The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1930
Page 5
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WEpmp^^NOVEl|mBR_12,^193p_ s, >(ARK:) ;•»•;? :W%f$>& '''• ''. :•••*.'---'• "-^*^'T,l J---' <. r '#A0fej m CLASSIFIED ADS •ITU ccnu a woM tor Orrt In- • tertlou and roe cent • wjri tor tact tutwequUit In«r- Uon. No idiertteeiuentUicn (or less tban We. Count tU« eords mid KOd UM Phon* 306 FOR SALE APPLES—At Fisher's, across from City Hall. ?1.25 per bushel. 11C-K17 FOR SALE—Now Royal Portable Typewriter. 547.50. Terms. Phone 4C5W. ' 12C-K17 FOR RENT FOR RENT — Modern home on West Walnut. See G. G. Caudlll 3P-K13 i'OR RENT—Five room house 1000 block on Ash SI-. Call M G. Ocodwin. 4C-TP FOR RENTj^rMrnished rooms fo light housekeeping, 100 Walnut Also unfurnished-flat, 1013 Walnut , SC.Kl FOR RENT—T3oard and room. Als light housekeeping rooms. 10 W. Ash. ' 10P-K1 FOR RENT — Furnished cottaje Very attractive-. Rent S23.6C Tliomas Land Co. 10C-K1 FOR-RENT—Furnished apartmen 108 Kentucky. Phone 083. 10P-K1 FOR RENT—Front or back bed room. - 309 Chickasawba. 1IP-K • FOR RENT—Front room. Reasoi able. Mrs. J. H. Roberts. Plion '506. 11C-K FOR RENT—9 rooiii house, l\ baths, all newly painted an papered, located on corner Hig! way Gl and Highway 18. ideal 1 cation lo rtourist rooms. $-10.00 p rnnnth. Call L. L. Ward, OSB or. 650. • 12C-TF .... LAURA LOU BROOKMAfS /^/ AUTMOP OP "PASU BQMANCB*. INC. WANTED WANTED — -Family Washinjrs. V/ashed and ironed by compe- wnl vjhite v.'oman. Mrs. Bro»Ti. 704 S. Lake St. 17ck-tf LOST AND LOST—ladles -brown purse. Fender return to Mrs. Howard Proctor, 400 North Broadly, Reward. 10P-K13 PEKSOiVAL TAXI—P. A.'MCGREGOR . Day' or Night Service, Phone 10 v-Jlv". ''.-..' _ ^r 1 ^ 0 IP YOU WANT YOUR FLUE Inspected. Repaired or Cleaned Call 42. ' 12P-K15 WAHMNG OliDF.R CHANCERY 'COURT CI5ICKA- SAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. American Build in g fz Loan Association, Plaintiff, No. 48S3 -- VE: ,1. J. Gilless, ct al..~ Defendant. The defendants, International liank of St. Louis and Proctor & Gnmblc, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and enstver the complaint of the plain- tilf, American Buildins and Loan fiffociation. Dated Nov. 12, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, By Harvey; Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, . Atty. Ad Litem - 12-19-20-3 m:c;ix iiKHi; TODAY fBMA JIITCHKI.I,; IT, l«v« llulUimirr ivlur* «&«. >">* live* M.MilJMIKT ISOGBIIX, li> rc-allli., lalhpf, JOI1.V : l:i Nnv Yurli. Tlie parru<« ure JfvurrrJ mid MTH. Iturrrit U II -.fUo-.Y folluiilng a^MCOBi war- I>AIIXI:V Minsi.iis. roiicK »m«- tiriKr pbdlnGrrniibiT, I* l» luve nllii ilir Sir!. .tllti-Iir)! iuk» EVB- I.V.V r.UISO.VS, hruMIIIul nlileiv, li> {nfrnflut-e hi* daughter to Mitin tiprrcy. runatdfrlne OHa a ur-.-im (o "111 MllchrlPa nITcctluu.. Sho noun .tircQnU'H jrnlinix of tlie i;Irl :im1 nrhrnicj* lo jfct rlt) nt lirr liy <-nr<mrni;In{j n ruiMuiicp l*e- fivcrn Olln Anil T01) JO11DAX, fa'.rlunlln:; Imt uf dubloax cbnr- itt-lrr. Mltfhrll ha» foililddm kli Ur.ii^hlrr fo KI I L ¥ Jnrdim. SMrld* i-<--:ni-.t fo ?.'IMV York fo ivork for a lihninjrriiii'ilP Kervlcr nnd incpN , Crll:i. Sin- trllK him AkF'rnro for .lorilnu lutf Infer r rrnllii'M It I* Sirs. I'arKnus BUM lo mid f.rl!n lilnl tUe Kir) mrcilvg shli-ldn fcurrf pllllouilj. t':iHirr ntnl ilnnsfctt'r (junrrcl nnd - Crll-i IPTM-C-* Tor llaltlninre, Her im:thcr In ruf ftoerr And nil clriv» (n "Ir*. ISoum" ivherffahuui* fnll -ITik-hrll nrrlvri. He nnd Cflln 1'rcmiip reconciled and relarr ' Nciv York nflrr lie bjtn firom (n locate Sir*. IJo.irM. Menniv! Mr:i, l':ir*i:nK Iiivlira • Sblfld* mirt tclln lihn OUn I. marrj J<irtln«.i. Xfxt day Cella I.M en fn n nintlMrf- nnd CDcoutt* ILT JiiTdnn. AU tltree nre Ci'Hrc Tcrives (lit- utkcT* fo Inlk 1u SblrldPi. Tlie ItiiftvIcKT viii)! ivllli flic nii(]crKt:in-]|[i^ Ihnl nJI I: uvcr hfi\vpe.i> them. Thnt- cvr iilnd Sirs. I'nrHon.x nnnnuneeK Ji frlln ^INobcll ta« askrd hr to mnrrj him. . NOW uo oS." WITH 'TUB srom CHAPTER LIU 4CVOU mean^!" Cella began ah ••^ then she.stopped.'From I expression of Evelyn Parsons' fa there \vas no douht that what t woinnujiad said was true. Mrs. Parsons laughed, anil the sound was strident. "I mean just \vhat I snid." Evelyn continued. "Your father has asked -me to be lib vrlfc^Kiid I have accepted. I must £ay I'm disappointed, Celta'.You don't look very pleased!" The girl t;as staving at-her. For » moment sho said notiiing.. Then s'uo Icaneil • forward eyeing Evelyn nppealingly and the words hurst forth: - •-.. ' "But I thought—I iu'eau when mother comes hack—oh, Evelyn, it ^y6uldn't be right! -You vronldn't 'do BU'cIi a thing! Mother loves.him still, t know she clqcs! 1 : Evelyn Parsons' shoulders straightened. ."So you disapprove!' ijjio said coldly. "Really; my dear -I think It would have been more polite if you conccalecl your! feel .incs. After all, you'r father ami 'are ijotli grown adults able to think ... for ,ouqeclvcs7- I had no idea you -vdisjike'Jjuie E0. : much!"! "Oh, If isn'f'-lTOU- Of course doa't dislike you. Pleaso doii 1 think me ungrateful for all yon'v done! But don't you see what the; both mean to me? Mother—" "Tiiere is no need for you to ea any more. And I shall tell yo fraakly that i£ your mother vrer ii>. thil very room tonight bcggiii i£* t« give him up It would no :«r my-platis in tho alightcst. Do i could stand tbo'ro with her back u think I'd let your' father ni»k« toward Evelyn' in-otcndtng to look fool of himself: over that woman second llmo? Do you think. I ava no feelings? No rights? Why o you this ridiculous noon that your father', and mother, •parateil when you were'a-child, ould bo any happier together ow? t tell you It's preposterous. Key uiado one mistake, discovered, 'arid parted. :Do you think you ould possibly' brlag them together galu? No!" Mrs. I'arBona' eyes flashed. Anger ad gotten tho belter of her usual uavily. The exhibition of temper .eld Cella spellbound. "John and I love each other," Svelyu went on. "It will' be use- es.s for you to attempt to Interfere. John's becn : devoted to mo, for cura! Really, Celia, I should think •ou'd consider his happiuBss 'even out at tiio utg&t until sho forced the Icaru back, There wer« great hot drops on her check. ,- Cella hriished them aside casually.' Then she turned. ' •' ; - . •'. .. '^ "I didn't make plans for tn» eio' : ning," Mrs.'Ptrsous tnld, glanclui up, "hecnujo I. thought It would mean a great deal to both of ni to keep it uninterrupted, It makca rto happy .to you'r* looking t you do dislike me!" "You muslu't r that, Evelyn. I do like you. It's just that it's such a surprise. I was startled." * •'. • MTJIIT why should you bo sur•" prised? Surely you must liavo kriowu ho was fond of me.' Why, I'vo bceu putting him off for months! I had to respect Dwlght's memory hut It's a year since ho left inc^-or practically a year. John ami Dwight wcro such friend!. That's one reusori I feel iho hand, of fate Is guiding rat. Of course it will be Eom« time before tlio engagement can even bo announced. You miist pTomHo ine, Celifj, not IP 'speak of It!'' ',-'•"' •'' "I won't tell anyone," Celia agreed. 'It would mortify me.frishtfuily the news got out. Of courso I elt that you should know at nee—". • ~. ' • ~ I'm. glad you told me," tho glfl aid slowly. 'TrAippose it changes vcrylliius, doesn't 11T.. ^"Well, in 6ome"*ay'5. In the :izl- place I shall insist tha; John just stop killins lijmselt in that fflce. He's made himself a.slave "nd it's 'because •'thefe's been no ihc'to guard his health and make at Iho situation unselfishly." Tho dart fouud Its target.' "I suppose I have been Rclflsli," Cella admitted, "tut I.dlda't mean to he! I.must rieo father tomorrow and congratulate htm," Evelyn started. '"Olf, no! Promise mo you won't do that," she exclaimed. "You seb, dear, I Imvo a confession. Your father wanted to (» the.first to-tell you ^he ,novs. I agreed but: afterward wtton ,-ho said until ho didn't want you to'know Just'bcfoi'o tho announcement was mndo rpiibllo I felt he. was wrong. That's why i mado up iuy mind to tell yoii niyself. 0( course, you can't blame John!. Ho docsn'^t understand' how a girl would feel about such a thing." •".. .-.••• "Oh, i see," / , '.'• T .*''.'.'. "THE nulck jinnee of Evelyn A 1'arsoiis was apprehensive. 'You nro glnd I told you, .urou't you?" she askedi At ilio earliest .possible mu>:i«u ho p!il exr.usejl neroelf. Ueturtalu eft Ilio room E'reiyn yarsons urew Jowu bealda h'eri aud. klfifnl liotlvl'a forehead, "Happy dreain?, "Ucoil nlBUt!" Colla'fepllcd and *ci;l to her bedroom.' , uiulroFscd and got.Into bod but -ho could not sleep, it w.-n dawn when at last she drift- i-H into troubled slwmbor. Con. sein;»iitly Bho . awoke', lato nest, uioniing and flicro were nhatlowa unilrr tlio brown eyes. Alter aho had breakfasted Colin movi.l about restloasly.' At 11 o'clock sho imt on her hat and told Wi'f. I'iiNoiiS sho was going tor a wnlk. ' ~ ; ''Order lunch for whenever you like-," Kvclyn cnllcd. VI shan't Uo here." -., - : - Cclla'a niiswc-r waa/ap Ina.udiblo iiuiruiur ns'slio let hersolf out of Ilio :i|i.irlmcnt. Slid took tho de- valor to tho street and walked lo nvcnue. Tljero she moil n led a bus nnil rodo to thu hiilldlui; wl-.cro John Mitchell's Isnv onico was locutcd. ' • 4 • CHi; gave her uamo to tho girl In Hie reception room, five minutes Inter a tall, dark-halrc'l yoiing woman anpanml, Einlllng. She \Vas "Of course," "I"was sure of'-it. )UU BOARDING HOUSE '•'•-•>'.' : '-'^^,"^J^M iBiaitl It's JiiB't the THE UEST HOT }>\G, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN WERT jHe Makes 'Em Sci V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips to Meuiiiliis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and [Jack ages anywhere. Special •»itb on caribad lota. Local Phone, BT?1 Memphis Phone 3-3ii. sort of thing you Wouldn't expect a man to understand. And when ho tells you himself you iroii't lot him dream you ^us[>ccted, 'will you?" - --• ' ' . '•••' -.. "Well. I'll do tho, best I can to keep him from guessiii;;."' : "That's » dear girl. Vou GCO, you and I niiist Etaiid toEethcf.. we're -going to! Otvo,ind him tako tlrao for recreation, planning six months abroad .And your word, Cefla, that you won't men- mediately after -we'rb "married. The Oriejit would- bo •• a \V6ndcrful change for him,.don'tyou thi/ik so? I'm furc it would 'do lilni good. And everything Trill work out nice* .y because you can stay'-with your grandrrtother: I'm surcf you'd prefer to bo la town'anyho-w and When we're 'hero' Tve|ll probably' spend most '.of our . time at Larchwood. Really", I think it'e '6Bly fair to you.'.You'll develop so much.more witliout having us to dciieud upon." .Celia v'bs silent. '"• I Mrs. Parsons had recovered };er composure.^ Aftci^ a moment she said softly: "Cclia; you're going to wish us harpincss, aren't you? Remember, you're golns to be marrying one of these days "yourself." • 1 .'-'I wish yon—every happiness." ' The girl rose and walked to the window which faced westward. She , , tion anything I've said . to your father." :' •''•-. "Word of honor." * • . Evelyn heaved a little sigh and smiled. "I wonder what I did with that book on contract .bridgo that Fannie loaned me," ahp said after an interval. "Ilavo you seen it auywhcro?' . /' '- ; Celia slioolc her head. "I'll h61p you look," she- offered.". . . ; •. Slio did not ftrove useful in the search. Mrs. Parsons found .tho volume without assistance nnd settled down with if before a reading lamp. Cella chose a rua^uztno and curled up .on the davenport. She oriened the panes and looked down at them but the lines of tyro might havo been Invisible. Sho neither read nor saw them. Her hands were Icy and Cella clenched them together. The pain in -her heart had begun again. Everything was lost! Everything in tho world that sho cared about Tvns gone. With Bafndy bcsidu her Celia felt she could hato 'faced her father's remarriage, even thousb it severed tics from Margaret Rogers. Kow^— what was there left? • John Mitchell's secretary. "^llss Wltchclll" Iho yoniiK woman said, approaching Cella, "I'm sorry. Your father Isn't in." "Oh!" "Is tiiere 'nnylhlng you'd like to havo mo tell him?" • "When do you think he'll IKS Mck?" "Well, really, It's do'iiblful. It's almost 110011 now and 'ho baa a luncheon ciiRaijenientM don't know just when to expect him," Celia Imd Imd cuoiicli business training to know that confliicn'.lr.l secretaries wero likely tu bb thoroughly Informed on>thc1r employers' personal as well as pro- fcEslonal ,'affalra. Miss' Hobirta, who stood before her. v.'ns a con. fulontla! secretary. "Could I como'lfito your olUce for a inlnutii?" Cella asked. "(Jortalnly. 1 ' -.-•:. • Tlio tivo.wciif into a" small Iniidr room. Cellfi hesitated. Then silo 6'aid nervously. . "You probably know father':] IryliiK .to locate my iiioilicr. .Has there been any won! yet?" • A looli of quick sympathy crossed , the older girl's face. Sho shodk her head. '• . "Wt haven't heard anylhiiiB yel v '| slie said. "He was cxiiecting a message all day yesterday but H didn't come." . .' • - "Then I suoss that's all,' Thaiik you very much." t Cella turacd and left ilio office. 1 SAY.WtfOR, VOLl WERE OVER Nbu WCRE: M6 ABoaY VOU.R PtAM<' EP-UM-- KAFF- LAST"FAU.. ,ToRcei> -TO MV Business WITH .If SqlAL BOUGHT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES v .'•',' ^ ' SOMEBODY'S HKAGGING SLo rwlo ui»lo\vii and rolur'neil lo tlic niiarlment. She van,. there ni 10' mliuitca nfter three that nHt'r- noon when tho ma'd hnhouncril tbere was n young man to ceo licr. ' " (To Be Cuu!^U!M(V N THE .MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DIS- TBICT \merlcan Building and Loan- Association, and W. L. Dslony, as Trustee, Plaintiffs, No. 4864 vs. J.. Gilless, ct a!., Defendants. WARNING ORDEIl Tiie defendants International Bank of St. Louis and Proctor & liambil are warned to appear in his court within thirty days from :his date nnd answer the complaint, of tho plaintiffs. American 3tiilding and Loan Association and W. L. Delony, as Trustee. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the above court this 12 day of Nov., 1D30. -W. \V. HOLLIPLTTER, (Sea',) Cicrk of ,the abova Court. By Harvey .Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. Ad Litem. * 12-10-26-3 east's^' advantage of climate and 9! proximity to market has been more .nan offset by the West's * cheap range'. But recent developments have ^increased the fed price in the west'nnd lowered it' ta'.the mid- welt nnd cast- Hence the' problem. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 12 (UP)—Cotton closed very steady, i Oixjn Hieh LO>V Close Deo (rltii 10M 1110 1C15 1112 Dec (row) icrs me 1017 1112 Jan <o!d) 1115 1133 1002 1129. Jan fns'.v) 1105 1133 10B8 1133 Mar- 1135 1181 1120 115-1 May ... v 1162 1180 1145 1181 Jill 1178 1201 1IGO 1193 Del' 1196 1213 1179 121C Spots steady at 1125, up 25. Don Juan's Path to Hell Proves to Be Painful One DETROIT, (UP)'— "Don .Juan" went'to "hell" at the Little Thea tor here recently, but more sudden ly' and painfully than the -author "The Last Night of Don Juan" had intended. :•-:.The stage • directions called for Dan Juan to be led fearfully down the steps to "hell." : ' Tire property man had neglected to fasten the Lteps securely. The pathway to hell collapsed. Don Juan, played by Arnold Bcarrtsley, tumbled into the nether, regions with a crash brought the audience to its feet. He finished the' rjlay with band- •agcs around his head. • : CAMBRIDGE, Uas'l, (UP)—Girl students at the Boston -lunlvcrfll Sargent School of Physical Educn Men may smoke in the adjoinin city of Boston, not in CambrldE! Recently the -student govcrnln: body was asked to decide-whether smoking should IK permitted Ren-, cr.illy or not nfc nil. Liick "of a Qu:rum prevented conrldaratlon of the issue, so the present rule, permitting the use of cigarettes In Boston but not in this city will hold'for at bast another year. . Official major league baseballs contain about 2IG stitches. . FRECKLES_AJND HIS FRIENDS " SKJ! \&u SILLY rr To fo THIS vJAY...v«Hy .'• DOMT V)£ TJRH AftoOMO ArJ'i-5o CJOT THe >«AY \H£ CAWS 1H?..*E . : kMOMJ ABOUT HCNJ FAB. WE'D HW6 TO SO/ GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE and Sower Taxes District No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAU])ll,f,, „ , Collector. Upslnirs in flrnicrs Dank Bldg. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 12 (UP)— Cotton closed firm. Open Hiijh Ixw Clore Dec 1033 1119 1072 11H Jan 1100 1136 1001 1131 Mar 1132 1100 1120 U57 May 1158 1188 1142 1131:.... nre ian 1157 1197 Oct ..... 1192 1217 117C 1217 Spols steady at 10DO, up 30. NOTICE With our recent partnership «ith Mr. Ceo. Carney, we now have the beat equipped Independent ihnp in town. CAKNEY-JKNKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "fl'e tnow we know ho*" West Stockmen Wanted Against Loss of Market ELY, Nov.. (UP)—Unless \\oslcn stockmen watch their step — in other words, unless they devise ton-.-; means of meeting 1 changini 'economic forces, they will be com pelled to play second fiddle to mid western and eastern live-stockman liv«lo;'i aulhortl'25 told Nevada cattiemen ?.l their annual conven lion the day. Heretofore the midwest's and ?w«if<c.*rr ises A >-6 IS ALL .'..LOOKS LIH6 TH6 606S ElSHT IT! WASH TUIiliS USTCN, SMSTA ClAUs SOO NEMtR. SttM US ftCFQRE., JfET ^oO VW If &26 LAPS OF US MONEY, SHML Wftkevoo WOH. Tn\«Kof 1T,'(.\S FWEMDS-lM ^ MOMTH v!\lL . \

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