The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 10 BLYTHEVI1.LE, (ARK.) rounifitt NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cenu u word for nrbt in- witlon and cue ceut a word lor eftcU »ub««iutnt liiscr- Uoii. No idwtlieineniuten (or lew th»n 60c. Cuual t'ue worila »ud lead Use Phone 30ft LAURA LOU BR0OKMAN AUTMOP Of- "RARU ROMANCE* PACE-FIVE rou SALE APPLES—At Flslier'3. across from City Hal!.' $1.25 p:?r bushel. 110-K17 FOK IlENT FOR RENT — Furnished anarl- mcnt, tjani^e if dc.'ircd. ii05 Doucan. • 3P-K12 FOR RENT — Modern home on West Walnut. Sec G. G. Caudill. 3P-K13 FOK KENT— Five rosin house i» 1000 block on Ash SI. Call M G. Goodwill. 4C-T1- FOR RENT—Funiished rooms £01 lijh', Iious!!ko:pln3. 700 Walnut Also unfuriiUhed Hal, 101J Walnut. BC-K15 FOE RENT—Board and rcom. Also light housekeeping rooms. 10D W. Ash. 10P-K13 1-OH KENT — Furnished cottage. Very attractive. Kent S23.50. Thomas Land Co. 10C-K18 'FOR REKT—Furnished apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone C83. 10P-1U7 FCR RENT—Front or back bedroom. 300 Chickasawba. 11P-K17 FO11 RENT—Front room. Rcasoii- able. Mrs. J. 11. Ucberts. Phone SOU. 11C-K18 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. , V/ashcd and Ironed by compe- Vstenl v:hlte woman. Mrs. Brown, r it)4.S Lake St. 17c'i-tf AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent positions; labor, clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries S25.-S1QO. vvejk- ly, transportation, furnished. BOX 1175. CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND LOST—One male pointer, Eoiid liver tick. Finder notify Jiinmie Ledbetlcr. Reward. CC-TP LOST—Ladics brcwn purse. Under return to Mji. Howard Proctor, 400 North Broadv.Hy, Reward. 10P-K13 PKS30NAT, T/VXI—v. A. MCGREGOR Day or Niglit Service, Phone 16. 1C-K30 AD^flNISTRATOR'S NOTICE OP INTF.NTION TO APPLY FOR OHDEtl OP SALE OP RE.M. ESTATE TO PAY DEGTS Nctice is hereby given that the undersigned as Administrator cf the Estate of Mary Crnso. deceased, will apply to Ihc Probate Court of the Ghickasawha District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, at its adjourned session on the 13th day of December, 1930. for authority ta sell Ihc following lands belonging lo said cslate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to \vit: Lots <i and 7, Block 8. Allison Addition to the City of Blylhcvilie. Arkansas. Said sale is necessary for the purpose of paying debts of the estate. 13. E. ROBERTS, Administrator. Reid. Evranl & Henderson, Attorneys. 11-13-25-2 THE JiEST HOT I'Ki, CHILI AND COl'TBIO RUSTIC INN WERT I Ho Makes 'Em Sec-; V. K. WAS1IAJI—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special '"'<-•••> un carload lots. Local Phono S51 Memphis I'honc 3-031 GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE TIIDVY tTI.IA MVHIIIM.!., 17, lrinr» l:iUn:l<.,-:. u Ill-re \he t):M llvvil »lr!i f:i'i M-iinislri'Hit mnlhrr, 'I \r.<.\;irT lin<;l-:ns, lo JulM lirr i;.i;;:.> t niiiT..iini\ n 111:1,1,, El KiunT.-i hrruud llr- II UlXrV IIIirMIS, )-uim» ni'Mn- |i:';N-f |i!riti>- r: p'li-r, In In Ion 1 uilll 111" i:hl. Mlli-lieU :!•>!.» l:\Kl.\ N I'Ml-i'lVi, hruiitlrtil ulilinv, ID ItilruiliH-u Ills ilriuulilcr til Dflic-r yiuiiiK [imp!* 1 . M r.x. 1'ar- Minn riKri-i-h, i-^siMilrrlriF; Olhi ti :>u-:i!li In «tn llili'Jirn's A1T.rrlliiMJ-, She- J.IIIIH lll'l'llllfCH Jl'nlDll'l <lf lt«c- rirl :ii-<l n'lKni:-* lo i^rl rlil uf lift fi> rnriiiir|]".lli|7 n rHimn'cr !:<*•> HTC-rn IVIla nntl Till) .KIUDA.V. r:i!-rl]ililli:e Inn "f -M.Tiloii-i i-liur- npti-r. Hlli'hrll IIIIH t.irblJdin Mi i!l:"n!itrr lo si'e .Turiliin, STlli'lil.-, ci i.ii'.-; Co Ni-w Yuri: In iv:.rk fur tt lil:.:lf;:ri;i[jH- M-rviYi- .-iii.l .uri-l* CY'i. 1 :. Nlu- lrl!% him *Iir rnri'-t f,'r .Inr.Inii li:il Inlor rL-:iIL'c* ll ll SM !:!:( I-.IIITII *|IL' lim-i. ?l-i. I'nrHiiiijl K";-* lo Mlli-lirll HIM! tr'.t-i liln Oir ';lr! Iiux livrn liirctll-U SiilvhN hlirri'litlllnii^ly. I-'diTivr ntiil I'r'ir^litt'r r|it:irrL-l lJiiT li mil llirrc a >lr^i. I'ofri-rv" MliiTL Ili-lirll nrrlvm. ]l c . i'inn- ri^':iiiflicil inii -iv Vnrk nfliT i u\l llo . illnn-r in:iny i Irlls lihn <'vll:i !•! urtltiti, l.nlrr utirn iiii'N. Ilif youiii: in-in iiiiliKiiu-iil. I'plln mill iinilliiri' ^r.J rlirnuu- li'tin T:iUL-:i Ilifin In Iht-y nifct Sirloltls, MMV <:o <i\ WITH TI:K STOIIV CIIAPTEH Lll /^EL! A caught J.isi's arm atn ^drcw her back. "Walt for me, you f~o," slie said lo Llsi and Jor dan. "There's someone I want to see. I'll o!ily be a moment." Then sl:o hurried to \vlicre Shields stood. He i'.ad turned away and did not ECO her approach. Celia touched his ilecve. "Tarney!" she ?aid. "I'm so glad tn li id you here. I don't tliln'K yov. uml vstcod this morning!" Sjiclds n:et her eyes directly. "U< vv ilo you do, .Visa Mitchell." His tone was coolly polite. "Oli, I know there's something Barney, t .irl's fuco. "What do you mean!" slie cried. "Has ooinoono bcon telling you IhtiiEa that aren't true?" "No one's Ijeen telltns mo any- iling 1 shouldn't have BOCII (or myself." Cella caught his arm. "lint it's all wrung!" she liir.isiul. Shields slepiicil k-.v'.:. "liiUhcr too inihllc a place to Lccomo emotional, Isn't It?" ho said quietly, "licsldes, I'm sure wo umlcvslanil each otliw. May 1 bill you uowl afternoon?" ; "Just u inlmito." Now It was (lio ! girl whoso woi-ils wero slow, tense with restrained auger. Cella's face had gone white. "1 Micro I he.ijtn lo set) what yoii mean. You're try- ins to tell nio that—everytliing'B over! Is that It?" •Well. It you Insist on iilalu terms—" "Don't bother atont trying to spare my feelings. Oh, I see I liavo mado a mistake. A a'cat one. And it's belter that wo shouldn't BCO each other nsaln. Very much bel- ter!" • • » /-•ELIA paused for a moment but ^ Shields did not speak. ".My frlcnils are watting." she EalJ. "They'll uo wondering why I'm so slow. Gooilby, Haincy." "Gcodhy." Neither seeing nor hearing any- tiling around her, Cella walked away. She held her head high Though her lips trembled sho was determined not to give way to tears. Cclia reached the entrance of the hotel. Shi did not see Msl Uuneai or Jordan until sho heard List's voice. "Darling, wc'vo waited an age What were you doing—writing your memoirs?" Jordan laughed but slopped shor as ho caught the expression 01 Celia'a face. "Is anything wrong?" he asked "Don't van feel well?" - . Her answer v.TtU forced. "Noil ing'a wrong. I'm feeling perfectl all right." "You're sure?" "Why, of course. Hadn't we be ter be starting?'' lo hor. "Hero—lean against my arm. Isn't Hint Ijstlor?" Cella murmured something about a sudden headache. It wan moro comfortable against Jnnl:m'n arm. Llsl loo waa nympalhellc. They rode In sllciico until they reached (ho apartment. As the cab drew | ..:iilili-r.i and went lu l!u< |[v'"K room. Mrs. I'arsoua slood wltli her !-i:ok lownrd Iho room out iliu window. Sho turned us iho Bill cutcrci. "C'olin--i was IwiSlnulnK to won- iler K you'd mndo other idans fur OUK BOARDING HOUSE away Jordan said Jn a low louo to Cella: "You've been very unkind lately." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be." "Dili you haven't let me see you!,. or mistered any of my mild. Dm i ' at mean you're uiiMry 1 ;" I "Why— no. Of courze not." I ( '^H.i lonkrd blank. Then alia "Then can I coino for you (.1 . fi'iin'iiilierod that sho had been to orrow nfternoonV We'll drive [hi' ilie.-.ti-r. "Oh. yea. Yes, I liked }incwberc. Anywhere you Buy. 'a beginning to look I'.ke full up i Winchester." "Tod, I tlilul: I'd bolter go In. really nm Hred." wivns! What is It? wa-it lo tail; lo you—" He stopyed her. "You are mis- la!; ?n," he said. "I do understand —everything. Under the ciraim- stances surely there is untlilng n:c :e for either of 113 to say." ijclia looked at him. A nervous j Llsl put her hand on her friend' !ai::^ht cau^'it in he:- tbiint. "I'lcuse | arm. "Say—yon are pale arotiu don't try lo lease iiow." she salil. j the gills!' Let's get out In II "Yon—why I almost thought you meant it! You fi-ichtcncd me!" "I lies your pardon," Ihe young men answered, slill formally. "I had no intention of appearing humorous hut I sn\ii>osc 1 am from your -viewpoint." "Why, Barney—!" fresh air. Maybe that'll help." They stepped out on the strec At the doorman's signal a cab dre near and halted. Jordan helpe the two girls in and followed. "You can !c:-.v= me at Cclia's Lisi said. "I've sot my car thcr It you're going anywhere. Tod, I' Suddenly Barney Shields lost hist give you a lift." pn?f ot frigid tiiirniiy. "f.onk here, I "Thanks, but Cclia," he said, "hadn't you better I bother you." I'd rather be goins back to your society mates? You know you don't really mean a word you're saying. 1 fell for it once, yes. Hut that doesn't mean I'll do it over aijain! What's Hie Idea of pretending anyhow?" .Disbelief, than U-rror crossed the "No bother! And you may ha\ some entertainment. I had an i tcrestins session with a traffic co this morning. I hope he's off du by this time." Jordan's eyes were on Celia. think you're all in, honey," he s?~ "I kisoiv. Dill thtt say It will he II r!nht about tomorrow!" Ho w».s old I n K one of her hanSs. "I'U-use, elia!" • • • JHK know that Bho must gel ;.\vay. Already her eyc.-i were ilslcd. Without trusllni; herself o speak, Cella nodded nfllrmiillvoly. "••'•"rry lu he lato. 1 dldn'l real- l«'J-.(iw UK., iimo was noliiB." 'lluy went In mid nut down to dhi:cr. . ']) m >'<>" 11!iL> askrd. It VITJ- much." "ibrry ymi weren't here fur tea. .lour fiulier dfopped In and iiskoil . fur you. M 'J'lie lethargy h.ft Cclla'.s "Oil. did liv have any now: 1 , '«;• nuHlierV ]],i you know it hu'.i licarj unyililug?" Kvolyn Parsons' blue eycj slk-iiily. -why, no. He didn't ?:iy ntiyibiiig about your mother. Were you exiKVlllii; | lc would?" Colla ncdded. "I K ui-ss I illdn't tell yon liefore." filio said. "Ilo "You're n darling! I'll be licro promised lo find her. Vullier suld he'd do cvcrylhlm; In Iho worlil lo brins her back and you know iherc isn't onyiliiiiK hi> vau'l do. I sup- I'osc It may tnko a fcvs' iliiys Mioii3li. It'a loo'foon lo expect he's a dls- • iie for- t ihree I.isl hail been wnltlnr reel distance. Now she car's clown thcro at the eft." she fold Tod. "We'd liellcr riiiullis along and lei Cella make or iho aspirin. I'm frightfully lorry the afternoon went bad on •on, pet." Cclia said goodby, even maiiag- ng a smile that was pathetic instead ot cheerful. Then sho turned and entered tliu building. There was no one In sight when she let herself into Evelyn's apart- iiiciil. Celia went directly lo her jv.ii room and closed tho door hc- lilnd her. She threw off her bat aad sank Into n chair. She was staring at the wall hut she could sec Barney Shields' eyes is ho said the words: "Well, it you insist on plain terms—!" Ilo meant it. Oh, Celia kuo\v that fiamey meant every word of it! She wondered why sho could not cry out. something! Why she could not do Tho dark walls closed in atout her liko so many hideous taping facc.s. Kite stood up, head thrown back and hands clenched together. "Oh!" Celia cried desperately, "dear God, don't let It b She threw herselC into tho chair again, sobbing out her misery. After a lime she rose, turned on tho light and mechanically began to dress for dinner. She discarded her frock and drew out another without noticing cither ot them. There was a knock on tho door and Celia recognized tho maid's voice: "Dinner, Miss Cclia." "I'll be there immediately." She glanced at her watch and saw it was 10 minuted past the 'Mnnc-' hour. Cclia straightened hail any news yet." There was n pause and thcii Mrs. Parsons said: "That's—Intercsl- IIIB." "Von.ECO we're afraid she Isn't well ami tliat bomrlliiiij; may havo happened to her!" the K!I| went on earnestly. "It's terrible not even to know where sho la!" "Yes. Of course." There was no more sold about tllO EllljJ.Jl. Dessert was a delicalcly llnvored fruit compoto hut neither of them did It justice. They rose from tho lalile and returned to tlio living •com. Cclia poured tho coffee ami gave r» cup lo Mrs. Parsons. dear. Would you mlml handing mo llio lighter?" Celia brought flic metal cylinder. "I suppose yonvo very an.vloin about your mother, aren't you?" she fald. "t iry not lo lie." Celia .insva-rcd. "1 know It's foolish to wurry and it c.iti'l help." "Thai's sensible. WARNING OltnF.I! To Bertha Edna and Bczell Montgomery: Take notice that on the sixlli day of November. 1030. a petition was filed by Ethel M. Wilson, probation officer in the Juvenile Court of Mississippi County, to have certain children, named: Billy Joe, and fiarold, Jr.. declared dependent children, and tu lake from yuu the custody and guardianship ot said children, ai:d to appoint for (liem some suitable person as their Riiardian, with pow6r to content to Ihe adoption of said children, or to place same in some suitable institution in this stale for the c::r,? and guardianship of de|>enc!rnt- children. Now unless you appear willn'n 20 days alter the date of lliis notice and Flaw cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as confessed and a decree granted. GEO. W. BA1UIAM. Judge. Subscribed and .'.worn to before me this 10th day of Nov., 1930. MtJS. JOHN LONG, County & Probate Clerk. 11-18-25 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 11. (UP)-Cotton closed very steady. Open High Low Cla;e tended church services at Burdette Sunday. i Mrs. Edgar Davis, Cecil and Norma Stcele and Mjlss Jcttlc Tucker attended church at Burdette Sunday. Mrs. Edsar Davis attended to Business in Blytlieville Saturday. Practical Joke Fatal to Driver faf Taxicab NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (UI>) — Thomas Otiati, a taxi driver, was shot and killed by n rooky policeman today as Hie result of a practical joke. Patrolman Joseph J. Palmcro was ] Association of National Advertisers walking his beat when a taxi driv-1 lust night, declared advertising lias er ran up and told him a nearby I ben a dynamic force in the cslab- lunch wagon was being held up. Palmcro ran to the place und saw a man emerging. The man appeared lo reach toward his hip pocket and Palmero fired twice, killing him. The man was identified as Ottati. There had been no holdup. Advertising Stimulates Better Living Standards WASHINGTON, Nov. II. (UI'I — FRBCKLKS AND HIS FRIRNDS Dec. ol<l Dec. new i Jan. old j Jan. new Mar May July .... Oct nff and Sower TIIXCJ District No. 1. No\v Duu G. G. CAUD11J,, ,' Colk'ctoi'. lrs in Farmers Bank Bids, NOTICE \Vilh nur recent partnership with Mr. Geo, Carney, wo now have the best equipped Independent shop in (own. CARNEY-JFINKlN-s GARAGE Pickwick Buildinjj "\Ve know we know how" 107:! 1C8C ioa8 111S 1137 1157 I17C 1000 10S8 1105 1100 1113 1153 1172 1135 10o7 10CK 1CS2 1083 llCd ins 1151 1088 11188 1103 HOD 1132 1155 1172 1195 Spots slcaciy. closed at 1100 up 20. Gilchrisl Farm News Mrs. Ollle Durns visited Mrs. 0. S. Slccb Friday afternoon. Misses Merle, Lcrlinc and Susie Stewart. Welle anil Clyde Webb wei: guest.s at the Stcelc l<ai Saturday nigli;- .Mr. Ucn'lc Ayccck wa ; i the guest of Miss L:la ane Estcs Sunday nfl- crnoon. Miss Biircltc Stocksto:i ot Hurd etle visited Miss Modcnia Orr Saturday night. Mr. J. K. Colcman ar.d fan have moved to Burdette. Mi.sjcs Mcilc and I.erline Stewart aUended Sunday school ant church at Bnrticlto Sunday. Iia\m nd Atu.tin and .Jake Kato'.x! of MidMa-- \i.-itcd Clyde ste:le • ! Sunday aiterncon. ' | Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ajcock at-i j HERE'S we To TH6 CAhtoe... U6T'S 3ET SOIMS... VIHO'S S01N6 To DO THE VOO OR ME? I'LL DO 1W£ V10RK AWO YOU SET UP FRONT keep EVE OOT:I WASH TUBHS TUT TUTl \T I fXSSATCKXOU.n MA (». .TCP iWO W* X K.1, LISTEN, FEULK. . \NWOMTCHB. MS t W PURSER To SEHO NOO \ ACCEPT P^SS^&6 SO'JVE SUWBlt CVOTWU&J MONrt FUOW PS-STl MOTS. LETTItA SPEND HIS ou> MO Kit/. WtllLS SIR UlltH I WI5K VOU V*iOULD ASSUME -fHE ROLE OF HiS PeRSO.^AL AfiP KJM iM [\& PLACED Iwifc At MV WSPOSA(- T L -v OF CQURSfS I __ 10 ABQaT' i -rW CAMBL 7 S V1ELL 7 CAMEL- av/ET?LQAPEP BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES By Martin ON THKIR WAY! ^'Z^fZZZf^f'gz li66P A SH^RP LOOKOUT FOR «OCKS, FALLS, RAPIDS AS! LOVJ CEIL\UGS...MAKO T6LU GUM O? ASAUJST!) So FAR,SO GOOO. CL6AR AHEAD, BOT A LITTi-S DARK SANTA CLAUS SOLDIERS! : :. ! WHW r\ JUDGE SOU>\ERS OF 6C.QR&E 1 . 6ENH£MEN, I WKWT XOU To \HORK FORME. rp7 /" vwrvv. NOO ^Ri / C I OF tWES. VVM MIE VO'JTl OCCUPMWHS? VlHW'Wt) \W^T US TO TO? Tell me. wiial is your mother like? Uu you resemble her?" "N'ot much. WVro the samo height and sho has brown eyes. They're (he most beautiful eyes in the world! Oh, ?Jvclyn, tin you suj>- liosc there's a chance Ibal when she conies back rhe and father might marry agala?" Evelyn Parsons flicked Ihc ash from her cii;arel. "I think there's EOinclliliiK you should knov,-," she said slowly. "Your fattier has asked mo to bo his wife." (To Do Cuiillimod) President Hoover, addressing lishment of the new and higher •American standard of iiviny. "By the stimulus of advertising which you administer ymi havt stirred the lethargy of the old la» of supply and demand until yoi .have transferred package industries into mass production," lie .saW "From enlarged diffusion of articles nntl .services you cheap?] costs and thereby you are a par of the dynamic force which create: higher standards of living."

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