The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts on November 20, 1893 · Page 6
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The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts · Page 6

Lowell, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1893
Page 6
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If you rwwl the** advertisement* others would read your*.; THE LOWELL DAILY SUN. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2(X 1893. LOWELL DAILY SUN. JORN H. HjuiBiscwoJf, Publisher. SUN BUILDING, LOWKlt, MASS. Issued D»tlr; Sundays ezoapted. Per Year, $3.00 - - - Per Month, 25c. City delivery and postage free. KfTERED AS ·BOOND.OLAS9 MilL MATTER MATHEWS wrti, defeat Hart in the may orally contest in Boston. CHICAGO HAS been placed under mar tial law between the boors of 1 and 6 a. IB erery night. This la the method adopted to prevent burglaries. IF THB Fort Hill land sharks should succeed in bribing enough aldermen and councilman to vote for their $200,000 laud swindle, would Mayor Pickman veto the robbery? MEMBERS OF the city committee, the success of the party in the coining contest depends upon the result of your deliberations tonight. Nominate your best men, that is, men who first of all are good democrats and next who can be elected. ALDBHMABT CIIOATE should hasten to remove the impression that he has gone over to the Fort Hill Park speculator The manner in which he conducted the hearing is not in lite favor. To allow pompous bullies to blackguard respectable citizens and heavy taxpayers is not what he was put Into office for. Spoak up alderman before the polls are closed. A GOOD many people have wondeied why we have not had more first-class theatrical performances at the Opera house this season, but they did not Icuow the cause. Manager Cosgrpvo asserts that the season has been the worst that theatrical companies experienced for a long time. The Opera house felt the effects of the hard times from the fact that as many as twenty-five companies which weie booked for Lowell have been disbanded tinder a sort of theatrical bluzard. The companies that came to Lowell, with few exceptions, did a good business, but the fact that so many collapsed before reaching Lowell proves that people in other parts of the country felt the bad times quite as much if not more than those in New England. THE MAIL becomes wrathy beciuse THE Srx attributed the slight improvement in business to the repeal of the Sherman law, and the efforts of corporations to to spread the impression that the republican victory had a beneficial effect upon business. The editor of our esteemed contemporary sugzests the origination of something better, but judging from the tawdry double-cooked sonmiferous twaddle,for the manufacture of which he is notorious, his ideas of originality must be as absurd as his notions of truth and his knowledge of practical politics or of the manipulation of republican campaigns. He alludes to the close of the carpet mills and of Congressman Stevens' mills in Andover, but the latter closed from the effect of the financial panic. The fact that certain mills in this city will probably have to run extra time in order to fill the orders received while idle before election day, gives color to the statement that at least some of the corporations were idle when they might have been working. In this way if in no other some of them lout their influence to the manufacture of a political scare that told in republican gains on election day. How saintly, how good and great tho editor of the Mail affects to be in all his protes f ations. In his own opinion and there alone is the product of his pen cf any importance. The patrons of the Mail find the editorial columns the oo'y part of the paper which is behind the times. Each of the seven wise men oi Greece had a saying for which he was famous. That of Thales was "Man know thyself." Now if it would not bo derogatory to bis supreme dignity THE SUN would Oommend to the earnest consideration of the presiding genius of the Mail, the great and exalted modern oracle of Tower's corner, this piece of advice from the Grecian sage. TUB NOMINATIONS. Tonight the democratic city committee ·will have have to perform an important duty in nominating a municipal ticket for mayor and aldermen. There is but one choice for the mayoralty candidate and Mr. Courtney will be nominated by acclamation. There will be contests for the nominees from several wards, but it will be easy for the committee to decide these by ballot. In Ward One the candidates most prominent are Dr. Johnson, John Brunette and Dr. Sullivan; in Ward Two Fisher H. Pearson and Peter,Foye^in Ward Three Charles N. Bagley, John F. Slona- ban, James Graily and Albert Moors; in Ward Four, S. B. Puffer, William A Bead, Cassius Pierce; Ward Five Joseph McDonald, Cyrille Cons tan titieau, ex- Alder man Senter; Ward Six A. A. Conway and Thomas Hoban. These are at 1 pretty good men, and a ticket selected from them will have as good a chance of election as any that could bo nominated. It will be well for the committee to settle all disputes by ballot and see that no trickery is practised. It will only be injurious to the chances of success for any member of the committee or any delegation to adopt filibustering methods. Tho nominations should be the result of the deliberate judgment of the majority of the committee and the minority should not attempt to rule. { The city committee this year reverts to tbo old rule of making the nominations, tbe plan of having caucuses followed by a nominating convention, having been adopted only for the last two years. Tie nomination by the committee, is, therefore, not new, but on the contrary is merely a return to tbe old practice. There is DO reason for opposing it. There is no reason why anybody should kick because a convention was not called. In a convention the delegates are usually pledged and for this reason men are often nominated whom the democracy does not SVKRKAM3.] A Mendacious Spirit. The other night a reckless Denver akep- tlc attended a spiritualist materialist meeting, and in the course of the evening, as- Biiminff to be of the faithful, he sought an interview with his father. The medium being willing, the father appeared. This conversation followed: * "How are you, father? Are you happy tn the spirit world?" "Yes, my son, very happy." "And how ja my poor, dead sister, Jane?" "She, too, is content and happy," "And is poor brother Jim happy tooP" "Yes, my boy; he enjoys the spirit world." There was a moment's silence, when the skeptic broke out with: "What makes yon lie so, father? I never had a sister Jane or a brother Jim. As a truthful spirit you're not in It." This broke up the meeting.--Colorado Sun. Coached Too "Well. The G-ycav-olcl son of a family living on Seventy-second street was informed the other morning that the rector was expected to call in the aftei noon. After luncheon the mother began to couch him tn his catechism, his name, age, etc. "He will ask your name," she said, "nud you must tell him 'Frankle Jones.' Tbea be will aik your uge, and you must say 'Six years old in June' He will nsk you who made you, and you must say "God, 1 nnd then if he asks what he made you of you must say 'Dirt.' " The rector came, and sure enough he asked the little fellow his name, whereupon Fiankie shouted, "Frankie Jones, 6 years old in June, God, dirt," all In one breath.--Now York Times. Unable to Prevent Her. A sympathetic lady on one occasion stepped up to the bedside of a soldier lying in a. hospital during the war and inquired, "Well, my poor man, is there anything you want?" "No, miss, I b'leevcnot." "You're sure thrreis nothing I can do for you?" "Nothm 1 can think of " "Oh, I do want to do something for you. Can't I wash your hands and face?" "Waal, if yo' want to do that I reckin yo' kin, but yo'll be the fo'tpenth lady who's done thut same thing this mo'nuig, and two of 'em has washed my feet."--San Francifaco Argonaut. A Perfect Picture. Strawber--Well, old man, I want to congratulate you. I understand that your engagement is announced. Singerly (modestly)--Yes, and I am the happiest man in tho world. Strawber--Of course. And the girl--she Is surpassingly beautiful and has the loveliest disposition imaginable Sho was just born for you and is the sweetest, dourest thing in the world. Smgerly--Why, great Scottt old fellow, i didn't know that you had over mot her.-Truth. At a Coming Oat Reception. Bashful Little Man (who has just come)-Er, Rood afternoon, Mlsa Hiklegarde. I Debutante (sweetly, but mistakenly)-Oh, must you go? Goodby.--Kuto Field's Washington. The Worm Turns. Publisher (testily) -- I can't see anything In that manuscript of yours. Struggling Author (vindictively) -- I presume not, but you know some of your readers may be quite intelligent. -- New York Weekly. Teacher -- I'm glad to see you take so much interest in chemistry Bright Boy -- Yes'm. W'en I grow up, I want to have a big candy store and maple sirup factory.-- Good News. Anxious. Advising Friend -- You will make a name for yourself. Miss Overflew, if you don't Btop pursuing the men so boldly. Miss Overelew (hopefully) -- Do you really think so?-- Tiuth. (THE KIND ! .THAT CURES JOHN A. COKSOK, Freedom, N II Smothering Asthma! SLEPT IK A CHAIR 40 YEARS! |Kow Goes to Bod and "Slfepsjj Like a Child!" 1 We Challenge the World to Showf a Parallel Case I i _ TO ^NTONB WHO DOCUTS THE TTHJTH OF MB \ 3COHSON SSrVTEMJ.Nr \YE1TOUU BAY,"INVEST j [Kl ATE " WB COURT TUB MOST THOHOUOH IN- j IVLSTIQATION- or ALL OKB TESTIMONIALS. I |DANA SARSAPARILI/A Co.: f *.-- I hnio been tronblid Trlth| a K tor 4O ITJEA.JRSI, Bartering no ·; · hatlty oa to bo unablo to Ho down i*n bed for any | ·length of time, brln^ compelled to obtain vhatl iilwb I cmild get siHiug in achni? = i Ilivyo tried Doctors and every medicine I cOwldi IKO uV Jleur of without obtaining much relief. | laal Spring I saw £ BANA'S I SARS APABIIJLAI iartrcrtlset! and con eluded to try It, though "without S f inuUi fnith, but after taking a few doses* lt*cllng| ""casitrnt night I continue**, and at tho expimtianl Iet!i^^^A.Il*JL^^-N^J?Jf i* Sw A.1 JIa^« " . . lost any sleep ince. In consequence of which my S gDOcra! health ha» improved wonderfully. Ucves nljf taken two bottles. " I remain, yourtnwnertdilly, rrccdom.N. II. J01UA CORSON. GFNTS --lain person»l(y acquainted wit i J. II orgonnml can ttssuro you of Jiij 1'juJlFi.CT HK- iJAinunf. Yotua truly, CIJfAS, W HICKS, WoIfboro.N II. Dnigglrt. Dana Sars^artlla Co.. Belfast, Main*BIRD STORE Lowell has a First-Class BiriJ Store, the well know firm of Ludlam Brothers, )f 119 Eliot Street, Boston, have opened lere anaw branch store at 110 Central Street, with a large and varied etook of Birds and Animals. Sweet Singing Canaries, Warranted Singers, for 2-50. Young Talking Parrots $5-50 each. A full line of Birds' and Animal*' Cages, Bird Seed, Seed Caps, and kinds of supplies, T O Y S . A complete line constantly in atock embracing best foreign and domesti makes, including Velocipedes, Tricycles, Express Wagons, Dolls, Hair Horses and Iron Toys of all sorts For Sale By Bartlett Dow, 180 O3BWK ri 3C aE*»JC* ST. D. V. VKGVS, No. SO Central Street, Lowell, Mass Dentist. TOHW H. McCABE, tf 034 Central Street. Baritone Soloist and Teacher of Singing and Piano. B OOT'S CI3AB STOKK, J»o. 7 Mvrrlmack Street. Finest Line of Pipes in the City. P II 11,11- .T. IfARI/KY, Itonm 11 Barristers' Hall, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. J AMlfi IT. JHcBLHOLM, No, 40 Central Street, Bells,Sp easing Tubes and Annunciators Cheap. ]-htimnif giving on Electric Ugbting, J AAtbS F. CORBKTT. Itoom 12, Post Office Block, Counsellor at Law. the Elevator. JOHN A. BIcQTJAME, Itoom 11, Maneur Bloc-it, Central St., Constable and Collecting Agency, And Auctioneer. K H. BANCROFT CO.. « iiooiri 1, fehnttuck's New Block, Electrical Supplies, Electrical Repairing Ctf all kinds. Telephone 39-5, Presootc Street, P J. HOAR. · Koom 19 P. O, Block Attorney at Law. D 11. T. *·. CVFV, 51 Centr»l,Cor. Marlcet, Man»ur Blk Surgeon Dentist. TOSEFH W. JLEACH. lioortj 12, SlteddV Block Soloist and Teacher of Singing. J OHN TV. McKTOY, Sx Central St., pp. American House, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 3.3.O O3 ST. i Slightly Worn Dress Suit, cost - 850, l ,, u ., « « fo f||g- ..for818! 1 " " " " " -840. ... ' . - f o r Sib" « « « " -S35, for $13. Runels' Block* Room 31. Gas Light Company OPFICB 22 Stiattuck Street, Corner Middle. Q. MACK, President; JACOB JtOG- EKS Treasurer- 1. B. BARTUETT, Clerk. Directors: Sewall G. Maok.ftevt Sfiraftue, Jaoob .Rogers, John F. Kim ball, Alex. G. Cumnook, George S. Motley, Edward M. Tucke. PRICE OF CAS, if With the Discount Off for Prompt Payment, is $1.10 ONE THOUSAND FEET. First-class Gas Cooling Stoves set up and rented at a low rate per year, piping included. COKE, broken, screened and delivered at $4.50 per chaldron*, $2.25 per half chaldron, cash. No charge made for the use of meters. No charge made for running supply pipes from street mains to consumer's cellar. Orders when left at office promptly attended to. GOLDSMITH,SILVERCO'S inc. CIGARS i \ST LEAD AIL OTHEKS. Everybody SItotild Try Tbe "1O8" Havana Filled 5c. Cigar. FRED H. ETHIER, Undertaker and Funeral Director. All orders promptly attended to. Warerooms, 333 Moody Street. Residence, All Moody Street. Stable, 64 Ford Str«et. A Bargain. RAISINS, 5c. Ib,, 6 Ibs, 25c. Stirred Maple Sugar Jyst { Rocefred. THE BOSTON BRANCH GROCERY Old No. 1» Middlesex SW K«*4f«. 409. CAXKB X,. SMITH, Proprietor. How's Your Furnace? 'Tis time it was workiag'in good order. Call on W. A. Mack Co., For assistance if yon need it. Order a new Furnace at once. We have the best stock of RANGES, PARLOR STOVES, And Kitchen Equipment In New England. 26 SHATTUOK STREET. DON'T BE WITHOUT T. MOORS' DIARRHOEA CORDIAL Sure euro for all Summer Coxoplalnti: Diar- rhoea, Dysentery, etc. PBICB, 00 CENTS PER BOTTLE, Sold at Moors' Pharmacy, Gorham, Cor. Apiileton St. To All Whom It May Concord, There are undoubtedly many people who feel ft some time or another unwell, not really sick bu very indisposed. Now, what such persons new at »uoli times, i* not medicine, nor blehi-prleet prescriptions, But what la needed la somotgeutte bat sure stimulant, something to assist and at the game time enrich the blood; nature will do the rest. And the beat medical authorities agree there is nothing better than pure wine. Therefore no family should be without It when ft can be bought at such low prices aa the follow tug. Size of bottle, 0 to a gallon, Port or Sherry SINGLE BOTTLES, port or Sherry, 3Be TWO " « 70c THREE " " ttl.QO FOUR " " SH.2B FIVE w ·' 91.00 JOHN WARBURTON, Sole Agent for Lowell, Globe Hotel, City N. B.--Goods Delivered Free. Arthur M. Bertrand, (Successor to F. W. Sargent,) M E R C H A N T TAILOR. FINK TAI1OJRINO A SPECIALTY. 14 Middle Street, Lowell, Mass. B«pafrine and rre»»lnjr JScatly Dono ·T. STOCK OF Wedding - Rings Is the largest, in Ihe city. Don't fall to *ea them before yon purchase one JOHN B. COLEMAN, Fire Insurance Agent Will write fire insttrnace policies, in flrnt- olaaa companies, on Household furniture dwelling nous**, barns, etc., at lowest rates. Parties better call on Mr. Oolemaa before insnrlnt; elsewhere. Both Stock and Mutual Conrpanie* represented. Room 7. Font Office Block. 88O Old Fashioned Turkey Dinner for 25c. With Cranberry Sauce, Plum Pudding, Pumpkin Pie, Grapes, Kuts, Apples, etc.j at MUSIC HALL RESTAURANT, -^" *"* TM *TM ^·^·fc^" t^.::-- ··· ··£ From 12 till 4 Sunday, Nov. 19th, TififiJTH. $5.00 to $8.00 a Set. THESE ARE THE BEST TEETH MADE. Teeth Extracted Without Pain. Extracting Teeth 25c- LOWELL AGENCY FOR FEANK JONES' ALE. --AND »HK-- Celebrated Anfiauser Bused Beer. The Trade and Families Suonlied at Lowest Prices. Orders by mail or telexjhone promptly attended to. JOHN LENNON, Son. 108,110.119.114 MARKET STREET TELEPHONE--No 38-3. BACHELLEB, DUMAS GO. Patter Ruling, Book and Pamphlet Binding, Blank Books a Specialty. 18 CHURCH STREET. For a well stocked and carefully selected stock of drugs, likewise a fine line of Toilet Articles, visit the Ward One Drug Store, W. H. SHEEHAN, 1'ROP. 246 Market, Cor. of Adams Street. PLUMBING. We are prepared to do all manner of To furnish Bath Booms Water Closets, c., And put the name in at reasonable price* CHAS. R. WOOD, D. D. S. 13 scxx^as: so*., Rooms 8 and 9 Bon Marche Building. A Stylish Suit of Clothes, Wo havo tlie best collection of stylish cloths to be found in Lowell, aad we have one of the best :utteT3 in New England, whose trade has been cquircci in some of the largest and most fashionable tailoring establishments in Boston and New York. We Know We Can Fit You Jo your satisfaction- Radios jnst as anxious o have perfect fitting garments as Gentlemen. jast season wo received several orders for Ladies' garments and we gave such petfect satisfaction hat this season we are giving special attention to his branch of work. \Ve guarantee a perfect fit with every order. Call and See ftoods and Get Prices. J, H. FINDER, No. 115 Centra! St. me* owran :»*x.xc3r: M. J. BRADY, MILLINER. Is offering good quality Felt Hats untrimmed at 23 and 49c. each. Worth front 75c. to $1.00, Gall and Get One. , I SI 3r* JIHu ·* -TMCisre*. S.T. SCOTT O'DAY, Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers, Steam, Gas and Water Kping. JOWB1NO PKOSUPTT.Y ATTBNDKU TO. 21 SOUTH STREET, Near MldUlecex. MULLIN WINSLOW, Dealers In C O.A. 408 Qorham Street. BICYCLING Next Season will be the rase. Buy your machine at zero price this winter O. 6. CLOUCH, 7 John St., Lowell. H. R. Manufacturing: Co., NOS. 90 AND 92 MIDDLE STREET Lowell. HftSS. WM. E. LIVINGSTON, DEA.X.KR IN Coal, Wood, Lime, CEMENT, SAND, GRAVEL, HAIR, KAOLIN, PLASTER, BRICKS, FERTILIZERS, Straw, Hay Grain, Flour NO. 87 THORNBIKE STREET, Brunch offlc*. 33 Storrlnaaclc ·tr«et Okl-- derwood's clear store. W. P. FOYE, Flour, Hay and Grain, No. 113 Market Street. PETER J.BRADY, GROCER. JStroot. Choice, Teas. Coffees and Spices. Try our "BIG TWELVE," brand of flour tbe best in the citv. F. R. FOSTER, D-EAI.EK IK Hardware, Cutlery, Glass and Putty, Carpenters' andJWinists' Tools, . 67 33-u.ttcna. JStoroot. Arc You Thinking of Going Housekeeping? UT so call on VIOTOJt PIHt, 167 Central Street, -where you can find everything that is needed in a -well regulated house at prices which defy competition Goods sold on easy terms, at lowest flying prices. The best bargains in the city. VICTOR P1HL, 167 CENTRAL ST., JAMES MEEK, HAY, GRAIN AND POULTRY FOOD, Little Stone Mill foot of Anne St LOWEST PRICES. TKtKPHONK SJWJ. GREAT BARGAIN SALE. Cut Prices for Cash. New fityle Cheviot Suit for $20.00. Winter Overcoat, $20,00. Made to Order. A Fit or no Sale. Come and see the goods. W. H. DAVIS, 30 CKNTBAT. BXBBBT. L KTTKKHEAD8 Md «»VM.OWW «t · kind* printed at Tax 9uar offloe. SUN HOUSE-LOT CONTEST. p I One Vote for. | Office, t I .Organization. As the most Popular Society Officer in Lowell* The Lowell Daily Sun will present A Valuable House-Lot AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT To the Most Popular Society Officer In Lowell. All officers of benevolent, literary, military, social, religions, polices.! and benefit orgnntea- tlonn, societies, clubs, companies or associations in this city are eligible M contestant*. Tbo whoso name appears on tbe crentest number of (lie above coupons will bo awarded tlio The lot is situated pn Ocriutnuia street near Middlesex street. It contain* 5000 cqunro land, la level nnd beautifully situated MrHlialronUtfeof BOfcet and al«pthot 100 feel. It IB nated as lot No. 61 on a plan of land o\mcd by It. K. Shaw and J. V. Weljs, Jr. lot and tlie surroundings and giving full particulars of tho contest may DO obtained fr«e XIIE Sim office. Tho last ballot will be printed Friday, December 15, and tbe polls wilt close at TUB at 9 o'clock, Monday evening, December 18,1803. The final result will be announced as possible after th« 18th and the deed will bo pas*«d before Cliriilma*. Vote early and plenso. Send ballots by messenger or mail to THE SON ofllco wltli the name, office and plainly written on each ballot. (y The voto up to dato in printed on tlie first page. Interesting? Reading For Everybody. i Dr. W. WIISOIl'S success, is truly phenomenal. Result* are facts. Ho has succcasf ally'treated no-less than 367 Patients for $2 Per Month DURING THE HARD TIMES. Skill and fidelity meets with K» reward lhat ifcs everybody. History will record his Wonderful Achievements. WltlMn tbe last .hree years he lias built up the largest practice and tho largest establishment city, fitted up with ali tho modern improvements to facilitate hts growing practice. las also the largest stock of medicine of any practicing physician in America. means enables him to purchase every kind of medicine at bottom prices. His patients get tbe benefit. He only charges the cost of medicine used white under Let no one despair becano other doctor* have failed to care them; let faithful to themselves by consulting Dtt, WILSON, the acknowledged expert who ever ready to help you with his brilliant science of diagnosis that never fails and picture the most difficult lingering complicated diseases nature is able of formulat- ngand explain to you without asking you a question. He challenges the world an equal in this art of science. SJany people think that AN ADVERTISING DOCTOR IS A QUACK. rue wo have them all around us, cheap and dear at any price. DK. WILSON is an exception to the rule ; he is a regular graduate, has with him, and an ex-professor of Jefferson college, and author of several scientific vorks of intci est to the profession, and a popular lecturer upon his most brilliant discoveries in the history of medicine--as acknowledged by the most eminent of the Y in and out of college, in addition by over 00,000 others that have received benefits as patients, and still thev come and bring their friends from every direction well. AS A SPECIALIST lle excels in female troubles peculiar to their sex, ge: tng Complicated Diseases, Norfous -Prostration, Seminal Debility, Premature d Axe, and kindred troubles, and all diseases tho family physician have no nvestigate. Surperfluous Hair Removed Free from Pain, producing a clear skin, the lily. No matter what your troubles are, consult DR. WILSON at once, ell you all about its cause and results. FREE EXAMINATIONS from 9 a.m. to 8.30 p. m., Sunday Ezcepted. CORRESPONDENCE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. CURES GUARANTEED. TERMS SATISFACTORY TO EVERYBODY. Circulars sent Free that vill enable you to explain your case and receive Scientific Treatment at home. Or. when a book will be sent with 52 pages, written in Latin and English, tract of Dr. Wilson's Discoveries. Dr. W.Wilson's Dispensary 14 Central Street, Swan's Building. 49 Merrlmaok ·.»· CONFECTIONERS, I Caterers, BakeriJ TO 1910 . . To our patients -who do not find It convenient to all during the day, please call at noontimes, or oturday atternooDB as our office Is not opea evenings. Office hours, 9 · HI. to 0 p. m. NO CHARGE FOR EXTRACTING. Kvcry Set warranted to bo tho same Teeth other dentists ask flCand f 18 for, and cro.-y wari anted to fit. Gold Killing* and Gold Orowu work a specialty. Teeth Filled fritU io!d 'jy Electricity. No Pftln. Teeth extracted Without Pain by our new method. 90 Tear* experience. Dl'.S. 3. K. BIOKBLI/ SON. Painless Dentist*, llooms 24, 26, and 32 linnets' Building, Cor. Merrtuaek and Bridge Sf* A SHORT TRUE STORY FOR WOMEN IN FIVE CHAPTERS, CHAPTER I.-Te $4 Eton. Imagine such a thing! A double-breasted, eefer, Eton suit, of heavy flannel, warm nousrh for tho lowest Lowell mercuries; troDc and serviceable, in handsome shade* £ Navy blue, brown, dark green and black nd as trim and stylish as anything seen on he stieet, and all for $4! The story starts r ell, doesn't it? CHAPTER II-The $6 Empire. Have you seen our Empire Blouse Suit, made of Diagonal Serge in a wide variety f colors, and made doubly desirable for warmth and wear by being Hncd throngh- ut? We are fitting the ladles of Lowell this handsome sujt for fC. We should B backward about disclosing this absurdly ow price, only we-ltoow that In these bard imes you won't think any tho less of us or paring our prices way "down- to the ore. CHAPTER ill.-Goncemfog Casft- -sx- Tbe first two chapters hare probably atrly well prepared you for surprises. That is fortunate, for here comw one of hesnrprisesofyotirHfe. A Cashmere--* perfectly made, stylish, and beantifuiry made Cashmere Suit for $8! These are specially rich and heavy gcwjf; and these ults (and the $« and $0 suit«,««,well) have he big 4i yard-akirt, mow so distinctly AU 'AIT. CHAFTER IV.-S19 Taifor-Mades, What woman does not admire a tailor- made suit? But tailor-made suits hare hitherto been a littlemppfsb In price. Wo have something tn tailor-made that we rather surprised at ourselves. It Is All- Wool, Homespun, tn various shades, and stitched throughout with silk and trimmed throughout with military braid^and we wlH fit you in It perfectly for 910. How can we do this, you ask? There are in the trade asking tbe same thing? CHAPTER V.-Qar High Bra* Custom work. If you want something,eztr«ordinarJly nice, something full of individuality, that wilt perfectly suit your personality, M well as perfectly tit your figure, w* will make up a taiJor-made suit In different fabric from $10 to $35. We b«v« juat received beautiful line of *ergea*s)»d other gopd*for winter suits, all or aujwrior quality; and our custom department, you. most remember, Is in charge of a wSiftofloaf experience at home and abroad, with a thorough knowledge of what is correct and In good taste. For therestof thtetiBteresUac story, call at our new store, which It foil-of all that i* latMVoert;aad OKMt Matonabl* In Suits, Cloiikv Cape* n4 Von, -O0r- The Beaver Cloak Gomp'y 30 Merrimack Street LowelL SPAPFRf

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