke- uts--Bridges Van Atta 1 Hits--Off Caldell In 5 1-3 Innings, Hogsett 2 In 1 "-3 'an 0 in 2 Hit by pluhcr--By Cald- 'cll (Walker, Hayworth), by Hogselt (Simmons) Losing Ditcher---Hogsett Umpires --Morlortr. Kails and Hubbard Time 25 Boston, Aug 20 Mc- technle gambled on two pitching today, because oC the rippled condition of the rest of hiR Bees' pitching staff, and they held ho Phillies to six hits for 3 to 1 Boston victory. Dud Bill Weir, young left-hander, tarted and engaged in a pitching uel with Joe Bowman i the evonth, when Bobby Jlcln came in 01 relief and finished the nsslgn- tient HTLADELPHIA-- ullk, cf hlnzxa, 2b hltney, 3b twood nmllll, Ib orris, ss Irln. rf Moore, If owman. Vllson- AB 4 4 IS 2 3 3 1 3 1 Total! 32 I Batted for Bowman In ninth OSTON-- es Moore, rf ordan, Ib crger, cf ucclnello 2b If oscarnrt, 3b OPC7, clr. AD 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 1 1 2 3 4 12 1 0 1 32 11 27 14 Totals Score by Innlngn lilladelphln 000 001 000--1 oston 010 000 02x--3 Runs--Whltnej Jordan, Bergcr, Cucclnel- Errors--Klein Jordan, Coscarart Rune atted In--Norrlb Coacarart, Cucclncllo wo-base hits--Atwood, Ooscarart, Bergcr rhree-base lilt--E Moore Cucclncllo Doile plays--Norrls. ChlO7za and Camllll Wlilt- cy and Jordan, Warstler and Joran. Ooscarart. Cucclncllo RJid Jordan Left bases--Philadelphia 12. Boston 6 Bases halls--Bowman 1. Weir 5 cRIs 3 Strike uts--Bowman 3. Weir 3 2 Hits--Off elr 3 In fi Innings (none out In sixth) els 3 In 4 Passed ball--Atnood i i Umpires--Plnclll, a jid Stewart Time 2 02 Volcanic dust remalnx In suspen- ion years in the upper atmos- lere. EAST HELENA JUNIORS LOSE TO THE CANADIAN CLOWNS Helena's scrapping i gained lot of good experience Ins evening in playing tho Canudia Clou us, a road team, and desplt tho 13-3 i i tho boys look they shoned the fang plenty of base ball. The youngsters rapped ou eight solid hits and several time had two and three men on the sack without hitting the pay dirt Th only man who a not a rcgula Junior player was pitcher Dottman WHEN THE SMOKE NllS ROLLED MONTANA STATE LEAGUE W. Pet East Helena 15 I 7Sf Great Falls 1 fi Anaconda Parks 5 Butte 5 10 333 Tlniradnj East Helena Great Falls 10. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pet St Louis 70 11 .014 York 9 4 600 Chicago 49 5 7 4 Pittsburgh CO E6 .617 i i a i 5 4 8 2 fli 61 4 Brooklyn 45 69 305 Philadelphia 40 74 .351 AMEIUCAN LK Won Lost New York 76 40 lovcland fi4 B3 Detroit i i4 Chicago 61 fili 59 57 Boston 59 St. Louis 44 72 i a i a 41 7G Pet 0 6 2 4 .542 .621 .500 .373 .350 RESULTS Lcaguo Chicago 7, i 8 St Louis i i a i 2 i a i a 1. Boston 3 games Aiiiorlojm Jjpngtio Detroit St Louis 4 Boston-New i a i a a postponed (Only games TODAY National Lrniruc Cincinnati at Chicago i at Rt Louis New York at Bostou. games scheduled 1 AmrrlcAn LPOKUO Boston al New York. at i a i a Chicago at Dotrolt St. Lou io al Cleveland. APPFii IN OSLO Oslo, A 20 --(ff)-- John i Olympic SOO-meter liampinn, and a Mack toblnson, Pasadena, sprlnl- wilt tlio SlntpR nway to i start today us they cap- in nil the first two PVPII(B In a posl- 31vmplc a and field inept ringing together from Vmprica, Norway. a a Sweden, England and Denmark. 440-meter un in tho fast i of 46 8 sec- nds William Robcrs of England as second 111 47 Robinson won IIP 200-motcr rtaMi In 21 2 Cornelius Johnson. Olympic high limp champion nnd of no i iccord, domed tho bar six foct siv and seventh-tenths rchps lo win his specialty. Robinson also won the broad i a leap of 24 feel nd (hrre-lcntlis inches. The i a i a cartoons PI i i McCay'R "Oer- the i a i and Hray's "Colnel HPP7J. Liar FOOLISH QUESTION HO. fY Men: It I ever get any it will be because I've told tha truth about my whltkiet for 60 yean. When 1 lay fine-tailing, jood-actlntwhllkey, you can rely on that statement. Julius straight ncutrsl nplrltH diitllled Imm straliht whlikfy Mtu! three old, mrsltht chlikrr rtftri old. Dottlcd under this formula since Msr 1936 Pjililllni IK, tncvllw Oflictn 40! lixingtoo M.X. who bntted a IhouMiml for Ihe even- Ing singles and Two Clowns hit pei feet figures last evening, i for i Thoy were Ilrigodo and Wheeler, both of i honip luns. A small crowd attended tlie gamo The box score CLOWNS-- AB Soch. Ib Qelbuda 3b Klnstj cf Brlconc Ib Winder If Smith, rt Kcllsted JUNIORS-E KoMch. Screnar If Kovlch 3b a Turjlcli. 31; Dcttiimn, rurslcll, rf Tratls. ct Kovlch, Ib 37 13 14 21 10 AB 4 0 3 0 3 3 3 3 3 28 0 A 1 3 Totals 28 3 8 31 10 Score by Innlnes Olowns 140 013 4--13 Juniors 020 000 1-- 3 Two-bnso hits--Wlipelcr DeLtmnn Home wheeler. Brlioclc Buses on balls-Bellman 5 Slrlkcouts--Kcllsted 4 Ucttnmn 6 Hit by pitcher--Locky Double plan--Smith to Haies Lock to Soch to BrlRode; KoUch to Turslch to I Ko- vlch Umpire--Mickanlch Time--1 22 'PEOPLE'S Pfflir New AUK 20 A Iiouli Vi'nlclmun, a i a ot tho roojilo's jmrty, ss hlch consisted of I Hoclullstn of New i i stiilo. i undo a letter i Hooievelt "elr niiilngr support offered i tho party "Plenv a my a for of A 1" the prcs- said "You have, I i nseu an apt expic-sKlvo phi.iio in making; to mo tho dool- slon of tho People's party to 'en- tor i a a i sslth tho dot i i of a i the JorcoH of soclnl projrress as against tho i a i "That to i states clearly and i i a a i this i a Issue around sshlch I a a progrewivoi cin i In tho strucclp for tho i a of a a a rlchts and the promotion of I i i i i i i i i i secur- i foi the I i i i i The prp-sldeiH'n I in re- plv to ono i AValdman I i inir i a People'i Jind to i tho A i Jjihor part. which li ple.lftPd to i i i i i Kooseselt and (los i i i It Lehman of Now York for reelection JAKE LOUIS ON New York. AUK 20 on apace today to have Mat Schmellng change I mind and agree to meet Joe. Louis In n. return match next month. The Gorman -neiil Into a huddle, with Promoter Mike Jacobs, representatives of Mrs Hearst's milk and parties interested in buying the picture rights, but no pi ogress was made Schmellng would not yield ever to luro of i i a guaran- eos and promises of big percentage "ills Champion James I. Ilraddock tho man Schmellng wants Tho a Is HO keen to got nto tlie iliiR with champion ho nay Insist on a winter i It Brntldork la i to don Cloven in Septembpr. becauno of ar- hritls In both elbows. Tho latter Is regarded an a lorp- conclusion tho a athletic commission Is expected lo grant a postponement at tomorrow's meeting To Ifunf plain to to Canada 'or a i i i llipn i turn lo a If tho i Is postponed Louis is a i plans for a busy 'all and i Ho has i prospect He IH tentatively honked to meet Al Ettoro in Philadelphia on Kcp- pinber 27 and ho Is a i to open he Indoor HOHHOII at the, Xt'vt York Ilppodromo on 7 aRalnst in opponent to bp nanieil Inter Jorge Itresctu, i i i A i icnvywpljrlit a i Krniiklo of Boston and Boh P.islur Now York I ho three IIIPII 1111- lor consldprntlon. GOLF GLEANINGS AT IMKK IM.ACll) Lake Placid, AUK 20 --ComliiK i .1 lib par fiO lo a Rreat of coring I i i course. a i IHO Clark of for- icr Now open a i oh- a 7 2 total of 2 5 ndcr par, i hlg nl he 3 0 0 0 In HIP i i i Placid opon a a He i i a ahead of Ted of I'lnp a a of KoMu-stPr a i off hlrd money i 71! holo a of 2S7 Ton a a i a oppn I a a Kowal a tied foi a 2 SEEMS GARBAGE CANS ENGflGINjJO DICKIE Cleveland. Aug. IP. an I i I dog, part collie nnd pail shepherd, dozed contented- Iv at the olid of a a i tonight as a legal controversy his a for garbage cans. Mrs Esther Masior, Dickie's mls- trpss. complained to police prosecutors a iiplghbois called her names because Dlckio tipped over their cans Assistant Police Prosecutor William Vldnmr told iiplghhors. thus annoyed, they could shoot Dickie If tho dog trespassed on their property I Prospcutor Frank denied this was i i i "Thnt dog could be shot and It bo in violation of the law," said "Shoot I hat doc and iou'11 bo proipcutod," rntortPd Celpbreize Tho legal i wjs left sus- pondftl hy attorneys. Mrs Maslor said Dlckio was at homo sleeping most of tho limp hurt not seen 11 gaibase can for two a IGHTIf TENNIS MITE HOPKINS REPLIES TO COPS ON PLAN FOR RELIEF COSTS Washington, Aiip i assorted today that the only way Governor Landon of Kansas could reduce relief expenditures would be "taking It out of the ot the unemployed Holding hli first press ronference In months, the Work! Progress administrator assailed Landon, the republican presidential nominee. Colonel Frank Knox, candidate for vice president, and John D. M. Hamilton, republican national chairman. Fool None Hopkins said the republicans "don't fool anybody" by their charges of politics In WPA He suKKPsted that Hamilton would do much better to start "getting the state of Kansas to put up a dims for relief "One of the triumvirate." Hopkins added, "I forget whether it was Knox or Landon or Hamilton, talks about i relief expenses by taking It out of the politicians. "'Well, three per cent of all the money WPA spends Is for administration. Whoever runs it Is Mine to keep right on spending three per cent. They may change me but somebody's going to be sitting In this office drawing the same salary, and it's going to bo the same all over the country. Only Way "The only way Landon can do It Is by taking it out of the hides ot the because that la the only way It can be done CASH CHOP RECEIPTS IN STJTE INCREASE Washington. Aug. 20 yp) Montana ranks fourth 11 wpstern states in thp percentage cf increase In cash crop receipts the 1935 figure, tho Bureau ot Agricultural Economics reported today. Tim bureau said Montana farmers received 21 per cent more casli for the sale of prinlclpal In tho i six months of thia yaar than thoy did in the corresponding period last ycnr In the i half of 1936, the sali of principal products returned farmers of this "state J23.973.000. exclusive" of IiPiieflt payments. celpts In the same period last yer.r WCIP- Tin, 211, ono i a i 8-5. i a 'i-'i second a cnrt to a i to a I i i i i 2. Toledo i 6 IIESTLIIE San AUK tarv i tralght a In 1 i i i to eat Jako J.iPkson. A a a in jelr wrestling a IIPTP i Chicago Aust 20 I ahe a hereabouts as hcpu a mystery ha I I a Reds Tuesday, i up In Chicago a The all i i Is tho a I i rlnelnc: a i i of HIP I'luh to ay i a for "hustling" to a i of basphall Commis- ionor Kcnpsaw M. would akp no comment. i i I a 7-1 amp 1 1 i i i a 2 A a 6, I a 1 2, Syracuse 1 (Only games scheduled). i AupT 2 0 A carrlPd off the court ,1 wrpiirhed a Bryan A a i i i i i physl- l.uis today nnd lo comp (i-1. i over i I the Philadelphia i a a i N'PW- poi I Ciislnn i i fir.nit Van Hyn off i i i thp i twr, M'ts nnd his 1'Mding two gamps to In HIP I he twisted ils i i i i a i of Ijxke, .1 r.ilPrt a In lu Kli.invl Hm a i hiack- -I by a Hob 1 a of i 1-7, fi 0-2 Hot Tho most i i i In to- l.iv's a i a i i Angi'lPs 4 (. i I. K-2. S-d Sinllh of I i I Angeles, rte- his i a doubles Siibln, i 1 (i-1, a i a A i 20 -i i Jacobs of a i a i tPiinls i i i a i i i i i a i toniiLs singles a Top-spivlp(l. sli" a a a i Kansad In lipr a i a match HPI noxt i i i i i hp Kather- iii" i i of i i a Sir.lth of Pasd- a i K-" Mrs S.T.ih I a a a of i a Wlie-'lPi of S.uit.i i a fi-'i, 4 i Mr' i a i faro Marblo nf San I i a i In ton i i i a Ml-s I a a i i 1 1 i i ti-2. fi-l In fiu.irter- i a Mriri' I i i i i i i 2 0 a i i i a speed ICP sppniul Tossp i i i i i i a I a 210 n.i tPr i in a i a i a MPtonU'" 1 stppppd thp i in 10 a HIP 20il In 2 1 fi i ot i a i ished spcon.l tn rams SOI VTIOV i i 0-0. Mlnnt.i i Uook li a a 2. XPW Orleans 7. Chattanooga 2 Birmingham t. Colorado. Wyoming and Mexico were the only states to hava nn Incrpase larger than the Montana udvancp. i hPnpflt payments to a a farmers In the first six this a were $1.155,000. compared i 2 4 9 000 In tha sump time last year Montana, farmers, the bureau rp- portod, received SO, 003, 000 for 1 thPlr crops In the first half of 19D(f and $14 170 000 for livestock and livestock products. KOUTH LOST Client Tails. AUK 2 0 A -H i i PA i i i tlme- i a i anil 16. son of I of drowned a i i i I i i i i aile. 30 south of litre. was OIIP of i of i stpppc'tl i dpep itPr a i I a companion, who a fish on the bank the i i lilltor a I nt i i i i plunRPd Into thfl and a two oC the boys but a to regain the shorp. fis i Il.lney. alsn WPA timekeeper here, plunffed nto the i In an to rescim Lake, who had been swept nto midstream by the swift cui- rent, unablp to do so. i a body was recovered a the i but up to T. 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