The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 7, 1930. BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)' COURIER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •rwo cents a word ror flrst Insertion aad OUB cent a woid lor each EUbsequtut insertion. NO advertisement taken for less than 60c. Count the words and send the tash. Phone 30b FOR SALE FOH SALE—Baby Ciiicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Mariland Uulchcry. 2Cck-tt CORALl STANTON COPYRIGHT ..IQ5O ../by nd MtATH WOSKEN CHELSEA I4OUSE. t:<;is n::ni: TOIIAV Til C!t A NT. ..rllsl':, Ijfi-Jrl. AI..\\ yriii.M-:. . U n]:..!) Invi-il lf, <:tll'M.MV t I;rr nu'iimi-y . Iii-r ulit tltx- ucl land It was understood that they jwould lie Ills heirs if ho died unmarried. Mciilane do Toros looked quite ecu]. Klie was one of those Special Bargains In Used Cars Late 102B Model \ Coiijie ! Kc\v I'aint, Good Kubber, | Motor A-l—Just the Car far I Business or Traveling Man. -\ Only 5235 i I-uti; 1929 Whippet Coach, j Looks fine, only driven 12,- | 000 mill's—\Yill give complete satisfaction. Only $285 i>ul>- reunhiril tl llfu-r (If I'L-i-IEnK i)lillK:ilv<l In Cliiiuuni, Mi-:-"tK' li::s .-ihUcil IILT ID mrtrr}" Jih:i. !i!l[ii;i:^ll lu- IIIM'S Jujllll. .'r.illlli l» i.iudylEi;: il.nnrdiu umlor ilio (il A!!\ ;-.\lliS. mill !!II!i:i: Cll)!-:il\. rlrli (timni'trr. 1: (ihnnitni; Ci> s.l^ir litr In n nuixl- i'.!l >.liur.. shr iivcr!ir:ir^ filtlrnn till ViNCK.VT ST'.IKXAWAY. l"ir- wlio, llsouEh full of energy, never liniry. TLiey had fJniKhed luncheon, and Madame de Toros was drlnlilnjj her cofTeo ui'.d smoking u thlu Unsslun clenret. Sliu had hccn questlonlue her brother about his plans, and '"lu. hail k-arncd [bat tie was eolng to [•:]•» l::-r r^. l :iurt::-.\\:t> '. l III I Slir pin-* . Mill) jVlcliy for Ills annmil cure, hut uot until the middle of August. I Though he showed his Spanish descent less lhau his bister, (ildeon had certain foreign trails In Ills nature. One of these was the fact ttuit 1929 Model A Ucadslcr, Rumble Seat, Side Shields, Mo- tcr in 1'crtect Shape. A Very nifty job. Only One 2S Star Sedan, Good Rubber. I.ceJis and Runs Good. Very Cheap lo operate. Priced right. Only .... Just receivcil Late 1K2S Chrysler Coach. Looks and runs like new. Vriccd for Immediate Delivery / $375 <» ON -\YITM TIII-: STOHV Cll.U'TEH XXIII greeted Judy ivilli his VT iir.ii.-.l deference, playfully re r.iurl:i:i:; that (iuarvrnhis must be a driver, ami that bbi' oiiylit to c::f^!^' f:-t:::i bin] now and then "1 am o.--i::tnl:<?, from him. Mr. jand a IhfMalc swordsman, in spite i'mich." .Indy replied. "I'm Boiim ot his bulk. 1 nrucs, roil «TQ not (huiklnjg ol i.nrrylu;; her';" ; 'jldcoii lunched. "My dear Thlrza, what an Idea!" "i'hen why ell llile trouble about her?" "What ilo you mean?" ".lion c/irr, I am n woman after all. The girl lias no clolhos, no Jewels. She looks worked to ilcnlli." "She Is." Mitdaiue do Toros lit another cig- aret. "It mystifies mo—I'ollu lout." "We will leave it at that, my dear Thlrza. Mlsa Grant la very In lercstinc and very—dinicull." "All! Not easy to manage, yon mean?" : jho prcterrctl lu keen himself lu| U was Gldcon'b turn to shrug his j health by drlukliiE waters and diet-shoulders now, i lug. ralhcr tlKiu by Indulging In | 'Tor the mo:nenl, she la jiiny strenuous form of sport. For i;p In her career." hill Iliat, he was an excellent shot lo Paris rooLi." This v.a? nev.'s to Ila ••Ynu will he- late for your cure, Ilis Blslcr Bullied. "It bus always puzzled me," Bin F.-.ld, "why you liavo. never uiriioi your ttllcnlioit to tbo girls wlii my dear Ih nee." Ids siller said, «'°uld"bo nltroclcd by you. or to th ?173 ! $375 i'l: ircil i]!on ; :f d. aiKn:o])ud lie mi^hl ' '-hnt you're not looking as If yuu l.-o llicre at tlic K^me lime lo show .nci-d It ranch." sic' lie often ran over "1're perfectly fit." ho answered Above Cars carry our 30-Day Guarantee. Weekly, Monthly or Fall Terms. Call 811 .TODAY. 1'HILLli'S MOTOR CO. Authcrizcd Ford Dealers FOR SALE OK TRADE—Tcwn loi icr car. Junk Dealers opposite Frisco Station. ' ' 7nklO Fresh ililch cows for sale. Jerseys. : Terms if desired. Live Stock Finance Corporation, Bi>ihevil:e, Phone 201 or 827. . 7c-tl :-jr lo -I'r.;-i-j. lie; , LJtn:r.f.v.r.y s.-.iil he would palm no ii'.oro li:sl dr.y, aatl they hail .f:nly pcuinl II. siitlng'on the cf>'jc!i with her loci 0:1 the v;lilte pnla'r bear, and rr:r.o:nb'jrins; how 's!io had sut on It anil overheard Hie. tvr'o uieu i carelessly: "but one must go somewhere. The last halt of September |l shall spoml In Venice, as usual. i H's loo hot for most of you people', but for me It's the Ideal time of year.~ , Mndarne de Toroy carefully extinguished her .clgarct. Slio tcok a sip E-sIn^ her. Site t high sinri's. as ^ (icy ss a larl;. and r,:.-.king the men 1 rod: with iior cheap'witticisms and qi'aS;ii expressions. GUron led. the hqusc, iviih her. niiV allov.-cd liiui to Svalk with her to tile coiner, v.'hcrc 1 she wailed for thu lias. !.::!! I B:D .you agaiu, ' be aJ!;c:l. "Whai-nh'niii I'm Imsy nil day. but 1:0 \vlth U1C?" . - ! . from her- liqueur £lass. looking brothor wltb her utterly soplilstl- bold, humorous, catwl eyes. she raid suddenly. of yniir own Kct, >vho vain brains, knowledge ot ,tlie work Eiiil gccd taslo. pud to wlioirj lit !s u line art. Why do you wast yourself on tlicsc llttlo vulgarians I'iiinh of Allsa Davenue— what si cost you, and'liovr ncLii'ly she rulnc yo'ur life!" Gideon was suddenly rouaecl. II palo fuce hardened into a mask his forehead looked ghastly uudc its baud of thick black hair. "I will pray yon, my de; Thirza!" he sa'id, "not to meutio that name lu,tho same breath tills little about with?" ;irl yon are always who I i!i ss Grar.t'o. ' And as for the did not liesilato iu his ' I'OIt RENT—Furnished rooms- lor light housekeeping, 700 V/esl Wal- uut. Call 618.' - 23ck-tl i FOR RENT—Five-room bungalow' •• o« Dougau avenue, 1 with hot and cold water: attachments. Partly newly decorated. •• Vacant July 1, Ike Miller. Telephone 839. 28c-ti. FDR RENT—Six Room, house, furnished. Apply to Z. A. McCnis- tion. 30ck-tf "When F Miss Judy?' tomorrow'.' • \vill you di :. "Wttir p'.i •said. Thc-rc v:m EotiKthii] anc! ah^oi'l f::iy in her'smile, btit silo wan I'ult ot inward, laushter. Klic.saw the look in iiii; cyoo—thi;- olil covetous - look.' Ills lips- were moist- as-'lie smiled. lie supposed- that aho had felt neglected because; ho h?.il mt sought her out. am! lhat ehc T.-ouM now he easier to manege. Ho thought he he'd Scored the lirst! point in thc'^ame. •- f But Judy knew -othenvisc. 1 "A liltle model frcm Crccuwluli Vlllase, my dear Th'irza. 'Docs It Interest'you?" Mr. Piiccb." she "' '»"' wonficrins why yob ta!;e . . • her lo the places you do, she went • . 0:1. ''1 'liavo seen you myccU-scv- built upaa a shaky foundation. • pensive | cr . (1 liulK .,, - - I "You are'ridiculous, Bruce. 1 ' his men you'speak bf.-tliey bore me distraction.'-' All they want money, ami freedom to pursue their own particular form ot self-Indulgence'. As' you know perfectly well, 1 am atlractivc lo no woman —for myself alone." , Ilia lauyh rang : through ' the .room. Eilhy but uncertain, siisrsea- of an immense edifice ot pride U happened ihn.t a domestic hltcli evented th« Toros family from !i>i; lor Knropo on tho follow- day. They wcro obliged to end another couple, ot nlclils In elr New York IIOIJEO, though U ta prncllcally Bhut up. On tbo morninn nttor her lunch- with her brother, .Mndamo do 0103 «nu rung up by Vincent ornaway, who told her that ho id been nskcil to send her portrait i au Ink'nuillonal exhlulllcn In iaiiilil, and he wanted her con- ml. "I will como and liavo another uok in ii," she told him. Tlio orlrslt was. hllll lu his studio. •; Ihu'l touches. "1'vu for- olteu what It'looks llfie. If It's ot too ugly, you can simd It lo Indi-ld, It you like." She 'uiado an appointment with lni,';but was uuablo to keep It on Irao; but Bho went, on chance, bout two hours later. Slio found 'lornawi'.y out, ami Ills studio ciianled by a liltlo iicvsou In ratlier ilarllhig clothes, whom Khn at otico •ecdsiit/cd as the girl she had scuu- vllh her brother. Slio was glad ot tho opportunity ot jud^liiK Judy Grant for herself.' ttlci! wilh her pleasant self- assurance up she advanced Into tlio great room;' Judy was a liltlc gaudier even llian usual. Slio wore a dress made of a rtoman tilk ecari. wlili.tvUla stripes of turquoise, rosp. bla,ek, yellow, and. grccu. hardly uiiy.' sleeves, ami a- low-cut neck. At close quarters, Madame "de" Tores was struck by tho glrl'^ womlo'rlal pansy eyes and tho glorious, llshl In licr red-gold hair. Slio yros'ntlll more Impressed by tlio ilo'wor-1 quality oC the little face and Us. ex- prcssh'o innocence. In' such ling contrast 'to the garlsbnc-ss ot Judy's general appearance. It was (ho ot 'a 'child, thought il'.c woiiinii of Cho world—BO truthhil, so cundid. EO utterly Icic'ilug in ulle. ..".Why . slioiikln't I?" jic 'askc'd,' with n low lausb.- . "It lias not bcca your liabit—that is all. Tiicse are places.\vhcro you meet your friends. And Mamiel eaw you with .her. in .tho hotels aud .at all the very smart places." i Manuel was Madams de-.Toro's sister sn!:l rather 1 Bliarply. "Now- ailays even v;omcn do not need to Hood looking lii order to be attractive. V.'hy should men"?" lie' did not reply. A moment later lie was summpucd to the telephone. . '''.'. FOR RENT—Modern Stucco residence, 6 rooms and bath, newly painted. . Dr.. J...A. Saiiba.. 5cjd2 i WANTED 7\ WANTED—Boy with wheel to Irke paper route.. Apply courier News at 4 p. ni. ^^ <_ r 7dnVtf I T wns-thc last wed: in July. .."V.'cil?" askctl Giiloon r IMS suall oyc-5 liieetiny liis Pister's with an oxpj'c^ion of Quiiiseincut. only asking," she saiO. w -.-. Vork \vas £\veUcrIng in ji. u?tu : shruscing her shouidc: •''liarls"llryir.g molsi l.c;it. The sfty seemed to be almost over one's head, niul to sevcrul la;.'o;-o of tjhiuK^ti; steeped in boiling w,-.tcr. Tho air was a grayish yel- - p : ' ••••• t 'r 1 -' •'•"• -•-—••' >)o$.-s Wl,f?!t,,c-W{tly.,like .the hot. i'luiablStftrson Xvahri(i--fiifan-' Vfoom- b'[ j j. , f ra'rliif4i'\Ua(li;; i'^ i^v| 54 die Watkhis roulc in Blylheville; earnings over S35 a week. Write in own handwriting, The J. R. Wat- I kins Co., 80-9 W. Iowa Ave., Mrm- ! phis, Tenn." 7ck8 i Man with one child wants lo correspond with votnan over 20 under 50. Will exchange references. Box XX Courier News. 5pk9 WANTED—Men and ladies to-fra'v-. el and fippohit represenlatives — S40.00 per \veek— S32.CO CXIKIIECS. j Sanders. Call Mrs. Smith, Room 311 Nnble Hi 1 nee Gideon was In town, anil T.-as entertaining his sister at InuclieoiL She bad just shut up hor hoiice, and was leaving on the following day, with her husband and . two sons, lor a European trip. The boys wera 1* nnd 12 ycais old. Their uncl» was Unvoted tn them. Ft>R RENT—Five room apartment ^/itr! garage 1034 West Maini'Fpr information'call 252-W. Mrs. J. F. rs, She and her brother had always bec-n .gor,il '^a She had no fear of offending him." : • . ".Mi£.i Gram," he said, "io a rather remarkable little person." ^,'l\ she must be, to interest 5qu''- t liis sisler *Eiiswej-cd.^'.'Buf'ie- niarknblc in v.'hat way?" "Slio is going lo bo a dancer. Guarveuius has taken her up, and ho thinks much of her. He may send her over to Paris to study [or a while under Julia Cliassicr." Madame do Toros 1 smilo w:xi a challenge. 1IE.N he came bad; to tho lilttc dining room, ills -sister was iwing on her loves."Are you entertaining in Venice .Scplcmber?" she asked- him casually... ' ...'.. I don't Ihiiik EO," ho aiiswere'd after a second's hesitation; "but If you and Manuel and the boys want to come, I shall be dclighled." She eyed him with a knowins smile-as she went out of tho room. "I'll gue.-you plenty of notice before we come," slio said siguili- cantiy. lie accompanied, her to tho front door and saw her into tlio elevator. Then he'stood looking down after her a frown on his heavy brows and an ominous droop-lit tho corners of his ill-natured mouth. !'ls Mr. Htornaway painting you; Miss Grant?" I am sitting as a mmlcl. Tim's my naile. you. know. 1 have to livp while I'm working, ut my dnncins.' through Mr. Slormiway-lliat 1 met Mr. Oideou." - .. ' . M.v-'amo de Toro.i could inako no'.lilni; out of U. "Are yon oxpcclius Mr. Slorna- . way?" ehc aslted. "Ho should be hero directly. My appoialmeut was for nbout a tor ot ,-.u hour ago." • ... Slonmway came In jusl them, and Judy slipped into tho model's droas- Iiig rcuiii. ' .MailatiiQ do Toros spcctcil her porlralt and tohl llm arlbt thai he could soud It to Madrid to be exhibited, it he llkcil; "1 suppose it's what you call strong," s!ie paid with a grimace. "It's certainly ugly!" She did not sec Judy again. She went away more disturbed than bc- 'for'o. Either tb» cirt was deep, or sho was a specimen of: her sex that could only be described as uuiquo (To Ilo Continued) 7pklO w™ \Ctosing Stock Prices PERSONAL NOTICE I will be away from Biytlieville a fe\v toys on my vacation, nnd all Ihose desiring Pellagra medicine can find same at Blackic's Cafe, No. -123 Ash Street. H. C. Campbell. 7pklO NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 ju r dental offices will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis. NOTICE Why wait until cold wealher? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN y IDS N. It. H. Office 107 Phone' lies. 717 V. Tt. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight nnd packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 A. T. and T. ./. 2€5'S Aviation ' 5 Chrysler 25^ (Jitics Service 26";^ Ccca Cola 170 Fox 301Q General Electric CDlG General Motors 39'.; Grigsby Grunotv 13 r :'i I. T. and T 4211 Montgomery Ward 33vi Packard 13 Radio 33 7 ; Simmons .- 2 !'.•'• United Gas. 3-1 '.i U. S. Steel 134'.i New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 1 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Closa Jar 1340 1340 1325 1322 lay 1319 1349 133D 1339 July 1297 1297 1210 1270 Oct i3C6 13M 1250 1282 lee 131'J 1319 12LIG 1297 Jan 1300 1308 13W 1302 Spols quiet. 20 off, al 1250. WE R T He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Buck keeping Systems riionc 52 Ingram Bldg. Blytheville, Aik Brcausc they liked trie way shr did things as vice president of tli= frcsliinan.class ar.rl as iircsiclcnt o! li;e soplwiuoro, students at Merc- dilh Colirgc, Hnleigh. N. c.. nan liretty Irene Tiiomas. above, i>re;i- dent of the student government Irene lives In Rocky Mount. New York Cotton. NEW YORK, July 1. (UP)— Cotton closed liarely steady. Open High Mar ..... 1334 1335 May .... 1355 1355 July .... 1347 1347 Oc-. old' 1332 1322 Oct. new 1293 1297 Doc. old 1338 1338 Dec. new 1313 1313 Close 1322 1322 1339 1339 1312 1303 1218 1319 1291 1312 1303 1279 1322 123G Jan. ok! 1341 1341 1326 1320 Jan. new 1310 1319 1302 1302 Spots, 1330, cfT 30, quiet. The wcrld'c registration of mo tor vehicles in 1929 \v?.s 34,700, CO, 7G per cent of which were own ed in the Unilcd States. The nation's vacation induslr docs a $;i.OCO,000,000 R year bnsi ness, as much as the iron and stee companies. OUR BOARDING HOUSE AMBROSE \ '4 (3RBA-T CAB5AP,,-W'llA-f VoU ? - &A Qa A B/\MA(JA' -TooK -fAP UESSOMi" AMP OF YOUR AGE — OIUOlYKAinvK^Jft, BOOTS'AND HER BUDDIES By Martb DOT! TO "WE VIXIM& VmO 60rAfc XvMS 600W? J'HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS RILEY AGAIN! ' .''',''•• r ^^/ be-: i WNIA THIS RlL£VS AT TC \HHAT H£'S By -NICE JOS-rw ITTb A oor >'6S--1W \MOQklH' BOT I'Wi LSAM1IJS THIS WV OSCAR OlST To US OfSCLE'S is A OAWDV JOB Bov.'.' . u.s. . . Ol&XBTNCA StRVTCC, tKC. MOiM'N POP WOKUIEI) BABV\ THIi GCTTINO up WITH 1HE SUfj Vif-S Mt HM^CrtN- ON THC TiOPCS. TJ-RWING' BOWUNKS HQMC. NT U-.QV4T \S JOY-ElDC k\-ONGSlDE OF BY SEVEN GtTTVNG BkCU MCRCIO^F. HbUSt t VIQMN'PCTP GET UP By-.(>wu MC SCEM^ TO Vi COMW-tlBH -V.Y T.rRElB OUT. «t SLEEPS OF-THETAX \M«WJ> . XtAG, BEFOSE>4t IVSE.. I/ ,..•< t.

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