The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 3
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11, 1944 Iff '1,3 trayjala' Popular Verdi 'Opera To Be Heard Oct. 26 At Ellis Auditorium MEMPHIS, Oc[. '.ll.-Thc opening nttractipi) in the A.iigiev Coil- twts . for the ECSSOII at 1344-45 will W ttie Charles U Wngncr prodiic- uoji of .Verdi's .immortal masterpiece of music,, the opera "La Truviata", on tlie evening ' .of Oct.., '2tt, 8:15 !>• in., (it the Auditorium. The role Q! "VlpleUa", lias been nEstBiieU to Misfi Undine '• Connor, with Armnnd •Tokntyni! as "Ger- H'oiH", and Mack Harrcll in the I'Ole of the older CSeimoiH. Tliesc Uircc singers arc from the roster of (lie Metropolitan. Opera Co. of Now York; the; chorus and the orchestra of. 30 pieces, have also liuen. selected from the "Met." De- tire .Defrcrc, for 12 years stage manager, of the Metropolitan has the stayc direction of this Charles L. .Wagner production, while the musical director Is Giuseppe Bain- Wschecfc, for 16 years comiuctor r.t the Met for the Sunday cvc- 'i)li)g concerts. . II is with great interest that .MiclSouUi jiiusic lovcis look for- •iiapA to, this product!,™ of Ln Traviata Miss Narline Connor's appearance, as the lovely "VioleUji." Born in Los Angeles, ?,-Hss Connor. Is a graduate ' of the .University of .Southern California. For her debut at the Metropolitan 'flic was- specially, chosen by Bruno Walter. She sang. .the role of "Paulina" in Mozart's "Magic Flute'" and she immediately took her. place as a sensitive, integral meniber of the cast. The critic of .the. New York Times .said of her debut,. "She. is a comely young Ir.cly, .but. most important, she has a real lyric, voice of even rcalc and purity, of lone. She is ii crmnnini; and wclCDine dcbiitnnt and the audience ; indicated that the had won her way." The . other , three attractions to follow La Traviala are the BaJlet P.ussc de Monte Carlo, Jan. 4; Nicola Moscona, famous bnss of the Metropolitan and Egon Petri, world renowned Dutch pianist, in a double concert, Feb. 7; and the opera "Martha", sung in English and featuring Ifric Mattson in the romantic teno- 1 role. April 4. Box office at Terry-Hull Piano Co., 64 S. Second St., opens Tlmrs- s day, Cct. 12. Heavy Course Keeps Trainees Busy At BAAF Our- future flying officers, the 011- Ihe-line trainees of today, have been really "taking it" the last week '• or two. They are 1 receiving a concentrated course of training, keeping them busy 12 hours a day for five days a iveek— from OS20 lor- . mation until 1815 formation with classes Saturday morning and parade in the afternoon. Tile course is being conducted according to .BAAF memorandum 50-27-19, under the direction of Major Gene D. Langau, deputy for Training and Operations. It is .divided . into three phases, the first of which, Phase A, provides for the completion of any part of the men's basic military training which had not been covered previously. Phase B is a. six week's course consisting of three general subjects, 'administration, supply and aircraft engineering. Each of these is to be thoroughly covered by lectures and practical exercises in two weeks. Each of the three flights into which the trainees are divided is . assigned to on c of these courses for the two week period, after which the three flights will be rotated Sings,In ;'Lq -ITraviata' iJs&lo'.', vV;U:^M's.l(«*i ''-'-'-'' '•• Nadine Coniior,'Metropolitan Opera star, will lie heard in the role of "Violetta" in Venll's popular opem "Hi, 'Vrnvlaln" Oct. 2(i at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis. - -• ••' '-..'...' ',. . Under Phnse C, (lie men will be given specific assignment on the post. . .. , . Along with these phases'of training, the trainees are undergoing the .usual PT, drill, orientation, and so forth, that all thc : .Cls on tile field must take. When the, course is finished-, the trainees will,, be ready for transfer to pveflighl, thcugh this . transfer can come at any lime after Phnse -A- has been :ompletcci. ——: • • •. .'• -_ v. NOTICE (Hi 1 CLAIM United Stales Department of tlie Interior, General land (Hike, Wa-jhiiifloii 25, I). C. Notice is hereby given that Drainage District No. 17, of Blythevllle, A tansas, has filed application OV8JC, G. L. O. series, under section S o 1 - 1 ttic net of February 28, 1929 (45 Stat. 1410), to purchase Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 Sec. 1; WV'. EV> Sec 11 T. 15 N., R. 9 E, 5th P. M., Arkanas. • >. •.. ,....-.-. . . ' . All persons claiming the land adversely will be allowed until Octo- ber'18, 1944, to file in this Office their objections to the issuance of a patent under the aforesaid application. .•••..... :; . ..... -".. - ' Thos. C. Hpwell, "'". . Acting Assistant Commissioner Farmers Set $2 Top For Picking Blame Truck Drivers For Hauling Pickers To Other Counties CLAHKSDAUS, .M|. w ., Oct. 11 — Seventy - five Conhoim County planters, irked by Die «ngcs' com- I'elltion has forced them to ))»>• I'olitin pickers. Imvc uctetl lorjelhiT to pli'tt u)i loopholes in (lie sys- tl'Hl. As soon n.s signing of n petition now in rli'culiitlon over the comUy is completed, farmers who pn'y more than the "$'.! n liniida'd" ceil- ">!! Imposed In- the majority will be "blacklisted" by tlie rest, Nnim-.s- will he published In Glurksdalc newspapers, the planters decided at n meeting enllwl by Ihu Clnitnbcr of commerce this week. Illume for the sinmtlon wns Inltl lo truck drivers unr) their prnctlrc or hiiulinr; Clarksdale pickers Into other couniies to work, Tile planters dim-Red tlint this competition has cruised the price for picking !o rise to the infill that It "ennuis Hie value of the cotton nbove the uminl c<»t of niislnij." 'I'lie planters dectilci! nunlnst lisklng OD] lo revoke ijjisollnc «1- lotmcnls of such truck drivers, after Slate Senator Hudson Kyle liolnletl out thnl "only the farmers' determination | 0 slop n l>racan . which Is cosllHg liiem too much" coulil effectively remedy Hie slt- (AHK-) COUIUBH NK^t'S Al The Hospitals Mlylht'vllle l[os)iltnl Athnltteil: A. li, King, nt, 2, city. Mrs. ,v c. 1'iilllan, city. • Iloin lo Mr. niut Mis. j . rj ''''I'll, city, n son lust night. ', lloi'ti Ui Mr. iin,| ^ 1 |. s . oerald itciile.v, city, 11 son (his mornlnu IJl.siulsswli . Wra. Lester Orlusliy, city, Willis IIUMlH;ll , , , Adinillwl: . ' , ' Mrs. William Chanoy, Oosnell Curtis Nunnery, Hol'liiml, Mo. Melvlu KiiiB, i.usorn. . . , Horn to Mr. i\ m | Mrs, J. H, I'rne,- t"i', Slceje,. a (laushter lust nlulil Dismissed: Mi.s. C. V. Walls, city,. ,, ,' ] Jiiiiics llollti, Holland, Mo.. SIcni|iliis Ilayillsl .lluviillal i Mi'«. W. li. fJtiswell, Oaccola. ; Mrs. ; l'i-oy McDoiiiild, Iliiyll Mo Slfiiilihls Alelhiitllsl ll,,s'|il!al Mrs. CieorRc Uaher, Gaiulhersvlllo.- Mo, < , , , * "*""*-t - *-/^ »•• ii, —— K Lcflorc County cotton iilckliiK conlest luwbcen definitely awnrgd iiiul thi) iilantallon cllmlnntlon con- teiits will swine Into- action M,MI<my "inoniliig,--riccprdhiK to A 'n Monini, nc[tro county On you !iava poor digestion? __ t Dnyoii fEel fieadacliy after eating? D Q i Do you get sour or upset'easily? D Q •Dp yon (eel. tired-listless? DO Do you feel headachy :md upset tluo (o ' poorly digested food?'To feel chcorful and happy auain your food must be digested properly. Each day, Nature must produce nliout Iwo pints of a vital digestive juice to help digest, your food. If Nature fails, your food may remain undigested— leaving you headachy and irritable. I herefore, you must increase the How of this iligAlire juice. Carter's Little Liver Tills increase this flow quickly — often in as little as 30 minutes. And you re on the road to feeling heller : Don t depend on artificial aids to -ounteract inijigrsiion—when Carter's Little Liver Tills aid dieeslion after Na- lures nwn order. Take Carter's Little Liver Pills as directed. Get them at nnv drugstore. Only 10<and25< Mrs. DALTON C. KOYVLSTON, U. A. M S M ORGANIST mid TEACHER ' PIANO — ORGAN and VOICE : - Former New York Organist and Teacher r »' ,/ '• r. . For APPihitnient Vrl(c Mrs ' Fowlst011 -.: ; HOI Chickasawba or Phone 2049 Elastiquc PR'S CAPS t.s\ to* \»»i/Ar>j Big Shipment Just Received; We Have Your Size H ON Cleaner—-Tailor—Clothier H OW TO RUIN ^ AND TT' S <"gic liow some f;irls lose their •*• friends and ruin their dresses because of pctspintion oJor and stains. And thcte's no excuse for it. It's r,uy to save dresses, it's nil} to save friends. Use Anid, the new cream ilcoiior- ant that licljis keep your armpits dry nnd removes the odor frorn pcrspir.i- lion. Anid is safe and dependable for these file reasons; 1. Atriildoes not imtatcsfcin. Docs O not rot dresses or men's shins. DRESSES LOSE FRIENDS Atrid aohl Prevents mulcr-arm odor. Helps stop perspiration safely. A pure, vvjmc, antiseptic, stainless vanishing cream. No wailing to dry. Can he used tight after slaving. Awarded Apjiroval Seal of American Institute of laundering — harmless to fabric. Use Atrid regularly. a jhc Urjjcst selling deodorant. at all stoics selling toilei goods' c and 59c a jar. (n«< r«] • ' GREETING CARDS Fnr thn lioys overseas. The Gift Shop Moitcrn & AiiHinio Oirtn MOS$ BRYAN j NOW n THE AIR! in his own program ( Cotton •'Picking'-( Cpn.testrPlcinned In Mississippi llcllcvo tiiiserjif &> mo»Hi|»ll>c'j'. '. -,, <|o. Uuu tho 1 "" -- — - "--•" IhronV elicit nml buck wllli ^_. - _ - _ ^, Hhi'o^te'StSd W VAPORUB ^.^.jyAGfe^MJrXivb .l '..jor the contest: u! n l5er]|iir.iici-, ir. L. Claiy, C. l> nij d-i ' w ' , ], WnlliT Moore, C. E. . Mutt Slcclc. Stowcrs Co., j; w Uradfoh) and FOR SALE —Soybean Bags—- -^-Sccd Oats/ Wheat, Barley— Spear Feeds— Govt, Support Price Paid For Soybeans. Blytheville Soybean Girp;< 1800 W. Main ' ' 111 THE ELECTRJC HOUR Every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. S What doeS it, and many a car- owner has felt that frcczi ng chill this summer, when a sudden, new noise from his motor has filled him with dread that his car was chugging its fast. There's nothing like that fear to make a stupid driver resolve to follow better driving practices. The intelligent motorist needs no such warning. He drives slowly and carefully, conserving Ins tires and his automobile. He truly "cares for his car for his country." And one precaution he always takes—he makes certain that the motor runs only with quality oil in the crankcase. Obviously there are a number of such oils. And to help you select one of them, easily and with certainty, Phillips gives you these facts: Phillips offers a number of oils because car-owners' preferences and pockctbooks vary. But when you want our best oil, remember Phillips tells you frankly that Phillips 66 Motor Oil is our finest hinh&t grade and greatest value . .. among all the oils we offer to av.ejrage motorists. Btf~ It's good for your motor, under today's reduced driving conditions, to change oil every two , months, say experts. For that change, an'd for seasonal draining and refilling, you make sure of getting n quality lubricant, when you simply say: Phillips 66 MotoFoTl, CARE FOR YOUR CAR-FOR YOVR COUNTRY 5©' BILLION Smart New FALL SUITS In the market for a stiit? . . . Shop Hudson's' Yo.ij'ilbe surprised at tKei-w'jde selection— you'll like the fabrics and Capp's quality tail- oringr-you'li love our ,reqsongb|e, prices' Single and doube breasted models in all wool fabrics; new shades as well as old favorite colors. We've.plenty of larger sizes, too! Nationally Advertised HATS $5 to $10 Manhattan SHIRTS 2.75 Manhattan Pajamas 2.75 to $5 Pigskin GLOVES _$5 Over 500 Pair ODD SLACKS 6.50 to $11 PLUS— WO Dozen Wimbcrly and • and Manhattan Ties! Cleaner- Tailor-Clothier

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