The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on September 5, 1978 · Page 13
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 13

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1978
Page 13
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No Hunt by Corps, Police Kim Marine Not AWOL By KATHERINE FREED When Gary Boutilier left the Millington Naval Air Station almost three months ago, tie told his best friend he was going to ride his motorcycle and would be back soon. But the young marine has not been heard from since. And, it seems, no one is looking for him despite the desperate pleas of his parents. "WE DONT EVEN know if he's dead or alive at this stage," said a frustrated Mrs. Robert Boutilier, in a telephone interview from her home in Dracut, Mass. "I understand there are thousands of servicemen missing. I don't know if we'll ever find him and it's getting to the point where I can't even function anymore." According to his mother and people who know him, Gary, 19, had no reason to flee the military. "He liked the Marines," said John Boutilier, 13, Gary's brother. "I know he liked it. He would've been in a year now." BOUTILIER ENLISTED in the U.S. Marine Corps before his graduation from Dracut High School in June 1977, his mother said, and spent the summer working as a volunteer for the Marine recruiting office in Lowell. Mass. She said the day he joined the Marines for training on Paris Island, S.C., he was promoted to private first class because of his work. After training camp, he went to the electronics school at the Millington base. He was last seen June 17 just three days before his classes were to end and he was to go on a three-week leave. He was scheduled to receive a $1,500 bonus upon graduation. ROBERT HOLDSWORTH, Gary's neighbor in Dracut and on the base, said the Marines reported Boutilier as being on an "unauthorized absence" when he did not show up for morning formation June 19. After he was not heard from for 30 days, the military declared him a deserter. However, Boutilier's family and friends are convinced he is not a deserter. Mrs. Boutilier said her son had no complaints about the Marines and in their last phone conversation he had arranged for his father's vacation to coincide with his own. "AFTER 30 days no one is going out looking," she said. "They are treating it like it's AWOL (absent without leave) , and we just don't believe it." Holdsworth said he questioned the desertion theory because Boutilier left with "just the shirt on his back. Why wouldn't he have taken clothes and money?" Mrs. Agnes Fite, a spokeswoman for the Weekend State Traffic Deaths At Least 12 At least 12 persons died in accidents on Tennessee's roads and highways over the 78-hour Labor Day weekend, according to the Highway Patrol. The long holiday period did not end until midnight, but it appeared last night the state's fatality total would be much lower than that of the same period in 1977. "WE WORKED very hard in areas in which there were fatalities last year," State Safety . Commissioner Joel Plummer said last night. "I think everybody gave his best effort. We even put out unmanned patrol cars on the interstates and the main state and federal routes, trying to maintain as much visibility as possible. . 'We feel like the more troopersand patrol cars people see, the more they keep safety on their minds." LAST YEAR, 25 persons died in Tennessee highway accidents during Labor Day weekend. The traffic fatality toll started at 6 p.m. Friday and ended at midnight. Nationwide, an Associated Press count last night showed 445 people had died in highway accidents. Tennessee's 12th fatality of the long weekend occurred in Knoxville yesterday, when the car in which Gladys Tillery, 70, was riding was struck by a train and dragged about a mile down the track. THE HIGHWAY Patrol doubled its manpower for the period in the 14 Tennessee counties including Davidson, in which fatalities occurred last year. Plummer said about $35,000 in federal funds was obtained to pay the troopers overtime. VJhddoyeaEinrj $5? 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"If he is missing from a military base, it is outside our jurisdiction," saia uapi. yv.j. (Wim nf thoMillincrtnnnnlifti "We CanOMVEO JL ll-U.-i V V-V tuiuuivvii jv.-- . . r - on the base to serve warrants or legal papers and a 1 W umaJ amIii if -ITA imormaiion we receive can ue u&eu vmy c come into contact with him for some other reason." CAPT. ELVIS Anderton, of the Shelby County Sheriffs Department, also saia tne case am noi concern his office. "If he's military and absent without leave, that's the military's problem." "It is not the prerogative of the military to do anymore," Mrs. Fite said. "We reported it to all aiifhnriHoc and rnvprprl nil the the nmcedures. The Marine Corps is not required to do any ORMAN SAID he assumed federal authorities ......1 J U ;i ) Lltl,. PDTknnvadloorl ftin WUU1U euiei llllUIl, UUl lire r ni "ao i ci uscu mi Boutiliers' request for an investigation into their 9m ....4A:Aiin JinnnnAnnnMiA A laff at CAVlt f A the family by Donald W. Moore, assistant director of the criminal investigative division, reads in part: "The FBI by agreement with the Department of Defense is restricting its activity in the investigations of fugitive deserters. Your son's desertion does not fall within the scope of this agreement inasmuch as he is not charged by the military with a serious crime in connection with his desertion." But the Boutiliers and Gary's friends remain adament in their belief that Gary did not just desert the Marine Corps. "HE AIN'T A wise guy," insisted John. "He's not a troublemaker." Mrs. Boutilier said she is baffled by the lack of interest or concern in her son's disappearance. "I'm just amazed that because Gary didn't commit any crime nooneis looking for him," she said. , "I can't understand how the Marines take these boys in and then when, they're missing, they don t do anything.' THE BARN DINNER THEATRE NOW PLAYING "(MAIN'S PARADISE" Sept. 5tti-30tb Tennessean "Subscriber Service" is for your convenience. 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