The Holland Evening Sentinel from Holland, Michigan on June 17, 1954 · Page 19
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The Holland Evening Sentinel from Holland, Michigan · Page 19

Holland, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1954
Page 19
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PAGE EIGHT THE HOLLAND, MtGHI«AN, THURSDAY, JUNt IT, Adventurer Sails Alone for 200 Days, Reaches Miami Fast Asleep in Ketch Democrats Fight Army Cutbacks WASHINGTON (UP)--A small group of Senate Democrats today moved to force a showdown on the Senate floor on the administration's decision to slash the Army's strength in the coming fiscal year. As Senate debate on the 29 billion dollar defense appropriations bill entered the second day, Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass) prepared to introduce an amendment providing Monday for restoration of two divisions scheduled to be eliminated by the administration. The Kennedy amendment, cosponsored by six other Democrats, appeared certain to be defeated. Kennedy himself admitted he was "not optimistic." The Democratic move, however, would have the effect of pinning the responsibility on the administration and Republicans in Congress for cutting Army strength. Under administration plans, one of the Army's present 20 divisions would be eliminated this spring and two more deactivated in the coming fiscal year beginning July 1. The cutback is in Ime with the administration's "new look" military strategy placing more emphasis on retaliatory air power and less on ground forces. Kennedy and his colleagues late Wednesday introduced an amendment to add 350 million dollar to the defense budget to finance the restoration of two divisions. The amendment was ruled out on a parliamentary point of order, leaving them free to renew their move today. Joining Kennedy in the move were Sens. Albert Gore (Term) Mike Mansfield (Mont), A. S Mike Monroney (Okla), S t u a r t Symington (Mo), Herbert H. Lehman (NY) and Hubert H. Humphrey (Minn). Nuclear Age Problem DETROIT (UP) -- Thomas E. Murray, a member of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, told University of D e t r o i t degree winners Wednesday night the mosi "fearful and threatening problem" of the nuclear age is the possibility of nations letting loose on each other with mass destructive weapons. Will Fluoridate Water CHICAGO (UP) -- The Chicago City Council climaxed three years of hearings and debate yesterday by voting to start fluoridation of the water supply nex year. MIAMI, Fla. (UP) -- Leopold Taperek sailed alone for 200 days across 6,000 miles of ocean and arrived at Miami fast asleep. "It was ridiculous," the 31-year- old Polish-American sailor said. 'After what I had been through, sailing through storms and shoals with flying colors, and then this./." His 23-foot ketch ran aground smack in the middle of Miami Beach while he slept. A Coast luard patrol boat had to tug him i-ee so he could prepare for the 3nal leg of his trip from Long Beach, Calif., to the Virgin Islands Taperek is making his voyage alone with the exception of a small, black four - footed mate named Boris. "A thoroughbred mongrel," Taperek said. Boris was signed on at Long Beach when Taperek set out on what he calls his "grand voyage." He said he wanted to go to the Virgin Islnds to write a book, and decided to make the trip alone by sea so he could "travel a't leisure and make my own schedule." It took him 40 -days to get to Panama, and after p a s s i n g through the canal the voyage to Miami took another 160 days. He believes he has set some kind of record for seaborne solitude. "During the war a torpedoed sea man spent 130 days alone on a raft, but on this trip I have been out almost half a year," Taperek said. His ketch, named the Polonaise, is much more than a raft bui far from a luxury yacht. He calls its tiny cabin the "snakepit." "If Boris gets a flea and al three of us -- Boris, the flea and me-- are in the cabin, one of us has to leave," he said. "I usually go up on deck." When Taperek left Long Beach he figured he had enough food to last him until he got to Panama, but he ran out somewhere ofi Nicaragua. Then he strung a fish line behind the boat. "When the line became taut, Boris would bark and I knew there would be something new on the menu for x supper," he said. He also had a spear handy to catch turtles that came alongside the Polonaise to scratch themselves. The adventuresome sailor also fixed up an apparatus to distil sea water for drinking. He put sail water in a pressure cooker anc attached a plastic garden hose to the steam outlet. "I could get four or five quarts of water in three hours," he said. "Of course the water was nothing to write home about It smelled like a burnt hose." Poles Admit Murders PARIS (UP) -- Police disclosed yesterday that three Poles arrested in West Germany admitted the 1952 murders of British food expert Sir Jack Drummund, his wife and daughter. French Patrols Slash at Reds HANOI, Indochina (UP)--French patrols slashed into Communist Viet Minh positions in new "cleanup" operations in the Red River Delta today, killing 39 Reds and taking 30 prisoners in 24 hours. The aggressive patrol actions were part of the new tactics employed in the area since Supreme Commander Gen. Paul Ely decreed a drastic overhaul of defense strategy in Indochina. The high command reported the sharpest engagement occurred between a heavily armed French motorized patrol and a rebel force near Phu Ly in the southern section of the delta. This clash resulted in a short but' fierce skirmish in the soggy rice fields of an isolated village and brought death to 17 Reds. In the Seven Pagoda and Dong Trieu sectors northeast of Hanoi, rebel troops attempted to ambush two other French patrols. The high command said the ambushes were thwarted, with French losses reported as "extremely light." French bombers struck at Route 31 throughout the night. Other bombers plastered Viet Minh troop bases along the Hanoi - Haiphong road and rail link which runs 58 miles eastward toward the sea. Victims Identified SEOUL (UP) -- The names of two Thunderjet pilots killed Sun' day in a collision were releases: by the Fifth Air Force today Second Lieutenants Joe Mayo Francis, Jr., of Roanoke, Va. and Lawrence Larzalere, of Hays Kan., died when their jets smashed into each other during a routine training flight near Taegu Korea. ·.HIS BEAUTY AVAILABLE "UR-TKB OTAUTY OFT* IOBO OUZ fiOD BE UPON US* --KX£M 90--JT Muskegon Group Plans Horse Show Daniel M. Kennedy Council, Knights of Columbus, is sponsoring a horse show, including pulling events, Saturday, June 26. The show will be held at grounds of the Port City Saddle Club, on Apple avenue six miles east of Muskegon. A feature will be appearance in the horse pulling contest of a team owned by Ray Huizenga, of Kentucky, recognized as the southern states champions. The team owned by Ray Huizenge, of Grand Rapids, also will pull. This team distinguished itself at the Escanaba Fair in 1952, when owned by Harry Rhoel. Wayne Fuller, of Farmer City, HI., will provide another feature with his four trained Golden Retriever dogs. He will come to Muskegon from a 10 days tour through Iowa and Missouri. He has appeared throughout the country and his dogs are considered tops in such acts. A Roman style riding act will be supplied by the "Wild Cherokee" of Hesperia. A shooting act of father and daughter, is billed as W. B. Harris and Jeanette. Mr. Harris, of Cadillac, is in the Wexford sheriff's department. He has been putting on this exhibition for about 18 years. It includes both rifle and pistol shooting, a 20 minutes program. Members of the Port City Saddle Club are contributing six acts in horse showmanship. Other out- standing acts are expected to be added. The event is being sponsored for the Knights of Columbus building fund. Martin Nolan and Kenneth Kokx are co-chairmen. the NEW 1954 GASOLINE -- ELECTRIC, » N : - A F F R D I T ! Eight Wonderful Lawn Garden Machines-AU- DOES ALL THESE JOBS-AND MORE: At o Gardening Machine It does the work of plow, disc and barrow--all in one easy operation. It completely propareo teed bed without attachment change. 2 At o Culflratfno Machine It weeds around even tho most tender surface roots with almost no damage. Wonderful for cultivating crapes, com. «tc. N OW you can have TOW upon row of crup, fresh vegetables, berries, fruits -- lovely clipped lawns -- all kinds of flow- era -- without having to hire a single gardener! Now you can have, the show place of your neighborhood, w h i l e others "break their backs" trying to match your garden and grounds. Does a Who/o Day't Chora* In a Singfo Hour/ The reason for this amazing revolution in suburban and country living is the New 1954 Lightning-Change ROTOTII^- L£R. This astonishing, solf-pow- ered mechanical handy * man makes all other yard and garden tractors virtually obsolete! The sacrst is in its ability to do so many different jobs around the place DO quickly --so easily! In just a few moments, and with only simple tools, you can convert it into a power cultivator, power pump, power lawn mower, power weed cutter and mulchor, power mnowplow and light bulldozer, power wood saw or power composter. It can even generate emergency electricity, if the electricity goes off] Whether you own a garden tractor or not, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out everything about this revolutionary new machine. Lot us tell you the complete story, without any obligation on your part. SimplyTM 3 As a Composting Machine It composts right in the garden itself--producing miracles of soil improvement without use of special fertilizers. 4 As a Lawn Mower It cuts · velvet-smooth 25-inch swath. No overhanging wheels. Leaves no untrimmed edges. It follows ground contour. 5 At a Weed Mower and Mulcher It can swiftly cut down tall grass, brambles, even brush-reducing fire hazards. Ideal for clipping poultry ranges. Thi« big, FREE picture to Do Wonders With a written by Ed Robinion, mous "Have-More" Pino, whole new way to make country and suburban living the dream you had al. ways loused for. We also send you actual low - cost, delivered prices. The coupon D*low bnags a copy to you without cost or obligation. packed Book. "How Little Land" waa . author of tho fa. You will find in it a 6 As a Snowplow or llnhf Bulldoser Keeps walks and roads clean. Will also grade lawns and terraces. Tho fO-incb blade swivels to Ktbertide. . ·/ As a Water Pirn* * and Sprayer It offers fire protection, ·oil irrigation, water for livestock, insecticide ·praying. Throws SO-foot rtreaoon of water. 8 As a .Wood Sow It cuts logs up to 14 inches across like butter. But send for the FREE BOOK to rend nbout many other i RELIABLE CYCLE SHOP 254 River Avc., Holland Pltus send me 1"RIX by return mall, a COOT of your Blr ea-paga Blvutrated BOOK. "Row to Do Wonders with a LJtU« Land" by Ed Robuuon, «uthoc of tb« famous "Eare-Mors" Plan. Mams Addran Prlnl) RELIABLE CYCLE SHOP People Too Generous TULARE, Calif. (UP)--Robert Weinberg sought and received aermission from the city council Tuesday night to discontinue his city bus lines because Tulare jeople are just too big-hearted. 3e told the council that every- ime a Tulare motorist sees a fellow citizen waiting at a bus stop, he stops and gives him a lift. 254 RIVER AVE. PHONE 2383 Pays 70 Year Old Debt HUNTINGTON, Ind. (UP)--A University of Illinois history professor paid a §12.29 tax bill, delinquent for 70 years. The bill, owed by his father, was found in some old papers. Surveys show that at least one- half of adult Americans have difficulty in sleeping. Will Gov. Knight Wed? SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UP) -California , Governor Goodwin J. Knight and Mrs. Virginia Carlson have refused to confirm or deny strong rumors that they plan to be few days. married in the next Pearls traditionally are associated with brides since Hindu legends say a god took the pear] from the depths of the sea to adorn his daughter on her wedding day. Margaret Truman Begins New Role NEW YORK (UP)-- Margaret Truman heads for the hills this weekend for her first appearance in summer stock, that time-honored testing ground of young actresses. At the wheel of her new dark blue sedan, Miss 'Truman leaves Saturday for Mountainhome, Pa., for what may be the beginning of a new career. Her secretary, Faith Waterman, "enough luggage to last them nine weeks and a well- thumbed copy of "Autumn Crocus" will accompany the blonde, ambitious daughter; of former President Harry S^ Truman on her new venture. Her career as a concert singer appears to be side-tracked. She's not publicly tossing in the pitch pipe, but Miss Truman frankly puts concerts fourth on her list -preceded by stage, television and recording contracts. "Often, as a little girl, I dreamed of being an actress," she said during a brief interruption of a hectic rehearsal schedule. "Broadway? Oh, I haven't thought that far yet. I sort of take things as they come. I think the acting will help the singing and the television." Miss Truman will step on the stage at the air-conditioned Pocono Playhouse next Monday night in the role of a spinsterish school teacher who has a romantic fling during a summer vacation in the Alps. Twenty years ago Dorothy Gish played the same role, and Francis Lederer took the male lead, which is being taken by George Voskovec in the current cast. Early legends orginally dealt with holy persons and were intended for church readings. NEW CAR OWNERS '9.50 COVER YOUR SEATS F6r Only · Firs Heslstocl · Foam Hubber » Color Fast « No Static Shocks · Warm In Winter--Cool tn RAY HARRISON 191 WEST 32nd ST. PKONE 3232 CAP Unit* Will Use Flour Sacks in Sham Battle ALLEGAN, (Special)--A sham battle--with flour sacks for bombs--has been planned for Saturday between Civil Air Patrol units from southwestern Michigan at the Plainwell airport. CAP oadets from Otsego, Plainwell and AUegan will be the defenders, Kalamazoo, Lawton and Mattawan squadrons will provide the attackers. Anyone dusted with a flour bomb will be considered a captive and must report to a prison compound for 30 minutes before re-joining the battle. The problem, scheduled to end at 4 p.m., will be followed by a picnic at Pine Lake and a hanger picnic at Pine Lake and a hangar ior CAP personnel will supervise the program. Times Have Changed WASHINGTON (UP) -- President Eisenhower noted sorrowfully yesterday that "modern growing efficiency" has replaced the pickle barrel and free dried prunes in corner grocery store. Can't Cite Example OMAHA, Neb. (UP) -- Assistant Defense Secretary Fred Seaton said today he "didn't know of a single, responsible person in the administration who has had the slightest desire to take independent action in Indochina, or to send troops there." There are now about one billion workers in the world. Consolidated Raps Panhandle's Plan L A N S I N G (UP) -- Michigan' C o n s o l i d a t e d Gas charged Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co. with attempting to make huge unregulated profits through direct sales of gas to industrial customers. The charge -was contained In briefs filed before the State Public Service Commission by Michigan Consolidated in opposition to Panhandle's application for permission to sell gas directly to McLouth Steel Co. in suburban Detroit. Michigan Consolidated's brief alleged that direct sale of up to million cubic feet of gas daily "would ultimately result in higher rates for all of Michigan Consolidated customers." The briefs were filed with the state commission following lengthy hearings several weeks ago. The Michigan u t i l i t serves customers in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas, also charged the application by Panhandle "is but another maneuver in Panhandle's persistent campaign to reap extra profits by sale of gas at rates which escape regulation of the Federal Power Commission." In earlier testimony. Panhandle requested permission to serve the steel firm with interruptible gas deliveries because Michigan Consolidated is under state commission orders not to add new industrial customers. EASIER Everyday Cleaning anitize REMOVE STAINS Use Roman Cleanser Bleach, tha double-action bleach, when you clean, ft whitens, removes many stains and sanitizes porcelain, tile, enamel . . . extra benefits without extra work. Seo label. ROMAH r : cjwii New engine power! New atlng economy! i New Chevrolet Trucks... do more work per day . . . more work per dollar! You save hours on the road. Thanks to new high-compression engine power, you can maintain faster schedules without driving at higher maximum road speeds. Increased acceleration and hill-climbing ability cut your time per trip. You save extra trips. That's because of extra load space. New pickup bodies are deeper, new stake and platform bodies wider and longer. 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