The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1930
Page 2
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3LYTHEVI|^.: (ARK.) .'COUUIBK NEWS .WEDNESDAY, 'NOVEMBER .Vi, 1930 , . ,^.W-:rM$'i!)iiis»[QZiary .Society of - f»fe *>' WethodlsV * .church prayer ..tKft'Uie'eJiurch,". 1 ' .' • w^ifcMamw G. E. Keck, Horace T. ;-,p»iJ5l«4d 'O. W! McCu'tchert enter-1 ;t«tolftf, at'trid(t at UK. woman's ^'Junior'.. High . school Parent- .'3w»ehar.^.»sj.'elation at tlto school :V-.,'-.... r ) Thursttay The ' Thuriday Luncheon club with;-.Mrs. -W, .M. McKenzle, •';;Th3.'Young-Matrons Bridge club •iriUiiMrs.-poyie HlgglnsM. ..; UnitedI"! Daughters of the Con' meetln? 'at Mrs. John •at 2'.30.',- '. . •• . :• MJs; Upyd V; Wise and Mrs. A. ; J.j<Ha»8* ,-s^bnOoring" 'a , tonefil brWjo-«nd-rook 'party. at Catholic s:ci*l hill/ 2 , o'clock. • • • Miss .Heal . tiicket', ; entertaining • Night ;Brid;e '"dub.'. ' ". .• •• ' • \.,Womah'i auxiliary of First Presbyterian church meeting at church f or _ >U 'day. nijsslon study. Meeltaj» For, Jlie .seccnd prayer service Tuesday ••afternoon in : carrying out the 'annual.- week "of prayer pro- grain" -.In ths Methodist church, 'members .i>t the-. .woman's missionary- society-, in''the First •"' church"'lejj.' .by- Mrs. Paul -. E. Cosley. ^'admjj- : a'tid commenting . SEpheJfans ''3:14 ; 21 a prayer Vasitead.-'retponslyeiy .and Mrs. iU Reid. fang : "Father In Hrav- ' ' ' .. .. ..Vracue/,;to.'pl5S" 'were •* discussed: /S^l'.'-.flil'degard, 1 ' Mrs: ; R- N. ~ . ;VydYe~ jr.!;''Sainl. Bernard/I Mrs; M.- G. XJcodwm;^- "Saint Catherine," •.••MrsV-Eninia.S.'Burncy; "Saint Tcr- .esa!" '.tfie. Ira Gray; "Later Saints ' Who /Fray/'.'Mrs: Wyn'tt Henley; S^alntJ pt Qur J Own Day," Mrs. W. M.' Taylor. " ; . : ..^'Wanted a Ne'vr Building For the Wolf Mlssto'.' -was tho Ulle o{ a, ,. playlet presented" In which >Mlui frothy GoodricM,: Mrs. E. D. .Ferguson, -'.Mrs.' O'. N. ;Hawiciris, Mrs. :Ai.'O.' Hudson and-Mrs'.'F/ D. Smith '.took -part::. Prayers'' by.- Mrs. J. E. Critz ' and . Mrs.'' Paul'-. E. Coolly con fcluded : the" prftTam; - ; '.." •;' ~ The 22 members present gave an offering for tnd'. home mUsions. • : ' " ' •-' 'Attend SUtt .'will be rep-—,_.„.„„ _^.fArkansas Educi-. tlbji' ; AssoclitlfinVi annual meeting. In ; Ltttlei Hock'^hli .week by ,Mlss Wllik AaLawjog, co'tinty. fuperln- tenaeht, '.Vwho \Mt'- ^yesterday; Crawfc-rd -Greene,' Ju'p&rinfeiident of the city schools, George Doyb, superintendent ,oi- the psceola schools, Wf-fcPigg, principal ofMhe Reiser school;- MUs -Winnie yirgil Turner, county" Vsupervti:f, • and Mrs, Jco Trieschman, .menibef -of the Central :tVaTcV. schoor faculty, who arc Going^ today. ' • ; ' -. Eatertaua Ciib ; .' ,'.•,.''•••' Mrs! Horses.T.'cilp arid Wtrsi" J.' A.Watefnian. were guests of Mrs. J. IVLent! list• 'evening .when she also entertaiiied : members ;bf;-the .TUBE-' day;-Lu'ncheon;club, replacing' the: usual 'one o'clcok party rwith (i bridge dinner. .-;'•'. . .' . Mrs. ,'WV.D. CYiamblln Jr., won hosiery' for .high .club and _ the guest., prlii; a: handkerchlel, went to : Mrs. Gulp,' i' . / . '• . :".-.' ; *. .'•*..• * : : Clob Meets :.--.- , - . ' -:Mi-E. O.'W. . Atllick/was hostess to'th'e ••Tuesday 'Bridge club mem-' bera and one gii:st./Mrs- Elton Klr- by, this week.. An appetising salad, served with •• sandwiches and .tea. refreshed the ifcd tables ol.players. •Hosiery wefitHo Mrs. Hunter..C. Sims frt'.cfub award and the guest "fec'eived an antique square -for the table.''/ - f . • • ' ' _ Son Bom Mr. and Mrt 1 -. Paul Tomlinson, of Three Rivers, Mich., announce.the birth .of a. EO:I oh November 7. He ••{'BY WM. E. McKENKKV ry American Bridie Ijftgut following interesting hand played.. in a duplicate action itwtcli, . Tho hand closely n- temb'.es the. rare play known as 11)3 toup., ' •-..'- " •• •••• Tho; auction bidding' was South cnc ipade, wtet' pas'. North two odes, all. pass. ..... At cotf tract. South lba« a bor'der- , ito fa lutii;- . Jfancoclt Acre*, M Hop »h: t will te h«r* fttvln; lived here a >f-«ta ago Wrs. Jo . Mr, Mrs. Hut*f>iy-Jr <rf ,MeriiphU|Vv^«r 'rtin 'Sd.y after «ey**al <Uj and Mrt/.Cj 0,e and Mft; .TA tiny.. *e"fe acco by Mrs. Ray ten. who. will be . .. , several days while the-. bU^r. a tin 1 1 der the care pf hli speCi«ifei. , ' Mf. »rtd Mrs. Johrt L/.Tb*rihooa and d'augMer and 3. ti.-t&mhond, of Hopklnsvlils, Ky., ; arri»e« toUaj for scveraf da><( iWy 41tK'Jir. «ri:l Mrs- IMe-HfcbUid,- Mfi,-flul»arii Is th« daughter of J. d. Tiiurmbnil Mr-.^tnd'l*r MVct titoifcrth ; ijuests bt'Anlciri,- as.thch Cr. Arid kti/O d'ilr»,. Lciijcamp , »ho. »r* '(rnrouic to " by Ife. it » ' **« Miifief (ttrtSrt, • *hti fc 1* i*rt.. y give w ,tM i .xotoin o A,, ft; Bar . ..., , iriilfrl. ^yft Ron ttftH Heinrt , >t,cr .the Jjorth;4Aansas .of 'the., , ho fdrcjrig tfrb lild, .£ul du« t,o th'o wp four.card sultsi'tHe writer pre- ers one Ypacle. Wcit'should pass. orth bids two spades, thowlng nor- nal trump .evit; four small r three headed by the aco, kin j or iitcn, and at least one and one- alf trlcki.^ South' should now Junip fie bid to 'three no' trump, showing four-card, spade suit, bup a pow. rful. nand. :,,.' : . Korili vf]6u]d Jump the declara- lon to 'five spades. Now looking for he grand alnm, South would show his.four-card heart suit by bidding s|x hearts. As.the heart suit was not chown on the cecond round, this : bld deHnltely establishes ; it os a 'four-card suit headed with top honors. ' . would late the declaration to six spades', refusing to go to scvc'it as he knows Hts partner holds two four-card suits, and If partner;* hand Contains three diamonds and two clute as If one diamond trick Aiusl be iost. ' " The Kay West's proper play opening is his fourth best club, the six spot, which the dummy wins with the ace, East giving-a come-on card by playing the. eight spot, declarer the deuce, 'ihe declarer taken thrca rounds ol Uunip, picking up all of the opponent's triimp, East following with the. queen of spades' and discard Iris Ihe three of clubs and deuce, of diamonds. hand, the declarer now plays the ive of hearts to the . dummy's queen,', returning .the four of iearts and winning*-. In his own land with the king. The see of hearts'-Is returned,. Wc«t following wlth'the nine dummy the eight and East WIST discarding NORT'M d-Q-l-B-4 O-MO-4 0—9-7 C-J-9-7. 6-5 the tour of EAST S-6 N-IO-7 o-a-J&-3-1! C-K-108-4-3 "=OUTH— DEALER S-A.K-J-IO H-A-K-C-5 D-K.8-* C-fl-2 clubs. ,'Dsclarcr next p:nys Ihe ten of spades, West the five Ui n^.uuj^, Wl'Sl Ul-^«ml^lt'^ LJIV IIIK ulu, n*n of clubs, dummy following the seven bonuses. flubJ.' ' East's 'signal pla'ces the king of cliilis In lii'i'' hand.. ' ' •' .V<, If the declarer >ere 'now (o lead'' the queen of-cliibs and IrUinp In the dummy with the nliic ? f auaCcs, the grand slam could not be'made The correct plfl? IS to' lead the six of hiarts to-the" dummv'c- ; jjc!t,' West discarding the tcycn of cluSs aiid J^ast the ten of 'dlubj.'Tho nine ot spades should be returned Ircm dummy, which fqu=ez:s' East; If he discards a .diamond, (he declarer .will-discard the cuicon of clubs and all his diamonds nrs rood. Of course, If the king of clubs Is discarded- by East, declarer will discard a diamond ami make his queen of clubs. The, declarer has made n grand slam, scoring 1 180 for the tricks bid, 50 for the extra trick, 100 for honors, siicl saiall slani ,ruicl . sumo of- spades and East discarding the three of. diamonds.. The five of clubs discard by West showed the declarer an five-card suit In the West hand. A perfect reading is now obtained ois Ihe East hand—one spade, two In 'order to get a reading on ths' hearts, five diamonds and five (Copyright, 1930, NEA Service, Inc.) CAT MOTHERS DUCKL1NUS BASILDON, (E5SCX), Rng,, (UP) —A cat is mothering thru; ducklings/ on a farm near here. Read Courier News want H<]S I I church, .'; '-. <:. • ... Dr. J. A. Womack and ^!r;i J. Brannon, of Equality; .Ill.,;»cconi panled by Mrs. Ted Lewis, of L: Angeles, Cai., arrived Sunday to V visit with Mi'., and -Mrs; 3. 0\iard and family. DnWomnc lift Mrs. Brannon returned home today while Mrs.- Lewis' . will « hire for a ton days stay;wlth her sister, Mrs;. Guard, who is the sis-, tftot Mrs. Brannon arid.Dr. Wo- 1 ^ niack'S 'daughter.' Enroutt. licrep tliey were in an aut: mobile .acc'.-, : '. dent in which tVnh- ear Hall. MB*| : ]jfe-'Ai Mnha'ri ledNjhe Bible Slu4y' ? lind'a-priiyer. by Jfrs.. R. ! ; W. Wp'aterr silppleineiited ,:t!ie mission study conducted by itrs. B. P. Blpmeyer, In the fourth group, - which ^met at .the. church, Mrs.'.irermari \yal- pole led th'e devotional' from Genesis and Mrs; E. E. Alexander said a prayer. ' Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell the Bible lesson and a by . the; • leader concluded YOURSELF. 'turiictf if completely over but no 1 one was injured, except for scratches- anil bruises. '- • -. : • "''- - . .. ti. L. • Ward arid. son, -Lloyd jr., | will go to Hardy ftiday-ior lh=t weekend dt ! their cottage time. - : Mlsses : - Marlon 1 .'.- Burns,.-. Mnr'.h»- RtB iti son an d - Helen , Barnes a r,c among those from this 'city who ox- peel to attend" the Biy'thevllle-Wl 1 son football game at Wilson lo- .sofa has bcen-nanwd'-; James Warren. Before her marrlase Mrs. Tcmlin- son was Miss Violet PortldcV;. . ' " taught prayer iho The , cliurch was .the meethtg place for the six members In circle 2, who.heard Mrs.-Alvln Hiiflrhnn read : .'ahd conunent upon- the 100 PsRlai and Mrs. .W, E. Buchanan lead In prayer. ' - .-' ' • • « * > Has Tta. Friends of Xirs. George W. Barham were her guests yesterday at-' tethpon for, nil informal tea at her home, 1308 Hearii street, for -the opening ot her new gift shop. . •• . Lovely aulumn flowers and the tea service an attractive.pic-; t'uret for the numerous ladies who called. Art, handwork and baker articles are included In the wares'of-; ered, 3hoir Has ei Dinner Party. ' . A del!cio\is bulfet dinner was cn- loyed by members of the First Saplist church choir, the Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell, Mr.-and Mrs. John B. Lane who made up the 30 present at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hall last evening. OlcUfasfilbh'ed pillows" »«."quite smart-/for rhSs gifts (his'-'year.•'•' .. Weaving bii/monk's'_qlpth -.dr. any othe;xbaskct'» weave • ma'terl>r-''.'^ith Cteb Has Night Farly. , o{ ihti group Mesdames John W. Snyder, Riley Jones and Ellon^Kirby were guests .of Mrs. Harry Kirby last evening when she also'had the members of ,th* Wednesday Bridge club 1or the customary weekly party. . ;Thanksgiving -tallies and lall flowers'added an attractive note to the/party. In the bridge games Mrs. E. C. Pattpn won hosiery for high club honors'.and Mrs. Elton Kirby's award for'high gtest was a card table cover. .-. :• The-hostess served toasted cheese sar.dwlchei,. -nut .'bread, slulted cherry salad and coffee: There were games and music Iqt- er In-the evening tor the entertainment, which is an"annual event To Prcsfnl J'lay. The Armorel Parent-Teacher association is.sponsoring a play Friday night, 7:30 o'clock, at the school, when the Dell schoal group will present the production.. ; The admission is to be 15 and 25 cents, Ihe proceeds ol which will be used for school improvements. ... a v . big-eyed ;-ne edle. and'c olprful'yarn is", ah ancient ^craft brought'.up-lo- cUte. by v modernistic designs ti a'dprn new].gifts. -. • V.Vse-of- 1 wool mercerized or cot toh x yam • JUst about as : tHlclc as ,the' ; warp; and > woof ofVybur '(iross- stltch .material. Work with' 'a. slm- ple,' stltchi.'that weaves.under the material'Oic'!way and back-over II the. other ^way/ This completely 'covers • the -' material, giving -you thick, rich plllpw. / It-is ,lhe ;slyle this .year ,to do • geometric • deslg|is. Wta've''. f hen ln_first ^rithMhelr.own 'colors/ an< th'en-coyer/-the' rest of Vt'hc .pillow ' op;with red, black,.royal'.blue o old, or'whateve'r color you'-4rc us- j There will bo prayer meeting a ng.'., .'•"''•': ,;'•-.-• '.' '•;."• [the First Methodist church tonight, ! : Slnce?.things^arc iiscdi^|n") pairs 'conducted by the Rev. P. Q. RorlC Ms year' for decorative- purposes, I pastor. f;-you care to .be energetic and ' Paul Rbrie has returned from Ar- adelphla where he was Ihe guest 't his 'grandmother, Mrs. T. ..P r Trlgg, and his aunt, Mrs. Claiidy; 'hlllips, for several days. He J$s, iccompanled Homq.-by Mis. Triggi mother.of Mrs..Rorie. . ; , Mrs.' J.'ii. Borum and Mrs. Lar ah. Swift-of Oscepla; accompanlcj by Mrs^ W. J. Driver of Washlngj, on, D.' Ov and.;Osceola, and-MiSr John Moran, o( Springfield, ,Mp., isited'here today. . . -.if,.' Mr. and i Mrs. E. C. I'allon expect to-go to Nashville, Tenn.. Frl ? day-.for the yahderbllt-Tcimessoe game: '• - - :. Comity Engineer B. N. Wilson, of. Osceola, b- attending to business liere today. , .. •J. E. Critz, county agricultural agent, is In Dell today. The Rev, P. Q. Rorle will go tij Pine Bluff tomorrow \v!>erc ..the Little Rock conference ol the Methodist church is in session. He was formerly. p member, of this group and his:father is of its ministers. He expects to re-i turn before Sunday. Mrs. P. A. Robinson, who ha! been in a St. Louis hospllal for treatment, was returned home today. Her condition IS critical. n i Will Hold Prayer Meeting Circles Have.BiWc Study. The circles of "the woman's missionary union of the First Baptist churcli met Monday afternoon. Tlic -.first' group,. with' seven present, met al the church. Mrs. Tex ! .W. "Jackson conducted the clcvpllonal from the.fifteenth chapter of First CoHnthtans, .Mrs. C. G. Hires, of. fcred prayer and Mte Cordelia Wilhltc laught the mission Ics- 'son. . . .. .; ; Mrs.jU. ,W. Mullins entortaincd .-tiic -Voting Matrons group nt !-'jr 'home when 11 aUendei^ After "the" ctevpllonol by ^Srs. Hoy Head, Mrs. 'Robert.. Grimes was In charge-of "the',business which preceded l^ic ntfi^ba.lcfsbn taught by Mrs.'Mar- 'kiflSaiUim*, Mrs K D Marr of fen* pni/«r- ." TB^-tJtht aerabera present in circle - 3, wtn gutstt of Mrs. Sam Students Have' An Armistice Day rroprnni. -'Pupils of the fourth, fifth and r.ixth grades of the Lange school ;avc the following numbers' yes lerday for an appropriate Armistice ' Day program in the school assembly: Sons, "America, the Dcauilful"; "Review ot the World War", Bcssip Sue '• Anvood: Peace Quotatio Virginia Little; Song. "Keep the Home Fires Burning", Genera Graves. Mtiry Kuni'cc Layson Tommy Rogers; Poem "On Armli tice Day", Sarnli Pauline. Evrard play, 'Spirit o! America"; Spiri ol Patriotism, Dorothy Robertson Spirit of 1776, James Reeves, Splr it -of 1860, William Ailkcn. Splrl . nake -a'- '-these .pillows; any rl'cnd'should .be; doubly,; grateful. Promise LandWeivs ••' •' . •-•' . , •. . . • ""T-^ o[/viiu mw n nnv« > VXHILV 13 njj-fvi v •>Mr. and:Mrs.':Walkcr McGs«g!;£y cri plentiful throughout the bank and, chl}dren, were - the v Sunday n nd sounds ol.'tlic coastal region jurats of: Mr..and Mrs.-Frank-Filz- — •— •— ^—^ of 1914, n-.irsc, . Howard Mcorc; Red Cros Mildred Lou Hubbard chorus, Geneva Graves. Bessie Su Araoort. Chrisllne Turner, Lcvai CCRACOKE ISLAND, N. C.,(\-V. —Northerly winds and cor.tinnit cold weather have, brought a |rca many wild • fowl of .variclts sjiccle south to-, ttvj Carolina-" coast t sjwnd thef winter. Oamc is report Mr. ; and'-Mrs. Worth ;Goodwl)\ of rifed here Sdnday. They will'mato ATrnbrel wore.-. visiting, relatives thu thair hcmo ' he^;sund»y. ' . *"" "" ""' Dicksop' Keece'were Sunday vlsitbrc . here.. Aes Miss Qra and iDora Davis were o[ jBlytheviU*'-'mllors Saturday, • '• . «h«I Mae -Williams i Saturday 1 nlEht' and' Himciay' with MissiDOHV; BlaXe cf : CK»rioil> 1 Mr.,- arid '-Mrs. Less rt-nzlcr; Blyllieviile-.-.visitors Saturday.. ..Miss GtraWlne Gatn«..cntfi[aiu- ed'; a'nuhiber'oMvsr •'fiends wrth a ! paly Flda'y'night. ' I ; ;Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stewart had. «s r thcir 'guest Thursday,' 5!r.'M»r- Mr. WallWC Dafis and Mr. ciyil Howell 'ol'.Burdcltc were visitor here Sunday. Mrs. Less' Frazlcr aurt ; were s i )ei11 Monday v.'ilh Mrs. Jim Hal ~ Leg Pains Opsnell were visitors-In this vicin- a :Fuljrram. anrt James :mlth- leTt Friday night for Chicago'; 1 " " " ' ' 'e -Ball Luttrcll. Virginia Little,' : Mary!-. .ilLst* .BcrthA and _ IFUII .„.,„.. ^,, lrx . Eunice Layson, Leecra McLf3d hvert • the Blasts, of Misses ;Ethcl i nounccd Sl(s-t,«x) today, m ,,i cr t ho Wlnford K\7nts. ' nt.k-.nH Innv! Williartis Mnndav i Iron-end Gu»r»nt»e. Must <ivilckly ongficss. 6rBnrnlncr, dnr to fonctloi M Blmlilcr Irrlt.lllnn, In :icKl ronil tlons". makpnyou feel tlreil. doprfrs^e ^nd ill6COuriE«), try the Cj »(.-x Tcs Wgrks fast. .cUTto clrculMinir.ihr i llio ayetcnt In lj mlruttfi*, rr--.inert by thouHnds for rapid and r">;tlvc action. Don't give up. Try Cysiex (prn- Read Courier Keys wanl ads. S'ni'y'ih«s»"c«ndlilpnj, "improve i IreiM Williams Monday. |, Mr. arid'Mrs. Marian Hall -and I f.Vfait'iSVniynew. or n-'ontybscti <iad8hte* Margaret c-t SI. Louis ar-1 Only 80o'»t Klrby Drug Co. • j M w/ • CAKES • i Them Mrs. My ra Dougaii Famous Domestic Science : dnd Home Economic Expert Will Show -r;0l At the COURIER NEWS Free Cooking School At the City Hall Auditorium Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 18 and Continuing Through Four Days to Nov. 22 Lectures Start Promptly at 2:30 P. M- : » ' s • Come! You'll Enjoy It! ' :c Absolutely Free! A Courtesy to th'e Women Readers of NEWS

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