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The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts • Page 4

The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts • Page 4

The Lowell Suni
Lowell, Massachusetts
Issue Date:

for TfilS DAILY SUN, FftlDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1893. I MBS, LEASE Removed Prom Kansas Board of Charity. THIS -IS- DONE TCMPROMOTE HARMONY. Prospect ot Lively Fight Politics. in Kansas Dec. Populiwt camp Iras yesterday afternoon thrown into the Wildest excitement by the act of Governor in 'rrmoVim? Mrs. Wnry E. Lease from the state boitrcl of charities. This WAS itone no doubt iu anticipation of tho war which Lease'wan preparing to tjae udminhv trutiun. Governor'Lewblfyitg sfiid: "I do nut want to say it. want fvii to be me correctly, have removed Lease in the interest of horrnojiy good govern mout. seems to be ol harmony In the charitable institutions ol the Htnto and considerable blciu the board, and I concluded th'at Mrs. Lease's rqmoval was tho remedy, arid i accordingly removed her. Thafc'n nil Miave to nay about it thin afternoon." She Ni Bemorvats. Mrs. Lvnso, who up to 13 o'clock of the state board of charities. thf city to confer with the Populist Ii'ttdors nboiit tho recent pleftion of (it'ow F. Timber to bo steward of thti cicaf and dumb a at a he by tbe A. ltiutt'holU laid Wnite, the i i UK'mborfl of I board. i he ot 1 I said Mrs. Jicaw, and nlie Htampt'd her foot tp phasixo tho assertion. This was before her removal wan announced. "It IH filiation ul! pi'iiu-iplo with me. First, sni a Populist of tho middle-of- the-road tort, and don't believuiri appointing to office Next, good Populists have ignored, and, lastly, 1 am opposed to Timber, biuuisi' he was up pointed (n Rocuri; the element of a for the People's party next year I am not a i of a Pop- i I flo not believe in i i i i i i ronjr i any shape or toriu. It is certain Tuulter i have to be i-etired or I quit the hoard." Tho removal of MM. Lease iva? thorough surprise, ft Is not believed the re- a was wholly caused by the row in the board, for that has been of lony staiui- and WHH open and notorious. That, somebody bad to has beeu krunvu for HOIIIO for Mrs. Lease on the one sido and Mr. Householder and a i tho other coulrl never harmoniously work, but it was 110(5 intended to let ifc bo Mrs. Lenso until yesterday, when intelligence was brought to the prvprnor that Mrs. LCMSU had not hurled the hatchet. The removal means tho administration has accepted MrM. Lei'se's to battle. The contest will be of live and interest. Mrs. takes her removal like a trained i i i a Phe to a ivpoitor: "Yen, have been officially informed of my decapitation. 1 had had it i that; it was coming. Her Kxptamitlon. "Bufe Governor Lewelling.oughtto have tolsl you tho reason. It wus because I went to him yesterilayaud ma'ica demand upon him, (uofc request, i you)--a demand a at the i a i of tho term of Mr. Yoe, a Republican member, next April, H. ICenucdy, a Populist editor of county, be appointed. I know that i Mr. Kennedy ou tho board wo could run tho institution in a businesslike wny and pret- rid of the political schemes to which the board now reorts. The governor seoms to like that way of i i our state charities. "But it fs all right. If et-rior Iiewell- inpr can stand ifc I can. I will 'saw wood' nnd wait, as tho politicians I am no politician, but. you congratulate Governor LewelUua; upou downing tho test i and most a i worker the People i party has in the state of Kansas." Audience Wns Siuull. BOSTON, Dec. A mass meeting was held iri the Oudlev i Opera liouso last evening to irotest against I he passage of tho bill. A people wore present, nnfl resolutions were adopted a i that the passage of Ue AViNon i i have a most elt'ect upon the iadtistries i i the peo- pk or i cut down ft-nges to iihout tiio level of the working people of Kurope. Plcftrts Not CUillty, POK'lI. Dec. Augustus M. Prow da arraitcned before Judge Oojifd charged with tho luunler of lii.s mother-in law, Wai hit rg Meyer, at a Nov. Prawda uot giiilty. He waived a arinK and was re- innxided to a i to tome before the g''and jury at the January term of tho superior court. Mother Her Child. NEW YOKK, Dec. Ingrahnm of the supreme court decided that. Mrs. Alice U. a have the custody of tho 2-yenr-old child IMadfjre. now in tbe possession of its father, Robert J. Gault, whose brother married Kva L. Maun of Kobort Kay Hamilton fame. General Asuu-isiiiutlon. YOISK, Uec. 29. The steamer i C'lyde brought news of tho reported outbreak In San Domingo and the i i ot (renernl Joafjuin Canipas. Campas was murdered by one of the conspirators because he was a zealous partisan of President HenutvoifC. Chnrgtnl i Wife 3Turiler. WoRCEsrKK, Dec. --Johanna Graves, aged t. 1 i of William Bravos, died at Hotel A i a boarding house, yesterday, and her hushnnd vuis immctliately arrustetl, charged ith causing her tlcatlh. flic I'at'iHo's Acitilsltton. Dec. 5M --It is rumored that. the Canadian Pacific road i a secured control of tho i i and Ontario Navigation company. It is expected that an announcement will be made iu a day or two. Costly Curiosity. QujxcTf, Dec. Cun- Beff, nged 14, of Atlantic, while crossing a field, picked up a strange object and examined it. It was a blasting cartridge. and only tbe ring and little fluger remain on his baud now Ilomid unit QnoToN, Dec. KHza Blood, a wealthy maiden lady Iu ing iu a remote part ot the town, was robbed of a considerable sum of money, said to be Tho burglars entered a window wizing tbe lady, bound her hands her, and also tied lier feet. They threw her shawl over her head and the hacuv feUtiaj! all that epuld AN 1NFKHNAL, tTlilcb Raid to Kara For Cfv'vMand. DENVER, Deo. A special from Iiove- land bays: An infernal machine was picked up in an'alleyherejby A O-year-old boy, who took it home. It was a wooden box about four incites fuare, neatly wrapped and addressed to President, Executive Mansion, D. On the lid was written. "Complintenta of a Colorado mine." The box contained some chemical compound mixed with gunpowder and a cap When removed would explode it. The chemical comTM position of the contents of the box is not known, but that it was an of considerable power has been proved by experiment. Who prepared the chine, or what was his object, is a mystery. Fall Biver'H Big FALL RIVER, Doc. Fire, probably of incendiary origin, was discovered in the row of wooden buildings fronting on South Main street, opposite city hall, last evening. The flames quickly worked havoc throughout the entire Structure, which was occupied for business purposes. The loss is- in the vicinity of $50,000. police are invastigating, In a Bad Fix, Dec. After ex-Governor Footer had completed his negotiations to secure the funds to settle at 50 cents op the dollar, Assimiee Gornaley says that errors have boeii discovered in the work of appraisers hich will yequirp Mft Poster to raiso a much larger sum than at lirst rcpovtejj. A I'amoiis Socialist. PAIUS, Dee. Victor Prosper Consid- eraut the social reformer and disciple of is dead. It, was Considerant who introduced into Texas the of his social sy, 1 tern, known as the Phalan- Btere, and he eventually established a socialist colony at La Reunion, Tex. Charged With Murdev. BOSTON, Doc. -Mary who is charged with murdering Mllen Kane by mixing paris Rrceu with whisky, was arraigned in the municipal criminal court yesterday. She waived examination and wus held for the grand jury. A Loss of DALLAS, Dec. SO, A tire which broke out at i i in Rosenbaum's dry goods at Jlillsboro was the most destructive that ever occurred there. An entire block was wiped out. Loss, $275,000. FROM OUR 5 O'CLOCK iTOKW Of Yeatevdayt NO RECEIVER Judge Nelson's Absence Checks the Action. HART IS THE CHOICE OF BOND HOLDERS. Climax of the Present Situation. Railroad By Telegraph to THE Sux. BOSTON, Dec. 28. On account of tbe absence of Judge Nelson today, a receiver for the New York England road was not appointed. Counsel for the road made application to Judge Coit for an appointment but be declined. William T. Hart of Boston is the choice of the bond holders. There will bejilo opposition to his appointment. A CASE? MAN REPORTED AFFLICTED WITH SMALL POX ESCAPES. Moody school. It is proposed to form He Sharpened Hatchet. John Young has provided himself 'with a broad ax, to hew High, prices down to a notch where the poor people pan reach them. He announces a big slaughter sale 'in today's paper, and will open the new year with a rush of business. This is no bluff he says. Call at h'is store dll Central street. Card of John P. Maboney, the winner of THE SUN house lot, wishes to cortvoy to his many friends and supporters his sincere thanks for their liberality in aiding him in tbe contest and placing him at the head of the list by such a handsome vote. He will ever appreciate the kindness shown him by his numerous friends and wHl be only too happy to reciprocate the favors extended should any opportunity present itself. Wants the Cape Diamond. BIUJLIV. Oec. is stated that Km- poror William is trying to purchase the new Cape iliamoud, stiid to be the largest in the world aud more valuable than the Kohinoor, weighing 071 carats. Loft All to His family. NEW YOHK, Doc. will of Banker George C. Matjouu the estate to consist of $120,000 in real estate and $700,000 in personal property, all of which goes to his wife and three children. But One JUfu Saved. Dec. was a terrific gale at Port Phillip. Tho steamer Alerf, from Port Albert to Melbourne, wrecked oil Jubilee Point. Only one life was saved. Brush Xeuies a Ittimor, CM5VFLAND, Pep. F. Brush, of tbe Brush Electric company, says there Is no truth in the ivport that application bus been rhude for a receiver for the General Marines Fought Police. BERLIN', Deo. has been received to tho etTect that body of military police in the Cameroons recently mutinied and pillaged the government house. A detachment of marines from the (fermau cruiser Hyena defeated the mutineers aud refrained possession of the government biiildinK- Wns PlayiriK Santa Clans. MOTJNT VERNOV, N. Dec. Mrs. McLean, a well-known society woman of this city, seriously burned at- a Christmas festival for poor children. She represented Hautn, Claim and wore a costume of cotton bnttinr. A cnndlw set fire to her dress nnd she wns badly burned. Her condition is eritiesl. Hoard of Health But Wore Unable to Find the Alleged Patient. The report that a man, suffering from small pox had run away from his home on Kinsman street, last night, created quite a about town this morning, as might naturally be expected. To have patients suffering from the disease but conlined in isolated houses was bail enough; but to think of a man afflicted ith the much dreaded sickness, at large in the community makes one shudder. It seems that the board of health was notified last evening of a new case of small pox upon Kinsman street by Officer Provencher. Tho bosyrd investigated immediately, but could find no trace of the disease. This gave rise to the rumor that the man had escaped from the house and was already at large. Many people believed it, and to a Sux man this moraine; a man said he had it on the best of author ity that a man having the small pox did run away from his home last evening when he heard that the board of health had been notified. Agent Knapp of the board of health spoke as follows to a SUN reporter: "Last night wo received word from the police station that a new case of small pox had been discovered up on Kinsman street. Iho report seemed to be well authenticated. We went up there and searched all around but could find no one there suffering with the disease. This probably origin to the rumor that has been circulated. "No new cases have been reported and advices received from the pest house state that the patients there are on the road to recovery. Vaccination will be continued anil any person desiring to be vaccinated can be treated any afternoon or evening." Dr. Harrington's laick. A despatch from Washington announces that Dr. Thomas F. Harrington has been appointed a member of the of ex- aming surgeons at Lowell. Dr. Barrington is being qo'ngratulated by his numerous friends. The first he heard of the appointment was in a congratulatory dispatch from a friend in Boston. WKat The People Want. What the people want Is a clean, bright and reliable newspaper that gives an account of passing events in tbe most readable form, and without a padding, of miscellany that nobody wants to read. THE SUN gives the news, botli local and telegraphic, and can be relied upon to give all the nows while it is fresh, usually a day ahead of its contemporaries. Tun SUN is spjd for a cent a copy, or delivered 1 to subscribers for -25 a month. KIND i THAT CURES! RRAO HIS OBITUARY. to a Kew Woman Tlu-et- riiilclrrn Killed. A i Doc. Thomas Rtinsdnll, HVIUR near Bohon, awoke to find his house In flames, ile called to his wife to thcii- threft children, who were slei-pingc upstaivs. She went to fol- his instruction, but the house collapsed, and she tnul three children perished. Mysterious Woman Creates Suspicion. CHICAGO, Deo. It is repotted that a Juror has observed a mysterious woman who daily attends the Conghlin trial app a cmleavorrngc to coniTnuniczvte i him. The state's sittoi-neyB have become suspicions thnt she is trying to tamper ith the jury in tho prisoner's behalf. Prt-slilpiit Vlsitrd JIurned Dec. 99. A letter received nt the ofHce of the boavd in re- Kind to the i i i of the Liower Cedar Point (Md.) lityht house indicates that the presidr-nt mid Sctretaries Gresham and CarlKU- vimterl tle scone of the fire Singular Incident Occurring Bedford Man. By Telegraph to THB Sox. NEW BKDFOIJD, Warren Ladd received a rude shock at breakfast today when he opened his morning paper and read of his own death. It did not add to his pleasure to find that the news had been telegraphed throughout the country. The announcement was due to a blunder in telephone transmission announcing the demise of Mr. Ladd's son-in-law. Mr. Ladd is alive and well. o. F. SAMPSON, Mr.jsh!ldcJ,Mnss. SAKSAPAIUIXA Co. GEsrsi--About two ywursagol which nt timcf El wn3 eonflnvit to my lor ilayi nt a 1 coiuultcO iliffcrent Phyufclaiu, liiuimccd it Ijtimlmgo, some Kheunuvtumi otr. I no i i nt aid Iruin llii-in I sa Imil I WM In puin all Uio time. At lost I thought I would try DANA'S if lid me no tomi I could gtt my money! ihuck. TJie first Ijottu 1 liclppd me. I takenS iflve puin IH nil Kune. II fcfl nke new iic-rion. Truly QANA'S III Kind That Kesp'vyinirs, O. F. SAMPSON. mm I lullcvc Mr. Sampson'. is true. Kospi ttfullv yours, lA'TIIER P. HATCH, Merchant. Hi Sfarshfleld, j33 Dana Sarsaparllla Belfast, Maine. Overhauling the Pension Bureau. WASHINGTON-, Deo. it') --General changes in the personnel of the pension bureau are expected to be m.uie next Tuesday. Most of these changes ill hu promotions, while a number of reductions are expected. A dismissals may be ordered. A Genuine Ti-Up. HARTFORD, Dcu. The freight yards In Kuat Hurtford ave ehokeil up with freight trains, and only a few trains wero allowed to go east. 'Ten Baldwin locomotives, leased by the road, are at work. All other engines are stored in the roundhouse. with flres drawn. If the attachment is not released today freight will tw unloaded at the east end by the con- siynee-v Tho lluttie Turner tp Pieces. VTIF, Dec. 90. --Schooner Hattie Turner, ashore on Small Point beach, hns gone to piece's, and the dargo, 9,000,000 eliintrles, is along tho beach. The Towboat company saved some apacs. Kvnns Free. VN Vu Dec. 2S). A report from Fresno that Chris Evans, the noted bandit, has pert from jail. City Mar- Sbnl Morgan iittornpted to arrest him and haa shot, but not dangerously. Kill Iispleasi' Them. Cooi'KKsrowN, N. Dec. 29. Tho American Cheviot Sheep Breeders' asso- resolutions protesting against the Wilson tariff bill in. Wool on the free liat. Meyer Ijvadtt In the Race. BOSTON, Uec. Frank P. Bennett haa withdrawn from the nice for speakership Of tbe house of representatives. This leaves Mr. Meyer as-the foremost candidate. A low. MICK OFFICE, ralteble for doctor or den- tlst, to let in building, ADDITIONAli Councilman-elect Riley of Ward Six 3s out and around. Ilev. Fr. Ronan Las just completed his ten years as pastor of St. Peter's church. Dr. James E. Leary has been appointed assistant surgeon in tbe Baltimore city hospital. The only intention recorded at the city clerk's office today was William 11. Tnitcholl, Holyoke, 46, to Mary A. C. Wood (nee Dunn), 30. It should have been mentioned in tbe biographical sketch of John P. Maboney that he is a member of Division 2, A. O. and also of the Holy Name society of St. Petei's church. 13oth societies aided him very freely. A aioodiy attendance was prespnt at an illustrated lecture on "lioyal Edinburgh" by Dr. Court at the Presbyterian church last evening. The lecture was very interesting and was beautifully illustrated by stereopticon views. Mr. and Mrs. John Holland, Miss Kittie Holland, Miss Julia Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Elynn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brady, Mrs. Henry Roake, Miss Katie Roake and John Flynn of Lowell attended the wedding of John F. Sweeney of East Weymouth and Miss Lizzie daughter of Robert tlniac, at St. Mary's Catholic church, Randolph, yesterday afternoon. Manual Training. The school for the instruction in manual training is now in successful operation in the common council chamber of tbe old city halt. But twenty-seven pupils can be accommodated in a class and five classes arc now held weekly, the scholars being taken from the first classes of the grammar schools; Monday from 4 to 6 a class is taught from the Butler and Edson schools; Monday evening from 7 to 9 from the Green and Pawtuckct schools; Tuesday evening from the Highland school; Thursday evening Iroui the Varnuni and Bartlett schools and Friday, evening from the DIPHTHERIA, This is an exceedingly grave, constitutional malady; the powers of life break down, with a peculiar affection of the throat, false membranes being a very prominent feature. The extremely dangerous character of this disease demands attention and ELLINC WOOD'S COUGH BALSAM If taken in time, will prevent the i ease from gaining and cure the patient. PUEPAKED BY Ellingwood Co. PHARMACISTS, Merrimack Street, opp. Post Office. 109 Central Street, Hamilton Drug Store. And Solrt Ijy Grocers and Drusetsts evory- wlinre. Only HBc. for trial-size bottle We have Vaccine Points fresh every day. IT'S A KiiLLSTONE man's neck to be a sufferer from nervous exhaustion, nervous debility, impaired memory, low spirits, irritable temper, and the thousand and one derangements of mind and body that result from, unnatural, pernicious habits, a through ignorance. Such habits result in loss of manly power, wreck tbe constitution aud sometinjes produce softening of the brain, epilepsy, paralysis, and even dread insanity. To reach, re-claim and restore such unfortunates to health and happiness, is tuo aim of the publishers of a book written iu plain but chaste language, on the nature, symptoms and curability, by home treatment, of such diseases. This book will be sent sealed, in plain envelope, on receipt of ten cents in stamps, for postage. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, fifiB Main Buifofo, Y. The Richest Man in the World when Us'ing would give more than half hfs wealth to live five years longer, and at the end of five years lie a.unin try for another term and would you blauie'him? Lite is so sweet, especially if you have little children depending upon you for tUoir support. Hfw the Uoiiest rather and mother pray that they may live long enough to see them grow up lo bo good men and gooxj women. Now tin re sine certain rules which must be obeyed if you desire to enjoy good health. The most important rule of all is, be temperate In all things; never indulge beyond a teellng of fullness. Sleep tit eight hoiirs.and In the morning when you arise, remember that your stomach is empty and do not overload it fliihout taking something to assist digestion, and jou should know because doctors have said so often, that wine is the best tonic that can bo taken. Wine has been the drink of the huhnaii race since and perhaps ne- fore the first Ciiribtinns. And now during the holidajb you sUiiuUl Unve pome by all means. Persons in good health noed it In order to keep so, and those persons who are delicate should have it by all and anv person who is sick but too poor to buy can set a bottle for nothing upon tile order nny jjlijciriaii in Lowell by calling at the Globo hotel, iorJban. street Price of port or sherry por cents; three bottles five bottles, si.50. I sell thlh wine so cheap di not condemn it, because it Is as as you get for ice the money. JOHN WAKIIUUTOIS, iiolel. Order by mail or telephone, Jso. '21-'2. FEED'H. ETHIER, Undertaker and Funeral Director. All orders promptly attended to. Warerootus, Moody Street. Residence, 411 bloody Street. Livery Miiblc, 64 Ford Street. For a well stocked and carefully selected stock of drugs, likewise a flue line of Toilet Articles, visit the Ward One Drug Store, MV. H. SHKKHAZS, MSOP. 246Hfiatket, Cor. of Adams Street. it? Yes, when it Beecham's Pills A to cure Biliousness headache. (Tasteless) Indigestion and Sick- 95 cents a box. BIJOU THEATRE EIWAR1 C. JRABCOM, Manager ENTIRE WEEK, COMMENCING MONDAY, DECEMBER 25TH. Matinees Monday, Wednesday Saturday. WORLD'S FAIR SPECIALTY CO, Funny Comedians, Sweet Singers, Graceful Dancers. Second jreek's engagement of the Popular Favorites: OKOUOE K. FISHKH, In bis Kenowjied Chlnose Specialties. THK COHAN FAMILY, In a Now High Class Comedy Act. COHAN, In a New and Tleasing Specialty. I1A--TIMS In a New Comedy and Aoroluitio Act. The pcrformnncG closes with a tunny Popular Prices: 10, 20, 30c. How'sYourtutBace? "Eisme in good order. Cailou W. A. Mack For nead it. Order a new once. 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PAN-TO JT wlu'a, 41)4 pair llnld- to ftftVo-SMbW rtmaqk. id- to OST-- Plain cijlT button Twtu Initial SJ. irt wrcitline nmtoU Uacksoo bulk co en Inside Rewa 6f af nioitognun 'UN OfflCO T7OK HAT.K-- In Flvo now cottnao JC lot of land.alloonin«t«il room and paulrj. tw mills. 1'riea very lowv riniack sueet. io OM oiwty terjuy: O. LvHubbard, Ilia r.KT--A ffftl uHtfora of ima baiti on O. raoii iiill, cor. Dridgn hi. beet lodging Iu Roanm alvTai'H VwntO.a. Tills tf you want fc lodgltttf Ol L. Hub Darn, 11 Merrlsnack hlphot. OST--A tninll blucK and tui dog In Oio vicinity of Jnoksou street. Ilewurd at 19 Untu- Ulon corporation. I VOU WANT to inaJco an old pull or oout look 11 rlean'otl und rupntnvlby Thomas 41 1'iMra sircci. Send iiosljll artU foi yonr Boodw. IO IIC1' -TcucFiiunU good location. t. Klmbali, 17OR A block. OHO, runta for S2K per month, built but atfew years, 2710 li-ot of Iniui, near of ttoo city hnd one of tins Iw-fet property on our list f(tr invuminenl, pried Fish Central lent. 8A J.K.-- Six of tho best furina eli for tho money olfured for Near csirs flnd depot. Jl jou want tt farm or laVil do not fall to O. L. Jlubbnrd, 11 Morrlmaok OT Of l.AND-- Foster street, 75WW feet. Lj niidnay between MiddMwex nnd ford Btrects. Oeo. D. Klrnball, room KUnela TjWK .1. BU A iK.onciupiit tow from Hninllton anil Aiiytotpa corporo- ill rent fttr $2r per inr.i:ih, nlly for im-ebtmcnt, VtlOO. Plum- mcr, 137 Cent rid Mtreot. luonib arranaud. Stable con- npctlon, TflOO feel ol Iniul, fruit lit prlmo cotidltloii. KlmMll, room 0 uuneln hlocfc, of 7 rooms, near hoivso, in good re- iiir tliroughout, a at prlfce JKIsh Plummar, 137 Central nl rcet. 'OIl cottage Mooio stH'iH, oorni-r Jot SALE--A ulco cottaRe house of 7 roonw and all li lml of -oiilit(oii, cuincnt- oi'llar. fsewor connoolinns, concrate walkn, (Jooil lot of lauJ room for stiihlc. tn ono nf tlio Iiost loc'Bllniis in the Kow lorftl xtn-nt--Price $1000; Klttt PIoYn- mor, 13? Contrnl ntret. SAJ.K--On SuHolk Btrcet, U'linniont block. Pnn li! omit, near mills, routod, Is a gyoti for any vmti want- to invc'81. L. jiiiobard, ll'Merrlnutok slioet. OR SALE-At Mltldlwiex Village, neat ootlsBo ot 7 In good repair, city water cuinentou cellar, flno location, 4249 squaru f-ut of Innd, well fenced. Price 91900. Klnb 1'lum- mdr. IgT ptreet, WM. E. LIVINGSTON, DKAKR IN Coal, Wood, Lime, CEMENT, SAND, GRAVEL, HAIR, KAOLIN, PLASTER, BRICKS, FERTILIZERS, Straw, Hay Grain. Flour NO. 27 THORNDIKE STREET, Branch office, 33 ctoro. 2.X 2. Ceutra-l Street. Clorsonne Enamel Painting, Anew and attractive process for the artistic decoration of Terra Gotta, Plaques, Vases, Trays A FULL LINE OF Artists' Materials, And every requisite for Water, Oil, China, Velvet, and Tapestry, Painting. Free lessons in Clorsonne Enamel Painting. For particulars enquire at 35-41 Market Street. 22 Shattuck Street, Corner Middle. and ENVELOPES ot al kteds printed at the SON MACK, PrtMdciit; JArOR R.OO- EK8 D. B. BAIITJ.KTT, Clerk. Directors: G. Levl Spraguv, John Kiiiiba.ll, Alex. O. Cumnoflk, George S. Motley, Edward M. Tucke. PRICE OF GAS, With the Discount Off for Prompt Payment, is $1.10 ONE THOUSAND FEET, First-class Gas Cooking Stoves set up and rented at a low rate per year, piping included. COKE, broken, screened and delivered at $4.50 per chaldron, $2.25 per half chaldron, cash. No charge made for the use of mettrs. No charge made for running supply pipes from street mains to consumer's cellar. Orders when left at office promptly attended to. LOWELL AGENCY FOR FRANK JONES' ALE. ANI TUK- Geiebrated Annetisir Buscb Beer. The Trade and Families SuonJied at Lowest Prices, Orders by mail or telephone promptly attended to. JOHN LENNON, 108,110,1151. 114 A I STItKKT XJSJLBFHINK--No 3S-2. James F. 0'BonneII. PracticalOndertaker ALWAYS ON TIME: CARRIAGES FURNISHED. rornur Worthon Str. JUST ONE-THIRD UNDER PRICE. Etchings, I'-np-m A Water ColoiH, ftiid ''oloM'd I'rhn- fit i dr- Fvrlptlon. the li.i^i- Hnci, nl Mi to select funu in the i OIK- thiid ici-i ihaii ore. Order now for the holidnj-H. COK. I I 1 A AM) hTS. K. DONOVAN, Offllce Sti-Gorhttm Street, Constable and Auctioneer. w. No. 3 Barrf Attorney and Counsellor at Law. GAL1.AGHJEK, 178 Merrimack Street. Depot Cigar Store. the leading brands of Clears and Tobacco. CIOAR STORK, o. 7 Merrimock J. OX'S Street. Finest Line of Fioes in tbe City. K1NG8BUHY, No. B7 Meats and Provisions. to Strout a H. HKJEtON, M9 OorhMik St. Boarding, Hack and Livery-Stable. M. V. COURTMBX 18 wad Block Attorney at Law. PETER J.BRADY, GROCER. OLOOK- CprOsrifcLAxxi Choice, Teas. Coffeffs and Spices. Try our "BIG TWELVE," brand of flow tbe best in the dtv. F. R. FOSTER, is Hardware, Cutlery, Giass and Putty, Carpenters' and Machinists' Toots. No. 51 Central Street, AMKS tJ Counsellor at Law and Notary Public TAWKS V. COnOKTT. t) Itoum 18, fast Office Block, Counsellor at Law. tMl AmmMmmm AttwratT and OottMelbr at SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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