The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX W.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1930 Basketball League Is Formed* BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafer Cage activities Will Begin ;\ Soon After Ne\y;Buildin;r Is ^Completed. •£., With the opening of the new armory building, a four team rlly basketball league will start a schedule of james and Inter a city team will be organized. The indoor sport, 11 is believed, will prove one'of the most popular with Bly- IheVHle fans with Hie rapiil in- | grease,. Ir. interest In the game ; when the hardsome new structure ! makes available one ot the be^t I indoor courts In this section of, the state. ! Tentative plans for the season's , schedule t.'ere made at a last night when Charles T. Krnm- ' er was elected president of the , city 'league -and Harmon Taylor, secretary. The four teams composing the league will be aggregations representing the following munnlza- '. tlons: Company M, First National Bank, Ark-Mo Power Company and Hubbard Hardware Company. Mr. Kramer will'have charge of Company M's team. Mr. Taylor will captain the. First National lentn, C. V. Seabough will be at the helm o( the Ark-Mo squad and Wilson Henry will be In charge of the Hubbard basketcers. Each team will be allowed a limit of 12 members. Signing of players will be restricted lo Blytheville and the immediate vicinity. Later after the league schedule is under way, President Kramer will select from the league a. star team to represent Blylhevlllc in games with other city teams nncl traveling clubs. A' number of games will be played with other city squads artel traveling quintets later In the season, likely Including a came or two with the highly reputed Earle :'.d high Memphis squhds to l>e here. ( school cage teams will The Greatest Unknown •> » « O F course nobody knowi who tht Unknown Soldier was, . • . They took unidentified dead from four American cemeteries in Franco. ... A corporal walked pait tbi four black boxes and dropped white roses upon the one whole nam»le«ness was to become Immortal .. . . and nobody knowi even from what cemetery the Unknown came ... but in a certain town there lived a boy named Jim. ... He wanted to b« a great Athlete. ... He loved' games and Ihe spirit of sportsmanthip In which they wers played . . , above all else he cherished the deiire to win letters for heroic deeds on gridiron or diamond. . . . Thorpe was his ideal, but in high school the boy never wai more than a substitute guard. .... Many was an Ideal, too, but In college'Jim never wai b«t. tor than a third-string pitcher. ... He quit college without win'- ning a letter In any sport . . . that waj In May, 1917, and Jim was 21 years and a week old when he left to enlist... he was with the first soldiers to reach France ... he got Into action In Belleau Wood. . . . Just before they went over the top, Jirn said: "Buddy, here is one game where they can't keep mo on the sidelines." . . . An enemy machine gun was dropping Yanksjike a sickle mows weeds. . . . Jim went straight for it, head low, dodging and weaving in open-field football style ... the last they saw of him he lay with the enemy machine gun clutched in hij dying fingers . . . he looked up and sairt, "I took out the interference." . . . Jim was listed among the missing In action. . . . When thev brought the Unknown Soldier back from France, the body was in a coffin on which was lettered the inscription; "An Unknown Soldier Who Gave His Life in the Great War." . . . Could those be the letters Jim won at last? Northwestern Team May Be One lo ,Make Rockne. Stumble on Nov. 22. By CLAIIeK IlliKCKV For those of you now burning up, now shivering with that well- known autumnal fever called All- Americanalysls, let this doctor prescribe one big dose of the North- wes'.cru-Nolre Dame football game of Nov. 22 at Dychc Stadium. Eva list on. Instant relief from the malady, at least for the remainder of this season, Is the guarantee with the prescription, thmigh some physicians may look upon tlie cure as being more deadly than the disease. My only request in the event of fatal results Is that the grand jury to hear the charges of malpractice be selected from the 55,000 spectators privileged to witness that contest. Acquittal could be their only verdict. Tlie only good reason one might 'advance for Northwestern not wiu- jnlng an undisputed 'Big Ten ; championship Is that Michigan re- of either school to waive any rights to the championship this fall. they should, this doctor for one will feel called upon to make a cere- Perhaps no other g. Hunk' Hinder Hiilfhnck. Novlhwr&tcttt If bral examination of the offending team in the fuses to lose a conference tilt The count! T C <™ PS as near matching i Wildcats and Wolverines probably Notl ' c 1>amo ^ does Northwestern iwlll tie for first honors. tnis fal1 - True. l » e Purple roster I In 1920, Northwestern and Mich- does not contain as many, nor f I igau shared the title, but the Wild- Iorel 8 n names, but its strength in Ica'.s gracefully relinquished claims llncmen . ball-currier, aerial pyro- j to the championship to Michigan '. Cclln1 « a»<l reserves is nearest~Ilke I who had played more games. Tills generous act came even after the Purple had triumphed over the Maize and Blue. No one U exacting authorities .and games. g.;t a regular Job as "goal elevens would not rate favorite to for Wallace Wade's Crim- cop the blggcstr number of the bal- E.OII Title. After Wade's ether ties or lit least on ewn ternid with goal kicking aspirants had been nny. ,,, - i foiling miserably all season, the . «m"?' y P " C " I Alnliama mentor gave Whitworth a j Ore Sporl This chance In .the Kentucky game and ! A city basketball league compos- he booted the ball over for u point ed of tour teams has already been —which came as a i.iirprlse to organized and will begin, its sclicd- sport writers auj fans who had ule socii after the new armorv been accustomed to watching tlie building 1J officially turned over to ; Tide win without extra points on the national guard by contractors, l:elr score cord. which, should be sometime next Against Florida Wade called enijwcek. U'hilwnrth twice and Ihe Blytthe- I Have you Ken the new armory? ville boy came through both! The new building for 'the nation- times. Wade probably happened | til guard and American legion will On The Outside Looking In By '.'DUKE" Here Is Altlr.ugh both' teams have already been erased from the Dixie title picture, the Commodores of Vanderbilt and the Vols those fighting Vols, of Tennessee clash 'Saturday In one of the most in- pting college games in the " If not the entire countrv. e Commodores and Vols were caught in the onward swirling Title of Alabama, .bub UK Crimsons were forced to uncover some championship clasri to trim tlwm which alone gives the two squads credit for some mighty sweet football. The Vols trimmed the Commo- d're 13 to 0 last yenr at Knoxvllle. This year the scene of battle is transferred to Na;hvil!e. When It conies to football there is little love lost between the two schools and Dan McGugin and Major Keyland had rather win Saturday's game than any ether on the sea- o remember that Blytheville sent ilm another reliable goal kicker several years ago In the i>crson of HcrJchel Cnldwcll. son's program. Its a there ever wad one. loss-up if Up and Over It Icofcs like "Ears" Whitworth Is Tech Team Here For Grid Game lawney, arrived in Blytheville this •morning for a few.hours rest be: fore taking on the Blytheville I Chicks in the Armistice Day fea- ? ' lure at Haley Field this afternoon. The powerful Tech aggregation still remembers a 1 to 0 defeat in the South Bend scroll. Most widely publicized of the Wildcats Is their captain. Hank Bruder, a youth who contemplates foregoing that ancient custom of breaking bread for fear of puncturing himself with a fork and being sent to the hospital for repairs. In three varsity seasons, Bruder has known practically every human ailment, from corns to dandruff. In between broken legs, smallpox and a few such minor afflictions as passer's hangnail 1929 at the hands of the Chicka- ] punter's bunion, Bruder has been saws. In addition to their desire' something of a pain to visilini, for revenge against the Chicks, the football elevens. If he can avoli Yellowjackets hope to turn a trick \ wearing spectacles until after tin that two other Memphis elevens j Notre Dame contest, the chooser failed to do this season, by down- of honorary elevens are sure ti ing the Hudsonmen. Humes high I give him a nice break, for his all ' and Memphis Central have already' around kicking, passing, runnlm A large squad of Tech Yellow-' la.'ted defeat at the hands of the i and blocking ability Is above pa Jackets, 1929 Memphis city chain- Ma'roon and White machine, plons, accompanied by . Coaches Tech and Central battl«l to Charley Jamerson and Prank Trc- 'scoreless tie last week.' ?.* ' ' I on any course. Brudcr's peculiar, .taste for plas ter- castes, bandages -and pills ha Wave and Canines Georgia's Bulldogs go lo New Irlenns Saturday for a game thut will definitely settle the championship ambitions 01 either Tulanc or 3eorgla. The Bulldogs are. fresh— If you prefer tt Hint way but it would prc.bably be stale—from' a hard fought victory over N. Y. U. nt New York. In iicrfect shape C.osigla should take Tnlnnc. , Football In Dixie Hero is a good argument for siMithern foolball. Take six of the 1 failing teams in the Southern conference—say, Alabama, Georgia, Tulana, Vnndcrbilt, Tennessee and. Florida. Array them against tlie six best teams In any other conference or section as for that matter In the country. It would be cxUenvjIy, surprising if the Dixie afford Blylheville Its first'real Indoor basketball; court as the drill hull will, be used for 'recreational purposes in addUtoi\ to Its' military •EC by C0inp'any t M. ' ' . ; . And ;-Olhcr Indoor Sports! In addition to basketball, airam- 3ltious • prpgrain of volley ball, handball, Indoor baseball and other recreational activities have been tentatively planod for tlie community. ;. Tiien. too, the armory building offers the. first ideal place I for staging boxing and wrestling shows in Blytlwvliic during tlie winter months. A few first class attractions will probably be staged 'with the first show likely, to be put on in December. Home Theatre Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 3 Days Virlgnla Dare, born In Jamestown, VO-. Is said to have been the Ilrst white child born in the United States. RITZ THEATRE Tuesday and mppovGmen Comedy and Matmee-^-10 and 30e. . Night^lS and .JOe. Coming—Thursday and Friday — Victor Mc,Laglcn in "THE DEVIL WITH \VO- MEN'\ Coming — Sunday & Jlon'dny —The Screen's Hit of the Season — Nancy Carroll & I F r e d e r i c M a r s h in ' 'LAUGHTER". youp Insurance. ZI>ACH time you make a change in the structural condition of your plant your insurance protection is affected. Your local stock fire insurance agent should know about any changes in your property. You may save expense by introducing fire-safety im* . provements, or you may need broadet insurance protection to include the new additions. Consult any member of tlie Insurance Exchange of Blytheville W. \l. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY FARMERS BANK-& TRUST CO., INSURANCE DEPT. FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY ude it necessary for Coach Dick anley to recruit a few boys to am the signals and fill out am while the captain paid his i Ing in his third campaign. annual call at the hospital wan!, This Hanley has managed to do, and so well that no opponent has seen aule to touch Northwestern :hls semester. Three fellows—Frank Baker, end, Wade (Red) Woodworth, guard, and Lee Hanley. qmrter or half—started their careers with Bruder and nanaged to accomplish great feaus without the aid of either Iodine or smelling salts. Baker leads the conference in individual scoring becauss of his remarkable ability to gn Into the clear for forward passes ami carry them away for touchdowns. His defensive play leaves nothing to be desired. He was an All-Western selection last year and apjivarb' a? good as any for one All-America wingpost now. Woodworth at running guard is another Jack Cannon, Nctre Uauie's 1029 All-Ameiican. 'In fact.- Red learned to play without a headgear by his association with Can- • non in the last game of Northwestern's 1920 calendar. Hanley, a brother of the coach, has been regular quarterback for two seasons but this year was moved to half to make room for , Reb Russell. He does much of the team-directing even now, and throws most of the forward passes. Other veterans on the Wildcat team are Dallas Marvil and Jack niley, dependable tackles of one and two years' experience, and Oliphant, regular end serv- OUR INSURANCE ,s PROTECTION MUST NOT LAG M ODERN business is restless with ambition. Never stili, never satisfied, it constantly seeks new methods, new appliances, new uses. A ceaseless reshaping of practices, readjustment of facilities. Not only [ias modern business required new forms of indemnity, but new manufacturing processes and new buildings of undreamed proportions have brought new fire hazards. STOCK FIRE INSURANCE has not only tfict the insurance requirements, but by research, engineering and laboratory tests has discounted the ne\M hazards to such an extent that its average cost has constantly declined for more than twenty years. Under the system of establishing fir? insurance rates, Stock Fire Insurance company engineers have surveyed practically every commercial building in the United States, whether insured or not, and have on file minute details of. construction, occupancy, protection,., exposure and other information relating to fire hazards. Stock Fire Insurance surveys buildings and their contents — studies neighborhood and community conditions — offers advice — makes recommendations — points out hazards — establishes facts by which risks are measured. To this end it maintains Underwriters' Laboratories, where thousands of materials and devices are tested for safety purposes, and, when approved, arc so In many other ways it contributes to XOJnmercial stability by providing standards of safety. Sleek Flrt fniurj Companlti ir , Ktprnt by Opjili Astnti in Community THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS 85 John StrMt,N«w York CHICAGO | ' 10 I SAN FRANCISCO Merchant EncKlnft Bid; , AN«tJ«wlOffMfnffoflef Stock fin InturtnciCtmptnttt filiblishtd la 166t

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