The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1944
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.), COURIER NEWS Cards^ Win Series_As Browns Fall 3 to 1 I • II M • i ' Id i'»'vw'vvvvv«wvw'w««_^—— PUP .Tnn T\ H*rt Irtc AT.i n tut TlJli-r- " ' .—. . . " TUESDAY, OCTOJ3EK 10, 19-M Wilks Airtight In Relief Role American L Champs Get But Three Hits; Errors Prove Costly ST. LOUIS, Oct. 19. (UP)—The A.. Louis Cardinals won tile J934 World Series with a 3 to 1 victory yesterday In the sixth game. The St. Louis Browns, the liltless wonders of the American tongue who had won their tirst pennant, with a patched up lineup and a fighting spirit, just ran down. They feil apart, in the fourth inning, gave the Rccl- birds two unearned runs, nnd the series ended Just the way the odds said If would. • Manager Luke Sewcll of the Browns sent his nee right-hander, Nelson Potter, out to square the series at three nil. And the crosvd of 31,630 roared as the Browns handed Potter a l to 0 lead Iti the second inning, diet Laabs tripled and George McQuinn sent him home with a single. , Bad Throw Hurls Browns But the Brownie's championship dreams exploded In the fourth inning on one crucial play. Shortstop Vcrn Stephens made a bad throw to second base. One run crossed on that error to tie the game. But an out, an out that should have been the third followed that, nnd after (hat the Cards put tiicir foot in the door and hammered home the two whining runs, .Everyone in the park seemed to sense that- the game nnd the clifim- pionship had faded from the Browns on Hint play. The Browns didn't quit, in Jact they took advantage of Max Lanicr's wildncss to eel men to second and third with just one out in the sixth. But Ted Wllks relieved Lanier and upset the Browns. Luke Sewell's men didn't have It any more, and the Rcdblrds became world champions for tlie second time in three years. 3 Hits Off Lanier Since Lanier wns lending when he left the game, the.Carolina left hnnder got credit for the victory. In spite of his wildncss Lanier made the ."Hitless Wonders" lag on the Browns stand up when he did manage to get the hall over the plate. He gave up just three hits, and Wilks finished the game without giving up any at all. One dubious consolation for the crushed Brownie players wns the fact that they helped set a new record for the total number of strikeouts in a world series. ^Fourteen men whiffed in the last game, and that boosted the number for six games to 92, five over the previous mark of 87 which wns established in 1931. / Players Gel Share Another consolation for Luke Sewell's men is the $3000 loser's share each of them gets for playing In the series. For the Cards, the satisfaction is SHOO more, a lo. tal share of $4100. , Sentiment favored the Browns when the series started, and they rose to - new heights when (hey .won 'the first game on (only two hits, a single by Gene Moore followed by a homer from the bat of George McQuinn after the Cards took the second game the Browns won again in the third to lead 2 to 1, but the Rcdbirds found themselves nnd won three straight to wrap up the title. Seminoles Y/ill Play Earle Squad Friday i OSCEOLA, Oct. 10.—Fresh from a 12-0 triumph over Hughes, the Osceola High School football team will prep for a Northeast Arkansas Conference game with Earle, to be play- ea Friday. The Indians, coached by Homer Bourns, has two standout guards in Gene Butler and Stanley Kramer. City Council To Meet The City Council will meet tonight for its monthly business session. These meetings are held at City WK FILL. ALL DOCTORi 1 PRESCRIPTION! AND SAVE YOU MONST STEWART'S Dri| St*r e * L*k« pk.,, u lite DOPE BUCKET fly J. P, FRIEND WANTED SWKKT REVENGE The other day we used a story about Dill (Wet Wash) Malm [Milling a. neat sunt on Bill Ulggln- son and C. G. Redman by catching a two-pound bass right under Redman's pants—and with n broken plug. I may have discovered the real reason he did It. He may have wanted revenge for a trick that was pulled on him just a, short time before. And here is the story behind the story. Having read the account of Malin's casting prowess and shot calling, with subsequent "kick", to say nothing of the fine catch, Leon Smith told me of n time when Bill had the tables turned on him; when lie was the wearer of the crimson countenance, otherwise known In the vernacular as the red face. "I was fishing, or at least attempting to fish, at one of my favorite holes one day not so long ago. My luck was miserable. They Just ii'CJ'ei/t biting. Shortly after first wetting my hook I snagged n beautiful 'crnppie, a big one. About an hour Inter I linuled in its twin. And for the next hour rnd a halt 1 didn't even get so much as a nibble. BILL vuixs UP "In the meantime, Bill came paddling alone, lib hud lelt wife Ruth on the bank to try her luck while using the boat. He askctl me about my luck and I retorted with n 'pretty good' reply, as ym'i will do, sometimes. He turned the bow of the craft Into a spot tome distance from where I was and l-egan fishing. My luck was gelling no betler fast and was about ready to call It quits when the urge struck me. Taking my hook I fastened it in one of the big dapple I already had caught, cased it inlo the water and in n few seconds pretended to make the Mitch with much guslo. I did this ;lx or seven limes as Bill nnd his tartner icokcd on in bewilderment, is they caught nothing. "Since r was just about ready lo go nnyway, I'told them I had .'iiough fish for loday and be- ievcil I would go in. As I headed out I glanced over my shoulder irirt saw that Dill was pulling into that spot. HE TEI.I.S KUTH "On my way to the car I went over nnd told Ruth what had happened. Naturally, we all had n big angh. "They tell me that Bill fished jnd tislied at that spot and did not get a bite, using every trick he knew to no avail, And trying :o figure out why they wouldn't bite his hook. Finally, with the shadows of night closing In, Ruth went over and tried lo get Dill to come in. Dut he just 'wouldn't turn i.-xise. " 'I know there arc fish here. I saw Leon Smith catch 'em. And if lie can catch 'em I can, too,' lie told her. "Even atler she told him about Hie trick he wouldn't believe it. But he had to come in a little later, still trying lo catch a big crnppie like my two. "He'll never forgive me for that trick. And I can't say tha,t, I blame him. Can you?" Candidly and frankly, it was iirty pool. GETTOGETHKK IN INDIA Recent news from the local boys tationed in India Is very good. Lieut. L. C. Poscy, who had bagged -You're Not Too Old To Feel Young This Is a message lor men who nave known life but no longer find it thrilling because ol the lack of certain vitamins and hormones. Troinone, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hor moncs may multiply the vim arirf zest and enjoyment you once knew Your whole approach, your whole attitude toward life, may Improve when you begin to use Tromone Now It may be possible for middle aged men to again enjoy 'the same spirit, vitality and pleasures tha made their youth a thing to re member. Adde^ years may not subtract from your pleasures when you use Tromone, the new medical formula combining vitamins and hormones. Follow directions on label Tromone tor sale by Robinson Drug Co. and druggists everywhere. . PuSI the Trigger on Lazy Innards" WHEN CONSTIPATION makes you fed punk as the dickens, brings on stomach upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort, lake Dr. Caldweil's famous medicine to quickly dull Ihc trijjcr on lazy "innnrds", and help you fed bright and chipper again. DR.CALDHELL'S is the wonderful senna taiative contained in good old Syrup Pepsin to make it so easy lo take. MANY DOCTORS use pepsin preparations in prescriptions tomake Ihe medicinetnore palatable and agreeable to take. So he suit sour laiatise is contained in. Syrup Pepsin. 'NS'STONOR.Cfll.DWEI.L'S-«ie favorite ofmilhonslorSOyears.aniSteelthalKhole CAUTION: Use only as ditccled. SENNA LAXATIVE CONIAINIO IN SVRBr PEPSIN BODY & FENDER REPAIR WORK Also Auto Upholstery Repair Our foreman Robert "Trigger" Walton has had years of ex pcrlence In theso lines. Modern equipment insures satMactory ", , Shop Located In Rear of Marl HI'S Cafe ', • ' 1U.\V. Main—Phone 565 flic Jap Zero, iviilcs Mr .nnd Mrs. L. O. Posey, Sr., tha,l he has located Lieut. E. B. Rodgeri nnd they have had a hlg session. Ehvood Dean, brother' to John (Delia Lumber) Dean, Is just n lew minutes nwny unt] Is expected to linvc n visitor rlglil nway. I,. C. also recognized Hill Lambert In the PX but wasn't sure of the identity. Then about the !,amc time, but believed to be In a different part of the country, Tommy Hawkins, the popular trumpet plnycr, accidentally ran Into I,lent. Jack O'Kccfe. Tommy penned his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Hawkins, ihat he was looking for a music-Ian to play In his company hand when he ran across Jack. . . . Tech Sergeant *Nal CBIKOII has cabled Mr. mid Mrs. Ebb If. (Inlcniul Revenue) Carson, ihal he is en- routc home. He has been in China and India for more than two yenrs, Nat nml Ca|it. Calvin Moody were together In Chhm, nlso Jack nobortson and Bill Lambert. AVA, Mo. (UP)—A new record for longevity appears to Imve been made by a goose here. 'Ihe goose died recently at the age of M. He- was the last ol a flock raised by Miss Margaret and Dora Smith. Lawson Batters Takes Deciding Fall After His Partner Has Been Eliminated It Isn't often (lint one wrestler throws iwo during the process of n match, but wlien the stunl Is pulled twice on one program It really becomes a rarity. Local fans who wore on hand for Promoter Mike Meroney's mat show last night experienced snch a ring phenomena In one of the wildest sessions ever waged here. "Stocky" Kneilsen, the former raclffc Coast fleet champion, and "Buck" Lawson, who used to teach cwnmsmto ladies (o the budilini; young gobs at Norfolk, Va., were (ho chief contributor* to the Interesting evening, de-spite the fact that they were on opposite skies. KneiLsen kept his leam in the running L/- feature las match honors by blasting Lawson and "nig Bill" vvilliain.s in rapid succession, His stunt came during the second fall and after his partner, "Red" Jiobcrh bad been rendered hare tie combat. Buck Breaks Tie Wllli the match all tied up at one fall apiece nnd the meanle pair, Icoljcrls and Kncllsen, holding the decided ed(>e by virtue of the elimination of Williams in one-half of Ihc final fall, Lawson went Into uclion much on the order of a clr- eutar bu/x. saw. He tlcfeatecl Knell- seu and then hammered (he tough Roberts from pillar to forcing liitii lo sin-render to give his team top honors for the evening. It was a wacky sort of a show. Starting off rather mild for a quarter of big 200-plus bruisers, • lie match soon warmed up and Hie finish saw it In high, blah genr as (he inimitable Roberts reached the zenith of Ills ring tactics. Naturally, Roberts' chief target was liclerce Mike Meroney. And he didn't spare the official. In fact, he subjected him to more 1,-milshinent (linn anyone show before in the local Legion arena. T)icn, too, Mike came in from some roughing from nil four as tilings bi'Bsji lo stele in the second and third fails and at the linish was physically spent along with the beaten pair. But ft provided a featured highlight.of the program. Winners {.cad Off Williams and Lawson broke aw.iy to a winning start on the tag match by taking the first fall in 17 minutes of fast action. Thev concentrated on Roberts with a series of monkey nips, followed by an airplane spin with Lawson le'ading the assault. Buck spun Red for several seconds then dumped him hard on the canvas, tagged Williams who came in lo fall on ihe fallen foe for the full. Three minutes later Kncllsen was downed, also by Williams after Lawson had dealt out punishing frontal arm bars. Tile second fall had hardly gotten under way before a free-for-all developed with all four concentrated »t one time on Meroney. It wns several seconds before, the official could extricate himself from the mass. During the melee Lawson came out with a surfboard on Roberts and made him quit in four minutes. The cuslomers reached for their hats, expecting ttie big pair to dispose of Kneilsen with a. power play. Hut Slocky sprang a neat surprise fix lie caught Williams coming in, Picked him up and slammed him hard for the fall, evening things, As Lawson rushed In to put on the clincher he was met with a vicious kangaroo kick, followed by four more before he succumbed. • ' That set the stage for Lawson's duplication of the stunt for the winning margin. Divide The I'relims The teams divided the preliminaries which all but stole (he show from (lie tag match. Kncllsen spoiled Williams' debut by beating him in the initial match. The giants battled 13 minutes before Kneilsen connected with the deadly kicks to win. Lawson gained the upper hand of his feud with Roberts with a neat 19-minule triumph which packed plenty of fast, furious activity, spiced with comics. Having the upper hand in W prlslngly strong fashion, Buck brought down the curtain when he caught Red coming off the ropes and met him with a resounding body block to the midscctlon. Red never recovered until a couple of minutes Inter-after the fall had been declared GREETING CARDS For (lie boys overseas. MAIL NOW! The Gift Shop Modern & Antique Gifts MOSS BRYAN '. for tills Amazing Way! Don't worry If ordinary niellio-la [wjinU'il you. I'BO. ul home, (lie fonimh. lif HOOTOUS adjuiu-llrcb- ol uolnl Tli Ion & Minor Clink-. He {our |illo lain, II umrol liov> QUU.-K At all good drug stores everywhere -!n Blythevillc, at Klrby Drug. IOU get a pretty good view of the world from a small- town newspaper oflice. Sometimes you see things that other folks overlook. For instance, this frank statement by the editor of The Dicrks (Arkansas) Banner: The Banner is one of the last papers in the country to raise Us subscription price, many over the TJ. S. having done so a year or more ago. The cost of EC- of a riewG- . plsnt. In normal times tfiere was little if any profit in subscriptions at $1.00 a year. If the information contained in even a 4-page country newspaper published weekly, 52 times a year, isn't worth'-$1.50 to the subscriber, it has no valid reason for existence. We're grateful to the cciitor for pointing out a fact more and more people are realizing—that at a time when most things arc scarce and expensive, electricity is still plentiful and cheap, That just goes to show what companies like ours can do for you by hard work and experience and sound business management. Jt's OurSusfness to Serve ty>t<- )t DON'T WASTE E L E C T RT n T T y JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP AND IS II' T RATIONED} Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout' wifh Jimmy Lydon & olivc B | akcilcy Selccled Shorts Wednesday & Thursday ' f} IT SPEAKS FROM THE HEART! M-G-M's truly great picture! LASSIE CRISP v ,j GWENN j! | Ki S !i BRUCE l! if nnlAHCHESTERJi '; LASSIE '* Screen Play fay Hugo Sutler Baicd Upon Ibc Novel by Erio XnlgM - Dii-clod by FRED M. WILCOX • Produced bi SAMUEL MAHX News of the Day Short CHICKASAW' West Main Near 2Ist St -1 Sat. itarts 1Z:45; Son. starts 1:*S' NJght shows 5:45 Eicept Monday, opens 8:45 Continuous shows Sat and Son. Tuesday BUDDY NITE ; 2 Tickets For the Price of 1 ] "THE FALCON IN DANGER" with Tom Conw.-iy I-'dgar Kennedy Comedy Wednesday & Thursday \V/1 Double Feature 'THEY ALL KISSED THE] BRIDE" with Jonn Crawford & Mclvyn Douglas and "BLONDIE'S BLESSED EVENT" \viih Penny Singlclon * Arthur Lake New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Tuesday Only "WEEKEND PASS" with Martha O'Driscoll K Noah Beery Ji Serial & Short Wednesday & Thursday "ROGER TOUHY, GANGSTER" wilh I'rrslon Foslcr Fox News A- Short

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