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Raleigh, North Carolina
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T1B NURTH CAROLINA WKi)SfcStAY. JULY 16. MB. ocratic party had taken the- back track axon all these questions, and that the true, conservative, WdUiueonle, resDectim? and money nf heroes, wrn lumn Our blockading ttte llirj i i BATTLE OF TUB 0UTII. Company A Killed r' Ahernftby; Wouptled Cage Simmons, in shoulder M'TDlark, shajdlder; Sides, in arm, severely Cofsiiyark, tnortally5 book be inscribed to his memery, and as a further testimony of bis moral worth and our fond affec tiona, weswill wear the usual badge, of mournine for'tbirijr days.

IZthara copy of these resolutions be sent to the tamirv of the fW.Ani i saving pfirty ivas now to be found advocating the leionf-lhojHpn B. Vance, of Buncombe covwyiimr Goxernor; ot INortb-Carolina, he asked battle qf Jhd 9J Fufd ad StafflJinediMJ3 "jSiwdi leave io; miroauce two. louowing resolution ten In thigh FisEir, g- Cerrell iithanft Ligue. Missing; Wm grreit Kalled; und ed missing 1. -yj.

Biitijomnal, Raleigh Standard and Spirit of hi 'An With -tt hsl- iKoi nl.t:v. if iHe ruave the utmost confidence toe Bisnaaru. weary steps pressct onuer miu' i from his 4 gunboats admonished ais; ms lliat he had reached his asylum; and findauU.ere the enemv with a good prospect for 4nghV f1 the issue of the next will be Lcanflot tellibut uo thing Ss certain we havedriTew.hlntt frwj. every position that he has, taken, until he isnowr2j InsteatTof 5 miles from Richmond. Our Colqne being wounded in the first bottle, and Lieut.

Colonel beini sick: nnr raiment the 88th --t-- puuiuu toe samp the ttatevmamhip, patriotism and conservatism of CoL 1J. that we will give bin a cor Adj Miller. jWBaokfos, dj't A Company A THB GREAT BATTLE4-88th REGIMENT. A word in your paper rbm Ysoldlet who was iri thflai great battteCmft be Interesting to some, es-r'rJ TZ hiU and relations in A Killed iw" dial and hearty support for the office of Governor. ine resolution was passeu unanimously, was then wMK thU writer ibeldnlx MkoheL That the nroceedines of thiBMetragbe sighed by the Chairman and Secretary, jmd sent to been under the command of our Major, L.D.

Andrews, of Randolph county, a He has had his hands full in ths great series of struggles, but he still holds up, though, much wearied and worn out with the vast amount of toil aud. responsibility. the Raleigh Standard for publication. A Filing Alfred Bas, tfostow A. iWGi'bwt, James Pugh.

'TmelipM Webb, Th A We A Browri, Rightly Sargt If Martin, oergi JM Walker. ill wwww Til I. ana. A Liuruai PorterrJno Pennal, Vennoy, Myers fL.ifBrhftm Jennmes, SAMUEL 1. CAKKvtV, Kjart.

B. F.Uakdino, Sec'y. For WMardir i MOORE HoSPItAL, RlCHMO, Vam July 11 thy 18 Mr, Editor At a time like this, when the city of Richmond is filled with the woundedl and-dying soldiers from every Southern1 Sttfteit may rvot be ainiss to call the particular attention of North-Carolinians to oneho8pital as having pre-eminent claVms weighing upon him. The total of casualties in killed and wounded in our regiment is 1801 particularize for want of time and spaw. Jr onc to go in battle and come out safe, makes htm fcl that it is a miracle that he has been heaven permits me to pass through this war safe, by divine grace, feel bound to lead a life of holi.nf5.

May God bles us all and give us speedily rable peace, that we may all return to our homes, friends and relations to enjoy each other associa-tion, and love and serve our Maker with our whole heart. Adieu. A Member oe the 38th July Jth, 1802. For the Standard. zip SfiTH N.

C. 'T. I a Wou-ndea: Dan 1 Johnson, kg John bisk, bruised by piece of shell-i-2. Knlled Lieut Harper Charles, eommanding company; Peodleton Jones, John" Gerimg-er, Cook, JYBriggs, Wounded: Geo W- Wiley, severely irV motithf A' Wjlson, io arm vv yi mtftii foot A GordVn; in arm both- thighs broken I Stock, in leg Hoop-eff ShOf through bbfnlegs James Langhlin, in shouidcr Jesse Jester, in cock; Busick, in leg- Rilled wounded 10 1 'Ihe company went' into the engagement with only 24 iAenj having 9 unjjurt This was tbe color, company ofnd5 of the 9 color-guard" only 2 escaped unhurt. Comparty Wdund'edl-Sergt Sander, Jack-son Eliott, in J-Walter, in thigh, G'F PoweJI-M-4.

rr Company Kilfedf-Ca'pt EB Bouldin. Wounded Alley, ii Hlall, A Manual, Corp'l CarnH Rhodes, A Rh'de3, Decalb Smith, A Heath. Killed 1, Wolmdecr Company I-r-WoundeuW-W Aired 1 Company Killed David Lavender, Robert Duncan, A Morris. WoundeJd John (of Guilford.) Missing Stephen MeKfimie. Killed 3, wounded 1, missing 1.

Company Killed Color Sergt Tj Tolbert, Corporal LT McMasters. Voanded 3d Lieut Bush, A Hutton. Killed 3, wounded 6. Company Killed Private Calvin Aired Wounded Braxton York, mortally, Lieut CF Siler, t-evcrely, Sergt Willie, Uys, Bur-ges. Killed 1, wounded C.

RECAPITULATION. regimwrt and aUrge portton of our army Rich-niSnd took up its march ifor the gratd scene of action: on sihint procession; till some 10 o'clock, when spread nd repose ta-ke'n tniihedawb fctoused Abou 2 VclocTc that diy, thr 26th of June, our match commenced, vte passed the Chickdhommyi on the Meadow Bridge which a little East of North from Richmond; now the Yankee pickets commenced fleeing for their lives, leaving behind tliem knapsacks, haversacks; portfolios, books, fcnd every Yankee notion and trickimaginableV-J But soon the booming of cannon announced that the ibe was going to meet us in.deadHy conBict'Our numerous were thrown out in line of battle; attack ing their extreme Now in ood earoest the Yankee shells commenced flying and burbling in every, direction around- on our brsve columns advanced towards their thundering batteries soon our batteries opened upon them, and and Wrific. Cannonading many of, us never heard before Onward moved "our troops baring theirwhws to this storm of until tlve command came "charge that battery." When, ths regiment charge Crutij Field, July 3, 1562. Editor of the Standard: Deab Sir that our friends in the tnlfnnw oEfbur where- Gilreath, JR Blalock, KOOt unamara, -Eller Johnston, Johnston, ohoston lloonj, Taylor, 0 Sbm 3picer, Witherspoon, A Wilbar, Alexander, Brock, Hemphill. C--KiUed-Serg't Walker, Jas Quid, Rebitesch, F-Bradshaw, White.

Wounded-lst Lieut Hardy Fennell.Serg RoWtzsch, Color Serg't Scott, E-Robitzscb. BrinsorwT Herron, Williams, Robinson MIntire, II Keith, Jas Carr, Moore, Jas Powell, Jno Smith, Corp'l Jones. I McLau-ley, Wiil4amson, Rivenbark, Walker, Keith, Stanly. Miasing-r-J Brinson, Penny. D-Kuled-2d Lieut Grandy, Sergt Thtuas Adams, Daniel Brown, Martin Cole, John Minion, Allen Stowe, Winn Riley, Sephen Carroll, Siuipso.i Vaughn.

Wounded Capt Scott, slightly, 2d Lieut Stoks. everely, Ashmod Minni, Shires, II Pardtie, Wm Wwe, Geo Williams, John Stamey, Jno Johnston, VVuj Calhoun, Chas Houser, Jos Blake, Thos Cates, Jno Crabtree, Thos Crabtrce. Killed Capt Jas A Wright, John.Roulk, Blank, Jno Atkinson. DeaL Wounded Lieut Jao I Wooster. Serg Williams.

Corp'l Brantly, Corp'l Abe William- Fortbe Standard TRIBUTE. OF RESPECT. Raleigh Typographical Society July 7th, 1862. At a meeting of this Society, held on evening, May 10th, the death If Mr Jamestl-f keily was announced, whereupon a commit, appointed to draft resolutions epressTve 0 ngs of the Society upon this dLpeSa'ion ttentl member of the Raleigh TyprS' a therefore be it iJP00raphical Society; Resolved That in his death thfe kwt a useful member-one whose SeTi'! promote the profession and refund of his fellow-ciaftsmen. 60011 Resolved That we tender to the family of the de ceased our heartfelt condolence upon their sad reavement.

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes a eoi ynt to the mother of our late IhTcUy ttKJ 1 the-papers of JOHN N. BUNTING, J. B. NEATHERY, Com M. V.


Cartbage, Al-jpre upe 13, 1 862. 25-w48w3mpd. FOK RENT OR SALE. A DESIRABLE RJSS1UENCK IN CUaPEL HILL, N. -cm; he garden contains abiut one acre and ts well locked wuh vegetables aod fruit.

Possession given Apply to the owner, J. B. SHEARER, Chapel Hill. 0l t0 S- F' Philips, Esq JtaleigL. old jorin oww -nruui abouts, since our arrival in the Old Dominion, I con- upon their gratitude and sympathy.

I atlod to the Moore Hospital, on Main and under the charge of a distinguished North-Carolina Surgeon, aided by two excellent assistants fom the same State. This institution is filled almost exclusively by North-Carolina patients. It would fill many an anxlowt heart with gratitude in that good old State to witfiess the tender kindness and care with which their wowwded friends are treated by the physicians and attendants- here. Owing to the indefatigable efforts: of DY. Manson and the excellent Steward, Capt Freeman, the provision department is equal if not superior to airy hospital in te city, thereby contributing to the comfort and convalescence of many an ui fortunate languishes This advantage, however, is mainly owing to private con tributions in the in -consequence of the acquaintance of the Surgoori in-Chief with many prominent and public spirited persons.

I ask, if it is not objectionable to North-Carolina and her citizens at home, that an institutron doing so much- for her brave sons who are suffering away fronj home shall be dependent for its advanlfa-gcs and thir comforts upon the charity of others? Are not North Carolinians wrfhug nr.d ready to- tender material aid at such a time ami under such drcumnlanees If the State authorities have overlooked such strong claims upon State synij aihy and State aid, I know that the public, who are incapable of injustice or eluded wouia give you seen and done since we left our camps above lvin-ston. On the evening of the 19th of June, Ootaiel Vance announced to his regiment the fact that on the morrow wo would leave for Richmond to take a part in the great struggle for freedom and independence, followed by a short and patriotic address, which was received by his bovs with shouts of exultation. Left next day arrived in Petersburg on the night of tho 21th June, were "marched to the larire and commodious market-bouse, and stopped Company Company Company Company Company Company Ii, Company Company Company Company Killed. Wounded. Missing.

2 17 1 1 8,0 7 22 0 1 12 1 3 7 3 17 0 6 9 0 5 7 1 3 17 0 2 15 0 33 131 4 son, ti lewis, nyan, a uuuicy, JTZ A Garros, Robinson, dy, Allen, James unit; iiuiu inc oiiu j--' Ransom's brigade; remained here till luesday eve-ninsr. June 24th. left for Richmond arrived there mat one, ana mat regimem xnargsa anoiuei Then volley afteti volley, of musketry was poured into our bravefTanks in rapfd -succession with frightful effect Now we learne'd the horrors oi wan The roar of thousands upon thousWSdsof musketry added to Ithe toririStf frfdenngof belching cannon and bursting sheUs, made the scone more wild and awful than anyever witnessed by many of our brave boys tmtonward. wS9 our motto. As it is only my purpose to say wOrd about our regiment for' the; interest of those who are connected with it, I musj.

be for ihentioiiing others and the. noble part they Then our regiment, the 88th N. C. T.v (under tkA. J.

Hoke, rushed forward according to orders'lO. charge a battery. As we sept onward, double quick, a perfect bail storm of lead whistled by and fell around us from the Yankee entrenchments, made for the protection of their battery. Before we reached their entrenchments our Colonel saw it impossible to take the battery a creek was between us and it, and Chen in front of their ditches they had cut down a hostof large pines in every direction, so that itj impossiblejliliinoBt lto crawl among them, much less charge through them. Then in addition to all that there was at least four Yankees in their ditches shooting dtliberately at us, to one of us, trying, under every disadvantage, to run them-out.

So our brave and quick discerning Colonel seeing the murderous fire poured into our ranks, and the: impracticability of capturing! the battery, immediately ordered a retreat, which was. executed with as good oiider as circumstances would allow, our reciment only falling back out of range of their. about midnight, and were marched io the capitol TKiis it. will nerceived. that in these three en 0TTI nfnvm v-m SUBSTITUTES FOR THE ARMY (kME OBTAIN- ed in tins sect the subscriber, bwift Island, Montgomery, N.

S. H. CHRISTIAN. Ju'j 4, 1862.

HILLSBORO MILITARY ACADEMY, H1LLSBORO. C. IHE. SECOND SESSION OF THE FOURTH ACA-deinic year of this Institution will coimiittiipe on Au guns. In this charge our regiment lost about one gust 1st, 12.

For circular or information, apply to Maj. Wm. M. GORDON, Kup't. June 13, 1862.

i 25 and slept on its beautiful grounds. Here, we received many attentions from the citizens of Richmond, and especially from Gov. Letcher, who threw open his doors to us and invited us to share of his hospitalities. Next morning we left for the "Seven Pines," the noted field of battle of the 30th and 31st of May. Arriving in one mile of the battle field, we were stopped to refresh ourselves a little, and then marched down to where a spirited engagement was going on between our forces and the Yankees.

Our reginunt was toon thrown into line of battle, and has been so ever since, until now, except when marching through mud and water, undergoing all sorts of hardships, being without tents and a good deal of the time drenched with rain all of which we have endured as good soldiers, ready and willing to do and sutler all thing for the good of our country At Seven Pines, we had several severe skirmish fights with the Yankees, always driving them back, and advancing our line of pickets, until Sunday morning, when took possession of their entire camps and breastworks, and planted our flag upon their splendid ramparts. One engagement at this place deserves especial notice. Our regiment had advanced about one mile to where the enemy were throwing up entrenchments, drove them out, taking possession of the same, and capturing all of their spades and pick-axes, and a nuoiber of guns. We occupied these entrenchments all day, or until about sunset, when the 24th N. C.

Regiment was sent to relieve us. About the time it arrived, and we were leaving the entrenchments, the Yaukecs poured in a heavy volley of musketry upon us, but without doing us much No sooner was this done, than our brave Col. Vance called to his men ta rally again to the entrenchments, which was obeyed promptly. The Colonel displayed a degree of bravery in this fight as he has in every one in Missing Garriss, Montgomery, Ricks, A Askew, A Bristow, KUT, Dunning. Killed Corp'l Jenkins.

Jas Ricks, Vaughan, Benj Whitley, Wiley Hunter, Mekon. Wounded 2d Lt Lyon, Boon, Jno Jenkins, Johnson, Mulder, Thos Raggett, A Las-siter, Hnsty, Vick. Jas Taylor. Killed Thos Ludford, Rarnes, Samuel Sexton, Lewis Sawyer, Cooer. Wounded Coway, Williams, Wm Moore, Phelps, Jas Hoard, Skiltletliprpe, Pledger, Jos Mariner, Davenport, Brickhouse, Hassell, Latham, Sergeant Augley, Ludford.

Missing Serg't II Dcvane, Crowder. II Killed Capt Rives, Corp'l Tricker, Corp'l Spencer Gardner, Osborne, Leary. Wounded 2d Lt II Kerr, Serg Taylor, Sergt II Holiday, Srg't Harrison, Serg't Jasper Learv, Wm Simpson, Craddock, Wm Brown, Wm Robinson, Wm Tweedv, Allen Askew, II Tweedy, McGee Taylor, Scth Williams, Leggett, Geo Freeman, Roubuck. I Killed Ord Serg't Hartsfield, Privates Oscar Mitchell, Jno Smith. Wounded 2d Lieut Terrell, severely, Serg't Scarborough, Belvin, A Jones, James Powell, Grady, II Pace, Jno Foley, B'Pierce, Calvin Pierce, Wesley Jones, Wesley Young, Jos Rowland, Wm Buffalow, Win Jones, A Williams, Perry Loyd, Wm Massingale, Ellis, A Ilicks, Modge, Henry Perry, Browning.

Sandford, Clifton, Bedford, Pearcc, Carver, John Allgood, Jas Belvin. Company K. Killed Jones, Geo Hall, Wm Collins, Jas Hudson. Wounded Ord Sergt Jno Winn, Sergt A Shaw, Sergt Johnson, Chas Gritfis, UriOK'J Grilfis, EG Everett, Jno King, Strickland, Floyd, John Turner. Robert Snipes, Jno Shaw, Saml Francis, A Francis, 11 Dicksns, Henry -Dickens, Jno Brown, Thos Brown, A Dickens, Medford, Wm Powell A Strausbury, Robert Winters, Warmack.

Missing' A Howell, Shaw. ingrauiuue, win not. Any contributions, either in money or hospital, stores, directed to Surgeon 0. F. Manson, Moore Hospital, corner of Main and 2Gth streets, will be properly appreciated and appropriated to the comfort of the brave North Carolina soldiers.

EUGENE GRISSOM, Capt. Co. 80th Reg. N. 0.

T. For the Standard; PUBLIC MEETING. We, a portiarl of the people of the Southern regiment. Granville County, in mass meeting at Wilton, on the 8th of July, lct2, was organized by calling B. B.

Hester, to the Chair, and appointing E. B. LyoYi Secretary. The object cf the meeting being explained by Mr. Elijah Winston, the following gentlemen were appointed as a committee to draft resolutions for the meeting, viz E.

Winston, J. J-Moore, P. Paschal, Wm. bullock, Wm? Davis, B. B.

Hester and E. B. Lyon, who reported as follows Whereas, we havfe no regular ticket before the people to represent Granville in the next Legisla ture, and that said delay in nominating candidates has been to prevent party-strife, and that we now denounce any intention to stir up strife. We therefore desire that there shall be no canvassing in the county, except forced to it by those who desire party strife. Resolved, That we offer the names of the following gentlemen for the support of the people of Granville, to represent us in the next Legislature, viz: For the Senate, R.

W. Lassiter; for the Commons, Dr. Eugene Grissom, Hatsville Freeman, and John Bullock, of Williamsboro', and solicit the voters of the county at home, and in the Camp or elsewhere, toco-operate with us in the support of the same; and that we heartily recommend CoL VANCE for Governor. Resolved, That we are in favor of prosecuting the war by all honorable means to the last extremity. Reolced, That the meeting request the North-Carolina Standard to publish the above proceedings.

B. B. HESTER, Ch'n. E. B.

Lton, Sec'y. For the Standard. TRIBUTE OF RESPECT. Raleigh Typographical Society, July 7th, 1862. At a meeting of the Raleigh Typographical Society, held this evening, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted: WHEREAS, Almighty God has seen fit to call from the theatre of mortality to a hieher world.

Cantain hundred and forty-six in killed and wounded, out oi less than 400 who entered the ac ionin other regi- roent charged upon the same battery and shared the same.fate of ours, not; even being able to get to their "en trenchmjents for the obstructions thrown the way. But our troops swept othep portions of the field, and by tlank movements weT would have driven the last foe frojn the field if the mantle of night had not closed the scene. We all slept upon the field, the dead and wounded around us. From our little renosei the dawn of theTth called us, and again into line qf battlei we were placed." Our whole brigade (Pender's) now charged upon the same battery, throwing oursel es under the protection of our batteries, aif it was amusing to see theui skipping their fortifications and, fleeing to the bushes and ravines for shelter and protection from the keen eyes even of our boys, Though our loss was heavy, yet a general shout of, victory went up from every heart as we stood victors upon the field, knowing that thousands of Yankees were in a stampede, calling upon their young Napoleon' 1 to save them from the; cold steel of ou brave Southern boys. THe Yankees, you will recollect, were in camp all akng3down the North side of the Chicka-hominy for miles, their batteries And fortifications fronting; KichnjonA Instead of -crossing the river in front of these fortifications, ashey expected, we commenced our as before stated! on their extreme right and having put them to flight in the "first fight, as we have described, we commenced our march down the North side of the river after them, passing through camps upon camps, finding commissary, quartermaster and sutler's stores in great abundance, anfall kinds, of equipments, accoutrements, and ordnanee stores, together with every species of Yankee tricks and notions.

On wc marched for hours without molestation, passing through this Yankee city of camps until about three o'clock in which his regiment has been engaged, seldom if Killed. Wounded, Missing, ever surpassed by any omcer, walking up and down the line of battle encouraging his men, and hallooing to the blue-coats to come oh. Col. Vance is one of the men who always says, "come boys," and not "go," as a great many do, always keeping themselves out of danger. A braver man never lived and he has a heart in his bosom that feels for the poor soldier, and he is ever rewly to do any thing and every thing he can, to render his men pleasant and agreeable.

all love him, and will die round bim it need be. Long may he live to enjoy the gratitude and smiles of those who have been so intimately connected with him in camp for the last 12 months. The Yankees in their stampede at the Total, 255 G. L. DUDLEY, Capt.

A. Q. M. J. H.

HORNER'S Classical and Mathematical School, AT OXFORD, N. IILL BE RE-OPKED THE 2ND MONDAY IN, The charge for board aod tuition, exclusive of lights and washing, will be $120 per session. Oxford, N. Jiie 13, 1862. 25 WANTED SEVERAL GOOD SEGAR MAKERS, and a quantity of empty segar boxes.

Address the subscriber at Urabam, N. C. HENRY J. B. CLARK.


Tawborb', ff. Q. June 24, 1862. fll Ini. liAND FOR SALE.

THE SUBSCRIBER WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUC-tion on the premises, on the 2d day of August nert, if no previously sold at private sale, tbe tract of Land on which lie now resides, situated in Chatham County near the RDdnlph line on the waters of Rocky Run, and on the. road from Ureensboroogh to Fayetteville. 100 acres cleared and in a good state of cultivation, tbe rest iu foreiV. Said tract contains 400 acres, a good two story d-eliing with 6 rooms, kitchen, negro houses, large bam and necessary outhouses, all nevlr. It has a never failing spring of fine water, and a large young orchard of over 1000 choice fruit trees.

Also, at the same ttoie a tract of land east of the above containing izr Oires. watered, with tolerably guod buildings, orchard, Ac, about one half eleai-ed, in good state of eulti ration and the otber in woods. Persons desiring to purchase will call and examine for themselves. The terms made known on' the day of sale, and made easy to tbe purchaser. The lands can be bought privately at any time before the day of sale.

Address ine at Marley's Mills, Randolph N- C. D. L. STALEY. Chatham N.

July 4, 1862. 28 wAsw4tpd. BANK STOCK FOR SALE. SHARED CAPITAL STOCK OF THE COM UW mercial Bank of Wilmington, for sale bv WILKES MORRIS, Broker and Auctioneer. Wilmington, N.


In consequence of the increased expense of living, board will be one huudred doliars per session. Other charges tbe same as heretofore. RICHAHD. STERLING, Principal. July 1, 1852.

27 wAswTtpd. CHOICE LIQUORS. Seven Pines, destroyed a great amount of cominis-j sary stores, burning up all they eould not carry away. We started about 12 o'clock Sunday, in the evening, when their rear guard resisted with pursuit of them got in one mile of them opened William B. Gclley, of Company 24th Regiment 7 1 fire uPn Weiu with bar artillery, which was kept ri w.Cg!ca- up Wl late at nieht, when the firing ceased oil both est advantage.

Whem the vountr NaDoleon was sides. Morning came, and the Yankees had left leaving behind thousands of dollars jworth of cloth- 1 ing, guns, topis aod every thing else imaginable. Our boys were eager to gather relics, and nearly all have something by wlach to remember the Yan- kees. We pressed od passing by the battle-field of Monday; the ground was covered, with dead and i wounded Yankees, as well as a number of our ovn; poor fellows. On Tuesday evening, the battle at this place, (Cruise' field,) commenced, which accor- ding to the numbers engaged, was the hardest of the fighting, attended with as Inuch slaughter.

i Our brigade was brought into action late iu the eve- gagements the regiment has lost the rise of two-fifths of the number eiigaged and, added to the loss at Seven Pines, it makes an aggregate of over three hundred killed and wounded. The regiment now numbers for duty 19U enlisted men, 1 Captain, and 3 Lieutenants. PUBLIC MEETING IN ROBESON. 41 According to previous notice, a number of the citizens of Robeson county met in the Court House in Lumbertion on the 4th when on motion M.ij. W.

J. Brown was called to the Chair and L. C. Ray, requested to act as Sec'y. Thos.

A. Norment, Esq explained the object of the meeting, and moved that a committee of five be appointed for the purpose of drafting resolutions expressing the sentiments of the same. The foliowing gentlemen were appolntep, viz: John Caldwell, Reuben Rozier, Rory McNair, Hector McNeill and W. W. Powell.

Thos. A. Norment was called upon and addressed the meeting in a few appropriate remarks, advocating the election of Hon. Z. B.

Vance as Governor of N. showing by his past actions since our struggle for independence, that he was the man calculated to watch over and secure our rights, as he believed him to possess an honest heart, a clear head, and undaunted patriotism. Col. T. J.

Morisey, Rory McNair, Neill McNeill and Rev. N. M. Ray were called upon, and addressed the meeting. Each' speaker rejoiced that old party lines had been extinguished, and that the- people were united in their efforts to secure their independence and they advocated tho principle of selecting our Rulers for their moral and intellectual worth, and not for the advancement of party.

The committee who were appointed to draft resolutions, returned, and through their chairma-i, Rory McNair, reported the allowing, which were unan- imuusly adopted 1st. Tbavwc now, as we ever have done, regard the independence of the Southern Confederacy as a fixed fact, and the complete defeat, overthrow, cenfusien and disgrace of Yankeedom as equally certain. 2d. That Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, and the brave soldiers who have borne the heat and burden of the day in defending our rights, have not only our unbounded confidence but our warmest affections. 3d.

That while we will ba watchful of our rights and firm in our political opinions, we believe the time has arrived when reason, not prejudice, should control our public views and movements and whilst we of the South may diSeron some points of minor importance, we stand together as a band of brothers to resist the invasions of our base, beastly, and cruel foe. 4th. That we will give our cordial support to Hon. Z. B.

Vance for Governor of N. believing him to be eminently qualified to till that distinguished office, possessing as he does a clear head, an honest heart, experience as a statesman, and patriotism and courge as a soldier. Resolved, That we earnestly desire the election of Giles Leitch, in the Senatorial District corn-posed of Robesou and Richmond, believing that he knows our rights and will daro maintain them and that we equally desire the election' of' Col. McRae and Neill McNeill, to represent this county in the Commons of the next General Assembly in this State. Rtsolved, That the proceedings of the meeting be published in the Fayetteville Observer, and that the Raleigh Standard and Wilmington Journal be requested to copy.

W. J. BROWN, Chm'n. L. C.

Ray, Sec'y. For the Standard. PUBLIC MEETING IN BEAUFORT. In consequence of the impracticability of holding a general County Convention at the Court House, (the enemy being in possession of the town of Washington,) a respectable portion of the citizens of Beaufort county met at the Chocowinity Cross Roads, in said county, on Tuesday, the 8th of July. When, on motion, Col.

Samuel T. Carrow was called to the Chair, and Benj. F. Harding, was requested to act as Secretary. The Chairman stated that the principal object of the meeting was to agree upon some candidates to represent Beaufort county in the ensuing General Assembly.

Benjamin Patrick, then arose and stated that so far as he bad been able to ascertain the wishes of the people lrom tho different sections of the county, there was but one opinion and that was that the Hon. R. S. Donnell and Capt. William T.

Marsh should be re-elected to represent Beaufort county in the House ofCommons, and that as our late and faithful Senator, Frederick Grist, EsqM has refused to allow bis, name to be presented to the people for he -knew of no one whose name would give more general satisfaction throughout the whole county and to the soldiers in the camp, than E. J. Esq. Hervey Hill, seconded the nominations, and said; be felt proud that Beaufort county coald send veh a delegation to the next Legislature. He entertained no doubt but that their nomination would be hailed with acclamation throughout every precinct in the county and by the soldiers in the camp.

He moved that the vote, be taken upon their names, when E. J. Warren, was unanimously agreed upon as the candidate for the Senate, and Hon. R. S.

Donnell and Capt. William T. Marsh for the House of the Secretary was requested to notify the gentlemen of their nominations, and request their ac-ccptance of the same. 1 Benj. Harding, Esq.

then, stated that all present knew that he had always, since his arrival at manhdod, been an active and very member, of toe late democratic party that he bad continued to be a member aad supporter of that organization until he saw that it had become demoralized arid had abandoned those -honored, conservative doctrines of the of the.pcopte to arid of a strict construction arid rigid enforcement of the and economy ithe administratiaO of the CroVernment' -And seeing that the gb-called demo- xm. KJ. troops, and a member ot this Society, who fell on the 1st inst, while gallantly leading his men against the invading army, which has threatened our national capital therefore, be it Resolved, That in the death of Captain iGulley this Society has sustained a great loss one that will long be felt by us, knowing that a good and worthy craftsman has fallen, a kind heart has ceased to beat, and a brave soldier has been lost to his country. Resolved, That whilst we would have wished that he might escaped the ordeal of blood," yet in our grief we are solaced by the reflection that as he was one among the first to accept the invitation to' the banquet of death, he died as becomes a true soldier, willingly offering up his lite upon the altar of his who with his dying breath exclaimed, They' have killed me, boys but go ahead, they cannot kill you all." Resolved, That the family of the deceased have our warmest sympathies upon their bereavement in tho death of our late brother and we would remind them that God who has seen proper to call him hence, will, as He tempers the wind to the shorn lamb, comfort them iu this their time of affliction. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Society, a copy sent to the family of the deceased, and that the city papers be re' quested to publish.

McGEE FISHER, JOSIAH JONES, Com. JOHN NICHOLS, "USt RECEIVED AND FOR SALE A FINE LOT OF Claret AV Report of Killed and Wounded in the 22d Regiment Iforta Carolina T-roop Juie 26th, 27A, and ZOlh. The 22d Regiment North Carolina Troops is in Geir. Pender's Brigade, and Maj. Gen.

A. P. Hill's Division. The 22d was commanded by James Conner, Colonel, R. II.

Gray, Lieut. Colonel, and C. C. Colo, Major. The following is a list of the casualties on the 26th Col Conner, leg broken by Minnie ball, late in the evening.

Company A Wounded: John Hogler, in thigh and bead Nelson, slight in leg Thos Knight, seriously in leg Hosea Clark, in foot John Badger, in the band 5. 'B Killed: Private James England. Wounded: Wm Elliott, in arm and hip Reed, slightly in the head; William McGalliard, in the band; Noel Laughren, in hand; Dan'i Queeu, slightly in hand. Killed 1 wounded 5. Wounded Corpl Yates, mortally Calvin McQueen, slightly Harman seriously Medeari, cut on the head by piece of shell, but rejoined his company -next morning; Crouch, 6lightly in hand by piece of shell, but continued with his company; Robert Cole, fjesh wound in shoulder Harper Poe 7.

-Killed: John Pollard. Wounded: Geo Collins, in both legs and thighs; Franklin Whita-kcr, in hip, by spent ball; Martin Waggoner, spent ball. Killed 1 wounded 3. Killed: Lieut King, Sergt Hubbard, Corp'l Page. Wounded Corp'l Kersey, wrist broken Corp'l Wm Page, privates Milton Sparks, Ellis Sartin, seriously in side Perkins, Ingram, Win Sanders.

Missings Bates. Killed 3 wounded. 7 missing 1. Killed Young, Wm Brown. Wounded Sergt Wiiliams, Sergt Martin, James Jackson, Richard Vernon, Hutchings, Shafer, Sands.

Killed 2 wounded 7. I Wounded Lieut Lamb, Winburn, Wheeler, Holder, Edward Suitz, Lamb, Reynolds 7. Wounded Geo Lockey leg broken A Copeland, thigh broken; FianRlin Condrev, in chin and head, slightly Robt Wright, in shoulder 4. I Wounded: Lieut A Brown, (commanding company,) in the hand Sergt Robbins, in arm; Williams, lost one finger; Allison, in arm A Lednam, in thigh; A O'Bry-an, in hip; Heirnes, bruised by a shell 7. Wounded: Sumner, uiortallv: Coro'l ready the bloody tragedy was -opened and the collision was a wfu Li Truly, thinks I now.) Greek has -net-Greek.

All; seemed busy infthis awjul scene thousands upon thousands were hurling the missiles of death-; it seepied as though the heavens were raining bullets and balls hundred were engaged in carrying the wounded to the rear, and scores of ambulance were running, conveying them away to the hospital. Thus thare was the commingling roar of cannon and musketry blending with the groans of the mangled and wounded until near dusk, when all this horrible noise of misery and death died away, to be followed by the thrilling notes of praise and loud shouts of victory that rang through hill and dale from many thousand hearts wild with the joy of victory. Wlien- bravo Southern boys made the last-grand charge, which swept the whole field and routed every Yankee that was able to such yells and enthusiastic screams and shouts of joy never rose upon ny field of victory. Again we slept victors upon a. hard won fie.d, while the enemy sought repose nd safety, no doubt- at a considerable distance away.

We then amused ourselves at seeing the Yankee prisoners pass? on in regiments, companies, battalions and squads all bound for Richmond. Saturday was spentj in burying the dead, both ours and the Yankees. Early Sabbath laorning we took up our line of for the South side of the Chickahominy, all the enemy having crossed all qowion the; South side-of the rivpr, between it and the Jajnes. About? 10 babbath we spread our blankets under a dripping sky to catch ai few minutes repose, after a toilaome march through a continued cloud of dust during the day. The gildings of the western hill-lopsby Monday "a rising sUnsbid us pack up and pursue our.Yankee chaise, whifeh had been our daily business since Thursday before.

Soon fell upon the ears of our wornout hos the word "fall in and agtf our Column move4 0ff down the Chick'a- expected. E. HARRIS. June 13, 1862. 25 600 POUNDS OF COPPER FOR SALE.

THE UNDERSIGNED HAS ABOUT THE ABOVE number of pounds ot Copper to sell, which will be Bold to any person wanting it at a reasonable price. Address me at Raleigh, N. C. J. HAYES.

June 24, 1862. 2G wAswlm. ning. and marched into the field in the face of heavy cannonading. The 26lh regiment went into the action yelling at tho top of their voices, and the field of battle snowed next morning what part she had taken in the conflict, when several of her boys were found dead in fifty paces of the Yankee battery.

The firing ceased about midnight, leaving the Confederates in possession of the field. The Yankees left by' daylight next morning, and our forces are still in pursuit. To those who have not been accustomed to look upon the field of battle the scene is awful, and I long to see a termination of these hostilities, and peace restored to our country once more. It affords me much pleasure to state that all our field officers a well as the company commanders behaved with marked, bravery. Providence seems to have smiled upon us, and I am happy to state that the loss of our regiment is slight.

The following exhibits a list of the killed, wounded and missing of the 26th Regiment: Company A. Privates John Price and Perkins, killed; Shade Harlis, wounded mortally, Jno Taylor and Granville Osborne, wounded. Washington Cook and Charles Deese, killed Sergt Gay, and privates Alex Osborne, Wm Broome and wounded. John Ray, Curtis, A Nance, wounded; A -Davis and Ball, missing. Capt Adams, wounded in hip privates Moses Bowden, wOunded in shoulder; Ishara Temple, missing.

I Jones, John Ray and Henry Brewer, killed; HannerHenry Ridgers, Welch, James McMath, Green Smith and John Calder, wounded. Waightstill Phillips, Jas Bradford, Washington Holloway, Win Estes, Jas White, Win Kir-by and Mat Crump, wounded. Sergt A Curry, John A Jackson, John Kelly, Aaron Malone and Ferguson, wounded. J--Capt Jones, slight wound in side Private Jas West, killed Bartow, Joseph Sudderth, Uriah Stallings, John Talbert Milaa 'IVvlnr 1 OFFICE N. R.

COMPANY, I Company Shops, July 2, 18G2. DIVIDEND NO. 3. A DIVIDEND OF EIGHT PER CENT. OX the capital stock of this Company has been this day payable on and after the first day of August, OJs ly on the production of the proper certificate of stock.

The Transfer Books will be closed, from this date until the day of paymeut. JOHN H. BRYAN. Jr. Secretary.

July 4, 54 wAswlm MACHINE AND TANNER'S OIL I HAVE ON HAND FOR SALE 1-Vbbls. of Machine Oil. 15 bbls. of Tannee'a Oil. ALEX.

MILLER. Clayton, July 4, 1862. nominy. About 3 o'clock PA K.r .1 in column -f PCtllUCIIW HI UIB.WUVU9 IIBUr likl incessant peals of onaned noon "fllery QUI lllfif in nnr Irr.nt "ha howling shellsflew tteeff so (reouenCso terrtftc" 1 Turner, seriously in arm; Calvin Gray, in. arm; TllrtO Tnrnoi.

in 1 TRINITY COLLEGE. TI HE "NEXT TERM WILL COMMENCE AUGUST 20th-. Weexpeotrto have a sufficient numNr of stu-deuts to carry on the full College routine. We have a full Faculty, and evcW thing necessary for thorough instruc tion. B.CRAVEN.

July llf 1862. 29 w)m. For the Standard. TRIBUTE OF RESPECT. 'Bellevoir, N.

(X, July 2, 1862. At a meeting of Taylor Lodge, No 144, held in their Hall the 2d of Julv, 1862, the death of our Worshipful Master, broth'er T. M. Mann, being announced, a committee was appointed to draft a preamble and resolutions expressive of the feelings of this Lodge on the occasion, which called them together. The committee met and reported the following, which was unanimously adopted: Whekeas, The outer door of our mystic circle has again bee.

alarmed by the solemn note that betokens the exit of a spirit from its earthly tabernacle, and the spirit of our beloved and most res-pected Worshipful Master has gone to the celestial Lodge above where our fathers have gone, therefore be it Resolved, That while we bow in meek submission to the decxee of the Supreme Architect-of the Unit verse who -doeth all things well0 jet we cannot but mourn the untimely death of our worthy brother, who, in all the varied and changing walks of life was ever distingushed by the puritv of his heart and the integrity of his Christiaa character. Resolved, That in the death of brother, Mann, this Lodge has lost an honored member and, a bright Mason, the Church a pious member, and the com munity an upright and useful his wife and child a loving companion and doting father. Resolved, That while we do wish to intrude on the sacredness of the grief of his wife and only I child, yet we do desire to offer to them our condolence and heartfelt sympathy in their sad hour of deep affliction, and would recommend to- them the consolation, to be derived from the bright testimony which he left behind of the translation of his soul to a higher and happier state of existence beyond the grave. Resohidf That we will attend the funeral of but" deceased brother, and perform over his, gave the mS4a a i mi 00inrU ri in position SkaeioJUi cT B-1 drive them by the coi sUeS ZSM "'L were, spread i liiie of 8 upODjvoiley of musketry upon til 2 "ey and drovj tbemt fromJ the uP.n-artUlery as'irUad done jn every' Again we. reposed upon Jie field of.

iZ the enemv was fleemst (mm nnr nrcnnn niw COltRECT YXH7R ERRORS. 0 LIEUT, ft. A. HI TON, Co. JJ.

a Troops, terrible to theat The i in nngu ui vjox, in leg; oamuei Trodger, in face, severely Clarkson York, severely in neck Christian Foust, in side; Aired, in neck 9. BATTLE OF THE 27TH. Company A Killed James Thornton. Wounded Alfred Story, in breast and arm Grear, in, hand Relias Dula, in arm killed 1, wounded 3. Wounded Capt Neal, in back.

Killed John Dodd, NathT Martin. Wound-S Andrew, severely Henry Long, leg broken Color Sergt McClemick, in thigh A May, A Holt, slightly. Killed 2, wounded 6. Wounded Hirain Edwards, in leg William Taifan, leg broken; ET Landreth, in back with a spent ball Sergt Fleming Hampton, in abdomen Center Fender, in back; Holloway, missing-wounded 5, missing 1. Wounded; A Reid, Hollinsworth, 2.

I Sergt A II Worth 1. Killed Corp'l Burein. Geo Burin. nemy being so hard pressed. he found it necessary to h'ia Darttal saftv tC atad next day which waa Tuesday), not far froo, rthlftJwTf' 1wful We to pass The enemy bad Simons ttd Wm Wilson, woupded; Win Collins-and Robert Laney, missing.

QF A 'Mathews, Carter, Hiram Johnson. Alson Lihcheny, John Vmceri and Henry Reeves wounded; Natbat Nelson, Andre Burke arid Richi ard Buckler, missing. Capt McLaughlin, elightly wounded in head'; rge Bowman, killed; Pleasant McGudgen Wm irara Williby, John wounded; Elijatt Hildrith and John Atkinson, teissing, Yotirs truly, St DULi, 1st Lt. Co: SBthegf iamp rfuuiHtuu, wi v. Sw tbe public would infer that lam harboring dewrttr.

You offer 30 reward delivery to you of William Gattis, whom vou say is Jiving with George Trice, Of Wake." The statement does me injustice. I have no person living -with me named Gattis, Dor have I CO itrol over any oue of that name. Mr. W. B-Oattis is living on an adjoining farm to mine, which I leased to him for two years before lie was drafted for the service.

1 He is an afflicted man and will be 50 years old some time next iaIL After he was drafted some time ago. be volunteered under Capt. Horton, but being afflicted with rheumatism, Capt. H. very' readily accepted his substitute and he now has the Captain discharge, 1 scorn the idea of harboring a desertei frool his country's flag at any time, and especially at a time like this.

And afflicted as Mr. W. B. Gattis is, I am aare he would be ready to obey any lawful call -for his service, but I un derstand he of service; simply because he considers himself legally morally released, being advised so by counsel. GEOROBWTRICE.

Wake 0 Hi 182- 2ftvrtt. with treat valor and fought w. ivii finale-, a our troops The dawn TwJt "Pon the field of owcjfr, found the foe in Wounded: McCoy, in thigl Rich'd McFar- full retreat ZfVi 8feto Wm than natn- rl accldenta tope. So leavii8 Wrr his only arut-and leg. ft-Hled woui.ded 2.

WeiU io Attn OM Pike, left side, the ball lodgingHear backbone- W-L liil-Jer, right hip AJmbery, in anklet. 'MHEiUed Private calling for tU subscription of the Haoters to-thei JUMtOt That a blank leaf, t-Otir; Secretary's I.

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