The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1930
Page 6
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j;;Stubb6rh 'Battle Ch Slip- -v^'^pery^ Fieldi Bulldogs Ara . % vV Opponents Tomorrow. "if";« Coming from behind twice and :;;<:.then'aiddljig a touchdown to .their :;/;. pne..point .margin/ the Chtckasaw;- Stars of Utah University -- TuMdiy'a[tcmoon. : Th<; vic- ..*;.torx\was the third,for the Hudson-:'-.;;;'-men ; . over':- Memphis 'elevens thin , ; ^.:-ye»r,''-peh'lr«lV»n(l Humes • high 01 vj the .Bluff City- suffering, defeats nt *;-'the ;hands 'of the ' local • grlddcr.; . •;> eirller. In' the season. • Vesterday's y : .';;sc6re.was. 19 to,12, ; :. .v . • - ' >':'£fi.Wfth' » :day : '<if'.rest Wednesday ..:;&the •; Chickasawsswlll - Invade Wll. r :Vson Thursday, where they will en. •"•> counter: the Wilson Bulldogs In the »?'third (pne! for. .the. Biythevllle ag- ; vVp'tiatiorY'- within a week. Osc^ola'f "•-•Seminoles"' we're trimmed by the :• 4" Chicks i.Ias't Friday, 3V to 0.' -..'.':"; Any-'reports that Coach Jnmcr- . f *oh- 'pr-Twli : inlght send His re- ;/V:'»enres' tjajnst the" .Chicks provei . ;v unfounded .''whijn. the .Tech mentor -.:]: kept,"/ hisj, strongest'. squad on the •1; fl^d'with Captain Pemberlon pla'y- -!-• Ing. thtCentire game. - '. ; --^jiviCUekJ Uai,In first Down? -.'' ; -:\y/--The Chickasaws led In first downs ''-w •BHEyiS'MVinst: eight' for the yls- .. -;.;jtor»'.-' iut,' although both teams '•'.: ishowed .offeristye streaks *wlth the • '/ Chieis,havini' ; a clear ed?e, the- de- 61 trie squads was out- 'i?ftandliitf.'.. Ipther - slde : displayed n , i'.; sustained ; .bffense .until the Chicks febejiui a; last*quarter drive that it-'. . i^sujted.- In •"• ^'touchdown. --,V-V:'?. The, Tech YeUowJackets -scored . v-nrsi'fhtn-lScAlllsttri; speedy half, : ;ba«k^ broke Into, the, clear, on an '•:• r?off-tackle.: play^ .and' galloped 80 - M'yiuds for.'«,-'touchdown. McAllister's "pinterference'.'-got him past .the ;;;iertmmt?e .line safely.'and J. T. S-^Criig.r.jlyUievUle : quarter, ; , raced ' ^doteh the.field:alter the Tech flash V but;*«Hiid'Tiot outsprlht' him.•; •'';.' ^i-ltcAHlJWry^run'.cariie .suddenly .and wai';the outstaiming dash o[ -vtbe" IMM. Pete" Craig kicked oyer gtne'" : »^mphis: gMj. .with ; , the. bpen- vtog^klck'bfl.^The .ball was brought i-pfit to lT^s520-ya&',iiiie'and' 'with. oo;'U>e. 5lippery;fleld, the' >Yrilo»}ailret»'rfcl«l. oft 30 yards In • two ^flnt'downiVto take? the ball to tfildfl*1dV*Mrt, thf.Chtck"s .held an;! y.took' the: pigskin .when Tech chose '. to,:b,Uck~tne.llne pri .fourth down.. ' •'•f\'The' Chicks 'carried, the pigskin ; j^ht' bick1dc*h-;tl>e Held, to Tech's . ?»$Brd~line;iIl' two first downs ,'wlth >.Tcm\ Short rtad: jf.:; T. Cralg.dolris ;^;\bin;lure|ng.;HerB TeoVi braced ':«ndv'tpok'-th"i; -.bail/ .On .the" second :pi»y \McAlllster broke Jopsc on hi* 'toueM'owaVicajnper that. put Tech "t; in 5 front. V The try''for point iied.x;-;^.":;/: v? • •>: - kicked .on- to. the 25-yard ' . . . ,iUne:«nd' Tom Short' hurried the : b«U- Back- 'to BlythevlUe's 45-yard -' busted his way. off ' ' _ . t end.ori .a-'weat side' plav :anrt ' . : 2^yBrds ; 16 Tech's' 35' yard UlM'.Vhere/he^was forced out of- bounds. Short. and J. Craig rip- ii .airiqth»r"first.d6wn'. The Chick " , ...... . ,:wall was outrushirjg ,Tech :'.and. the. Chick -backs were fmash- • ing7th>ough" ^running -low and .h'sfd ..'Teoh-ibraced' and J. Craig fumbled . ••.~r_iiui;..-.-it •.!•-.-_•• jjj, e - ^ th .j^j, Five players selected''on.: the 1929'all Rocky'Mountain Conference; team this year are helping Coafh Ike Armstrong »in'_a, third straight'.championship': at Utah..University. '""-- ''-''- ' '- " ' —one of tho greatest Interference runners ever developed and bnll toter. posses. seen verslty. They arc: Captain Ray: Pride, fullback in tlie intCTmewntaln'.'country—Is-g'o6d-punt:r conference player for:two years—was mentioned on .numerous Al'l-Amerlca te»ms last year. Hap-iybbert— «uard--bigi iteady-plugger, who holds up more than hli sKare;'oI the-forArard: wall.-.-; v ed 10 yards behind the. line when he sought .to piss oh the next play. 1 Another pass" failed. Tech lost five yards on an attempted : 'play off right tackle..Fourth down and 25 yards to go.''Pembertou' forced-hls punt'before a,rushing Chick line, ;• Short galloped for. ft'first down on Tech's 35-yard :llrie; The-'Chick drive halted 'on line-plays' and Tech took the. .ball on IU on '30- yard line when .the Chlcki elected to try fcf. four', yards vo, fourth down.i. Pemberton was . forced ' lc- puntrand the Half ended wjth the ball in BlytheVllle'3 possession'ofi Blythevllle's 40-yard (iiio.' .... McAfee, r'eturned the. Tech' kick- oft, starting the-second half to his own 35-yard ; ]iri*vJ.' Ciiaig .fumbled and Tech recovered on Blythevllle's 33-yard ItoelvTech tumbled ','and Biythevllle' recovered ori Blythe-' ville's • 37-yard line. . Blythfevllie swept to rhldfleld with a first down, J., Craig-went to .TeehV JMardi Itoe after five yard gain by Short*, J. Craig placed, the Qv»i on .Tech's 20-yard line, going ofl tackle arid cutting back. Tech held' : fpr downs on Tech's 15-yard line, Pcmbertoti •kicked out to.Tech's. M-yard line• , Alexander Converts.'Break' : BlytheviUe kicked back and Pem-' perton stuck his to? under o«e to put It back up the field! The Chick- quarter caught Tech's safety up close and Pete Craig punted from his own.forty yard llns on second down. McAllister raced,'back,'the . •••£ 'Pembertoh punted out to midfleld: After: the. Chicks' again slashed Iri- 'to Memphis.^territory Tech took the VfciU'lifter holding-ttie Chicks'for :. :7 downs;f Luckett -recovered Pember-: . : ton's tnmble'on. Tech's 20-yard line. .A.line buck, netted, four yards. Be- •V|-Al«ander,' Chick (poard, recovered • for Blythevllle on Teoh's nine yard line. It was a break for Blythcvili* Pete .Craig took little time to ram the line for a touchdown, putting Biythevllle .in tl-e lea.d by one point The try for goal failed. Craig kicked off short to Tech's ended after one foiled to gain. Craig s .sharpshooting toe put the bailout of bounds on Tech's seven PPS ™ , for B , on .a -wall of interference Pete 132 yard line Intentionally and the .Craig drove off right end and stiff- j Chicks .outraced tcchi to the ball ;.armed the Tech safety gota?, 16 The third quarter yards for : a touchdown. Short dived' phy. Blytheville OTrer.tne line for'the extra point on ' ' ' ^'a'line'- play 'that caught Tech off : ; guard;- '•-';• :•.-.' :';:,;. ' • • CHek' B«U Slynals •-'•-Craig -kicked -:•_ off to Tech's'10- ;yart-lirie'starttoi the second quar- . tef 'ahfj' the-ball went'down -.on . Tech's 22-yard line. After a pair jot- smiU ealns, Pembsrton punted to'.BlytheTine's 45-yard line. Short went around right end for 20 yards. ;Tfie 'Blytbertlle backs ran- off ant 1 ,left Uje tall lying unprotected wh?^ ;-lotnydne busted signals "and Tech • reeovered on the 50-yard line.-':Tapps passed to Wolien for-221 to smear- three yard loss by end .Pemberton's kick was poor to Tech's 35 yard line. ~ Travis Jackson Officiate aiWilioh . Travis Jackson,. former Oun- chlta- football star. and captain of the I^ew York:plants baseball team,- will'referee the'foot- ball game 'between the Blytheville .Ch'lcks and .Wilson Bulldogs if Wilson Thursday'af- terrioop.' .-.'.-- ;, -.The...ganie -, -will be called promptly at 3- o'clock. It was aiinbunceVJ ,by. 'athletic, officials of the< •• . : d*n:prp,ved why he li spoken .of os on*-of the greatest high school football : plajrers Arkansas/hjis-'ever uiown when he raced around right ind and- through ' the. ETDoiado *«m for 63 yards and a.touchdown •:.' ' ' '' ; Football ./ -.Results: ., 1 ' nghtliig'El Dorijto eteY'en-lnfadMl Fordyce y«- terdiiy'• lid -»-^nV ifl*y. with: i 6 tt 8 tie with', the champion RedbUrs A.-'inuiildjr- n4n-*D*kW. field: slowed. Uie' BJUBM' 4owi9( «ii(l made: brokeri field .running: practically . imposBl- bie^'^Tbje/largest: crowd that had ever ,assembled 'here,', estimated at 5,000, -.packed ' the - field beyond c&- -- ' ; ' . •- :•'. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafer iRocky. fountain. Eleven i Offers Slices -for CKar- ity Grid C^me '•'.' - ______ ' \ ( EDITOR'S NOTK: The ytah flevett has offered lo jplay 'any tfam In (h« counlry i'chzrfty game, f,roc«il5 to go la help relieve the poor. ' : By NEA S«n'kc ' > . SALT LAKE CITY| Utah.—When Ike Armstrong, a., yo'unt', gredn coach just out of Driike Ccllsge, came to . Utnh Unlyerslty . Iri 1925 the Redskins lind wpii only' one"un- 'dlsputcd nocky Mountain .Conference football championship, They had been merhbers of the- Qonfer- encc for a long time;.too: , .. Now we find the Indian school boasting four championship ; trophies, the last three of which Armstrong's team's won In . 1926, 1028 ond 1829. ' • :.. :•' ; The young mentor Is in:hls sixth ! season with high prospects' of niak- ' ing It three titles in a" row, jsome- ' thing never accomplished. before. The Utes lost only five: regulars and nround the 10 : lettermeri 'returning have built up a powerful team. - '••...• • • * Colorado University and 'Denver- Unlvorsfty look like the 1 stron??st teams on the eastern side pf-tha Rocky Xfnunlaln divide with tn*> Utnh U. by far the-best group on ttie western slope. The same three schools .were the powers oi 1923. Utnh won seven straight games, all by large scores, a'ranssing 188 points'to 23 for opponents in seven games.'.Colorado and Denver flnlshed-ln a' ti^-'for- second with one'defeat each-and a tie game in which they battled, to n scoreless'-, deadlock:.' '•'..' ' • - * - • - -.. • .. Every team In the conference.-'has been gunning for" Utah'-this -year because the Red • Devils' haven't been defeated »for two years and lave won 20 straight' games. . Utah is In .the midst of-'a. heavy schedule of .seven conference games Colorado Aggies, Colorado' College, Colorado Aggifs.' . University 'au'd.. 'Utah TARBELL BOOKS BANNED; MARTIN'S FERRY, O. (UP) — The books of Ida M. Tarbeil,;which men's Bible, class here, have been against the side of'an Ajsiin bnn- banned .btcause of the author's re- tarn automobile durine -a trimr centl.v, profesied opposition lo the rush downtown. . "."ui. prohibition laws. ' • i • ' , ' - prohibition BREAKS SKULL ON BABX AUTO CLEVELAND, O. (UP)^7] t ALTUS, .Okla. (UP) —Several ^uge bones, believed to'be relics of giant bison, that roamed this re- Ouachlta .''«, Arkansas, Tech C. Little Rock .Wesl 'side Junior High 30,.Jc»iesp(wo/JunW High 13. -..^onesbbrb' A: r ic',!li 0,''Mqnllcel- i,A. &'-Ji.'6f(tli).^, ' ••'.'' ' Dorado '6 ;iV>ra'y<e 8 ' tt |4 j'.~ . m- Springs-. 0. rn' Grovf 0. ' ' . ;Sprlngdale.'-J6;. /.Berryyllle'-**, jW ' ' ., TexarSah'a TfArk':) '"(SO,-' ih'Ui' 0:-:'>'- •*.:••'.-:'.> ^ :•••: . . l ^' Sheridan ; 7; Beafden 0 " line. , !c sot a rive yard .for an overtime play alter a ; lln j. rtt " 1 s were iinsuccessfni , fourth down with 15 to so p"t« Craig passed to Luckett for a nrst .... . ... __!<«>*•" on Tech's 12 ysrd line PPI^ .yards. .The .Chicks smothered an Craig ripped to Tech's four vnrrt attempt at the line. Taops stepped | lln e. Tech bVaced and It «•«« fn ;.",JI • Uck and tossed to Pemberton who ' down .with a foot to go p cral" •ifrabbed-the pass after outrunning ;srnashed the necessary foot a'nrt t«-^ •.Chkk safety to roll over the stonlbards extra for a touchdown Trl -,,of the grasp of a tackle bv th c , for point failed. s Chck jafety to roll over the .goal Blytheville kicked off to Twh Bn*;for Memphis' second, touch-'™* the game ended with th» h.i! down.. The .pass was good for 18'in Tech territory. e bal1 •'"rn'-.-thk- flnt 'ijuarter seemed. Buffering from overabhfl- dence;.and the E Dofido line, led by' Brtnker: and ' Raborn, charged through', to open big holes through which Rowe ipade good gains: El Dorado';carried.the ball to the 10- y'anj 1 ' line only to lose by an Incomplete' pus over the goal! Benton at tackle and Mosley at guard supplied the strength to stop the El.Dorado assaults. The Jordan twins played remark-, able b»H 'despite, the mud. Martin wis .a \pbwerfui - plimger, ..• while Rbwt^ : and Friend for El.Dorado were>ajsq good ground gainers. Two '^thrills, stood out nnd, furnished the scoring for both sides. In- the second' qfuarter Deckard, lelt end for El Dorado, got away with a neatly, executed'end-arouhd-end piay',<'and with fine Interference ran !5 jirds for a touchdown. In % .the third quarter, Clark Jor- H()MEllEATO Wednejdiy ud Thursday ,. .. f • Marlanna. ;i2;.' Hejeria 7. .-..?-\r ; Lockesmwg.21, 1 . DeQucen 0. ' Biythevllle : 19, Memphis (Tech) 12.: . - ;;',' •„•;-.'..•. • iMaIverhil9, iBauxite-O. ' : ' '.! WALKED 2»14». .MILES . . WAUBIKA, :okla:: , (UP) r -T. N. Chandler -has just 'completed years' of. corjtlriubus"5erylce at the Waurlka post office,' A, ; mail -"carrier,- Chandler- hi* -'walked -'201, 3M miles during .luVtermofservice: RITZ THEATRE Tuesday and Wednesday fftrOt and Pemberton ran 12 for thr •eounter. The try for 'point, was .'Mocked. • -' • . •(••-•" KTg*.kicked off to the Biythevllle Tech High Crawford Evans ,..—.._.J Ito*. where Pete Cral? took ; ~:th* ban and hung .Behind -his in- Mcore .terfmnce for 20 yards before cut- ' the' field awd sprinllng Carter Pemberton WolVn IJne-ups LE LT LG C P.O RT RE QB HB (0 BIythcvUle Gordon Colston Alexander Tiptbn Jaggers Rayder (c) Luckett J. Craig McAfee Short ' • -^>;T«eh'»'44 yard line before belne :; ««wn*dL- He w»s almost clear with Yttfe ttckfe eotu'ing from the'side, t McAllister ^--'•'••Vr Craig, smashed to a first iTapps w L : ,WUh the- half almost over, i Ely FB -•----•-•i wu mtfrcspted by Substitutions— Memphis «-ss _j Tech'i 10-yard line. A Lloyd, -Johnson, Hawkins "Tinton' i .Pembcrton wa-1 Kauerz. Blvlhcvllie Wcsibroor' "Wg. 60, Tech's-W-yarcl. Burns, Wiggins, Bone Si. ?W?-?. m P lre niied • a Pincher IHendrix): Umpire Stlck- with thr mon (Henderson-BrownV oilles r smother- pie, headlinesman. THREE FRENCH Cdmetty , an(I News. Maiinee-^10 'and 30c, NMght—15-and 40c. Coming—*Thursfjay ami Fri day —' Victor -McLnglen in "THE DEVIL ;AV1TH W,0- MEN". /Comedy and 'News. : • Admission-r-lO and 26c, Coming — - Sunday & Alnndny —The Screen's Hit of the Season -—'Nancy Carroll & F r e d c r i c M n i- s \\ in "LAUGIiTER". Including, contests /with had been, used as. class, room texts Vtftllick, 20, sustained a skull frac- glon in ages past, were Wyoming, Brigham Yqung, Denver, ture when he : accidentally ,wnlked near here' recently. RED" GRANGE Tbtrt «iU i]«p be good moor oiU. it ii nitunl ID to clikik llKid il nil ijvinccn-.tni. It K« rtraiintd fa with > bittgtouod of TO )cin, d.iing bxk 10 ihi C,,, «s ncr/ lo bnn s jxxi the Bt SWMBE SutilinJ Motoi Of.i. mii!e ponijc by c procuKt ihi'i taiMc these oili to g ;i t cnifonn labriCJtioo b«h ju»rr. tfooal ufepurd if., Inn i mpu ri.iei, ibej- .re of tht . t.)- fc»- col J <cv oili on the mitktt tojj)-. THE Guiaiiig'Sj-mbolot OVtl'lO ' Swp.i Gil ETHYL • K SOL'AIE C.xJU. MOTORO1L itition, 9:}0 to 10.00 P. M. OiKfil SiinJjrJ Titne, over (Kc Col».-n- bil Network for the WORLD'S KEFINER

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