The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1944
Page 3
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^TUESDAY, OCTOUKK 10, BLYTHEVILLE (AHK.), PQURIEB NEWS lo Provide Jobs Says Restrictions Must Be Removed As j Soon As War Ends CHICAGO, Oct. 10,—Calling for abolition of wartime restrictions ami the encouragement or "risk, capital" to C ] elir i 1]C way tor lllc immediate resumption of private liomc building to cnnblc the building industry (o absorb millions of workers soon to lie rciensecl by cutbacks in war production, Joseph B. Mason, editor of American Btiilii- er, authoritative journal of home building, presents a 12-point program in the October issue pointed to (Jit? accomplishment, of this goal immediately after victory in Europe. The 12 points, follow: 1. Make employment In Job- creating enterprise Die first objective -of all future government 'ii(j business policy. 2. Abolish L.-U and end immediately all programming, allocatlon\ priority controls, restrictions on size and type ot houses. Abolish rent and price control on new houses. Continue price control on materials ONLY as long as necessary to prevent runaway inflation or a sharp rise in home costs, 3. Free "risk capital" of stifling tax burden, thereby encouragin" more builders to gc l back into job- creating business. 1 Remove production curbs on Manif WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Oiicns 7:15—Short- Sl:irls at 7:3</. • SATURDAYS &. SUNDAYS Box Ofllcc Opens 1 Show Starts 1:1:1 Tuesday & WerinosrtRv "SULTAN'S DAUGHTER" with Ann Corio ItKO News Buss I'.umiy CumcHly ?ZZL~ ~N=^::E.r=! Kent) Courier Fir. Improvements Made Recently To Houses Here The residence or Mr. and Mrs. Bert Iamb at 214 East Davis Avenue which they purchased last Spring from Fred Oarlock, Is one of those to which improvements have been made recently. Tile house Ims been reroofccl and I he exterior has been repainted. In- teiioi 1 improvements made to (lie house include some redecorating. Another local house lias been improved. It is the R. D. Hughes home, 920 West Main street, the exterior woodwork of which hns been ''repainted white. manufacture of home materials and equipment, thereby encouraging Quick use of new and improved products for better houses. 5. Built) homes first, not highways, post offices or political public works tliat do not pay their own wny. C. Uelensc surplus and salvage stocks quickly to private enterprise projects for distribution through normal channels available to small building firms. I. Continue stronu, independent FHA. Permit savings ami loan associations to make 90 per cent non-FHA loans. Develop long; term, low cost farm finance plan to help farm building. 8. Establish higher standards of design, subdivision layout and control, zoning nnd local building standards—but not dictated from Washington. 9. Do away with labor union ob- .slniclious on ne«- products, methods and equipment. Revise obsolete codes, rid Industry of price fixing and nil other restraint on building progress and technological improvements. 10. No public housing to be built while shortage of materials ami labor exist and private enterprise does maximum production job. Any later public program to be <lirc=l- ed at housing conditions In slum areas where private enterprise is unable to. operate. Congress should set national policy on basis of encouraging maximum home an<! job production by private enterprise. II. Start building 500 model or experimental homes iu communities throughout the country. These would stimulate public interest, correct false "miracle home" thinking and give needed testing of methods, materials and buyer reaction 12. Organize a National Homes Council and Institute to speak for all branches of the home building industry, promote greater home ownership, stimulate better building. —Soybean Bags— —Seed Oats, Wheat, Barley— —Spear Feeds— Govf. Support Price Paid For Soybeans. BIythevifle Soybean Corp. ann \ir u • •* _. * 1800 W. Main Phone 856 Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PH6NE 3131 Banish Hazards And Curb Fires Seven Most Common Blamed For 90 Pet. Of Burned Homes Fire Is searing the nation's houu-s nt tlic r.ilc of one every 90 seconds, for according lo the National Fire Prolccliou Association, more (ban 370 mllion dwellings were lire casualties in 1943. in these' flro.s more than 7000 persons, many of them children, died, nnd many more thousands were maimed and crippled. What steps can the housewife take to make sure that the only record of her family and her home will not be merely another statistic? FordiiifUcly .there Is much she can do. Well over 90'percent of these fires can be ellinliiiiU'd by practicing simple, evcry-dny precautions. Here are the hawirds'whicb the NFPA urges every housewife to banish from her home during Fire Prevention Week, 1. Dirty and defective heating plants: The furnace should be clca'ned at least once a ycnr, and worn parts replaced promptly. Don't forget the flues nn ( | the chimney. 2. Cnrelassucss with matches and smoking: Last, year, more Mian 1SO.OOO fires resulted from cnrclc.w smokers and matches. Don't smoke In bed. Never leave a cigarette smouldering in an ash Iray. Keep Plenty of aslt triiys handy. Keep matches out of the reach of small children in metal containers, it's n good idea to lireak a match in half before discarding II. 3. Flammable wood shinylcs: Cracked, curled nnd wcalhcr-beat- cn, they are perfect tinder for am wind-blown spark or fire brand anil are the third largest, cause of fire. When rc-r(iofing is necessnrv be sure to select u tirc-retardant"ma- Icrial. 4. Rubbish: Don't store papers magazines, rags, mattresses, old furniture and the like in the attic, bnscnicnt, and closets. Often lhe cause of spontaneous ignition and affording perfect tinder for any spark, such rubbish should be cleaned out. and kept nut of the home. Rags and papers should be turned in for salvage and the balance destroyed, 5. Mis-use of or defective electrical equipment: Don't fail to disconnect an electrical appliance after using it. Replace frayed electric cords, and never run them under rugs. I 6. Explosive cleaning fluids: There arc many good - non-expensive cleaning fluids. Use' them. -Don't store expiosiva'; fluids,-such as rk s - oh'ne or benzine in the home. •7. Ashes in wooden containers: Wooden or paper containers should not be used for ashes. Use metal containers nnd keep them -covered Buy Your Winter Supply of While IHs Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Biytlieville, Ark. Phone 2911 For Good Insurance Call W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 3361 U'rilinj complete Automobile Insurance, Plate Glass, Workman's Compensation, Public & Contractor's Liability and Fire Insurance on anything hvsurablc. W. M. BURNS fffifi* Second St. Fireproof Materials Save Homos In Furnace Blast The protective value of strong, fireproof construction was demonstrated recently when n furnace explosion lifted a Detroit home more limn „ r TOl f ,. om || S foundation. Although a slronu wind was blowing, none of Ilio adjoining house*, slued ,uul shinned wllh asbestos products, was dnmasjed by flumes. Firemen asserted that the Use of fireproof nmlciinls undoubtedly previmtcd the (ire from spreading to the entire community. Ciiy MaiSell Surplus Water Tax Exemption Rights Would Not Be Lost, Supreme Court Holds Lrrrus ROCK, od, 10 <ui'>— The Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled thiil n city may sell its surplus water supply without losing the right to tax exemption us public properly used exclusively for pub- lie purposes. The high court ruling affirmed it Crawford Chancery Court order granting nn injunction to the city of Port Smith, which constructed n lake nnd water works plant 25 miles from the city In Crawford County. County lax authorities luul sought to levy taxes ngnitisl Hie property. In appcalhm from the injunction ruling. Crawford County authorities contended that Port Smith had entered the field of private utility when It begun supplying water to Vim liurcn, Alma and Camp Ciiaf- fec. However, the Supreme Court held that sale of water did not deprive Port Smith of Its right to lax exemption since primary use lo which the water was pul was public, and held that the fact that income derived from Its sale docs not effect Its character as public properly '[he hij|h Irlbmiiil iilsn reversed it Saline County Court ludKuicnl KCMI- Iciicliig c. C. Morion mi<| »„!„), Ashcraft to IB years Imprisonment upon conviction of burglary and grand larceny and ordered the cases remanded for a new trlnl, The Supreme Court, In rcvcislnu the decision, ruled (hat ll w.vt , u , mm to 11nvc consolidated and irlcil ID two Infmmillions loucthcv when he defendants sought, separate Heat Saving Note When llic lire in a fhcplaco has been pcrnilltwl to no out It Is n good Idea lo cover the opening with a tight-filling screen of asbestos cement board. This prevents the chimney draft front drawing warm nIr from the room up the Hue and at the sami! lime permits the smoke from Hniihii'i-Iiig •isliivi to go up the chimney. Meivly closing the dauipi'r will frequently smoke up the room. tlu<) »di llouin In Tninit LIMA, O. (Ul>>—Lima's Memorial Hospital believes II hns "cornered tin 1 market" mi Iwin births The other day a seventh pair of twins w«s born, die seventh MI In 21 dtiys.. 2 Jropa In each nostril shrink mcmbrancsfcold stuffed noao opens. Caution ; Usoo'ilyna directed PENETRO rtOSE DROPS: Co/i/ I'is-parations ns diteclvd Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main IHSULATE YOUR ATTIO WITH A little Vn-tro-nol up cnth nostril effectively r.ncl promptly relieves distress of licad colds- makes breathing easier '. . . also helps prevent many colds from developing u used In time. Trj'itlYoii'llllkeiUFol- low directions In folder. rr fa i0Al'l?S c i \^J -e<KA«niffi,iMai,ul N€»i ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair iwrlH arc us complete us duriiiK pre-war times I I'ul vour i.lnnts in shape for Fall NOW. WK GJV15 SUKVlCK—cull UN day, night nr vSuntluy. '* Belting • u c | t i_ QCe ^ Steam Packing • pj pe Fittings All Sire Pipe • Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Gurnmon Hubbard Hardware Co, "*'• S& »'.;:' BALSAM-WOOL SE.UED ATTIC IHSUlftTIOS Coin 5o iitllt-SAVES So Mac!, HEEfCOOL Y SAVE FUEL IN SUMMEH1 IK WIKIERI E.G. Blyihcvillc, Ark. Closets, Sinks. Lavatories, Tanks. Automatic Water Heaters Pipes, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. Ail Plumbing Repair Parts Don't Lei Id Weather COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buy! J. L TERRELL Office 11 IS. Bdy. Phone 2631 ElusHquc OFFICER'S CAPS Big Shipment Just Received; We Have Your Size HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier of by freezing the plumbing in your home! Prepare for Winter now! Plumbers are extra busy nowadays, and plumbing repair ports are often hard to find. . . If your plumbing freezes this winter your family might be without running water for days. I Guard agqinst this possibility before cold weather comes. . . Board up each under the house opening and wrap all exposed pipes. It may save you days of discomfort and a big plumbing bill. BIytheville Water BERNARD ALLEN, "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity WEATHEIUZED ASPHALT (ft * selected III cm! ot euetl tor fif wcallicr leahtart is mi oxcluiivo American PIOUC JB uicil 100% Old American mfj Aaphx'.t SMiigtes. put- tc. It 01,1 .1 anil in all VtrYp Asphalt Strip Stiwjfa Koto tl]« double thicknesa of the ex- |)o«ci! portion of lite rttiave enlarged • llintjlc—thin prolocta. lUo ."hcort" of : ^. llio »liini;]o nnd gives it cxlrn long life. '' Wlicn figuring on n now roof.'this now . • iipcr-scrvice llenujrlali Aiphnlt Strip Shinglo offers tlio Enat word in extra . vnluo lit rcnaqimble cost—You get /j'.tlrrt life—- K.ttra wcnllicr protoclioB «nd /'.'.vfro benuty at No Kxlra Call, up or come in our office nmt let In explxin ell tne BqV T«nin){M of the New Old American llr.nvytnb Shingle «nd giT* yt>u qfliimate* on work you mtiy Imve in ntiud Delta Lumber Co 20'1 N. Second Phone 497 Hl.vthcvillc'8 Only Home Owned Lumber Yard Col! mm mmmm m 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etci • Ifi ou big lurpclM «fW tnottuv -wkw TOU ctdeoont* a rooa wittt riocl ov» «Id mllpapv rurfhws. Awl ttut co« «Mt Mr '&t»t la am hour, fat plctor« SO with TbdilcW Uk m «• Usa wboto wtacf tt velopawaJ hi mfi p^i Tttti!J« wvlli twy bt ,'rih mild loop and woltr, "AM m i eoLom AM* mm

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