The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1939
Page 4
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MbsTj'OPULAR ;GIRL TO GET FREEST RIP Ifi • Irip Winning Contestant To Be Awarded New York \ STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS (The figures listed musr, lip. rciisiilcrcil lenlullvc rts Ihcy ruprpjicnl mil)' (lie voles ill Hie Courier News Ofllrc. NutiiruU.v llirrc ;uc many voles in Hie possession of C'unteUuils nnil oilier ppi-suns which, as jtri, Inivc nol been lurjicd in.) ' Verii Kli/.ulirllk Goodr Dm is lt;iy Duliyns Sena Tnimhli: l\1;u-ic Alirnhiiin M.try A tin NMjtrs Kuguiiiii (Jrawfcril . .. l.ctlie Al:ic Ilolilcii ... M;in;:irrl June Acloii . Mary Aflali Hobinson livrljn A.Yi-<H'k sli . 1.570.UIII) . MM.oiio . 387, OS') . ziiyinii 103,01)0 . 8S.OIJO . 59,000 . x;?M . It. Ml 1Z.MO OPPORTUNITY LADIES! This is your opportunity lo buy a STKilLING SET on our —- BUDGET FLAN Good Silver . . . llin mart rif ,1 ri-Jliicil, well kf|»l linniu ... Ihc desire of every woman, iilitllicr \iifc nr l;ri<lc- tu-lc. 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This contest, sponsored by (he Hlytheville Courier firms, will run 12 weeks, with (his section atn>«ariurf ever of the contest, August <Hh, the votes will be counted ar iniinhcr of votes in her possession or to her crcdil will 11 York World's I'Viir. With every 50e purchase you will lie entitled lo one I/IT of coupons you may receive with one purduisc is you make. . Hy trading with the-business men advertising her will aid your favorite contestant in her efforts to win every Friday. You will appreciate the bargains advcrli watch the progress of the contestants. HULKS 01? THK CONTEST: 1. Any single girl, within this trade-area, is eligible to c: daughters and employees of the business men ;«lvcrl; 2. (iirls entering this-contest must mail or phone llieir tor, Courier News. y. Kvcry coupon must have the name of the coiitcslanl rl 'i. Coupons may be kept by the contestant or placed wit the contest. I 5. No coupons will be issued after iiiid-ni^hl of August! <i. Contestants keeping votes in their possession must p News Office not later than 5:00 P.M. Thursday of are excepted from this rule. It will be satisfactory f I votes for counting every two weeks.) " T 7. All votes must be presented at the Courier News Off! You may rpail your voles (o the Courier or bring (|,;j accepted alter the time stated. " S. The name of (he winner will be announced in •thu'-*,,,, (he votes are counted, and the winner reijuested lo col that arrangements for Ihc tour can be made. "Al Your Service:' Standard "Ksso" Products ituftis 0»s at Missouri 1'rires TERRY SERVICE STATION ARK.-iMO. STATE LINE •••-PHONE 5-F-ai --TJlC- Commencing $cit. June 10th to 17th j crc K Ii cc r I >' a u I i I u 1 Chan crl ' A special cut for lovely ami thrifty dscls . . . huy vcral pairs of niissncr Klcpr- i e. c r cxi\uisilc at Ihcsc iVn- crsary price. 1 *; yiyle 2»»—KLEER SHEER—2-Tlueatl. 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Uilz Phone 375 At Piekard's Highest Quality Si Low Prices mean a delicious meal, satisfactory to TASTE A N 1) 1'OCKETBOOK. Call in an order tomorrow for your favorite steak, roast, or choi>s. RAGLE -STAM1I or COURSE Buy The Best Meal Al Pickard's Gro, 1041 CI11CKASAWBA WE • • DELIVER TRADE WITH A i f skror To The brid's Fair With All Expenses Paid' aivorW's fair is (he prize (o be TUC ITIilFniinu *r- „,... , « * ORn^FAIR Ja world's fair is (he pri/.e (o be Icwitdiini; atmosphere, beautiful |makes the World's Fair n dream- J in cooperaiioii with local lay din-ing that time. At the flos'e J yotmjj lady with (he jrreatesL linled the 7-day lour of the iNVw In (worth 10(11) voles). The num. J only by tin- size of Hie mirehaso I* •saving I he coupons received you I'ontest. Watch for (his section lid at the same (hue be able lo lis c'oulcsl, with (lie exception of I«.'re. [and address lr> (he Contest Edi- _ plainly UIKIII i(. I Con test. Editor until the close of [them for count ing at (lie Courier I week. (Out-of-town contestants |se eontcstiints to present their later than Tuesday, August 8th. I iicrsoiinlly hut no voles will be is of this paper as soon as •Ihe Courier News Office in order THE ITINERARY OF THIS 7-DAY WORLD'S FAIR TOUR IS SHOWN BELOW 1. Train from Blythcvillc to New York, 2. Meals on train (going and coming). 3. Taxi in New York from station lo hotel. 4. Hold accommodations for 5 nights. 5. Meals in New York. 6. 3 admission tickets to llie World's Fair. 7. Tour of National Broadcasting Studios at Radio City. 8. New York Harbor Cruise. 0. Taxi transfer from hotel to station. 10. Train from New York to Blytlicville. "My C'lwl Is Iilnclt iiiil I Trc;il Vou Wliilc" FOR SUMMER SAFETY Guard njiimst rtwigerous (ami bacteria •!>)• using pure Ice in, your refrigerator! No objcc- tioimlite initialing of odors, i»> parts to break down just alien you need protection most! Phone 1(17 SAFE-WAY LUNCH LOAVES Assorted, lb Boiled Ham C'udahy Puritan, lb Cured JIani, Cudahy ™'l'""' , Ccn - Cu . ( > "' .CHEESE, American Cream, llj HAM SALAD Lunching, lb... 39' 25< 35 22 -- •- THES^K Beef Roast ,K. C. I'nme I{i),, lb. . OI,EO Hygrade, 2 Ibs. . SPAUU RIJJS I'Vesh, lb. . I'KG-O-LAiUB found Ho ff Head Chccsu Home fltade. lb. UKKV STEW, II. 1C. -fCc I'niuid ... O 1'ORK CHOI'S Center Cuts, Hi. CORK ROAST Small Bone, |(>. I'AiMB CHOI'S Small, l,can, lb 1'fCi MEI/fS ' (i'lcod l'Yc,sh. K. C. Branded Baby Beef l,oin. jtptiml nr T-Bnnc. lb. VEAI, CHOI'S K. C. Veal. lb. .. VEAI, CUTLETS Pound BACON, Cudabv Hex, I'otind . .' I'I« LIVER Fresh lb. K«ESII SIDE 1'ORK, (50 LOG N A liny a 15' 17' 19' For Boiling II,. 7'/ 2 c; Small gO to 25 Kcllics Sl.-o-Lean lb. LOW PRICED! (Vc« Colii C'hcsl—Holds 11 His, of meal, Ili'oiny Vrgclakle Din — Ic's jnn l]t,y in ,|nanlilici mil s»vc. Ice Ciihc . llclrase—pi.ns Bui inslaiiMy. Sliclvcs move up ami down fur more room. 35—DOWN Buys a (i-Cubic Ft. Kelviuator "Thrifty 6" , tltaslraled b K-8 L i, GEE Ul!> S. Second 81. PUFFED WHEAT Good Sue i> lb. of OATS 'c Vour Money i f Yo " "'"" <o J-«kc This JSit^ 8 L ox root, f'owdcr, 2 Boxes". «'i Hoxcs For JUDGE Jar j E 10 urScSaloonlOolfoms CARROTS, Calif, Large Bunch, Each CKLKHV Junilio Stalk . TOMATOES '" Fancy Grade, lb. VRKSII COKN " 3 For BEETS, Frcsli 1-irge Bunch . BELI- PEPPERS F'cy I'c,,., j(,_ 10 .5* IS GREEN Pound CABBAGE, New'" Home Grown, JJ> ORANGES I7(i aV. Am., Dox. .. GRAPEFRUIT Texas, Each ... LEMONS, 360 Size,' Dozen . ... TEA y f Pound"" Glass Free 29 C ,.5 C 28 1 Pound Carton "^^"I •»n ,-_ ••*'••*••!.. Otl STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS I . wl« "Si m'c'ol'/rf' S," mt ^ ml ""«'«« »« U,e, nprewni only 5l/kS^£-«^^ Vi'ra i:ii, : ,iJi.|j) G l'"ils Hay Oiibjns hcnii 'I'riuiiklc . Maiie j\l>r:il);tii! Mary Ann Nabent . , . Lsllli! Man lloldrii Margaret j am Mua niary ,\ilali KoWnson J-.vel.vii 387.000 213.000 103,000 95,000 5(1,000 30,000 14,000 12,090 Vnlcs AN AI *CT '''0 THI-; COMMUNITY A SERVICE TO TUB NATION THE HUB OF THE COMMUNITY * A GOOD HOTEL .lusl imagine „•(,«( ., Rap - , vm|1(| |)(J |(!f( , n Hie life of your cnnmnmjly if il.s hotels suddenly disappeared. 1RCHANT, NATIONAL HOTEL WEEK June 11-17 Hotel Noble 1» Vm,r lloirl_ W e Invllc V nl ,r Mnn nv We Iiu-Kn Vou'r tns|)cel| Im SPECIAL ON HOSE Gordon's Irregulars •RIO Value Only 59c Also other hose from 69c to $1.25 ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP AITIWS From Firs! National Hank THE FOLLOWING DEALERS HANDLE Shibley s Best Flour miivnfSbAb Harrison Gro.. r.'i'^ri.ii A^L ISAS UlrtlsoiiB Grocer}-, |i|i,| slmg , Ark. •I. O. Nuniiuiry-, » i> •'. W. Smilli ' store, HiacK Oak, Ark. •I. 1). Nulirrs, lilyllieiillc, Ark. l,i« libcrill .Store, " " l.ces Gi'ticcry " " '(rise SIrcc-l Gro. " " Cliri.sli.-m Grocery " Umly's Grocery » ('• I/. N'.'tfjors " " I'VIcndly Nnok Gro. " " May's Grocery, " " ''red Cililivcll, " >• CV A. Hnvry (!ru. " " '>• A. lVllHaiii.s l.ihrilv C'nsll (irn. " " "arpy Hour (Iro. " " Kite 1'iico <;™. " " I'" J. S|icncr.r Gro. " " I'ciiny Saver Oro. HiHvartl tiicli (iro. fair l)c»| Store, '>enc Gcorje Cro. I-:. If. Alley (; rn . Homer Usher Gri>. • E - C. i'arks (iie, I'opcs Groecrj-, lillis Urns. Gro. , P. .M.'n.avis Gro. •'• J. .loltnsoii Gro. Coinniuiilly Grocery , t/. Abrahaiu Gro. John LUIM Gro. i\I«w y id, Grocery M".. T. j. uurkr .'ones Grocery '; M. Utnllcy " j;. Til. Mcllonolil, litinlcllc, Kooiice Grocery, So. Gl IH'«}•( City. Pace-lVlieclct Grocery, Caia- waj'. Ark. Cliarlre Sinidi, fccoiipmy \ari (! (y sto , c .. * ice Grocciy " •• air I{ " '" niUl ' Ch t"ord, Ark. I"- T. Hjrri ' . Holland's Grocery, I) rc hcr- ville, Ark. : Jlrs. r, N. uoiiils, [)r)ul,l c Bridges Mrs. Lillian u ltc i kelll Eto . «ali, Atk. Noah Glrdley " •< Ridscway Grocery, Flood"»>-, Ark. Savcnay Grocery, Jr. Brayants Grocery, Halls- towu, Ark. Emery l>r.m « •• ll.'trris-flii Gro., Van C'levc Gro. "' """' Al. K. Cnuvftinl, " " K. S. C'niwfnrit, " " Illrby roljor, " " 1-'. I'. I'liikcritun " " Tin-re H'ny Inn, Illghwuy lo •'• M. Spitncer, Jcrlen, Ark. WnllaM! [lllllcr, Joiner, Ark. Hiirrls Groecry, Joiicsboro, Ark. Liberty (liisli Gro " " Sclilsler Storo, " " Kec's Grocery, " »• Farrar liros. Gro., " " .1. If. Andrews, , " " .lolni Hcarn Slurn, " " iMaric Grocery, " " Cock's Casli Gro. " " Kclscr, Ark. C. I-'. I'ni-il, I'raiik VOHTIR, Ifarvcy Wilson, " » I K. C. Cook, ...... I .lolin Kcrat •• Troy Kay It. Dean Culbrcatli Gioccry, l^ike Clly, Ark. Casli Dollar Store, Uaclr- I ville, Ark. Aaron Gro. Slorc " " Koy Jones Gro. " " A. G. Taylor, J. W. Ktiig, I,c|ui,t 0 , Ark. illix, CIco Blocker " " J. 51. Burns Gro. " " Mrs. K. W. Hall B. II. Murphcy " Wells, •' " •Illincr Uall Oro.,'I,u.vor.i, Ark Gallop & Langslon, " " W. J. Oouilcauv, " Jesse JBrpmv " " JJartlii Grocery, ManlU, Ark. A. R. Ballarii, Gabriel Jllkc, " " Savcway Gro. " " Jallff Gro., R.F.I). " am.-Wilion,. Jlarie, Ark. Jop Singlcloit, .Marked Tree, Ark. Marlln H'orlliy, Siim Walker, Hnl> * J«n, Mrs. Ceo. Granl, " C. A. \VorlIiy, 0. D. Foncll " Ted Hetidrix S. D. Watson, " Dempsty's Gto., Midway Grocery, " Tleas IIciitlrK " J. S. Nichols, George Westbtook Gto,, Hgan Ridse, Ark. Hensley, Grocery, " Marlon (,'nsli sforc, Alnrlwii, Ark. ". W. Glllierl, Moticllc, Ark. Wilson Grocery, " " Norinan Illa>iknislil|i " " •las. III:niki-nv)]ip " -, " Jne Dawlcs Slore " " MuKenuey A: 'rjipii " " Alexander Grocery, iVcltlt- li>n, Ark. A. A?ilc Grnrery,' " " N'oles ,t Son Grocery, Osccola, Arh. Hale Jiiclison Gro., O, W. Knlghi Guy tiryanf, \V. U. Ilinil Gro., C'asli & Carry, J. N. Hill, Highly NO. in Miirpltcy ,t \Veenis, Tru- niiinii, Arlt. Itoberl Hull Grocery, Tiir- rcll, Ark. Joe liast Grocery, Tyron/a, Ark. 'rrninniell.s Grocery, " " II. I). Itrannan,' " " I'riee Qnnllly, " " J. W. Niniiially, " " Mrs. I-:. Miinsruin C. G. Anilcrson, West llldge, .1. I). Ovcrbcy Osscc Nun'iially, WhUlon, ' Ark. I'urcell Grocery, Yarliro, Atk. French Grocery, " tiurnliam * Tlioinpsui! " .iVllSSOUKI .>. A. Johnson Slorc, Auslfii- vllle,, 5Tc. . A. G. Sander Store, tlrazc Oily, (Vto. Oc I'ricsV Gro., " • " A. G.' Sanders Store, Braggadocio, Jl». IV. 3. I'urvis Stoic, Canada Swllcli, Mo. C. C. More Store, Carutli. Mo Teroy Grocery, Catuthirs- villc, nilAKuurl. Spalding Market, I'rtd Brown, " " I.. K. I'.roclor, I'. U Davis Gro. " " Kasf SHc Grocery, " " Nelson's Grocery, " " Marllit Grocery, " Hensley's Grocery, " Collier Gtdcery, " Tennessee Station, " M. & U. Markel, " Marmlns's Grocory, " Shan's Grocery, " Cliff Jackson, M. M. Everett Store, " Ellii Gtoeery, " I'll' Font- Grocery,. Conraii niiwoiirl. • Ccctl Pn'iylcr. Grocery, Cooler . nllssouri. MiiCami (jroccry, " " ; Charlln Ikill, H| f |,«ay No ' .(il, Ifajtf, iiin. fico. II. Wd>!) (ir,,^ " Koloslvk Cirorcry, " " 0. C- Cliirli Gro., " ' " Toiiimlc Hall Store, '" " Hone-Hone. Groc., \V. T. Zanders, A. G. S:inili'i-.s, ' J.. 'I'ravfs Gro., ». f/. OlllierC Slprc, Mies Grocery, " " Sandy' Ilnieh Grocery, II F. »•. HajH, Mi). CitttlCl's Grocery, •' " " 1.. licrry Gro., Hulland, Mo. Fred Hauls Grocery, Hor- nersvlllr, Mo. U'csl side Market, KenncK, Missouri lamliett Grocery, " " Onvilmari Grocery, " " Garner Gro. Slorc " " floss Cash Grocery, Lllliourn, Missouri. iMjcrs & Son, " •• KlcJiardsori Grocery, Marston, Missouri. A. T. I'iliey Gro., " " Minn IJros. Store, Inc., New Mnilrld, Mo. liitlh Gbdncy Store Mirkie Mereanlllc, Missonrl. .'. A. Kellntn Store '' " • Frank McColIum, " " Segal Dejiarlnienl Slorc, rorlajcvillc, Mo. S.hiike Kny Grocery, Shake 'Ha?,, Mo, - ' Biillock. tjroccrj-, " " Jflhnlc Martei, Sftele, SIo. K. K. Frakcs Gro. " J. n. Morgan " " J. R. Aklns, n.F.D., Steele, Missouri, K. II. ALiyuard. K. F D.,, Slcclc .r.Ilssniiri. J. L. Adafr.. Grocery, Slub Ton n, Mo. The Exchange Store, War- ' dr!I, SIo. Bed A- White Slote " " Blvlns State, Mzrtin N!x Gro., " Ballatd Gtocery, " *' TUlman's Grocery, " " Burgess Grocery, Highway No. 61,-Warden, Bio. SwttI Grocery, •". " June flloore Gro., " " Tanner Grocery, " "

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