The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 7, 1930
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Served by the United Press - • ••___ - - ,• . - : * s ;•>*:' * *-•• y --.. --r- «-»••. . t y -; • - *. % •; i. ;• - -n"- • ,• * . < . i i t - ti . • A ->• .•••.-• i i BHTHEVILLE COURIER 1NEWS TH» DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF HORTBBABT ARKANSAS AND 80UTHEAS T MISSOURI > i : &&i&if-*i VOL. XXVH-^ 95 Blytherlto Courier, Htrtld, BlytheyU»« DUly Ne»», Mliitolppl Valley Leader. BLYTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JUI.V 7, 1930. •; SINGLE COPIES HOLIDAY DEATH TOLL PASSES 300 MARK Rejection Would - Be Blow ..-.-to World Peace Presi- ' dent Says In Message. WASJf.INGT.ON. July ,7. (UP)- .Failur«" to'ratify the'London naval .treaty would plunge the world back' ward .'from its progress towarc peace, President Hoover told the / senate In', a special 'message toda; 'opening the session for consideration of the treaty. "The .only . alternative to rhu treaty Ls the ] competitive buildin .of navies.with all Us flaw of suspicion,, hate,,ill; will and,ultimate . disaster," fhe. president declared. .> £p«edy action was urged u»on the senate-in the 1,800 word, doc- ument'setting, forth in detail Mr. Hojver's. interpretation of the treaty -and answering arguments' which have been made against it by tho . comparatively small senate grour. Which L? fighting its ratification. •" "This-treaty does mark ar. important step in disarmament and in world peace," the president declared. >;il is important for many .reasoas 'that it should. /: dealt ' with at once. The subject iias been : under. discussion since the Oenev: conference three years ago." Robinson PrtdkU. Approval - LjITTliE ROCK, • July • 7 . (UP) — - SerUtlor: Joseph 'T, Robinson left here last-night for Washington to attend an extra session of congress -which convened today to consider the London'naval' arms- limitation treaty. -• : ) '',•'••' Robinson predicted • the treaty will be ;disposed of in two weeks. Goodyear—Zeppelin Is Bafloon yictpr HOUSTON,, Tex., July 7."<UP) — The Goodyear-Zeppelin of Akron. O.. apparently won the .1930 na tionl balloon races. ; .... 'The Goodyear entry, landed -a' Oreensburg. Ky., - some.,850 niiie' from the. starting .point' here,' 11. pilots, R. J. Blair and F. A. Trotter, advised race headquarters-today/ They did not give -their tlmr- of'landing. '•- • ' ' ' . '" . The Gcodycar Zeppelin was'thr last-to report of the 15 entries that left here-at dusk Friday.' Fourteen bthers were accounted for in various sections of Arkansas, Texa and Kentucky. 1 •".-"-. Six Trans-Atlantic Flights Planned Children Eiitillccl to Share High. Court Rules in Osceola Case.- LITTLE ROCK. July 7. (W> — A share of the cstnte of II. E. llowen was entitled to be claimed by children of his first marriage the supreme court ruled today in upholding a decision of the Oiceoln division of Ihe Mississippi county chancery court. Howard Bowcn and other children sued Margie Bowen, second wife of H. E. Bowen, nsklng fo a part of an Insurance policy mid a share of n Irnct of land. They allege Ihal the second wife who married Bowen when he was 62 'and she was IB, unduly Influenced htm. They also aliened thn! he-was insane at the time he made the will. Six more aerial adventurers who expect to dave the Atlantic, this season are pictured, here.' Four nationalities are represented among these pilots, and their plans Include ocean crossings in bcthldlrec,- tions, employing ships, ranging from a tiny single-seater to the giant DO-X. which here Is shown'in flight. A former U. S. Navy officer, L'. C. H. Schlldhauer. upper left, will pilot the twelve-motored. Dornler seaplane from Germany to America. Below, left to right are: Lewis A. Yancey.'who expects to fly a Stlnsoh from .New York to Moscow; Capt. c. S. Wynne-Eyton, how waiting in Newfoundland to take'on ori ..n solo flight to his native Britain; Roger Q. Williams, who expects to take the Bellahca Pathfinder to Europe; Roberto Fierrb. of Mexico, planning a New York-Paris hop. iiya special Ixwkheed Sirius; Dleudohrie:Co'st|, who Is/expected to .take of from Paris soon hi his famous Breguet "Question Mark." ' •• : ' raposts Forty-Six Addit.ioris tp; the to Evr Hunter Brothers Will Try Chicago Vaudeville Stage CHICAGO, July 7. (UP)—Th; Hrnter brothers,.holders of the refueling endurance record, will appear in the four-a-day vaudeville in Chicago for the next three-weeks acquiring the stage presence-for a probable trip to Hollywood 'to en•ter-talking pictures. The Hollywood trip hinges on a contract for which the Hunters arf negotiating. In any event' they do not plan to remain in Chicago more than three weeks. If the mov- The Scott-T»lley evarigellsUc. meeting of the. Second "Baptist .hurc-h wastbrought to a close last- light...with -16 additions -fo the' ;hurch, according t6 Rev. E. Z. Newtom,- pastor.' •••:•.• ' ' ', " ! ..' The meeting which started three r;eeks ;ago. • was • one of the' •most successful-, ever:'lield-by the church and. resulted,-in a total of « additions, 35 of which were by baptism.. • ' -'•''• ' .'At the cohclusicn of the 'last service th* congregation 'voted .its thanks to the evangelists and asked them to" return next year to corir duct another meeting, which they apreed to do. ' Baptism of the new members wiU take place at Lone Oak next Sunday afternoon at * o'docfc. Others will join the church Sunday morning. - •'.'••' f eatherlesj Chicken.:'!: ; Boon to Housewivei Build Two New Homes in Northeast Part of City Two new modern homes arc being erected -in the northeast part of the city/Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Smith will move into their new fireproof home, on Kentucky avs- TROYv>N. C. (UP)—A'chick- en without feathers : is being watched curiously here,- as it grows into its third.month at the home of Jake Black'weli,-a. barber', who .isn't sure .li( -hasn't 'stumbled onto, the nucleus of a race'-of fowl that would bV)O£ Joy'to-the hearts of the- nstlon's housewivesr-no puifeathers to • bother'with. r -'-' ; ies do not get them they may at- n^e, Agust 1 and Mr. and Mrs. tempt a national vaudeville tour. ] Thurman Clemens, who arc having " ! n -Tinnrr^l/xM- OTfM pri nt thp PTlH n' Italv Holds Disarmament • 'Prerequisite to Union ROME, Italy, July 7. (UP)-Italy replied today to Aristide Brland'.- proposal for an economic United States of Europe, expressing readiness to collaborate but Insisting that first and above all It would be necessary to solve the problems of the general reduction of armaments, "Disarmament constitutes a preeminent fundamental for the cooperation of nations as well as the solution of the problem of security," the reply said. a -bungalow erected at the end i Davis avenue, expect to move early in next month. The Smith home, made of tile, is an old English type with a porch across the front and a po'rte co- chere makes the entrance. The stucco finish on the exterior will be painted white and trimmed in D light green and the plastered 'walls of the Inside are to be tinted with the three bedrooms in rose, blue and green. A southern bungalow describes the Clemens home which is to be four rooms and a stoop porch, made of lumber, and painted cream wlt'r green shutters. Modern conveniences are included In its interior. Duty of Prosecutor to Invoke ' Ban on Sunday . Games Says Rev. Rone. Declaring the oath of the prosecutor required him to enforce the laws of the .state, the Rev. P. Q. Rorie, pastor of the .First Methodist church, called attention to the alleged breaking of the state law against professional baseball on Sunday in a sermon on "Reviving Old Customs"' yesterday morning. .The Methodist.minister.question- ed the enforcement of laws, which he said, allowed a negro to be fined for fishing on Sunday and allowed Sunday baseball to continue In violation of state statutes unmolested. • . Better observance of the Sabbath was one of the principles urged b> the pastor. rand Jury Will Investigate; i: ,Charges "bf .Corruptiop " Mrs! Lc'Roy-Woods Sustains j Broken Ribs in Car Ac-1 cidenl; Jack Brown Hurt Mrs. LoRoy Woods of luixora sustained several broken ribs a n 0 wns cut and brulscTv when n lire on | ler 'car blew onl on (he Hlyt 1 - j vIlle-Duvfii'ld road late • ycstenhy. I j'uushig Mrs. Woods to lose control J of tho machine, which crashed In-, j a .a roadside ditch. Jack Dro«ii|; drug clerk, who was with Mrs. j iVoods, was nlso slightly Injured, They wore rushed to the Blythc- ville hospital where nn examlna Ion revealed that Mrs. Woods had .uffered five broken ribs anil severely bruised her shoulders. Drown, after first iild treatment, wus dismissed. Both were thrown. from trie c. when it left the highway, nccord- ng to reports. The machine was damaged heavily. - : AJabamij Governor Offers Reward for Members of .Robinson Family. TUSCALOOSA, Ala..' July 7. (UP —Tom nnrl Ollte Robinson, two of the negroes wanted for murder In connection with Ihe slaying of Grover. Boyd Friday at" Emelle,' Ala. during race riots there In which six person'; lost their lives, were in Tuscaloosa Inst night. The two negroes visited thel; .sister here and left for Birmingham, ll Is understood. \ CHICAGO, 'July 7 (UP)— State's Attorney John Swanson took lizance .to- '-insinuations- bf Corruption within, the -ranks of Chicago newspapermen which' have betome numerous since the-'murder of red J. Llngle, Chicago Tribune porter, and announced that he yould'. ask ..the -Cook' • courtly'. grand iury- to investigate.'- : "I expect- to call Harry T. : Brunr didge, St. Louis Star- reporter, before the grand Jury to get : at'the truth of the.charges he hfts;wriw. ten." Swanson said.- ••'• '•"• r Although rumors of -racketeering by other, reporters havc ; bcen' planned since Lingle -was killed four weeks ago' it remained for an outside newspaper to bring them before the pubUc. The St. Louis Star sent Biundldge .to Chicago to write -a series of dispatches about thq tingle case' and ,its ramifications. Within a .'few days the Star began publication of the reporter's stories which contained charges of wholesale racketeering among Chicago newspapermen, The Chicago Tribune reprinted the stories which had been copy- Several Injured in Car Wreck Near Cardwell MANILA, Ark.—Several mo'.or- ists were slightly injured, in a. car collision near Carcj'well, Mo., Hun- day. : Miss Martha Matthews of Manila was injured when the car In which she. was riding, collided with an auto hear the''Missouri town, The second car. turned over In a ditch and pinned" ,lts occupants beneath. The woman driver, Mrs. W. N- Lucas cf near Cardwell was slightly hurt. ; Passcrsby helped'remove Hie injured cues from beneath the overturned-machine and they were taken to Cardwell where they received medical aid. Sir Arthur Connn Doyle, creator of the rmiicd 'fiction sleuth, Scr- lock Holmes, who died today nt his home In Eneland. ioiu is 5 ICE 71 Creator of Sherlock Holmes /EMELU3, Ala., July T - ; (UP) -r "Armed posses, urged on by an offer by GOT. Bibb Graves.of ^SSOO,re- ward, searched 1 the countryside; tp- dai' for three nenroes. members : of a family whose shooting of; a Awhile man .on the stternnon nf Juh/'[4th started,' one of the worst race-rfots Alabama has seen.In- four:ycars, arid which to far has resulted In tUe rlr'ntji-pf five men,and one womnjf; The small- nogro .settlement'. of Wett Bessemer, a few Allies frofe here, was deserted. FrightehW iie- grces -,hatl leii. Uieir' cablns'"«ncl camped Bunder frees -at-tlio-horhes cf friendly whiles. •'-' ,'.;'' Two. negroes were killed' yester- dav by |X>sses when they disobeyed orders to hall for identification. Jfssac.Dial was shot when 'her husband refused to stop lils nuto- mobilt at the posscs's command. , An unidentified .negro, standing in the doorway of a railroad' station, fked nt a posse, wounding one of them. He was killcrf in the. exchange of shots. ," ' ' '. , The men killed preyipuslyi.'were Grover Boyd and Charles Marrs,white men, and John'and Esau Robinson, negroes, The trouble started on the aft- Takes Forfeiture on. Harry Bailey^ A forfelttire was" ordered taken fged tp, .have;. created [a dlsturb- s city. His righted by the Star, thus giving to i ern0 on of July 4 .when Esau Rob- Chicago readers for .the first time the charges' that certain unnamed men oh the staffs of other Chicago inson, who hsid'bec'n asked by Clarence Boyd, white store keeper, to pay for an'automobile.battery, ap- dailies v. : cre usJng their profession- ] penrcJ at the Boyd store heavily ol positions to obtain graft. Install New Signals for Control of Traffic New traffic signals are geing installed at several of the city's busiest street intersections by members of the city engineering department this week. The new signs and signals, recently purchased by the city council, are expected to aid In controlling traffic and insuring additional safety for pedestrians. Will Spend $1,500,000 on Hot Springs Hospital HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (UP) — President Hoover'has signed a bill providing for the recons'.rui-;lon of the Army and Navy hospital here, it was announced recently. Cost of the project is estimate-: at Jl.500,000. The hospital will be reconstructed In units. First Union Service Draws Large Attendance The first union church servic: Sunday evening in Ihe form of a esper service on the lawn of th2 First Methodist church was a de- ided success with a large attend- mce present. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie, pastor of he First Methodist church, dellv- :red the sermonette, assisted by he Rev. Marsh M. Galloway, pastor of the First Presbyterian church who offered prayer, and a mali quartet who sang. The Rev. E. K Ballmer, pastor of the First Christian church, as president of the Ministerial Association of Blythe- vllle. was In charge of the service. These three congregations are cooperating In the movement during July and August. Another service will be held next Sunday evening beginning at 6:30 o'clock and continuing for.45 minutes. I armed with other members of the j Robinson family. He opened fire I on the 'ttp're -and in- the exchange t of shots Grover Boyd, uncle of Clar- ed tp, .ave;. creae [ cf at lili jiomei )r) jtlo rid wKs "S25.^ ' '. \ i • I' Bbbbil- Bell wns'-flricrt corid wKs flBbbbil- Bell wns'-flricrt $25 upon conviction on a charge of operating a disorderly house... Clifton, Robin, soni'Wholtild the' couVt he 'stopped iit "Bobble's. hoU5C;.y,'hcn;h.e; heard phonograph -'music at the 'residence was] fined, >$IO. for frequenting '. a baiidy house. • '. George Keltncr was fined fivf dollars for' disturbing .the. pence arid Fred' .Smith five dullars foi speeding. ^ ' .- - . Two were fined for public drunk- Highway Robber Faces Rttnrn to State Prison LITTLE ROCK, July 1. (UP)R»y Riley, who escaped from the Jtate convict farm at Tucker three years ago while serving a ten year sentence on a charge of highway robbery, was expected to be returned today" from Detroit, Mich., -where he was nrrested, Athelson SchooQwuse Destroyed by Flames OSCEOLA, Ark., July 7.—Fire of undetermined origin burned to the ground the Athelston rural schoo west of here Friday night. The school library.arid equipment had been moved to a neighboring school to accomndite summer students, but the building, valued a around $2500.00 was atotal loss. • Youthful Couple Held for Holding Up Bank SEARCY. Ark., Juuly 7 (UP)— Deciding upon a criminal career I day. Bloodhounds led the posse- men to the Robinson cabin 1 Where ence, was-ktlled. Aroused townspeople captured Esau and lynched him the next •oun; v.'ire. Gene, 19, were held in [cabin.' lull here to swait the arrival of an officer from Colon They were 'arrested Hot Wave Holds Mercury Near 100 Degree Mirk S« turd ay and Sunday were scorcher days here with the offlcla 1 government' thermometer hovering at 100 most of^we two days.. Th? minimum temperature for • botr dayj was 77 The highes temperature : here. this year was twc weeks ago Sunday when the ther mometer went to 162. It Is estimated (hat more thtn 10,000,000 thunderstorms world annually, hit the hortly. after their oung couple today marriage a found that crime doesn't pay" as they waited heir return another battle occurred in which Charles Marrs, a member of the Col"fbri'posse, and John Robinson, negro, cbbcry of a bank there last-week, were killed. Several were wound-, Arthur Carmody, 22, and his I ed and the posse finally buined the' • •add springs. iBot Elder Annexation- y " tc l da y ( !"i ' •:• o.'»:i:._.'i. n:.-.:» Petition'Is Dismissed charges of .holding up-trie'bank in which more than J1GO was taken. | Mrs. Carmcdy was wounded dur- • The Mississippi county school Evangelistic Speaker Will Interpret Dreams The Rev^ A. T. Osborn, who is conducting an evangelistic meetlni in the tent erected nl the end o North Second street '.spoke to a goodly number lost evening for nl repelling service' wnen he used the subject: "As a Man Thlnketh So Is He." In the discourse he USEC two Imaginary characters, Gloomj Gus and Sunny Jim, to illustrate Among his statements were ::Rli;h thinking makes' right living." "Yoi are what you are because of th thoughts you have been thinking If you are not satisfied with you present condition think yourscl out of It." An unique service is promised to night when he will take "Dream: Their Interpretation and Use" r his subject.- The- Rev. Mr. Osbor promises any who have had dreams which they do not understand, that he will interpret them. He asks that they be written out. signed wit initials, and given to him tonight before the sermon. ing the robbery. . | board'In session at the court house Succumbs Today Heart Attack. to .BROWBEROUGH, SU83EX,Eng- and, July 7 (UP)> — Sir Arthur tonan.Dnyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, died today at 71. " • The author, whose fictional de- cctlve has thrilled . .millions for lore thnn 40 years, succumbed to leart disease at his home, Windle- ham, at 0:15 a. in., after an Illness of about two months. . Sir Arthur left the world still a devout believer in tpirltualism and He after death. Undoubtedly he loped to '.'return'', and com rhunl- 5aj*. with.friends train the other ilde pf, the -grave. ':» -'i'!'' 1 "'!-.«!. Whatever his-hopes' it was certain bat Conwt; Doyle *o»ld''cortlmue o llvt• throuih.his undying -Httcc^ ivc character whom-Oio 1 <bncfe v tlred of. and,' "killed 1 - 1 lima"-book; only', to re forced to., bring him'back to life because of the .demands 'of 'readers " :•. . of ithe -marvelous Drownings and jFireworks Accidents Also Claim Quota of Lives; .,]4. (By United 1 Press) '; '-".' The triple holiday which "the country enjoyed beginning on In- di'peiulcnco Day swelled the' -of deaths from trainci airplane, fireworks and various other accl- '. dents to probnbly the nreatest-Jiuii- l>er recorded for any week-end this years. - ,'"''"'. ••While young America observed, a and sane fourth compared with other celebrations'' of recent years, adults figured': in an unusually large number .of.nip- tor car and.other accjdentaJresuit- . Ing from the heavy travel- ol tour- ."• isls and other pleasure seekers.ibe"- twcen the week-end resorts ; j»nd large cities. . : ' - ; .'.-. •*'• Early reports to the United Press xlay on the latest casualties ahow- 1 a total of 310 lives lost In accl- ents- attributable' to 1 the ' triple ollday, with -Indications that the ,; gure would go considerably'high-•; as -further; reports: are. received.. • The "list of injured was'.2,-' : 10. . . . •': By far the greater number, of oaths and Injuries were':due -. to affic accidents with drownlngs and reworks tataVties following In-that rder.- - .;/•/- _,. : ' ; ••;' . - ,, •. Four.Die la Arkansas " v •''''.:' ; LITTLE ROCK, '.July. 7. .(OPX— . •kansas counted .ifs. Casualties', tor ' ay as. It. returned ; to work after irec.'days"'of play. •-' ...'-.'.'... '..'-. Two deaths from', traffic accidents' ,nd 21 Injured liave ..been;report- . d from the holiday .period. '.~ : _. .. Two' persons'.Vrere;.drowji.ed '-.'as,-' housahds vlElted-'rlifcrV and'VwlmV,,' mug-pools': -.'''-•-' ; : ''"'',' —'—e^; Pearcy,|2l," was killed-'• :h'ree : companions';"'-' — J The couple said they would not | ln | S morning dismissed'a'petition fight extradition but were ready to i v;n | C h sought to have a. strip of return to "get it over with." • lerrltory in the Box Elder school :—: i district transferred to Ihe Pawnee Thirty Students Enroll I «**$£ ^ -^ ^ ^ an _ in Manila Summer School nexatlori-were signed by an-equa MANILA. Ark., July 7.-Summer number of qualified electors -with school began this morning at the, the backers of the annexation local high school with thirty stu-, movement .falling to show a ma- dents already enrolled. The twoJority », required by law. _. months session is to be conducted. _ by two_regular high school teach-, Held for Killing Uncle , fTV W S i n«wa* e>iiv\jirlntfinrfpTif • - . " "- L in Quarrel Over Cattle attending summer school at Jones-; LITTLE ROCK, July 7 (UP)— H. and J. M. Cleveland, principal. ; Both of these teachers have been ' Services Held Sunday for M'-s. Mary Bragg OSCEOLA. Ark., July 7.—Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Bragg, who died suddenly of a heart attack at her home here Saturday, were conducted from the First Baptist church at 3:30.o'clock Sunday afternoon, the ftev. C. E. Welch, pastor; of -the" church of which Mrs. 'Bragg was a member, officiating. Interment followed in yiolet cemetery. Active pall bearers were Earl Quinn, Ed L. Quinn, H. L- Quinn, Ben F. Butler and Hale Jackson Sir Arthur WHS ucllcvcdUo'-fitivd overtaxed .-his -.strength^durlnt'; 'c lecture r (our of^.-j.-jSouth •-<.America liihlpli ended eight months''ago. 1 , ' , Ip j ills time,-.Sir Arthur'Conan Doyle played many parts, and rhosl of them . fmuoiuly. To-'scores o: country folk along the sands of tin English.' Channel at..Southsea;Lhc yas .. family • physician. That 1 -\va, in the eighties. To millions of read' ers all over the wgrld.'he became the doyen of detective story writ cirs.. Thatjwas in\tlie.nfiietles..iirh chief cnarncfer of. Ills' iinaglnatloh ShcripcH Jrojines,: got 1 to' bo th common coin .of conversation. Any detective felt flattered to be callec a Veritable Sherlock Holmes. :.\. ' After 'the dawn of this century Sir Arthur seemed, to.many minds n sorf'of official apologist for Brit nln in the Boer Vfar. It was for his literary labors In placing befor Europe 'the facts of that confllc as Britain's governing classes con ceiveil them to be, that he wa called to knee 1 before .his Soverelg Queen and be made a knight of th realm. Talked to Dead Son Two decades later In his life, afl er a greater and ghastlier war, ! which his rwn, son was among th sacrificed, Sir Arthur rose to. fres prominence as one of the reccgniz e<l authorities on spiritualism Through that. medium he sougl to detect the world of beyond wit all the zeal his celebrated Shcrloc had shown In detecting the unde world: ' ' In his sixtieth year, the great wa having Just come to an end, sir}S«n""er. Arthur announced that he had put iway the pen that, had created the sleuthi. Ho would devote the rest of his days to the enthusiastic ex- 6--und!ng and. study of spiritualism. He wrote books about It, he crossed oceans to lecture about it, and he gave tho world a superb assurance of his sincere faith in It by an- , ____ , ...... ... _.._ .._ ..... — . boro during the first semester of : James E. Boyd, a dairyman living all of 'Osceola, and W. P. Quinn. the A. and M. college. Mr. Oarncs near here, was arrested todday and I of Little Rock. Honorary: J. L stated this morning that he ex- charged with the klllini of his un- • Williams, Joseph Oough, Tal Ton- pected that at least fifty young, cle, Clyde L. Boyd, 50, during a people would be enrolled before ttie family fight near here yesterday, end of the week. He only plans to The elder Boyd died from knife give Instruction u> incse who are i w.unds sustained In A bitter quar- In the seventh grade or above. If j rel over cattle. Boyd was held It Is necessary another teacher will without bond on a charge of mur- be used, der. gate, Guy Bryant, A. W. Bowen Dr. W. J. Shcddan and Jas- G. Driver all of Osceola, R. S. Wilson Jr., of New Orleans, La, Frank Williams of L'.ttle Rock, C. E. Atkinson of Blytheville, and Guj Butler of Lepnnto. cf ijhjn. Uieiii ,automobU« overturne ear'here yesierdoy. •ArtfiifV'Afc'Hor- ^' '' ,, 4",wheri'he ijraikediinifr'ont'Kif 'on' 1 " 1 -' .„„..-,- a, fishing .-party .Elmer Sh'lp'p,' 44,-wns drownedinear Cam- leii. The..body <sf>,Mis»".Audrey-Ks-. ljje H 17, who was droftned in l|erldge H 17, who was drowned in W.liite rlyer-.Julyj4, was found/yes- e'rday^j-,'.-.uiriiic,-';;•. ^; •• : < ;t '"*. .''(Find Athlete's B»dy -i'-'i ~ HARRISON, Me., July 7.' (IJ.P)— Tlie body. of. AUred-''Al" Lassttsn. J8. tfornier';' aiUArheMca?*;fodttiall taokle.. for,: fjfejf. './.York.' _,yn!versi_ty wns. fecovcfb'd' from Tne waters of Long^lake.liear here', today. ••"/•• < • Lassman, a guest at Camp Wake- lo,'teas drowned lat'c : last .night wlien his- canoe 1 capsized. JpndHouse Representatives Visit Mississippi . Connly Blylheylllc Is.going.forward, according' "io severs^' visitors" ; who tpent of last week studying conditions in the. city-and this territory. Norman and Leonard Harris bf Chicago, son of C. H. Hatris who Is at the head of the Harris' Trust company, were the guests of;;B:..A.;Lynch 'while-on a'''tolir of Mississippi county. Roy Wilson entertained them "while they were in the southern part! .The Harris Trust company were the Under- . writers for 'a number of bond'.Issues in the county. ' .'••'.-'. • Roy.Dickey-of Sfc Louis, associated with the' Whltaker and ,'copany which holds bonds in drainage district 17, was also here for a similar mission:'. • . . '.-•'..'•• They were delighted, with business ' conditions -and . stated that there * were fewer. empty business houses In Blythevills than in most of the towns they have visited-this 'Contlnucd on page three) Partin Makes Bond for Trial on Bribe Charge LITTLE ROCK, July 7 . (UP) — George H. : Parfi'n, Memphis sportsman, was free-under $4,000 bond on a charge of ''attempting to bribs an Arkansas legislator to vote for a racing 'bill.-' Partin arrived here yesterday from.Pittsburgh, Pa., with Deputy Sheriff W. H. Harris, After his bond had been completed Partin said that. after a short visit at Memphis he would return to Pittsburgh where he is constructing a dog track. His case is not expected to be tried until the fall term of circuit court. Boy, 18, and Girl, 14, . : Wed Sunday at Manila MANILA, Ark., July T.-Manlla's youngest couple were, married yesterday by Squire Needham. Joe Fostan, 18, and Lorrlne Parker, 14 were the youthful pair. They plan to remain In'Manila and to begin housekeeping for' themselves very soon. ' New Scarlet Fever Case Is Reported at OsceoU OSCEOLA, Ark., July 7.-LHUe Lucille Hubbard, 18-months-oVJ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hubbard, has developed a case of scarlet fever. This is .the flrst c«e In Osceola since an epidemic e*rly in the spring. . -• " - . : WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair and continued warm tooicht lad Tuesday.

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