The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1939
Page 2
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BLYTIIEVILLE, .(ARK.) COU1UUH COURIER NE\VS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET T^his'Ticket Will Adroit t W. Lemons &• companion ' Hlcknun, Ark. ' ,- .Uo the— HJXZ THEATER • -fy K*- "KENEGADE TRAlt" Social Calendar SATURDAY'S EVENTS Cotillion club having dance, 8.0 o'clock, American Legion Hut. FLAPPER FANNY Paste! Schem* U«^ Ir > Porch Party Derations A pastel scheme was, carried, out In the decorations for the Double Four Bridge club parly ghcn by Mrs Raymond Smith on the uorch of her home Wednesday afleriico;i Besides the members, guests at the party were Mrs. W. H SlONal I, Mrs' 'J. G- Barnes, Mrs J. •>• Cookston, Mrs. Raymond SchmucK and Mrs Otis Shspherd Baskets of roses, sweet peas, cornflowers anc\ other garden. Honors in the pastel shades v,wo arranged about Iho parch, v>h 6 ferns banked the railing. Paskl tallies were also in the floral motif Mrs. 6t?vall was. high scorer among the guests and Mrs Ivy w Crawford, among the CIUD members The hostess served a sated plate. _ ^ Is Hostess ^o Club Mrs Byron Morse was hostess to members of the Thursday Luncheon club and three guests at a party at her home yesterday. Guests were Mrs. Hunter C. Sinn, Mrs W D ChombUn and Mrs Milton S Osborne of Winnipeg Canada, houseguest of Mr anrt Mrs A 0 Little Lunch was served at small tables which had centerpieces of summer games which followed COPS. DJJ BY *U SC8VICI.INC, 1. M, Hid U. S f AT. OFf Bits of News Mostly Personals Mr. and. Mrs. Chii.rjcs ; r . _, , will lca,vo Sunday for Chicago, where they will allcnd the suinmpr fuinl- lurc market. They will spend, a week there before going to Cleveland to attend the Rotary Inler- nalional convention. Mrs. Hlbbcrb Bolloni, of East St. Louis, who has. teen visiting relatives here, went to Memphis yesterday to ho with friends until Sun day night. Mrs. Jess Homer and her housc- guest; Mrs. Frank Horncr. and Mrs Scot Wallace and. son, Wayne, of Manila, spent yeslcrday in Mcni- Iph.ts. BJH Mloi'se ' ias Bone to Camp iarson, near Jonesboro where, he ii serve on the staff Hits siinimci Is parents, Mr. and Mrs. Byron ilorsc, motored him over Wedncs- ay. Mrs. I). T. Ilyiison, of Ainory, UES , left yesterday after having pent, a few days here with her sler, Mrs. H. A. Taylor, and Dr. "You must think.I'm an awful baby. I was mt cvyin' on. account of Ihirikhi''about a very sad story I read last mglit. and the Church." Mrs. Canlrcll was assisted In presenting the program by Mrs. A b Honea, Mrs. B. H. England. Mrs. J. ui'Lutcn, Mrs. Earl Lang and prayers were offered by Mrs. H H Brown, Mrs', Ed Galthcr, Mrs R M. Pierce and Mrs. D. K. Fostei ,„>,,.« During Ihe business scsston. re- F Kirshnei was high perls were heard 'from various of- Mis ChanibUn second ticeis and committee chairmen 1 Plans for the summer were made o that ill! member slimy be kept 3US\ 1C 1st Assembly to be held ui Buieii. Mo., from July 3 to 20 Will Wed Today SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Paul Solves Church Problems f<£*i. jr of Memphis, are spending 10 m scarcy before days here with" Mrs. Ncoly's par-' cn'ts, Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Elliott. They came here from Cnruthers- vlllc where tliey had been visiting Mrs. Necly's sisler, Mrs. Dick Lewis, who accompanied them here and spent last nighl with Dr. and Mrs Ellioll. They will go to JJttle Rock a week from tomorrow for Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott., who will return here for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. James II. Bell and Wo arc accustomed to think cf Ihe early church as a church of pure and undented religion, and we arc apt lo think Hint if we could only get back to the days of primitive Christianity, all the defects and abuses in the church of today would disappear. The fact is that Ihc m;re carefully we look into the records of the New Testament, the more conscious wo arc of the fact that even in Ihc church of Ihc generation immediately succeeding the Master, things were by no means idea'.. We have seen how. even in the days of the Master Himself and in His very presence, dissension arose among the disciples and disputes as to who among them should lie the greater and i concerning other mailers, which In 1 lliclr very nature belied the leach- In',, and example of the Christ whom they had left all lo follo.v. The li-ciiblcs lhat arise in the early church were somewhat of Ihc same kind and from the same causes. Self-seeking and jealous striving crealc discord and difll- culty wherever they appe^-w home life, In public life, and cvei in the religious life of the church But In addition lo Ihcse things there were also sordid aspects o 1 these early Christian communltie un/rXSK' ~r W ol SSp.tS'^nirSS e!vvn4,nen «»"» Xr'nea? Hardy, Ark.,land perhaps it « not iinnatur than Its ministers or preachers, All cay. this it is very necessary to rcinem- ' ber today, if we would have a wholesome, liltjh-mlnded miiilslry and if we would have likewise r. membership In our churches lhat Is earnestly devoted to (lie Gospel and U> witnessing it, in 'life well as In word, FRIDAY, JUNK 9, 1930 •'ticn. I Uarlholomcw pointed out thul approximately half the city is In a blighted condition and predicted that expenditures for these areas will-dcuble within a short period I of lime unless steps are taken lo correct' conditions causing the de- Rev. Gray Attending Brerything for your >nter Rotary Training School uiinment and comforl Swimming Party And Dance Will Follow Carnival — ami man's yicldi temptation has -almost alwa a produced philosophies of slackne in an effort to justify the lai li-om high ideals. One should remember that WttcS Society P««* Of Courier Newi F«i Free Show OARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., Juno fl.—Rev. Wayne W. Cray. Rotary Governor of the 135th Rotary clls- ct. which Includes about thirty I MIS, including St. Louis, left •e yesterday to attend the Roy Training School for district, vcrnors nt White Sulphur rings, West Virginia. Rev. Gray! 11 join the Rotary President's | et-inl train at Indianapolis. Ind., r the trip to While Sulphur] irings. I After the week's Draining at the w > should attend th< hool, Rev. Gray will attend the ;•» i' ,.-„.. inual notary convention at Clove- show Matinee or nd, June 10-23, where his dec- t ' * ' S X I on as district governor will yell* » » » », * T ' iual approval. >$$»*»» FRIDAY, JUNE 9 125 GOOD REASONS Dell News W. H. S. Meets "Widening Our National Out look" was the subject used Icr the program of the missionary society of the Dell Methodist church whicl met Tuesday afternoon witii Mrs Earl Brownlee. Mrs. Tern Craig led the devo tioniU and prayers were oITercd b church, if It be divine in ils origin, j Mj ^ War ,. cnne Brownlee and Mi- is human in Us membership and u M Mood its composition. We sh=uld not judge i . . . Assisting Mrs. Noble Gill in tl :ere ,, j* 1 US i:uiiHJWiaiii«**' TI ~ "— - ... i ASSlALiitg 1*11 a. iiuuiti v^i*i n* L * al ! the church by its human i™ 11 * 1 presentation of the program wi I but rather by the high purpose iiiai M(5s Bl . own | M> Mrs . George brought it into being. Gotls \\n McGchcy Mrs . ji m Gill, Mrs. .-ill fol- concc n,ing it, and the character ami Dee Howar(1 ant , Ml . s _ R . A . G n , t s A. Kntedaincd Miss; Dorothy 'Ann Newsom ,,1.™ r,.^< chnrgc ot.a.auM program on Stew- members of the Ihiusday Contract ookies. was hos- training' rooms where budge was H . who have ill be nccom- for those T. K. Mahan dance who"'has"been "visiting her son, beat: John Mahan, nnd other relatives nou thprc for two weeks. . . IK™ Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McClurkln W Howard and Mrs. R. A. Grcei Brswnlec gave a report this month's missionary bullet! vim return to Nashville .tomorrow where Mr. McClurkin is doing work on his Ph. D. degree at Peabody 1 College. They will be. accompanied i by ilrs. A. B.- Fail-Held, also a slu- >j dcvt at Peabody who 1ms spent n week here with her mother, Mrs. W I Denlon. Mrs. Falrfleld's son. Albert, and her sister, Constance, will return with her to spend the summer .there. Mr. nnd Mrs. Milieu S. Osborne, ol Winnipeg, Can., came Wednes— days here A gala swimming party will (ol ice cream, cakes and nuts. T *• of Revelation show lamentable cade may remain for swimmln cade may remain 101 swimming <•• i,u^ ».-"•• ,',_.„ , hpl .p were " u the pool with this extra attraction aspects of iiKral alpse, ^eie wcie i expected lo be of special interest I wi"""^ rcl ^ lp S ils high Howard. DALE PAGE.BIUY HAIOP • IOHH LITEI Directed by Lewis SclUr • pnuwitt W»RKE« BSOS. Ba>(4 an the Kay. --CtisJKed Out" trj UMs E. La*« and Jonathan nnn - Sw em Ffft* u> Robeil Bu^jie'. Don Ryan end Kenntth Gamal-A rriilNatiMitlPieluf. Also selected shorts Admission Maluicc Admission NiRlit I & 3Cc Saturday I outshone Uc*U -U be «,-, .he that men Ihnt day, "See how- love one another!" 'TE In Si. Louis Counted . club, when the beauty contestants announce . . , dmt Of the Bachelors club wl.icU , a mo Is assisliiiE Chapter N of the P. llu - dav lo EIJCIK! scvcrnl m\j.i *«.• -~ 11.-> tiaoiomit, *--• •»[•••" -• -- — _ .. with Mr. and Mrs. A, G. LIUIc. O. in this phase of the carnival. e Mr Osborne is dean of Iho college The dance will also follow the »»• ' -• " ' "" Wo1m- rnrllU'rtl , VjlH put High'score prize, _ i lfc(| ln .Eorptte Mr, Mella.n ">° ^ At Miscellaneous, Shower aColc Mrs John C McHane\ was sur- Mrs prised at a shower ami card niitj nigh given jeslerday a fie moon bviuein : bers of her club the Tuesday Contract club, and nine. , lh. r one of Iho . mem o men Darts aw UlSs. will be married . lo Given Millcr . Binrt haw onr , , Members of the club presented tier fwith a round floral picture to be used o\er the buffet in hei reientlv redecorated home An assortment of gifts for her hostess; . mmR lce( , rt ,, nk al the con- elusion of play. Oiil-of-Town Idlers Eiilcrlalncd, Mrs. Robert Hawkins nnd MK>- h c srst t c.~i«, &*?&• iat Mrs Oeorge Wfl Barham, Mrs W H Stovall Mrs M T Moon Mrs J J Brvant and Mrs W H Hol- ccmb Both bridge and rook were played In entertaining rooms decorated with sweet peas hydrangeas and ro=cs A sandwich plite was seiv- ed at the conclusion of Hie games Hi°h score prize in the bndje games v,ent to Mrs Mabers, while high prize in the rook games went lo Mrs. Patterson. , t¥ ,,, Hester Haw- cowpiniiciuui^ I'nai i^...-.-. — u, n ,i to o('Pine. Blull. Ark., nun. Mys. i milled, j I Undenthalcr of Jacksonvilw, I lh the former Helen Powell. All -f ihc gucits were school friends Crcckelle Hcrnsby of Columbus, Miss., today at Halticsburg, Miss. At The Hospital* Walls hospital I'alricln Ann Wilson, bteele. admitted. Mrs. Ethel Bruce, Kciser, ad- inillcd Joyce Dowdy. Manila, dismissed. T. D. Bryant., city, dismissed,. C. C. Fisher, Pascola, dismissed. Mrs. Mary Butler, Tomato, ad- mi. v^ju"***'- f f **" — - - — of arciiilccture at Ihe University of Mnr.lloba. They arc. spending l-heir summer vncullon In the Slnles anrt stopped here en route to Nalchcz and New Orleans. Mrs. F. T). Elllitl visited in Helena yeslcrday. She was accompanied home by her grandsons, Jack and Bill Ellioll, who will visit here. Miss Caroline Diumvanl, of Memphis, will arrive Sunday lo spend two weeks here \villi her sisler, Mrs. John Miles Miller, anil Mr. lillcr. -'. • Mrs. Clarence II. Wilson'rclurncd ST. LOUIS .(UP).—Blighted slum areas in St. Louis cost the cily u interesting lo see the way 85,500,000 annually, according to 1 met these situations Harland Bartholomew, consulting :kness and trouble in J engineer of the City Plan Commls- Uial lie had founded. ' in any respe-t Uwer Ho held . Ihese . carl? the full will , interesng o s --J ,*w»,»v • ....... — ^- will be guests uf honor, it has been 1 " "• t [hese s i liral ions Harland Bartholomew, announced by J. T. Sudbury, prcsi- • "f *"»-" ,i ac kness and trouble in ensineer of the City P nJ aiiangemen for is in fcaUirc^thc wa- disciplinarian lacking Ants all around the Garbage Can? llcie's how lo R«L ri-i of ihcm. Viral, V«p Rar- IIT.IC 3 """. :".*'_"..,.. ] ... _n J:_ M Cr-^nnrl neit IHinnil, uticiij ••"- •* Hcies now 10 R^t »v« V ,, !'- c j ,,«. isciousncss of human frailty h >E e_ P? n,rrt.iyi«w ? a»ui i.nj«.^^ so. ter sports of the carnival. A team any ccnsc these early Chris- . . to Memphis Uday lo be with Mr. Wilson who Is seriously ill in the Baplisl hospital there. The condition of Mr. Wilson, who was improved slightly Ihc first of the week, remains unchanged. Mrs. W. B. McFarland of Statcn Island. N. Y., returned to her hemp Tuesday after having spent two weeks here with her cousins, Mrs. R. P. Cook and Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Simmons. Enlnnits in the baby beauty contest have increased. A silver loving ; cup will be awarded the Bly- Ihcvlllc girl, between the ages of Uvo llii-ough six years, who is dc- ciarcd the prettiest by the Judges, they will wear bathing suils. ; Merchants'of Ihe city are eager lo have rcprescnliition in the adult bathing beauty contest, accordingi w to members of ihc committee, who ri are'yet receiving entrants. Miss Winifred Crawford, who WHS queen linns lo witness the unselfishness of his own life. I When these who favored him m- 'diraled conflict with those who I urcfci-red the more eloquent Apoi' os I'aul reminded them that they ' were not his disciples, but disciolcs are cagei ^ie 1101 thing the adult of Chii_l, ami prcacli- wwder Irealmcnls »l rajular in- crvals— and you'll Boon be nil ° B"c 3 'nranil ically kills antt. roaches and other crawluiK m- ,c cU nuick— yet it's entirely sate sist u clu . is i.i iu , me of the 1038 carnival, the first. [M^l-I I held I ' • • . ' «l a .»a W' , great deal more L -- bl ' cl Caruthersville Society — Peisonal lllythcvHlc hospital Ridge Godwin, Armorcl, »d- ml.Ucd. wonu;i. 'Born lo Mr. and. Mrs. Shelby Pate h'cltl high! Adams. West Ridge, a son. The a blue pottery baby, who weighs-five pounds nnd i, Knell of the | nine ounces, lias been named Ray- Refreshments wiches, ' Auxiliarv Stuilr fonrsc of dainty sand- .icnes, nicKiw i>cars. potato chips and stuffed angel food cake with Iced tea were served following the nev.' Wayne W. Gray drove toj TuU'tler. Mia., Monday and visi.-l with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Gray. Sound Souis, Swcclciis Milk TOLEDO, O. (UP)—A sound lab- oratorj' hcru has discovered it can sour milk by sound waves, then. reverse the pioccsS to sweeten It i Born to Mr. and Mrs. E, A. Hull, Ilayti. a daughter. Memphis Methodist Hosrilliil Mrs. R. L. Simpson, Carulhcrs- ville. adrallted. English Jury Rejects Fingerprint Evidence LONDON CUP)— A perfect thumb print on a trinket box in a burgled house was the only evidence offered against George Albert Stone, accused of housebreaking — "nd thb jury rejected it and. touml him not guilty. A Scotland Yard fingerprint, ex- perl said that M characteristics in the thumbprint corresponded with ' y the sponsoring group, will crown the 1039 queen immediately uflcr the judges' decision is announced. Danish Knight "Ol a :>uut MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (UP) — Andrew N. Johnson, Danish vice coiisul here, recently knighted by his government and decorated by (he king, is not a D.ine and has never been in Denmark. .Johnson was made vice consul after doing ' e s tnc house. Insist ira tli« considerable lega for' Ihe j Danish consular ficrvice. Lie WHS j born in Wisconsin. NU-W& Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For 1'riunnl Uiundr> and Cleaning Service ira t« Eenuno oc ran i'owdcr— in thff red and yellow can . 1 1'« Bold wi Hi » guarant co « I aititfiiclion or jour manfj bud. Three Bin-s: I0f, 25^. 5I«. NOTE: Yoitca" also kill ante and lOac/ fli u-cll as fict and »u»nni(o«, inlli Brand Imcd Spray- KtacJ <Jir«(i'o»« o" c ••••^^w*^™ -ROXY \ilnils5lon always lOc & 26 Slatinecs Fri.-Sat.-Sun. 1 „ cartoon & serial "Buck Rugs." ContiiHious sliovs-. Vdiiiissiiin lill S:00 p.m. l«» * '* : Id'mis&ion after 5 p.m. Ific ft •ll« Saturday MIDNIGHT OWL SHOW 'Mysterious Herman Co/ Joe Shippcn, Osceola. admilted. > thun the impression of Stone's right thumb. il , JSght meujijers of the Girls A.UX- - aplist Missionary A SSto^S- noon ..for a study of the boo*, . "Five Times Ten' a review of the first fifty" years o! the history ol i the \Vomans Missionary Union | Following the study the groap, took Uie examination end will prorjaijly receive calds and seals lor their efforts Baptist Missionary Scciely Meets • , Mrs W l> Cantrell had ch»rse of the Baptist Missionary soclelf oroztam Wednesday afternoon, h«r tubject being "The Great Cotnwis, sic-n and the Chief Aims of the W M U,—Missionary Education w , our Young eople." ta,ken from the ' Roy»l Service Magazine The ui«et r fr^ Wopened by staging "I Love to.Tsll tb« Story" and was followed, by-trie gr^up repeating ** Tllrs-Oage IJnlght used w subject for the devotional, Five babies arc barn every nun-1 IIP in the Unit-d States. SANDALS For Hoi Weather Twinkle, Twinkle low York Store, While linen sandals low or Cuban liccls $2.95 White Fi^skin SintlAls wllh tow heel, or while patent nidi milllary littl Freeka Galore, Prints and Plaids Can Be Found §3.45 Anklets, cotton in pastel shades Anklets, Mesh kJiil in tmstcl colors •^ ic * -^- 1 j «*'V.- TOO/ IB5WKS M-N-T-5-9-N x^ervioe Men Friday - Saturday Also cartoon & serial Rides Again." "Lone Haii.;- Co i it in 1:0 us shew Saturday villc WIPAY,JWE11,1M9 AT 10 A.M. SHA1U' Plenty lo Eat, Drink, and Good Beakers Sunday - Monday MYSTIFYING ILLUSIONS CARLOADS 01' SCENERY SEE THE FLIGHT OF.LIFE SEE AUVBNTUKES IN ARABIA SENSATIONAL BUM SAW ILLUSION A GIGANTIC MYSTERY PRODUCTION Starts iiiomjilly lt-,00 p.m. Admission ICc & Sic lunday-Monday iecleiS.tiy tRAHE ViltBUR.Suten rlay bi Ice Kill iom £Ei Cr'iinjt Slory by lup^n Hibbtld ' A Fdst iUoMl P1tttf« • Presenled bj WMKtR BROS. Also Fox Xens & Comedy I'aramoiml Xcws'.t Comedy Contiiiuons show Sunday lnn;s ; oii S'un. all rtny 16c ,V ">6c Admission Monrtay Slat. lOc & Me Admission Mon. Niglit 16e & 36c

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